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Belgium, Rock - Garage

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At The Bottom Of The Sea
Magic Powder (Live At Rockerill)
About The WRS
The WRS, formed in 2018 in Charleroi, is a garage/psych power trio that resolutely embraces the future. Born from the merger of three long-time friends, each bringing their own musical experience, the group shares a common passion for psychedelia, “do it yourself” and fuzzy guitars.Since its beginnings, The WRS has established itself as a living force on the garage/psych scene, launching a first self-published live performance at Rockerill in 2019, followed by a first LP in the summer of 2020. The latter, recorded in a single take in just a few hours, generated great interest and led to partnerships with several prestigious labels such as Rockerill Records, Le Cèpe Records, Gazer Tapes, as well as the Australian label Salty Dog Records. The Carolo trio has even conquered the antipodes, demonstrating the international reach of their music.In 2022, The WRS marked a new stage in its evolution with the release of its second LP entitled "Capicúa". This new opus is distinguished by more daring compositions while retaining the essence that made the group successful. Artist Elzo Durt penned the album cover, adding a captivating visual dimension to their work.The year 2023 also marked a turning point for the group with the departure of the drummer. The new drummer, formerly a member of renowned bands such as Sandra Kill and Prince Harry, has taken his place behind the drums. With it, The WRS enters a new musical era, promising to continue to push the boundaries of their unique sound and explore new sonic horizons. The future looks even more promising for this trio which continues to evolve and innovate, while remaining faithful to its psychedelic roots.