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  • Le pire, comme le meilleur que j'ai fait
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Nissan Drive
Another day
Dry march
Blue blood
About Axel Cassart
Hailing from the picturesque town of Dinant, nestled along the banks of the Meuse River in Belgium, Axel Cassart is a burgeoning electronic artist whose musical journey has been a kaleidoscope of sonic experimentation. Born with an innate curiosity for sound, Axel found his artistic calling at a young age, drawing inspiration from the juxtaposition of the historical charm of Dinant and the vibrant energy of Brussels.Growing up surrounded by the enchanting landscapes and medieval architecture of Dinant, Axel's initial exposure to music was deeply rooted in classical traditions. However, it was the transformative power of electronic music that captured his imagination and set him on a path of sonic exploration.Relocating to the bustling city of Brussels marked a turning point in Axel's artistic evolution. The eclectic and diverse cultural scene of the Belgian capital became the perfect backdrop for Axel to blend his classical influences with the pulsating beats of electronic genres. Immersed in the dynamic nightlife and surrounded by a community of like-minded creatives, Axel began sculpting his unique sonic identity.