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English, Finance, 1 season, 13 episodes, 7 hours, 25 minutes
Tips, tricks, tutorials, and real-life examples for using Zoho in your business. Zoho My Business is the go-to podcast for business owners and employees who use any of the Zoho apps. As I Zoho my own businesses, let me help you Zoho yours!
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Workflow Rules & Automations in CRM 

In this episode, I talk with Michael Trow about Workflow Rules within CRM. The whole point of automation is to remove manual work from your day-to-day tasks and simplify your business.Listen to this episode for examples of how we use workflow rules within our businesses and the anatomy behind the scenes. Walkthrough of Workflow rules - 3:30Examples 5:19Anatomy of workflow rules 17:24Automating Tasks  43:40Webhooks & Functions - 47:18
8/3/202150 minutes, 45 seconds
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Zoho Cliq with Michael Trow

On this episode, we talk about Zoho Cliq, Zoho's messaging app. We cover a variety of topics such as internal and external messaging, video calls, integrations, and much more! 3:33 - Usage of Cliq4:08 - External Communication6:14 - Can you be a free user?10:30 - Internal Communication12:18 - Chat vs Email  14:21 - Video & Audio Calls 16:54 - Channels 21:03 - Muting 22:30 - Status23:25 - Remote Work28:50 - CRM Integration 40:00 - Mobile App       
6/22/202145 minutes, 49 seconds
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Zoho Feature Updates with Michael Trow

This episode, with Michael Trow,  walks through a bunch of features that are about to come out or just did come out. At the end of the episode, we have some insider information about future rumored features! Listed below are the time markers of each feature we talk about so you can jump around in the episode to what interests you!Activity Module Changes:   4:10Canvas: 13:00Call Automation & Custom Fields: 18:44Macros: 25:19MarketingHub Name Change & Summary: 28:59Rumored Features??!! : 38:08
5/24/202149 minutes, 44 seconds
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Website Forms

If you currently have a website or you are in the process of building one, this episode is for you!  There are so many different things to think through, such as where do you want to build your forms and how do you want to integrate them with Zoho? Take a listen as I talk with Michael Trow about his experience and expertise. 
5/4/202157 minutes, 48 seconds
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SalesIQ with Jana Eatman

This episode is all about SalesIQ; Zoho's chat and analytics tools. If you have any interest in a chat feature for your website, or you want tools to better help you track your website visitors and engage with them better, this episode is for you!
4/21/202132 minutes, 13 seconds
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Zoho Partners with Michael Trow

We are back! On this episode, we focus on Zoho Partners and all the benefits they can serve you and your business.  Special guest, Michael Trow, speaks to us about what it means to be a Zoho Partner; which includes exploring Zoho apps, consulting for what fits best with your business, and some technical support. Later in the episode, we talk about specific examples of how Michael has helped my business and how he can help yours. 
3/29/202141 minutes, 48 seconds
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Apps for Working Remote (Free through July 1)

Zoho recently launched Remotely, a suite made up of their best apps for working remote, including project management, video and text chat, meetings, remote support, documents and cloud storage, and more! This podcast briefly reviews the different apps included, which Zoho has made free through July 1, 2020.
3/30/202016 minutes, 28 seconds
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Special: Existing Customers Can Get Zoho for Free

Zoho recently announced their Emergency Subscription Assistance Program, which allows you to apply to receive your Zoho services for free for up to 3 months due to the negative economic impact of COVID-19. This episode gives a quick overview of the criteria and how to apply.
3/30/20205 minutes, 52 seconds
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Zoho Bookings: How (and Why) Everyone Should Use It

Appointment setting apps are something everyone can use, from scheduling sales appointments and other meetings to booking conference rooms, there are multiple applications for Zoho Bookings in your business. This episode summarizes how to get started with Zoho Bookings, and provides an understanding of the different modules, features and capabilities offered.
3/9/202031 minutes, 31 seconds
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Getting Started with Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics can be intimidating, but it is also one of the most powerful apps in the Zoho suite, allowing you to pull data from all Zoho apps, as well as third-party apps, to create dashboards, graphs, and metrics all in one place! This episode helps ease you into Zoho Analytics, providing an overview of its capabilities and suggestions for where to start.
2/19/202037 minutes, 55 seconds
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CRM Walkthrough

If you are new to Zoho CRM, this episode is for you. Whether just rolling out CRM in your business or a new employee in a business that uses Zoho, this episode will help set you up for long term success by covering the foundation of using CRM. The episode covers basics such as understanding Zoho CRM terminology all the way to the first steps in taking advantage of features such as automations and analytics.
1/31/202044 minutes, 11 seconds
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CRM, Forms, & Zapier

Make sure your web forms are easily and automatically adding people into Zoho CRM. In this episode, we cover a few different methods to do this, including integration with Zapier.
1/31/202017 minutes, 13 seconds
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Get the Most Out of Zoho - An Introduction to this Podcast & Zoho

In this debut episode, I share my vision for the podcast. Zoho is one of the most robust suite of apps available for small businesses. But like any software, there are challenges in onboarding, support, and having an overall understanding of how to get the most out of the apps you use. This podcast is here to provide tips, tricks, advice, tutorials, and real-life examples of how to use a variety of Zoho's apps in your business so that you are more productive and more profitable!
12/6/201914 minutes, 14 seconds