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English, Religion, 12 seasons, 300 episodes, 5 days, 11 hours, 58 minutes
Faith. Race. Politics. Education. Global Issues. No topic goes untouched when it comes to Pastor Lorenzo Neal. Lorenzo Neal is pastor of New Bethel AME Church of Jackson, MS. author, educator, and political commentator. Launched in June of 2010, Zera Today provides a fresh insight from the perspective of pastor and commentator. The show has played host to prominent guests in its short time and it is receiving good ratings from the online broadcasting community. Pastor Neal is also a highly sought after speaker and lecturer and author of the book A Breach in the Family available at all major retail outlets. In his spare time, he is an amateur composer and poet.
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The Buffalo Massacre and the White Replacement Identity Crisis

On Saturday, a white man entered a predominately black neighborhood grocery store and opened fire killing ten and wounding three. The perpetrator streamed his evil act on Twitch and also penned a manifesto that stated his belief in the white replacement conspiracy theory. Dr. Neal discusses this tragedy and the ramifications it will continue to have in the future. Today's episode is sponsored by Skillshare. Click the link to get your free month today
5/19/202257 minutes
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Remembering Kevin Samuels and DHS Disinformation Governance Board

Instagram and Youtube social influencer Kevin Samuels passed away and many were celebrating and also spreading false information regarding the circumstances of his passing. Also, the US Department of Homeland Security recently established a "Disinformation Governance Board" to counter misinformation attacks by agencies and countries against American security. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day.  
5/11/202259 minutes
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The SCOTUS Big Leak: Will Roe vs Wade Be Overturned?

For nearly 50 years, pro-life/anti-abortion activists have sought to overturn the Roe v Wade SCOTUS decision. On Monday, a draft copy of Justice Alito's majority opinion was leaked by media outlet Politico supposing that SCOTUS would be overturning the case setting up political fights regarding abortion access and rights across the country. This leak presents problems for both sides of the abortion or reproductive rights camps. What should we expect once the official decision is released and what are the implications of this leak on the integrity of the legal and systems in the country? Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day. 
5/4/202250 minutes
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Black Faces in White Spaces: The Crossover of Christian and Country Music

Music has long been said to be the "universal language" connecting all humans together. Historically, black musical artists always found greater success outside of black audiences. This trend continued and morphed into mainstream musical genres incorporating black R&B and hip-hop rhythms into their genres. Recently following a performance at a CMT event, R&B artist Monica responded to a commenter who stated that "Country music is different. It's not Wakanda." She performed and actor Anthony Mackie served as host. CCM artist Chandler Moore is being rebuked for denying his culture and race to appeal to whites. This begs to question whether whites are truly comfortable with blacks in their predominate spaces or if they are simply virtue signaling to seem non-racist. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day
4/28/202255 minutes
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Changing Spaces with Mandisa Thomas of Black Non-Believers

A report released in February 2022 claims that blacks are becoming non religious at a faster rate than any other ethnic group. This is not surprising when as recently as several weeks ago, some high profile blacks either left their religious communities or denounced faith altogether. Black Non-Believers founder Mandisa Thomas joins Dr. Neal once again to discuss how this is impacting black communities. 
3/4/202234 minutes
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Revisiting a Conversation with Jeremiah Camara

Staying along the vein of the church in black history, I decided to venture into the archives and share a conversation with author and filmmaker Jeremiah Camara from 2016. Jeremiah Camara is the director and producer of the documentary film Contradiction: A Question of Faith, which examines the saturation of churches in African American communities coexisting with poverty and powerlessness. Contradiction can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video. Camara is the author of the books Holy Lockdown: Does The Church Limit Black Progress? and The New Doubting Thomas: The Bible, Black Folks & Blind Belief. Camara is also the creator of the widely watched YouTube video series Slave Sermons… a mini-movie series addressing the harmful effects of religion. His latest and upcoming documentary project is titled, Holy Hierarchy: The Religious Roots of Racism in America. Holy Hierarchy… explains how the presumptions of a Supreme Being in colonial America led to precepts and beliefs in supreme human beings and how these beliefs morphed their way into the legal system and ultimately turned racism into an institution. ( Visit our,  Order your copy of Dr. Neal's latest book "He Was Clean" Become a
2/24/20221 hour, 15 minutes
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The Black Holiness Church Movement's Impact on Black History with Dr. CJ Rhodes

The Holiness movement of the late 19th century spurred a new dimension of the black religious experience. At the forefront of this movement were CP Jones and CH Mason founders of the Church of Christ Holiness USA and the Church of God in Christ respectively. Author and Pastor Dr. CJ Rhodes joins Dr. Neal to discuss this rich history of the Black Holiness church movement and it's impact on the black church experience of the 20th century in his latest book "Deeper Still". 
2/16/202258 minutes
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Black Sexuality, Faith and Family with Duchess Cashmere

Sexuality and sexual expression have long been a taboo topic of discusssion in the black church yet we have a number of black clergy and laypersons who fall into sexual immorality. Where does sexuality in all of its expressions fit into the black religious experience and how should the church accurately and properly breach this area of faith and family? Duchess Cashmere, a grio and performer joins Dr. Neal to discuss this topic. 
2/10/202257 minutes
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The Church and The Great Resignation

Since the pandemic began in 2020, thousands of people have chosen not to return to their employment for a number of reasons. As church worship services moved to virtual platforms, many clergy decided to make to move away from pastoral or church ministry. How will this "Great Clergy Resignation" impact the future of the church in a post pandemic world? What can be done to help pastors and other clergy find some degree of relief for the burdens that ministry brings? Plus Bishop Noel Jones and Nick Cannon make headlines for interesting reaasons. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day.
2/2/202250 minutes
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Personal Development with Coach Andy Charles

Personal Development Coach and public speaker Andy Charles joins Dr. Neal to discuss how personal coaching can help individuals achieve their long and short term goals. Find Andy on his website and on all social media.
9/8/202131 minutes
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Faith and Action: A Conversation with Andrew J Schatnik

Dr. Neal is joined by Andrew J Schaknik, author, legal scholar, radio and podcast host and have a wonderful conversation on faith, social justice, policiing, academics, and law. To learn more about Andrew Schatnik visit his website at Please support the Zera Today Show by becoming a patron on Patreon:
9/1/20211 hour, 2 minutes
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Juneteenth, Southern Baptist and Critical Race Theory

 For over a century, black communities across the country have observed June 19th as a day of celebration and liberation for freed slaves. Now thanks to President Biden it is a federal holiday. The Southern Baptist Convention met and elected a new president all while wrestling with critical race theory and its impact on the denomination and the country. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics 
6/24/202150 minutes
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Joe Biden Inaugurated But Blacks feel Politically Powerless

History was made as Joe Biden, Jr was sworn in as the 46th POTUS and Kamala Harris as the 49th Vice President. Many were simply glad to see Trump out of the White House. In spite of turning out in record numbers this past election cycle, a recent research study by the Barna Group reports that many Black Americans feel more politically powerless than 25 years ago. The study also found that blacks found a greater sense of comfort and control in the church. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day. Today's show is sponsored by Skillshare and Legalshield. Click the links below to learn more about their services and savings and become a Patron for Dr. Neal on Patreon today
1/21/202151 minutes
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Ralph Warnock Wins, Mase pastors again and Cleaver inclusively prays

Happy new year everyone! Now that 2020 is over what do we have to look forward to in 2021? We already have some groundbreaking history in Congress qith the election of Pastor Ralph Warnock as US Senator from Georgia and the hopes that with the new vaccines things will slowly creep back to normal. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses the latest news topics and  shares his reflections and expectations for 2020 and 2021.
1/6/20211 hour, 1 minute
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Voices like Frederick Douglass: Interview with Rev. Dean Nelson

As we approach the National election, the race to secure the black vote is in full swing. Both the Biden and Trump campaigns are reaching out more than usual to black voters but black men like Ice Cube and others are voicing dissent from the groupthink mentality placed upon black voting population. Rev. Dean Nelson, Chairman of the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Frederick Douglass Foundation, joins Dr. Neal to discuss this and other concerns of black communities across the country. To learn more about the Douglass Leadership Institute visit and the Frederick Douglass Foundation visit
10/28/202059 minutes
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Truth in Politics with Tim Ward

Politicians have long had the reputation for being somewhat untruthful when it comes to saying and doing things to get elected or remain in political power. Journalist and author Tim Ward along with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky co-wrote the book "Pro Truth-A Practical Guide for puttting Truth back into Politics" to help bring to light much of the deception and misinformation techniques used by main stream media and politicians to keep the general public misinformed and divided. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day
9/24/202057 minutes
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Black Lives and the Black Inefficacy Narrative

In his book "The Souls of Black Folk" WEB introduced the concept of black double conciousness or the idea that blacks in America experience a "a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity." As the BLM Global Movement has garnered international attention, the general narrative presented by it is one of black inefficacy or inability to help ourselves or fix our own problems without the full assistance of non-blacks who in turn may reinforce this narrative to prove they are less racist than other non-whites. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day. Feel free to share your comments. Become a patron of the show here: and visit Dr. Neal's website 
8/20/20201 hour, 5 minutes
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The Supreme Court Rules, Kanye Runs, COVID Resurges

The US Supreme Court makes favorable rulings for religious organizations regarding healthcare exemptions and employee dismissals that can affect all religious schools and organizations. One July 4th, Kanye West tweeted out his announcement to run for POTUS and as states revisit their re-opening plans, churches are faced with the challenges of dealing with rising COVID cases and returning to in-person worship services. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses these topics of the day.
7/8/20201 hour
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10th Anniversary Show Black Liberation vs Black Lives Matter

The 1960's and 70's saw the rise of black identity and a militant black liberation movement. The 2010's saw the emergence of the Black Lives Mattter movement. Both have a connection to the moral and social injustice that plague Black Americans have been facing since the beginning of post Reconstruction.Jim Crow society. Is the BLM movement the ideological child of the Black Power Movement and if so what is the end goal for today? Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day.Black Liberation vs Black Lives
6/30/20201 hour, 6 minutes
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Race, Riots, and Virtue Signaling: Enough is Enough

Looting and riots have become normalized following race or police related violence towards black lives. From Ferguson to Baltimore, it is an unfortunate after effect of an injustice against black Americans. What has made the looting and rioting following the death of George Floyd is the virtue signaling from political leaders that is further dividing the country along political and faux religious ideaologies. The leading political figures used the Bible as a prop this week to one up each other as to whose more right and righteous. Dr. Neal speaks to this on this broadcast.
6/3/202048 minutes
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Karens and Killer Cops: Creating Greater Distrust in Black Americans

It's another week of Covid and viral videos that reveal the deep disconnect in America between black Americans and whites. We viewed white women now dubbed generically as Karen calling 911 for simply feeling threatened in a black man's presence and one raging for a manager because of her dissatisfaction with an encounter by a retailer. We viewed a police officer who happens to be white exert his power granted by the state to excessively subdue a black man to death while looking completely content with his position of power over the man. Join Dr. Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day
5/28/202056 minutes
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Going Back to Church: Are We Prepared for the Adustment?

"The Doors of the Church are Open" are words that are uttered regularly during many worship experiences after the sermon during the invitation to Christian discipleship. As the country slowly reopens, so are many churches in spite of the growing concerns of how this could impact the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus. There are many adjustments that must be made but are some churches willing to make the adjustment? Listen in as Dr. Neal discusses this and other topics of the day.
5/20/202055 minutes
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Rebroadcast "Are We in the Time of Anti-Christ

This is a rebroadcast of "Are We in the Age of  Anti-Christ that originally aired four years ago. If you've been in church long enough, you've probably heard of end time prophecy warning about the mark of the beast, and the anti-christ. There is much debate about end time things, but one thing is sure: there is nothing new under the sun. With all the news of global despair and social issues contrary to traditional Christian faith tenets, are we living in the age of anti-Christ? Games like Charlie Charlie, the rise of the LGBT movements in the church, and the decline of church attendance in the US are all signs that something is changing and it is not for the better of the church. Is the life of the church being threatened by secularism to the point of destruction? Join Pastor Neal to discuss this and other news of the day.
4/29/20201 hour, 1 minute
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Domestic Violence, Voting, and Black Church Responsibility *Rebroadcast*

This is a rebroadcast of a show episode that originally aired in October 2014. On this show I discuss the topics of domestic violence, voting and how the church was at one time the responsible entity for ensuring security and protection of children, women, and voting for the members it served. In some capacities this seems to have shifted, but it should still be a priority for the black church.
10/23/201945 minutes
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President Trump and Reactivity and Kanye West's Radical Obedience to Christ

POTUS Trump's weekend tweets triggered an explosive and decisive reaction from Congress and those affected by them. Trump seems to thrive from knowing he can trigger emotional and political reactions from his tweets whether he means them or not. What does this say about the state of reactivity in our country. Also, Kanye West is featured on the cover of Forbes Magazine and the article about him gets inside his mind. West is quoted in the article as saying "radical obedience to Christ" and "God lining things up" as key things to his creative and melancholy self. Dr. Neal discusses these two on the show today
7/17/201946 minutes
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9th Year Anniversary Broadcast-Choice and the Self

Today is a great day because Zera Today is 9 years old! What began as a experiment on internet radio has blossomed into a show that is empowering people across the world. Dr.Neal has interviewed some wonderful guests and discussed some wonderful and thought provoking topics. This show walks down memory lane as well as goes into the topic of the self and choice. How does self-differentiation impact our choice within the broader community?  
6/21/201949 minutes
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Engaging the Self in the Pentecost Experience

Christians around the world observe Pentecost Sunday as the initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit into humanity and as the beginning of the universal Church. While there are varied ways in which this is observed within the church universal, one thing all agree upon is that there is a metaphysical and relational component to Pentecost. The Pentecostal movement is the fastest growing segment of Christianity in the world. Christian believers continue to desire to see manifestations of the events relayed in the firsts 16 chapters of Acts. Dr. Neal discusses how Christians can appropriate Pentecost for the experience that it is and be empowered to engage others to make disciples of Christ in the process.P
6/5/201953 minutes
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Encountering Guilt and Shame Pt. 1

Since the days of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, humans have been experiencing the emotions of guilt and shame. While similar, they are very different emotional states and processes. How can an individual identify and experience these emotions of guilt and shame and be made whole and empowered? On this show, Dr. Neal introduces the topics of guilt and shame as part of a series on the self and shame. 
5/30/201941 minutes
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Addressing Death by Suicide and the Quest for Truth

Death by suicide is a rising trend in our country today as recent headlines regarding the deaths of student survivors from the Parkland school shooting and the father of a victim of the Sandy Hook school shooting. What can be done to address the trauma from the loss of a loved one from a violent death? Also, how sure are you regarding the truth of information you receive and the source of the information your receive as truthful? Will you commit to hsaring truth and affecting the way it is recieved? Join Dr. Neal for this and other topics.
3/27/20191 hour, 1 minute
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Zera Today May 2018 broadcast

This broadcast was originally recorded in May 2018 and uploaded. Tune in weekly with Dr. Lorenzo Neal for discussions on great topics on Zera Today. Visit and order your copy of "A Breach in the Family" book today.
10/24/201848 minutes
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Rebroadcast of Episode 5813: Diversified religious experience of blacks

This is a rebroadcast of Episode 5813: Diversified religious experiences of blacks that originally aired on May 8, 2013. Blacks across the African diaspora experience wonderful spiritual experiences that should be acknowledged. Let Pastor Neal know that you're enjoying Zera Today. Visit his website and order your copy of "A Breach in the Family" on Amazon and all other online retailers.
11/29/20171 hour, 3 minutes
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Rebroadcast: Pitiful Protests: Why some Christians waste time

This is a rebroadccast of a show that originally aired on 11-11-15 discussing why some Christians are notorious for protesting over what could be considered as petty things. Feel free to share any comments on the Zera Network Facebook page! Pastor Neal will return next week ready to talk about issues and stories that matter to Christian believers.
10/18/20171 hour, 1 minute
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The POTUS' Bigotry and The Evangelicals' Silence

In the wake of white supremacists and neo-nazis marching in support of confederate heritages over the weekend, POTUS Trump gave statements that seemingly reinforce his bigotry. White Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly voted for him in spite of his open bigotry, misogeny, and xenophobia.Will those pastors and leaders speak out against what happened or will they continue to defend POTUS over principles? Will the Black pastors who supported POTUS speak out? Tune in to this and other topics on Zera Today with Pastor Neal
8/16/201742 minutes
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Rebroadcast of Zera Today1122014 Ministry Succession

This is a rebroadcast of Zera Today Episode originally aired on 11/2/2014 titled "Ministry Succession". Please enjoy the broadcast.
8/2/20171 hour, 31 minutes
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The Sacred or Secular Spectacle: Is there a right or wrong approach

Music has always played an integral part in religious traditions. Much of what is now considered classical musical was composed by musicians in the employ of the church. With the introduction of gospel music in the early 20th century, the argument for the sacred over the secular has been a sharp dissonance in the church. There have been a number of crossover artists from the sacred to the secular and vice versa. Bishop Marvin Sapp and Snoop Dogg have made headlines with posts about this great issue. Is there a true divide between the sacred and the secular and if so how should it be managed? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today.
7/12/201759 minutes
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The Freedom to be Free? Are there biblical limitations to freedom?

America is the land of the free and for many Christians, this means that we can do just about anything we want and still be considered Christian. Paul seems to promote restricted freedoms in some of his letters to believers while at the same time not discouraging people to live their lives in the newness of Christ. Do we as believers have restricted freedom or are we graciously allowed to live abundantly? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today
7/5/20171 hour
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Disarm Hate: How the Church can reduce the voices of hate with Christ's gospel

This week people across the nation remember tragic acts of violence committed against other humans in Orlando, FL and Charleston, SC. At the Pulse Nightclub, nearly 50 people were killed, mostly homosexuals, by a person who was apparently struggling with sexual orientation issues. At Mother Emanuel AME Church, 9 persons were killed after a bible study because of a young deranged man using race as a motive to commit such a crime. The chuch universal is affected whenever violence occurs because the church is made of people. Is it the church's responsibility to raise awareness of these hate crimes? How can the church create one voice to speak directly to those who have hate in their hearts towards their fellow humans? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today
6/14/201759 minutes
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Way Back Wednesday Episode

This is a previously recorded episode of Zera Today discussing the problem of Christian protests. Please enjoy the broadcast. Pastor Neal will return next week with another exciting broadcast with great guests and topics.
6/7/20171 hour, 2 minutes
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25 Years of Ministry Reflections and Expectations

Last week I celebrated 25 years in ministry. I've learned a lot and have had great opportunities since.Research shows that many leave the ministry within ten years of entering it.Research also shows that most who enter ministry and begin pastoring last on average about seven years. This is my time to reflect on those years and express expectations and roles in future ministry. Join me as I do so as well as discuss other topics
5/31/201758 minutes
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The Plight of Religious Liberty

With a single stroke of his pen, President Donald Trump signed an executive order guaranteeing more religious freedom stating that the federal government will not punish individuals for their respective religious beliefs. In the last few years, several states have passed laws under the cloak of religious freedom and liberty that have been denounced as discriminating. What should religious liberty laws look like and how should the church engage in government while promoting the faith of Christ? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today
5/10/201734 minutes
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Go to Hell with your Good Works

In John 14:6, Jesus says that he is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no man can come to the Father except by him. Does that mean Christian exclusivity to heaven or was it a broader message of redemption and reconciliation to believers of his message? Recently, Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas and Trump supporter, stated that Ghandi and others like him are destined for hell because of non-faith in Jesus Christ. Is Christian faith required to spend an eternity in heaven or hell? What role does good works play in the faith of Christian believers? Join Pastor Neal for these and other topics on Zera Today
4/26/201759 minutes
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Too Fast to Forgive?

A day after the shooting in Charleston, SC, the families of the nine victims stood before a judge and expressed forgiveness towards the killer. Sunday after a man killed their 74 year old father, the family expressed forgiveness towards his killer. When is the right time to forgive someone who has committed a crime against you or someone you love? Is forgiveness required and what should it look like? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today
4/19/20171 hour
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Intentional Insights with Gleb Tsipursky

In 2016, the prestigious Oxford Dictionary's word of the year was "post-truth." This word is defined as "relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief." It appears this is the poor state of contemporary political and religious landscapes. Dr. Gleb, Tsipursky, noted scholar, author, coach, and social entreprenuer joins Pastor Neal to discuss meaning and purpose, and effective decision making and goal setting in an environment where truth is seemingly relative. To learn more about Dr. Tsipursky and his mission visit 
4/5/201759 minutes
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Lenten Reflections

Lent for many people is the short period of time to give up something sacrificially as a religious exercise. Lent for me is becoming more about reflecting and wellness in my relationship with others and Christ. Drawing from Greg Anderson and Marjorie Thompson's books on spirituality and wellness, I'll help you develop tools to benefit your spiritual journey leading up to the celebration of the Resurrected Christ. Join me as I share Lenten reflections and observations 
3/29/20171 hour
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Women Empowerment and Healing with Rachel G

With March celebrating Women's History month, many issues regarding women still need to be addressed. Life Coach and Relationship Expert Rachel G joins Pastor Neal to discuss ways of empowering and healing women. Relationship Coach Rachel G is a love advocate that has made it her goal to see everyone successfully happy by providing solutions and tools to help people all over the world find their purpose in life, as well as love. Brought up in the church, as a Pastor's daughter, with strictly forced family values, Rachel G still decided to go astray from the way she was raised. She lived the lifestyle she thought she needed, only to learn to later appreciate her upbringing. She has Survived domestic violence, bullying, betrayal in her marital affair, and divorce. She has taken her process in life, by using what she has been through to help others. Many of her services include Life coaching, relationship coaching, and women empowerment. She also uses her tools to mentor young girls and women nationwide. Rachel G is the Founder of Women of Healing Ministries, helping women all over the world heal from life’s hurt. Rachel allows God to use her to help others propel towards their purpose. Pursing her degree as a Family and Marriage therapist, Rachel G uses what she has been educated on thus far. Rachel G is currently helping men and women overcome their challenges of self-esteem, love, marriage, and even blended families. She prides herself on helping married couples put their marriage back into the honeymoon phase. As her audience and supporters maximizes internationally, Social media has afforded Rachel G known as “i_amrachelg” to supersede boundaries, that at one time only passports could afford. In 2017, Rachel G will release her first of many relationship books.   Rachel G contact info 645-651-3546
3/8/201749 minutes
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Black in 2015 Throwback broadcast

Has anything changed in the last two years? This rebroadcast of a show from 2105 shows that something needs to change to empower our people spiritually, economically, and politically.
2/15/20171 hour, 2 minutes
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Vicki Yohe and the Gospel of Deception

Once again the Black church is finding itself in a quagmire with celebrated gospel artists who are not what they claim to be. Gospel Artist Vicki Yohe, is white but her music ministry is largely catered to black churches posted a meme of a white male dressed as Jesus with suitcases and the words "On my way back to the White House". After realizing how offensive her post was, she posted an apology but was still denigrated by  BLM activist Shaun King who shared with her the reality of President Trump's campaign rhetoric. Has the black church lost all credibility with the gospel music industry? Also is the Trump presidential term an opportunity for the black church to lead in economic and political solidarity for black communities? Join Pastor Neal for this and other great topics of discussion.
1/25/201756 minutes
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Legacy of Secrets: What Bishop Eddie Long's Death means for the Black Church

Controversial Neo-Pentecostal Pastor Bishop Eddie L. Long has died from cancer. Long lived the life of the privieged preacher until scandal nearly collapsed his ministry empire. Bishop Long died Sunday morning after a bout with an aggressive form of cancer. Questions about his legacy have already aroused. Bishop Long kept the secret of his life and his death tight from those he pastored. What does his death mean for the black church regarding it's prophetic voice, transparency, and the mega church phenomena? Also talk about the new ministrels of black apologists leading up to the Presidential inauguration. Join Pastor Neal for this and other great topics
1/18/20171 hour
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Zera Today Returns for the New Year

Zera Today returns for it's 7th season of broadcasts in 2017. We're kicking off the year talking about the Kim Burrell fiasco and the message of the preacher in the world. Also this new year brings new prophepcies so we'll see what people are saying that God is supposed to be saying for 2017.
1/11/201755 minutes
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Calling the Church to Accountability: Are we already too late?

Last week, members of a group called New Era Detroit interrupted the birthday worship celebration of Great Faith Ministries where Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is the pastor. This is the church where Donald Trump visited and gave remarks. The group disrupted the service calling for accountability for churches where the wealth of the pastor greatly exceeds that of the community where they are planted to serve. What does church accountability to the community look like? Is providing social and worship services sufficient for community empowerment? Join Pastor Neal for this and other fun topics on Zera Today 
9/28/201657 minutes
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Vetting the Pastor: How can church members be protected from fraudulent clergy?

While giving an interview last week, it was uncovered that Trump supporter Pastor Mark Burns was guilty of "exaggerating" on his official biography. Many clergy have exaggerated background stories, ministry highlights, and education as a means to gain followers. How can church members discern whether their pastor or minister is credible or fraudulent? Should systems be in place to prevent members from fraudulent preachers? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today.
9/7/20167 minutes
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Does it pay to be Black and Patriotic? The new Black Church Activist Front

When I think of Black Church activism, aside from Martin King Jr, I think of Richard Allen, Morris Brown, Nat Turner, Benjamin Hooks, Fred Shuttlesworth, Leon Sullivan, and many others. There is indeed a long list of black men and women known and unknown who have shared thier love for Christ and His liberating gospel through acts of social justice. Today's black church is being forced to choose a side in the political sphere where both candidates are immoral at best and whites brothers and sisters are unsure of how to react to the racism of their own color. Does the black church owe a committment to this country that forced it to exist in the first place? Should black pastors demand their members to be liberated politically and unify for the purpose of black identity? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and other topics on Zera Today
8/31/20161 hour, 2 minutes
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Floods and Reconciliation: Is God using flooding to bring us to Him?

Amidst racial tensions and BLM protests, Louisiana has experienced the worst flooding in years. North and South Louisiana have deep religious roots and  churches galore so could this be a sign for people to turn to God or just another natural enviromental event? How should churches respond following disasters such as this? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and other topics.
8/24/201638 minutes
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The Church and the Vote: Shifts in politics and faith praxis

As the political parties prepare for their summer conventions, both are entering with a divided unity. For the Republicans, its a candidate with narcissitic and racist tendencies with unusual overwhelming support from evangelical Christians, and on the left, it's a possibly fraudulent former first lady, senator, and secretary of state. Both are pandering to the fears of Americans and both are also hoping to win the black church vote. Will the black church vote prove critical in this election and are white evangelicals hoping for the return of Christ following this election? Tune in with Pastor Neal for this and other topics of the day. 
6/8/20161 hour, 1 minute
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It's Conference Season: How church conventions influence Christian vocation

As the summer approaches, many denominations will hold their annual, bi-annual, or quadrennial conferences and conventions. This is where denominational bodies battle out the details of their movements, doctrines, and leadership. The Southern Baptist Convention, United Methodist Church, African Methodist Episcopal Church, Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, and many others will be meeting across the country during the summer months. How much do these conventions and conferences affect the average Christian's behavior and belief? Join Pastor Neal for this and other lively topics.
5/25/20161 hour
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The Progress of Pentecost: How the Pentecostal Movement impacts the Church

In 1906, a religious movement led by a black man named William Seymour, swept across racial and social lines and changed the religious expression of the American Church. That movement became known as the Pentecostal movement and has spurred spiritual awakenings like none other since the Great Awakening movements of the 18th and 19th centuries. It has influenced how church services look and feel and is the fastest growing branch of Christian expression in Africa and Central and South America. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses the history and impact of this great Christian expression
5/11/20161 hour, 1 minute
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Prince and the Real Revolution: What his death and music says about spirituality

Prince Rogers Nelson was a giant of a man and musician whose influence in secular and gospel music is being remembered since he passed away last week. Although he professed to be a Jehovah's Witness, he often expressed deep spirituality in his music. Many across the Christian church mourned his death, but some churches went beyond simply mourning, but "gospelized" his songs. Pastor Neal will discuss Prince's music and how spirituality is conveyed through music.
4/27/201658 minutes
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Is the future of the church soon to be primed for secular urban development?

A historic black church in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana has been sold to a developer that plans to convert it to a hotel. While many churches are closing their doors to Christian ministry, many are being repurposed for secular development. Although churches are tax exempt non-profit corporations, their presence in many cases hamper true development for many urban neighborhoods. Is this good for the church and communities they once inhabited or is a trend showing the decline of the church as a profitable entity for community development and empowerment? Join Pastor Neal for discussions on this and other topics of the day.
4/13/201653 minutes
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Christians as Voices for the Oppressed

Several US States have some form of religious freedom/liberty bills as law on their books. These laws were set in place to prevent the government from infringing without compelling interests and if it had to do so, to do so in the least infringing way. But as the LGBT community gained more influence and eventually won the right to marriage, many states have passed laws to protect the interests of Christians who feel persecuted into forced service to LGBT and others against their religious beliefs. Should Christians be the voice of the oppressed and are such laws biblically justified? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics
4/6/20161 hour, 1 minute
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Real Men Connecting with Dr. Joe Martin

Creating disciples was the ministry Christ commanded for all of his followers. While men may be members of a local church, they may not be the men or the disciples they want to be. Dr. Joe Martin, autjhor, speaker, and educational consultant, and founder of Real Men Connect (RMC) joins Pastor Neal to discuss how good men can become great men through mobilizing, mentoring, and multiplying godly men across the country. To learn more about the work of Dr. Martin and RMC visit their website
3/23/20161 hour, 6 minutes
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The church and Domestic Violence: Is it really making black men better

Last week gospel music star James Fortune pled guilty to domestic assault charges against his wife. This was the second time he was brought up on said charges yet some gospel music leaders and pastors took the initiave to restore him to ministry after the first time. This news came after The Atlantic printed an article stating that the church helps black men be better men. Is the black church doing enough to address the issues of domestic violence among women and men in it's pews? What more can be done to be proactive and prevent things such as what happened to Mr. Fortune? Tune in with Pastor Neal to discuss this and other topics of the day.
3/16/20161 hour
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Locked Out and Gunned Down: Abuse and Violence at the church

The church is known as being a hospital for the sick, a house of hope for the desolate, and a safe place for many. Incidents of violence and spiritual abuse within the church walls are becoming more prominent. Two separate incidents in black churches this weekend have once again placed unwanted attention on black churches. One pastor was gunned down by his own brother during the worship service, and another pastor locked out his entire congregation. What can the church to be more proactive regarding church leadership abuse and endangerment? How culpable are members in ensuring the integrity of their church leadership? Join Pastor Neal for these and other topics on Zera Today
3/2/201611 minutes
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Contradiction and Doubting Thomas with Jeremiah Camara

It is no secret that people are leaving the organized church in record numbers. There are a number of reasons for this but many are beginning to question their faith and belief systems. Author and documentary film maker Jeremiah Camara has chronicled this issue across the country. His documentary "Contradiction" addresses the issue of the over saturation of churches in black neighborhoods is contributing to the socioeconomic conditions that plague many of those same neighborhoods. Camara is also the author of the books "Holy Lockdown" and "Doubting Thomas." Jeremiah joins Pastor Neal to discuss these and other areas of doubt and faith concerning Black America. 
2/24/20161 hour, 31 minutes
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Lent, Legacy, and Legitmacy: The Black Religious Struggle

Blacks have spent centuries attempting to measure up to western Christianity's religious standards. Black preachers heralded high moral standards and strict religious observances that kept the idea of "heavenly rewards" ever before the eyes of their members. Has this desire for religious and holy legitmacy and legacy contributed to the black church's current condition of carnality and withdrawal. What role does black gospel music and preachers have in reaffirming the contemporary religious struggle in the black church? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of interest
2/10/20161 hour
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Dealing with Confirmation Bias and Cognitive Dissonance in Black History

It's Black History Month and many will be honoring our ancestors who impacted American life. For most this creates a dissonance between being African American, black, and American. It also is a time when confirmation bias is at its most complex in the black church tradition. Confirmation bias is a term most people are not familiar with but operate in everyday. There are things that we believe that no one can dissuade us from believing. Many times we surround ourselves with others who share similar beliefs, ideals, or values. The church is in the business of confirmation bias, but are preachers using it to reinforce negative ideas and practices. How does confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance work in today's preaching and church experience? Join Pastor Neal for this and other great topics.
2/3/20161 hour
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Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal

Today Pastor Neal discusses the latest headlines in the world of Christianity and faith.
1/27/201659 minutes
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Acceptable Carnality: Why behavioral accountability is lost in the church

Everyone has lapses in judgment and moral failings that dot their religious existence. For centuries, believers lacked the power to be transparent about personal struggles. The ongoing verbal assualts between Supt. Earl Carter and Bishop Charles Blake in the COGIC faith, and Pastor Leandria Johnson's persicope misadventures are only a couple of the public examples of the dissonance of holiness and carnality in the church. What can be done when pastors and church leaders breach their call to sanctification and holiness? How can the ideas of sanctification and holiness be promoted in ways that are empowering and not condemning?
1/20/20161 hour, 14 minutes
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Grace to Correct? Creflo Dollar handles a heckler during watch night service

The black preaching tradition is all about the call and response. Black preachers want to hear their audience talk back to them. With thousands in attendance at World Changers Church's watch night service, someone dared interrupt the sacred moment of Pastor Creflo Dollar's sermon. Pastor Dollar takes several minutes to handle a new year's heckler for ringing in the year with a shout while he was preaching. It was enough for him to express his displeasure. Was Pastor Dollar wrong for addressing the disruption or was the disruption wrong? What is meant by "grace to correct?" How far should preachers go to express their displeasure from the pulpit? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of interest
1/13/20161 hour
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Welcome to 2016: What is in store for the Church universal?

Welcome in 2016! For many believers, it was brought in with a watch night service filled with the same old recitations of new year blessings, prosperity, and the like, For many in the church, 2015 brought about an unveiling of some dark secrets, patterns, and behaviors that may have rolled over into the new year. There is an uncovering taking place and there is a remnant of believers who are speaking truth to power in and out of the church. Will 2016 bring more uncovering or a renouncing of the hidden things? Will more clergy be exposed or will more people become disciples of Christ? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today
1/6/20161 hour, 1 minute
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The Church of Hoaxes: One Prophet's claim that Jesus is sharing the stage

Prophet David E. Taylor made headlines when he prophesied who would win the 2014 Super Bowl. Even though that prophecy did not come to pass, he has taken on an even bigger scam. Taylor now claims that Jesus is sharing the stage with him at his healing crusades. Apostle Taylor claims to be a face to face friend of the Lord Jesus and over the last several months has hoaxed people into believing that Jesus was literally on the stage with him. One person released a picture of a glowing figure on the stage that she claims is the glorified Jesus. Taylor's ministry released a video including scriptures to justify it. You can see the video here: For his year end event, Taylor is imploring those hungry for the supernatural and metaphysical to join him for his One Night with the King Conference in which he is again stating that Jesus will make an appearance. When will Christians stop falling for the hoaxes of some preachers and be content in living a spirit-filled life based on scripture and not superficial experiences such as the one Taylor is promoting? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today
12/16/20157 minutes
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The Black Church and Black Lives: Is the church the problem or the solution?

There are some who are saying the black church could do a better job in the black community but instead they are part of the problem. With black churches on just about every corner in some cities, some are wondering why their communities are still suffering economically, educationally, legally, and politically. Recently protesters gathered in front of a local church in Detroit to address the church's seemingly neglect to serve and impact the community around them. Is the black church failing in black communities and if so who is to blame- the pastor or members? What can be done to reestablish a sense of hope and assurance in the role of the church in the black community? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today
11/18/20151 hour
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Pitiful Protests: Why some Christians waste time with worthless things

The Holiday season usually brings out the best in people. To some Christians, it has signaled a war on Christmas with Starbucks as the main aggressor. There are Christians protesting the lack of "Christmas" designs on Starbucks' holiday cups is another way the secular world is attacking Christianity. Starbucks' vice president of design stated that the cups are "designed to represent the simplicity and quietness of the season." Is this protest contrary to the freedoms some of these Christians espouse? Are they creating unnecessary conflict over false symbols? Join Pastor Neal for this and other lively topics!
11/11/20151 hour
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Are Titles the New Church Scam? Fast tracking Church Leadership

Church fads come and go, but one fad has seemingly gotten more popular and uncontrollable as of late. That is the giving of titles such as Apostle/Apostle Designate, Bishop/Elect/Designate, or anything else to preachers. If one pays attention, it appears that it is much easier to create fully autonomous Christian fellowships whereby individuals can then ordain and consecrete others into episcopal or apostolic church leadership. Perhaps the greatest problem to this is that many novices are doing so and creating havoc in the process. What constitutes true biblical leadership and who has authority in maintaining said leadership? Join Pastor Neal for this and other lively topics on Zera Today
11/4/201552 minutes
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When Churches are guilty of doing everything but sharing the gospel

Singapore's Harvest City Church recently made international news as it's leadership team including the pastor was found guilty of corruption. This is a result of the ambition of Pastor Kong Hee's wife musical aspirations. It took the loss of nearly 50 million dollars between 2007-2008 to help her become the next Asian pop star. Every church gets special exemptions to carry out the gospel message, however many of their leadership take advantage of this by purchasing homes, cars, and other extravangant things. What should be done when churches overstep the boundaries of their gospel mission and tax exemption status. Should more accountablility be demanded from members regarding how church funds are appropiated? Join Pastor Neal for this and other lively topics on Zera Today.
10/28/20151 hour
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Firing God with Author Cheryl Abram

There are times one's religious experience when one experiences moments of doubt or even unbelief. For some some those moments lead to a deeper and more meaningful religious experience and life. For others, it leads to declarations of total renunciation of their faith. For author Cheryl Abram, it was a life changing experience that helped her discover her humanity and fire her God fallacy. In her book, "Firing God" Cheryl discusses how life became the fuse that lead to her spiritual awakening without the guise of religion she had grown up in. Join Pastor Neal and Cheryl for a great discussion on her journey.
10/14/20151 hour, 30 minutes
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Pope and and Blood moons:Why we shouldn't be fooled by false signs

With the visit of Pope Francis and the last blood moon of the year, there were many who were proclaiming the rapture would happen and that Jesus' return was imminent. These people have been proven wrong, but most will not retract their false prophecies and many will never face rebuke or correction. How can the church guard against those proclaiming false end time prophecies and how should the church be positively expecting the return of the Lord for His beloved bride? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of the day
9/30/20151 hour
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The Pope, Pastors, and the People: Are we missing something?

Pope Francis makes his first visit to the US and presents an interesting perspective on the global church's role in the social progress of the world. , Iyanla Vanzant's "Fix My Life" featured two pastors who chose to use her assistance to help come out of the closet to their families and churches. The show aired five years after Bishop Eddie Long had several young men accuse him of sexually molesting them. The church is at a fork in the road regarding sexual immorality issues. How should the black church deal with this new facet of church life when the clergy are living double sexual lives. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and other topics.
9/23/20151 hour, 27 minutes
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Carlton Pearson and Josh Duggar: Hidden lives coming to light

With the news about Carlton and Gina Pearson's divorce and Josh Duggar's secret affairs, is it time for Christian leaders to be more transparent and if so, how should they go about doing it? I've always wondered why lay persons are more tolerant of someone's fall from grace after it happens instead of allowing leaders to show their own fallibilities How transparent should Christian leaders be to those they serve? Let's talk about this and more with Pastor Lorenzo Neal
9/2/201559 minutes
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Outing the Pastor and Christian Broadcast Wars

American Christianity has a lot that needs to be addressed. Recently two things have gone viral. The first is a video of a young man attempting to get a popular AMEZion pastor removed because of his alleged homosexuality. The second is the response from some popular Christians regarding the Honorable Louis Farrakhan's appearance with Pastor Jamal Bryant on The Word Network. What do these two events mean for American Christianity if anything at all. Join Pastor Neal for discussion on this and other topics on Zera Today.
8/12/20151 hour, 1 minute
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Double Conciousness and the Black Lives Matter Movement

In his 1903 book "The Souls of Black Folk", W.E.B. Dubois introduced the concept of double conciousness. It's the idea that blacks find it difficult to find identity in a majority white world. This refrain is revisited in the Black Lives Matter movement today. This is even more apparent in black churches where theologies are conflicting with praxis on contemporary issues. How can the black clergy and leadership address this double conciousness while empowering believers to be "one body with many members?" Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics of the day.
7/29/20151 hour, 30 minutes
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No Discernment and No Support: Why the Black Church is constantly being mocked

With its hooping preachers, rocking choirs, and extravagant shouting, the black church has always been one of the most imitated and mocked group in American culture. The reality is that many black churches provide much comic relief without even trying. This includes some black clergy making some of the most outrageous claims, acts, and incidents known in American Christianity. A recent church's member's assessment delinquency letter and a well known televangelist's words regarding the Mother Emanuel AME massacre have proven to be some of those moments. Join Pastor Neal for a discussion on these and other topics of interest on Zera Today
7/15/20151 hour
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The Upcoming Battle for the social minded Church

America is becoming a more secularlized diverse minded country that is proving difficult for many churches to adapt to. With the recent US Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage, many in the christian church of America are promoting the idea of a full scale war on Christianity. There are some promoting the fear that churches will be subject to lawsuits and much worse because of this legal decision. Is there an upcoming religious and/or race war impending in America? What can the universal church in America do to address the real concerns of those who believe this will happen? Join Pastor Neal to discuss this and other topics of the day.
7/8/20151 hour
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Race and Faith: The battle between the two

The massacre at Mother Emanuel AME has brought to light the reality of racism in America. Amidst the narratives are discussions of the confederate flag, the use of the N word by President Obama and the rich history of African Methodism. What is missing is the narrative of faith that carries both the heart and soul of Black Americans and the strong division of racism. Join Pastor Neal for this discussion
6/24/20151 hour, 1 minute
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Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal

Join Pastor Neal for discussions on some of the day's trending topics in religion, education, and politic
6/17/20151 hour, 1 minute
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Preach and the image of women in ministry

This decade has been the decade of reality minsitry. Shows like Preacher's Daughters, Preacher's Ex's, Preachers of LA and Detroit, and others have been ratings boosters and attention grabbers for secular networks. The newest show, Lifetime's "PREACH" shows the interactions between women prophetesses and the women they mentor as proteges. Is this show and others like it tainting the image of women in ministry and creating a greater gap for gender equality in a patriarchial church? Tune in for this and other great topics with Pastor Neal
6/10/20151 hour, 1 minute
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Are we in the time of Anti-Christ?

If you've been in church long enough, you've probably heard of end time prophecy warning about the mark of the beast, and the anti-christ. There is much debate about end time things, but one thing is sure: there is nothing new under the sun. With all the news of global despair and social issues contrary to traditional Christian faith tenets, are we living in the age of anti-Christ? Games like Charlie Charlie, the rise of the LGBT movements in the church, and the decline of church attendance in the US are all signs that something is changing and it is not for the better of the church. Is the life of the church being threatened by secularism to the point of destruction? Join Pastor Neal to discuss this and other news of the day.
6/3/20151 hour, 1 minute
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Unlocking the Spiritual Sciences with Magus Richard Bullard

When does questioning your belief system lead you to do something totally different from the spiritual traditions you were brought up with? Magus Richard Bullard, M.Th has an answer to that. Magus Bullard is a former pastor and author who began studying the ancient Christian gnostic science and has been raised as to the level of Magus. Magus Bullard shares some insighte into the ancient Christian sciences of gnosticism and how one can ascend to deeper more meaningful spiritual existence. To learn more about Magus Richard Bullard visit his website at You can also learn more about receiving spiritual consultations with Magus. Tune in for this and other great topics with Pastor Lorenzo Neal
5/6/20151 hour, 23 minutes
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Why the rage? The Baltimore riots and the loss of the Black Prophetic Voice

As rioting erupts in the city of Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, the black church is struggling to find the right voice to speak for and to them. The younger generation does not want to hear the voices of yesterday and are yearning for fresh voices to speak to their angst and anger. One such voice is Jamal Bryant, Pastor of Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore. He has been pushed to the forefront of a growing Black Lives Matter movement. How can the black church help find and nurture the new prophetic voices of today? Is there a need for new prophetic voices or is it time for the black church to settle? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics.
4/29/20151 hour, 12 minutes
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The Rift of the Black Prophetic Public Intellectual

On Monday the New Republic Magazine released an essay from Dr. Michael Eric Dyson openly rebuking his former mentor and friend Dr. Cornel West. The article created a firestorm across social media as the two giants of black public intellectuals have been assailing each other primarily over their views of President Barack Obama. Both men have created a significant voice in the black world as scholars, prophets and commentators on the perils of the black world. How does this rift affect the black community and the black church? Is there room for black intellectuals in today's post modern world? To read the article visit here To learn more about Dr. Dyson visit, to learn more about Dr. West visit
4/22/20151 hour, 13 minutes
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Preachers in search of validation: If God doesn't validate someone, will you?

The 21st century has afforded churches and preachers with unprecedented opportunities. These include television shows, social media outlets, and even social and political influences. What if God did not validate the church or the preacher to have the spotlight? Aside from vagrant immorality and flamboyance, how can you discern if a ministry or preacher's calling is invalid in God's sight? What are signs you should look for to determine when preachers are in search of validation? Tune in with Pastor Neal to find out this and more.
4/15/20151 hour, 9 minutes
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Jesus Walks: The Book of Yeezus and the Black concept of God

Jesus had loyal disciples who even after he died, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, managed to keep his story alive through their gospel narratives. Fans of rapper and producer Kanye West seemingly now have the opportunity to do the same with the new Book of Yeezus. The Book of Yeezus: A Bible for the Modern Day, is being described as a novelty table book celebrating the grandeur of mega-icon Kanye West. It retells the book of Genesis replacing the word God with Kanye or Yeezus. It was deemed by it's creator in this manner: "This book wasn’t made to make fun at Kanye, or really even show or undying devotion towards him. Book of Yeezus is simply an exposition. It’s adding an original twist to something ancient and important in order to capture new meaning. We are trying to cast our spotlight towards the way cultural icons have come to be the contemporary spiritual figures in our information culture." Pastor Neal discusses the issues of modern spirituality and the Black concept of God. Is this book blasphemous or revolutionary? What are the outlying implications of this book and the celebrity church star in the modern black religious experience?
4/8/20151 hour, 19 minutes
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Easter Sunday Celebrations: Why all the spectacle?

Did the Indiana legislature go too far to protect their perceived loss of religious freedom? What's wrong with that bill and others like it? How protected are you and your children from predators in the church? A Memphis Sunday School teacher did the worse kind of violation to one of his students. This week, churches across the world will be celebrating the day denoted as the ressurection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead. Many churches will fill auditoriums and pack stadiums for their "Ressurection Sunday" services. In other places, people will do the "Seven Last Words" or will re-enact the last moments of Jesus. While scripture is clear that he was not the only person to be raised from the dead, why will millions of churches and billions of believers celebrate his ressurection? How and why should we celebrate the ressurection of Jesus Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and more.
4/1/20151 hour, 27 minutes
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Charge to Young Preachers: Challenge, Question, Respect

Having been in the preaching ministry since a pre-teen, I've learned quite a lot and have matured even more since then. I have come to discover that young ministers (not just young in age) find it difficult to maintain a healthy spiritual, social, and educational life. I have privilege of serving as a ministry trainer now and have suggestions to those who are young in ministry or on the edge of being burned out in ministry. They are: Challenge Yourself, Question Yourself, and Respect Yourself. I'll be breaking all of those down on today's show so feel free to join in the discussion.
3/25/20151 hour
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Church Fallacies: Is the church thriving on false information

Are you saved, sanctified, and spirit filled or are you a misinformed consumer of church fallacies? Today churches are built around the drive, vision, and especially the charisma of pastors seeking to create their brand. Ministries are being created and franchised out just like fast food restaurants leaving many believers shuffling to find the right church brand or fit for them. In the process, they are becoming more and more biblically illiterate and participating in fallacies of false hopes of prosperity, salvation, and possibly even eternal life. Join Pastor Neal for another great discussion on Zera Today.
3/18/201559 minutes
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Who Runs the Church: Women as the secret weapon of the Church

March is Women's History Month and women who made great contributions to the world are being recognized around the world. Women play a major role in the life and ministry of the church. If we were to be candid, women run the church yet are still highly oppressed because the church still functions as a patriarchial organization. What can be done to help create a more liberating role for women in the church? Is recognizing their gifts as pastors, prophetesses, and teachers enough to accomplish this? Join Pastor Neal for another lively discussion and dialogue on Zera Today.
3/11/201557 minutes
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Mental and Spiritual Health for the Church with Rev. Dr. Tynisha Drennon

The Black Christian church community is still behind when it comes to dealing with the issue of mental health. For many individuals, the church is used as a coping mechanism for the emotional and mental stress they experience. While this may help some, there are still many who silently suffer from mental health issues that go unaddressed. Dr. Tynisha Drennon, a licensed pastoral counselor, educator, and minister is the founder of Brighter Day Counseling Services and Clinical Pastoral Education resident at Einstein Health Systems in Philadelpha, PA. joins Pastor Neal to discuss how to care for one's mental and spiritual health. To learn more about Rev. Dr. Drennon visit her website at and to learn more about A Brighter Day Counseling Services visit This promises to be another exciting show so make sure you tune in!
3/4/20151 hour, 7 minutes
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Lenten Reflections and Renewal

Lent has come once again. Many Christians will give up something for the next 40 days as a means of symbolic sacrifice. Will you be using these days for sacrifice, renewal and revival or will you just let it be another fleeting season.
2/18/20151 hour, 1 minute
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The Making of Black History: Contemporary Myths and Matyrdom

As we focus on the achievements of blacks during the 19th and 20th centuries, we are neglecting the history being made in the 21st century. This history however is not one of firsts but one mostly of loss and myths. Join Pastor Neal as he explores how the myths of matryrdom of blacks as portrayed through media is attempting to distort black history by redefining it through the lens of class and wealth inequality.
2/11/20151 hour, 14 minutes
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Black in 2015: The need for a new spiritual identity and formation

In 1961 a new Progressive Baptist Convention was formed because it promoted those who were actively engaged in the American Civil RIghts movement. Today a new schism is happening and it is one that creating just as much fuss as the Baptist schism of 1961. Across the country, blacks are leaving the comfort of religious experiences through the church for authentic quests for meaning and spirituality. This is more evident in the Millenials generation (those 25 years of age and younger). This group is actually engaging a more radicalized identity as blacks and non-church members They are calling for more social justice and less institutionalized religious expression. How should the older church deal with them? Is there a need for blacks to forge new paths in religious and spiriual expression? Do we need that "Ole Time Religion" that was good for mama and papa and should be good enough for us? Join Pastor Neal for this and other lively topics on Zera Today.
2/4/20151 hour, 1 minute
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Preacher punching and Fire Chief thumping

Welcome to another year of Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal. A video of a preacher bragging about bullying a youth during church has gone viral. Did his own words do more harm than help? Also Atlanta's mayor has terminated the fire chief Kelvin Cochran for a book the chief wrote denouncing homosexuality? Did the chief cross the lines of church and state separation? Is this a case of war against Christianity? Join in the discussion of this and more with Pastor Neal.
1/14/20151 hour, 4 minutes
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Shepherds and Wise Men: How Symbols reinforce the Christmas Myth

This week churches across the world will be presenting pageants and plays depicting the birth of Jesus. While it has been proven to be incorrect, so many fight to retain the symbols of Christmas without acknowledging the purpose of Christmas. How does the Christmas myth stand against other myths about god-men. Why do pastors continue perpetuating the nativity scene as the actual event? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and other topics on Zera Today.
12/17/20141 hour
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Moving from Nostalgic Ministry to Present Ministry

There aren't many people who don't have a desire to revisit the "good ole days." The days when everything seemed simpler and lives seemed in order. The contemporary church is in danger of missing out on serious ministry opportunities in the present because of a nostalgia for the past. Some are still hoping for that new revival moment like the ones kindled during the Great Awakening and the Post War years. It is this very nostalgia that is holding some churches hostage from true ministry today. How can the church move beyond the nostalgia of yesterday and be empowered for a new ministry? It's time to replace the old wineskins with new ones. Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics.
12/3/201459 minutes
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Folly for Funds: How some pastors and con artists scam their people

Last week, young Andrew Caldwell was both ridiculed and parodied for his pronunciation of being delivered from homosexuality during the 107th COGIC Holy Convocation. Since he became a public figure, the tides have turned and there are reports of the entire fiasco being a sham. A pastor refuses to allow the funeral of a member because of not tithing. How can believers be proactive against scams and shams brought on by pastors, or other people in the church? Join Pastor Neal for a lively discussion on this and other topics of the day.
11/19/20141 hour, 1 minute
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Ministry Succession: How will your church survive the loss of a leader?

This week witnessed much news in the church community. The COGIC Convocation in St. Louis launched viral videos. The tragic death of Dr. Myles Munroe, and dissolution of Mars Hill Church has raised alot of questions regarding ministry leadership. It is a fact that many churches struggle replacing pastors and leadership teams after a loss including deaths, resignations or terminations. Many more simply close their doors forever. What can be done to ensure quality leadership succession?  Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal as he discusses this and other topics on Zera Today
11/12/20141 hour, 30 minutes
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The Church and Assisted Suicide: Does one have the Right to Die with Dignity?

 Recently, 29 year old Brittany Maynard, who went on social media discussing her plans to end her own life because of her terminal illness, reopened the discussion of assisted suicide. Several years ago, some evangelical clergy and politicians fought to keep Terri Schiavo alive on life support for over a decade. Many churches have clear stances on issues regarding life, but there is still some unclarity on where the church stands regarding assisted death. Does the Bible address the issue of assisted death? How should churches approach dying with dignity without creating more fear and distress for individuals and families of those struggling with terminal illness and the desire to die? Join Pastor Neal for this empowering and enlightening topic.
11/5/20141 hour, 24 minutes
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Domestic Violence, Voting, and Black Church Responsibility

* REBROADCAST* If you tried listening to the Zera Today broadcast this morning, we experienced major technical difficulties with our system so people only heard the commercials and not the commentary. We will reschedule the show for tomorrow and apologize for the inconvenience. I was all into it too! Technology! LOL! Coming back off break, Pastor Lorenzo Neal returns with discussions on current topics including domestic violence, breast cancer awareness month and how the black church leadership can handle incidents of violence among church leadership and celebrities. Pastor Neal also discusses how the November midterm elections could affect the black church and black community
10/29/201445 minutes
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Does God Call Just Any Ole Body to Ministry? Why Vetting Preachers is Necessary

Many of us have seen or heard some bad preachers that we questioned their "calling". One church in Arkansas failed to properly investigate their pastor and discovered that he is a Level 3 registered sex offender who changed his identity and entered the ministry. His members were outraged when they made the discovery but if they had done some simple background check, their dilemma could have been avoided. What can churches do to prevent preaching fraud from occuring today? Join Pastor Neal to discuss this and other topics of the day.
8/27/20141 hour, 10 minutes
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Bishop Noel Jones and the Problem of Single Pastors

During a recent radio interview, Bishop Noel Jones defended his relationship status with long term girlfriend by stating that the Apostle Paul was not married. It has long been the expectation by congregationsfor pastors to be married. In light of current divorce trends and pastoral couples ministry teams, is having a married pastor more relevant or effective in the black church? Join Pastor Neal for this and other topics on Zera Today.
8/20/20141 hour, 18 minutes
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Black life expendability and the Duty of Black Pastors

As the news of black individuals being overtly harrassed and killed by the hands of law enforcement, the question has come up about the expendability of black life. Blacks lead in abortions, have high homicide rates and other issues. Yet in spite of this, only pockets of black church leadership even speak to these issues without having a personal agenda attached to it. Should it be the pastor's duty to speak to these issues and lead the community in facilitating change? Join in the discussion with Pastor Neal
8/13/20141 hour, 2 minutes
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The Problem of Pedophile Pastors: Why the Church can no longer be silent

During the early 2000's the Roman Catholic Church was in the midst of serious sexual abuse scandals that cost the institution millions of dollars in court settements. Today, Protestant churches are now in the spotlight for similar scandals with their clergy. The church cannot afford to be silent any longer regarding this epidemic of pastor pedophiles. What are things that can be don to prevent clergy sexual misconduct with youth in today's churches?
8/6/20141 hour, 5 minutes
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Adult Swim's Black Jesus: Should the black church protest it?

In August, cartoonist Aaron McGruder, creator of the infamous Boondocks comic strip and cartoon series will premier a new show titled "Black Jesus" on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim time slot. The comedy parody show features a live action series of Jesus as a black man in Compton, CA. This show has brought about good and negative publicity for AS and McGruder, but how should black pastors engage the show and the viewers? Is the show any more offensive than Jesus Christ Superstar, Tyler Perry's Madea series, or even George Burns' O God movie series?
7/30/20141 hour, 18 minutes
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Money Matters: Pastors and the seduction of quick money

The church world is abuzz about money. One man, David Lee, claims to have had his ministerial credentials revoked and was forcibly removed from The Potter's House Church in Dallas because his book " The Sunday Morning Stickup" discussed how tithing isn't required under the new covenant through Christ. Also, rapper turned pastor, Mason (Mase) Betha has left his ministry to perform rap full-time. In both cases, the underlying issue was money. Why is money such a terrible issue in the church (and the black church in particular)? Should pastors consider full-time or bi-vocational ministry as options to accumulating the wealth they need? Join Pastor Neal for discussion on this and other topics.
7/23/20141 hour, 7 minutes
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Pastoral Impartation and Accountability: How liable should pastors be?

Many of us have had experiences where we have had poor services provided by professionals. If a pastor is blatantly immoral or unethical in their professional capacity, should members of the church be able to file malpractice actions against them? Drawing from the recent legal woes of Memphis pastor Frank Ray, what can members do to be proactive in their faith while holding pastors accountable for ethical violations in ministry?  When it comes to ministry, should pastors be subject to liability and even legal action for providing poor services to members/nonmembers? How and to whom should the pastor be liable if there are valid complaints regarding their public ministry? Join Pastor Neal for this topic on Zera Today
7/9/20141 hour, 6 minutes
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The Pastor and Prosperity: How wealthy should a Pastor be?

A recent article posted in the Atlanta Black Star listed 8 pastors whose income is 200x greater than that of their congregants. Here is the link to the article: Among those listed are several Nigerian pastors whose combined wealth is over 100 million US dollars. The debate on how and how much pastors should be compensated is an age old one. The underlying question for Western Christianity is how much is too much for a pastor's compensation package and when do other items cross into excess? Should pastors/clergy have their own planes, luxury cars and homes, and other toys, or should their wealth reflect the communities they serve. Join Pastor Neal for this and other lively topics.
7/2/20141 hour, 20 minutes
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Jesus and the Quest for Meaning

Individuals spend lifetimes in search of finding meaning and purpose for their lives. As Christians, many people are taught to believe that once they receive salvation, they no longer need to search for meaning and purpose. This leads to them experiencing conflicting existential moments in their life and faith. Did Jesus ever succeed in discovering meaning and purpose in life. Should Christians settle for a future promise of eternal life and not be intentional in a personal quest for meaning? Join Pastor Neal as he disusses this and other topics of the day.
6/18/20141 hour, 10 minutes
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Should your church be a trending one?

Have you ever been to a church where the leadership team and members were always in the latest trends? Does your church have the catchy mottos every year? Does your pastor(older or younger) not wear suits or robes? Do you feel more comfortable in a relaxed church atmosphere or the traditional church atmosphere? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses why being trendy may do more harm than help to the black church
6/11/20141 hour, 1 minute
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How small churches can survive the summer months crunch

It's the summer time and there is so much going on. Many churches will be hosting Vacation Bible Schools this summer and there will be plenty of summer church conferences occuring. Is it possible that smaller churches suffer more during the summer months because their members or pastors get the wander bug and want to travel other than for summer family vacations? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses how smaller churches can manage during the summer month crunch and still be viable ministries for their communities.
6/4/20141 hour, 1 minute
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Accountability, Authority, and Deception in Paul's Corinthian Defense Narrative

Many Christian pastors, leaders, and plain jane believers find themselves often having to defend their belief systems, leadership strategies and models, and in some cases their personal conversion narrative. In II Corinthians 9-12 we find Paul doing just that regarding his authority as an apostle and church leader. How does his defense narrative reflect the issues of accountability, deception, and doctrinal authority in today's church? How do we deal with the internal conflicts of leadership like depression, self abasement, and other issues. How do we deal with some of the obvious foolishness and deception among some of today's clergy? Join Pastor Neal for this discussion and others on Zera Today.
5/21/20141 hour
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The Experiencing Self and The Remembering Self in the Black Church

If church folk would be honest with themselves, a great deal of their spiritual episodes are based on memories of previous ones. In other words, they believe their experience was good if it was lively and corporately sensual and that it was bad if there was an individual or corporate sense of a dead church. These episodes are called the experiencing and remembering self. Drawing from Paul's personal narratives in scripture and the writings of Daniel Kahneman, Pastor Neal addresses how manipulative we can be when it comes to our church experiences that can lead to stunted spiritual growth and connection with The Divine.
5/14/20141 hour
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5/12/20145 minutes
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5/10/20149 minutes
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Beyond Religion pt. 2: Mythology, Arts, and Dark Nights of the Soul

Everyone has their own story of something they've survived or attempted that empowered them to have a deeper connection with the divine. Everyone has enjoyed some visual or performing art that brought on a sense of divine connection. Many times, these events are never fully engaged or transcendent for most individuals. Join Pastor Neal as he delves deeper into the alternative paths to the sacred.
4/30/20141 hour, 27 minutes
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Beyond Religion: Alternative Paths to the Sacred pt 1

Western Christianity has been hijacked into a thoughtless, heartless, and spiritless religion in many places. In American evangelicalism, it has been divided into cognates of hatred, capitalist prosperity theology, and heretical new age fusions. Drawing from David Elkins' book of Beyond Religion, Pastor Lorenzo Neal explains how the arts, mythology, nature, and dark nights of the soul can be used as personal programs for spiritual life outside of traditional Christian traditions. Join in the dialogue and be blessed!
4/23/20141 hour
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Contemplating the conflict of Holy Week

The four sypnotic gospel accounts of Jesus' last week of life present rich conflict and consolation that is often missed during the Holy Week sermons and lessons. How should we deal with conflicting gospel accounts and how does that add or take away from the authority of those accounts for believers today? Is there a deeper revelation waiting to be exposed during that last week that can empower Christian believers today? Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal as he discusses this and other great topics
4/16/20141 hour, 6 minutes
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The Paschal Mystery from a Contemplative View

Passion Sunday and Week gets kicked off this weekend leading up to elaborate celebrations in the western church of Easter Sunday. Few western Christians take the time to ponder the Paschal Mystery and its mystical underpinnings. Join Pastor Neal as he explores the Paschal Mystery from a contemplative perspective with the hopes of empowering you to a deeper and more meaningful spiritual ressurection experience.
4/9/20141 hour
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Zera Today With Pastor Lorenzo Neal

Join Pastor, Author, and Teacher Lorenzo Neal as he discusses the latest in religious, political, social, and education topics. Be empowered and illuminated with Pastor Lorenzo Neal on Zera Today
3/26/20141 hour, 1 minute
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The Deadly Confession and No More Angry Prophets

A Pastor confesses to adultery then reportedly dies afterwards and one popular Evangelical pastor has said he will no longer be the "Angry Prophet."Join Pastor Neal for discussion on this and various religious, educational, political, and social topics of the day.
3/19/20141 hour, 1 minute
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Zera Today

A prominent pastor has been listed as the main suspect in a Michigan doctor's disappearance, and an African pastor wants no panties on women to allow God to fill them. Join Pastor Neal for discussion on this and other topics of interest on Zera Today.
3/12/20141 hour
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The Black Church Leadership from Allen to Morton

The Black Church has a unique historical and social experience in America. Leaders such as Richard Allen, C.H. Mason, William Seymour and contemporary ones such as Paul Morton, Sr., Fred K.C.Price, and Rev. Ike have affected the Black worship experience and morphed it from forced adaption during slavery to powerful movements within American Christendom. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses the historical and socialogical significance of the black church in America
2/19/20141 hour, 1 minute
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Love and Romance Addiction with Susan Peabody

With Valentine Day this weekend, people are scurrying trying to find the perfect gift for their significant other. What gets overlooked during this time is the many people who suffer from an often overlooked and underdiagnosed condition known as love and romance addiction. Pastor Neal is joined by author and counselor Susan Peabody as they discuss love addiction and how to overcome it and have a more rewarding and fulfilling life and relationship with their partners and their Lord. To learn more about Susan visit her web page at and
2/12/20141 hour, 1 minute
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The Black History Month Edition

For 28 days of the year, the US gives time for people to reflect on the accomplishments of Black Americans. While the selected month has its significance, once it's over there's another 365 days before it's even mentioned again. Join Pastor Neal as he kicks off Black History Month with facts and discussions on the diversity of the Black religious and philosophical experience.
2/5/20141 hour
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The Encounter with Lady Joslyn Sanders

It's the first show of 2014 and it is the time of year where many are developing new life strategies, resolutions, and goals for the year. Most will be looking for books and texts to empower their spiritual self. Join Pastor Neal and his guest Lady Joslyn Sanders, wife, motivational speaker, and author of "The Encounter" as they discuss her book and ways of serving God and developing a deeper, meaningful relationship with Him. To learn more about Lady Sanders and her book visit
1/15/20141 hour, 1 minute
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The Pastor's Stalker and church insanity

Pastors have long held a high profile status in the black church community. Gospel singer and pastor Marvin Sapp recently reported that he had filed a restraining order against the missing Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick. This of course has heightened the case of the missing physician and has raised questions about the security of pastors among other things. Should pastors have protection and what can pastors do to guard themselves against obsessive individuals? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day.
1/8/201426 minutes
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Over There with Author Monica F. Hudson

It is the hope of many religious believers that there is a promise of life after death, a home away from home, a heaven filled with mansions and streets paved with gold. Pastor Neal is joined by Author Monica Hudson, author of "Over There: Raindrops of Reflection" and discusses some of the mediations and reflections she discovered in searching for God in the avenues of life and business.
11/13/20131 hour
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The Right to Choose Life or Death

Recently an Indiana man made the decision to end his life after a tragic accident left him paralyzed and unable to breathe on his own. He made the cognitive decision after being informed of his condition. Where does scripture stand on the issues of choosing life or death and what should be the church's approach to situations like this? To read more about this, visit this link: Also, the Preachers of LA have a preach off on Arsenio Hall was it all fun or was the joke on the church? Check it out here: Join Pastor Neal in the dialogue on this and other topics.  
11/6/201353 minutes
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Creepy Christianity

With Halloween approaching, the debate on Christians observiing it still continues. Few people realize All Saints Day or All Souls Day, the Christian holy days that follow Halloween.  This veneration of the dead isnt biblical but is observed throughout much of Christianity. What are some things that creep you out about Christianity. Share them with Pastor Neal.
10/30/20131 hour, 1 minute
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US House Stenographer Goes off, Preachers on Oxygen

A US House of Representatives stenographer speaks for God on the floor of the House and Preachers debut on Oxygen with alot of controversy and feedback, and a prominent pastor is put on blast for not blessing a baby.  Are these signs that God is upset with the American church? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses these and other topics.
10/23/201359 minutes
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28 Days to A New Me with Robert Kennedy III

Change is a good but challenging thing for many people, especially church people. Despite this, we all still attempt to change something negative into positive in our lives. Life Coach and Author Robert Kennedy III shares how anyone can become new in 28 days. His ebook  28 Days To A New Me: A Journey of Commitment is a best seller and has helped thousands of people committ to achieving their business, health, and personal life goals. Mr. Kennedy joins Pastor Neal to empower listeners to have change they can believe in! For more information about Robert Kennedy III and his book, visit his website at
8/28/201355 minutes
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Unveiling You with Dr. Janee Mobley

Dr. Janee Mobley has a story to tell and people to empower. Dr. Mobley is the strategist and Coach at Unveiling You Enterprises. Join Pastor Neal and Dr. Mobley as she presents keys to bring forth your real self. To learn more about Dr. Mobley and subscribe to her newsletter visit
8/23/20131 hour
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Bored enough to murder and no weaves allowed

This week brought some disturbing news as black teens in Oklahoma were so bored they decided to kill an innocent person. Will there be any public outrage from the black community on this other than from white conservatives or will excuses be given for them and their behavior? Also a Texas pastor says weaves aren't allowed in his church. Join Pastor Neal for these and other topics.
8/21/20131 hour, 3 minutes
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Name Changes, Gay Intolerance, and Prayers to Obama

A Tennessee judges forcibly changes a baby's name on the grounds of religion, Gospel Singer and Pastor Donnie McClurkin disinvited to concert celebrating civil rights and diversity because he's been delivered from homosexuality, and a child prays to President Barack Obama. What is American Christianity coming to? Join Pastor Neal for these and other great topics on Zera Today.
8/14/20131 hour, 1 minute
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The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger

Charisma and charm often don't seem to be a part of the gospel ministry, but for many preachers today, it is an integral part of their ministry. Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal and Lifestyle and Social Dynamics Expert Jordan Harbibger as they discuss how to use your social interactions to become better in your personal and professional life. To learn more about Jordan and The Art of Charm, visit his website at
8/7/20131 hour
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Creationism and Science

The last century has seen intense debates between the scientific community and the Christian church regarding creation and evolution. Few believers actually take the time to deeply ponder the question of biblical creationism or evolution. Dr. Solomon Huriash, author and professor of Creationism joins Pastor Neal to discuss how creationism and evolution are possibly synced together to share in God's wonderous works. To learn more about Dr. Huriash and the Theory of Creationism/Evolution visit Land Publishing at
7/31/20131 hour, 1 minute
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The Pastor's Accountability

Bishop Paul S. Morton recently addressed his congregation regarding the revelation of a daughter he has never publicly acknowledged. This has set off a storm of accusation against Bishop Morton that calls into question how accountable should pastors be about their past. What if any avenues or limitations are available for pastors to share their struggles with their congregations? Join Pastor Neal for another great discussion on Zera Today.
7/24/20131 hour
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Almost the Preacher's Wife with Ayana Elon

Some women dream of becoming the preacher's wife or the First Lady of the Church. This was almost the reality for guest Ayana Elon. In her book "Almost the Preacher's Wife, Ayana candidly discusses faith and love with a select group of men from different seasons of her life and the lessons she's learned from them. Ayana is also the publisher of God Works Magazine. To learn more about Ayana and her ministry, visit or
6/19/20131 hour, 9 minutes
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When Preaching Goes Wrong

Many preachers have been accused of not practicing what they preach, but one African evangelist learned to practice what he preached after being beaten for being hypocritcal. Also Pat Robertson is saying some strange things once again. Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal as he discusses this and more on Zera Today.
6/12/201359 minutes
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Does Kirk Franklin Make Sense on same sex marriage?

Kirk Franklin is perhaps the most renowned gospel artist alive. He recently did an interview on the Sway show where he shared his interesting perspective on same sex marriage. Is Kirk's perspective the way every Christian believer should have? If God is no respecter of persons, then what's the real issue or fear behind same sex marriage? Join Pastor Neal for another great show.  
6/5/20131 hour, 5 minutes
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Body Acceptance with Dr. Felicia Clark

Join Pastor Neal and special guest Dr. Felicia Clark as they talk about loving your body and finding the right one. Dr. Clark is a professional plus-size cover model and the author of "10 Commandments of Gender Peace: Ending The War of The Sexes,"10 Commandments for Loving Your Body-As Is!, and 10 Commandments For A Queen: Reclaiming Femininity in Powerful Ways." Look for her new book: "End Body Terrorism: One Size Never Fit All." Dr. Clark is the nation's leading scholar on Body Terrorism and operates a Body Acceptance coaching practice that teaches teens and women to have a good relationship with their body. See more at Sign up now for her next teleseminar on May 29, 2013 at 6:30 PM MST and receive a valued discount when you mention the show .
5/22/20131 hour, 2 minutes
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The Diversified Religious Experience of Blacks

Television Evangelist and Word of Faith Pastor Jesse Duplantis recently said something about Black people that has gone viral on the internet. With all sincerity, he implies that all blacks share the same religious experience. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and other breaking news and topics
5/8/20131 hour, 2 minutes
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Zera Today

Today we're being joined again by Relationhip Coach and author Stephan Labossiere as he shares more information about relationships and love with Pastor Neal
5/1/20131 hour, 10 minutes
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Real Talk: :Love and Relationships with Stephen Labossiere

Relationships are hard for any couple. Join Pastor Neal and Certified relationship expert and coach Stephen Labossiere as they discuss how to find balance in your romantic life. As the Relationship Guru he is, Stephan conducts speaking engagements with topics such as Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Love vs. Want, and The Many Aspects of Relationships. How To Get A Woman To Have Sex With You…If You’re Her Husband is his first book in a series aimed to break down the barriers and turn the battle of the sexes into nothing more than a pillow fight with a mutually pleasing ending. To Learn more about Stephen and his work visit his website
4/24/201341 minutes
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Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal

Terror Bomb in Boston. Are these acts of violence and terror God's way of using suffering to turn to Him and make us stronger? Are we on the receiving end of the angry God of the Old Testament versus the loving God of the New Testament?Join Pastor Neal as he discusses some of the toughest topics and issues faced by the church and country today.
4/17/20131 hour, 3 minutes
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The Church and the suicide dilemma

The death of mega church pastor Rick Warren's son by suicide has struck a bad chord in the church and the discussion of mental health.Mental health is still a taboo subject in the black church and community? How can churches address the mental health needs of their communities without over spiritualizing it? Can scandals involving ministers be related to their mental health care? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this on Zera Today.
4/10/20131 hour, 26 minutes
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Zera Today

It was 45 years ago that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke about being at the mountaintop and seeing the promised land. How would he respond to today's America with the viciousness of bigotry, covert racism, and gender disparities? Was his vision of the mountain top prophetic? Join Pastor Neal for another great broadcast.
4/3/20131 hour, 8 minutes
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The Supreme Court versus the Supreme Creator

As the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Proposition 8, there is a sense of the Law Giver versus the Lawmakers. No matter what side of the issue you're on, this decision will ultimately change the US as we know it and the implications to the church could be devastating. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and other topics of interest on Zera Today.
3/27/20131 hour, 1 minute
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Popes, Hopes, and Dopes

The Catholic Cardinals have begun their conclave to elect a new pope. The entire Papacy is based on the belief of the Bishop of Rome being the Vicar (in place) of Christ. This idea is spreading to Black churches as there are more apostles, bishops, and prophets in today's churches than ever before historically. Is this a sign of the last days? Also who's been watching "The Bible on History Channel? Join Pastor Neal for another great broadcast!
3/13/201359 minutes
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What's Really Relevant for Churches

Churches are notorius for jumping on the world's fad bandwagon. The currrent youtube viral sensation is the Harlem Shake and as you've probably guessed, there are plenty of church's with their shake vids on youtube. Does this make them relevant or just plain out stupid and what does it say about the relevance of the gospel for today's culture? Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal for another great broadcast empowering listeners to knowing and impacting their world.
3/6/20131 hour, 2 minutes
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Zera Today

Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal for another great show with wonderful guest Mandissa Thomas, president of Black Nonbelievers as we take on the dialogue of atheism in the black community. Does not having a particular view of faith or God make you less black and how should black pastors address the issue of non-belief in their churches and communities? Guaranteed to be an exciting show for everyone!
2/27/20131 hour
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Lenten Reflections-

It's the first day of the Lenten season and many individuals will be giving up something because of it. Pastor Neal discusses this season and what it means for sanctification and holiness
2/13/201359 minutes
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Black History

Pastor Neal tackles myths and narratives that have become narrative of contemporary Black History and other topics regarding the Black church and family.
2/6/20131 hour, 3 minutes
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Zera Today

Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal for another episode of Zera Today
1/30/20131 hour, 1 minute
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Issues of Life with Walter Hoye

January 22 marks the 40th anniverary of the Supreme Court's decision Roe vs. Wade which in essence legalized abortion in America. SInce thed   en it is estimated that millions of fetuses have been aborted. Join Pastor Neal and spectial guest Walter Hoye, Founder of Issues4 Life as they discuss this very controversial issue that affects the lives of all Americans. You can learn more about Walter Hoye at
1/23/20131 hour, 16 minutes
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Mission minded with Nicole Boone of Goshen International

The church must never forget its primary job is to be missional minded. Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal and his guest Nicole Boone of Goshen International as they talk about mission work in South Africa and other places.
1/16/20131 hour, 2 minutes
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Zera Today

. Join Pastor Neal for another exciting broadcast of Zera Today.
12/12/20121 hour
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Faith or Foolishness: When Spiritual Leaders Are Wrong

We've all heard  preachers say some dumb and stupid things from the pulpit. We've probably been to a bible study where we've heard some questionable things. In Missouri, a woman is sexually assaulted and ultimately murdered after a bible study where the leader says God instructed him to kill her.  What do we do when our spiritual leaders are openly wrong, or misleading, or oblivious to things happening in their congregations? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses the faith or foolishness of spiritual leaders and followers.
11/28/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Elmo, Secession, and Post Election Christianity

Post election anxiety has risen to new levels as individuals in states petition for secession. Is this where American Christianity is headed in a culturally diverse country? Does Elmo's puppeteer's sexuality affect how some Christians will behave toward the loveable muppet character? Join Pastor Neal for another great show as he attempts to answer these and other questions.
11/14/20121 hour, 28 minutes
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Election Results and the Black Church

The campaign season was adrift with alot of division for the Black Church. Now that the election is over, and the President and other officials have been elected, what does this mean for the future of the Black Church and the universal church in the US? Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal and guests for another liberating and empowering broadcast of Zera Today.
11/7/20121 hour, 32 minutes
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Zera Today

Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal as he discusses church safety, Frankenstorm Sandy, and of course politics! Its the show you love to listen to! It's Zera Today!
10/31/20121 hour, 1 minute
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The Myths of Renewing the Mind

Today's market and  media driven world has successfully m astered the manipulation of mind and behavior change. The secular world has been able to influence individual behaviors through saavy advertising and marketing schemes. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses how our minds and behaviors should be influenced by scripture instead of unholy mind renewal.  
10/10/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Bridging the Racial and Political Divide

The political climate over the last four years has been one of intense racial relations and political rhetoric. Are blacks being more disenfranchised with Voter ID, same sex marriages, and other political issues? What role will faith and race play in the upcoming Presidential election with a Mormon and Universalist Christian seeking to govern the US? Join Pastor Neal and his guest Alice Patterson, author of Bridging the Political & Racial Divide:How Godly Politics Can Transform a Nation" as they discuss this and many other questions on Zera Today  
9/19/20121 hour, 31 minutes
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The Metaphysical side of the Black Church Experience

Zera Today returns after a short summer break. More of the best guests and topics for you to enjoy. Pastor Neal will be joined by Rev. Richard Bullard, author, lecturer, and Pastor of Grace Evangelical Baptist Church of Pine Bluff, AR. He will be sharing insights on how the black church can benefit by exploring more of the metaphysical, afrocentric, and existential areas of the Christian religious experience. Listen and join in!
9/5/20121 hour, 17 minutes
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Zera Today

Zera Today returns after a short summer break. More of the best guests and topics for you to enjoy. Joining me today will be Evangelist Akousa Frimpong. Akousa is a native of Ghana and has a powerful testimony about healing from God. Your heart will  be moved as this woman of God shares how the Lord has used her to minister across the country. We'll also be talking political conventions and their platforms for the election. Don't miss out on this show!
8/29/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Zera Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary

Celebrating 2 years of broadcasting!Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal!  With the election of Rev. Fred Luter as the new president of the SBC, does this signal a significant change in relations and faith for the largest American protestant denomination or is it just another sign that we are still behind the times with God? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this and other topics of the day on Zera Today.
6/20/20121 hour, 28 minutes
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Zera Today

Join Pastor Neal for discussion on some of today's most critical topics in education, politics, and religion.
6/13/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Zera Today

Join Pastor Neal today as he discusses the Wisconsin election and the Christian vote for the upcoming fall election and overcoming powerlessness to become whole and free.
6/6/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Spiritual Stability

In today's contemporary world of acceptance, tolerance, and spirituality, there is one thing lacking-spiritual stability. The New Testament speaks to this issue yet it seems the contemporary church is ignoring it. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses the need for spiritual stability.
5/23/20121 hour, 2 minutes
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Zera Today With Pastor Lorenzo Neal

Enjoy lively discussions on current topics with Pastor Lorenzo Neal.
5/16/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Paths to the Sacred

In theological circles, there is an ongoing debate about knowing the Holy. The Chrisitian Church has placed a stronghold on how one can experience the Holy. Is there only one path to the sacred or many? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses paths to the sacred outside of institutional religion.
5/9/20121 hour, 1 minute
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How Deep is Too Deep?

We are all familiar with individuals who pursue the Holy with extreme unction. They spend their time engaging in excess spiritual disciplines, attempting to transcend their humanity for deeper and holier experiences. These are the people who make Christianity, causes, and anything they believe in somewhat distasteful for others. Join Pastor Neal as he asks the question "How Deep is too Deep?" Share your experiences on knowing or being someone who was/is too down for a cause or the church.
5/2/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Maximizing Eros

Eros is not fully understood in today's hypersexualized culture. Is this facet of love critical to having a healthy relationship with God and other humans?  Is sanctification connected to erotic experiences with God? Join Pastor Neal for another lively discussion on the emotion of Eros, sexuality, sexual expression and deepening one's spiritual and estacic relations with the Creator and others.
4/25/201250 minutes
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Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man-The spiritual side

Steve Harvey's best selling book "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man is now a full length feature film with some A list black actors and actresses. While the book and movie have their good talking points, should we be concerned about its contents? Join Pastor Neal for a lively discussion about Love, Lust, the changing roles of romance and its spiritual overtones.
4/18/20121 hour, 2 minutes
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The Unlikely Case of Black Men, Crime, and Death

With the attention being given towards the sad incident surrounding Trayvon Martin, what is the real problem that the Black community is neglecting to address? Is this another opportunity for real oppression to be addressed or exploited? Where is the rally, marching, federal task forces, and interventions for injustices against black males committed by black males? Join Pastor Neal as he discusses this topic along with other issues of the day.
3/28/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Preaching Fallacies Pt. 2

Preaching is an art of communication and also a performance art itself. Many pulpits are plagued with performance artists rather than prophets. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses more about preaching fallacies such as root word fallacies, straw man arguments, and more crazy things said from the pulpit!
3/21/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Preaching Fallacies Pt. 1

Today's pulpits are full of preachers proclaiming things without following a logical argument. In fact, many preachers are presenting fallacies from their pulpits. Join Pastor Neal as he discusses the fallacies that are preached as facts in many pulpits today.
3/7/20121 hour, 1 minute
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School of the Prophets with Adrienne Williams

There is an overwhelming number of clergy in the Christian Church claiming to be prophets and apostles. Join Pastor Neal and Pastor Adrienne Williams as they discuss what it means to be a prophet or apostle in today's church. Apostle Adrienne Williams is the founder of United Nations International Ministries and the School of the Prophets web resources site. She is a frequent speaker at churches and conferences across the country. To learn more about Apostle Williams' ministry, visit
2/29/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Motivating and Empowering with Memory Bengesa

Join Pastor Neal with guest Memory Bengesa as they discuss empowerment and motivation for Christian believers. Author and Entrepeneuer Memory Bengesa is a woman on a mission from God. A native of Zimbadwe, she came to the states as a teenager and was born again. She is the author of Born Again Afresh, and What Shall We Eat: A traditional Zimbadwean recipe book. She is also founder of Motivate Inspire Empower Each-Other (M.I.E.E.) and host of the M.I.E.E. radio show on blogtalkradio. To learn more about Memo Bengesa and her ministry, visit: or  
2/22/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Homosexuality in the Church Pt. 2

Homosexuality is the biggest hot button in the church. The church is facing its greatest challenge inside and outside from homosexuals. Join Pastor Neal and guest D.L. Foster as they discuss the issue of homosexuality in the church. No stranger to controversy, Pastor DL Foster is the founder and executive director of Witness Freedom Ministries. Since April 1990, DL Foster has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and his people with truth and faithful witness to the radical life changing power of Jesus Christ. He is a personal witness, after experiencing deliverance from homosexual sin over 22 years ago. He's the author of Touching a Dead Man and has been a guest on the 700 Club and Black Enterprises Our World. To learn more about Pastor Foster and his ministry visit:
2/15/20121 hour, 31 minutes
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Romance and Love Addiction and Recovery

February is considered the month of love because of Valentines Day. What often is overlooked is a little known condition known as Love/Romance Addiction. Join Pastor Neal with guest Susan Peabody as they discuss the issue of Love Addiction. Susan is author of the book Addiction to Love, and an educator, counselor, and Life Coach in the area of love addiction. She's been featured in several national magazines and on CNN. It is her goal to help those struggling with love and romance addiction. To learn more about Susan, visit her website at
2/8/20121 hour
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Black in 2012 rebroadcast

  Black in 2012   Join Pastor Neal as he kicks off a Black History Month with a broadcast honoring blacks of yesterday, today and tomorrow. We're Honoring the legacy of Don Cornelius and Soul Train and also asking the question "What does it mean to be Black in 2012?" Another exciting show you don't want to miss!
2/2/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Black in 2012

Join Pastor Neal as he kicks off a Black History Month with a broadcast honoring blacks of yesterday, today and tomorrow. He's also asking the question "What does it mean to be Black in 2012?" Another exciting show you don't want to miss!
2/1/20122 minutes
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Supporting the Vision or Getting the Word? Why Go to Church?

Join Pastor Neal as he asks the question "Why go to church? " Pastor Creflo Dollar stated that members should go to church to support the vision of the pastor and not to get the Word. Is this scripturally sound or simply the words of a greedy pastor? Certainly a topic worth discussing on Zera Today!
1/25/20121 hour, 2 minutes
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MLK Day and social justice and Black Men Myths

Join Pastor Neal as he reflects on Dr. Martin Luther King's impact on the church's role in social justice and social action and what the role should be in 2012. We will also talk about myths about Black men that need to be exposed and corrected. You don't want to miss this show!
1/18/20121 hour
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Zera Today Returns

After a brief hiatus, Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal returns to discuss social justice as a spiritual discipline, Tebowing, and other topics! It's a show you don't want to miss!Tell your friends to listen and call in! Join in the conversation by tuning in and subscribing today!
1/11/20121 hour, 1 minute
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Zera Today

Join Pastor Neal as he discusses the latest news on faith and action.
7/11/201124 minutes
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One Year Anniversary Show

Join Pastor Neal and the Zera Today Family for the One Year Anniversary Broadcast! His special guest will be former member of the Commodores and composer, artist, and social activist Skyler Jett! Another great show you don't want to miss!
6/27/20111 hour, 27 minutes
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Weiner, Dollar & Long: What is the World Coming To?

FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY of ZERA TODAY!!!! Join Pastor Neal as he discusses how recent immorality in the church and secular world has dire consequences for both. He shows how scripture has determined the fate of our futures and what believer must do to guard their eternal security.
6/20/20111 hour, 8 minutes
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Mr. Solution AKA Richard

Pastor Neal is joined by Mr. Solution AKA Richard to discuss his 7 Principles on Love, Sex and Dating and their 7 Results
6/4/20111 hour, 1 minute
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Mr. Solution and the 7 Principles to Love, Sex and Dating

Join Pastor Neal as he discusses the 7 Principles of Love, Sex, and Dating and their 7 Results with Mr. Solution, AKA Richard. Mr. Solution aka Richard is an educator, philanthropist, relationship troubleshooter, mentor, author of: “The 7 Principles to Love, Sex, Dating and Their 7 Results,” an outline of the major barriers and solutions to the modern male-female dynamic.  He donates his valuable time to discuss man-female relationship issues ranging from reproduction to dating practices and solutions. His 7 Principles address major problems of the 21 Century so-called successful woman, and offer solutions for practical conversation, socializing and acceptance where mature women are requested to: 1.  Initiate conversation with men and demonstrate a willingness to share as was the case with Ruth 3:1-6 and Rebekah Gen 24, respectively; 2.  Pay on first dates to differentiate yourself  from other selfish women, although I recommend that the first 5 dates should be a bottle of water and a walk in the park; 3.  Be Reasonable, have realistic expectations of men and yourself - be easier to be known by a man; 4.  Be Fair; applying the Golden Rule, treat men the way they want to be dated - only do it first to quality men; 5.  Tell the truth, learn something about relationships and men since what they have been doing has not worked; 6.  Stop lying (Personal & Generational),  normal, honest men don't want to pay for women they date before they get to know them - they aren't the wives or even the girlfriends, yet; 7.  Do not expect more of men than they are willing to give but that does not mean that women cant be generous - communicate to quality men what your positions are and solicit their support as partners.
5/23/20111 hour, 28 minutes
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Judgment Day 2011

Join Pastor Neal as he discusses May 21, 2011the pronounced Day of God's Judgment and Rapture. What does scripture really say about the Rapture, End Times signs, and God's Judgment. He also asks the question "Are you Ready?" Tune in for another great broadcast of Zera Today!  
5/16/20111 hour, 29 minutes
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Obama, Usama, and The Day of Judgement

Today, Pastor Neal discusses the tumultuous week in the world from the tornado tragedies to Obama's certificate and America's Victory with Bin Laden. Pastor Neal will also address the upcoming pronounced Day of Judgement on May 21. Tune in for a show you don't want to miss!
5/2/20111 hour, 44 minutes
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Relationship Rules and Finding Peace

This month, Pastor Neal is discussing relationships. Joining him will be two great guests to talk on relationships. Susanna Barlow, former polygamist wife and author of What Peace There May Be, will be sharing her experience in a polygamous cult and her other things from her book. To learn more about Susanna visit her site Relationship Rules author and Relationship Expert Janice Hoffman will be joining Pastor Neal during the second hour. She will share some relationship do's and don'ts with the listening audience and also give away a free copy of her book. Tune in for another great and empowering show on Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal
4/11/20112 hours, 2 minutes
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Believing You Have the Power and Get Over Your BS

Join Pastor Neal for an empowering show with special guests Life Coach LaNicia D. Williams. LaNicia is the founder of Changed Living, LLC and hosts I am Eve – Growing in God Women’s ministry. She is also writing her first book for publication “Believing You Have the Power.” She is an encourager, motivational speaker and life coach who began pursuing her passion of helping others after working in corporate America for almost 10 years. LaNicia’s purpose is to assist people reach toward their dreams, goals and inner peace. To learn more about LaNicia visit her In the second hour, Pastor will be joined by Shanon Nelson. Shanon's book "Get Over Your BS" has been empowering thousands to overcome difficult life circumstances by changing their Belief Systems and transforming their lives. She is also a Professional Speaker, Business Coach, Mompreneur, and Professor of Management Saint Leo University. You can learn more about Shanon by visiting her blog at
3/28/20112 hours
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Dads From a Distance and Winning the Lottery

Join Pastor Neal for another empowering show. Pastor Neal talks being a great Dad from a Distance with author, speaker, and entrepeneuer Greg Gray. Gray is President of Renaissance Unlimited. Greg received his bachelor’s degree in Communications from Oberlin College, and has more than 30 years of experience working in Sales, Customers Service, Training, and Management in industries ranging from Retail to Telecommunications. To learn more visit his site: In the second hour, listen and receive tips strategies on winning the lottery from Richard Lustig. Lustig is a seven time lotto winner and author of the book "Learn How To Increase Your chances Of Winning The Lottery" available on his This is sure to be a show for all to enjoy!
3/21/20112 hours, 1 minute
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Letting the Good Times Roll

Join Pastor Neal for a lively discussion during the lively season of Mardi Gras. On the table is pre marital sex leads to an athlete's dismissal, pope pardons jews, and much more! You don't want to miss this show! Call a friend and and let them know Zera Today is on the air!
3/8/20111 hour, 31 minutes
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The Numbers Game, Libya's Liability, Obama and Marriage

Join Pastor Neal as he discusses the Wisconsin Legislative Bill, the Detroit public school crisis and its impact on public schools across the nation, Libya's deadly revolution, President Obama on traditional marriage and Black abortion. It's going to be one interesting show!
3/1/20111 hour, 30 minutes
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Is Your Pastor A Predator

Join Pastor Neal as he asks the question about predatory pastors. Just as predatory lenders led to the most recent recession, predatory pastors could be leading to a tragic breakdown in the church. Do you know the signs of a predatory pastor? Join in the conversation with Pastor Neal.
2/22/20111 hour, 7 minutes
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The Black Fact or Fiction

Pastor Lorenzo Neal discusses the Black History facts and fiction that you may or may not know. Did Rosa light the fire or just get the credit? Why we destroy our own during riots when we as a race don't get our way. Join in the dialogue and
2/15/20111 hour
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Black Americans: Are We Still Disinherited

Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal as he discusses the ever evolving role of Black Americans past, present, and future. Delivering insights from the writings of Rev. Dr. Howard Thurman, James and Cecil Cone, Larry Elder, and other black theologians and social pundits, he invites you to join the dialogue.
2/7/20111 hour, 1 minute
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Prophetic or Pa thetic: What has happened to the voice of the Black Preacher

Join Pastor Neal as he asks the question about the voice of the Black Preacher in the 21st Century. Has the preacher lost the prophetic edge and settled for the pathetic noise?
2/1/20111 hour, 1 minute
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You Need Devotion

Join Pastor Neal as he discusses Devotion. Many people are devoted to many things including the church, the nation, fraternal organizations, and even family, but are they truly devoted to God. Sure to be an illuminating spirit-filled journey for all listeners.
1/24/20111 hour
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New Year Beginnings: Reflections on Dr. King's Legacy

After taking a short break, Pastor Lorenzo Neal returns to bring in the new year right. Join Pastor Neal as he brings in the new year with insightful discussions on the Legacy of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.
1/17/201159 minutes
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Is God's Secuirty Eternal or Temporal?

Join Pastor Neal as he asks the question of God's security. In light of the successful survival and rescue of Chilean miners, does God provide temporal and/or eternal security.
10/18/20101 hour
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Discerning the Times Pt.3

Join Pastor Neal as he continues the discussion on modern church movements. We will address the emergent church, the inclusion church movement, and more of the pentecostal movement.
10/4/20101 hour
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Discerning the Times Pt. 2- Examinining New Movements

This is the second part of our series examining new movements in the Christian Church. We will discuss more about the Pentecostal movement, the Emergent Movement and The Inclusion/Progressive Church Movement.
9/27/20101 hour
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Discerning the Times Pt 1 Examining New Moves of God

Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal as he discusses actions and experiences in western christianity that are being labeled as new moves of God. These events include the Word of Faith, Dominion & Latter Rain, Prophetic & Apostolic Ressurgence, and the Emerging Conversation or Emergent Church movements. Are these authentic moves of God or simply men deceiving others and contributing to last days confusion in the christian church
9/20/20101 hour
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Holy Hip Hop? Is There Room in The Church for It or Is It Simply Ungodly?

Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal and Minister James Berry of J-Noise Productions as we listen to gospel hip hop and discuss how it is affecting the church experience. Talking on points such as relevance of hip hop gospel movement, the music and artists, and if gospel hip hop is biblically or doctrinely sound.
9/13/20101 hour
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Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal

Corporate Social Responsibility and Black Social Justice- Remembering the 5th anniversary of the 2005 hurricane season-the most active hurricane season in recorded history, we will discuss the role of the corporate community (entire) in the role of Black Social Justice. What role does the church play in helping people manage behavior during and after major disasters such as Katrina. A record twenty-eight tropical and subtropical storms formed, of which a record fifteen became hurricanes. Of these, seven strengthened into major hurricanes, a record-tying five became Category 4 hurricanes and a record four reached Category 5 strength, the highest categorization for hurricanes. Among these Category 5 storms were Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, respectively the costliest and the most intense Atlantic hurricanes on record.
8/30/20101 hour
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Confusing Milk for Meat Part 2

Join Pastor Neal as he continues his discussion on the topic of christian immaturity. Covering such issues as ancient mysticism, new age philosophy and teachings and other deceptions and how they have entered contemporary churches searching for ways of being relevant. He will also discuss the abuse of grace for self justification of sin and the lack of authentic discernment in the lives of many believers.
8/23/20101 hour
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Confusing Milk for Meat

Join Pastor Lorenzo Neal as he discusses spiritual maturity, discernment, and the different gospels being presented in many of today's churches. There are many Christians who are unaware of the false teaching, hirelings, and wolves in sheep's clothing that are attempting to dominate the postmodern church.
8/16/20101 hour
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Public, Private, Charter or Home? What schools are best for Black Children?

On this episode of Zera Today, Pastor Neal discusses what method of education can better serve black students. He addresses the pros and cons of current trends in public, private and nontraditonal education.
8/9/20101 hour
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Coming out of the Closet on Homosexuality and the Church

Join Pastor Neal and Pastor D L Foster, blogger, entrepenuer and pastor of Atlanta, GA as they discuss the secret side of the church-homosexuality. We will be discussing issues such as downlow men in the church, homophobia and the homosexual agenda and freedom from homosexuality. Tune in and be blessed.
8/2/20101 hour
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Relevance and Race part II

O Zera Today, Pastor Neal will continue his discussion on relevance of national organizations. This week he will address how these organizations use religion, race and rhetoric to influence the black vote and culture. Tune in and let your voice be heard.
7/26/20101 hour
Episode Artwork

A PRESIDENT AND THE POLLS & Race and Relevance

Thia week on Zera Today, Pastor Lorenzo Neal addresses the issue of presidential poll ratings and issues surrounding President Barack Obamas's present term. We will touch on topics such as immigration, the NAACP and Tea and Black Panther Party Fever. Be sure to tune in and spread the word.
7/19/20101 hour
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The New Hot Commodity

In this episode of Zera Today, Pastor Neal addresses the issue of the Black athlete and their value as a commodity in America. Later, he asks the question what affect does experience have on a person's faith. Be sure to tune in to another exciting broadcast of Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal.
7/12/20101 hour
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Independence Day and Spiritual Church Abuse

Join Pastor Neal as he hosts another great show. His guest is Cynthia Diamond, Founder of Seeking His Face International Ministries of Detroit, MI. They will be discussing singles in the church and church abuse.
7/5/20101 hour, 1 minute
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Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo T Neal

This weeks show is sure to be another good one. Pastor Neal will be dicussing the political power of the black church, current issues in public school education and other current news and issues. Tune in every Monday at 9:00 AM for an exciting hour of Zera Today.
6/28/20101 hour, 1 minute
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Fresh Launch of Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal

This is the first broadcast of Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal. It's all about a new beginning and stepping into the unknown. Full of insight from a fresh new voice on internet radio. Learn about Pastor Neal's background and views that are sure to empower and liberate you the listener.
6/21/201031 minutes