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English, Finance, 1 season, 4 episodes, 2 hours, 57 minutes
The yumas podcast is created for the entrepreneur, wantrapreneur or world traveler. If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and how-to advice during your spare time, Armand and Andrew deliver a weekly podcast while traveling to uncover the best in entrepreneurship across the globe. Each episode brings to you an awesome entrepreneur, social innovator or a simply adventurous soul who shares anything from their failures and successes, how they bring their ideas to life and advice for those that want to start something that matters. Each episode ends with a sweet tune that will make you want to get groovy and go make stuff happen.
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The GrooveTrain Is Boarding

All Aboard! Since the GrooveTrain has arrived, a number of waavy slams have hit the dashboard. These numbers will have you jivin' all night while the neighbors are cryin' out of fright. This train boards all passengers who let the beats move their feet and mooves like a jeep. Tryna be smoove like a sheep? We're takin' it back to dance moves that need the beep. Groove on funky funksters - nothing stops these waaves.
1/10/201532 minutes, 58 seconds
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Mix #3: The Groovetrain has Arrived

A collection of groovy jams to compliment your waavy day. The time is now for you jamsters to keep on jammin' like a hamsters that keeps on slammin'. Hail Mary, hallelujah, and full of all types of grace this mix is! It brings the beats that pound like rain, but the flava to ease the pain. Grab your bags, fill your cup, take a seat, and buckle up - cuz here comes the waaves. Y'all funky funksters must NOT keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times...aalll aboard!
12/20/201445 minutes, 26 seconds
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Mix #2: While in Chile

Tunes we put together for you in Santiago, Chile. We hope they help you make magic happen
11/27/201450 minutes, 45 seconds
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016: Insights on subscription boxes with Tony

Tony Mandarano is the founder of ZampleBox, a subscription box service for e-juices.
7/23/201448 minutes, 49 seconds