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English, Education, 4 seasons, 136 episodes, 3 days, 21 hours, 4 minutes
Welcome to You've Got Mail! The podcast discussing everything you experience in your twenties. Join me, Bella, as we delve into this next decade together, through weekly episodes published on all major streaming platforms. Thanks for listening! Instagram: youvegotmail_pod Tik-Tok: youvegotmail_pod
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Why long distance works

Cleopatra + Frankenstein + relationships
2/18/202428 minutes, 19 seconds
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how to make yourself happy

Happiness + good reads + the gym + a biiig walk pls follow me on insta on tiktok and on insta @youvegotmail_pod :)
2/11/202433 minutes, 54 seconds
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finding a life outside of school

academic + tarot cards + tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow + a bit of a scattered life update follow me on insta and on tiktok @youvegotmail_pod
2/4/202433 minutes, 53 seconds
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advice for the teenage years

What a decade that was.. traitors + charity shopping + all the what if questions
1/28/202425 minutes, 59 seconds
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the january blues

traitors + carboot sale + uncertainty + a busy week - follow me on insta and on tiktok at youvegotmail_pod
1/21/202430 minutes, 42 seconds
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taking you back to where it all began

I felt like it was time we regrouped + traitors + small pleasures + loneliness
1/14/202434 minutes, 32 seconds
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creating an environment for you

a prayer before dawn + a new mindset + reading + making my life work for me
1/7/202437 minutes, 1 second
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new year new me

I know it’s predictable but I’m about to reinvent myself + karaoke + salt burn + nye 🪩🪩🪩
12/31/202329 minutes, 44 seconds
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revisiting your past self

Coming home for Christmas + past + present + film recommendations + starting my third advent calendar
12/24/202330 minutes, 1 second
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your first time In love

Everything u wish u knew xx new films + Harry Potter + everything else
12/17/202337 minutes, 21 seconds
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no one knows what they’re doing

Carols at Colombia road +mulled wine recipe + work party + all the Christmas film recommendations
12/10/202340 minutes, 58 seconds
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the pressure to party

the need to crate core memories + comparison + my obsession with the sea + a weekend away follow me on insta and on tiktok @youvegotmail_pod
12/3/202337 minutes, 37 seconds
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a love letter to landslide

the song that changed it all + 5 film reviews + a busy week + pls subscribe to the podcast xoxo it makes me SO happy to see the number going up :)
11/26/202333 minutes, 33 seconds
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stop thinking about what other people think

doing more of the things you want + coping with corporate life + new film recommendations + some exciting news
11/19/202333 minutes, 27 seconds
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what am I even doing?

new books + Gilmore girls + a theatre production + the big life questions
11/12/202343 minutes, 54 seconds
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being ur own best friend

My new best book + being alone + first table + a hard week
11/5/202332 minutes, 40 seconds
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my 6 Roman empires

new favourite book + things I think about way too often + a new routine + a very wholesome weekend
10/29/202345 minutes, 9 seconds
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finding a life outside of ur 9-5

Guys I’m so ill and I’m so sorry this is so late
10/22/202331 minutes, 44 seconds
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strutting out of ur comfort zone

an interesting exhibition + an anxious mindset + getting over being cheated on + reading normal people
10/15/202346 minutes, 17 seconds
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finding the good moments

a busy weekend + finding good in the everyday + struggling with Long distance :)
10/8/202340 minutes, 46 seconds
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adjusting to change

the final holiday life update + struggling with long distance + saying goodbye + finding new hobbies
9/24/202331 minutes, 17 seconds
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travel diaries: week 2

An immersive podcast experience + my favourite beach + euphoria reviews + the yummiest food love you xx
9/10/202335 minutes, 5 seconds
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thought dump

been doing a lot of thinking + reading recommendations + reality check 
3/13/202228 minutes, 37 seconds
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Long distance sucks

but i promise its possible and worth it ❤️  welcome to this weeks episode where I share all my tips for having a successful long distance relationship + my disbelief after watching the tinder swindler...  make sure you're following me on insta @youvegotmail_pod ❤️ thank you for listening   love you xoxo Bella
2/20/202241 minutes, 9 seconds