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English, Religion, 1 season, 9 episodes, 3 hours, 49 minutes
Youth is a ministry based out of Praise Family Church, in Mobile, AL, serving students from 7-12th grade and meets every Wednesday night at 7 PM. We strive to provide an atmosphere where students can connect with God, connect with one another, and bring others to get connected. Be sure to check our website out at!
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8/9/201722 minutes, 24 seconds
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The Family Business

A church can easily seem more like the mafia than a religious institution. Membership can feel like an "offer you can't refuse" and once you join the Family, good luck getting out alive. We like to joke, but the truth is the church really is designed to run like a family business where each member takes personal ownership in ensuring the whole operation succeeds. Our whole church is spending the month of June discovering what it takes to transform the church from a place we merely visit weekly or passively serve to a Family Business in which we have personal stake.
6/8/201720 minutes, 1 second
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There all kinds of things that can make us feel revived: a vacation, a trip to the spa, or maybe just sleeping in late. But God's ability to revive us can do more than simply help us feel refreshed—it can bring the dead to life. As we approach the end of the school year, a time when both parents and children may feel drained, our church is focusing on how God can revive even the most lifeless hearts.
5/5/201715 minutes, 56 seconds
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Pastor Brandon shares a message as a part of 'Unseen,' our church-wide theme for the month of April! ----- Many churches really don’t like to discuss all the spooky sounding things mentioned in the Bible —ghosts, demons, and even zombies. To make things worse, you might have heard terms like “the Holy Ghost” or “the move of the Spirit” mentioned with little explanation. Many of these topics sound scary, but the Bible promises us that “God has not given us a spirit of fear.” This month, each of our ministries will be exploring the idea that just because something is Unseen, doesn’t mean we should be afraid of it.
4/6/201713 minutes, 28 seconds
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Are you ready for an epic quest? The King has chosen you to help build His Kingdom. This month, every one of our ministries will be discussing what it takes to answer this call to action.
3/10/201745 minutes, 16 seconds
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Made New

It's great to set New Year's Resolutions but if we go about them the wrong way, it's pointless to set them. We must first make sure that we are "resolved" in what really matters. Listen to Pastor Leo hit on what resolution he has challenged YOUTH with for 2017!
1/5/201721 minutes, 38 seconds
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We can easily find ourselves believing more in things that really don't matter in the long run and neglect the very things that do. Why is that? Do we have a tendency to believe more in the things that we have touch, felt, or even experience. This podcast is about being more aware of what we truly believe in!
12/8/201630 minutes, 56 seconds
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One of the ways that we usually "GIVE THANKS" is by doing something in return. At times it's not enough to just say, "Thank You." Most people like to show their gratitude by doing some short of action. Pastor Leo hits on how we can "GIVE THANKS" to God by our actions.
11/3/201626 minutes, 44 seconds
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FEAR - The Fear of Image

Pastor Leo hits on the thing that majority of us have a FEAR of.... The fear of not being accepted. We must kill that FEAR of IMAGE because at that moment its all about US and less about HIM!
10/6/201633 minutes, 1 second