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Welcome to You’re Booked, the podcast for literary nosy parkers who would like the chance to snoop around their favourite authors’ bookshelves. I’m Daisy Buchanan, your Book Inspector, and I’ll be asking our guests all about the first forbidden books they read under the covers, the beloved books they have borrowed, and never given back, and those impressive heavyweight hardbacks that make them look like intellectual giants – even though they couldn’t get beyond the first twenty pages. We’ll also be talking about what makes readers into writers, how our guests became book lovers and their favourite reading memories, all with a dash of intelligence and a dollop of irreverence. Our guests include Dolly Alderton, Nina Stibbe, Nikesh Shukla, and many more favourites from our own bookshelves.
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World Book Day: No Rules Reading

Happy World Book Day! To celebrate, here's an essay Daisy wrote while working on her Pound Project book Burn Before Reading. It's about the joy and redemption associated with reading. How reading can help us understand each other and overcome difficult times. Why reading should have no rules, no judgement and no boundaries. It's there to be absorbed and relished. Enjoy!You can read the full essay on the You're Booked newsletter. Sign up by heading to: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
02/03/20238 minutes 43 seconds
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BONUS: Daisy's New Book & Competition News!

We have very special and incredibly exciting news for all You're Booked listeners. Daisy's new book Limelight will be published on June 1st by Sphere. Limelight is a story about sisterhood, sexuality, and self-esteem. It's about how we cope with living in a world which constantly tells us who we are. What happens when we stop listening and start paying attention to who we need to become? You're Booked listeners can be the very first to hear an extract from Daisy's new book and also find out how to win the chance to appear as a guest on the podcast! That's right, you could be on You're Booked! Just pre-order<a href="
26/01/20237 minutes 28 seconds
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BONUS: Daisy is Careering with Ashley Audrain

As an extra pre-Christmas treat - here's the latest episode of Daisy is Careering with the bestselling author of The Push, Ashley Audrain!In this episode we speak to international bestselling author of The Push Ashley Audrain.&nbsp;We talk about how our family's attitudes to work and money have a dramatic impact on our own, and how many of us push our dreams aside while we try to build ourselves a safety net. Ashley generously shares information about her own career path. She talks about how writing was and is her ultimate dream job, and how easy it is for us all to make compromises that serve our anxiety – until playing it safe becomes dangerous . . . Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/12/202254 minutes 36 seconds
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We're back! Plus exciting news!

You're Booked is back! And this series is jam-packed with fabulous, unbelievable guests. And as a special treat, here's a sneak peek at just a few of them. Meg Mason discusses a surprising book that helped inform her writing style. Lucy Foley reveals the role that bonkbusters played in her life. And Andrew Sean Greer talks about funny books from childhood. Plus Daisy reveals the exciting details of her new book project. In Burn Before Reading, she explores the writers who have helped her through the toughest mental periods of her life and offers expert tips on how to cultivate your own reading habit. It's a must-read for all book lovers. BUT it is only available to order until September 27th - so head to The Pound Project to grab your copy now. <a h
18/09/20228 minutes 55 seconds
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You're Booked Presents: Daisy is Careering

You're Booked is very proud to present Daisy's brand new podcast:&nbsp;Daisy is Careering. In Daisy is Careering, journalist and author Daisy Buchanan will be looking at one of the most complicated relationships of our lives: work. We all want to find jobs that we love, but what happens when we start to realise they are never going to love us back? How much of ourselves should we bring to our careers? What can we do when our ambition makes us feel anxious? Is there such a thing as a 'dream job'? In a series of intimate and revealing conversations, Daisy will ask her guests to explore how they navigate the highs and lows of their working lives, and how we can all survive and thrive, while making sure our professional passion doesn't turn into a bad romance. The first episode features the brilliant Emma Gannon and upcoming guests include Otegha Uwagba, Kat Brown, Natalie Lee, Bryony Gordon and many more!Find out more here: <a href="
10/03/20229 minutes 41 seconds
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You're Booked Presents: Daisy is Insatiable

You're Booked is very proud to present Daisy's brand new podcast: Daisy is Insatiable. Daisy is Insatiable is an intimate look at love, lust, life, and everything that makes sex fascinating. Why do we yearn for romance? How can we feel confident when it comes to our body image hang ups? What is the difference between sex and love? What happens when money gets involved? Each week, Daisy will be sharing a revealing conversation with a different guest - it's going to be fun, it's going to be explicit, and no-one is getting left in the dark. The first episode features a frank and funny conversation with writer and broadcaster Dolly Alderton. Listen out for future episodes with Paul Mendez, Andi Osho, Shahroo Izadi and many more...Subscribe to Daisy is Insatiable on Acast: https://
16/02/20216 minutes 46 seconds
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You're Booked Presents: Broccoli Book Club

Before the new season of You're Booked starts in a couple of weeks, we wanted to pop into your feed and tell you about a brand new podcast that book lovers are sure to enjoy. Broccoli&nbsp;Book Club is the first of its kind podcast, an interactive book club exploring works from&nbsp;some of the most savvy and talented authors, on a wide variety of fascinating topics. As well as discussing particular titles with a panel of experts, the show also invites listeners to join in the discussion plus there’ll be a&nbsp;conversation with the author of each book.&nbsp;Here’s a preview of the Broccoli Book Club’s first episode, discussing Laura Dockrill’s powerful memoir, What Have I Done? with award wining journalist <a href="" rel="noopener
07/01/20219 minutes 31 seconds
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Gavanndra Hodge - Shelf Isolation

This week we are Shelf Isolating with the journalist, columnist and author Gavanndra Hodge! Gavanndra has worked in newspapers and magazines for over twenty years at publications such as Tatler, Sunday Times, Independent and ES Magazine. Her memoir, The Consequences of Love, has received widespread critical acclaim. We talked to her about rereading, food in books, Lace and being led astray by the Chalet School books.BOOKSDaisy Buchanan - SisterhoodDaisy Buchanan - InsatiableGavanndra Hodge - Consequences of LoveVladimir Nabokov - <a href="" rel="noopener no
24/06/202048 minutes 49 seconds
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Sali Hughes - Shelf Isolation

We're still stuck at home and Shelf Isolating this week - but we have a fabulous guest to share all that isolation with: Sali Hughes! Sali is a podcast host, broadcaster, Guardian Weekend's resident beauty expert and the author of the books Pretty Honest, Pretty Iconic and Our Rainbow Queen. We talked to her about the great Nora Ephron, the joy of reading about parties, fraternal favourites and the best literary families. Head to Instagram and search for #BlackOutBestSellerList to find out more about the campaign.BOOKSAbi Daré - Girl With the Louding VoiceAngela Makholwa - Blessed GirlSali Hughes - Pretty HonestSali Hughes - <a href="htt
17/06/202033 minutes 11 seconds
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Sarra Manning - Shelf Isolation

We couldn't be happier to be Shelf Isolating with this week's guest - author, journalist and all around book guru Sarra Manning! Sarra is one of our favourite people on the planet as well as a brilliant former guest who has impeccable book taste. We talked to her about foisting favourite books, rigorous rereading, investigating the aristocracy and there are many, many book recommendations.BOOKSDaisy Buchanan - SisterhoodSarra Manning - Rescue MeAnne de Courcy - Debs at WarAnne de Courcy - Viceroy’s daughtersNicolas Coleridge - Glossy YearsPG Wodeho
10/06/202041 minutes 17 seconds
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Clare Mackintosh - Shelf Isolation

It's another Shelf Isolation bonus episode this week, where we peruse the bookshelves of a favourite author from a safe distance. This week it's a ridiculously entertaining chat with the wonderful Clare Mackintosh. Clare is the bestselling and multi-award-winning author of ILet You Go, Let Me Lie and her latest After The End. We talked to her about providing a retirement home for books, her secret library, Just William and who, from books, she'd hate to be locked down with.PLEASE GIVE:Minnesota Freedom FundStop Hate UKRachel Cargell's Great UnlearnBOOKSLa
03/06/202043 minutes
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Louise Doughty - Shelf Isolation

We are still somewhat locked down this week, but rather than binge watching old episodes of Keeping Up Appearances we are talking to out nearest and dearest about literary life in quarantine. This week it's the mega-selling author and critic Louise Doughty! Louise is the author of nine novels, with her most recent being&nbsp;Platform&nbsp;Seven. Her previous book,&nbsp;Black Water,&nbsp;was a New York Times Notable Book and&nbsp;Apple Tree Yard&nbsp;was adapted into a successful TV series starring Emily Watson. We talked to her about which character she'd like to be in lockdown with, Ursula Le Guin and holidaying vicariously via books.BOOKSDaisy Buchanan - The SisterhoodDaisy Buchanan - InsatiableLouise Doug
27/05/202026 minutes 18 seconds
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Lauren Bravo - Shelf Isolation

We are Shelf Isolating once again this week, where we talk to some of our favourite former guests, friends of the YB family and people we adore about how books and reading are helping them get through the lockdown. This week's guest falls into all three categories as we pay a return visit to journalist and author Lauren Bravo! Lauren is the author of How to Break Up with Fast Fashion and What Would the Spice Girls Do? We talked to her about her funniest ever reads, cookery books as fiction, the genius of Barbara Trapido and YA comfort reads.BOOKSDaisy Buchanan - The SisterhoodDaisy Buchanan - InsatiableLauren Bravo - How To Break Up With F
13/05/202035 minutes 14 seconds
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Sara Pascoe - Shelf Isolation

As the current situation is keeping us away from people's bookshelves (and people in general) we're launching a You're Booked mini spin off called Shelf Isolation where we talk to (remotely) some of our beloved former guests, friends of the YB family and people we adore about how books and reading are helping them get through the lockdown. And we couldn't be happier with our first guest! It's the amazing stand-up, author, actor and all around inspiration Sara Pascoe. Sara is one of the most heralded comedians working today and the immensely talented author of the books Animal and Sex Power Money. We talked to her about reading habits during quarantine, big lies involving hamsters, unspeakable acts committed against libraries and the saddest book
06/05/202043 minutes 37 seconds
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BONUS: The Sisterhood: The Christmas Chapter

As a Christmas treat, here's the Christmas chapter from The Sisterhood by Daisy Buchanan, published by Headline and now available as an audiobook from Audible. Imagine living between the pages of&nbsp;Pride And Prejudice,&nbsp;in the Bennett household. Now, imagine how the Bennett girls as they'd be in the 21st century - looking like the Kardashian sisters, but behaving like the Simpsons. This is the house Daisy Buchanan grew up in. The Sisterhood&nbsp;explores what it's like to live as a modern woman by examining some examples close
24/12/201915 minutes 55 seconds
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Dolly Alderton, Ayisha Malik, Lissa Evans - You're Booked Christmas Special!

Merry Christmas! And welcome to the You're Booked Christmas extravaganza live from the fabulous Allbright Members Club in London's glamorous Mayfair. We are joined by two former (and one upcoming) You're Booked guests - High Low podcast legend and author of Everything I Know About Love Dolly Alderton, author of This Green and Pleasant Land and the Sofia Khan novels Ayisha Malik and author of Old Baggage&nbsp;and Their Finest Hour and a Half&nbsp;Lissa Evans. They discussed cosy Christmas reads, festive meals in favourite books and Rod
16/12/201959 minutes 13 seconds