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Join us as we delve into the principles and practices of homeschool Morning Time aka Morning Basket or Circle Time. With both experts in their fields and mentor-moms, we will discuss everything from how to choose the right books for a wide age range, to how to memorize a poem, to how to get the kids to sit still. All your burning Morning Time questions answered right here -- every other Tuesday.
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YMB #150 Let's Gather for Nature Study with Heather Tully

In this episode of “Your Morning Basket,” host Pam Barnhill and co-host Heather Tully, a mom of ten and a veteran morning time homeschooler, discuss the enriching experience of nature study. Parents will discover the benefits of incorporating nature study into their homeschool routine, learning how it can foster observation skills, connect children with science in a vivid and approachable way, and significantly benefit mental wellness by encouraging outdoor time.This episode covers practical tips for making nature study a seamless part of morning time, including building drawing and watercoloring skills as well as choosing specific topics for deeper exploration. Listen in for inspiring strategies to bring the wonders of the natural world into your homeschool.Key Takeaways:Nature study in homeschooling encourages children to observe and connect with science in a tangible and engaging way.Integrating nature study into morning time can be achieved through skill-building activities like drawing and watercoloring, and by focusing on thematic studies such as rocks or evergreens.Even without venturing outdoors, nature study can be effectively conducted at the table with resources like nature lore books and magnifying glasses for closer observation.Consistency in nature study can be fostered by forming groups for regular nature walks, thereby making the practice a communal and anticipated event.Nature study not only deepens child's understanding of the natural world but also promotes mental well-being by encouraging them to spend time outside, observing and appreciating their surroundings.Links and ResourcesYour Morning Basket+Gather: Exploring the Wonder, Wisdom & Worship of Learning at HomeHeather Tully PhotographyEyes and No Eyes: Volume 1Among the Meadow PeopleThe Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling by John Muir LawsCircle of Seasons; The Journal of a Naturalist's YearSimply Charlotte MasonFor full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to join our free homeschool community, you can create an account right here.
4/2/202428 minutes, 39 seconds
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YMB #149: Why We Don't Make High School Morning Time Plans

If you're a homeschooling parent looking for meaningful ways to engage with your high schoolers and bring joy to your homeschool routine, this episode of Your Morning Basket is for you. Join host Pam Barnhill and co-hosts Laney Homan and Dawn Garrett as they discuss incorporating morning time for highschoolers and the importance of morning time plans that cater to the whole family.Laney Homan shares her experience of using morning time plans with both her senior high schooler and her 7-year-old, emphasizing the value of not making high school math plans and the importance of engaging in enjoyable learning together. Dawn Garrett discusses making morning time count for high schoolers and provides insight into incorporating morning time into their daily routine.Discover how morning time plans offer valuable learning experiences for children of different ages, including highschoolers. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion that will inspire and guide you in making morning time work for your high schoolers!Key Takeaways:Morning time plans for homeschooling high schoolers can be varied and flexible, incorporating activities that cater to different subjects and interests.Morning time plans include diverse activities, videos, picture study, poetry, and level-up activities suitable for older students.High schoolers can engage with morning time plans through activities like math, which includes advanced concepts suitable for their age and ability.Discover how morning time plans can benefit high schoolers and the whole familyLinks and ResourcesYour Morning Basket+Month of Morning TimePicture Books Aren't Just for PreschoolersFor full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to join our free homeschool community, you can create an account right here.
3/19/202439 minutes, 18 seconds
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YMB #148 Why Current Events?

If you're a homeschooling mom looking for ways to incorporate current events into your homeschool, episode 148 of Your Morning Basket is a must-listen! Join host Pam Barnhill and returning guest, Carl Azuz the host and executive producer of The World From A to Z as they delve into the world of news and media literacy. Pam and Carl discuss the importance of engaging kids in meaningful conversations about global events and navigating the complex landscape of media and news consumption.Carl shares his experience as a news presenter for CNN and his reasons behind creating, "The World From A to Z," a nonpartisan news show designed to provide a well-rounded look at international events, cultures, and stories for students. Discover how "The World From A to Z" can help bring current issues to your homeschool in a family-friendly manner.Key Takeaways:Learn how, The World From A to Z provides a well-rounded perspective on news and culture.As homeschoolers, we have a unique opportunity to engage our kids in critical thinking conversations about what's happening in the world. Carl shares his journey from CNN to creating The World From A to Z, a family friendly news outlet for students.Carl encourages multiple perspectives and fact-checking in an ever growing digital age. Learn how discussing news and current events can help our children think critically and have meaningful discussions.Encourage our children to have well-rounded perspectives, especially on controversial topics. Encourage our children to bridge disagreement and polarization within their communities with factual news information. The World From A to Z runs a fresh, nine minute episode each weekday.Links and ResourcesYour Morning Basket PlusThe World From A to ZCarl Azuz's YouTube channelCarl Azuz on Your Morning BasketPoynter InstituteSonlight Homeschool CurriculumFor full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to join our free homeschool community, you can create an account right here.
3/5/202438 minutes, 12 seconds
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YMB #147: How Morning Time Can Save Your School in a Season of Burnout

In this episode, discover practical strategies to combat burnout in your homeschool with Pam Barnhill and co-hosts, Ali Madej and Meg Angelino. You will gain valuable insight on using Morning Time and other tools to engage your children during times of curriculum fatigue, seasonal illness, new baby, or overall burnout. This candid conversation acknowledges the natural ebbs and flows in the homeschooling journey and the importance of extending grace to both parents and children during periods of burnout. The team offers practical insights into managing grading and striking a balance between pleasurable learning and skill subjects.Tune in to Your Morning Basket Podcast and start your journey towards a more intentional and joyful homeschooling approach today.Key Ideas About Morning Time and BurnoutUtilize library apps, such as; Hoopla, Libby for audiobooks and online resources to engage kids in learning during times of burnout.Embrace the fun and learning potential in Explorations, read-aloud time, and strewing to keep kids engaged.Explore strategies for managing burnout, including; managing mom's health, starting with enjoyable subjects, and outsourcing subjects.Emphasize the importance of balance and grace for both the homeschooling parent and the children during times of burnout.See Morning Time as a fundamental tool to combat burnout. Links and ResourcesYMB+HooplaLibbyLife of FredPut Your Homeschool Year On AutopilotDenise Gaskin on YMBHandbook of Nature StudyFor full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to join our free homeschool community, you can create an account right here.
2/20/202430 minutes, 52 seconds
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YMB #146: The Importance of Goals in Homeschool Morning Time

Join Pam Barnhill and co-hosts Meg Angelino and Laney Homan as they delve into the purpose and structure of morning time in homeschooling. In this episode, the hosts discuss the importance of setting goals for morning time, its role in fostering lifelong learning and family connections, and strategies for making it a valuable and efficient part of the homeschool day. They share their personal experiences, tips, and insights on how to incorporate morning time into various homeschooling philosophies and its impact on family life.Key TakeawaysMorning Time is adaptable and can work for families regardless of their homeschooling philosophy, prioritizing what is important for each family.It provides an opportunity to include academic subjects, making homeschooling more efficient by teaching everyone at once.It's important to incorporate enjoyable elements for each family member in morning time, using it as a fun way to introduce less favored subjects.The hosts share their approaches to homeschooling and how morning time aligns with their individual philosophies.Tips and insights are provided for moms looking to implement morning time in their homeschooling routine.For full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to join our free homeschool community, you can create an account right here.
2/6/202450 minutes, 14 seconds
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Bonus: Elevate Your Homeschool

We are so excited about this coming year!In 2024, we will help you solve the lack of motivation, interest, and effectiveness in your homeschool. We know you struggle with these areas (because we have too).And instead of just helping you feel like a better homeschool teacher, we will help you become a better homeschool teacher.Confidence comes with improved ability, not just feeling like you're doing enough.Today, we are opening the doors to Elevate All Access. This year-long program includes the tools and support you need to become the teacher your kids deserve.The one that will help them learn.Elevate All Access includes the programs that will help you succeed in your homeschool all year. It includes:Ten monthly masterclasses exploring how students learn, how kids can be motivated, and how you can be a more effective homeschool teacher. We'll be using Why Don't Students Like School as our guide. Each class will have a discussion, an extension of the material, and actionable steps and challenges to help you make an immediate difference in your homeschool.The spring and fall sessions of the Homeschool Consistency Boot Camp will help you build the consistency muscle that will revolutionize your homeschool.Access to our monthly (weekly in the summer) Finisher's Club so you can be in regular contact with mentors to help you troubleshoot issues with planning, curriculum choice, lessons, and more. These sessions allow you to regularly carve out time to work on your homeschool so homeschool tasks don't get lost.Our All-Day and Half-Day planning sessions so you can start each semester prepared for whatever life throws at you.The program's value is $400, but we are pricing it at only $190. And if you buy it before December 31, you can get it for only $165. (A payment plan is available.)For about the price of a takeout pizza each month, you get homeschooling support and actionable coaching all year.Sign up by December 31 and use the code ELEVATE24 for $25 off! Doors close on January 5.
12/28/202325 minutes, 48 seconds
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YMB #145 Flashback Narration How-tos with Sonya Shafer

Join hosts Pam Barnhill and Dawn Garrett as they revisit a classic episode of "Your Morning Basket" with Sonya Shafer, a homeschooling veteran, speaker, and writer specializing in the Charlotte Mason style of education. In this flashback episode, Sonya shares valuable insights into the power of narration and its role in developing children's personalities and engagement with books. Listen for practical tips for implementing narration, the effectiveness of oral compositions, and the benefits of using living books to foster the imagination.Key Takeaways About Narration:Learn how narration can engage children with books, develop their personalities, and enhance their oral composition, memory, and language skills. Understand the importance of grace for both parents and children as they navigate the learning process, emphasizing patience and trust. Explore the introduction of different types of narration, such as descriptive, expository, and persuasive, to students at various grade levels, and the stages of integrating these compositions into their education. Gain advice on encouraging children's narration skills without over-analyzing, to foster higher-level thinking and a love for storytelling and expression. For full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to join our free homeschool community, you can create an account right here.
11/21/202350 minutes, 36 seconds
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SPECIAL Homeschool Help and Relaxation: The We Gather Together Retreat Episode

Dive into a special episode of our podcast where we bring you exciting details about the upcoming We Gather Together Beach Retreat from January 25 to 28, 2004, on Alabama's picturesque Gulf Coast. Expect mild temperatures, warm sands, and an enriching environment perfect for homeschooling parents and enthusiasts. Our guest, Lucy Duggar, a devoted mom and retreat alumni, shares her invaluable experiences from last year's gathering and her anticipation for the next. With a focus on educational philosophy, morning basket routines, and the essence of homeschooling, this retreat promises to be a nurturing getaway. Discover mentorship, relaxation, and community while enjoying the beach's serene backdrop. Sign up by November 30 at, and for questions, email [email protected]. Don't miss out on this rejuvenating and educational retreat experience!
11/14/202318 minutes, 1 second
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YMB #144 The Team's Favorite Christmas Books

Get into the holiday spirit with the Your Morning Basket Podcast's special episode, "The Team's Favorite Christmas Books." Join host Pam Barnhill as she welcomes Betsy Cypress, Meg Angelino, Genie Shaw, Ali Madej, Jeanette Pascua, Laney Homan, Katy Wallace, and Dawn Garrett as they share their personal favorite Christmas picture books and family traditions. From heartwarming stories to meaningful activities, you'll discover new books to read and find inspiration for creating meaningful traditions with your own family. Don't miss out on this festive episode that will add warmth and joy to your holiday season.Key Takeaways: Discover new Christmas picture books to enjoy with your family, including Mortimer's Christmas Manger by Karma Wilson and The Adventure of Christmas by Lisa Welshell.Start your own family traditions inspired by the podcast team's favorite activities, such as wrapping Hershey's Kisses as a countdown to Christmas or visiting neighborhood Christmas light displays.For full show notes and a transcript of today’s episode, head to join our free homeschool community, you can create an account right here.
11/7/202340 minutes, 29 seconds
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Special Episode: We're having a retreat!

We are heading to the beach this January for our first ever We Gather Together Morning Time Retreat. Join me, Gather author Heather Tully, Dawn Garrett and the YMB team as we do Morning Time together, relax on the beach, and share a ton of encouragement and ideas for your Morning Time. In this special episode of the podcast we discuss all the retreat details. Register and read more at
8/23/202216 minutes, 41 seconds
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YMB #85 Goals, Words, and Redeeming Your Mornings

A new year can be both daunting and exciting at the same time. It is a fresh start and a time for change, but that doesn't excuse the need to be realistic about what you can actually do amid the uncertainties of homeschool mom life (everyday is different, yes?)So today community manager Dawn Garrett and I are here with some real talk and best tips for setting goals, getting mornings started well (note: I didn't say early.), choosing a word for the year and so much more. Enjoy!For more information and the show notes for this episode visit:
1/5/202152 minutes
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YMB #79 A Themed-Based Morning Basket: A Conversation with Jessica Waldock

The theme of this episode of the podcast is all about making Morning Time work for your family. I am joined by Jessica Waldock, host of the Morning Baskets and more Facebook community to talk about how using themes saved her Morning Basket. Jessica homeschools an only-child who likes to deep-dive into topics, so a themed Morning Basket is a perfect fit.In the show we also talk about the difference between themed Morning Time and unit studies, where Jessica gets her theme ideas, and how Morning Baskets can work in a single-child homeschool.For show notes and episode downloads, visit:
9/8/202034 minutes, 18 seconds
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YMB #78 Civics and Current Events: A Conversation with Jill Hummer

Professor and homeschool mom Jill Hummer joins me on this episode of the podcast to talk all about teaching civics and current events in your Morning Time. We chat about what Civics is, exactly, as well as the best ways to bring a living knowledge of citizenship to your kids. We also discuss age-appropriate ways to include civics, what to do about current events, and how you can make citizenship a natural part of your homeschool and family. For show notes and episode downloads, visit:
8/25/202047 minutes, 31 seconds
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YMB #77 Awaking Wonder: A Conversation with Sally Clarkson

On today's episode of the podcast I welcome Sally Clarkson, author and homeschool mom, to chat about her soon-to-be-released book Awaking Wonder. Education does not have to be difficult or stifling. Find out how homeschool families can create delightful learning based on good books and beautiful experiences.For show notes and episode downloads, visit:
8/11/202051 minutes, 3 seconds
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YMB #76 Homeschooling Kindergarten: A Conversation with Rebecca Zipp

Nothing strikes fear in the homeschool mom more than starting kindergarten with that first child. I remember wondering how I was ever really going to make this work. (Pssst -- it has!) I am joined on the podcast today by Rebecca Zipp, a homeschooling mom who has put much thought into a gentle kindergarten. We have a message for the new homeschooling moms out there. It is going to be ok. Of course, we also spend quite a bit of time talking about how Morning Time fits into the homeschool kindergarten (hint: they are a match made in heaven), how much time you should spend doing kindergarten, and what are the goals of a kindergarten education. Listen, mama, and be encouraged!For the show notes and episode downloads visit:
7/28/202036 minutes, 16 seconds
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YMB #75 Teaching History through Story: A Conversation with Rea Berg

Rea Berg loves books and stories. She has become quite the collector of them through the years as she homeschooled her six children and then later went on to found Beautiful Feet Books. On today's show Rea joins me to chat about how we can use literature to teach history from story. We will be chatting about some of the challenges homeschool families face in the teaching of history, why stories and living books make an effective approach to history study, and how to pivot from using textbooks to using living books instead -- even in middle and high school. Enjoy!
7/14/202043 minutes, 36 seconds
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YMB #74 Celebrate Books: A Conversation with Mary Wilson

I am joined today on the podcast by Mary Wilson, a homeschool mom and book lover who believes that fun should be an integral part of the homeschool day. In this episode Mary and I discuss the idea of celebrating books in big and small ways. We chat about some of Mary's past book celebrations, how she got started, and why she thinks this is a unique and important way to introduce your kids to literature. We also chat about how you can make book celebrations doable and bring a little bit of this kind of practice into a weekly Morning Time setting. Don't miss this one! For more information and a downloadable transcript and time stamps visit
5/26/202051 minutes, 34 seconds
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YMB #73 Finding Truth in Every Subject: A Conversation with Brandy Vencel

On today's episode of the podcast I am chatting with a good friend Brandy Vencel all about which subjects in our homeschools are appropriate for Morning Time. Are some activities and subjects holier than others? Are there any subjects that do not pertain to God?   These are all fascinating questions. While we do not claim to have a definitive answer we welcome you to join us as we begin the discussion. Let us know what you think in the comments.   For the downloads including transcript and time stamps or to leave a comment, visit
5/12/202056 minutes, 58 seconds
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YMB #72 Help! My Kid Hates Morning Time

What do you do when you have a kid (or two or more) who do not like Morning Time? As much as we want to think that our kids will be as enamored with the idea of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty as we are, sometimes that just isn't the case -- especially when we start building a Morning Time habit after our homeschools are already established.   Today I am joined by Dawn Garrett, Community Manager here at Your Morning Basket, and we chat about solutions to this very problem. We talk about flexing schedules, honoring your kids' time, age-appropriate activities, and yes, when it is okay to require them to stay and have a decent attitude.   All of that wrapped up in one (hopefully) helpful show.   For podcast downloads and resources be sure to visit
4/28/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 26 seconds
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YMB #71 Nature Study Hacking: A Conversation with Joy Cherrick

Today on the podcast I am joined by Joy Cherrick, homeschooling mom of six and author of Nature Study Hacking. This series of lesson plans boils down nature journaling to a do-able list that moms everywhere can actually use. On the show Joy and I chat about the value of studying nature, the four parts of nature study, and ideas for how to make nature journaling a habit that your kids want to do on their own. Enjoy! More information, downloads, and show notes at
4/14/202036 minutes, 8 seconds
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YMB #70 The Magic of Folk Music: A Conversation with Professor Carol

Dr. Carol Reynolds joins me on today's show to give a delightful lesson about folk music. In this episode Prof. Carol enthusiastically shares about the value of folk music for our kids, what exactly a folk song is anyway, and how to get started studying them in your Morning Time. Full of wonderful stories and great resources, I think this is an episode you will really enjoy. Don't forget to grab your episode downloads at
3/31/202042 minutes, 13 seconds
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YMB #69 Morning Time and the Bilingual Homeschool: A Conversation with Lauren Stengele

I am joined on the podcast today by Lauren Stengele, a non-native Spanish speaker who is passionate about raising bilingual kids. Lauren is teaching her kids Spanish in order to reclaim her own Mexican heritage and she is using Morning Time to make this a reality in her homeschool.   In this episode of the podcast Lauren and I chat about how she incorporates two languages intro her school day, what makes Morning Time such a great vehicle for second language learning and also about the two biggest indicators for success in raising bilingual kids. It was a fun episode.   Don't forget to grab your episode downloads including your Basket Bonus Spanish memory work for your Morning Time at
3/17/202040 minutes, 54 seconds
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YMB #68 Choosing Books for Your Morning Time: A Conversation with Jessica Lawton

On today's episode of the podcast I am chatting with a good friend and author of the Morning Time plans at Jessica Lawton is a bibliophile and owner of a library of over 3000 books. She is also great a choosing just the right books to use in Morning Time.   On today's podcast Jessica and I chat about how to choose the best books about a topic, which books she thinks are worth owning versus merely borrowing, and how to use different kinds of books for different purposes.
3/3/202043 minutes, 34 seconds
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YMB #67 Lenten Practices for Everyone

Today's episode of the Your Morning Basket podcast has not one, but two great interviews. First up on the show is my good friend Fr. Doug Martin who is here to talk about the spiritual observation of Lent and how all Christians can practice this in their families. As we were preparing that interview we were approached by author Asheritah Ciuciu, an evangelical author who has her own Lenten devotional recently published by Moody Publishers. We decided to have Ahseritah on the show as well to talk about her new book and the practice of Lent from her perspective. A wonderful benefit is that both guests focus on how we can observe Lent within our families and use it to join our sufferings with Christ, slow down and grieve our sins, and experience the joy of the Resurrection more fully. I hope you enjoy this episode.
2/18/202057 minutes, 5 seconds
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YMB #66 Art Appreciation for Your Ears: A Conversation with Alisha and Olivia Gratehouse

Today on the podcast I am joined by Alisha Gratehouse and her daughter Olivia from Masterpiece Society. As fans of art, Alisha and Olivia have started a new art appreciation podcast that takes a fun and "cheeky" look at artists and their work. In fact, it is quickly becoming a favorite of the teens and tweens in my house. In this episode of the show discover what is unique about the Masterpiece Maker's approach to studying the artists, why it is far from boring, and how you can use this free resource in your own homeschool Morning Time to study the great masters.
2/3/202031 minutes, 13 seconds
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YMB #65 Remembrance and Grammar: A Conversation with Cindy Rollins

Cindy Rollins, mom of nine and “Mama of Morning Time” (so-named by me!), is back on the podcast this week to chat about Stratford Caldecott’s Beauty in the Word — specifically the portion on grammar, or what Caldecott calls “remembering.” Join us as we chat about anamnesis, what it is and how it is alike and different what we already associate with memory. Listen for:   The idea of anchoring or tethering our children to a cultural heritage. What are some Morning Time elements that help to convey this cultural heritage. How Cindy handles the aspects of our heritage that are not positive or admirable. The connection between language and memory and how language helps form relationships with ideas. How technology is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to our efforts to be people who practice Remembering. Read the show notes at
1/21/202057 minutes, 13 seconds
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YMB #64 Memory Work from a Mom’s Perspective: A Conversation with Amy Sloan

Today on the podcast I am joined by Amy Sloan from and mom of five kids ages 4 to 14. For about the past five years Amy has made memory work a central part of her homeschool day. In this episode Amy and I discuss how to be consistent with memory work, how you find great pieces to memorize, and practical ways you can make this happen in your home. We also chat about the debate between memorizing facts versus spending your time memorizing other worthy passages, how to make it work for multiple ages, and even how to deal with attitudes if they arise.
1/7/202046 minutes, 21 seconds
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YMB #63 Transitioning to Morning Time with Older Kids with Cindy West

What happens to your morning time as your kids get older? Does it change or do we stop requiring them to attend? Can your teen outgrow Morning Time? These are the questions that Cindy West from Our Journey Westward joins me to answer today. In this episode of the podcast we talk about how the tone of Morning Time changes as your kids get older, how to get their buy in with what you are doing, and what a Morning Time with older kids can look like. Enjoy! Show notes at
12/24/201939 minutes, 13 seconds
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YMB #62 Personal and Communal Prayer: A Conversation with Christopher and Christine Perrin

Today we welcome Christopher and Christine Perrin to the podcast to chat about prayer in your homeschool, Morning Time, and personal time. It is a fascinating conversation. Join us as we discuss: How prayer can be both personal discipline and corporate practice. What are the best ways to teach and model the practice of prayer? Tips for modeling something when we are just learning it ourselves. Different types of prayer and the value of each. Tips for praying the Scriptures. And recommendations of prayers and more to read for moms. This was a helpful and fascinating conversation I think you will enjoy!   Show notes at
12/10/20191 hour, 15 minutes, 49 seconds
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YMB #61 Morning Time with Teens: A Conversation with Heather Woodie

Today we are joined on the podcast by Heather Woodie of Blog She Wrote, mom of four young adults. Heather has been practicing Morning Time in her family for a number of years, and has seen a shift in the practice as she has graduated two kids and is now left home with two more teens to go. In this episode of the podcast we chat about: how Heather's Morning Time changed has changed over the years. why is Morning Time still a valuable practice in the teen years. what kind of adjustments and challenges a teen-only Morning Time brings. how Heather's role at Morning Time changed as the kids have gotten older. and how Heather has been able to use topics from Morning Time as coursework and credits for the purposes of high school transcripts plus so much more. Sit back and enjoy as we dive into Morning Time with the teen set. Download the Christmas Morning Time Plans.
11/27/201950 minutes, 54 seconds
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YMB #60 The Truth About Myth: A Conversation with Angelina Stanford

She's back! One of my favorite guests ever is back again on the Your Morning Basket podcast. Last fall when we had Angelina Stanford on the show to talk to us about why fairy tales are important reading for your kids, you let us know how much you loved the episode and Angelina's enthusiasm for the topic.   Today she is no less enthusiastic as we dive into what exactly myth is (surprised me), Justin Martyr and his "seeds of truth," why medieval Christians fought Viking invaders to preserve myths, and what we as modern Christians can learn from these stories.   It is a fabulous episode of the podcast. We hope you enjoy.
12/4/201855 minutes, 48 seconds
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YMB #59 The Abolition of Man and Education: A Conversation with Dr. Jason Jewell

The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis is a series of essays on the state of education and truth in the 21st Century. A slim volume, yet dense with ideas, it is a worthy read for any parent dedicated to the education of their child in Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Today we have special guest Dr. Jason Jewell with us to help us unpack and understand Lewis's work and begin to learn how it applies to the education of our children.
11/20/20181 hour, 2 minutes, 50 seconds
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YMB #58 Singing in Morning Time: Yes, you can! A Conversation with Heather Bunting

Heather Bunting is passionate about helping families learn to sing -- even if mom doesn't think she can carry a tune at all. Through her free YouTube channel, Children of the Open Air, Heather helps make solfege lessons, hymns, and folks songs accessible for homeschool families everywhere. In this episode of the podcast, Heather talks about the skill of learning to sing, how we can incorporate singing lessons into our Morning Time, and what to do about those who feel they lack the talent to succeed. I invite you to listen and be inspired to bring singing to your own Morning Time.
11/6/201848 minutes, 10 seconds
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YMB #57 Morning Time on the Go

If you ever need to take Morning Time on the road then this episode is for you. Dawn Garrett joins me to chat about why and how we can pack up our Morning Times and take them with us -- getting homeschooling done even when we can't be at home. If you are out of the house a day or more each week then this episode is for you.
10/23/201839 minutes, 49 seconds
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YMB #56 A Morning Time Mentor: A Conversation with Heather Tully

Have you ever wanted another mom to come along beside you and show you exactly what Morning Time looks like? Maybe, you think, I could just stop by her home and be a fly on the wall and unpack the mysteries of this Morning Time thing? Heather Tully has done just that with other moms in her community and she has been doing it for years. On this episode of the podcast Heather joins me to talk about what this kind of mentoring can look like and how we might reach out and help other moms learn about Morning Time. And since she is a mom of ten doing Morning Time with the toddler to the teenager, Heather also shares a ton of wisdom in this episode about how to make Morning Time work with a large age range. This one is not to be missed!
10/9/201847 minutes, 43 seconds
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YMB #55 Story and the Redeemed Imagination: A Conversation with Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson knows a thing or two about a good story and creativity. He is on the show today to talk about sharing both with your kids, his work with the Rabbit Room as a place for children's authors to support one another and grow, and a little something he calls the redeemed imagination. It's a fascinating conversation with topics as diverse as C.S. Lewis, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Harry Potter. Enjoy!
9/25/201850 minutes, 55 seconds
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YMB #54 Natural Foreign Language Learning: A Conversation with Adelaide Olguin

Mom's are natural teachers for a language -- after all moms teach their kids language all the time. Foreign language can work the same way as a first language -- simply start with words and phrases you use everyday and build on one or two at a time. Soon you will know more words in a new language than you ever imagined. Adelaide Olguin is on the show today to tell us about how this natural language learning works and how you can begin to implement this in your home to learn new languages with your kids. It's a fun and encouraging episode, so don't miss it!
9/11/201857 minutes, 37 seconds
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YMB #53 Character education for families: A Conversation with Heather McMillan

Welcome to a brand new season of the Your Morning Basket Podcast. We are kicking off the year with an important but fun conversation with the creator of We Choose Virtues, Heather McMillian. I love Heather's enthusiasm for helping teach kids about virtues. Drawing on her years of experience as a teacher and children's pastor, Heather has created a system that opens a dialogue in families about good character and helps parents go beyond just securing good behavior and really reach the hearts of their kids.
8/28/201852 minutes, 3 seconds
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YMB #52 Exploring Math Through Literature: A Conversation with Becky McIntosh

Becky McIntosh can see the beauty and joy in math. She says it comes from practice -- that she makes a special point to look for the beauty of mathematics everyone. Lucky for us, she is on a mission to help other homeschool moms find the same joy in math as well. She is here today on the podcast with an inspiring look at how we can use literature to connect our kids to cool, interesting mathematical concepts. This one is a lot of fun.
5/8/201842 minutes, 31 seconds
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YMB #51 Studying Geography Through Literature: A Conversation with Sarita Holzmann

Sarita Holzmann was a reluctant homeschooler but soon came to love it. With a heart for missionaries serving overseas and the people they serve, Sarita has always had an eye towards bringing geography to life using literature. On this episode of the podcast she joins us to discuss why geography is important and why literature is the best way to experience that. Get your notebooks handy -- there is more than one great book recommendation in this episode.
4/24/201826 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

YMB #50 Using the Liturgical Year as a Guide: A Conversation With Andrea Kirk Assaf

Andrea Kirk Assaf homeschools on three continents as her family splits their time between Michigan and Rome as well as spending part of the year visiting her husband's family in Lebanon. Today she joins Pam on this episode of the podcast to talk about Calendar School, her Morning Time variation that includes elements of the Church year and the seasonal cycles. Andrea has a unique take on Morning Time planning that is fascinating and inspiring. We hope you enjoy!
4/10/201843 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

YMB #49 The Read Aloud Family: A Conversation with Sarah Mackenzie

Sarah Mackenzie is on a mission -- a mission to help every family know that the importance of reading aloud goes beyond building bigger test scores and better vocabularies. The importance of reading aloud goes to the very heart of the relationships in your home. Join Pam and Sarah on the podcast as they chat why this is even more relevant to our culture today than it was 20 years ago, practical tips on how to get it done (even with a bunch) of kids, and the books that Sarah and Pam can never agree to like. The gloves are coming off on this episode -- don't miss it.
3/27/201854 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

YMB 48 Better Together: A New Book

This week Dawn Garrett and I are on the show with a very special announcement! Better Together is a new book all about Morning Time and it is hitting the bookstores today. Dawn and I dish about the book, other Morning Time resources, and how Morning Time is a great fit for every kind of homeschooler. Check it out!
3/14/201844 minutes, 49 seconds
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YMB #47 Morning Time and the Only Child: A Conversation with Tina Roman

It's a question we get asked often and it is a good one: How do I do Morning Time when I have just one child? How do I keep it from looking like the rest of my school day? Today Tina Roman, mom of one, is here on the show to talk to us about what Morning Time looks like in her home. Hint: It's not as quiet as you might think it would be. Enjoy!
2/27/201827 minutes, 49 seconds
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YMB #45 The Importance of Story: A Conversation with S. D. Smith

We are kicking off the new season of the Your Morning Basket podcast with a conversation about story. And there is no one better equipped to talk to us about a good story and the impact it can have on our kids than master-story teller S.D. Smith.   Author of the enthralling Green Ember series of books, Sam is here today to chat with us about what makes a good story and how these tales shape our kids. Pulling from his own childhood and what stories have meant to him, this is an episode you won't want to miss.
1/30/201852 minutes, 13 seconds
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YMB SP2: Ack! It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The Advent and Christmas seasons are almost upon us and homeschool moms are looking for ways to change their pace and do something special for the holiday seasons. Today Pam and Dawn Garrett discuss options for celebrating while still learning until your holiday break. Tons of good ideas in this one!Find links and resources at
11/16/201735 minutes, 30 seconds
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YMB #42 Seeking Truth: A Conversation with Ashley Woleben

What is lectio divina and how can we use this ancient monastic practice in leading our students to truth. Ashley Woleben is on the show today to answer that question and so much more.
11/7/201748 minutes, 23 seconds
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YMB #41 Why Fairy Tales are Not Optional: A Conversation with Angelina Stanford

Angelina Stanford and I started our conversation with a show down. "I'm going to have to limit you to an hour," I told her. "You're going to have a hard time with that," was her reply. Boy was she ever right! I just wanted this conversation about fairy tales to go on and on and on. Fairy tales are a staple of many a childhood -- I know I spent hours as a kid reading from Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. Thanks to the influence of people like Andrew Pudewa I have been sharing original versions of fairy tales with my own kids for years. But I have never dug this deep or looked at fairy tales in quite this way before -- Angelina and I dig deep into the history, the objections, the importance and so much more. I have a new favorite episode of the podcast. You might too! Enjoy. You can find the show notes for this episode at
10/24/201753 minutes, 27 seconds
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YMB #32 Socratic Discussion and Leading to Truth: A Conversation with Matt Bianco

Over 2000 years ago Socrates used questioning techniques with his students to help lead them to truth. Today, homeschoolers are interested in using the same techniques for the same purpose -- but they wonder how exactly to do it. This week on the podcast Matt Bianco, Classical homeschooling dad and director of the Lost Tools of Writing for the Circe Institute joins us to explain what Socratic questioning is, why we would want to use it, and how to implement it in our Morning Time.
3/21/201754 minutes, 26 seconds
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YMB #31 Dawn of the Digital Morning Time: A Conversation with Lynna Southerland

Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Yes, I know there is bad in some, but also that the good in others parts far outweigh those bad things. I love the world that is opened to us because of the technology we have access to. That is why I loved finding Lynna Southerland. This mama has created a Morning Time that focuses on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty -- and it's almost completely digital. I think you're going to get some great ideas from this one! That is why I loved finding Lynna Southerland. This mama has created a Morning Time that focuses on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty -- and it's almost completely digital. I think you're going to get some great ideas from this one!
3/7/201734 minutes, 49 seconds
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YMB Special Edition: Planning and Plans for Your Morning Time

Morning Time planning. I bet there is a good chance you either love it or hate it. Or even if you love it, you might also be one of those people at a season in life -- newborn, toddlers, new to Morning Time, BUSY -- that still doesn't want to spend much time actually doing it. You know, though, it is important.In this special episode Dawn, Jessica, and I chat about Morning Time planning -- why it is important, ways to make it happen, and how we can help you out with a special new product if it isn't something you want to do. Enjoy!For links and resources, visit
1/3/201737 minutes, 21 seconds
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YMB #21 Why Shakespeare? A Conversation with Ken Ludwig

Shakespeare. Whatever feelings you have about the Bard, we can all agree that he was the most influential English writer in history. But why should I bother with Shakespearean language for my littles in Morning Time? Won't there be plenty of time for that when they are older? More importantly how would I introduce such a daunting mass of literature? What if I don't know much Shakespeare myself? What if I don't even think I like Shakespeare? Ken Ludwig is a playwright and father who has an infectious love of Shakespeare. He began sharing his love with his children at a very young age. Recently he published How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare, a book detailing this surprisingly simple way to teach the Bard's great works to our children. Come and enjoy as Ken tells us why and how we should teach Shakespeare, as well as how we can handle the harder concepts. Most importantly, Ken encourages us to push past our fear and enjoy Shakespeare in our Morning Times.
9/20/201643 minutes, 13 seconds
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YMB #20 Song, Stories, and Memories Made Together

Classical music is part of the true, good, and beautiful feast I want to spread before my children. Unfortunately, most days I am at a loss as to how to enjoy it myself. Is there more to classical music than a bunch of strings making, what sounds like to me, just noise? How do I choose which pieces and composers to introduce? What if we don’t like a piece? Why should I even bother when my child enjoys other types of music? In this episode of Your Morning Basket, Pam interviews Bonnie Simon, creator of Maestro Classics. Bonnie has found memories of her parents playing the violin and cello as she went to bed, and Saturday classical music concerts on the radio. She gently explains how you can give your child found memories of classical music through stories. By using stories and listening to classical music together, we can help our children develop a relationship with classical music that will stay with them their whole lives. Come listen and learn how to make musical memories with your children.
9/6/201636 minutes, 40 seconds
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YMB #19 Getting the Year Off to a Good Start

We're starting off a new season of Your Morning Basket with an episode all about planning and preparing for Morning Time. Pam and her good friend Dawn Garrett, who is the coordinator for the Your Morning Basket online community, discuss everything from the first ingredient of a solid Morning Time plan to how to pull ourselves out of those Morning Time slumps. Whether you are brand new to Morning Time this year or a seasoned vet looking for a little inspiration, enjoy!
8/23/201644 minutes, 28 seconds
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YMB #18 Making Math Enjoyable... Really! A Conversation with Kate Snow

We know there must be more to math than just slogging through page after page of multiplication facts, but what? Last time I checked, wondering at geometrical patterns in God's creation was not in the scope and sequence of my math curriculum, but it's something I long for my kids to have opportunities to do. When can I fit in a math read-aloud or few rounds of one of the logic games collecting dust on the shelf? What about hands-on exploration with big math ideas like probability, estimation, or measurement?  How can I make time for this kind of math in my homeschool? We are joined on this episode of the podcast by Kate Snow of Kate's Homeschool Math Help. Kate explains that, while skill work in math is certainly important, it really is okay sometimes to play with math without a lesson plan and Morning Time is the place to do just that. By weaving math explorations, stories, and games into Morning Time, we can put our kids in touch with big ideas and expose them to the beauty found in mathematics.
5/10/201631 minutes, 15 seconds
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YMB #15 Morning Time With Littles: A Conversation with Celeste Cruz

Celeste Cruz is a homeschooling mother of eight who started to implement Morning Time in her home with a stack of picture books at the breakfast table back when her oldest two children were just 5 years old.Now with several years of Morning Time under her belt, Celeste is practiced in art of juggling fussy babies, noisy toddlers, and preschoolers with fluctuating attention spans. She joins us on this episode of the podcast to discuss what Morning Time looks like when all the children in the family are preschool age and younger.Celeste shares some great tips for how to create a Morning Time routine packed with thoughtful, high-quality elements while remaining flexible and accommodating of the littlest learners. She encourages us to find natural lulls in our daily routine during which we can nourish both our children and ourselves with beautiful poems, stories, and music.Celeste's wisdom is inspiring but at the same time highly practical, making this an interview not to be missed. Enjoy!
3/29/201638 minutes, 56 seconds
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YMB #13 Plutarch 101: A Conversation with Anne White

Anne White is a mother of three, a long-time member of the Ambleside Online Advisory Board, and the author of numerous resources on the Greek-born Roman historian Plutarch. She joins us on this episode of the podcast to help us figure out how we might approach reading Plutarch with our kids during Morning Time.Who was Plutarch? What did he write about? Why did Charlotte Mason consider him worthy of inclusion in her course of study? What can modern-day students hope to glean from learning about people and events from so long ago?Anne answers these questions and so many more. She explains that the purpose of reading Plutarch is not to get bogged down in names and dates from ancient history, but rather to share stories with our children and, in doing so, to help them grow in virtue and character. Anne shares how she herself did not understand Plutarch on her first reading, but began to enjoy him after additional reading and study. In sharing her story, Anne reminded me that I can be a fellow learner alongside my children as we approach subjects like these during Morning Time. Listen along as Anne brings Plutarch to life!
3/1/201634 minutes, 55 seconds
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YMB #12 Teaching From Rest with Morning Time: A Conversation with Sarah Mackenzie

Sarah Mackenzie is a mother of six, the author of Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable Peace, and the host of the Read-Aloud Revival. She joins us on the podcast to discuss Morning Time as a key tool that can help us order our children's affections, turn our attention to things of utmost importance, and ground ourselves in state of rest, avoiding that place of frenzy and worry that we are not doing "enough."But Sarah doesn't stop there. She also throws in some of her best practical tips, like ideas for how to wrangle a houseful of toddlers and simplify Morning Time as needed during key seasons of family life. There is something for everyone in this interview, so sit back and enjoy!
2/16/201638 minutes, 57 seconds
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YMB #11 All About Nature Study: A Conversation with Cindy West

Cindy West is a homeschooling mother of three and the author of the NaturExplorer series. She joins us on this episode of the podcast to share her contagious enthusiasm for nature study.She discusses the importance of this sometimes-neglected subject--how nature study helps us develop keen observation skills, teaches us important truths about our Creator, and gives us opportunities to make connections to  subjects like science, geography, and math.Cindy has an impressive list of simple, meaningful ways to spend just a few minutes of Morning Time on nature study. So, whether you are a seasoned nature enthusiast or someone who prefers to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your air-conditioned living room, you will be sure to find some great ideas in this episode.
2/2/201638 minutes, 58 seconds
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YMB #4 Choosing What is Best: A Conversation with Dr. Christopher Perrin

If you've been following along with the last couple of interviews here at Your Morning Basket, you know that Pam has been walking us through the "3Rs" that make up a rich Morning Time: recitation, reading aloud, and ritual.Now it's time to tackle the third R, ritual. So often I find myself wanting to slow down and give my children time in our day to think, explore, and reflect. I want our Morning Time to be about more than checking off items from our list of things to do, but I'm not sure how to develop a meaningful liturgy that will help us begin our day. And then I find myself wondering if any ritual can really be restful and refreshing when energetic, chatty young children are involved.Today's episode addresses these issues and so much more. Pam talks with Dr. Christopher Perrin of Classical Academic Press, who introduces us to the concept of scholé, or restful learning. Dr. Perrin encourages us to develop liturgical practices for Morning Time that can set the stage for scholé in our homes, and he provides us with examples of restful learning that can work in real life, even with wiggly, noisy kids like mine. There is so much to take in from this interview; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. For downloads and links visit the show notes at
9/29/201542 minutes