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Ask yourself this question, do you see something that can be changed and willing to be the agent of change?My name is Nelson Fernandes, a young entrepreneur with a passion for renewable energy, sustainability, and creating positive change. Over the past year plus, I formed the Green Roof Team at Southern Illinois University Carbondale for one sole reason: transform our existing Green Roof into a multidisciplinary innovation hub through leadership for participatory learning. Breaking down our purpose, we desire students to gain hands-on experience with their passions. For myself and many of our team members, renewable energy is our common shared interest. We have and continue to inspire our Salukis, faculty, staff, community, and individuals across various states and countries to believe in our mission and our projects. In this Podcast, we will have short conversations on various topics related to sustainability, renewable energy, entrepreneurship, and many more. Come join us to learn about our projects, team members, and areas of interest! Support this podcast:
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Welcome to the Green Roof Team Experience

Come follow our cross-university team of student's journey at Southern Illinois University Carbondale as we create positive change through installing student designed wind and solar energy technologies on campus! We will release a new interview with a team member, sponsor, or an innovative supporter every week! Learn more via --- Support this podcast:
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