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Welcome to the “You glow girl” podcast. We are bringing the Beauty and Science industry together to better enhance your self-care. Beauty is Science. Your Beauty is inside and out and more than skin deep. Sometimes Looking in a mirror can bring forward many different emotions. Positive or negative WE ALL HAVE THEM. Whether it's flaws we see with our skincare haircare OR wellness. The Beauty industry gives us a sense of pride, confidence, strength, and importance into us as individuals. We will have experts from the beauty and science industry coming together to provide you with their best knowledge and information so you Slay with or without the service. We have professionals and experts in the beauty industry showing how their passion is all about your glow-up. And STEM beauty professionals going in depth about ingredients, products, and diversity in this billion-dollar beauty industry. Your glow girl will be filled with lessons that will empower, motivate, and celebrate you. IT'S Our MISSION AS BEAUTY PROFESSIONALS TO MAKE YOU FEEL YOUR BEST INSIDE AND OUT. This is your time to rise to your best life and Shine HARDdddd doing it. While discovering who you are. Learning to be vulnerable, face your fears, and reach outside of your comfort zone. everyone supporting one another rising and shining together. Embracing new trends that work for you. With our mission for better health and wellness and making self-care glow on you. Doing what it takes to look and feel your best at any age. Embracing it all. When WE ARE DONE WITH YOUR GLOW UP you will Gain the ability to Self-reflect and Feeling good in your skin ALWAYS REMEMBER Be Kindness SHOW Gratitude Self-love Growing personally and professionally Believing in yourself when no one else does and Not letting anyone dim your light but Living your life as the light you were meant to be !!! AND WE WILL ALL CELEBRATE AND SAY YOU GLOW GO !!!! I am your host Lola Thomas MBA.LE known as The Brown Skin Chemist. I have been a Chemist in the beauty industry for 10 plus years. Also a Licensed Aesthetician and cosmetic formulator. I am a New Orleans Native. Your spiritual chemist who loves creating chemistry. And I love all things Beauty, Science, Art, and Self Care. This is all from a personal outlook on my experiences in life and my career. I am the owner of Zenistry Labs a custom formulation and contract manufacturing company. I also have a product line for skin hair and wellness that’s driven by ingredients picked with POC in mind and a pushing mental health awareness called Zen Haus beauty. I’m a wife mother of 3 and an entrepreneur. I’m a spiritual soul sister. All my experiences have shown me the same thing. Whether it’s childbirth trauma. Hysterectomy in my 30s. And childhood trauma. Or workplace trauma. I understand you can’t do better until you know better. So I have decided to live in my purpose. Betting on myself. And sharing my knowledge. We Are lacking the knowledge and information to make the changes we need to better ourselves. So I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with some of the most wonderful profound experts in the beauty industry to join me. And I’m happy to have you here. Let’s glow and grow together your journey starts now. Coming Soon !!!

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