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Yorkshire Farming Podcast

English, Sciences, 1 seasons, 55 episodes, 16 hours 24 minutes
BBC Radio York look at issues affecting farming and the North Yorkshire countryside.
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Yorkshire Farming - Two Years In Review

In the last Yorkshire Farming programme, Gareth Barlow opens up the archives.
09/04/201715 minutes 42 seconds
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Yorkshire Farming Two Years In Review

Yorkshire Farming is coming to an end, in this penultimate programme we open the archives.
02/04/201714 minutes 34 seconds
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Yorkshire Wolds, GM Crops Debate, Community Vegetables

Princess Anne shares her thoughts on GM crops and community allotments start in Leeds.
26/03/201714 minutes 3 seconds
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Biosecurity 17 Conference, Glyphosate, Milk Sales

FERA, The Food and Environment Research Agency in York hosted #Biosecuriyt17 Conference.
19/03/201715 minutes 7 seconds
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Environmental Payments, Ancient Oaks, International Women's Day

A new environmental payment scheme for farmers is being piloted in the Yorkshire Dales.
12/03/201714 minutes 29 seconds
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Yorkshire Cheese, Rural GPs, Bacon

Gareth Barlow visits an multi-award winning cheese producer and looks at food shortages.
05/03/201714 minutes 10 seconds
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Bioethanol, Free Range Eggs, Tree Planting

Can natural flood management protect Yorkshire from floods? Plus petrol power from plants.
26/02/201715 minutes 46 seconds
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Pennine Beer, Rural Care, Rabbits

The search is on for a beer to represent the Pennine Way, the UK's oldest National Trail.
19/02/201713 minutes 8 seconds
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Squirrel Control, Bird Flu, Wild Boar

Could contraceptives for grey squirrels help protect North Yorkshire's reds?
12/02/201717 minutes 20 seconds
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Pocklington Canal, Agri Investment, Farmland Birds

Pocklington Canal is getting a facelift and farmer are being encouraged to count birds.
05/02/201710 minutes 59 seconds
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Lobster and Crab Fisheries, RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Yorkshire's lobster and crab fisheries are the largest in Europe and there's great demand.
29/01/201710 minutes
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Wensleydale Cheese, Butterfly Conservation, Hare Coursing

Journey to the heart of the Yorkshire Dales to visit the Wensleydale Creamery.
22/01/201712 minutes 47 seconds
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Cattle Special, Bird Flu, Plant Research

Happy dairy farmers, cattle being fed apple cider vinegar, black top milk and more!
15/01/201719 minutes 55 seconds
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2017 - The Future For Farming

Gareth Barlow explores the future for farming in 2017, post-Brexit and beyond.
08/01/201718 minutes 5 seconds
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Rare Insects, Woodland Creatures, Pioneering Research

As a new year begins, Gareth Barlow reviews the rural stories from autumn 2016.
01/01/201716 minutes 26 seconds
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Flooding, Calves, Intelligent Growing

Greater cooperation is being urged to tackle future flooding, what's the role of farmers?
18/12/201615 minutes 43 seconds
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Milkmen, Farming Carols, Bird Flu

Gareth Barlow got up with the lark to go on the delivery round with one of York's milkmen.
11/12/201617 minutes 30 seconds
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Farmer Health Checks, Turkey Rearing, Hay Auction

Farmers in North Yorkshire get a winter MOT, plus the Christmas roast - is it ready yet?
04/12/201618 minutes 5 seconds
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Superfood For Bees, Yorkshire Dales Flowers

Research in North Yorkshire is looking at how bees can be given an energy boost.
27/11/201616 minutes 39 seconds
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Dormice Protection, Farming Fit, Improving Plants

Gareth Barlow charts the work being done in the Yorkshire Dales to conserve dormice.
20/11/201619 minutes 52 seconds
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Calf Rearing, Fungicide Development, Leaf Science

Gareth Barlow charts the development of a farmland spray and looks at dairy calf costs.
13/11/201617 minutes 43 seconds
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Venison Farming, High Street Butchers, Tristan da Cunha

Consumer demand for venison is booming and meet York's newest butchers.
06/11/201617 minutes 19 seconds
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Agricultural Research Special

Gareth Barlow meets the scientists and researchers looking at the future for farming.
30/10/201637 minutes 18 seconds
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Livestock Extravaganza: Yorkshire's Animal World

Explore a county of grass fields, livestock markets and industry-leading farms.
23/10/201615 minutes 58 seconds
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Ice Cream Factory, Anaerobic Digestion, Food Facts

We go behind the scenes of the world's second largest ice cream factory.
16/10/201615 minutes 36 seconds
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Metaldehyde, Rural Careers, Fish Accents

How can slug poison be kept out of watercourses and do fish still understand each other?
09/10/201614 minutes 52 seconds
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Badger Faced Sheep, Big Farmland Bird Count

The Badger Faced Sheep Society celebrates its fortieth year, Yorkshire wine, birds & more.
02/10/201619 minutes 39 seconds
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Countryside Stewardship, Yorkshire Dales, Giant Veg

Gareth Barlow explores how Yorkshire's iconic landscapes are environmentally managed.
25/09/20169 minutes 45 seconds
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Mega Sheep Sale, Red Tractor Week, Forty Thousand Bees

Gareth Barlow speaks with Countryfile's Adam Henson and has mild panic with a lot of bees!
18/09/201617 minutes 52 seconds
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Celebrating Summer in North Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Farming team stave off the onset of Autumn with a look back at summer!
11/09/201617 minutes 52 seconds
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Malton Food Festival, Howardian Hills, Shetland Sheep

Meet the North Yorkshire headmaster with a tiny slice of Scotland just north of York.
04/09/201621 minutes 21 seconds
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Tansy Beetles, Yorkshire Arboretum, Lamb Week

There's a UK first for the Yorkshire Arboretum and on the hunt for York's Tansy Beetles.
28/08/201617 minutes 11 seconds
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Water Voles, Yorkshire Wine, School Growing

Gareth Barlow checks on the quality of this year's wine harvest in Yorkshire.
21/08/201615 minutes 55 seconds
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Combine Harvesters, Glorious Twelfth, Emerald Ash Borer

The grouse shooting debate and what does it take to drive a £300,000 combine harvester?
14/08/201622 minutes 27 seconds
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Pea Harvest, Rural Crime, Poultry Farming

Yorkshire's pea farmers only have 150 minutes to get peas from field to frozen.
07/08/201622 minutes 27 seconds
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Ryedale Show, National Living Wage, Yorkshire Dales

Exploring the impact of the National Living Wage on fruit and vegetable growers.
31/07/201615 minutes 25 seconds
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Worms, Butterflies, Agricultural Research

Scientists from York, Leeds & Sheffield Universities' rural research in North Yorkshire.
24/07/201615 minutes 21 seconds
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Great Yorkshire Show 2016, Antony Worrall Thompson

Looking back at England's largest agricultural show.
17/07/201618 minutes 16 seconds
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Pollinators, Great Yorkshire Show, Farm Safety

Join Gareth Barlow for a walk through a wildflower meadow and robots milking cows
10/07/201615 minutes
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Milk, Farming and Brexit

Possibly the shortest milk miles in the UK and what will Brexit mean for North Yorkshire?
03/07/201620 minutes 50 seconds
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Strawberries and Cream, BBQs, Grasslands

Strawberries with cream, sugar or balsamic vinegar? We'll let you decide!
26/06/201613 minutes 52 seconds
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Sheepdog Trials, Yorkshire Dales, Education

Meet the duo vying for the top spot at this year's English National Sheepdog Trials.
19/06/201622 minutes 27 seconds
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Sheep Shearing, Grasslands, Rural Planning

Join the trainee sheep-shearers of today, as they learn how to clip their first sheep.
12/06/201624 minutes 42 seconds
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Dales Festival of Food and Drink, Eighteen Months of Dairy

Gareth Barlow revisits the first dairy farm featured on the Yorkshire Farming programme.
05/06/201616 minutes 2 seconds
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School Growing, Sandwiches, Fly Tipping

To celebrate British Sandwich Week, Gareth Barlow went on the hunt for a superior sarnie!
15/05/201618 minutes 25 seconds
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Foraging, Stalking Deer, Food Awards

Urban parks and city centres are bursting with food, if you know what to look for.
08/05/201620 minutes 38 seconds
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Planting Trees in the Yorkshire Dales, Great British Beef Week

Gareth Barlow joins the National Trust at Malham Tarn and beef farmers go to town.
01/05/201626 minutes 59 seconds
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Capability Brown, Medicating Pigs, Farming Apps

Gareth Barlow discovers how country estates and farmland were designed to work together.
24/04/201623 minutes 5 seconds
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Fishing In The Yorkshire Dales

Meet the North Yorkshire dairy farmer making more money from methane than milk.
17/04/201617 minutes 29 seconds
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Brewing Tea, Mental Health & Food Awards

Meet the North Yorkshire group, Men in Sheds, who are helping to battle rural isolation.
10/04/201624 minutes 33 seconds
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Yorkshire's BBC Food and Farming Award Finalists (03/04/2016)

The Yorkshire businesses in the running for an award and learn to make the perfect coffee.
03/04/201619 minutes 56 seconds
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Grading British Wool and Celebrating Farndale's Daffodils (27/03/2016)

Gareth Barlow wanders through the daffodil walk & joins the British Wool Marketing Board.
27/03/201626 minutes
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FareShare Yorkshire (20/03/2016)

Meet the charity saving fresh food from landfill and feeding people instead.
20/03/20161 minute 28 seconds
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Lambing Live, English Wine & Yorkshire Butter (13/03/2016)

There's a new arrival on the programme and Gareth Barlow discovers Yorkshire butter.
13/03/201628 minutes 56 seconds
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Brewing Beer, Making Pasta, Upland Farms (06/03/2016)

Meet the North Yorkshire food producers pushing boundaries and the farm protecting water.
06/03/201621 minutes 25 seconds