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YMSU- Young Men, Stand Up

English, Religion, 2 seasons, 13 episodes, 5 hours, 17 minutes
Reaching the unreached. Teaching the untaught. A faith based podcast for the youth driven by the youth. Instagram/Twitter: @ymsupodcast Hotmail: [email protected]
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"The Great Commission"

Join Rea and Ofentse as they open the discussion of living a life full of purpose.
10/23/202023 minutes, 50 seconds
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"God & Money"

Join Rea, Ofentse, Laurenso and Ntsako as they discuss the importance of God within their finances"
10/9/202027 minutes, 54 seconds
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Ntsako, Keletso & Kudzai have a discussion on identity.
9/25/202025 minutes, 4 seconds
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"Conquering Addiction pt 2"

Join Reaoleboga, Keletso and Ntsako as they continue the discussion of conquering addiction.
9/19/202027 minutes, 42 seconds
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"Conquering addiction"

Join Laurenso, Kudzai & Ofentse as they share their stories of how they have conquered their addictions.
9/4/202023 minutes, 45 seconds
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"Expectation vs Reality Pt. 2"

Ofentse, Laurenso & Ntsako continue the conversation of vision in part 2 of "Expectation v Reality".
8/28/202026 minutes, 15 seconds
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"Expectation vs Reality"

Join Kudzai, Reaoleboga & Keletso as they discuss 2020 in retrospect.
8/22/202026 minutes, 40 seconds
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"What it means to be a Father of Nations"

Join Reaoleboga, Ofentse, Laurenso & Keletso as they have an in-depth discussion on "what is means to be a Father of Nations."
8/11/202029 minutes, 31 seconds
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"Born again. What now?"

Join Ntsako, Laurenso & Kudzai as they discuss the early battles of being a born again Christian.
8/11/202025 minutes, 43 seconds
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"The Beginning"

A quick introduction into the lives of the team members of Young Men, Stand Up.
8/11/202020 minutes, 10 seconds