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English, Human interest, 1 season, 20 episodes, 17 hours, 44 minutes
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is the only program on radio today that offers perspectives on our world through the eyes of three different generations. It features provocative guests and timely topics and airs the first Friday of every month. The show is produced by Phil Mariage. In documenting the various generations, Mariage feels it's especially important to capture and compare the opinions of the older, middle and younger generations so their stories can live on well into the future. Guests on the show have included former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole, the late historian John Hope Franklin, George McGovern, Marian McPartland of National Public Radio's Piano Jazz, former Arkansas Supreme Court Justice John Stroud, and the late Elizabeth Warnock Fernea, an influential writer, filmmaker, and anthropologist. Topics have included parenting, advertising, obesity, war, the Middle East, and addiction.
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7/31/202151 minutes, 26 seconds
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Liberalism & Conservatism - 2004 Re-airing

9/29/202051 minutes, 27 seconds
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Race Relations -Black & White 2001

7/2/202051 minutes, 26 seconds
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Unemployment 2010 Rebroadcast

3/30/202051 minutes, 27 seconds
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Birth Defects

2/6/202052 minutes, 34 seconds
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Female Sex Drive

11/16/20191 hour, 55 seconds
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Rural vs. Urban

11/6/201951 minutes, 31 seconds
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Male Sex Drive

10/3/20191 hour, 15 minutes, 5 seconds
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9/1/201951 minutes, 27 seconds
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Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: Anti-Semetism

Antisemitism is almost as old as society and religion itself. From time to time throughout history Jews have endured the negative onslaughts of various other groups. Most recently at the Tree of Life Synagogue terrible murders, and the New York professor who had her office vandalized, we find antisemitism still wreaking havoc upon Jews. Coming from all directions, our societies need to be ever mindful of this fearful philosophy.
12/8/201851 minutes, 26 seconds
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8/9/201851 minutes, 27 seconds
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Radiation Therapy

Uams in Little Rock is one of the leading cancer research institutions in the nation. Part of that research and service is in the area of Radiation Therapy. This program brings three of the moset important Oncologists discussing the scope of their field from the earlier decades to the present. Dr. Loverd Peacock, Dr. Fen Xia and Dr. Sanjay Maraboyina take us from the almost accidental discovery of the penetrating power of radiation left in a shirt pocket, to our current times when radiation can be modeled in 3d to administer pinpoint effective results. If you or a loved one are facing any form of cancer, you will find this discussion very informative ...and possibly life saving.
5/28/201851 minutes, 26 seconds
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The Living Wage

4/4/201851 minutes, 28 seconds
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Sexual Harassment

This topic not only comes from the IS the news. Even though sexual harassment rose to the level of a short news story every now and then, it wasn't on everyone's mind till Harvey Weinstein. Since then so many well respected men have had their lives exposed to everyone. Hollywood stars, politicians from both sides, business icons and various other men have been outed in a storm of devastating consequence to their lives and our social fabric. Sexual harassment has so many other jobs, education, sports, religions and so much more. My guests are Monie Johnson, the executive director of ACASA -Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Lindsey Lewis a Junior here at UA Little Rock and intern with ACASA Michelle Cline is the Rape Project Coordinator for the Arkansas Commission On Child Abuse and Domestic Violence and Angela McGraw the Executive Director for Women and Children First in Central Arkansas Ask your wife, daughter, sister or mother about whether or not they agree with my guests.
12/1/201751 minutes, 26 seconds
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10/31/201746 minutes
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Cost of Living

A generational discussion on the various aspects of concern each generation has on the costs of living.
10/4/201751 minutes, 26 seconds
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Transgender - 2012 Rebroadcast

This is the 2012 full hour version of our generational discussion on Transgendered. It features Georgia Perez at 52, Andrea Zekas 32 and 17 year old Ali. All three have experienced the transition unique for their generation. This is a very compelling program and one I think you will enjoy.
8/5/201751 minutes, 27 seconds
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Cardiovascular Health

Cardiologists from the older, middle and younger generations discuss the changes in heart health care over time.
7/2/201751 minutes, 35 seconds
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Doctor Visits - Extended Version

11/13/201556 minutes, 59 seconds
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Infant Death

10/10/201552 minutes, 7 seconds