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English, Education, 1 seasons, 14 episodes, 5 hours 48 minutes
Yarns With Marns is a podcast run by 20 year old Rangimarie (Marnie, Marns) from Wellington New Zealand. My aim with this podcast is to interview many people, share knowledge and provide as much value as possible whether through entertaining or educating
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14. Find Something To Look Forward To [Q&A Episode]

What's up beautiful people i'm back with another episode this time a Q and A episode. I hope you get some value out of this and thank you to everyone that sent through questions. Peace&Love
13/04/202217 minutes 51 seconds
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13. Face It Till You Make It

What's up beautiful people, Someone once told me to "fake it till you make it" and I believed this was the right thing to do but in recent years i've realised that FACING it is the best way to move forward. Hope you get some value from this episode. Peace and love always xx
10/03/202211 minutes 11 seconds
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12. Action Man

I was going through my books from when I was a baby and I spotted something in there that still is relatable today, 22 years later. The words I read in the book said "ACTION MAN". Have a listen to this episode to see what I mean. Much love beautiful people   Peace & Love xx
09/02/20229 minutes 49 seconds
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11. Why I am the way that I am | Guest on 'Small Town Kid' Podcast

What's up beautiful people. Last week I jumped on 'Small Town Kid' Podcast to share a lot about my life journey so far and talked about the experiences and struggles i've faced in my short 22 years as well some of the triumphs and success too. Hope you enjoy this episode and make sure to check out Small Town Kid and Ngakohu Walker too :) Peace & Love
08/02/202257 minutes 54 seconds
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10. Hold fast to your faith - Sectare Fidem

Mauri Ora beautiful people today's episode is important to me because Sectare Fidem was my highschool motto. Listen in as I explain what this motto means to me today 6 years after I finished at this school
02/02/20229 minutes 6 seconds
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Embracing My Authentic Self [Q&A Episode]

Welcome back to the podcast. Today's episode is a Q&A episode where I had people ask me questions on Instagram and go through and answer them with hopes that you can get some value from it. Thank you heaps for all of the support! Peace and Love always !
20/01/202221 minutes 59 seconds
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treating love & hate the same

In today's episode we talk about how to find balance and respond neutrally to what happens to you. We talk a little about the law of polarity and how to apply it in life. Hope you enjoy this episode, peace and love to you all xx
13/01/202210 minutes 56 seconds
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happy new year - life update

what's up beautiful people. back with another podcast my first for 2022. hope everyone has had a blissful start to the year x
11/01/20228 minutes 21 seconds
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First episode back

It's been 11 months since I last recorded a podcast. But we're back now and i'm going to be here weekly with new episodes. Let me know what you think and hope you enjoy the new episode
12/12/202110 minutes 41 seconds
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What 2021 Looks Like For Me & My Goals For The Year

I'm back with my first podcast for 2021 Been a while but getting back into the full swing of thing content wise. Take a listen to see what i've been doing these first couple months and what i've got planned for the year. Appreciate all the support so far x
18/02/202111 minutes 26 seconds
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4. My Experience Getting A Psychic Reading & Romiromi Massage

On Sunday I had my first psychic reading from Tapahia Heke a superhero reader. I also had a Romiromi massage that helps to release deep tension and negative energy In this poddy I explain my experiences with them both :) Please share if you enjoy. Mauri ora
10/11/202031 minutes 38 seconds
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3. Q&A Show Episode One

In this podcast I answer all questions that were asked to me on my Instagram and Facebook. I said I would answer all questions so there are a mix of serious questions and a couple muck around :) Some of the questions: What's your experience with mental health? Thoughts on bullying? What's been your biggest goal for this year? If you could give one piece of advice to anyone what would it be? Biggest current inspirations? Do you believe health professionals trivialise the impact injuries can have? What advice do you have for young people and social media use? And many more :)   Hope you enjoy
28/09/202039 minutes 7 seconds
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2. NIWA - New Zealand's Most Travelled Professional Wrestler

Kia ora e te whānau, thank you for tuning it to the second episode of Yarns With Marns. In this episode I have my first guest on the podcast my older brother Niwa. He has returned home from England because of the pandemic and so was awesome to have him come on and share some of his journey. He is a professional wrestler and has spent the last 4 years overseas in Mexico and The UK. He shares stories of how he worked his way to wrestling in front of 26,000 fans in Mexico and also shares some of the tough times he had abroad. Hope you enjoy e te whānau and please remember to leave a review or comment :)    
23/09/20201 hour 14 minutes 37 seconds
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1. Introduction to Yarns With Marns - My reasons for starting a podcast

Kia ora listeners, In this first episode of Yarns With Marns I introduce myself and give a background about who I am and what I do, I explain my reasons for starting a podcast, the equipment I use, my favourite podcasts to listen to as well as a few cool story's along the way :) Hope you enjoy! Rangimarie Mita   Social: Instagram: marnie_mita YouTube: Marnie Mita TIkTok: marnie_mita Twitter: marnie_mita Snapchat: marniemita
12/09/202033 minutes 39 seconds