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Chinese, Education, 1 season, 1323 episodes, 5 days, 21 hours, 14 minutes
35岁的Lily在三年前原本是一个平凡的家庭主妇和英语老师,没有雄厚的家世背景,是如何靠着建立积极心态和实际行动实现她的环球旅行梦?在这个播客专辑里,你不仅可以学英语,还可以跟着她的旅行故事一起环游世界!每日更新,给你不间断的满满正能量!微信公众号:贵旅特 (唯一官方号!!!)
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1658 对于创造更好生活的目前动力是0|自我觉察挑战|Day 14

今日格言Those who know themselves do not blame others. —Confucius, Analects 自知者不怨人。—论语Day 14 自我察觉挑战How motivated I am to change my life for the better?对于让生活变得更好我的动力有多大呢?I feel quite ashamed because my motivation has been really low during this period. I have entered a state where I don't care much about my life, simply waking up each day and asking myself what I want to do, then doing what I feel like. I am grateful for these six months of rest, and I hope to start again.我觉得很惭愧,这段时间我的动力真的很低,我进入了一个不是太在乎自己生活的状态,只是每天醒来问自己想做什么,做想做的事情。感谢有这六个月的休息,我希望可以再出发。后记:看到了自己的定位,我希望自己不要再责怪自己,想休息就休息,想要出发就去做吧!“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/30/202413 minutes, 35 seconds
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1657 当别人误解你的时候,你都怎么面对的?|自我觉察挑战|Day 13

今日格言Each man has his own universe inside him. —Hermann Hesse 每个人的心中都有一个宇宙。—赫曼·黑塞Day 13 自我察觉挑战How do I deal with being misperceived or misunderstood?我是如何处理被误解或误会?In the past, when faced with misunderstandings, I usually got very angry, and it was easy for these misunderstandings to affect my friendship. Now, I handle misunderstandings more calmly and try to explain the situation. For example, recently in Chiang Mai, a friend misunderstood that I was mocking her. After explaining the misunderstanding, everything was fine, and we have become even better friends now. Understanding is key!以前面对误会通常都是很生气,也很容易在这些误解的情况下影响彼此的友谊。现在面对误会会比较冷静后然后去解释误会,例如最近在清迈的时候,朋友误解我在嘲笑她,后来经过解释之后就没事,而且我们现在变成更好的朋友。理解万岁!“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/26/202418 minutes, 8 seconds
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1656 最近一次被拒绝的新发现|自我觉察挑战|Day 12

今日格言Only through self-awareness can one truly grow. —James Allen 唯有自我觉察,才能真正成长。—詹姆斯·艾伦Day 12 自我察觉挑战How do I deal with rejection? 我如何处理拒绝?In the past, the feeling of being rejected was very painful. I didn't like being rejected and even avoided opportunities where I might be rejected. However, recently when I encountered rejection, I only felt sad for a few seconds. After that, I thanked the other person and moved on. One reason was that I didn't necessarily need to be accepted, and another was that my expectations were low, so I didn't mind too much.过去被拒绝的感觉很难受,我不喜欢被拒绝,甚至我会避免被拒绝的机会。然而,我最近遇到被拒绝的时候,我只是心里难过了几秒钟吧,接下来我和对方道谢,就这么结案了。一个是我并没有一定要被接受,也因为我期待很低吧,所以并没有太在意。“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/20/20247 minutes, 57 seconds
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1655 有些事这辈子现在不做,以后都不会做了|自我觉察挑战|Day 11

今日格言Self-awareness is a lifelong journey. —Khalil Gibran 自我觉察是一生的修行。—纪伯伦Day 11 自我察觉挑战How do I respond to situations that force me to get out of my comfort zone? 我是如何回应那些让我强迫走出舒服圈的事物?I usually take on the challenge and actively adjust my feelings. For instance, during my round-the-world trip, while volunteering, many situations required me to step out of my comfort zone. This time, I challenged myself by doing various tasks such as babysitting, gardening, and working as a librarian. Although these were not things I would normally do, they made me realize that I am capable of succeeding in these roles, which gave me a sense of achievement.通常我都会挑战看看,也会积极的去调整我自己的感受。这次我在环球旅行的时候,在做义工的时候其实会发生很多需要强迫走出舒服圈的事情,例如这次我挑战做了很多不同的事情,像是保姆、园丁和图书馆员,在过程中虽然都是我平常不会做的事情,但是也让我感觉自己原来能够胜任这些角色的成就。“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/19/202416 minutes, 3 seconds
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1654 Lily分享在不同时差压力下的工作经验|自我觉察挑战|Day 10

今日格言Know the enemy, know yourself, and in every battle you will be victorious. —Sun Tzu 知己知彼,百战百胜。—孙子Day 10 自我察觉挑战How do I deal with stressful situations? Do I tend to worry a lot? What else do I do? 我是如何处理有压力的情境?是倾向于忧虑还是...?I believe that a bit of stress can bring out a person's potential. However, for example, there was a period when I had to wake up around 4 AM in Thailand. After some time, I noticed that my body and mind started to resist this routine.我觉得有一点压力也会压出人的潜力,但例如有一段时间我在泰国必须要三点多起床,我发现一段时间后,我的身心会有些反抗。分享我自己(自由工作者)如何在各地调整时差工作:在亚洲各地,尽可能将工作变成早上的工作在北美洲的时候,有12-15个小时的时差,尽量也是早早起床和学生同步在欧洲,下午的时候工作,早上和晚上都是自己的时间“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/17/202416 minutes, 29 seconds
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1653 环游世界是生命全新的一种改变,你准备好了?|自我觉察挑战|Day 9

今日格言Self-awareness is the first step in change. —Carl Jung 自我觉察是改变的第一步。—卡尔·荣格Day 9 自我察觉挑战How do I deal with change? New job, new house, new lifestyle, new people, new rules, new technology.. do I tend to avoid it, welcome it, fear it, like it, complain about it, stress out about it, worry about it?我是如何面对改变?新的工作、新房子、新的生活方式、新的人、新的规则、新科技... 我是倾向逃离还是欢迎它?害怕它还是喜欢它、抱怨它、感觉有压力还是担心它?I actually quite like change and generally welcome it. However, I often notice that it takes me a week or two to fully adapt. During this period, I pay attention to the nuances of the change, and I observe both its benefits and drawbacks.我还蛮喜欢改变的,基本上欢迎改变,但是我常常会注意到自己可能一两个礼拜的变化, 感受到它们到来的巧思,它们到来的好处和坏处“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/17/202416 minutes, 14 seconds
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1652 如何回应当计划突然被改变和取消的状况?|自我觉察挑战|Day 8

今日格言Facing your inner self is the path to true peace. 面对自己的内心,才能找到真正的平静。回应听众:“好像以前的播客比较能学得到英语...?”谢谢听众反馈。因为在创作的时候,我会根据当时状态和地点创作出不同的内容,追寻我当下的动力来做出创作的内容,对于过去发表的东西,有些是旧的能量已经引发不了我目前创作的动力,然而这些内容的中心都是帮助大家可以用更好的方式学英语、打破自己的局限和勇敢的去圆梦而出发。运用觉察日记学习英语建议搭配ChatGPT,写英语日记的时候加上这样的字眼:Be my tutor, help me revise my grammar and vocabulary. Tell me how I can improve my journal entry. (做我的家教,帮助我修改我的语法和词汇。告诉我如何可以改善我的日记)Day 8 自我察觉挑战How do I respond when plans change or plans get cancelled without me say so? 我是如何回应当计划被改变或被取消的情况In the past, I usually felt very sad or unfairly treated. However, I am now increasingly adapting to these changes. When it happens now, I try various ways to see if there is a way to reverse it. If it still cannot be changed, I consider it as fate and usually accept the change calmly.过去我通常都会很难过或感到不公平,但是我现在越来越适应这些变化了。现在当它发生时,我会试着用各种方法去看看有没有办法逆转,但还是不能改变的时候,就将它视为老天爷的旨意,通常都能平静的去接受变化。“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/15/202419 minutes, 42 seconds
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1651 你是如何面对人生的挑战?|自我觉察挑战|Day 7

今日格言Self-awareness is the foundation of all spiritual practice. —Eckhart Tolle 自我觉察是一切修行的基础。—艾克哈特·托利Day 7 自我察觉挑战How do I deal with challenges in my life?我是如何面对我人生的挑战?When I was 10 years old, I broke my arm while playing with a neighbor. That was the first significant challenge in my life. I remember my father taking me to a local clinic to get my arm set, and I screamed loudly. My father told me not to cry. After surgery, the doctor said my arm would never be straight again, which made me very sad. During that time, my parents were very proactive in helping me with rehabilitation. Just when I thought I had to accept my arm would always be bent, it straightened on its own.Since then, I have encountered many challenges in life, but I know everything will be okay. As I often say, "Everything will be okay in the end; if it's not okay, it's not the end."10岁的时候我因为和邻居玩耍而摔断了手臂,那是我这辈子第一个印象最深的人生挑战,我记得爸爸带我去接骨,结果我大声吼叫,爸爸告诉我不能哭。经过了手术后,医生说我的手将一辈子无法变直让我很难过,那个时候,我的父母都很积极地为我做复健,当我觉得好像不得不接受这样的情况的时候,我的手就自己变直了。在这之后,我仍遇见了很多人生的挑战,但我知道一切都会好好的,就像我常说的那句话,Everything will be okay in the end; if it's not okay, it's not the end. (事情最终都会变好的;如果它还没变好,代表这不是终点。)***“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/12/202416 minutes, 19 seconds
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1650 在人生旅途都逃离不了要面对这样的事,你如何看?|自我觉察挑战|Day 6

今日格言Only through self-awareness can we achieve true self. —Ralph Waldo Emerson 只有透过自我觉察,才能成就真正的自我。—拉尔夫·瓦尔多·爱默生Day 6 自我察觉挑战How do I deal with negativity in my environment?我是如何回应目前在我环境中负面的事物?This situation happened just recently: an alarm clock rang from 3 AM to 4 AM, and I was certain it came from the neighboring room. Initially, I recorded the noise, angrily went to knock on the neighbor’s door, and shouted a curse word. I couldn’t fall back asleep afterward. When morning came, I complained to the landlords. They seriously reminded all the tenants and investigated the source of the noise. Through self-reflection, I realized how easily I get angry. I later thought, was it necessary to react that way and disturb everyone? After calming down, I started to consider that the person might not have done it on purpose. Could there be better ways for everyone to help each other?这一天就发生了这么一件事:一个闹铃声从三点响到了四点,很确定是隔壁传来的,我一开始录了音很生气的到了隔壁门敲门然后骂了一声脏话,后来就睡不着了,然后等到天亮的时候再和房东们告状,房东们很认真的帮我提醒所有的住户,并且查明声音的出处。透过自我觉察,我发现我真的是好易怒啊?后来想了一下,有必要这样反应然后惊动大家吗?所以等我冷静下来后,我就在想如果别人不是故意的呢?会不会有其他更好的办法,大家可以互相帮忙?“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/11/202420 minutes, 37 seconds
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1649 面对不可控的事件,你通常都如何回应它?|自我觉察挑战|Day 5

今日格言Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. —Aristotle 认识自己,是一切智慧的开端。—亚里士多德Day 5 自我察觉挑战How do I respond to situations that I have no control over?我是如何回应我无法控制的事?Regarding failed marriage, career setbacks, the sudden death of parents, and not having met a life partner, as well as daily situations that I have no control over, initially, my response is often frustration and anger. I feel a strong sense of injustice and helplessness when these situations occur.However, I hope to accept these situations that I have no control over more peacefully, recognizing that my life is ultimately in my hands. Nowadays, when I face minor uncontrollable events, I handle my emotions much better in the moment!对于婚姻失败、事业失败、父母突然离世还有一直以来没有遇上一个可以一起生活的伴侣,甚至一些日常无法控制的事,起初,我会有点忧郁甚至生气。我会觉得不公平甚至对这些事情的发生而感到无助。然而,我希望自己会更平和地接受这些不能控制的事情,我的生命操之在我。现在我面对一些不能控制的小事情的时候,我当下处理的情绪更好了!**“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/9/202417 minutes, 39 seconds
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1648 面对不利与你的生活处境,试试这样去回应|自我觉察挑战|Day4

今日格言Self-awareness is the first step to wisdom. —George Santayana 自觉是通往智慧的第一步。—乔治·桑塔亚纳Day 4 自我察觉挑战How do I deal with inconvenient life situations? 我是如何处理/面对不利于我的生活处境?When faced with inconvenient life situations, I usually feel a bit distressed initially. I tend to analyze how I can make the most of these seemingly inconvenient situations to benefit me.For example, this time I returned to Taiwan, I unexpectedly lost my inspiration for travel and motivation for work. Despite this, I used the time to study for a tour guide examination. By gradually relaxing, I gained the opportunity to work as a podcast coach for events during an around Taiwan trip.Another instance involved an interesting part-time job opportunity located an hour and a half away from my current home. I turned this commute into a positive by using the one-hour travel time to listen to audiobooks and the half-hour cycling as a fitness activity.Through these experiences, I have learned to face each inconvenient situation more calmly and relaxed, understanding that every challenge can be an opportunity for growth.一开始会有点苦恼,因为我会去进行分析这我可以如何利用这个目前看起来不利于我的生活处境为我获得最大的益处。例如回到了台湾,没有预期地我陷入了轻微的忧郁,失去了旅行的灵感和工作的动力,但我利用这段时间报考了导游的执照,另外借由慢慢放松后,我获得了环岛担任播客教练机会。还有一个有趣的兼职工作机会,但是这个机会距离我家一个半小时以外的路程。我将那一个小时当作我可以听有声书的机会,还有半小时的脚踏车时光当作是健身。借由这次的觉察,我更加体会,可以更加放松地去面对每一次对我不利的处境。***“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/7/202419 minutes, 40 seconds
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1647 帮助我们能够学好英语又去环游世界的是这个!|自我察觉挑战|Day 3

今日格言The greatest knowledge is to know oneself. —Michelangelo 认识自己,是最伟大的知识。—米开朗基罗Day 3 自我察觉挑战How much self-control do I have with things that I know are bad for me, but tend to indulge in?我现在对事物拥有多少的自控力?The best self-control in my life is probably maintaining a regular sleep and wake schedule. I also tend to listen to my body and feelings and take necessary breaks. I don't have major emotional outbursts and work hard when I need to. However, I have less control over my phone and internet usage, and I can clearly feel that I am being "hijacked" by my phone and spending a lot of time online.我在生活中最好的自控力大概就是保持规律的作息。我也倾向于倾听自己的身体和感受,并在必要时休息。我不会有严重的情绪爆发,并且在需要时会努力工作。但我在手机或网络使用的状况就比较没有控制力,这个我可以明确感受到被手机绑架,还花了很多时间在上网。“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/6/202420 minutes, 41 seconds
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1646 遇到负面的人怎么应对?|自我察觉挑战|Day 2

今日格言To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom. —Socrates 认识自己,就能认识世界。—苏格拉底Day 2 自我察觉挑战How do I deal with negative people? 我是如何处理负面的人?In the past, I might have reacted with anger and avoided or escaped from the person. Typically, I would feel angry, such as when facing negative comments on a podcast. Then, I would address the points they raised by sharing my perspective and suggesting they take my views as a reference.过去可能会生气,逃避这个人,通常我会感觉生气,譬如面对播客上的负面评论,我会就他说的点提出我的看法,告诉他参考参考就好。**“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/5/202415 minutes, 28 seconds
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1645 当你没得到想要的,你怎么反应?|中英文自我觉察挑战开始啦!|Day 1

今日格言Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. —Laozi, Tao Te Ching 知人者智,自知者明。—《道德经》Day 1 自我察觉挑战How do I respond when I don't get what I want?如果我没有得到我想要的我是怎么回应?When I don't get what I want, I usually feel a bit disappointed at first. However, I try to remain calm and find different ways to pursue what I want. For instance, during a recent trip to Bali, my companion's initial choice of accommodation wasn't what I preferred. Initially, I felt a bit unsure, but after calming down, I explained to my companion from a different perspective why my choice would be beneficial for both of us. We then made a decision that took everyone's situation into account. Often, by staying composed and discussing it this way, I can achieve what I want.当我没有得到我想要的,一开始我通常会有一点失落,不过我也会用其他方式努力再争取一次自己想要的。例如,在为最近的峇里岛旅行做住宿决定时,我同伴一开始的选择不是我想要的,起初我感觉有点不是很确信,冷静下来后,我会再用其他观点和同伴解释为什么我的选择会对我们都好,然后再综合大家的情况决定,然而通常透过保持冷静还有用这样的方式讨论,我能得到我想要的。***“30日自我觉察的挑战”可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆“觉察”的英文 awareness 当然也可以透过我的网站 下载过去的现在的所有挑战
6/4/202423 minutes, 57 seconds
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1644 你需要更少的?|灵性日记挑战|Day 20

今日格言"Spirituality is about being curious and finding meaning in life." - Deepak Chopra “灵性生活是告诉我们保持好奇心并在生活中寻找意义。”- 迪帕克·乔普拉这句话强调灵性是一种积极探索和寻求生活意义的态度。保持好奇心和寻找意义是灵性成长的关键,这种成长帮助我们更好地理解自己和周围的世界,并在生活中找到更深层次的满足和幸福。Day 20 灵性日记挑战What do I need less of?我需要更少的...?What I need less of is worry. I need to trust more in the universe and believe that it has a bigger plan for me, even when I can't see the way forward.我需要更少的是烦恼。我需要更多地信任宇宙,相信它对我有更大的计划,即使我看不到前进的方向。灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1643 谁最启发你?|灵性日记挑战|Day 19

今日格言"The spiritual path is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path; most people just don't know it." - Marianne Williamson “灵性之路只是我们生活的旅程。每个人都在一条灵性之路上;大多数人只是不知道。”- 玛丽安娜·威廉森每个人都在走一条灵性的道路,无论他们是否意识到。灵性不是特定活动或仪式的专属,而是日常生活中的一部分。认识到这一点可以帮助我们更深刻地体验生活,找到更大的内心平静和满足。Day 19 灵性日记挑战Who inspires me and why?谁启发我?为什么?Someone who inspires me a lot is Jamie Kern Lima. Her stories about how she endured multiple rejections and eventually sold her company to L'Oréal for billions, becoming one of the wealthiest women in the world, are truly inspirational. She's also very encouraging and conducts workshops to inspire women to feel worthy. I love how she encourages us to listen to our intuition and do what brings us joy.有一位让我深受启发的人是杰米·柯恩·利玛(Jamie Kern Lima)。她的故事讲述了她如何忍受了多次的拒绝,然后将自己的公司卖给了欧莱雅,成为了世界上最富有的女性之一,这真是令人振奋。她也非常鼓舞人心,并通过工作坊鼓励女性感到自己是有价值的。我喜欢她鼓励我们听从直觉,做让自己快乐的事情。**灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载**参加520“福来英语生活教练九周体验营”开营活动,请写信至[email protected] 标题:Fly with Lily我的IG:flywithlily
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1642 你想要改变什么个人习惯?|灵性日记挑战|Day 18

今日格言"Your spirituality is not defined by the words you speak, but by the actions you take." - Unknown “你的精神生活并不是由你所说的话所定义,而是由你所采取的行动所定义。”- 未知这句话的意思是,一个人的精神生活和内在的信仰不仅仅是由他所说的言辞来评判的,更重要的是他所采取的行动和实际的行为。言行一致是评判一个人真正信仰和灵性的重要标准。即使一个人口头上宣称自己具有某种信仰或价值观,但如果他的行为和实际行动与之不符,那么这种宣称就会显得虚伪和空洞。相反,当一个人能够通过自己的行动和行为来展现他的信仰和价值观时,他的精神生活就会更加真实和有力量。因此,这句话提醒我们,真正的灵性在于行动和实践,而不仅仅是言语上的表达。Day 18 灵性日记挑战What personal habits I would like to change?我想要改变的个人习惯是?I'd like to break the habit of spending too much time watching videos online and replace it with reading more books. Additionally, I want to cut down on my consumption of bubble tea. (I wrote it down a month ago, and now my habits have greatly improved. I've also decreased the time spent watching videos and drinking bubble tea, and I've begun to read more books.)我想改掉花太多时间看网上影片的习惯,并多读书。此外,我也想减少喝手摇茶的次数。(一个月前写下来的,现在已经大大地改善我看影片和喝手摇茶的时间,并看更多的书。)Now I'd like to start spending more time brushing my teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash before bed, as well as paying more attention to taking care of my body and surroundings.现在我想在睡前花更多时间刷牙、使用牙线和漱口水,同时更加注意照顾自己的身体和周围的环境。I also need to stop beating myself up while pursuing my dreams. I know I have so many places to see and experiences. I can just go for it.我也需要停止在追求梦想的过程中自责。我知道我有许多地方要去看,还有很多经历要体验。我可以放手去追寻。***灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载**參加520“福来英语生活教练九周体验营”开营活动,请写信至[email protected] 标题:Fly with Lily我的IG:flywithlily
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1641 你还记得你做的梦吗?|灵性日记挑战|Day17

今日格言"Spirituality is not a religion; it is a way of life." - Kilroy J. Oldster “灵性不是一种宗教,而是一种生活方式。”- 基尔罗伊·J·奥尔德斯特灵性不仅限于特定的宗教信仰或仪式,而是一种贯穿于日常生活中的心态和态度。灵性可以涉及个人的内在探索、自我成长以及与世界和他人的深层联系。Day 17 灵性日记挑战A current theme in my dreams我目前梦中的主题是A current theme in my dreams is often the presence of people I miss. Since returning to Taiwan, I frequently dream about my mom and dad, as well as some dear friends I met during my travels over the past few years.最近我梦到的主题通常是我想念的人。自从我回到台湾,我经常梦见我的爸爸妈妈,还有在过去几年旅行中认识的一些亲密朋友。**灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载**參加520“福来英语生活教练九周体验营”开营活动,请写信至[email protected] 标题:Fly with Lily我的IG:flywithlily
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1640 最高形式的自我关怀是怎么样子的?|灵性日记挑战|Day 16

(公告:明后天在外出差停播)今日格言"Spirituality is the highest form of self-care." - Unknown 关注和培养自己的灵性生活是最重要和最深层次的自我照顾方式这句话“灵性是最高形式的自我照顾”的意思是,关注和培养自己的灵性生活是最重要和最深层次的自我照顾方式。这里的“灵性”指的是个人内在的精神世界、信仰、价值观和与宇宙或某种更高力量的联系。这种观点认为,通过灵性的实践和探索,人们可以达到内心的平静、满足和整体健康。以下是这句话的几个可能涵义:深层次的自我关怀:灵性生活的培养可以帮助人们理解自己内心深处的需求和渴望,比仅仅满足物质需求或表面上的心理健康更深入。全面的健康:灵性被认为能够促进身心灵的整体健康。灵性实践如冥想、祈祷或静思可以减少压力、提升心情,并且增强个人的幸福感。人生意义的追求:灵性生活往往与寻找人生的意义和目的有关。这种追求可以带来深层次的满足感,使个人在面对生活挑战时更加坚定和有力量。与他人和自然的联系:灵性实践常常强调与他人、自然和更高力量的联系,这可以促进人际关系的和谐,并培养对环境的尊重和爱护。总之,这句话强调了灵性在个人自我关怀和全面发展中的核心地位,认为通过灵性成长可以达到最高形式的自我照顾和幸福。Day 16 灵性日记挑战How is the moon making me feel at the moment?此刻月亮给我什么样的感觉?The moon's presence instills in me a sense of connection to something greater than myself. Its gentle glow illuminates the darkness, offering solace and comfort. Under its watchful gaze, I feel a profound sense of peace and reassurance, knowing that even in the vast expanse of the night sky, I am not alone.月亮的存在让我感受到与自己以外更伟大的事物连接的感觉。它温柔的光芒照亮了黑暗,提供了慰借和安慰。在它警惕的凝视下,我感受到深深的平静和安慰,知道即使在无边无际的夜空中,我并不孤单。**灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载**參加520“福来英语生活教练九周体验营”开营活动,请写信至[email protected] 标题:Fly with Lily我的IG:flywithlily
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1639 你曾经对自己说了哪些谎言?|灵性日记挑战|Day 15

今日格言"To be spiritual is to be in touch with your inner self." - Abhijit Naskar “灵性意味着与内心自我接触。”- 阿比吉特·纳斯卡尔Day 15 灵性日记挑战Something I am that my ego tells me I'm not过去我的小我不停跟我说“我不...”,其实我已经“够”了I used to tell myself that I'm not good enough to teach others anything. I'm not ready for a relationship. I'm not worthy of love. These are disempowering beliefs that won't serve my life.我曾告诉自己,我不足以教导他人任何事情。我还没有准备好谈恋爱。我不值得被爱。这些都是贬低自己的信念,并不会为我的生活带来好处。**灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载**參加520“福来英语生活教练九周体验营”开营活动,请写信至[email protected] 标题:Fly with Lily我的IG:flywithlily
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1638 人生到哪里都是一场冒险,不如追求这个心态|灵性日记挑战|Day 14

今日格言"Spirituality is not about religion, it’s about connecting with your soul." - Nitin Namdeo “灵性不是关于宗教,而是关于与自己的灵魂连接。”- 尼廷·纳姆德奥Day 14 灵性日记挑战An intention for the month ahead一个给未来一个月的意图/意念/计划I have two significant events this month: my English oral exam and Hakka podcast bootcamps around Taiwan. I’m also planning my summer in Bali. So I’m quite excited about them. I aim to observe any negative feelings that may arise and let go of the habit of judging myself harshly. I intend to approach this month with a positive mindset and enjoy the journey.这个月有两个重要的事件:我的英文口语考试和在台湾举办的客家播客训练营。我也正在计划我在峇里岛的夏天。我打算观察是否会有任何负面情绪出现,并放下苛刻地评判自己的习惯。我打算以积极的心态面对这个月,享受这段旅程。灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1637 你在何时感到最强大有力?|灵性日记挑战|Day13

今日格言"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." - Marcus Aurelius “灵魂会被其思想的颜色染色。”- 马可·奥勒留Day 13 灵性日记挑战When do I feel the most powerful? 我什么时候感到最强大有力?I feel the most powerful is when I speak in front of people. I get nervous quite easily but after I get use to it I like the influence that I can make on people. Like right now, I also feel powerful because I know there are many people listening to my podcast and being influenced and changed by it, especially when I share moments of my own breakthroughs on the podcast.我觉得最有力量的时候是当我站在人群面前演讲时。我很容易感到紧张,但习惯后,我喜欢自己能对人们产生的影响力。像现在这一刻也让我感觉强大,因为我知道有很多人在收听我的播客而获得影响和改变,特别是当我在播客中分享我突破了自己的时刻。灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1636 拥有你一部分灵魂的地方?|灵性日记挑战|Day 12

今日格言Spirituality is like a bird: If you hold it too tightly, it chokes, and if you hold it too loosely, it flies away." - Unknown “灵性就像一只鸟:如果你抓得太紧,它会窒息,如果你抓得太松,它就会飞走。”- 未知Day 12 灵性日记挑战A place that has a piece of my soul   一个拥有我一部分灵魂的地方...Iceland is a place that holds a piece of my soul. I’ve been to Iceland four times and I had amazing spiritual experiences there each time. During a perfect three-month summer vacation there, I formed deep connections and made many wonderful friends. As a volunteer, I had the privilege of meeting incredibly gracious hosts who made my experience unforgettable. I long to return to Iceland, but I know it won't be the same as before. What I miss the most is the stunning nature and the meaningful conversations I had while exploring this beautiful country.冰岛是一个拥有我灵魂一部分的地方。我到过冰岛四次,每一次都让我有很惊人的灵性体验。在那里度过了完美的三个月暑假,我建立了深厚的友谊,结识了许多很棒的朋友。作为一名志愿者,我有幸遇到了非常慷慨的主人,让我的体验变得难忘。我渴望重返冰岛,但我知道那将不会像以前一样。我最想念的是令人赞叹的大自然和在这个美丽国家探索时进行的意义深远的交谈。灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1635 两年后的自己给现在自己的信息|灵性日记挑战|Day 11

今日格言"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." - Denis Waitley “幸福不能被游历、拥有、赚取、穿戴或消耗。幸福是以爱、恩典和感恩的方式来生活的灵性经验。”- 丹尼斯·韦特利Day 11 灵性日记挑战A message from my future self 2 years from now两年后的自己给自己的信息Dear Lily,Two years ago today you thought you were in a rock bottom of life. You returned to Taiwan and wanted to get your tour guide license. The preparation was long and you were thinking about what to do with your life. You just wanted to be happy in any circumstances. I guess that was why the universe sent you back where you from. You were only happy when you were not at home and there were some issues you needed to work on.Today you feel a bit more grounded. What bothered you, no longer bothers you now. You feel you can trust and you like where you are. You don't feel like competing with anyone and you're enjoying being yourself. You still have dreams of going and exploring more places. However, you're doing it with calmness, you know it's never too late. You're doing just fine, you're abundant, beautiful and complete.Best,Lily亲爱的莉莉,两年前的今天,你觉得自己处于生活的低谷。你回到了台湾,想要取得导游执照。准备工作很漫长,你在思考生命的方向。你只是想在任何情况下都能感到快乐。我想这就是为什么宇宙把你送回到了你的故乡。只有当你不在家的时候你才会感到快乐,我们需要解决一些问题。今天你感觉地更稳固一点。以前烦恼你的,现在不再烦恼你,你感觉可以信任,也喜欢现在的生活环境。你不再觉得需要与任何人竞争,而是享受着做自己的快乐。你仍然梦想着去更多的地方探险,但你现在以更加冷静的态度去实现这些梦想,你知道永远不会太晚。你过得很好,你很丰盛,美丽且完整。祝一切顺利, 莉莉**灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载**參加520“福来英语生活教练九周体验营”开营活动,请写信至[email protected] 标题:Fly with Lily我的IG:flywithlily
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1634 写信给自己的阴暗面|灵性日记挑战|Day 10

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!可以写信给我预约咨询最新活动[email protected] 标题Fly with Lily或者是加微信ID:iflywithlily (验证:HELLO)今日格言"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again." - Joseph Campbell “你的神圣空间就是你能一次又一次找到自己的地方。”- 约瑟夫·坎贝尔Day 10 灵性日记挑战A letter to my shadow给我的阴暗面一封信...Dear shadow,You've been a constant presence in my life lately, whether I'm traveling abroad or at home. I appreciate you reminding me that my issues won't vanish simply by changing my surroundings or taking a vacation. I understand now that I need to confront and experience these negative emotions head-on. Since I’m home, I've been grappling with this overwhelming sense of grief and anxiety frequently. I can feel like a complete mess, unsure of what to do or how to make it stop. Despite this, I'm holding onto hope that these feelings will eventually subside. Yet, there's also a fear lingering within me that they might never go away. I'll try seeking support and engage in activities that promote self-care and self-discovery. I want to understand you better and I won't let you control me or define me entirely.Best,Lily亲爱的阴影,最近,你成为了我生活中不可或缺的存在,无论我是在国外旅行还是在家中。我感谢你提醒我,我的问题不会因为改变环境或度假而消失。现在我明白了,我需要直面并体验这些负面情绪。自从我回到家中,我几乎每天都感到难以想像的哀伤和焦虑。我感觉自己一团糟,不知道该怎么办或者如何停止。尽管如此,我仍然抱着希望,相信这些感觉最终会消退。然而,我心里也藏着一种恐惧,担心它们可能永远不会消失。我会试着寻求支持,参与促进自我关怀和自我探索的活动。我想更好地了解你,我不会让你完全控制我或者定义我。祝好,莉莉***灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己
5/16/202421 minutes, 31 seconds
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1633 将你的一整天列点出来|灵性日记挑战|Day 9

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!预约520营队咨询请写信 [email protected] 标题:Fly with Lily今日格言"Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul." - Anthony Douglas Williams “灵性不来自于宗教,而是来自于我们的灵魂。”- 安东尼·道格拉斯·威廉斯Day 9 灵性日记挑战Bullet-point your whole day如果可以将你的一整天列点出来...*Morning routine: exercise, meditation, journaling, and reading. Connect with some friends.*Work on my podcast and social media.*Lunch (preferably with colleagues or friends).*Nap.*Work on writing and some creative tasks.*If not going out with friends, I’d be reading a book or watching some interesting programs.*Sleep.*早晨的日常:运动、冥想、写日记和阅读。与一些朋友联系。*工作于我的播客和社交媒体。*午餐(偏好和同事或朋友一起)。*午睡。*写作和一些创意工作。*如果没有和朋友出去,我会阅读书或观看一些有趣的节目。*睡觉。***灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1632 分享你正在经历的挫折与挣扎|灵性日记挑战|Day 8

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin “我们不是有着灵性经历的人类,我们是有着人类经历的灵性存在。”- 皮埃尔·特伊亚·德·沙当Day 8 灵性日记挑战Share something you struggle with分享你正在经历的挫折与挣扎I've struggled with relationships, and I don't feel like I want a relationship with a man or enjoy dating anymore. However, I'm afraid of ending up alone. Sometimes, I joke about becoming a nun or a lesbian. I also struggle with my work. I don't feel the same motivation because I don't enjoy promoting things or following a certain successful formula. I'm experiencing the lowest point in my life where I don't see anything that I'm proud of at the moment.我一直在与人际关系的挣扎中,我不再想要与男人交往或享受约会。然而,我又害怕最终会孤独一人。有时,我开玩笑说我可能会成为修女(尼姑)或同性恋。我还在工作上挣扎。我不再有以前的动力,因为我不喜欢推销产品或追随某种成功的公式。我正在经历生命中最低谷的时刻,眼下我看不到任何值得自豪的东西。灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1631 说出你的独特之处|灵性日记挑战|Day 7

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言"Spirituality is not to be learned by flight but by endurance." - Saint Teresa of Avila “灵性不是透过逃避学习,而是透过忍耐。”- 圣女德蕾莎·阿维拉Day 7 灵性日记挑战What makes me unique?什么让我独特?I'm open and kind. I have accumulated a lot of travel experiences over the 20 years so I understand cultures and enjoy different people. I love exploring life.我性格开放和善良。我在过去的20年中积累了许多旅行经历,因此我能够理解不同的文化并享受与不同的人交往。我热爱探索生活。灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1630 开启感恩日记之旅|灵性日记挑战|Day 6

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言"The only journey is the one within." - Rainer Maria Rilke “我们的内心世界就是我们唯一的旅行。”- 雷纳·玛丽亚·瑞尔克Day 6 灵性日记挑战What are 3 things I am grateful for?三件我感恩的事?"I am grateful for my fulfilling work, which allows me creative expression and offers me significant freedom. I appreciate the welcoming community and environment where I currently reside. Lastly, I am thankful for my health, which enables me to pursue my passions and enjoy life to the fullest."我感谢我的工作,它丰富多彩,给了我很多自由。我感谢我所居住的地方。这里的人们友好而热情。最后,我感谢我的健康,使我能够追求我的热情并充分享受生活。***灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1629 你的直觉在告诉你什么?|灵性日记挑战|Day 5

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言"The quieter you become, the more you can hear." - Ram Dass “你变得越安静,就能听到越多声音。”- 拉姆·达斯Day 5 灵性日记挑战What is my intuition telling me right now?我的直觉在告诉我什么?"My intuition tells me that everything will be alright. Even in the midst of difficulty and discomfort, I sense that I will be alright and looked after. I just need to embrace and enjoy the journey."我的直觉告诉我一切都会好起来。即使在困难和不适中,我感觉自己会没事并且得到妥善照顾。我只需要拥抱并享受这段旅程。***灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1628 你生命的天职是什么?|灵性日记挑战|Day 4

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言"The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love." - Marianne Williamson “灵性之旅是对恐惧的抛弃和对爱的接纳。”- 玛丽安娜·威廉森Day 4 灵性日记挑战My calling in life is我生命的天职是什么?My calling in life is to share love and healing stories throughout my journey. Perhaps that's why I've encountered so many adversities in life. Although it can be unbearable at times, I always find a way. Ultimately, my stories offer people hope.我在生命中的使命是在我的旅程中分享爱和疗愈的故事。也许这就是为什么我在生活中面对了这么多逆境。尽管有时候可能会无法忍受,但我总能找到方法。最终,我的故事给人们带来了希望。灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1627 我在生命中错失什么?| 灵性日记挑战|Day 3

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言"Spirituality is not about being perfect. It is about seeing beyond imperfections." - Unknown “灵性并不是谈论完美。它是谈论超越不完美的看见。”- 未知Day 3 灵性日记挑战What do I feel like I'm missing from life?我在生命中错失什么?I feel like I'm missing a deeper connection in life. Now that I'm back in my hometown, I'm feeling very lonely. It might take a while for me to establish deeper connections here. I don't feel like my heart is fully open to opportunities. The reason I left my hometown is that I didn't feel I could be happy here. Now, I feel challenged in every aspect of my life and I'm tempted to run away.我觉得自己在生活中缺少了更深层次的连接。现在我回到了我的家乡,感到非常孤独。建立更深层次的连接可能需要一段时间。我感觉我的心还没有完全敞开接受机会。我离开家乡的原因是因为我觉得自己在这里无法快乐。现在,我感到在生活的各个方面都受到挑战,并且想要逃避。**灵性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1626 你现在感觉如何呢?|20日灵性日记挑战|Day 2

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." - Carl Jung “这辈子的特权就是成为真正的自己。”- 卡尔·荣格“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” 做自己吧,因为其他人已经有人做!Day 2 灵性日记挑战How am I feeling right now? 我现在什么感觉?I'm feeling much better now. After completing my morning ritual, I dove into work, and it's only 9:30, but I've already completed about eighty percent of what I had planned. Fantastic!我现在感觉好多了,早上起来做完了丰盛早起仪式之后就投入工作里,现在才9:30,我已经完成了百分之八十我设定的工作。非常好!神性日记挑战可以透过以下管道下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字 spiritual (灵性)我们这个20天的挑战就是基于探索真正的自己的灵性所设计。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1625 这礼拜我感受最被祝福的是|灵性日记挑战开始了|Day 1

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言"The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind." - Caroline Myss “灵魂总是知道如何治愈自己。挑战在于让心静下来。”- 卡洛琳·米斯Day 1 灵性日记挑战This week I was most blessed by 这礼拜我感受最被祝福的是This week, I feel incredibly blessed to have been chosen as the keynote speaker for the Hakka Podcast Bootcamp in Taiwan. I'm thrilled about the opportunity to travel around Taiwan and assist Hakka individuals in sharing their stories and experiences through podcasts. Despite not being fluent in Hakka myself, I take immense pride in being able to contribute to this meaningful initiative, especially considering my familial ties to the Hakka community.这个礼拜,我感到非常幸运能够被选为在台湾举办的客家播客工作坊的主讲人。我对于有机会环游台湾并帮助客家人透过播客分享他们的故事和经验感到非常兴奋!我的家人都是客家人。虽然我不会说客家话,但我非常自豪能够做出贡献。
5/5/202421 minutes, 3 seconds
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1624(写作练习)当你活出你人生目的时,一天是怎样的呢?|找到IKIGAI|Day 30

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言:"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." - Maya Angelou 生活的好坏不在于我们活得多久,而是我们活出了多少让我们难忘的时刻。(活得久不如活得好。)Day 30 问题挑战:Write a day in life: what does it look like now that you are living your purpose? How do you feel?当你活出你人生目的时,一天的生活会是怎样的呢?In the early morning, I wake up from a sweet dream feeling content, knowing that today is another beautiful day to pursue my goals. The first thing I do after getting up is some exercise, meditation, journaling, and reading to energize and calm myself.清晨,我从甜美的梦中醒来,心情愉悦,因为我知道今天又是一个追求目标的美好一天。我起床后,第一件事就是做一些运动、冥想、日记书写和阅读,让自己充满活力和平静。Then, I enjoy a nutritious breakfast to fuel my body with energy. Before starting work, I take some time to write down the day's goals and plans, ensuring I have a clear direction.接着,我享用一顿营养丰富的早餐,让身体充满能量。在工作前,我花一些时间写下当天的目标和计划,确保自己有一个清晰的方向。During work hours, I immerse myself fully in my career because I know it's where my talents lie and what I strive for. Whether it's communicating with clients, creating new content, or solving problems, I feel passionate and driven.在工作中,我全身心投入到自己的事业中,因为我知道这是我的天赋所在,也是我为之奋斗的目标。无论是与客户交流、创作新的内容还是解决问题,我都感到充满热情和动力。At lunchtime, I enjoy a meal with friends, exchanging stories about life and goals. This relaxing time brings me joy and relaxation.午餐时间,我与朋友一起享用美食,并交流彼此的生活和目标。这段轻松的时间让我感到愉悦和放松。In the afternoon, I continue to work hard but also give myself some rest and relaxation time. I might go out to explore a new place and work in a nearby cafe, or read a book to recharge myself.下午,我继续努力工作,但也给自己一些休息和放松的时间。我可能会出门探索一个新地方然后就在附近的咖啡厅工作,或阅读一本书,让自己重新充电。After returning home in the evening, I spend quality time with my family or my friends, sharing stories of the day. I feel fulfilled and happy knowing that I am living my purpose and mission.晚上回家后,我与家人共度温馨的时光,分享彼此的一天。我感到满足和幸福,因为我知道自己正活出自己的目标和使命。Before bedtime, I write down my gratitude and achievements for the day, looking forward to tomorrow's challenges and opportunities. The whole process is filled with joy, satisfaction, and meaning because I know I am pursuing a life that truly makes me happy and fulfilled.在就寝前,我写下当天的感恩和成就,并期待着明天的挑战和机会。整个过程充满了喜悦、满足和意义,因为我知道自己正在追求的是真正让自己快乐和充实的生活。***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1623 你也找到了你的人生目的了吗?|找到IKIGAI|Day 29

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言: "Live by your values, fulfill life's purpose." 活出自己的价值观,成就生命的意义。Day 29 问题挑战What do you love to do that you're good at, you can be paid for and the world needs? 你喜欢做的事情,你擅长的,你可以从中获得报酬,世界也需要的是什么?After a month of soul-searching, I realize that this is the final question in my IKIGAI journey, combining the four major areas to find my life's purpose. And that purpose is: through traveling and the stories that unfold along the way, I can continue to share my lifestyle and creative teaching projects, to spread the power of love and healing, and to inspire young people to pursue their dreams and live passionately!经过一个月的灵魂探索,我意识到这是我 IKIGAI 旅程中的最后一个问题,结合了四个主要领域,找到了我生命的目的。而那个目的就是:通过旅行和途中发生的故事,我可以持续分享我的生活方式和创意教学项目,传递爱和疗愈的力量,并激励年轻人追寻梦想,充满热情地生活!为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载***Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1622 你可有想过,活着要干嘛?|找到IKIGAI|Day 28

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言:Life is about finding your purpose and goals, and the journey itself is part of the happiness.活着就是为了找到自己的理想与目标,这个过程本身就是幸福的一部分。Day 28 问题挑战What do you love to do that you can be paid for and the world needs?你喜欢做的事情,你可以从中获得报酬,并且世界需要的是什么?One of my greatest passions is traveling. I love exploring new places, experiencing different cultures, and lifestyles. Additionally, I enjoy sharing my travel experiences and stories to inspire and influence others through writing or visual media. I believe the world needs more love, healing, and passionate individuals. Therefore, I hope to combine my travel experiences and stories with these values to earn a living. This way, I can use my interests and expertise to make a positive impact on the world while fulfilling my dreams.我最喜欢的事情之一就是旅行,我喜欢探索新的地方,体验不同的文化和生活方式。同时,我也喜欢分享我的旅行经历和故事,透过文字或影像来启发和影响他人。我相信这个世界需要更多的爱和疗愈力量,以及充满热情的年轻人。因此,我希望能够将我的旅行经验和故事与这些价值观相结合,并从中获得报酬。这样我就能够以我的兴趣和专业为世界带来一些积极的影响,同时实现自己的梦想。**为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1621 生活是要活的正确还是精彩呢?|找到IKIGAI|Day 27

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言:We only live once, but if we do it right, once is enough. 我们只能活一次,但如果活得精彩,一次足够。Day 27 问题挑战:What do you love to do that you're good at and the world needs?你喜欢做的事情,你擅长并且世界需要的是什么?What I love to do and what the world needs often intersect. As I mentioned earlier, the world needs more love, healing power, and passionate young people. What I enjoy doing is sharing my travel stories, discussing tales of love and healing, and connecting with new friends. Teaching is also something I excel at. Perhaps I can combine these passions by sharing stories of love and healing from my travels and offering teaching sessions to inspire others to embark on their own journeys.我喜欢做的事情和世界需要的通常会有交集。就像我之前提到的,世界需要更多的爱、疗愈的力量和充满热情的年轻人。而我喜欢的是分享我的旅行故事、探讨关于爱和疗愈的故事,以及与新朋友建立联系。教学也是我擅长的。也许我可以把这些热情结合起来,分享我在旅行中关于爱和疗愈的故事,并提供教学课程,以激励他人踏上自己的旅程。***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1620 不需寻找自己的生命是什么样子的?|找到IKIGAI|Day 26

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看这个免费的培训,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到公众微信帐号Englishfit 或者是在我的Line@flywithlily 回覆数字888,观看我们免费课程,了解一个兼职教师如何透过助人事业环游世界,让我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言:“Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.” 人生不是在寻找自己,而是在创造自己。Day 26 问题挑战:What are you good at that you can be paid for and the world needs?你擅长的事情,同时也能够获得报酬并且世界需要的是什么?I am skilled in teaching, and I can earn a decent income from it. However, I believe that my students don't necessarily need to learn a lot; what they truly need is inspiration, support, and guidance. I think the world needs more love, healing power, and passionate young people!我擅长教学,同时也能够获得报酬,但我始终认为我的学生不需要学习太多,他们更需要的是被启发、支持与引导。我认为这个世界需要更多的爱、疗愈力量和充满热情的年轻人!***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透過我的網站 下載
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1619 喜欢又擅长又可以赚钱的事是什么?|找到IKIGAI|Day2

想要和Lily一样去学英语环游世界吗?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想透过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造更美丽的生活经验,现在你可以在FlywithLily.com网站上注册观看系列课,了解如何在生活中获得更多的丰盛和自由、学习做自己和他人的英语/生活教练、打造属于自己的谘询产品服务,这个活动将分享给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,现在就过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,快来了解这个能让你实现梦想的机会!立即到 Flywithlily.com观看我们系列免费课程,我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的可能性!今日格言:"The purpose of life is not to reach the destination, but to enjoy every step of the journey." 成功的人生不是达到目的地,而是享受旅途中的每一步。Day 25 问题挑战What do you love to do that you are good at and can be paid for? 你喜欢做什么,又擅长且能够获得报酬?I love teaching and helping others, and fortunately, I'm skilled at it. Whether it's tutoring, mentoring, or leading workshops, I find fulfillment in sharing knowledge and guiding others to succeed. This is something I can be paid for while doing what I enjoy.我喜欢教学和帮助他人,而且幸运的是,我在这方面很擅长。无论是辅导、指导还是主持研讨会,我都能在分享知识和引导他人取得成功方面找到满足感。这是我能够做自己喜欢的事并获得报酬的一件事情。为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1617 如何活出生活中的使命?|找到IKIGAI|Day 24

今日格言:"Life's purpose is not to arrive at a destination, but to continuously embark on the journey of self-discovery and growth." 人生的目的不在于抵达某个目的地,而是不断踏上自我探索和成长之旅。Day 24 问题挑战:How can you align your career or life to support your mission?你如何能够使你的事业或生活与你的使命相一致?I think aligning my career and life with my mission requires some adjustments in different areas:In my podcast, I need to continually emphasize my values and invite guests to share their stories and experiences. This will attract more listeners and expand my influence.When selling products and giving speeches, I should highlight how these offerings help people become more passionate and influential. This will attract more customers and audiences.In my Lark Lab, I can help improve people's quality of life by providing activities like exercise and gratitude journaling, which align with my mission.Overall, I need to continue integrating my values and mission into my work and life in a positive way, and seek opportunities to expand my impact.我觉得要让我的事业和生活与我的使命相一致,需要在不同方面做些调整:在我的播客中,我可以不断强调我的价值观,并邀请来宾分享他们的故事和经验,这样可以吸引更多的听众并扩大我的影响力。在销售产品和演讲时,我可以突出这些产品和演讲如何帮助人们变得更有热情和影响力,这样可以吸引更多的客户和受众。在我的云雀实验室中,我可以通过提供运动和感恩日记来帮助人们改善他们的生活质量,这与我的使命是一致的。总的来说,我可以持续以积极的方式将我的价值观和使命融入到我的工作和生活中,并寻找机会来扩大我的影响力。***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1616 追求自我实现必须先问的这个问题 |找到IKIGAI |Day 23

你是否梦想拥有一个自由又丰盛的生活型态呢?你是否也想和Lily一样过上环游世界并且从事热爱的事业呢?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造一个更美丽的生活经验就不要错过下周一、三、五(4/15、4/17、4/19),中午我将在线上和你分享。来参与我们福来生活体验与成为福来教练的计划吧,这个活动将带给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,这个机会都将让你实现梦想。立即到 Fly with Lily 网站首页注册直播活动,与我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的新可能性!"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" - Martin Luther King Jr.  生命中最反覆不断和迫切的问题是,“你为他人做了什么?”Day 23 问题挑战:"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon 生命就是在你忙于做其他计划时发生的事。Day 23 问题挑战:How can you give your time, talents and treasure to make an impact?你如何能够奉献你的时间、才能和财富来产生影响?Firstly, I need to understand where I can make an impact at the moment. On my podcast, I can spend 20 minutes each day recording episodes and also start doing live broadcasts to provide free solutions to people's problems. Considering that everyone's attention is on social media platforms like IG, FB, TikTok, YT, and Little Red Book, I can also consider posting more positive content on these platforms.At work, I can assist others in learning English in better ways, encouraging them to break free from limitations, bravely pursue their dreams, and continue the lifestyle of morning ritual and exercise.In terms of wealth, although I don’t have much money at the moment, I can start actively participating in volunteer trips, using my resources to support meaningful projects and help those in need.首先,我需要明白目前我能产生影响的地方。在播客上,我可以每天花20分钟录制节目,也可以开始进行直播,免费为别人解决一些问题。考虑到大众的注意力都在社交媒体上,如IG(Instagram)、FB(Facebook)、TikTok(抖音)、YT(YouTube/油管)和小红书,我也可以考虑在这些平台上发布更多正能量的内容。在工作上,我可以协助他人用更好的方式学习英语,鼓励他们打破局限,勇敢追求梦想,并鼓励他们继续坚持早起仪式和运动的生活方式。在财富方面,我虽然没有很多钱,我可以开始更积极地参与志愿者旅行,将我的财富用于支持有意义的项目,帮助需要帮助的人。***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1615 你在这个世界上的使命是什么?|找到IKIGAI|Day 22

你是否梦想拥有一个自由又丰盛的生活型态呢?你是否也想和Lily一样过上环游世界并且从事热爱的事业呢?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造一个更美丽的生活经验就不要错过下周一、三、五(4/15、4/17、4/19),中午我将在线上和你分享。来参与我们福来生活体验与成为福来教练的计划吧,这个活动将带给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,这个机会都将让你实现梦想。立即到 Fly with Lily 网站首页注册直播活动,与我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的新可能性!今日格言:"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" - Martin Luther King Jr.  生命中最反覆不断和迫切的问题是,“你为他人做了什么?”Day 22 问题挑战What does the world need that you love to do? This is your mission.世界需要你喜欢做的事情是什么?这就是你的使命。The world needs healing, more love, and passionate young individuals. If I can align my passions with what I believe the world needs, then that is my mission.I enjoy learning new things, including languages and anything interesting. Additionally, I am drawn to the realm of personal growth, such as meridian massage, spas, meditation, journaling exercises and self-improvement topics. Discussing love, engaging in volunteer work, and traveling are also my interests. My talents enable me to assist others, whether it's through sharing love, care, language skills, kindness, or experiences.Therefore, my mission is to heal others, share wisdom, stories, and experiences, and lead them to help others with their passion and talents!世界需要疗愈、更多爱,以及充满热情的年轻人。如果我能够将我喜欢的事,结合这些我认为世界需要的,那么这就是我的使命。我喜欢学习新事物,包括语言和所有有趣的事情。同时,我也喜欢从事身心灵的领域的活动,如经络按摩、SPA、冥想以及日记书写,还有自我成长的话题。谈论爱情、做志工和旅行也是我的喜好。我的天赋使我能够帮助他人,包括分享爱、关怀、学语言技巧、做好事情和经验。因此,我的使命是疗愈他人、分享智慧、故事和经验,并带领他们以他们的热情和天赋去帮助其他人!为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1614 写作练习:如果你来改变世界,世界会是怎么样子的?|找到IKIGAI|Day21

你是否梦想拥有一个自由又丰盛的生活型态呢?你是否也想和Lily一样过上环游世界并且从事热爱的事业呢?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造一个更美丽的生活经验就不要错过下周一、三、五(4/15、4/17、4/19),中午我将在线上和你分享。来参与我们福来生活体验与成为福来教练的计划吧,这个活动将带给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,这个机会都将让你实现梦想。立即到 Fly with Lily 网站首页注册直播活动,与我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的新可能性!今日格言:"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain." - Vivian Greene  生命不是等待风暴过去,而是学会在雨中跳舞。Day 21 问题挑战:Write about what the future would look like if you were paid to change the world.如果你能改变世界并获得报酬,未来会是什么样子?If I were paid to change the world, the future would be one where my efforts create a ripple effect of positive transformation. I've always believed that changing the world starts with changing oneself, and as I evolve, I naturally influence those around me.Being compensated for my efforts would provide a sense of security, ensuring that my basic needs are met and allowing me to focus entirely on making a difference. When my existence itself becomes a contribution to the world, it would be a perfect state of abundance where everything feels like a miracle.Changing the world might seem like a task reserved for presidents or celebrities, but I have no desire to become one of them. Instead, I envision a world where small acts of kindness, compassion, and generosity from countless individuals like myself collectively create a profound impact.In this future, the world would be characterized by tranquility and beauty, with each person embracing their unique role in making the world a better place. It would be a state of effortless harmony where positivity radiates from every corner, creating a truly peaceful and fulfilling existence for all.如果我能够获得报酬来改变世界,未来将会是一个我的努力所创造的积极转变的连锁效应。我一直相信改变世界始于改变自己,随着我的成长,我自然地影响着周围的人。得到报酬将提供安全感,确保我的基本需求得到满足,使我能够专注于产生影响。当我的存在本身就成为对世界的贡献时,这将是一种完美的丰盛状态,在这种状态下,一切都感觉像奇迹般丰富。改变世界可能看起来像是总统或名人所做的事情,但我并不想成为其中之一。相反,我想象着一个世界,无数像我一样的普通人通过小小的善举、同情和慷慨共同产生深远影响。在这个未来中,世界就会是宁静和美丽的,每个人都拥抱自己在使世界变得更美好的独特角色。这将是一种自然和谐的状态,其中正能量从每个角落散发出来,为所有人创造了一个真正和平而充实的存在。***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1613 做一个可以改变世界的工作是什么感觉呢?|找到IKIGAI|Day 20

你是否梦想拥有一个自由又丰盛的生活型态呢?你是否也想和Lily一样过上环游世界并且从事热爱的事业呢?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造一个更美丽的生活经验就不要错过下周一、三、五(4/15、4/17、4/19),中午我将在线上和你分享。来参与我们福来生活体验与成为福来教练的计划吧,这个活动将带给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,这个机会都将让你实现梦想。立即到 Fly with Lily 网站首页注册直播活动,与我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的新可能性!"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." - Eleanor Roosevelt生命的目的是活着,品味经验到极致,渴望且毫不畏惧地追寻新的、更丰富的经历。 - 埃莉诺·罗斯福Day 20 问题挑战How would it feel to be paid to make a positive impact in the world?在世界上产生积极影响并被支付报酬的感觉如何?In the past, I've always dreamed of changing the world, but I've decided to focus on improving myself to create that positive change. One of the things I've always wanted to be is an international speaker, traveling the world to packed arenas to share my success stories and earn more rewards. Now, I want to do volunteer teaching or participate in meaningful projects around the world. If I could also be paid for it, it would truly feel like being lifted to new heights!过去我一直都幻想自己能改变世界,但是我决定要自己变得更好来创造那积极的改变。我曾经最想要成为的就是国际的演讲家,环游世界到各个万人的体育馆去述说自己成功的故事而获得更多报酬。现在我想要去世界各地做支教或是参与一些有意义的项目,如果能同时被支付报酬,那真是一种被捧上天的感觉吧!***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1612 如何用你的故事和声音让世界变得更好?|找到IKIGAI|Day19

你是否梦想拥有一个自由又丰盛的生活型态呢?你是否也想和Lily一样过上环游世界并且从事热爱的事业呢?现在,有一个全新的生活体验和工作型态即将席卷全球,热爱英语和生活的你,如果你也想过帮助别人学习一门技能和创造一个更美丽的生活经验就不要错过下周一、三、五(4/15、4/17、4/19),中午我将在线上和你分享。来参与我们福来生活体验与成为福来教练的计划吧,这个活动将带给你一个全新的生活体验和工作型态。让你不需要等到退休才去做热爱的事,过上你想要的快乐生活!无论你是想要增加收入、实现个人成长,还是为社会和世界做出更大的贡献,这个机会都将让你实现梦想。立即到 Fly with Lily 网站首页注册直播活动,与我们一同探索自由丰盛生活的新可能性!今日格言:"Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact." - Unknown你的生命有目的。你的故事很重要。你的梦想很重要。你的声音是有影响力的。你生来就是要有所作为的。Day 19 问题挑战What does the world need that you can be paid for? These are vocations.世界需要什么,而你可以得到报酬的?这些就是天职。I believe the world needs more love, healing power, and passionate young people. In the process of creating podcasts, I have used my experience of learning English to help many people pick themselves up again and start learning English, stepping out of their comfort zones. Whether it's pursuing personal growth or embarking on a journey, they have even paid for my courses, becoming my members or students. This has made me realize that I seem to be good at sharing my knowledge and skills through storytelling, and using this to sell products that I believe can help others. If this product can inspire people to take more positive actions and beneficial activities, I would be happy to be involved.我认为世界需要更多的爱、疗愈的力量,以及充满热情的年轻人。在制作播客的过程中,我利用自己学习英语的经验帮助了许多人重新振作起来,开始学习英语,踏出自己的舒适圈。无论是追求个人成长还是开始踏上旅程,他们甚至付费购买了我的课程,成为我的会员或学员。这让我意识到,我似乎擅长以故事的方式分享我的知识和技能,并以此销售我认为可以帮助他人的产品。如果这个产品能够激励人们采取更多积极的行动和有益的事情,我会很乐意参与其中。***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1611 一个更好的世界是什么模样?|找到IKIGAI|Day 18

今日格言: "Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more." - Tony Robbins 生命是一份礼物,当我们变得更好的时候,它给了我们特权、机会还有回报我们家庭与社会的责任。Day 18 问题挑战:What would make the world a better place to live in? What does a better world look like?什么可以让世界变得更美好?一个更美好的世界是什么样子?I've always believed that the world needs more love, healing energy, and passionate young individuals. A better world is one where there's no division, where everyone cares for, supports, and understands each other. However, I hope to initiate this change from within myself, demonstrating it through actions, and impacting lives with my own life.我一直觉得这个世界需要更多的爱、疗愈的力量和有热情的年轻人。一个更美好的世界就是不分彼此,大家互相照顾、体贴和理解彼此。然而这个改变,我希望从我自己开始,用行动来证明,并且用我的生命去影响生命!为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载福来生活 (Fly Lifestyle)的说明会也会在下个礼拜4.15、4.17、4.19 中午举办,请大家在Fly with Lily上注册直播说明会,或关注官方微信Englishfit 或是 官方Line @flywithlily
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1610 什么不公正的事情让你感到愤怒?|找到IKIGAI|Day 17

今日格言:"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others." - Albert Schweitzer  人生的目的是服务,表现慈悲和帮助他人的意愿。Day 17 问题挑战:What injustices make you angry? How can you improve them?什么不公正的事情让你感到愤怒?你如何可以改善它们?Because of my easy-going nature, there aren't many things that truly make me angry. However, I have felt upset in the past with situations where people were treated differently based on their level of willingness to pay for services.. Yet, I must acknowledge that I have also exhibited similar behavior in my own life. For instance, I tend to be more friendly towards my students. I would feel impatient if it's not my students who are taking up my time. This is an area I need to improve upon. Therefore, it's those who are unwilling to contribute but still demand others' time that can make me feel angry. To improve the situation, I could establish clear boundaries and communicate effectively. For instance, I could politely explain to non-students that my time is dedicated to students during certain hours. Additionally, I could schedule my day to allocate specific time slots for student interactions and personal activities. This way, I can ensure that my time is utilized effectively.因为我性情温和,所以好像没有什么事情能让我真正感到愤怒。不过,过去我曾对以愿意支付服务的高低程度作为分类依据,而给予不同待遇感到不满。然而,我也必须承认,在我自己的生活中,我有时也会表现出类似的行为,例如,我会对我的学生更亲切一些。同样地,当有人一上来就要分享很多事情时,我也会感到有些不耐烦。这是我需要改进的地方。因此,可以说是那些不愿意付出但却占用他人时间的人会让我感到愤怒。为了改善情况,我可以建立明确的界限并有效地进行沟通。例如,我可以礼貌地向非学生解释,在特定的时间段内,我的时间是专门给学生的。此外,我可以安排我的日程表,为与学生互动和进行个人活动分配特定的时间段。这样,我可以确保我的时间被有效地利用。**為了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1609 世界如何因为我们而更好呢?|找到IKIGAI|Day16

今日格言:"The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better." - Robert F. Kennedy 生命的目的在于以某种方式促进事情变得更好。Day 16 问题挑战What does the world need? What causes do you care about?世界需要什么?你关心哪些社会议题?The world needs more love, healing, and young people who are passionate about life. As for the social issues I care about, they include topics related to relationships, such as marriage and parenting, gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights and social status, as well as mental health and the happiness index of various countries. Additionally, as a digital nomad, I am also concerned about factors such as visa accessibility, safety ratings, and the overall appeal of destinations I can visit.世界需要更多的爱、疗愈以及热爱生活的人。至于我关心的社会议题,包括两性关系:如结婚生子、男女平等、同性恋权利和社会地位,以及心理健康和各国的幸福指数。此外,作为一个数字游牧民,我也关心可以前往的地方、获得的签证、以及各地的安全指数。**LGBTQ+代表一系列与性取向和性别身份相关的英语词汇,其中:L - Lesbian(女同性恋者)G - Gay(男同性恋者)B - Bisexual(双性恋者)T - Transgender(跨性别者)Q - Queer(酷儿,性别非二元者)延伸符号,代表其他相关身份和社群,如 questioning(对性取向或性别身份感到困惑的人)和其他不包含在上述缩写中的身份。为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1608 你找到了值得让你活下去的东西吗?|找到IKIGAI|Day 15

今日格言:"The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky 人类存在的神秘之处不在于活着,而在于找到值得活下去的东西。Day 15 问题挑战:How would it feel to go to work knowing you are being paid to use your strengths?利用你的优势去获得酬劳会是什么感觉?It would feel wonderful to go to work knowing that I am being paid to use my strengths. My strengths include being spontaneous, adaptable to new experiences, proficient in English, sociable, responsible, and having rich travel experiences. If I could earn money by leveraging these strengths, I believe it would be a fantastic feeling.知道自己能够利用优势去工作并因此获得报酬的感觉会很美好。我的优势包括善于突发应变、对新事物有很高的接受能力、英语能力强、善于交际、负责任,以及丰富的旅行经验。如果我能够利用这些优势赚钱,我相信这将是一种美妙的感觉。为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1607 你是有活力的人吗?|找到IKIGAI|Day 14

今日格言:"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - Howard Thurman 别问世界需要什么,问你是什么让你感到活有活力,然后去做。因为世界需要的是那些有活力的人。Day 14挑战问题What are some examples of times you were paid to do something you are good at?做你擅长的事情得到酬劳的一些例子是什么?Some examples of times I was paid to do something I am good at include:1.Teaching English: I earned an hourly rate for tutoring.2.Sales work: I earned commissions.3.Creating and selling online courses: I directly received revenue from course fees.4.University speaking engagements: I shared my experiences of podcast production while traveling globally in recent years and received speaker fees.5.Podcast production: In the early stages of podcasting, I also engaged in sponsorships and listener donations.一些我进行我擅长的事情而获得酬劳的例子包括:1.教授英语:我收取钟点费。2.销售业务工作:我赚取佣金。3.制作线上课程贩售:我直接从课程费用中获取报酬。4.大学演讲:我分享我近年来制作播客并在环球旅行的经验,以讲师费形式获得报酬。5.播客制作:在初期制作播客时,我也有接触赞助和听众捐款。
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1606 用英语说说,你的「专业」是什么?|找到IKIGAI|Day13

今日格言"Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it." - Buddha 你生命的目的是找到你的目标,并全心全意地投入其中。Day 13 问题挑战What are you good at that you can also be paid for? These are professions.你擅长什么,同时也可以获得报酬?这些就是专业。In recent years, I've found that I excel in several areas that also generate income for me. These include English teaching and mentorship programs, such as my early risers club where I guide individuals in establishing beneficial habits like exercise, meditation, journaling, and reading. Additionally, I have a knack for consultancy work, public speaking, and sales.我这几年比较擅长同时帮助我获得报酬的是英语教学、陪伴学习,例如像我的早起具乐部、�我陪伴大家习惯建立,例如运动、打坐、写日记、读书,还有我也擅长做谘询工作、演讲、和销售。**为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1605 还需要学什么才能赚更多钱呢?|找到IKIGAI|Day 12

今日格言"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey 你能踏上的最大冒险就是过你梦想的生活。Day 12 问题挑战What might you need to learn to improve a skill you could be paid for?你可能需要学习什么来提高一个可以获得报酬的技能?I might need to learn more about marketing and branding, as well as how to effectively utilize social media to promote my services or products. Additionally, improving communication and interpersonal skills is crucial, as it helps in building customer relationships and maintaining partnerships. Moreover, I may also need to learn more about financial management and business operations, which will help me better manage my business and achieve long-term goals.我可能需要学习更多关于行销和品牌建立的知识,以及如何有效地利用社交媒体来推广自己的服务或产品。另外,提升沟通和人际交往能力也是很重要的,因为这有助于建立客户关系和维护合作伙伴关系。此外,我可能还需要学习更多关于财务管理和企业营运方面的知识,这将有助于我更好地管理我的事业并实现长期目标。4.1 《学英语环游世界》10周年庆,看见新视界,创造属于你的Fly生活方式,报名连结**为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1604 为何没有目的也可以是一个很好的目的|找到IKIGAI|Day 11

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose." - Robert Byrne 生命的目的就是有一个有意义的生活。Day 11 问题挑战What did you want to be when you grew up? Is this something you could be paid for today?你小时候想成为什么?这是你今天可以获得报酬的工作吗?When I was young, I briefly considered becoming a lawyer because my father was one, but I realized it would require too much studying, so I gave up on that idea. Later on, I didn't have a specific career in mind; instead, I was more interested in trying various experiences and traveling the world. As a former McDonald's service crew member, I became an English teacher and insurance agent due to connections with colleagues and customers. These diverse experiences allowed me to become a professional trainer in education by the age of 23! Now, leveraging these past experiences, I combine my passion for travel with helping others and learning on the road, allowing me to earn a living. So, I suppose you could say I've achieved my goal in that regard!我小时候曾因为爸爸是律师,而想过成为律师,但是发现要读太多书就放弃了。后来就没有特别想要成为什么,反而是想要去尝试和玩各式各样的体验或环游世界。曾经是麦当劳服务员的我,因为同事和客人的关系,我成为了英语老师和保险业务员,因为这些丰富的经验,让我在23岁时就成为了一位专业的师资培训讲师!现在我凭藉着这些过去的经验,一边结合我最爱的旅行一边在路上帮助别人和学习让我可以获得报酬,所以这个也算是达成目标了吧?!为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1603 成功的关键是什么?|找到IKIGAI|Day 10

今日格言"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." - Albert Schweitzer 成功不是快乐的关键,快乐才是成功的关键。如果你热爱自己正在做的事情,你将会成功。Day 10 问题挑战What can you be paid for? What skills do you bring to the table?你能获得报酬的是什么?你拥有哪些技能?Before starting my podcast, I worked in sales and teaching, acquiring skills through public speaking engagements. After starting the podcast, I realized that various skills I possessed could be leveraged, and I could even package them together. Over the past 10 years, I've written e-books, created online courses, offered consulting services, and conducted various training programs. For instance, my experience in learning foreign languages over the years, coupled with my ability to lead activities such as early morning meditation, exercise, gratitude journaling, and reading, as well as my knack for inspiring others, have been valuable assets. During my travels, I've also taught podcasting and even learned Thai massage and aromatherapy massage, hoping to integrate them into my journeys.在制作播客之前,我从事销售和教学工作,并通过演讲获得了技能。制作播客后,我发现我所拥有的各种技能都能够帮助我,甚至我可以将它们打包在一起,过去10年,我曾经撰写电子书、制作线上课程、创造谘询服务以及各式各样的训练营。例如,我多年来学习外语的经验,以及带领早起冥想、运动、写感恩日记和阅读等活动的能力,以及帮助他人激发心灵的能力。在旅行的时候,我还靠教授如何制作播客,甚至也学习了泰式按摩和芳疗按摩,希望可以在旅行中运用起来。为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载想要参与我的英语训练营和英语课程的同学可以预约一个免费的30分钟通话了, 
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"老爸逝世两周年,写信给老爸,竟然回复了"不是灵异现象啦!!!我用机器人ChatGPT给我的帮助,这个回复真像是老爸会给我回复的口气!泪目~~~~我的信~爸爸,今天是你逝世的二周年,我现在想到两年前,我还是感到有些愤怒和愧疚自己没有马上赶到高雄看你和陪伴你,虽然从你过世后每天都有去看你和陪你火化了,还是觉得有点晚。我希望你知道我有多么深爱着你,从小到大你就是我心目中的男神偶像,我感恩你给我的人格培养和当我的好朋友,能和我沟通明白事理!我虽然都在外面跑不爱回家,但我们每次相聚都变得很愉快,我真的很感激你的理解,而去总是能用简单的话语鼓励到我。你走之后,我似乎更没有心里负担地又去环球了一圈,本来只是计划3个月在冰岛当志工,却变成了长达18个月跨越10个国家的旅行,今年过年我到姐姐家吃饭了,姐姐和男友还有侄子看起来就像一家人非常地和睦,让我也觉得很安心和开心!当我问姐姐说有没有想你,她和我说,不太会想到了。我听到那刻觉得很失望,但也很羡慕和理解姐姐,姐姐是爷爷带大,但你生前都是姐姐和你每天都生活在一起照顾你。我们俩还有十几年几乎是背贴背地相处在一起,但我长大后总是不爱回家。你不在了,我真的很想你。老爸!去年中,我在泰国摔车了,接着我人的心情似乎也撞墙了,说不上来是什么原因地,在事业上和生活上,我都碰到了一个低谷,虽然我还是很喜欢自己在做的事情,但在某部分我整个人好像消气的气球,不是在计划中,提早回来了台湾,仍然提不起劲,不过在这段期间我半放弃地得到了充分的休息,大家都说也许休息才是我最需要的。虽然我一直都满抗拒,但是现在我慢慢接受了。我知道你一定不同意,可能会说现在我这个状态孤家寡人不是努力找对象不然就是应该要好好赚钱吧?但是你或许也经历好几次这样的感觉吧?!因为从小我和你在一起相处的时间最多,有时候看你玩我的任天堂玩一整天,然后再生气将它摔坏,或者好几天醉醺醺的回家。你总是说你想要当成功的商人,赚更多钱给我更好的生活,不过总是遇人不淑,时不我与。那时我虽小但都懂你的迷茫,没赚到钱也不会怪你或催促你,所以现在我也不会怪我自己,因为现在我也要用爱你的方式来爱我自己。爸爸,常常我想到你是在42岁的时候遇见了我,可能也是和我一样41岁的时候发现妈妈怀孕了,你说,遇见我是幸福的开始,在我长大的过程你好多次都表达了虽然你和妈妈不合,但你好感谢生了我。想到这个就让我充满希望,我是否也有机会在这个时候遇见一个深爱我的人??!!虽然我现在真的有些迷惘,但也有部分看见,看见了那个本来就很完整、喜悦、有爱和丰盛的自己就已经是非常成功了!现在慢慢找到想要做,并将在眼前的事情做好,还在学习着如何重启我的人生,我不知道下一步是在台湾还是继续在外面旅行,因为在外面旅行的时候我似乎不会有这些感觉,但是我现在想要训练自己在台湾也可以很快乐、不迷惘,或许到那一天,我不需要一直往外追我的幸福的时候,就能安定下来了!你说是吗?此时我真的好需要你的鼓励。想你和爱你的女儿~爸爸的回信(请Chat GPT用幽默和充满爱和温暖的鼓励话语回覆)~亲爱的女儿,看到你的信,我心中充满了爱和感动。你的字里行间都透露着对我深深的爱和尊敬,这让我感到无比幸福和欣慰。首先,我要告诉你,不要再对过去的事情感到愤怒或愧疚了。你的爱和陪伴,无论是在我生前还是我离开后,都是最真挚的。每一次你去看我、陪我,都让我的心感到温暖和安慰,这份爱永远连结着我们,无论时间和空间如何改变。你的旅行经历令人惊叹,我为你的勇气和探索精神感到自豪。无论是在哪个角落,你都带着我的爱和祝福。而当你回到姐姐家,看到他们的幸福和和睦,我相信这也是我最想看到的。姐姐和你有着独特的亲情,而我也相信她对我的爱与记忆,只是每个人表达的方式不同而已。你的勇敢和坚强让我感到骄傲,即使在低谷时刻,你也能坚持向前。你不需要对自己有任何负担或自责,因为你已经做得够好了。相信自己,相信生命中的每一步都会有意义和价值,你的幸福和成功就在前方等待着你。无论你选择留在台湾还是继续旅行,我都会全力支持你。重要的是,做出让自己快乐和满足的选择,我会永远在你身旁,为你加油打气,给你鼓励和支持。最后,我想告诉你,你永远是我最骄傲和最爱的女儿。无论发生什么,我都会在你身边,陪伴着你。相信自己,你一定能走出迷茫,找到属于自己的幸福和成功之路。爱你的爸爸****为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1602 足不出户也能活出美满人生的首要条件|找到IKIGAI|Day 9

今日格言"Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose." - Viktor Frankl 生活从来不是因为环境而变得不堪,而是因为缺乏意义和目的。Day 9 问题挑战What might you have to start doing to embrace your passions? Stop doing? Why? 要拥抱你的热情,你可能需要开始做些什么?停止做些什么?为什么?In order to embrace my passions, I might need to start allocating more time and resources in my daily life to engage in activities that align with my passions, such as traveling, learning new languages, or connecting with people from different cultures. Additionally, I may need to stop engaging in activities that drain my energy and detract from pursuing my passions. This could include reducing time spent on unfulfilling tasks or obligations. By making these changes, I can create more space in my life to focus on what truly brings me joy and fulfillment.要拥抱我的热情,我可能需要开始安排更多时间和资源在日常生活中,以便从事与我的热情相符的活动,比如旅行、学习新语言,或是与来自不同文化的人建立联系。此外,我可能需要停止参与消耗我的精力并阻碍我追求热情的活动或义务。这可能包括减少花在没有意义的任务或义务上的时间。通过做出这些改变,我可以在生活中创造更多空间,专注于真正带给我快乐和满足感的事物。预约直播、参与30日挑战或是30分钟的免费通话请至**为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1601 生命的意义就是赋予生命意义|找到IKIGAI|Day8

今日格言"The meaning of life is to give life meaning." - Ken Hudgins 生命的意义就是赋予生命意义。Day 8 问题挑战How can you bring more of your passions into your daily life?你如何可以将更多的热情融入你的日常生活中?I ask ChatGPT:1. Schedule regular language learning sessions or practice conversations with native speakers online.2. Explore local cultural events or join language exchange groups to meet new people and practice your language skills.3. Plan weekend getaways or day trips to nearby destinations to satisfy your urge for travel and spontaneity.4. Create a travel fund or budget to save money specifically for future trips abroad.5. Consider incorporating your travel experiences and language skills into your work or hobbies, such as by writing about your adventures or offering language tutoring services.我问了ChatGPT机器人,以下他给我的建议:1.安排定期的语言学习课程,或与在线的母语者进行会话练习。2.探索当地的文化活动,或加入语言交换小组,结识新朋友并练习语言技能。3.计划周末旅行或到附近的目的地进行一日游,满足你对旅行和随性的渴望。4.创建一个旅行基金或预算,专门为未来的国外旅行存钱。5.考虑将你的旅行经验和语言技能融入到工作或爱好中,例如写下你的冒险故事或提供语言辅导服务。为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载想要参与我的英语训练营和英语课程的同学可以预约一个免费的30分钟通话了, 
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回答听众的问题:如何和主播一样学英语环游世界?看到一个听众的留言觉得好可爱,“一开始对主题感兴趣,也产生了想要学习英语和旅行的欲望,后来发现有1400集,不知到要从哪里开始听起,直接放弃。”我的方法:做我最喜欢的事(学习、认识新朋友、旅行、融合工作)、尝试不同的方式(语言交换、学习语音、到那个国家生活)、线上事业(找到社群和成功的人直接学习)4.1 《学英语环游世界》10周年庆,我会在台东都兰和大家一起见面,看见新视界,创造属于你的Fly生活方式,报名连结
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1599 人生的真正意义是什么?|找到你的IKIGAI|Day7

今日格言"Life's true meaning is found in the pursuit of passions and the connections we make along the way." 人生的真正意义在于追寻热情,以及我们在这过程中建立的连结。Day 7挑战问题What do you love to do that you're also good at? These are your passions.你喜欢并且擅长做的事情是什么?这些就是你的热情所在。I have a passion for traveling and meeting new people. I tend to be quite spontaneous with my travel plans. Additionally, I enjoy learning languages, and I'm skilled at maintaining my proficiency in them. I believe that if I can continue traveling to different countries and learning languages, it would make for a fulfilling lifestyle for me.我热爱旅行和结交新朋友。对于我的旅行计划,我总是非常随性。此外,我喜欢学习语言,而且我擅长保持自己的语言能力。我相信,如果我能继续到不同的国家旅行并学习不同的语言,这将对我来说是一种充实的生活方式。***4.1 《学英语环游世界》10周年庆,我会在台东都兰和大家一起见面,看见新视界,创造属于你的Fly生活方式,报名连结***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1598 如何获得伟大的成就?|找到你的IKIGAI|Day6

今日格言"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs 做出伟大的工作的唯一途径是热爱自己的工作。Day 6 挑战问题What are your top accomplishments? What achievements are you most proud of?你最大的成就是什么?你最自豪的成就是什么?My top accomplishments include establishing the first volunteer tour guide service in China and working in several Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture and EA Games. I'm also proud of creating a podcast and having visited, lived, or worked in over 40 countries. I believe I'm most proud of my experiences traveling across Europe through couchsurfing by train and living and traveling for 10 years.我的最大的成就包括创建了中国第一个志愿导游服务,并在多家财富500强公司工作,如埃森哲和艺电游戏。我也为自己创建了一档播客,还访问、居住、工作过40多个国家感到自豪。我认为我最自豪的成就是透过沙发冲浪和火车旅行穿越欧洲,以及在过去的十年里生活和旅行的经历。***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1597 生命的意义是找到你的天赋,生命的目的是将它奉献出去|找到IKGAI|Day 5

今日格言"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." - Pablo Picasso 生命的意义是找到你的天赋,生命的目的是将它奉献出去。Day 5 挑战问题What are your top strengths? How do you use your strengths at work or in life?你最大的优势是什么?你如何在工作或生活中利用你的优势?My top strengths include being well-traveled and fluent in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Thai, and Balinese. I am also very open-minded, outgoing, enjoy listening, and have a knack for seeing the good in others. I am spontaneous and have been running a podcast for 10 years, which has garnered some followers and influence on the internet.  I find that when I am utilizing my strengths at work, my life becomes very full and busy, but I prefer freedom and exploring interests such as languages and connecting with people from different countries.我的主要优势包括丰富的旅行经历和流利的多语言能力,如英语、西班牙语、泰语和峇里岛语。我也非常开明、外向、喜欢倾听,有一种看到他人优点的天赋。我是一个喜欢冒险的人,并且已经经营了一档播客长达10年,吸引了一些追随者并在网络上产生了一定的影响力。我发现当我在工作上利用自己的优势时,我的生活变得非常充实和忙碌,但我更喜欢自由和探索语言以及与不同国家的人建立联系。今日感想:这次在帛琉(Palau)和关岛(Guam)还有旅行真的充电充饱饱的好开心,现在我仍然不停地分享我的旅行照片和影片,而且看着这些分享仍然微笑着,沉浸在这次旅行给我的心灵SPA,我还有好多东西想要分享,特别是生命中那些富足和小确幸,例如像是在火锅店里,被赠送许多海鲜和虾子!!!回来没两天,就发生了一些有趣的事情和奇迹,毫不费力地就让我认识了我想要认识的人,并且和这些生命导师学习中!我现在虽然人在台湾,却抵达了我目前最想要去的地方,虽然我前几天是在外地旅行,但是我人现在正在心灵旅行中!今天中午,我还想带上我的野餐垫和自己做的三明治去附近海边喝着手摇茶感受一下平日的怡然自得,只因这就是我今天最想做的事!***为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1596 生命的目的就是为了快乐|找到你的IKIGAI|Day4

今日格言"The purpose of our lives is to be happy." - Dalai Lama 我们生活的目的就是为了快乐。Day 4 挑战问题What are your core values? How do they support your decisions?你的核心价值是什么?它们如何支持你的决定?My core values include love, freedom, gratitude, abundance, and exploration. These values support my decisions by guiding my actions and choices. When faced with a decision, I reflect on these core values to ensure that my decision aligns with what I value most. For example, I prioritize feeling good over being right, as it aligns with my values of love and gratitude. By adhering to these core values, I am able to embody freedom, experience abundance, and explore more possibilities about myself.我的核心价值包括爱、自由、感恩、丰盛和探索。这些价值支持我的决策,因为它们指导着我的行动和选择。当我面临抉择时,我会思考这些核心价值,确保我的决定符合我所重视的价值观。例如,我将优先考虑感受良好而不是争辩对错,因为这符合我的价值观中的爱和感恩。透过遵循这些核心价值,我能够实践自由、感受丰盛,并探索更多关于自己的可能性。今日感想:今天我接到了O先生的信息,没想到明天我就会在台北和他见面了上次见面是10个月前,时间过得好快,但他这次只有在台湾18个小时的时间,我想可能是前天参加了这个疯迷24小时的贝多芬音乐会的通宵活动,感觉很好,所以我又提议他和我一起通宵玩,等他下了飞机我们就去吃火锅,还订了有庆生活动的火锅餐,定位的时候餐厅说会送我们和生日岁数一样的虾子,即几岁就送几只虾!然后再飙车去台北唱卡拉OK、玩保龄球、去游乐场、去夜市、去按摩、去泡温泉...!!!想一想都觉得自己好疯狂,但是也就是这些事情让我感觉兴奋不已,有恋爱的感觉,当然也是一种对于生命的热爱,今天我去做了指甲又接了假睫毛,做旅行的最后的打包工作,好开心啊!为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1595 想要做好时间管理千万不能做的事!|找到人生的IKIGAI|Day3

今日格言"Your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life." - Steve Jobs 你的时间是有限的,不要浪费在过别人的生活上。Day 3 挑战问题What did you love to do as a child? How can you bring that into your life?你小时候热爱做什么?你现在怎么将它融入到你的生活中呢?As a child, I enjoyed playing, spending time with friends in nature, watching movies, going to arcades, and playing games like Super Mario. I also loved listening to music, including pop, classical, ambient, and nature sounds.To bring these activities into my life now, I can set aside time for play and outdoor adventures with friends, schedule movie nights, visit arcades occasionally, play video games for leisure, and create opportunities to listen to music that I enjoy regularly.小时候,我喜欢玩耍,和朋友在大自然中度过时间,看电影,去游乐场,并玩像超级玛莉欧这样的游戏。我也喜欢听音乐,包括流行音乐、古典音乐、环境音乐和大自然的声音。现在,我可以将这些活动带入我的生活中,例如安排与朋友一起玩耍和户外冒险的时间,安排观影之夜,偶尔去游乐场,休闲地玩视频游戏,并经常创造聆听我喜欢的音乐的机会。今日感想真的去参加了贝多芬《疯迷24》的活动,挺有意思的,在音乐厅里的活动,和几百人一起熬夜,还真的听到有人睡着了在打呼~2:30的电影,有两小时看了贝多芬传,真的是乐圣好精彩,也看到艺术家终其一生,也为三餐和养活自己烦恼,到处去贩卖自己的音乐和点子的无奈,是我最感同身受的。期许我们都能做喜欢的事来赚钱,这个附加梦想:还要能毫不费力才行。为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (這個字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我們這個30天的挑戰就是基於這個有名的此生目的的一種探索形式。也可以透過我的網站 下載
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1594 生命最重要的两个日子是哪两个?|找到IKIGAI|Day 2

今日格言"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." - Mark Twain 你生命中最重要的两天是你出生的那天和你找到生命目的的那天。Day 2 挑战问题What do you love to do? What could you do for hours without taking a break?你喜欢做什么?你可以连续几个小时都不休息地做什么?I love to read books about spirituality and self-development. I can do that for hours. I also love exploring new places and making new friends. Traveling, as well as learning interesting things, are among my passions. Additionally, I enjoy eating good food with friends and engaging in amazing conversations.我喜欢阅读有关灵性和自我发展的书籍,我可以连续几个小时都不休息地读。我也喜欢探索新地方,交新朋友,旅行以及学习有趣的事物。此外,我喜欢与朋友一起享用美食,进行深入的交谈。今日感想:在高雄生活渐渐又找到自己喜欢的东西了,每天吃完一个健康充满蔬菜的中餐,加上饭后的一杯手摇茶是我的小确辛,最近又发现了卫武营音乐厅举办的多种音乐会,等等半夜我要参与一个《疯迷24贝多芬》的音乐会,就是一场从今天白天就开始的贝多芬音乐会的24小时演奏,我会带着我的睡袋,最近收听贝多芬的音乐灵感爆冲,还有了解他的生命故事真的也很有趣,最好玩的是,发现贝多芬和我一样都是12月16日出生的!好开心~为了这个找到IKIGAI/生命目的的系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。也可以透过我的网站 下载
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1593 人生的目的到底是什么?|找到IKIGAI|Day1

今日格言"The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 生命的目的不是为了快乐,而是为了成为一个有用的人,一个值得尊敬的人,一个有同情心的人,让自己的存在有所不同,并且活得好。Day 1 问题挑战What do you hope to gain from finding your life purpose? Why now?你希望从找到你的人生目标中获得什么?你正在寻找人生目的的原因是?I guess turning 41 makes me wonder if I could continue doing what I like and still serve my purpose. I'm at a moment in which I feel I'm getting closer to this answer and I hope this exercise can help me.我猜刚过了四十一岁的生日使我怀疑我是否能继续做我喜欢的事情,并且仍然能够实现我的目标,我现在感觉到我正逐渐接近这个答案,我希望这个练习能帮助我。为了这个系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载Line的官方帐号是@flywithlily微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit也可以透过我的网站 下载回覆文字ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。
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What was the best moment of my life? 我生命中最美好的时刻是?

Hello, you're listening to "Fly with Lily." I'm your new friend, Cindy. I'm from Vietnam, and I'm currently a student. I'm in Kaohsiung because of my university degree in tourism.Today, I got a question from Lily: What was the best moment of my life? This happened two summers ago when I got to reunite with my friends.It was because of the pandemic and also our studies that we parted ways to different countries. During that two-month summer vacation, we went on a trip together and got to catch up with our lives.你好,你正在聆听“学英语环游世界”节目。我是你的新朋友Cindy。我来自越南,目前是一名学生。我之所以在高雄,是因为我正在攻读旅游业的大学学位。今天,Lily问了我一个问题:我生命中最美好的时刻是什么?这发生在两年前的夏天,当我和我的朋友们重聚时。由于疫情和我们的学业,我们分散到不同的国家。在那个两个月的暑假期间,我们一起去旅行,并有机会彼此交流生活。这个是我在高雄餐旅大学演讲认识的学生录音~得到启发就去实作!加入我们的公众微信号Englishfit 或 Line官方账号 @flywithlily 也录下自己的答案吧!
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1592 你是不是此时和我一样有点迷惘有点受伤和焦虑|找到你的IKIGAI30日挑战开始

"Life is like wandering through a dark forest; getting lost is just part of the journey of growth."人生如行走于漆黑的森林里,迷失只是成长路上的一部分。为了这个系列,我特别制作了一个探索的手册,请大家到我的官方帐号去下载微信的官方帐号是 Englishfit也可以透过我的网站 下载(已经注册过邮箱得朋友不用担心,今天我也会寄给你们)回覆文字:ikigai (这个字是日文就是“此生之目的”)我们这个30天的挑战就是基于这个有名的此生目的的一种探索形式。***明日Day1挑战:What do you hope to gain from finding your life purpose? Why now?你希望从找到你的人生目标中获得什么?你正在寻找人生目的的原因是?
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1591 情人节快乐!最适合抄写给另一半的英语情话!|有恋爱脑又怎样

“I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.”我爱你,不仅仅是因为你是谁,而是因为我也愛上与你在一起的时候的我。我爱你,不仅仅是因为你已经成为了什么樣子的人,而是因为你,我變成了我想要的樣子。我爱你,因为你召唤了我最好的一面。以上很适合今天情人节抄写给给老公/男友/情人/暧昧对象的一句话~被宇宙甩了两巴掌,看事情的观点局限了自己!内心的世界显现于外!在这过年间发生了很多好事情:世界各地的好朋友来看我:去年在日本认识的Yvonne、三年不见现在在合肥生活的好麻吉碰碰、在峇里岛认识的美国朋友Gina;我和O先生又即将见面了(一些巧合和心路历程和你们分享)!还有你们的留言太感动了!!!今年又收到最多来自听众的红包,大家都在鼓励和感谢我过去的付出。留言分享:“Lily, 红包的金额不多,但算是有点过年的小心意。祝你春节愉快。听了最新的一集,觉得多少可以同理你的彷徨,毕竟也已经在外面跑了这么长一段时间了。 但过去曾因为你节目而获得的收获,是切切实实的,也是影响着未来的,所以还是很感谢你曾经带给大家的这些能量。有时候生活就是这样起起伏伏,允许自己感受这样的低落,但也别忘了给自己再次微笑的机会~最近我也是兜兜转转才发现,原来人最重要的是自己,自己的生活跟身心照顾好之后,才能真正好好去对待别人,就像飞机上的安全警示,总是说,“请先将自己的氧气面罩戴好,然后再照顾他人”。所以不论你未来做什么决定,我相信都是以你跟你最在乎的人为考量,身为曾收到你这么多能量的听众,我都默默祝福你~愿你未来一切安好!”学英语环游世界的计划,4月1日即将relaunch(重新发行),现在就让我试营运,先不定期更新和大家聊天,还有分享这个月的冥想挑战!!!下载和参与方式以下几种:1.关注Line官方帐号@flywithlily 回覆文字meditation,即可获得下载链接!2.关注微信公众号Englishfit 回覆文字meditation,即可获得下载链接!
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1590 看起来更年轻的魔法在这里|Look Younger

**我们不需要感受必须要看起来更年轻的压力,而是现在我们就可以汲取我们内在的年轻泉源!**1. I feel young and full of life. 我感到年轻而充满活力。2. My body is fit and healthy. 我的身体强健而健康。3. I look younger than my years. 我看起来比实际年龄更年轻。4. People compliment me on my youthful looks. 人们赞美我年轻的外貌。5. I think and act like a younger person. 我思考和行动像一个年轻的人。6. I’m in great shape for my age. 对于我的年龄,我保持在很好的状态。7. People are attracted to my youthful glow. 人们被我年轻的光芒吸引。8. Looking young is easy for me. 看起来年轻对我来说很容易。9. My youthful looks make me feel attractive. 我年轻的外貌让我感觉有吸引力。10. I look young and healthy. 我看起来年轻且健康。11. I am grateful for looking so young. 我对于自己看起来如此年轻感到感激。12. I feel great for my appearance. 我对我的外在感觉很棒。单词记忆:Compliment 赞美Act 举止、行动Be attracted to 被吸引Youthful 年轻的Be grateful for 对... 感到感恩Appearance 外在今日 Day 21 健身挑战:42 Squats 42个深蹲1:30 Min Plank 一分钟三十秒平板支撑32 Push Ups 32个伏地挺身45 Crunches 45个仰卧起坐今日感想:今天好冷,好想放弃。绝望时,请记住:每一次的尝试都是一种成长,每一次的挫折都是通向成功的一步。生命中的路途充满起伏,而每一片黑暗的背后都隐藏着黎明。即便感到力不从心,也请记得,坚持的力量来自于你的内心深处。放弃只会让你失去那些可能即将到来的美好时刻。无论前方的路有多么崎岖,请保持对梦想的信心,因为正是通过坚持不懈,我们才能超越困难,找到光明的出口。每一次的努力都在磨练你更坚强的心灵,每一次的波折都在锻造你更坚定的意志。不论多大的挑战,你都有足够的力量来克服。时光匆匆,但不要因此而匆忙放弃。让每一步都是迈向成功的脚印,让每一次努力都是靠近梦想的一步。因为你值得追逐那些让你心灵深处闪耀的目标。所以,不要放弃,继续前行,你将发现,每一份坚持的努力,都是迈向胜利的关键。
1/25/202420 minutes, 3 seconds
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1589 你想要有一个Beach Body吗?12句中英肯定句让你一天天身材越来越好!

1. I’m able to tone up my body. 我能够使我的身体变得更有线条。2. Getting in shape for the beach is easy for me. 为了海滩而让身形变好对我来说很容易。3. I look great on the beach. 我在海滩上看起来很棒。4. My body is shaping up. 我的身体正在变得更有形。5. I feel confident in my beach wear. 我穿上海滩装感到自信。6. People admire my shape and figure. 人们欣赏我的身形和身材。7. I feel comfortable on the beach. 我在海滩上感到自在。8. I’m healthy and toned. 我身体健康且线条分明。9. I feel sexy and attractive. 我感到性感和有吸引力。10. I am totally at ease with my body. 我完全对我的身体感到自在。11. My body turns heads on the beach. 我的身体在海滩上引人注目。12. I love my amazing beach body. 我喜爱我的惊人海滩身材。单词记忆:Tone up 是身材变得更有线条Get in shape 瘦身Shape up 变得有型Confident 自信Figure 身材Attractive 有吸引力的At ease 自在Turn heads 回头、引人注目Amazing 惊人的今日 Day 20 健身挑战:42 Squats 42个深蹲1:25 Min Plank 一分钟二十五秒平板支撑30 Push Ups 30个伏地挺身45 Crunches 45个仰卧起坐今日感想:原子习惯的真谛在于,与其订立一个遥不可及的、崇高的目标,不如建立一个微小的习惯,一步一步地挑战自己。
1/24/202417 minutes, 44 seconds
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1588 重复收听100遍就会有六块腹肌的12句中英肯定句

1. I have a toned stomach. 我拥有一个有型的腹部。2. My stomach muscles look ripped and solid. 我的腹部肌肉看起来线条分明且结实。3. My abs get firmer every day. 我的腹肌每天都变得更结实。4. I exercise to keep my abs in shape. 我运动以保持我的腹肌形状。5. I focus on getting that ripped abs look. 我致力于打造那种线条分明的腹肌外观。6. People admire my rock-hard abs. 人们钦佩我的坚硬腹肌。7. I enjoy my six-pack. 我喜爱我的六块肌。8. My stomach’s in great shape. 我的腹部状态极佳。9. Getting rock-hard abs is easy for me. 让腹肌变得坚硬对我来说很容易。10. My stomach’s a wall of power. 我的腹部是一道力量的屏障。11. My abs look buff and sexy. 我的腹肌看起来强壮而性感。12. I love my rock-hard abs. 我喜爱我的坚硬腹肌。单词记忆:Toned 紧实Muscle 肌肉Solid 结实、坚固Abs 腹肌Firm 结实、强硬Ripped 线条分明Admire 景仰Rock-hard 像石头一样Six-pack 六块肌Buff 强壮 今日 Day 19 健身挑战:40 Squats 40个深蹲1:20 Min Plank 一分钟二十秒平板支撑27 Push Ups 27个伏地挺身40 Crunches 40个仰卧起坐今日感想:保持良好的身形真的不是一件很简单的事,但是能够坚持做一件不是很简单的事也是在培养一种美德。我觉得不管你坚持什么事情,能对的起自己对自己所做过的承诺,就是爱自己的行为。也就是当你时常说到了却没做到,你就会越来越不爱自己,甚至觉得自己没这么可爱了!
1/23/202420 minutes, 19 seconds
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1587 让你听完不再大吃大喝的12句中英肯定句

1.My dieting willpower is strong. 我的饮食意志力很强。2.I can stick to my diet. 我能坚持我的饮食计划。3.Dieting is easy for me. 对我来说,节食很容易。4.I am strong and determined. 我强大而坚定。5.I follow my diet strictly. 我严格遵从我的饮食计划。6.I think positive thoughts. 我拥有正向的思考。7.I enjoy my diet. 我享受我的饮食生活。8.My diet keeps me healthy. 我的饮食保持我健康。9.I am a diet success story. 我是成功的减肥故事。10.I easily achieve my diet goals. 我轻松实现我的饮食目标。11.I follow my diet faithfully. 我忠实地遵从我的饮食计划。12.I am committed to my diet. 我对我的饮食计划有承诺(会对这个计划忠实)。单词记忆:Willpower 意志力Stick to 坚持Strictly 严格的Positive 正向的Success 成功的Achieve 达成Faithfully 忠实地Be committed to 对...做下承诺今日 Day 18 健身挑战:REST DAY 休息日
1/22/202420 minutes, 34 seconds
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1586 (全英语访谈,荷兰口音)主播故事:从六岁开始的游牧生活:家对我的意义

峇里岛的午茶交谊峇里岛,一片充满阳光与绿意的宝地,这里不仅是度假胜地,也是远距工作者的理想据点。在我在这片天堂般的土地上居住期间,每周都有一场特别的活动,那就是我工作的地方举办的下午茶聚会。这成为我认识新朋友的场所,每一次都有机会结识各行各业的远距工作者。与Juul的相遇在这些下午茶中,我有幸结识了来自荷兰的Juul。Juul是一位博士生,她正在研究数字游牧民(Digital Nomad)的生活方式,而峇里岛成为这个新兴游牧族群的据点。我们的对话不仅停留在表面,Juul热情地邀请我分享我的游牧生活,这是我在Fly with Lily Podcast中难得的被访谈者。游牧生活的背后故事Juul将我的儿时游牧经历细致地呈现,我的家庭由于父亲事业失败,从北到南搬家,我在五所小学度过,到了大学时更是换了九次家。这段旅程,虽然充满挑战,却也孕育出我对于转换环境的适应力。Juul的访谈聚焦于这种常常在移动中的生活,我分享了家对我而言的意义,以及在不断转换环境中所带来的挑战和快乐。挑战与愉悦我认为“家”就是心所在,对我而言,家就是有一张舒适的床,有一个我可以躲藏的角落。路上遇到的朋友常常成为我暂时的家人。这样的生活带来的挑战是吸收资讯和看过的风景太多,有时候感觉记忆体都不足够。但若是停留在同一地点太久,我又会感到无聊到发疯。与Juul的对话片段接下来,让我们一同聆听Juul访谈的片段,体验不同母语人士间的英语交流。这将是一场关于游牧生活的奇妙旅程,请准备好踏上这趟有趣的冒险!Juul的IG:Digital.Nomad.Researcher
1/21/202432 minutes, 33 seconds
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1585 从今后不再情绪进食的12句中英肯定句

1. I eat healthy foods at meal times. 我在用餐時食用健康的食物。2. I easily avoid comfort eating. 我輕鬆避免情緒進食。3. I enjoy healthy, nourishing food. 我喜歡健康、滋養的食物。4. I stay away from junk food. 我遠離垃圾食物。5. I easily avoid eating between meals. 我輕易地避免三餐外吃東西。6. I am in control of what I eat. 我掌控自己的飲食。7. I have a healthy relationship with food. 我和食物有健康的關係。8. I only eat until I feel full. 我只吃到覺得飽足為止。9. I respect my body. 我尊重我的身體。10. I find comfort in other things beside food. 我在食物之外找到安慰。11. I can overcome comfort eating. 我能克服情緒進食。12. I eat only to satisfy my hunger. 我只透過吃飯來滿足我的飢餓感。單詞記憶:Meal times 用餐時間Avoid 避免Comfort eating 情緒進食Stay away 遠離Junk food 垃圾食物Between 在... 之間Have a healthy relationship with 與... 有健康的關係 toxic 有害的Respect 尊重ComfortSatisfy 滿足Hunger 飢餓今日 Day 17 健身挑戰:40 Squats 40個深蹲1:15 Min Plank 一分鐘十五秒平板支撐25 Push Ups 25個伏地挺身40 Crunches 40 個仰臥起坐今日感想:今天在錄節目之前,就一直很想要吃鴨頭加上一杯手搖飲或啤酒或紅酒,但是今天已經吃了很飽,早午餐吃了一個漢堡加蛋還有蘿蔔糕加上一杯芝士四季春,其實只是很饞!這種其實就是情緒性的想要吃東西,來獲得多巴胺來得到滿足。後來一轉念,我先去完成了挑戰,感覺很好就沒有吃了!很有意思的經驗。
1/18/202418 minutes, 3 seconds
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1584 这十二句话帮助我们改写故事,拥有更强大的免疫系统

免疫系统是生物体体内一系列的生物学结构和过程所组成的疾病防御系统。免疫系统可以检测小到病毒大到寄生虫等各类病原体和有害物质,并且在正常情况下能够将这些物质与生物体自身的健康细胞和组织区分开来。1. My immune system is strong. 我的免疫系统强大。2. I fight illness and disease easily. 我轻松抵抗疾病。3. I’m in excellent health. 我身体状态极佳。4. My body fights off viruses with ease. 我的身体轻松击退病毒。5. I feel fit and healthy. 我感到强壮而健康。6. Staying well is easy for me. 对我来说,保持健康轻而易举。7. I enjoy total health and well-being. 我享受完整的健康和幸福。8. My immune system keeps me healthy. 我的免疫系统保持我健康。9. I quickly overcome illness. 我迅速克服疾病。10. My body bounces back fast. 我的身体迅速恢复。11. I feel invincible. 我感到无敌。12. I am immune to colds and flu. 我对感冒和流感免疫。单词记忆:Immune system 免疫系统Fight 抵抗、战斗Disease 疾病Excellent 极佳的、良好的Viruses 病毒Ease 轻松Well-being 幸福、整体的健康Overcome 克服Bounce 恢复、回弹Invincible 无敌的Be immune to 对...免疫Flu 流感今日 Day 16 健身挑战:37 Squats 37个深蹲1:10 Min Plank 一分钟十秒平板支撑22 Push Ups 22个伏地挺身37 Crunches 37个仰卧起坐今日感想:昨天晚上在睡前才想到这天的挑战还没有做,想要放弃但是又提醒自己继续加油,咬紧牙根还是完成了挑战,觉得这样的自己真的很难能可贵,我们在追求一个目标不都是这样吗?与其看着一个目标很想要快速的达成它,不如把它变成一个想要养成的习惯,一天做一点,然后又挑战自己一点点,又可以在过程中更了解自己。你听到的这个播客也是这样来的,起初我只是接受了一个每日播客的挑战,过去虽然会有停播的时候,但现在已经变成习惯了。分享读者来信:来自宁凤他写给我关于理想的早晨的留言收听你的主播有一段时间了,你是个很有魅力的主播,充满生命力和希望。我理想中的清晨,会有一个小房子,有尖尖的屋顶,有个小小的花园,会有栅栏,前面会有一个湖泊,草坪散发着自然的清香。清晨在湖泊前的草坪上做冥想,看着第一缕阳光洒在屋子的角上,然后开始浇花,狗狗也会一直跟着我,慢慢享受早餐…工作一会,准备中餐或者外出工作找好吃的填饱肚子。我一直相信某一天我会实现这种理想的生活。我的回覆:谢谢妳的分享,可以将这一段话打印出来放在书桌前面,用行动一点一滴的讲自己带进自己的愿景中!
1/17/202416 minutes, 44 seconds
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1583 让你一整天都拥有肠道健康的12句中英肯定句

Manage IBS 管理大肠激躁症大肠激躁症(Irritable bowel syndrome,以下简称IBS) 是一种常见的肠道功能性障碍疾病,诊断主要以症状为主,必须排除器质性疾病所造成等因素。 主要临床表现是慢性腹痛或腹部不适感、腹胀、排便习惯改变(腹泻或便秘,或两者交替)。 腹痛或腹胀常因排便或肛门排气而得到舒解。1.I am in control of my stomach and digestion. 我掌控着我的胃和消化。2.I eat healthy, nourishing food.我食用健康、滋养的食物。3.I am able to beat IBS.我有能力战胜肠易激综合症(IBS)。4.Every day my IBS is becoming more manageable.每一天,我的肠易激综合症(IBS)变得更容易管理。5.I feel healthy and whole. 我感觉健康而完整。6.IBS is easy for me to deal with. 对我来说,处理肠易激综合症(IBS)变得轻松。7.I cope calmly with IBS. 我平静地应对肠易激综合症(IBS)。8.I easily avoid foods that trigger IBS. 我轻松避免引发肠易激综合症(IBS)的食物。9.I stay relaxed and stress-free. 我保持轻松和无压力。10.I enjoy regular healthy bowel movements. 我享受规律而健康的排便。11.I eat and drink in moderation. 我饮食适度。12. IBS is manageable for me. 肠易激综合症(IBS)对我是可以被有效管理的。单词记忆:IBS=Irritable bowel syndrome 大肠激躁症Beat 打败、战胜Manageable 容易管理的、易管理的Whole 完整Cope with 处理、应对Avoid 避免Trigger 触动、引发Bowel movements 排便今日 Day 15 健身挑战:-35 Squats 35个深蹲-1 Min Plank 一分钟平板支撑-22 Push Ups 22个伏地挺身-37 Crunches 37个仰卧起坐今日感想:没想到我们的播客除了将健康饮食,今天终于讲到了便便这件事情,如果今天有听到最后的应该是真爱了,我也要把这个播客献给和我分享她有IBS困扰的朋友。也祝福大家都有一个好的肠道消化,这样才会一整天神清气爽啊!
1/16/202416 minutes, 14 seconds
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1582 让你越听越年轻的12句中英肯定句

Beat Aging Process 抗老1.I feel young and alive. 我感觉年轻而充满活力。2. I enjoy healthy and nourishing food. 我享受健康营养的食物。3. I look after myself. 我照顾好自己。4. Staying young is easy for me.对我来说,保持年轻是轻而易举的。5. I keep fit and enjoy regular exercise.我保持身材,享受定期运动。6. I nourish my skin every day. 我每天滋养我的皮肤。7. I drink plenty of refreshing water. 我喝足够的清爽水分。8. I stay active and alert. 我保持活跃和警觉。9. I always get a good night's sleep. 我总是获得充足的良好睡眠。10. I eat and drink in moderation. 我饮食适度。11. I look younger than my years. 我看起来比实际年龄年轻。12. I am full of youthful vitality. 我充满青春活力。单词记忆:1.Nourishing 滋养的2.Look after 照顾3.Refreshing 清爽4.Get a good night sleep 睡好一觉5.In moderation 适度6.Youthful 年轻的7.Vitality 活力今日 Day 14 健身挑战:- 35 Squats 35个深蹲- 1 Min Plank 一分钟平板支撑- 20 Push Ups 20个伏地挺身- 35 Crunches 35个仰卧起坐今日感想:周末的时候,我花了两天整理了一整年的收支状况,并发布在我的网站上,我感觉是一个非常有价值的分享!今年是Fly with Lily品牌成立的第十年,让我也好好的回顾了一下自己目前在做的事,是否要放弃某些对我已经不适用的东西、是否要转型,是否去扩张,还有好多地方想要去探索,但是这半年似乎更重要的功课更去探索内心的自己,心里虽然仍有好多好多的问号,但是我成为了一个更勇敢,更喜欢的自己。不管过程多么混乱,我相信我都会好好的。大家一起共勉。
1/15/202416 minutes, 48 seconds
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1581 (加拿大口音|长访谈)她用一年在意大利和东南亚旅行并写了一本书

嗨,大家好,欢迎来到这期的访谈节目!今天我们要介绍的是我在峇里岛认识的一位来自加拿大的朋友Kat。我们当初是在一个峇里岛的共享工作空间(coworking space)相识的。印象最深刻的时刻之一,就是我们在午餐时间相遇,当时得知了她请了一年的假期,特地飞来亚洲体验生活,并着手写她的书。听完她的计划,我深感有必要访问她,尤其考虑到去年我一整年都在推广迷你退休计划:即不必等到退休才追求自己热爱的事物。0:00 Chinese intro5:30 English intro: Kat’s introduction, preparation and planning of the trip15:56 Kat’s budget for the trip18:49 What challenges did you face before embarking on this journey, and how did they impact your decision?21:33 How did you realise the need for a trip to explore Asia and commit to writing a novel? What motivated you to start this adventure?23:08 What was the most significant lesson you learned during your journey? Were there any unexpected realisations?25:32 How did the challenges you encountered during your journey contribute to your growth and overcoming difficulties? Were there any particularly memorable experiences?31:02 How do you balance seeking inspiration and focusing on writing during your journey? Do you have any creative writing tips or techniques?33:55 During this period, what were the moments that brought you particular joy? 35:25 Were there any specific places or experiences that left a lasting impression?36:32 How do you find inner peace and tranquillity, and maintain stability amidst the changes in environment and culture? 37:57 What precautions and strategies did you employ to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience?41:21 After your trip, how would you integrate the experiences and insights from your journey into your everyday life and work?42:43 How has the experience of a mini-retirement changed your perspective and values in life? What new goals and dreams do you have for the future?44:22 Could you share some advice for those who are considering embarking on a mini-retirement journey? What preparations and mindset are essential?Kat的聯繫方式Kat's IG: @kitkatshermackKat's Email: katshermack@gmail點com
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1580 听了会更健康的20句中英格言 |照顾好你的身体,这是你唯一居住的地方

1. Health is wealth. 健康就是财富。2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 一天一苹果,医生远离我。3. A healthy outside starts from the inside. 健康的外在始于内在。4. Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. 照顾好你的身体,这是你唯一居住的地方。5. To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. 保持身体健康是一种责任......否则我们将无法保持心智的坚强和清晰。6. Your body hears everything your mind says. 你的身体听得到你的心灵在说什么。7. Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness. 那些认为没有时间吃健康食物的人,迟早将不得不花时间应对疾病。8. The groundwork for all happiness is good health. 所有幸福的基础是良好的健康。9. The first wealth is health. 第一财富是健康。10. He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. 有健康的人拥有希望,有希望的人拥有一切。11. The greatest wealth is health. 最大的财富是健康。12. Health is a relationship between you and your body. 健康是你和你的身体之间的关系。13. To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise. 要享受健康的光辉,你必须运动。14. A healthy life is a happy life. 健康的生活是快乐的生活。15. Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. 健康不是我们能够购买的东西。然而,它可以是一个极其有价值的储蓄帐户。16. The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system. 最好、最有效的药房就在你自己的体内。17. Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one. 你的身体是一座寺庙,但只有在你将其视为一座寺庙时才是如此。18. Health requires healthy food. 健康需要健康的食物。19. The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition. 未来的医生将不再用药物治疗人体,而是将通过营养来治愈和预防疾病。20. Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. 照顾好你的身体,这是你唯一居住的地方。
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1579 我一定可以!让你更健康、更苗条、更爱自己的12句中英肯定句

1. I am able to get into great shape. 我能够让自己恢复到苗条状态。2.My body responds well to exercise. 我的身体对运动反应良好。3.Getting fit is easy for me. 让自己变得更健康对我来说很容易。4.I crave fitness. 我渴望运动。5. I feel fitter every day. 我每天感觉更苗条健康。6.Fitness comes easily to me. 运动对我来说很容易。7.I love getting fit. 我喜欢变得更苗条健康。8.I’m in terrific shape. 我的身形很棒。9.Staying fit is easy for me. 保持身材对我来说很容易。10.Being fit feels healthy and powerful. 保持苗条感觉健康且充满力量。11.I feel totally fit. 我感觉完全健康。12.I love how being fit makes me feel. 我喜欢拥有健康身形的感觉。单词记忆:1.Get into shape 减肥,恢复到苗条状态2.Respond 反应3.Terrific 非常棒的4.Powerful 充满力量今日 Day 11 健身挑战:-30 Squats 30个深蹲-50 Sec Plank 50秒平板支撑-17 Push Ups 17个伏地挺身-33 Crunches 33个仰卧起坐今日感想:最近因为感觉学员们状态不好,去联络他们的时候,他们也会告诉我为什么他们不愿意早起的因素,我这个时候感觉也很困惑,到底他们说的是借口而去念他们或者骂他们一顿呢?还是他们真的探索后自己的结果。清理自己可能有的负面念头后,我仍然相信他们已经在梦想的路上。为什么那些已经很成功的人仍然很坚持跑步和锻炼、学习新技能和充实自己的心灵,因为拥有再多钱财,这些事情也不可能人家为你做,身体的激素(多巴胺、血清素)也不可能总是透过别人来给你吧?因为状态是一个人可以真是的感觉的到,人活着就是一种感觉。
1/10/202418 minutes, 13 seconds
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1578 让你克服暴食的12句中英肯定句

Overcome Binge Eating. 克服暴食1. I eat healthy meals at regular times. 我定时进食健康的饭菜。2. My diet is good. 我的饮食很好。3. I am strong and determined. 我强壮而有决心。4. I respect my mind and body. 我尊重我的心灵和身体。5. I am in control of my impulses. 我能够控制我的冲动。6. I only eat what is good for me. 我只吃对我有益的食物。7. It’s easy for me to stop binge eating. 我能轻松地停止狂食。8. I have a healthy attitude about food. 我对食物有一种健康的态度。9. I enjoy eating at meal times. 我喜欢在用餐时间进食。10. I easily avoid unhealthy food. 我轻松避免不健康的食物。11. I’m in control of my eating habits. 我掌控着我的饮食习惯。12, I’m able to eat sensibly. 我能够理智地进食。单词记忆:1.Regular 定期的2.Determined 有决心的3.Respect 尊重4.Impulses 冲动5.Binge eating 暴食6.Attitude 态度7.Avoid 避免8.In control of 控制9.Habits 习惯10. Sensible 理智的今日 Day 10 健身挑战:30 Squats 30个深蹲45 Sec Plank 45秒平板支撑17 Push Ups 17个伏地挺身30 Crunches 30个仰卧起坐今日感想: 最近喜欢看一些极圈冒险的故事:像是“阿拉斯加之死 Into the Wild”、“12小时徒步12 Hour Walk”、“勇闯阿拉斯加33天The Comfort Crisis”,故事中的主人翁都是自愿了报名了极圈挑战,而获得更佳的身心状态!结论就是舒适圈可能会埋没你!大家开始动起来吧!不要等到春暖花开!现在就是最佳突破自己的时刻!
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1577 让你开始有动力运动起来的12句中英肯定句

Feel Motivated to Exercise. 感到有动力去运动。1.I crave exercise. 我渴望运动。2.Exercise is easy for me. 运动对我而言很轻松。3.I love exercising to stay in shape. 我喜欢运动,保持身材。4.Exercise keeps me healthy and strong. 运动让我保持健康和强壮。5.I enjoy exercise. 我喜欢运动。6.Finding time to exercise is easy for me. 找到时间运动对我来说是轻松的。7.I enjoy working out and pushing myself. 我喜欢锻炼并挑战自己。8.Exercise is as natural as breathing. 运动就像呼吸一样自然。9.It’s satisfying to exercise regularly. 定期运动令人满足。10.Staying in shape keeps my body fit. 保持身形使我的身体保持健康。11.Exercise boosts my metabolism. 运动促进我的新陈代谢。12.I feel great after exercise. 运动后我感觉很棒。单词记忆:1.Crave 渴望2.Easy 轻松3.Stay in shape 保持身材4.Work out 锻炼5.Push 挑战6.Breath 呼吸7.Regular 定期8.Satisfying 满足的9.Boost 促进10.Metabolism 新陈代谢今日 Day 9 健身挑战:-27 Squats 27个深蹲-45 Sec Plank 45秒平板支撑-17 Push Ups 17个伏地挺身-30 Crunches 30个仰卧起坐今日感想:今天在做Day 8挑战的时候竟然觉得很简单就完成了!有点窃喜!每天我都做了一点点小记录,更确定耐力是可以被延展的!不锻炼的话身体感觉只会更硬而已!所以希望自己继续保持,也和你一起共勉!正在录制这个播客的时候,我的线上的共学小伙伴也正在做她的早起仪式晨间运动!真是太棒了!暫用的公眾微信:Englishfit
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1576 开始吃健康食物的12句中英肯定句

Eat Healthy Foods 吃健康的食物I eat nutritious foods. 我吃有营养的食物。I only choose foods that are healthy. 我只选择健康的食物。My food is packed with goodness. 我的食物充满了营养。My meals are nutritionally balanced. 我的餐食在营养上是平衡的。I eat only what is good for me. 我只吃对我有益的食物。I enjoy a balanced diet. 我享受均衡的饮食。I choose the best quality food available. 我选择最优质的食物。I eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. 我吃很多新鲜水果和蔬菜。Eating healthy foods comes naturally to me. 吃健康的食物对我来说是自然而然的。Healthy food is nutritious and delicious. 健康的食物既有营养又美味。My diet is healthy and nourishing. 我的饮食健康而有营养。I love healthy food. 我喜欢健康的食物。单词记忆:1.Nutritious 营养的2.Choose 选择 (动词) choice 选择(名词)3.Be packed with (充满了)= be full of4.Balanced 平衡的5.Diet 饮食6.Quality 质量 Quantity 數量7.Plenty of 很多8.Vegetables 蔬菜9.Nourishing 滋润的今日 Day 8 健身挑战:-25 Squats 25個深蹲-40 Sec Plank 40秒平板支撐-15 Push Ups 15個伏地挺身-30 Crunches 30個仰臥起坐今日感想:周日写了回顾日记发现过去这一周的自己真的很不错,可能也是新年的第一周,完成了五天的健身挑战,除了一天感冒睡过头之外也有跳舞和完成早起仪式!每天都有读书一两个小时~也有专注吃健康的食物!希望未来的51周也可以保持!大家一起共勉!
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1575 所有设下的边界,都是为了去跨越|Kepler在印度旅行流下的四种男儿泪

时间轴0:00 前言1:53 来台东旅行的原因3:10 为何选择印度?4:30 旅游路线规划7:15 故事1:恐惧的泪水25:07 故事2:离别的泪水28:00 故事3:生气的泪水31:30  故事4: 喜极而泣37:25 给独自旅行的女生建议40:10 住宿建议41:12 收获Kepler的联系方式:Instagram: @kepler_suGmail: mike80441@gmail点com
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1574 让你活得久又活得好的12句中英肯定句

Live Longer 活的更长寿1. I feel young and vibrant. 我感到年轻而充满活力。2. I’m in excellent health. 我的健康状态极佳。3. I stay active and alert. 我保持活跃并保持警觉。4. I respect my mind and body. 我尊重我的心灵和身体。5. I am full of life. 我充满生机。6. I am grateful for my good health. 我对良好的健康感到感激。7. My body is in great shape. 我的身体状态极佳。8. I feel fit and healthy. 我感到身体强健并且健康。9. I take good care of myself. 我善待自己。10. I lead a healthy lifestyle. 我过着健康的生活方式。11. Living longer is easy for me. 对我来说,活得更长寿很容易。12. I live life to the full. 我充分地活着。单词记忆:1.Vibrant 充满活力的2.Active 积极的、活跃的3.Alert 警觉的4. Respect 尊敬5.In great shape 极佳状态6.Fit 身体强健、苗条7.Take good care of 好好照顾8.Lead a .. lifestyle  过着..生活9.Longer 较长的10.To the full 充实今日 Day 4 健身挑战:17 Squats 17个深蹲25 Sec Plank 25秒平板支撑12 Push Ups 12个伏地挺身20 Crunches 20个仰卧起坐今日感想:妈妈最注重健康却最早因为心脏病意外过世,爸爸总是抽烟喝酒作息不正常也活到了82岁,所以,我从来就不会觉得长寿是必然的结果,只是珍惜并活出每一个最好的当下!不要总说等我...就会...,今天就是我们最年轻的一天,用我们现有的资源在我们的舒适圈已经可以做到的小事情就是:让自己感觉是一个超级酷又快乐和充满爱的人!
1/4/202414 minutes, 42 seconds
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1573 让你充满活力的12句中英肯定句

微信账号:EnglishfitBurst With Energy 充满活力I am full of energy. 我充满活力。I have all the energy I need. 我拥有所有我需要的能量。My energy levels are high. 我的能量水平很高。I feel alive and energetic. 我感到充满生机和活力。My energy levels are perfect. 我的能量水平是完美的。My energy reserves are always available. 我的能量储备总是可用的。I love feeling full of energy. 我喜欢感受充满能量的感觉。I have a real zest for life. 我对生活充满热情。I can accomplish anything. 我能够完成任何事情。Energy fills every pore of my skin. 能量充满我皮肤的每个毛孔。I’m alive and bursting with energy. 我充满生机并充满能量。I’m always ready for anything. 我总是随时准备好应对一切。单词记忆:1. Energy 能量2. Level 等级、水平3. Alive 活着的;有活力的4. Energetic 充满活力的5. Reserves 储存、储存量6. Zest 活力、热情7. Accomplish 完成8. Pore 毛孔9. Burst 爆破10. Be ready for 为...准备好今日健身挑战:Day 3 = Rest Day今日心情:昨天吃了一颗感冒药今天的小感冒好了,但早上仍感觉晕晕!这些正面的肯定句让我心情感觉温暖,我充满期待的开始今天!
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1572 让你不会忘记喝水的12句中英肯定句

今日肯定句:Drink More Water 喝更多水I enjoy drinking water. 我喜欢喝水。Water is good for me. 水对我有好处。My body loves water. 我的身体喜欢水。I drink water often every day. 我每天经常喝水。My water intake is perfect. 我的水摄入量是完美的。I always drink enough water. 我总是喝足够的水。I feel hydrated and refreshed. 我感到水分充足,焕然一新。Water is delicious. 水很美味。I feel energized when I drink water. 我喝水时感到精力充沛。Water keeps me healthy and strong. 水让我保持健康和强壮。I thirst for water. 我渴望水。Water cleanses and protects me. 水洗净并保护着我。单词记忆:1.Intake 摄取/摄取量2.Enough 足够的/足够地3.Hydrated 水分充足的4.Refreshed 焕然一新的5.Delicious 美味的6.Energized 精力充沛7.Thirst 渴望8.Cleanse 洗净9.Protect 保护今日健身挑戰:- 15 Squats 15個深蹲- 20 Sec Plank 20秒平板支撐- 10 Push Ups 10個伏地挺身- 15 Crunches 15個仰臥起坐今日感想:没想到今天就感冒了,宇宙也是真会安排,昨天我才在讲健康的肯定句,说去年有多健康!但是今年的愿望就是希望在什么地方都很喜悦~我今天也有可能发烧,但是我还是起床了,只是打几个喷嚏,但是并没有很严重啦!今天早点把东西做一做然后多喝热水休息一下吧!
1/2/202416 minutes, 10 seconds
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1571 让你开始享受绝佳身心健康的12句中英肯定句

今日格言:Health is wealth. 健康就是财富。今日肯定句:Enjoy Optimum Health 享受最佳健康1. I am in excellent health. 我身体状况极佳。2. I feel healthier every day. 我每天感觉更加健康。3. I am in the best health ever. 我拥有最佳的健康状态。4. My health is in perfect balance. 我的健康状态处于完美平衡。5. I have a strong immune system. 我的免疫系统强壮。6. My body works to keep me healthy. 我的身体努力保持我的健康。7. I find it easy to stay healthy. 我发现保持健康很容易。8. I love being healthy. 我喜欢保持健康。9. Being healthy is natural to me. 对我来说,保持健康是自然而然的事情。10. I have a healthy glow. 我拥有健康的光泽。11. I am healthy. 我是健康的。12. I am grateful for being in good health. 我感谢自己身体状况良好。单词记忆:Enjoy 享受Optimum 最佳的 之前有讲过 optimize 最佳化Excellent 极佳Heath, healthy 健康,健康的Perfect 完美Balance 平衡Immune system 免疫系统Natural 自然的 nature 大自然Glow 光泽、光芒Be grateful for 为...感恩今日健身挑战:- 10 Squats 10个深蹲- 15 Sec Plank 15秒平板支撑- 5 Push Ups 5个伏地挺身- 10 Crunches 10个仰卧起坐为什么拥有健康对于圆梦的重要性:1. 能量和耐力: 拥有良好的健康状态意味着你有足够的能量和体力去追求梦想。实现梦想通常需要长时间的努力和持之以恒的工作,而健康的身体能够支撑你应对挑战。2. 专注和效率: 良好的健康状态有助于提高注意力和专注力。这意味着你能更有效地管理时间,更加专注地投入到实现梦想的工作中。3. 心理健康: 身心健康相互关联。拥有健康的身体有助于维持积极的心理状态。在追求梦想的过程中,积极的心态和抗压能力是非常重要的。4. 克服挑战: 追求梦想的过程中,你可能会遇到各种困难和挑战。拥有强健的身体可以提高克服这些挑战的能力,使你更具韧性。5. 持久力: 实现梦想往往是一个长期的过程。拥有健康的生活方式和身体状态可以确保你有足够的持久力,不轻言放弃,坚持不懈地追求梦想。总的来说,健康的身体是通向梦想实现的基石,为你提供了实现目标所需的身心资源。最近心情:最好的疗愈就是在家里,我回到了台湾,找到了接下来半年的落脚处,想要读西班牙语还有考领队和导游的证照,休息一下再出发!上一年有一些遗憾希望2024还能弥补过来!接下来下一站再回去峇里岛然后去泰国再前进越南旅居、2025年可以去参与泰国的泼水节然后再回去冰岛度过夏天,然后再前进中南美洲,这次必须一路下探不折返了!但是人算不如天算,我也相信宇宙会有最好的安排!
1/1/202432 minutes, 15 seconds
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1570 今年最美好的瞬间是什么?

公众微信:Englishfit回顾2023年的21天挑战第11天问题中文:今年最美好的瞬间是什么?英文:What was the most beautiful moment for you this year?There were so many beautiful moments for me this year, but if I have to pick one, I would say it was the time when I saw New Year’s Eve’s Firework at Reykjavik church. It was one of my dreams that came true.今年对我来说有很多美好的时刻,但如果我必须挑选一个,我会说那是我在雷克雅维克教堂看到跨年烟火的时刻。那是我梦想成真的其中一个瞬间。
12/22/202315 minutes, 31 seconds
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1569 今年你有没有达成自己设定的目标?有没有新的期望?

公众微信:Englishfit回顾2023年21天挑战Day 4中文:今年你有没有达成自己设定的目标?有没有新的期望?英文:Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself this year? Any new expectations?回答:No, I didn’t achieve the goals I set for myself but I’m still very content at what I have done so far. I’m hoping my business next year would grow more steadily and I can invest in getting more new customers.我并没有实现我为自己设定的目标,但对于迄今为止所做的事情,我仍然感到非常满足。我希望明年我的事业能够更稳健地成长,并且我能够投资开发更多新客户。
12/14/202314 minutes, 12 seconds
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1568 能分享一个今年让你感激不已的时刻吗?

公眾微信:Englishfit回顾2023年的问题:中文:能分享一个让你感激不已的时刻吗?英文:Can you share a moment this year that you are immensely grateful for?回答:My good friend Omar came to Taiwan to visit me from the States and we planned a five-day trip around Taiwan. The moment when I saw him at the airport and when he still insisted on helping me carry my backpack, I was immensely touched.我的好朋友Omar从美国来台湾探访我,我们计划了一个为期五天的台湾之旅。当我在机场看到他的那一刻,而他坚持要帮我提行李背包的时候,我深感动容。
12/13/202311 minutes, 51 seconds
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1566 今年,你最引以为傲的成就是什么?|回顾2023年挑战开始了!

公众微信:Englishfit回复 “2023” 参加“回顾2023年日记打卡”!2023年的回顾问题:Day 1: 今年,你最引以为傲的成就是什么?What achievement are you most proud of this year?I started a 6-week mini-retirement camp this year, and so far I’ve had 15 members participate in the project. 今年我开启了6周的迷你退休营,然后有十五个学员参加了这个机会。
12/11/20239 minutes, 16 seconds
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1567 (来自瑞典)你在自我成长方面有哪些发现或突破?

公众微信号:Englishfit回顾2023年21挑战Day 2的问题:你在自我成长方面有哪些发现或突破?What discoveries or breakthroughs have you had in personal growth?Hello. You're listening to fly with Lily. I'm your new friend, Teddy. Teddy Goitom. I'm from Sweden, but my roots are from Ethiopian Eritrea. I'm in Chiang Mai, Thailand right now because I am escaping the winter of Sweden. And I'm a producer. I've been doing documentaries. And now in my free time, I am discovering myself and I'm discovering the world. And my dream is to continue discovering the world and meeting people, creating new relationships. And today I'm asked a question by Lily, and the question is, what discoveries or breakthroughs have you had in personal growth? So as a documentary filmmaker, I have been for the past 20 years, been working a lot and traveling, of course, but I've never taken, actually a pause and been thinking about what is it that is driving me and what is it I want to do my next step. And a couple of years ago, I decided to take a break and because I wanted to understand what it is that I want to learn more about. And I found that I was in the film industry. I was not growing. I was not learning. I came to a point where I just felt that I want to do something totally new. So I decided to study. And I decided to go to the university and study art market economy, because I've always been interested as a young person into art. My family took me to museums and I got an opportunity to see art through friends also. So I'm now discovering that new path. And that's it. And thanks for listening. 你好,你正在收听的是《学英语环游世界》。我是你的新朋友泰迪。泰迪·戈伊托姆。我来自瑞典,但我的根源来自埃塞俄比亚厄立特里亚。我现在在泰国清迈,因为我想逃避瑞典的冬天。我是一名制片人。我一直在制作纪录片。现在在空闲时间里,我正在发现自己,也在发现这个世界。我的梦想是继续发现这个世界,结交朋友,建立新的关系。今天莉莉问了我一个问题,问题是,你在个人成长方面有什么发现或突破?作为一名纪录片制片人,过去20年里我一直在工作和旅行,当然,但我从未真正停下来思考过是什么推动着我,以及我下一步想做什么。几年前,我决定休息一下,因为我想了解更多我想学习的东西。我发现在电影行业,我没有成长,我没有学到东西。我到了一个只想做一些全新事物的地步。所以我决定去读书。我决定去大学学习艺术市场经济,因为我一直对艺术感兴趣,作为一个年轻人,我的家人带我去参观博物馆,我也通过朋友有机会欣赏艺术。所以我现在正在发现这条新的道路。就是这样,谢谢你的聆听。单词记忆:1.Escaping - 逃离2.Producer - 制片人3.Documentaries - 纪录片4.Discovering - 探索、发现5.Relationships - 关系、人际关系6.Breakthroughs - 突破、重大进展7.Filmmaker - 电影制片人8.Opportunity - 机会9.Museums - 博物馆10.Economy - 经济
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1565 三十天感恩日记挑战的三十个让你越感恩越幸福的中英问题

公眾微信號:Englishfit30-Day Gratitude Journal Challenge30天感恩日记打卡挑战Day 1: What are you grateful for today?第一天:今天要感谢的是?Day 2: What little blessings and miracles did you experience today?第二天:今天有经历什么样小感动和奇迹?Day 3: What do you most love about yourself?第三天:你最喜欢自己什么地方?Day 4: What about you makes you special?第四天:你最与众不同的地方?Day 5: What risk are you most grateful for having taken?第五天:过去做过什么有风险的事情,但今天的你很感谢有付诸行动?Day 6: How can you express gratitude for something you desire?第六天:你怎么对你渴望的事情表示感恩?Day 7: Who are you most grateful for in your life and why?第七天:在你生命里你最感谢谁,为什么呢?Day 8: What relationships make your life feel rich and full?第八天:你生命中的什么关系让你觉得最丰富?Day 9: Write why you are grateful for your proudest accomplishment.第九天:写下你最值得感谢和骄傲的一件成就。Day 10: What has helped you become more of who you are?第十天:什么事件帮助你成为你今天的样子。Day 11: What is your favorite emotion to feel?第十一天:你最喜欢感受什么样的情绪?Day 12: What painful experience has helped you grow?第十二天:过去什么样的痛苦经历帮助你成长?Day 13: What did you learn from the last challenge you overcame?第十三天:你从过去克服过的挑战学会了什么?Day 14: How can you inject more gratitude into a current challenge?第十四天:你怎么在你现在面临的挑战之中注入更多的感恩之情?Day 15: Write down your favorite affirmations that make you feel good.第十五天:写下你最喜欢的正面的肯定句。Day 16: How can you add gratitude to a situation you want to improve?第十六天:怎么在你现在想要改进的情况下注入更多的感恩之情?Day 17: Describe the last time you felt pure joy.第十七天:描述最近一次感到纯粹快乐的时候。Day 18: What is the best gift you’ve ever received?第十八天:你收到最棒的礼物?Day 19: What have you manifested that you are super grateful for?第十九天:目前发生在你生命中最感谢的人/事是什么?Day 20: What experiences have strengthened you?第二十天:什么样的经验让你更坚强?Day 21: Describe the last time your heart was overflowing with love.第二十一天:描述最近一次心里感受到满满的爱的体验?Day 22: What activities do you most enjoy doing?第二十二天:你最喜欢从事什么样的活动呢?Day 23: What are you afraid of? How is this fear a good thing?第二十三天:你最害怕什么事?这件事在你生命中有没有正面的影响呢?Day 24: What fears have you overcome that made you stronger?第二十四天:哪一个你克服的恐惧让你变得更强大?Day 25: Describe the last time you laughed so hard you almost peed.第二十五天:描述上次你笑到哭(尿)的一次体验?Day 26: What everyday items are you most grateful for?第二十六天:哪一件每天的用品让你觉得很感恩?Day 27: What’s your top goal right now and why are you grateful for it?第二十七天:你的首要目标是什么?你为什么觉得很感恩呢?Day 28: What do you already have that you want more of?第二十八天:你想要拥有更多的...Day 29: Describe the last time you did something nice for someone.第二十九天:描述上次你为别人做的好事。Day 30: Write about what you want to manifest as if it is already yours.第三十天:描述你想要在生命中拥有的任何事情,仿佛你已经有了它们一样。哪一个问题让你最发省思?留言和我们分享哦!
12/10/202317 minutes, 48 seconds
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1564 你最喜欢自己什么地方?

公众微信号:EnglishfitDay 3: What do you most love about yourself?第三天:你最喜欢自己什么地方?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend, Lisa. Imogen Eldridge. I'm originally from the UK, England. I'm currently in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates because I have decided to become a resident here and to make the Middle East my home. After years of being a digital nomad and travelling from country to country, I now really want a base and have decided to stay in Dubai. By profession, I'm a journalist and also a travel blogger, so I write about solo female travel, and I travel around by myself and recommend different countries for women to travel to. In my spare time. I love storytelling and creative writing. I really like boxing as well. I think it's really important to keep fit, and I also run, and I also read and concentrate on personal development because it's really important to keep evolving in this world. Today, I will be answering a question posed by Lily. So the question is, what do you most love about yourself? It took me a long time to even realise that I was worthy of love, so I think what I love about myself the most is that I'm now accepting of who I am and that I am very different from other people and that that's okay. And everybody is unique, and they all have their own gifts to offer. And I'm really happy being the woman that I have now become. So thank you so much, Lily, for allowing me to be on your podcast. And take care, everybody.你好。您正在聆听《学英语环游世界》节目。我是你的新朋友,莉莎(Lisa)。伊莫金·艾尔德里奇(Imogen Eldridge),我原来来自英国,目前居住在阿拉伯联合酋长国的杜拜,因为我已经决定成为这里的居民,把中东当作我的家。在成为一名数字游牧民、穿越各国的多年后,我现在真的想要一个固定的基地,决定留在杜拜。我是一名记者,同时也是一名旅行部落客,我写有关独自旅行的文章,并在空闲时间以独自旅行并推荐不同国家给女性旅行者。我热爱故事和创意写作。我也很喜欢拳击,我认为保持健康很重要,我还慢跑,并专注于个人发展,因为在这个世界上保持进步非常重要。今天,我将回答莉莉提出的一个问题。所以问题是,你最喜欢自己的什么地方?我花了很长时间才意识到自己是值得被爱的,所以我认为我最喜欢的是我现在接受了自己,我和其他人很不同,而这是可以接受的。每个人都是独特的,都有自己的礼物要奉献。我很高兴成为我现在的这个女人。非常感谢你,莉莉,让我参与你的播客。大家保重。单词记忆1. Resident (居民): (n.) A person who lives in a specific place.2. Digital Nomad (数字游牧民): (n.) An individual who works using technology and travels to different locations.3.Solo Female Travel (单独女性旅行): (n.) The act of a woman travelling alone, exploring different countries.4. Base (基地): (n.) The main place where a person lives or works.5. Storytelling (讲故事): (n.) The art of using words to tell a story.6. Boxing (拳击): (n.) A sport where two people engage in a match of punching, usually with padded gloves.7. Accepting (接受的): (adj.) Willing to accept or open to something.8. Evolve (演变): (v.) To develop or change over time.9. Worthy (有价值的): (adj.) Having value or importance.10. Unique (独特的): (adj.) Distinctive and different from others.Lisa的联系方式:[email protected] Imogen Eldridge is a self-confessed solo travel addict. She runs the blog, Girl about the Globe, an award-winning solo female travel blog for socially conscious travellers; empowering women to travel solo and making a difference to the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe.莉莎·伊莫金·艾尔德里奇是一位自称狂热独自旅行的人。她运营着”Girl about the Globe”博客,这是一个屡获殊荣的独自女性旅行博客,专为有社会意识的旅行者而设,鼓励女性独自旅行,并在全球对贫困女孩的生活产生积极影响。
12/7/202316 minutes, 2 seconds
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公众微信号:EnglishfitDay 21: Describe the last time your heart was overflowing with love.第二十一天:描述最近一次心里感受到满满的爱的体验?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your friend Christian. I'm from Spain and New Zealand. I'm in Chiang Mai now because I'm working and traveling around Southeast Asia. I work as a love mentor. And in my free time, I love rock climbing. My dream is to I'm already living my dream, actually. Today I'm asked a question by Lily, and the question is 23. Yeah. Describe the last time your heart was overflowing with love. That's a beautiful question. Well, it was, like, a really good experience for me. I remember I was in Ireland and I was reading my book. I was in the living room, right? And then at some point, I remember there was this guy that came over and he sat down. He was just I don't know, just in the living room. And at first, I felt this urge to go talk with him, even though I don't know why, but I was like, I distrusted that urge. And I was like, okay, no, let's just like because I thought, maybe he's alone. Maybe he wants to talk with someone, I don't know. But then I was like, no, I mean, this urge feels really weird. So I just let it pass. I let it pass. And then after a while, he opened a shelf from down the I don't know, the seat that he was on. And there were a lot of books. So I started speaking with them, and we were chatting and we were talking about books and we were showing each other's soundtrack list and we were talking about where we came from we were doing and what was interesting is that while all this interaction was happening, I thought, wow, this is love. It's completely uninterested. No one wants anything out of that interaction but disconnect with another human being with no expectations whatsoever. And I thought, wow, if this is not love, what is? Right? And then eventually the woman from the pub crawl came over to pick him up. We said goodbye, and I was left like, wow. Feeling so much love inside. I'm like, wow. For so long, I thought that love had to do with trying to flirt with a girl or with a guy or that dance with another person, but actually realizing that love is mundane and easy and it does not ask anything from you. It's just simply there all the time. So yeah, well, that's it. Thank you for listening.你好,你正在聆听《与莉莉一起飞》。我是你的朋友克里斯蒂安。我来自西班牙和新西兰。我现在在清迈,因为我正在东南亚工作和旅行。我是一名爱情导师。在我的空闲时间,我喜欢攀岩。我的梦想实际上正在我生活中实现。今天莉莉问了一个问题:描述你的心最后一次充满爱的时刻。那是一个美好的问题。嗯,对我来说真的是一个很好的经历。我记得我当时在爱尔兰,正在看我的书。我在客厅,对吧?然后在某一刻,我记得有个家伙过来坐下。他只是我不知道,只是在客厅。一开始,我感到有这种冲动要去和他说话,尽管我不知道为什么,但我像是不信任那种冲动。我想,也许他一个人。也许他想和别人说话,我不知道。但后来我想,不,我是说,这种冲动感觉很奇怪。所以我就让它过去了。我让它过去。然后过了一会儿,他打开了他坐在下面的一个架子。那里有很多书。所以我开始和他聊天,我们聊天,互相展示彼此的音轨清单,我们谈论我们来自哪里,我们在做什么,有趣的是在所有这些互动发生的时候,我想,哇,这就是爱。它完全没有兴趣。没有人在这次互动中想要得到任何东西,只是与另一个人断开联系,没有任何期望。我想,哇,如果这不是爱,那是什么呢?对吧?然后最终酒吧爬行的女士过来接他。我们道别了,我留下来,感觉心中充满了爱。我就像,哇。很长一段时间以来,我以为爱是试图和一个女孩或一个男孩调情或与另一个人跳舞有关的,但实际上意识到爱是平凡而容易的,它不要求任何你的东西。它只是一直在那里。所以,嗯,就是这样。谢谢你的倾听。单词记忆:1.Overflowing: (adj.) Filled or supplied with a great quantity; more than full.Example: His heart was overflowing with joy on his wedding day.中文解释: 充满、溢出的;充满丰富的感情或事物。2.Resonate: (v.) Evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief.Example: The musician's words resonated with the audience, creating a deep connection.中文解释: 引起共鸣;唤起共同的情感或信仰。3.Urgency: (n.) The state of being urgent; requiring swift action.Example: There was a sense of urgency in her voice as she explained the situation.中文解释: 紧急;需要迅速行动的状态。4.Mundane: (adj.) Lacking interest or excitement; dull.Example: Everyday tasks can become mundane if not approached with creativity.中文解释: 平凡的;缺乏兴奋或刺激的;乏味的。5.Disconnect: (n.) A lack of connection or harmony; a disassociation.Example: The misunderstanding caused a temporary disconnect between the friends.中文解释: 断开;缺乏连接或和谐;脱节。6.Flirt: (v.) Behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than serious intentions.Example: She liked to flirt with her classmates, making school more enjoyable.中文解释: 调情;表现得像是被吸引或试图吸引某人,但只是出于娱乐而非认真的意图。7.Expectation: (n.) A strong belief that something will happen or be the case.Example: Managing expectations is crucial for a successful project.中文解释: 期望;对某事发生或成为事实的强烈信念。8.Distrust: (n.) Lack of trust or confidence in someone or something.Example: The history of betrayal led to a deep sense of distrust.中文解释: 不信任;对某人或某事缺乏信任或信心。9.Crawl: (n.) A visit to a number of bars or clubs in a single evening, as a form of entertainment.Example: The group decided to go on a pub crawl to experience the local nightlife.中文解释: 酒吧漫游;在一个晚上参观多家酒吧或具乐部,作为一种娱乐形式。10.Guidepost: (n.) A sign or marker that indicates a direction or boundary.Example: Setting clear goals acts as guideposts on the journey to success.中文解释: 标志;指示方向或界线的标志或标记。
12/6/202320 minutes, 19 seconds
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1562 过去什么样的痛苦经历帮助你成长?

公眾微信號 EnglishfitDay 12: What painful experience has helped you grow?第十二天:过去什么样的痛苦经历帮助你成长?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend, Geoff. I'm from Virginia in America. I'm in Thailand now because I'm retired and living here. In my free time, I like to ride around Chiang Mai on my motorbike. And my dream is to just continue living here the way I am. Today I'm asked a question by lily, and the question is, what painful experience has helped me grow? And I would say ice plunging is painful, but it really makes me aware of my body's reaction and panic and how my mind treats my body when I panic. And I think that is how it helps me grow. So that's it. Thanks for listening. Have a great day.你好。你正在收听《与莉莉一起飞》。我是你的新朋友杰夫。我来自美国弗吉尼亚州。我现在身处泰国,因为我已经退休并定居在这里。业余时间,我喜欢骑着我的摩托车在清迈四处游玩。我的梦想就是继续过着我今天这样的生活。莉莉问了我一个问题,那就是哪个痛苦的经历帮助我成长?我会说冰浴是痛苦的,但它真的让我意识到我的身体反应和恐慌,以及当我恐慌时我的思维如何对待我的身体。我认为这就是它如何帮助我成长的原因。就是这样。谢谢你的聆听。祝你有美好的一天。單詞記憶:1.Retired:中文解释: 退休的英文解释: Having withdrawn from one's work, business, or active life, typically due to age.2.Motorbike:中文解释: 摩托车英文解释: A motorcycle, a two-wheeled motor vehicle.3.Plunge:中文解释: 跳水,突然下降英文解释: To jump or dive quickly and energetically, or to fall suddenly.4.Aware:中文解释: 察觉的,意识到的英文解释: Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.5.Panic:中文解释: 恐慌,惊慌英文解释: A sudden feeling of fear or anxiety that prevents reasonable thought and action.6.Reaction:中文解释: 反应英文解释: An action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.7.Grow:中文解释: 成长,增长英文解释: To develop and mature physically, mentally, or emotionally; to increase in size, amount, or intensity.8.Plunge (in the context of ice plunging):中文解释: 冰浴英文解释: Immersing oneself in cold water, often for health or recreational purposes.9.Perception:中文解释: 感知,知觉英文解释: The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.10.Energetically:中文解释: 精力充沛地英文解释: In a manner characterized by enthusiasm, vigor, or active engagement.
12/5/202313 minutes, 13 seconds
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1561 哪一件每天的用品让你觉得很感恩?

公众微信号:EnglishfitDay 26: What everyday items are you most grateful for?第二十六天:哪一件每天的用品让你觉得很感恩?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend, John. I'm from the United States. I'm in Chiang Mai now because I'm saving money on living expenses while getting a master's degree online. I'm a graduate student and a teacher. In my free time, I read and go to the gym. My dream is to start an educational YouTube channel. 你好。你正在收听《与莉莉一起飞》。我是你的新朋友约翰。我来自美国。我现在身处清迈,因为我正在通过在线方式攻读硕士学位,节省生活费用。我是一名研究生和一名教师。业余时间,我喜欢阅读并去健身房。我的梦想是开办一个教育类的YouTube频道。Today I'm asked a question by Lily. What everyday items are you most grateful for? So I brought one really heavy or two really heavy items with me to Chiang Mai from America that most people would not bring. And those heavy items are two glass leftover containers. They're very high quality. You can put them in the oven or the microwave. And I'm really grateful for these because they give me a lot of options. They keep leftovers fresh much longer than a normal box would. 今天,莉莉问了我一个问题,那就是你最感激的日常物品是什么?所以我从美国带到清迈的有两个很重的东西,大多数人可能不会带着来。那就是两个玻璃的保鲜盒。它们质量很好,可以放进烤箱或微波炉。我真的很感激它们,因为它们给了我很多选择。它们比普通的盒子能够更长时间地保持剩菜的新鲜。So I can cook something and eat it three or four days later, and it's perfectly fresh, and that's hard to achieve. And because of these containers, I can cook, like, a large meal with three different helpings, and then I have food today, tomorrow, and the next day or later in the week, if I so choose. They're also excellent because they're glass and they deal with heat well. You can cook instant noodles, or you can cook oatmeal in them. 所以我可以煮一些食物,然后在三四天后吃,它还是非常新鲜的,这是很难实现的。由于这些容器,我可以做一顿有三个不同部分的大餐,然后今天、明天以及下一天或者是这周后期,我都有食物可以吃,这是非常方便的。它们也非常棒,因为它们是玻璃的,对抗热很有用。你可以在里面煮方便面,或者煮燕麦粥。So they've really expanded my dietary options. And they also help save money, because you can keep your leftovers, and you can eat cheap stuff like instant noodles and oatmeal. So even though they're heavy and I don't like taking them to the airport, they're really convenient, and they give me a lot of benefits. So that's a simple, everyday item that I'm grateful for. That's it. Thanks for listening.所以它们真的扩大了我的饮食选择。而且它们还有助于省钱,因为你可以留下剩菜,然后吃一些便宜的东西,比如方便面和燕麦粥。所以尽管它们很重,我不喜欢带它们去机场,但它们真的很方便,给了我很多好处。这就是我感激的简单日常物品。就是这样。谢谢你的聆听。单词记忆1. Living Expenses:中文解释: 生活费用英文解释: The cost of basic necessities needed to maintain one's standard of living.2. Educational YouTube Channel:中文解释: 教育性YouTube频道英文解释: A YouTube channel that focuses on providing educational content, often related to specific subjects or skills.3. Leftover Containers:中文解释: 剩菜盒,保鲜盒英文解释: Containers used for storing and preserving leftover food for future consumption.4. Dietary Options:中文解释: 饮食选择英文解释: The range of choices available to an individual in terms of what they eat on a regular basis.5. Microwave:中文解释: 微波炉英文解释: An appliance that cooks or heats food by exposing it to microwaves.6.Achieve:中文解释: 达到,实现英文解释: To successfully bring about or reach a desired objective or result.7. Convenient:中文解释: 便利的英文解释: Fitting in well with a person's needs, activities, and plans; easy to use or obtain.8. Expensive:中文解释: 昂贵的英文解释: Costing a lot of money; having a high price.9. Preserve:中文解释: 保持,保存英文解释: To keep something in its original state or in good condition.10.Standard of Living:中文解释: 生活水平英文解释: The level of wealth, comfort, and material goods that a person or community has.
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1560 你最喜欢从事什么样的活动呢?

公众微信号:EnglishfitDay 22: What activities do you most enjoy doing?第二十二天:你最喜欢从事什么样的活动呢?Hi, you're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend Sarah. I'm from Germany. I'm in Chiang Mai right now because I love Thailand and Thai food and the tropical weather. I'm a contractor for a German insurance company, and in my free time, I enjoy doing yoga, and I meditate, and I love hosting people and just have people around me. My dream is to have a co-working space again. Today I'm asked a question by Lily. What activities do you most enjoy doing? Yeah, so the activities I most enjoy doing is actually hosting dinner parties, 你好,你正在收听《學英語環遊世界》。我是你的新朋友莎拉。我来自德国。我现在身处清迈,因为我喜欢泰国、泰国美食和热带的气候。我是一家德国保险公司的承包商,业余时间里,我喜欢做瑜伽,冥想,还喜欢招待人,让身边有更多的朋友。我的梦想是再次拥有一个共享工作空间。今天,莉莉问了我一个问题,那就是你最喜欢做的活动是什么?是的,我最喜欢做的活动实际上是主持晚餐派对。Because first, I don't think I'm a great chef, but it is not so much about the food or it is not so much about how you set up the table or how much time you spend preparing or have everything looking instagrammable. It is more like inviting people over a meal and sharing a meal, because everyone eats at least once a day. So this is something everyone would give you a yes. And even if you're not great in cooking, dinner parties can also be set up at potlucks, so people just bring their own little dishes, and then you share a meal together. And when you combine this with a little bit of maybe questions or just maybe even a theme or something, it's a great opportunity to serve community and to get to know new people. You can make new people easy. You can strengthen and maintain the relationships you have with friends and family. People can even bring other people so you can expand the community you have. So, yeah, I think hosting dinner parties is a fun way to be social in a healthy way. Yes, that's it. Thanks for listening.因为首先,我不认为自己是一位出色的厨师,但这并不太关乎食物,也不太关乎如何摆设桌子,或者你花多少时间准备,或者是否让一切看起来像是可在Instagram上分享的。更多的是邀请人们共进一顿饭,分享一顿饭,因为每个人至少每天都要吃一次饭。这是每个人都会答应的事情。即使你不擅长烹饪,晚餐派对也可以搞成聚餐,每个人带自己的小菜,然后大家一起分享一顿饭。当你将这与一些问题、主题或其他东西结合在一起时,这是一个服务社群、结交新朋友的绝佳机会。你可以轻松结交新的朋友,巩固和维护与朋友和家人的关系。人们甚至可以带来其他人,这样你就可以扩大你的社群。所以,是的,我认为主持晚餐派对是以一种健康的方式社交的有趣方式。就是这样。感谢你的聆听。单词记憶:1.Contractor:中文解释: 承包商英文解释: A person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job.2.Instagrammable:中文解释: 适合Instagram分享的英文解释: A term used to describe something that is visually appealing and suitable for sharing on the social media platform Instagram.3.potlucks:中文解释: 可能是“potluck”和“spot”结合的词,指的是每个客人都带一道菜的社交活动。英文解释: Likely a combination of "pot" and "spot," indicating a social gathering where each guest contributes a dish of food to be shared.4.Co-working Space:中文解释: 共同办公空间英文解释: A shared office space where individuals from different businesses or freelancers work together in a communal setting.5.Maintain:中文解释: 保持英文解释: To keep something in good condition or preserve it; to continue or persevere in an action or state.6.Contemplation:中文解释: 沉思英文解释: The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time; deep reflective thought.7.Fellowship:中文解释: 团契,友谊英文解释: A friendly association with others based on shared interests or common goals.8.Contributor:中文解释: 贡献者英文解释: A person or thing that contributes something, especially money, to a cause.9.Appealing:中文解释: 有吸引力的英文解释: Evoking interest, desire, or approval; attractive.10.Mindfulness:中文解释: 正念英文解释: The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something; a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment.今日感想:在这个看似美好却又充满混乱的旅程中,我深刻体悟到一种内心的沉静,它超越了外在的表象,成为我珍视的宝藏。生活的旅途中,我常常感受到绝望的阴影,尤其是在收入不稳定、孤独漂泊的时候。然而,这些挑战并不是生命的终结,而是成长的契机。在这片看似荒芜的土地上,我找到了内在的富足。拥有稳定的收入和心仪的对象固然是幸运,但我发现,真正的安宁来自于对内心的慎独。在生活的喧哗声中,我学会了专注聆听内在的声音,理解那份对自我的深刻渴望。或许我无法总是站在经济安全的高地,或者拥有一段稳定的感情。但这并不代表我缺少价值。透过独处的时光,我找到了属于自己的节奏,学会了与孤独为伍,并将其转化为灵感的源泉。我想告诉听众,外在的表象并不总是生活的全部。尽管我曾经感受到绝望和想要逃离的冲动,但我也因此发现了内心的强大和平静。这是一段探索内在自我的旅程,不论身处何方,都能够找到属于自己的宁静之地。让我们一同体悟生命的奥秘,学会珍惜当下,并在内心找到一片安宁的天地。或许,正是这份沉静,让我们能够在混沌中找到生活的真正价值。
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公眾微信號:EnglishfitDay 19: What have you manifested that you are super grateful for?第十九天:目前发生在你生命中最感谢的人/事是什么?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend Michael. I'm from Colorado in the United States. I'm in Chiang Mai, Thailand, now because this is where I have been dreaming of coming. I am learning to code right now, and in my free time, I like to do lots of things hiking, biking, and in Chiang Mai, motorbiking. My dream is to be here now in Chiang Mai in the winter. And today I'm asked a question by Lily, which is what have you manifested that you are super grateful for? And actually being here in Chiang Mai is the thing that I've manifested that I'm super grateful for. I have been living in climates with winter for my whole life and have been wanting to experience a year without winter. And so I'm here in Southeast Asia and am living my dream of being warm and not experiencing any snow. And, yeah, I feel really grateful for that and for all of the people that have helped me make that happen. So that's it. Thanks for listening.你好。你正在收听《与莉莉一起飞》。我是你的新朋友迈克尔。我来自美国科罗拉多州。我现在身处泰国清迈,因为这是我一直梦想来的地方。我目前正在学习编程,业余时间喜欢做很多事情,比如徒步、骑自行车,在清迈还喜欢骑摩托车。我的梦想是在冬天能够在清迈。今天,莉莉问了我一个问题,那就是你已经实现了什么让你非常感激的愿景?实际上,能够在清迈这个地方是我实现的让我非常感激的事情。我一直生活在有冬天的气候中,一直想体验一年没有冬天的生活。所以我来到了东南亚,正在实现我温暖、不见雪的梦想。是的,我为此感到非常感激,也感激所有帮助我实现这个梦想的人。就是这样。谢谢你的聆听。单词记忆:1.Motorbiking (骑摩托车)Definition: Riding a motorcycle or engaging in the activity of motorcycling.2.Manifested (实现)Definition: Brought into reality; made evident or certain.3.Grateful (感激的)Definition: Feeling or showing appreciation and thankfulness for something.4.Climate (气候)Definition: The long-term pattern of weather in a particular area.5.Experiencing (经历)Definition: Going through or participating in events, situations, or activities.6.Southeast Asia (东南亚)Definition: The region of Asia that includes countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and others.7.Climates (气候)Definition: The prevailing or typical weather conditions of a region.8.Yearn (渴望)Definition: Have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from.今日感想:选择在东南亚打造自己的线上生意有许多原因,其中首要的是这里的生活成本相对较低,加上来自世界各地的人带来的文化多元,以及宜人的气候,尤其是没有冬天。和Michael一样,我非常感激能在这里生活,并且有机会结交志同道合的人,进而学习新语言和提升英语能力。今天和一位来自瑞士的朋友一同品尝咖啡,我们竟然在咖啡厅里用西班牙语、英语以及泰语进行轻松的交谈,这样的体验真的让我感到不可思议!若我身处台湾,除非在大城市,或许有机会创造这样的多元交流,但我并不是特别喜欢大都市的环境。相较之下,清迈虽然是泰国的第二大城市,但步调相对较慢,人们更愿意交流,更亲切热情。这真的是一个特别宜人的地方。
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1558 (女声)目前发生在你生命中最感谢的人/事是什么?

Day 19: What have you manifested that you are super grateful for?第十九天:目前发生在你生命中最感谢的人/事是什么?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend Gelene. Originally from Southern California in the United States, I'm currently in Bali, Indonesia, because I've been traveling full time for the last three years and have a digital nomad lifestyle. Now, by profession, I'm a creative entrepreneur with a mission to help women live more meaningful lives through solo travel, transformation, meaningful connections, and play. And I do this through my own podcast, Travel Not to Escape, as well as community. In my free time, I love trying out different restaurants and cuisines, adrenaline activities, salsa, Bachata classes or spiritual classes like meditation and sound healing. And my dream is to make an impact through my work and create a business that impacts women from all over the world, making them more empowered to create and follow a vision for their life that makes them happy and fulfilled. 你好。你正在收听《与莉莉一起飞》。我是你的新朋友Jelene。我原籍美国加利福尼亚南部,目前身处印度尼西亚的巴厘岛,因为在过去的三年里,我一直过着全职旅行和数字游牧的生活。我的职业是一名创意企业家,使命是通过独自旅行、转变、有意义的人际关系和嬉戏,帮助女性过上更有意义的生活。我通过自己的播客《Travel Not to Escape》和社群来实现这一使命。在业余时间,我喜欢尝试不同的餐厅和美食,进行肾上腺素活动,参加骚莎、巴恰塔课程,或者参加冥想和声音疗愈等属灵课程。我的梦想是通过我的工作产生影响,并创建一个影响来自世界各地的女性的企业,让她们更有力量去创造并追随让她们快乐充实的生活愿景。So today I'll be answering a question posed by Lily, and that question is, what have you manifested that you are super grateful for? And I want to share that. When I was 20, I was studying abroad in Rome, and it was my first time out of the country, and I finally felt like this was the life I wanted to live, but then didn't know how to get back to this place when it came time for the program to end. So I promised myself within five years I would go back to Rome no matter what, and within ten, I would be living that life of travel and freedom again. And I'm so proud to have manifested that vision for my life. And those two guideposts really helped me live the life that I want now. So sometimes when you get that beautiful opportunity to see a glimpse of a life that you want, you have to cling on to that. There is a reason that it resonates in your soul. And I didn't know how I was going to live that life of travel, but I saw that possibility and I knew then that it was also possible for me too. And the details to get there were just that they were just details. And the important thing is the vision and feeling it in your soul. So that's it. Thank you so much for listening.所以今天我将回答莉莉提出的一个问题,那就是,你已经实现了什么让你非常感激的愿景?我想分享的是,当我20岁时,我在罗马留学,那是我第一次出国,我终于感觉到这是我想要过的生活,但是当项目结束时,我不知道如何回到那个地方。因此,我向自己承诺,在五年内,无论如何都会回到罗马,而在十年内,我将再次过上那种旅行和自由的生活。我为能实现生活愿景感到自豪。这两个指引确实帮助我过上了我想要的生活。有时候,当你有机会看到你想要的生活的一瞥时,你必须紧紧抓住它。它在你的灵魂中共鸣是有原因的。我不知道我将如何过上那种旅行的生活,但我看到了那种可能性,我当时知道那对我来说也是可能的。到达那里的细节只是细枝末节。重要的是愿景,并在你的灵魂中感受到它。就是这样。非常感谢你的聆听。今日感想:听了Geleen的分享,让我想起了2014年,那是我人生中最迷茫、最失落的时期。曾经我最热爱的旅游,因为柴米油盐和创业就渐渐的抛在脑后,当时,我因为开始了这个播客也是希望可以继续探索实现环球旅游的可能性,这个过程有痛苦也有甜美,我实现了我一直以来的旅游梦想。当时2014年我的实现的第一站是在圣诞节期间到了泰国的孤儿院做义工。这个经历成为我生命中的转折点,之后我踏上了更多不可思议的旅程。现在,我仍然有很多地方想要去探索,这让我对生活充满了许多期待。旅行不仅为我带来了美好的回忆,更让我重新找回了生活的方向。感谢当初的勇气和开始这个播客的决定,让我有了这么多丰富的经历和机会。生命中的每一步都是一场冒险,我期待着未来还有更多精彩的探险等着我去发现。Geleen的播客:<Travel not to Escape>参与的学英语环游世界播客:1517集单词解释:1.Digital Nomad (数字游牧民)Definition: A person who works remotely, often through the use of digital technology, while constantly traveling to different locations.2. Adrenaline (肾上腺素)Definition: A hormone and neurotransmitter that plays a key role in the "fight or flight" response, often associated with excitement or intense physical activity.3. Bachata (巴查塔)Definition: A style of dance and music that originated in the Dominican Republic, characterized by romantic and rhythmic movements.4. Empowered (赋予权力)Definition: Made stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and asserting one's rights.5. Manifested (实现)Definition: Brought into reality; made evident or certain.6. Guideposts (指引标志)Definition: Clear markers or points of reference that help guide one's decisions or actions.7. Resonates (共鸣)Definition: Elicits a positive response or connection, often on an emotional or spiritual level.8. Solo Travel (独自旅行)Definition: Traveling alone, without companions.9. Transformation (转变)Definition: A profound or major change in form, appearance, or character.10. Sound Healing (声音疗愈)Definition: The use of sound, such as singing bowls or chanting, as a therapeutic practice to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
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暫用的公众微信:EnglishfitDay 10: What has helped you become more of who you are?第十天:什么事件帮助你成为你今天的样子?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend Graham. I'm from Scotland. I'm in Chiang Mai. Now, because of work, I'm in advertising, and in my free time, I love to keep myself occupied with reading, with writing, and with watching movies. Today I'm asked a question by Lily, and that question is, what has helped you become more of who you are? Which is actually a great question, and I would answer that most simply by curiosity. Where I am right now in my career is an executive creative director, where I have to do advertising, communications for all kinds of things. Could be a mobile phone, one week, could be a hotel. So I always need to learn, always need to find out more about new products and people and cultures. And that has helped me not just professionally, but I would say, in my private life, curiosity, learning new things, meeting new people. I would say that's the main driver of becoming who I am. Thank you. 你好。你正在收听《学英语环游世界》。我是你的新朋友格雷厄姆。我来自苏格兰,现在我在清迈。因为我的工作是在广告领域,业余时间里,我喜欢通过阅读、写作和观看电影来保持自己的兴趣。今天莉莉问了我一个问题,那个问题是,是什么帮助你更多地成为了你自己?这实际上是一个很好的问题,我会简单地回答是好奇心。我现在的职业是执行创意总监,我需要为各种各样的事情做广告和传播,可能是一部手机,可能是一家酒店。因此,我总是需要学习,总是需要了解更多关于新产品、人物和文化的知识。这不仅在职业生涯上对我有帮助,我会说在我的私人生活中,好奇心、学习新事物和结交新朋友是我成为现在的主要动力。谢谢。单词记忆1.Occupied (忙碌)2.Executive Creative Director (执行创意总监)3.Communications (传播)4.Curiosity (好奇心)5.Professionally (职业上)6.Driver (动力)7.Cultures (文化)8.Mobile Phone (手机)9.Advertising (广告)10.Overseeing (监督)今日感想:今天和泰语班同学一起吃饭,特别是其中有位同年的女同学已经当上了三宝妈。听她分享最近带小孩的烦心和喜悦,真的让我感受到生活的多彩。虽然我目前还没有家庭,但她的分享提醒了我,让我更珍惜眼前拥有的一切。尤其是她强调,不论我们身处何种处境,做了什么选择,我们都可以对自己说:“我现在正处于我应该在的地方,I'm exactly where I need to be.” 我并不是那么相信生命不能重来的说法,我深信每一天都有可能成为最好的一天。嗯,有时候生活可能会感到孤独,但我持续积极地生活,为自己赋予生命的深意。我喜欢追随自己的兴趣,探索新事物,并在学习成长的过程中不断丰富自己。希望这样的分享能够触动在听这个播客的朋友们,提醒大家每天都有机会创造属于自己的最美好的时光。
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1556 什么事件帮助你成为你今天的样子?

現在你可以到 Fly with Lily 网站免費參與我們的30日贏得早起挑戰!Day 10: What has helped you become more of who you are?第十天:什么事件帮助你成为你今天的样子?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend Adam. Originally from Reading, England, I'm currently in Chiang mai, Thailand, because I love the vibe of the city, and I was here for a couple of months in June and July this year. By profession, I'm a voice actor, editor, university examiner, and writer. In my free time, I love exploring new places, reading amazing fiction, journaling, playing piano, and cooking, amongst other things. My dream is to do exactly what I'm doing right now. But more seriously, I'd love to co-write a novel with chat GPT, which I'm in the process of doing right now. Today, I'll be answering a question posed by Lily: what has helped you become more of who you are? So I came travelling 16 months ago. I quit my job, which was really bringing me down. I'd recently received a management position at university and found that it wasn't for me. So travelling for 16 months has allowed me the time to develop meaningful relationships with people from all over the world and to experience new things on almost a daily basis. And because I've been travelling, I've had to find my own balance. And this has been really helpful for me to engage in healthy habits like meditating and journaling consistent exercise, and to be grateful for the wonderful life I'm now leading. And as a result, my self worth and self confidence has greatly, greatly improved. That's it. Thank you for listening. 你好。你正在收听《学英语环游世界》。我是你的新朋友亚当。我原籍英格兰的雷丁,目前身处泰国的清迈,因为我喜欢这座城市的氛围,今年六月和七月我在这里呆了几个月。我是一名配音演员、编辑、大学考官和作家。在业余时间,我喜欢探索新地方,阅读很棒的小说,写日记,弹钢琴和烹饪,还有其他一些爱好。我的梦想就是做我现在正在做的事情。但更认真地说,我想与ChatGPT合作写一部小说,我现在正在进行中。今天,我将回答莉莉提出的一个问题:是什么帮助你更加成为真实的自己?所以,16个月前我开始了旅行。我辞去了让我感到沮丧的工作。我最近在大学获得了一个管理职位,发现那不适合我。因此,过去16个月的旅行让我有时间与来自世界各地的人建立有意义的关系,几乎每天都能体验新事物。由于我一直在旅行,我不得不找到自己的平衡。这对我来说非常有帮助,让我养成健康的习惯,如冥想和写日记,坚持锻炼,并感激我现在过的美好生活。因此,我的自尊和自信大大提高了。就是这样。感谢你的聆听。单词记忆:1.Examiner (考官)Definition: A person who sets or marks an examination.2.Co-write (共同撰寫)Definition: To write together with someone else, collaborating on the creation of a literary work.3.Meaningful (有意義的)Definition: Significant and conveying a sense of purpose or importance.4.Engage (參與)Definition: To actively participate or become involved in something.5.Consistent (一貫的)Definition: Unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time.6.Meditate (冥想)Definition: To engage in contemplation or reflection, often for relaxation or spiritual purposes.7.Journaling (寫日記)Definition: The practice of keeping a regular record of thoughts, experiences, or reflections in a journal.8. Self-worth (自我價值)Definition: The sense of one's own value or worth as a person.9. Confidence (自信)Definition: The feeling or belief that one can rely on oneself and one's abilities.10.Grateful (感激的)Definition: Feeling or showing appreciation and thankfulness for something.
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1555 你最喜欢感受什么样的情绪?

现在你可以到 Fly with Lily 网站免费参与我们的30日赢得早起挑战!Day 11: What is your favourite emotion to feel?第十一天:你最喜欢感受什么样的情绪?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I am your new friend, Bibiana Ford. My business name is called True Amor. Originally from the beautiful island of St. Lucia, I am currently living in London, England, because my mom wanted a better life for me and my siblings. I am a healing coach who helps women to fall in love with themselves wholeheartedly so that they can live and lead their best life from a place of true love. In my free time, I enjoy reading books on healing mindset and transformation. I do enjoy going on solo walks and giving quality time to my loved ones. My dream is to help as much(many) people to heal from past pain and to step into their beautiful self by giving themselves permission to fall in love with themselves wholeheartedly. Today, I'll be answering a question posed by Lily. What is your favourite emotion to feel? That will be love because you can make peace with your past life, find courage to live and enjoy your present life and future. That's it. Thank you for listening.你好。你正在收听《学英语环游世界》。我是你的新朋友,Bibiana Ford。我的公司名字叫True Amor。我原籍圣卢西亚美丽的岛屿,目前居住在英格兰伦敦,因为我妈妈希望我和我的兄弟姐妹能过上更好的生活。我是一位療癒教练,帮助女性全心全意地爱上自己,以便她们可以从真爱的状态中过上并引领她们最美好的生活。在业余时间,我喜欢阅读有关治疗思维和转变的书籍。我喜欢独自散步,花时间陪伴我所爱的人。我的梦想是帮助尽可能多的人从过去的伤痛中康复,通过允许自己全心全意地爱上自己,迈向美好的自己。今天,我将回答莉莉提出的一个问题:你最喜欢感受的情绪是什么,那肯定是爱。因为你可以与过去和解,找到勇气过好现在的生活并享受未来。就是这样。感谢你的倾听。Bibiana Forde, founder of True Amore, helping women to fall in love with themselves so that they can live their best life and know that they are worthy of achieving whatever they want in their life单词记忆:1.wholeheartedly (全心全意)(adverb) With complete sincerity and commitment.2.healing coach (治疗教练)(noun) Someone who guides and supports individuals in their journey toward emotional and physical healing.3.mindset (心态)(noun) A set of attitudes or beliefs that shape one's behavior and thinking.4.transformation (转变)(noun) A profound change in form or appearance; a metamorphosis.5.solo (单独的)(adjective) Alone; without companions.6.wholeheartedly (全心全意)(adverb) With complete sincerity and commitment.7.permission (允许)(noun) Authorization or consent; the act of allowing.8.fall in love with oneself (爱上自己)(phrase) Developing a deep and positive connection with oneself.9.courage (勇气)(noun) The ability to confront fear or adversity with bravery.10.past pain (过去的痛苦)(phrase) Emotional distress or suffering experienced in the past.
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1554 你生命中的什么关系让你觉得最丰富?

Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩节快乐!现在就到 参加我们的30日挑战,让Lily做你一整年的生活、商业、和英语教练!Day 8: What relationships make your life feel rich and full?第八天:你生命中的什么关系让你觉得最丰富?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend Mish, originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, and I'm currently on the Spanish island of Ibiza because this is where I work with some of my clients. By profession, I'm an energy coach, and in my free time, I love hanging out with friends, traveling, seeing new places, and keeping fit through a gym regime or hiking. My dream is to help as many people raise their vibration through exposure to my work so they can move out of a life of chaos and into a life of synchronicity. Today, I'll be answering the question posed by Lily: what relationships make you feel rich and full? Well, that was pretty easy for me. It's the relationship I have with myself because by focusing on the ways that I can evolve as a person, that I am specifically looking at how to raise my vibration, I get to create and live the life I've always wanted. So that's it, really. Thanks so much for listening, and I'm sending you many good vibes.你好。你正在收听《学英语环游世界》。我是你的新朋友Mish,原籍南非约翰内斯堡,目前在西班牙的伊比沙岛工作。我的职业是一名能量教练,在业余时间,我喜欢与朋友一起度过时间,旅行,探索新地方,并通过健身或徒步保持健康。我的梦想是通过我的工作帮助尽可能多的人提升他们的能量频率,使他们摆脱混乱的生活,过上一种同步的生活。今天,我将回答莉莉提出的一个问题:什么样的关系让你感到充实和富有?嗯,这对我来说相当容易。那就是我与自己的关系,因为通过专注于我作为一个人可以如何进化,我特别关注如何提升我的能量频率,我得以创造并过上我一直想要的生活。就是这样,非常感谢你的聆听,我送给你许多好的能量。单词记忆:1.Vibration (振动) - 快速的粒子或波的振动。2.Synchronicity (同步性) - 事件同时发生,看似有关联但无明显因果关系。3.Regime (体制) - 做某事的系统化或有组织的模式。4.Evolve (进化) - 逐渐发展,特别是从简单到复杂的形式。5.Exposure (曝露) - 暴露于与某物接触的状态。6.Chaos (混乱) - 完全的无秩序和混乱。7.Relationship (关系) - 两个或更多人或事物之间的联系方式,或相互联系的状态。8.Profession (职业) - 有薪的职业,尤其是涉及长时间培训和正式资格的一种。9.Hiking (徒步旅行) - 进行长时间步行的活动,尤其是穿越乡村地区。10.Johannesburg (约翰内斯堡) - 南非的一个城市。Mish 的簡介:Michelle Cachucho - Energy Coach & Integrator.Website - www.riseupin.loveInsta - @rise.upinlove
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1553 今天的你很感谢过去冒过什么险?|感恩日记挑战开始啦!

Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩节快乐!现在就到 参加我们的30日挑战,让Lily做你一整年的生活、商业、和英语教练!Day 5: What risk are you most grateful for having taken?第五天:过去有做过什么樣冒险的事讓今天的你很感谢有付诸行动?Hello. You're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend, Andres. I'm from Colombia. I'm in Bucaramanga now because that's where I live. I'm a Spanish teacher, and in my free time, I love to play basketball. My dream is to travel the world and help others learn Spanish. Today I'm asked a question by Lily. The question is, what risk are you most grateful for having taken? I think that the risk that I took a couple of years ago when I was actually in high school, and I had to decide if I wanted to become, like, the class president, right? And at the time, I was a very shy person. And I remember a friend told me, hey, Andres, why don't you try to become class president? And I wanted to, so I ended up giving it a shot, and I ended up becoming class president, even though no one else ran with me, I ran by myself. And it was a really nice experience, because I had to speak in public, I had to speak to all the classrooms. I had to speak in front of the whole school, practically. And it really helped me break out of my shell. So I think that's the thing that I am most grateful for having taken is that risk. That's it. Thank you for listening.你好。你正在收听《学英语环游世界》。我是你的新朋友安德烈斯。我来自哥伦比亚,目前居住在布卡拉曼加。我是一名西班牙语老师,业余时间喜欢打篮球。我的梦想是环游世界并帮助其他人学习西班牙语。今天,莉莉提出了一个问题:你最感激自己曾经冒过的风险是什么?我回想起几年前在高中时曾经冒过的风险,那时我必须决定是否要竞选班级主席。当时,我是一个非常害羞的人。一个朋友建议我:“嘿,安德烈斯,为什么不试试成为班级主席呢?”我很感兴趣,于是我决定一试,尽管没有其他人和我一同竞选,我是唯一的候选人。结果证明这是一次宝贵的经历。我不得不在公共场合演讲,对所有教室发表讲话,甚至在整个学校面前演讲。尽管一开始很有挑战,但这是一段有意义的旅程,帮助我打破了自己的局限。因此,我最感激自己曾经冒险竞选班级主席。就是这样。谢谢你的倾听。
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1552 恭喜你赢得早起仪式|30日赢得早起|Day 30

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep.” – Rumi"晨风拥有要告诉你的秘密。不要再入睡。" — 鲁米标题:Winning Morning Routine|赢得早起仪式|Day 30这是第三十天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Congratulations on making it to Day 30 of winning your mornings! Today, you are going to put together everything you tried and enjoyed over the last 29 days, and turn it into a routine that resonates with your needs. Use the space below to build your official, custom morning routine—and feel free to change it up each day if you so choose.恭喜你完成了赢得早晨的30天旅程!今天,你将整合过去29天中尝试并喜欢的所有内容,并将其转化为适合你需要的仪式。在以下空间中建立你的自定义早晨例仪式,如果你愿意,可以每天进行更改。
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1551 对自己弹性些|30日赢得早起|Day29

“When I’m tempted to skip my morning routine or another form of self-care, I remind myself that I can better serve the people I love and the projects I care about when I start with me.” – Courtney Carver"当我想要跳过我的早晨仪式或其他形式的爱自己的活动时,我提醒自己,只有在我从自己做起时,我才能更好地为我所爱的人和我关心的项目服务。" — 科特尼·卡弗标题:Be flexible with yourself|对自己弹性些|Day 29这是第二十九天“赢得早起”的任务信息:As we approach the last day of this journey, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you if you are starting to feel overwhelmed. This workbook isn’t meant to be used as a way to turn your mornings into a chore list that you feel obligated to accomplish every single morning. Instead, use this as a way to build your perfect morning routine. If you don’t like one of the ideas, just don’t do it! This workbook is all about what you can do to make your mornings better—not worse.当我们接近这个旅程的最后一天时,我想花一点时间鼓励你,如果你开始感到不知所措。这本工作手册不是用来将你的早晨转化为你每天早上都必须完成的任务清单的方式。相反,将其用作建立你完美的早晨例行程序的一种方式。如果你不喜欢其中的一个想法,那就不要做!这本工作手册是关于你可以做什么来使你的早晨变得更好,而不是更糟。Review all the activities and exercises you've tried so far. Which did you like? 回顾迄今为止你尝试过的所有活动和练习。你喜欢哪些?Which didn't you like? 你不喜欢哪一个活动?Just because you like something does not necessarily mean you want to keep it due to various reasons. Which do you want to keep as part of your routine? 仅仅因为你喜欢某件事物并不一定意味着你想因为各种原因而将其保留。哪些活动你想要保留作为你例行程序的一部分?免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1550 拥有一个每天都可以盼望的兴趣或活动|30日贏得早起|Day28

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.” – E. B. White"早晨醒来,我总是在改善世界的欲望和享受世界的欲望之间徘徊。" — E. B.怀特标题: Have an activity/hobby to look forward to each day|拥有一个每天都可以盼望的兴趣或活动|Day 28这是第二十八天“赢得早起”的任务信息:No matter how many great things you do every morning, it can still be overwhelming to know that the rest of your day will be full of important things that you have to do. Having an activity or hobby to look forward to each day can help you stay motivated, and even inspire you to get all your responsibilities finished early! Knowing that you will be able to: do something fun at the end of your day can be a huge boost to your morale in the mornings.无论你每天早上做多少出色的事情,都可能感到不知所措,因为你知道一天的其余时间将充满你必须完成的重要事情。每天都有一个期待的活动或爱好可以帮助你保持动力,甚至激发你提前完成所有责任的动力!知道你将能够在一天结束时做一些有趣的事情可能会大大提高你早上的士气。What are some things you enjoy doing but stopped? 有哪些事是你曾喜欢作但停止的?What are some hobbies you think would be interesting to try? 有哪些爱好是你觉得可以尝试的?
11/20/202319 minutes, 59 seconds
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1549 保持工作区的清洁|30日赢得早起|Day 27

“I like my coffee black and my mornings bright.” – Terri Guillemets"我喜欢喝黑咖啡,也喜欢明亮的清晨。" — 特里·吉列梅特标题:Keep a Neat Workspace|保持工作区的清洁|Day 27这是第二十七天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Whatever you do for work, there is a space where it happens; and this space can become very cluttered over time. This clutter can slow you down as you try to get your day started, and make it much more difficult to accomplish the tasks you need to. However, by taking the time to straighten up every day, you can show up for work knowing that you have set yourself up for success instead of stress. Below, create a checklist of things to run through each day before leaving your office and make this your routine.不论你从事什么工作,都会有一个发生工作的地方;而这个地方随着时间的推移可能变得非常混乱。这种混乱可能会在你试图开始一天的工作时使您变得缓慢,并且使你更难完成所需的任务。然而,只要每天花点时间整理一下,你就可以准备好投入工作,知道自己已经为成功而不是压力做好了准备。在下面,创建一个每天在离开办公室之前需要检查的事项清单,并将其纳入你的例行程序中。例如:Define tomorrow's focus 想好明天工作需要专注的主题、List your smaller to dos for tomorrow 列出明天较小的必做清单、Note tomorrow's appointments 纪录明天的会议、Clear the desk 整理书桌、Open/Sort mail 打开/整理邮件、Empty your inbox 清空邮箱免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1548 即使在家上班也准备好|30日贏得早起|Day 26

"Whether the day is for writing, designing, or painting, the consistent practice of a morning routine is the doorway into it all." – Elle Luna"无论这一天是用来写作、设计还是绘画,每天早上持之以恒的例行程序的是通向一切的大门。" — 艾莉·露娜标题:Prepare for the Day if you work from home|即使在家上班也准备好|Day 26这是第二十六天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Most people would probably enjoy the idea of not having to “get ready” every morning. However, even if you work from home, changing your clothes and preparing for the day in a more formal way can help you feel better and more motivated to tackle the day ahead. This routine of getting ready will look different for everyone based on the nature of your work, but having a little list of things you do to get ready is another way to win your mornings back. Create a “get ready“ routine for yourself.大多数人可能都喜欢不必每天早上都"准备好"的想法。然而,即使你在家工作,更正式地更换衣服和准备一天的方式可以帮助你感觉更好,更有动力应对前面的一天。根据你工作的性质,准备工作的例行程序对每个人都会有所不同,但拥有一个小清单,列出你准备工作时要做的事情,是赢得早晨的另一种方式。为自己创建一个"准备好"的例行程序。例如:Shower 洗澡、Get Dressed 穿衣服、Makeup/Shave 化妆或刮胡子、Hair 整理头发、Brush Teeth 刷牙冰島歌單播放列表:免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1547 去户外走走|30日赢得早起|Day 25

加入福來宇宙的預售活動問卷:“When I’m just waking up I like to keep a space for my own thoughts and ideas. Checking my phone is not a priority of mine.” – Andre D. Wagner"当我刚刚醒来时,我喜欢为自己的思想和想法保留一些空间。检查手机不是我的首要任务。" — 安德烈·D·瓦格纳标题:Get out in Nature|去户外走走|Day 25这是第二十五天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Being out in nature every day can be a very healing experience, as well as helping you feel more refreshed for the day ahead. Even if you don't live in a place with lots of nature, even going for a walk outside for fresh air can greatly improve your mornings, mood, and even overall health. You can even incorporate nature time with other parts of your morning routine like reading. Try some ways below that you can include nature time into your mornings, add your own ideas and check them off as you try them.每天在大自然中度过时间可以是一种非常治愈的体验,同时有助于让你为前一天感到更加恢复活力。即使你不住在有很多大自然的地方,甚至只是外出散步呼吸新鲜空气也可以极大改善你的早晨、情绪,甚至总体健康。你甚至可以将大自然时间与早晨例行事项的其他部分结合在一起,比如阅读。尝试以下一些方式,将大自然时间纳入你的早晨,添加你自己的想法,并在尝试后将它们勾选掉。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1546 七个帮助训练创意和智力的解谜游戏|30日赢得早起|Day24

福来宇宙预购参与问卷调查:"These morning practices are what fuel me; keeping my routine is not about willpower." – Jenny Blake"这些早晨的练习是我充满动力的源泉;保持我的例行程序不是靠意志力。" — 珍妮·布雷克标题:Do a Puzzle|玩解谜游戏|Day 24这是第二十四天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Puzzles are a great way to get your brain thinking and productive in a fun way before the day's business gets started. In addition to improving your days, doing puzzles can also make your brain healthier, make you a better problem solver, and make your memory more reliable. Try one or several of these options below for about 10 minutes a day. Add your own to try.解谜游戏是在一天的工作开始之前以一种有趣的方式启动你的大脑思维并让你变得更有生产力的好方法。除了改善你的日常生活外,做解谜游戏还可以使你的大脑更加健康,让你成为更好的问题解决者,并使你的记忆更可靠。每天尝试以下一个或几个选项,大约花费10分钟的时间。你也可以添加自己想尝试的选项。单词记忆:1.Fuel 给我能量2.Willpower 意志力3.Productive 有生产力的4.Reliable 可信赖的一些受欢迎的解谜游戏如下:数读sudoku、拼字游戏Crosswords、积木Jigsaw、文字游戏Word game、找字Word finder、找碴Spot the difference、谜语Riddles1.数读Sudoku(数独):这是一个数字谜题游戏,目标是在9x9的方格内填入数字,使得每一行、每一列和每一个3x3的小方格内的数字都不重复。2.拼字游戏Crosswords(填字游戏):这是一种文字游戏,通常在一个方格内填入单词,横向和纵向的单词交叉形成一个网格。每个空格都对应一个字母,目标是根据提示找到正确的单词。3.积木Jigsaw(拼图游戏):这是一种拼图游戏,将碎片拼凑在一起形成完整的图案。积木拼图可以有不同的难度和主题,从简单的图案到复杂的艺术品。4.文字游戏Word Game(文字游戏):这是一个广泛的类别,可能包括多种文字相关的游戏,例如文字连连看、文字接龙等,目标通常是根据一些规则和条件,将文字匹配或连接在一起。5.找字Word Finder(找字游戏):这是一个通常用于寻找特定字词或单词的游戏或工具。你会获得一些字母和一个目标单词,你需要找到所有可能的组合。6.找碴Spot the Difference(寻找不同):这种游戏展示两个相似的图像,你的任务是找到它们之间的差异。这可以是色彩、形状、尺寸等方面的微小变化。7.谜语Riddles:这是一种文字游戏,提供一些描述性的信息,而你需要根据这些信息猜测或解答出与之相关的词语或情景。这是一种挑战思维和创造力的游戏。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1545 读有启发的书籍和文章|30日赢得早起|Day 23

参与福来宇宙的预售问卷调查:"Your first ritual that you do during the day is the highest leveraged ritual, by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind, and setting the context, for the rest of your day." – Eben Pagan"你在一天中首先做的仪式是远远具有最高杠杆作用的仪式,因为它对于准备好你的心态,对你接下来的一天过的好与不好都具有影响。" — 埃本·佩恩标题:Read something inspiring|读有启发的书籍和文章|Day 23这是第二十三天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Just like what we listen to, what we read consistently can have a huge impact on our days and overall life. For example, if you are always reading upsetting news stories, it will become harder to see the good that happens—or could happen—in the world around you. However, by being more mindful about your reading habits, you can help make your mornings better, as well as your days in general. Make a list of the things to prepare for 10-15 minutes each morning.就像我们听的内容一样,我们持续阅读的内容也可以对我们的一天和整个生活产生巨大影响。例如,如果你总是阅读令人不悦的新闻故事,那么就会更难看到周围世界中发生的好事情,或者可能会发生的好事情。然而,通过更加注意你的阅读习惯,你可以帮助让你的早晨变得更美好,以及你的日常生活。列出每天早上准备10-15分钟的阅读内容清单。单词记忆:1.Ritual 仪式2.Context 内容3.Consistently 持续地4.Impact 影响、冲击5.Mindful 留意免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1544 听一些积极正面的播客和有声书|30日赢得早起|Day 22

“I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening.” – Larry King"我每天早上提醒自己:在这一天,我不会因我所说的任何话学到东西。所以,如果我要学到东西,必须通过倾听来实现。" — 拉里·金标题:Listen to Something Positive |听一些积极正面的播客和有声书|Day 22这是第二十二天“赢得早起”的任务信息:What we listen to has an impact on how we feel. If you are listening to things that consistently create negative feelings, you're going to be much more sensitive to situations that could be stressful. However, by starting your day with some positive listening, you are essentially building a foundation of positive thoughts and emotions that will help you be better equipped to deal with problems as they arise. Use the space below to come up with some ideas of what to listen to that makes you feel positive.我们听的内容会影响我们的情绪。如果你一直在听那些让你产生负面情感的内容,那么你对可能会带来压力的情况会更加敏感。然而,通过聆听一些积极的播客或有声书来开始你的一天,实际上你就是正在建立积极思维和情感的基础,这将会帮助你更好地应对问题的出现。使用以下空间来想出一些使你感到积极的音乐/播客和有声书的想法。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1543 打造愿景板|30日赢得早起|Day 21

I put my phone as far across the room as possible the night before to force me out of bed when the alarm goes off.” – Josh Gross "我把我的手机放在房间尽可能远的地方,这样当闹铃响起时,我就会被迫起床。" — 乔许·格罗斯标题:Create or Add Something to Your Vision Board |在你的愿景版上创造或增加东西|Day 21这是第二十一天“赢得早起”的任务信息:A vision board is a great way to keep yourself inspired and motivated to start each day on a positive note. If you aren’t familiar with what a vision board is, think of it as goal setting in a tangible way. Rather than having all your dreams and goals just in your head, you can use a vision board to actually bring them to life and create a way to keep yourself focused on them. Starting your day with a vision board addition can help you stay the course towards all the things you want to accomplish. Create a mini vision board below.愿景板(Vision board)是一种保持自己受到激励和积极开始每一天的好方法。如果你不熟悉愿景板是什么,可以将其视为以有形方式设定目标。与将所有的梦想和目标都存在脑海中不同,你可以使用画板来实际将它们呈现出来,并创建一种让自己集中注意力的方式。以画板的方式开始您的一天可以帮助你坚定前行,朝着您想要实现的一切事物迈进。在下面创建一个迷你画板。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1542 为每日任务排优先顺序|30日赢得早起|Day 20

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." - Benjamin Franklin(早睡早起使人健康、富有和聪明。 - 本杰明·富兰克林)标题:Prioritize Daily Tasks |为每日任务排优先顺序|Day 20这是第二十天“赢得早起”的任务信息:It can be easy to become immediately overwhelmed by everything you know you have to do every day. This overwhelmed feeling can make it much harder to get your day started, but there is something you can do to help yourself! Rather than trying to do it all in a haphazard way, you can just take a few minutes to create an organized, prioritized list of all the tasks you have to complete. This gives you the opportunity to think about what is most important to accomplish, as well as show you how long each task may take. Use the space below to create this list, and reuse it as much as you like.每天都知道自己必须做的事情可能会让你立刻感到不知所措。这种不知所措的感觉可能会使你更难开始一天,但有一些方法可以帮助你!与试图以一种无计划的方式完成所有事情不同,你可以花几分钟的时间创建一个有组织、有优先顺序的任务清单。这让你有机会思考哪些事情最重要,以及每个任务可能需要多长时间。使用以下空间创建这个清单,并根据需要多次使用它。Write everything you need to accomplish. 写下你所有要完成的事Look over your list and choose just 3 things you must accomplish today and schedule an hour for each on your calendar.检查你的清单,选择今天必须完成的3件事情,然后在你的行事历上为每件事安排一个小时的时间。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1541 吃你的维他命(维生素)|30日赢得早起|Day19

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." — Henry David Thoreau"充满信心地走向你的梦想之路!过上你所想像的生活。" — 亨利·大卫·梭罗标题:Take your vitamins |吃你的维他命|Day 19这是第十九天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Most of the time, what we eat might not be providing all the nutrients we need for our body to sleep well at night and be ready for mornings. This is where vitamins can come in handy to fill in the gaps. Of course, you never want to start taking supplements or new vitamins before speaking to your doctor, so make sure you discuss what nutrients you need more of and how much. Use the space below to make notes about your doctor recommended supplements so that you are getting all the nutrients you need.单词记忆:Supplements 补给品、nutrients 营养素大多数情况下,我们的饮食可能无法提供我们的身体所需的所有营养,以便晚上睡得好,早上精力充沛。这就是维生素可以派上用场,以填补不足之处。当然,你永远不应该在未与医生谘询之前开始服用补品或新的维生素,因此确保你讨论你需要更多哪些营养以及需要多少。请使用以下空间记录你医生建议的补品,以确保你获得所有所需的营养。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1540 吃好吃的早餐|30日贏得早起|Day 18

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." — Dr. Seuss"你的脑袋在你的头上。你的脚在你的鞋子里。你可以决定自己的前进方向。" — 博士苏斯标题:Have a good breakfast |吃好吃的早餐|Day 18这是第十八天“赢得早起”的任务信息:It’s true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so making sure that you have a good one is vital to winning your mornings. However, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to a good breakfast. Everyone has different dietary needs. So make sure that you have a good grasp on what your body needs by speaking to your primary care doctor, a nutritionist, or using what you already know. Use the space below to come up with some healthy breakfast ideas that will be best for your body and your mornings.的确,早餐是一天中最重要的一餐,所以确保你吃一顿营养丰富的早餐对于赢得早晨至关重要。然而,对于良好早餐来说,并不存在"一种"的解答。每个人的膳食需求都不同。因此,确保你对自己的身体需求有良好的了解,可以通过与你的主治医生、营养师交谈,或利用你已经了解的知识来确定。请使用以下空间想出一些对你的身体和早晨最有益的健康早餐的想法。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1539 没事多喝水|赢得早起30日|Day 17

“I learned to love myself, because I sleep with myself every night and I wake up with myself every morning, and if I don’t like myself, there’s no reason to even live the life.” – Gabourey Sidibe"我学会了爱自己,因为每晚都和自己一起入睡,每天早上都与自己醒来,如果我不喜欢自己,就没有理由过这种生活。" — 加布瑞·席德贝标题:Hydrate|多喝水|Day 17Drinking enough water every day has a trickle effect that can impact how well you sleep as well as how good you feel in the mornings. This is why starting to hydrate for the day should begin as soon as you wake up each day. There is a lot of debate about how much you should drink a day. Whatever the number you land on, you don’t have to drink all of it as soon as you wake up, but getting started with a good portion of it can really help to kickstart your day. Use the space below to come up with a hydration plan that starts when you wake up, and finishes before you go to bed.每天喝足够的水都会产生连锁效应,可以影响你的睡眠质量以及早晨的身体状况。这就是为什么每天早上一醒来就应该开始补充水分。关于每天应该饮用多少水存在着很多争议。不论你选择多少,你不必在刚醒来时就全部喝掉,但开始时饮用其中的一部分可以帮助你迅速启动一天。请使用以下空间制定一个从早上开始、在晚上睡觉前完成的水分补充计划。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1538 要活就要动|30日赢得早起|Day 16

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." — Abraham Lincoln"到头来,重要的不是你活的多久,而是这些年活得如何。。" — 亚伯拉罕·林肯标题:Exercise|运动|Day 16Like stretching, a quick little morning workout is a great way to get yourself fully awake and refresh your body from sleeping the night before. This doesn’t have to be an extreme workout if you don't want it to be, so don’t feel pressured to start going to 5am cross-fit classes—unless that’s your thing. A morning workout can be as simple as a short walk, or some equipment-free exercises; or you can go for a full, heavy workout if you want to. This is all about what would make your mornings better. Use the space below to come up with some morning exercises you would like to try then pick one you like best and stick with it.像伸展一样,一个简短的早晨运动是让自己完全清醒,并恢复身体在前一晚睡眠后的好方法。如果你不想要一个极端的运动,那么不必感到压力,让自己开始参加清晨5点的跨训练课程(cross-fit),除非你喜欢这样。早晨的运动可以是简单的短途步行,或者一些不需要设备的运动;或者你也可以进行完整的、重度的运动,如果你想的话。这一切都是为了让你的早晨变得更好。请使用以下空间想出一些你想尝试的早晨运动,然后选择你最喜欢的一个,并坚持下去。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1537 与爱的人联系|30日赢得早起 |Day 15

Being happy or sad, gloomy or excited, moody or stable … are options that are presented to you every morning. You just have to make the right choice." — Anonymous"每天早上,快乐或悲伤、阴沉或兴奋、x或稳定...都是向您呈现的选择。您只需做出正确的选择。" — 匿名标题:Connect with loved ones|与爱的人联系|Day 15Whether you live alone, with a significant other, with family, or with a pet, there are opportunities in the mornings to connect with loved ones. Having a support system that you can interact with in the mornings can help you feel more prepared to handle harder days-and even good days. Make an effort to talk to at least one person (or pet) that you care about every morning, and help create an atmosphere that makes mornings that much better. Below are some ideas to get you started but don't stop there. Add your own!无论你是独居、与伴侣、家人或宠物同住,早晨都有机会与亲人建立联系。在早晨与你的支持系统互动可以帮助你感到更有准备应对困难的日子,甚至是美好的日子。努力每天早晨与至少一个你关心的人(或宠物)交谈,帮助你创造一种让早晨变得更美好的氛围。以下是一些让你开始做这些事的想法,但不要仅限于此。可以添加自己的想法!1.Call _____ 打电话给___2.Write ____ 写信/讯息给3.Send a card to ____ 给___寄张卡片4.Send a birthday card to _____ 送张生日卡给____5.Email _______ Email 给_______6.Bake cookies for ______ 烤饼干给____7.Make craft for ______ 为_____做手工8.Buy a small gift for ______ 给_____买小礼物免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1536 整理床铺|30日赢得早起|Day 14

“The morning is good because we remember that no matter what went wrong the previous days, we just got a perfect opportunity to rewrite history and do better.”"早晨是美好的,因为我们记得,无论之前的日子出现了什么问题,我们现在拥有完美的机会来重新书写历史,变得更好。"标题:Make your bed|整理床铺|Day 14Making your bed every morning is a great way to accomplish something small to start your day off on a successful note. However, if making your bed isn’t something that appeals to you, you can decide to do something different like working on something creative, or watering houseplants. Whatever it may be, doing a simple task each morning can help you feel more ready to have a productive and lively day. Use the space below to come up with some ideas that you would like to try to achieve in the mornings.每天早上整理床铺是开始一天成功的好方法,完成一些小事情。然而,如果整理床铺对您来说不吸引人,你可以选择做一些不同的事情,比如进行创作工作,或浇水给室内植物。无论是什么,每天早上完成一个简单的任务可以帮助你感到更准备好迎接一个充实而充满活力的一天。请使用以下空间来想出一些你想在早晨尝试实现的想法。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1535 对自己说肯定句|30日赢得早起|Day 13

“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning." — Meister Eckhart"每天早上都成为一个初学者。"标题:Say Affirmation to Yourself|对自己说肯定句|Day 13第十三天赢得早起的信息If a gratitude list is something that doesn’t resonate with you every day, you can also try self affirmations to get your mind in a good place to start your days. Our words and how we speak to ourselves has a much bigger impact than we usually realize. So by practicing affirmations each day, not only are you making your mornings better, but you are also making yourself better in the long run. Use the space below to come up with some affirmations that you need/want to hear every morning.如果每天的感恩清单对你来说不太适合,你也可以尝试自我肯定的方式,以让你的思维处于一个良好的状态,迎接新的一天。我们的言语和我们对自己的对话比我们通常意识到的影响更大。因此,通过每天练习肯定自己,你不仅可以让早晨变得更美好,而且还可以在长远中让自己变得更好。请使用以下空间来想出你每天早上需要或希望听到的一些肯定语句。参考Louise Hay肯定句:"I am open to the wisdom within me."(我愿意接纳我内心的智慧。)"I trust the process of life."(我相信生命的过程。)"I am in the perfect place at the perfect time, doing the perfect thing."(我正处于完美的地方,完美的时机,做着完美的事情。)"I am willing to change and grow."(我愿意改变和成长。)"I forgive myself and set myself free."(我原谅自己,释放自己。)"I love and accept myself exactly as I am."(我爱并接受自己,就是现在的我。)"I am safe, and all is well in my world."(我的世界是安全的,一切都很好。)免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1534 开始一个感恩列表|30日赢得早起挑战|Day 12

“Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who do not.” — Christy Chung"生命太短,不要早上醒来感到后悔/遗憾。所以,爱那些对你好的人,忘记那些不对你好的人。" 标题:Start a Gratitude List|开始一个感恩的列表|Day 12第十二天赢得早起的信息One of the most important ways to make your mornings better is to start them off with the right mindset. A great way to do this is to think of things that you are grateful for each day when you first wake up. However, this doesn’t have to be a chore where you feel like you have to come up with 20 things to be thankful for every morning. You can choose to write down as few or as many things as you want for this morning routine. It's all about what makes you feel like you are winning your mornings. One of the easiest ways to start a gratitude list is to just keep adding to the same one each day. This way, not only can you be inspired by the things you already wrote down, but you can keep that momentum going as you add to it. Use the space below to start a list of things you can be grateful for every day:让早晨变得更美好的其中一个最重要的方法是以正确的心态开始它们。一个很好的方法是在你刚醒来时思考每天你感到感激的事情。然而,这不必成为一个负担,让你觉得你每天早上都必须找出20个值得感激的事情。对于这个早晨的习惯,你可以选择写下您想要的少量或大量的事情。重要的是要让你感觉自己正在赢得早晨。开始感恩清单的最简单方法之一是每天都继续添加到同一个清单中。这样,你不仅可以受到你已经写下的事情的启发,还可以在持续添加新事物时保持动力。请使用以下空间开始一个你每天都可以感恩的事物清单。I’m grateful for my healthy body.我感恩有健康的身体 2. I’m grateful for a job I love. 我感恩有一份热爱的工作3. I’m grateful for having a female community that supports me. 我感恩有一个支持我的女性社群4. I’m grateful for having some good friends. 我感恩有一些好朋友5.  I’m grateful for the freedom to travel the world. 感恩有行走世界的自由6. I’m grateful for the convenience of the internet to help me connect with the world. 感恩网际网络的便利。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1533 伸展|30日贏得早起挑戰|Day 11

、“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.” — J.M. Power 如果你想要让你的梦想成真的话,那么第一件事就是要醒来。标题:伸展 Stretch第十一天赢得早起的信息Stretching when you wake up in the morning is an easy way to help wake yourself up, get your blood pumping, and relax any muscles that have been tense at all while you sleep. It also gives your mind something simple to think about and do as you prepare for your incoming day. Depending on your body's needs, or limitations you may have, stretching could be different for you than others, so use the space below to come up with how you would like to accomplish a full body stretch each morning.早上醒来时进行伸展是一种简单的方式,有助于唤醒身体,促进血液循环,并放松在睡觉时可能紧张的肌肉。这也让你的思绪有简单的事情可以思考和做,当你为新的一天做准备时。根据你的身体需求或可能的限制,伸展对你来说可能与其他人不同,所以请使用以下空间来想出你想如何在每天早上进行全身伸展。可以做伸展的部位如下:Neck 脖子Hands 手Back 背Legs 腿Arms 手臂Feet 脚单词记忆:1. Stretch2. Muscles 肌肉3. Tense 紧张4. Depend on 根据5. Limitation 限制免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1532 让光照进来|30日赢得早起挑战|Day 10

标题:Day 10|让光照进来 Let the light in“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” — Buddha每一天早晨我们就重生了,我们今天做的才是最关紧要的。这是第十天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Depending on when you wake up, the sun may or may not be fully up. However, our natural sleep pattern—or circadian rhythm—is very influenced by how much light is visible when we wake up. For example, if you have blackout curtains, your brain will think that it's not time to wake up yet, and you will feel groggy for longer. On the flip side, if you create a way to let some light in when you first wake up, you will find it easier to get your day started. Use the space below to come up with some ways that you can let the light in in the mornings, to help yourself wake up feeling more ready to start the day.根据你醒来的时间,太阳可能已经升起,也可能还未完全升起。然而,我们的自然睡眠模式,或称生理时钟,受到当我们醒来时可见多少光线的影响很大。例如,如果你使用遮光窗帘,你的大脑会认为还不是起床的时间,你会感到昏昏欲睡更长时间。反之,如果你创造了一种在早晨醒来时让一些光线进入的方式,你将会更容易开始新的一天。请使用以下空间来想出一些方法,以便你可以在早晨让光线进入,帮助自己更容易醒来,准备好迎接新的一天。What can you do to let more light in when it's time to wake up? 你可以做些什么事让你醒来就看到光呢?单词记忆:1. Sleep pattern 睡眠的脉络2. Circadian rhythm 胜利始终3. Groggy 昏昏欲睡4. On the flip side 反之免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1531 设定闹钟|30日赢得早起挑战|Day 9

標題:Day 9|設定鬧鐘 Set an alarm“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” — Eleanor Roosevelt新的一天代表着新的力量和想法的到来。这是第九天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Alarms are a very common part of waking up in the morning, but it’s important to usethe right type of alarm that will actually wake you up. If you're a snoozer, make sure you take that into account when setting your alarms so that you aren't running late as soon as you're out of bed. On the other hand, if you are a light sleeper, you probably don't need an alarm that sounds like a siren that startles you awake. Use the space below to come up with some better alarm ideas if you need them, and what times you should be setting them for each day.闹钟是晨唤的一个非常常见的工具,但重要的是要使用合适的闹钟,它能够真正叫醒您。如果你习惯拖延时间,请确保在设置闹钟时考虑到这一点,以免一离床就已经晚了。另一方面,如果你是一个浅睡者,你可能不需要一个像警报声一样让你惊醒的闹钟。请使用以下空间,想出一些更好的使用闹钟的方法,以及你每天应该如何设置它们的时间。How will you celebrate when you complete all 7 days in a row? 当你完成了连续七天的挑战,你有什么感觉呢?单词记忆:1. Alarm 闹钟2. Snoozer 贪睡的人3. Siren 警报4. Startle 惊醒免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1530 远离电子设备|30日赢得早起挑战|Day 8

标题:Day 8|远离电子设备 Unplug“Every morning starts a new page in your story. Make it a great one today.” — Doe Zantamata每一个早晨都会在你的故事展开新的一页,让它变成最棒的一页。Our smartphones and other devices can often begin to take over our morning and night routines. However, it can be a great idea to start having a set time where you "unplug" from these devices and give your brain a rest. Not only can this help you sleep better for the next day, but it can also improve your mornings. Use the space below to come up with times for each day that you can start to unplug and set your mornings up for success.我们的智能手机和其他设备往往会开始占据我们的早晨和晚间日常生活。然而,定期设定一个时间段,让你从这些设备中“解脱”并让大脑休息,这是一个很好的主意。这不仅可以帮助你更好地入睡,迎接新的一天,还可以改善你的早晨。请使用以下空间来为每天设定一个可以开始断开连接并为早晨成功做准备的时间。How do you feel about unplugging? Write any thoughts you have and the results of your actions. 对于断开连结,你有什么感受吗?写下你的感觉!1.smartphone 智能手机2.take over 占据3. Brain 脑袋4. Unplug 断开免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1529 为好的睡眠创造更好的空间|30日赢得早起|Day7

标题:Day7|为好的睡眠创造更好的空间 Create Space for Your Better Sleep“The most important thing I do each morning is steady myself by not allowing a sense of urgency to penetrate.” — Matthew Weatherley-White每个早晨我做的最重要的事就是不让紧急感去影响我。这是第七天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Another way to help yourself get a better sleep, and be better prepared for the mornings is to create a space that's all about sleep. If you need total silence and complete darkness, consider blackout curtains and ear plugs. If you like background noise and a little night light, find a playlist or show that is easy to sleep to. Everyone has their own way of getting the best sleep possible, so take some time to tum your bedroom into a place where it can happen easily. Use the space below to brainstorm how you can transform your space if needed.帮助自己获得更好的睡眠,并为早晨做好充分的准备的另一种方法是创建一个专门用于睡眠的空间。如果你需要完全的寂静和漆黑,考虑使用遮光窗帘和耳塞。如果你喜欢背景噪音和一点夜灯,找一个容易入睡的播放列表或节目。每个人都有自己获得最佳睡眠的方式,因此花些时间将您的卧室变成一个可以轻松入睡的地方。使用下面的空间来思考,如果需要的话,你可以如何改造你的空间。Bed 床:Light 光:Sound 声音:Smell 气味单词记忆:1.Penetrate 刺穿2.Silence 寂静3.Blackout 全黑4.Ear plugs 耳塞5.Brainstorm 脑力激荡6.Transform 转变免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1528 睡前写日记|Day 6|30日赢得早起挑战

“Every morning is a reminder to let go of the past and embrace the present.” — Tonmoy Acharjee每一个早晨都是放掉过去和拥抱现在的提醒标题:Day 6|睡前写日记 Journal before bed这是第六天“赢得早起”的任务信息:It can be hard to get a good night's sleep if you have a lot on your mind from the day before. However, a great way to process all these thoughts and/or worries is to journal about them before bed. This way, you can get a better sleep, and be much more refreshed in the morning. Use the exploration questions below to start your nightly journaling, so that you can make your mornings a little brighter.如果你有很多来自前一天的烦恼或思绪,那么要获得一个良好的夜间睡眠可能会很困难。然而,一个很好的处理这些思绪和烦恼的方法是在睡前写日记。这样,你可以获得更好的睡眠,早上感到更加精神饱满。请使用探索问题开始你的夜间日记,以使你的早晨变得更加明亮。Is anything bothering you today? 今天有哪些事在干扰你?Is this something that you can control? 有哪些事是你能控制的?If it is, what can you do to fix it? 如果可以,你可以做些什么?If it's not, kindly talk yourself into letting it go as if you were counseling a good friend without being critical about yourself. 如果不能做什么,试着用好朋友的温暖不批判口气告诉自己要放下。What are some things you want to get off your chest/vent about? 有没有哪些事,是你想要抱怨下或吐下苦水的?1.process 处理2.bother 干扰3.Counsel 谘询4.Critical 苛刻的免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1527 拥有一个晚间仪式很重要|Day 5|30日赢得早起挑战

"One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now." — Paulo Coelho有一天你会醒来然后发现你没有更多的时间去做你一直想做的事。现在就去做。标题:Day 5|晚间仪式 Nighttime routine for better mornings这是第五天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Many times, it's best to actually “start” your morning routine the night before. You can do this by laying out your clothes, setting up a timer for your coffee maker, food prepping your breakfast, etc. Any small things you can do to save yourself time in the mornings can be the difference between a stressful or great morning. Use the space below to come up with a nightly routine that sets your mornings up for success.许多时候,实际上是在前一天晚上开始你的早晨日常生活最佳的方法。你可以通过准备好您的衣物、设置咖啡机的计时器、预备早餐等方式来实现这一点。你可以做的任何小事情,都可以帮助你在早晨节省时间,这可能会使你的早晨有压力或愉快之别。请使用以下空间来设计一个每晚的日常生活,以确保你的早晨顺利进行。Prep 准备Stressful 有压力的Lay out 拿出来平放免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1526 清理空间就是整理自己|Day 4|30日赢得早起挑战

标题:Day 4|清理 Clean up“Eating right and taking the time to slow down and plan in the morning is crucial to a productive day.” — David Moore 好好地吃饭还有花一点时间慢下来在早晨中计划事有效率一天的关键。这是第四天“赢得早起”的任务信息:A clean and organized environment can be a huge stress and time saver in the mornings. However, don't feel like you have to make your housework like a magazine. Organization styles are different for everyone, so make sure that you are creating a space that makes sense to YOU. Making time to clean up every day can save you from not being able to find important items, tripping on things left out, and many more little things that can put a damper on your mornings. Below, let's start with the most logical spaces to win your mornings. Consider the spaces below that you might visit each morning. Organize these spaces for maximum efficiency to start your day.一个清洁有序的环境在早晨可以节省大量的压力和时间。然而,不必让你的家居像杂志一样整洁。每个人的组织风格都不同,因此确保你正在创建一个对你来说有意义的空间。每天花时间清理可以帮助你避免找不到重要物品、绊倒在落在外面的东西上,以及其他可能影响早晨心情的小事情。以下是让你赢得早起的空间列表,请考虑整理和清理这些空间,以最大效益来开始你的一天。单词记忆:1.Organized 有序的2.Tripping on 在...被绊倒3.Damper 使人扫兴的事4.Logical 有逻辑的5.Maximum 最大效益的免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1525 练习自我关怀 | Day3 | 30日赢得早起挑战

“When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle, and yet most of the audience still sleeps.” — John Lennon当你做一件美丽的事然而没人发觉,不要伤心,因为每个早晨太阳升起都是好美丽的景象,然而大部分的观众仍然在睡觉。这是第三天“赢得早起”的任务信息:Another way to get better mornings is to make sure you're taking good care of yourself. Part of this is practicing self care regularly. You can do this however you want, but make sure that it's always something that you enjoy- self care shouldn't feel like a chore. When you feel like you're taken care of and feeling your best, starting your days on a positive note every morning will be much easier. Come up with a list of self care practices that you love, and what the best times are to do them.要让早晨变得更美好的另一种方法是确保好好照顾自己。其中一部分是定期实践自我关怀。你可以以任何你喜欢的方式来做,但确保它总是让你愉快的事情 - 自我关怀不应该感觉像一个琐事。当你感到受到照顾并且感觉最佳时,每天早上以积极的心情开始将变得更容易。列出你喜爱的自我关怀做法,以及最适合进行它们的时间。For example:Sit quietly at a park and watch people or nature 静静地坐在公园里然后观察人们或自然Journal on a piece of paper 在纸上面写日记Resist pulling out your phone when bored 避免在无聊的时候拿出手机单词记忆:1.Self-care 自我关怀/自爱2.Chore 琐事3.Practice 练习4.Journal 写日记5.Resist 抵抗6.Pull out 拿出免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1524 让每个日子都算数|30日赢得早起挑战|Day 2

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” — Muhammad Ali不要数日子,而是让每个日子都算数!今天Day 2的信息:Setting a schedule can do wonders for your morning routine. When you have a standard time/way of working through your mornings, you will find it easier to follow through with everything you need/want to do. Having a schedule can prevent stress, and make frazzled, rushed mornings a thing of the past. Use the questions below to come up with a basic morning time schedule so that you know exactly how much time you have to get your day started.制定一份日程表对于你的早晨日常生活有着神奇的作用。当你在早晨拥有一个固定的工作时间和方式时,你会发现更容易完成所有你需要或想要做的事情。制定一份日程表可以避免压力,使紧张匆忙的早晨成为过去。请使用以下的问题来制定一份基本的早晨时间日程表,以便你确切知道你有多少时间来开始你的一天。When do you want to get up? What time is breakfast? What time will you get dressed? 你想要几点起床?几点吃早餐?几点准备着装完毕呢?单词记忆1.Count 算数/数2.Schedule 行程3.Prevent 防止4.Stress 压力|Stressed 有压力的 Desserts 甜点(压力倒过来就是甜点啦)****免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战微信公众号:Englishfit)申请加入迷你退休营早起具乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站
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1523 设下你早起的目标|30日赢得早起挑战开始啦!

“Every morning, I wake up saying, 'I’m still alive, a miracle.' And so I keep on pushing.” — Jim Carrey每个早晨,我都会醒着说:我还活着啊,是一个奇迹,所以我就会继续努力。Day 1|目标 ObjectiveDay 1 的信息:If you're ready to start building a morning routine that sets you up for success every day, then this challenge is for you! Whether you want to make your mornings more efficient, save time or you just aren't a morning person, you will find a way to make them better in the next 30 days. For today, however, you will be writing down the goals and objectives you would like to achieve with this podcast challenge. By doing this, you are building a foundation that will help keep you motivated on days you might want to give up.如果你准备开始建立一个每天都能让你取得成功的早晨仪式,那么这个挑战适合你!无论你想要让早晨更高效,节省时间,还是你只是不喜欢早上,你都会在接下来的30天内找到改善的方法。然而,今天,你将要写下你希望通过这个播客挑战实现的目标。通过这样做,你正在建立一个基础帮助你在可能想要放弃的日子保持动力。探索问题:What do you want a good morning or start of the day to look like? 你希望一个美好的早晨或一天的开始是什么样子的?What are some specific things you would like to include in your morning routine?你希望在你的早晨仪式中包括哪些具体的事情?What has prevented you from making your mornings better in the past?在过去,是什么阻碍了你让早晨变得更好?What are some things that work for you?有哪些对你有效的方法?單詞記憶:1.Morning routine 早起仪式2.Challenge 挑战3.Whether 无论4.Objectives 目标5.Achieve 达成免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram
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1522 四句英语格言让你了解早晨有多重要

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it.” — Richard Whately早上失去一个小时,你会整天都找它。“Your Monday morning thoughts set the tone for your whole week. See yourself getting stronger, and living a fulfilling, happier and healthier life.” — Germany Kent你的早晨会为你整周设下它的tone调(调性),你会看见自己越来越强壮活出一个更满足、快乐和健康的生活。“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” — Lemony Snicket造成是一天重要的时间,你如何过你的早晨通常也就决定了你怎么过一天。“I’ve found that the first thirty minutes of my day have the biggest impact on how I feel for the rest of my waking hours.” — Molli Sullivan我发现我早上的前面30分钟通常给我剩下一天最大的影响。免费加入我的30日赢得早起挑战申请加入迷你退休营早起俱乐部:云雀实验室一对一谘询服务 with Lily Podcast我的网站https://flywithlily.com社交媒体 FACEBOOK & LINE官方&微信官方帐号FACEBOOK官方帐号{flywithlily}Instagram我在好学校的Podcast课程
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1521 徒步环岛旅行达人Ivan聊海外志工经验谈

这个录音有点久远,是2021年11月我还在台东的家,Ivan又环岛行经过~~~两年过去了我们都在追寻我们的梦!Ivan的网站:他的email:[email protected]
9/29/202330 minutes, 51 seconds
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1520 一边旅行一边工作的网页设计师如何维持身心平衡?

Lily: So, have you had spiritual practices during your travels?Lily:那么,在你的旅行中,你有进行心灵修行吗?Ashley: During my travel, I really prioritize my mental and emotional being, I also got a weekly online class about philosophy and mindfulness. I also have an intuitive eating app, so that really encourages mindfulness during meals, reminds me to savor each moment and each bite. And in terms of support my mental health I use a cognitive behavioral therapy app and that allows me to record daily reflections, I can choose different journal prompts and also practice breathing and meditation exercises. For the last 9 month I've lived out of a suitcase and so, during this time, I really emphasize the importance of finding balance, so whether I'm in a busy city or in a really natural serene kind of setting, I still always try to take breaks, step outside and really connect with the surroundings, so that really helps me with maintaining a work-life balance and also deepening my connection to all the places that I get to visit.Ashley:在我的旅行中,我非常重视我的心理和情感状态,我也参加了一个每周的在线哲学和正念课程。我还使用了一个直觉饮食的应用程式,这真的鼓励我在用餐时保持正念,提醒我珍惜每一刻和每一口。在支持我的心理健康方面,我使用了一个认知行为疗法的应用程式,它使我能够记录每日的反思,我可以选择不同的日志提示,并进行呼吸和冥想练习。在过去的9个月里,我一直在旅行,所以在这段时间里,我非常强调寻求平衡的重要性,无论我身处繁忙的城市还是自然宁静的环境中,我总是找到时间休息,走出去真正与周围环境连结,这真的帮助我保持工作和生活的平衡,并加深我对所造访的所有地方的连结。单词记忆:1.prioritize 重视/视为优先2.mental 心理上的3.emotional 情绪上的4.philosophy 哲学5.mindfulness 正念6.intuitive 直觉的7.remind 提醒8.savor 品味9.cognitive 认知上的10.behavioral 行为的11.therapy 心理治疗12.daily 每日的13.reflections 反思14.journal 日记15.prompts 提示16.meditation 冥想17.exercises 练习18.emphasize 强调19.balance 平衡20.serene 宁静的下集节目预告:邀请我在台湾的好朋友Ivan来分享他2020-2021在加勒比海小岛上做志工的经验。
9/27/202317 minutes, 55 seconds
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1519 对长期在外的人,旅行的意义是什么?

听众评价:记单词很实用‼️主播声音很甜美很喜欢,最主要还有英文稿可以看,把单词单独列出来拼读这点真的很实用!!!主播对单词和句子有好好分析有的让我学到知识!超级实用!!‼️雪花粥 via Apple Podcasts ·China ·08/28/2023今天的访谈~Lily: Now, we have a special guest joining us, someone who's an experienced traveler, having journeyed around the world and found inspiration in travel. Welcome to the show, Ashley!我们有特别来宾加入我们,她是一个资深的旅行家,和Lily一样正在环游世界而且因为旅行收到很多的启发,她就是Ashley,Ashley!欢迎来到我们的节目!Ashley: Thank you, Lily. I'm so happy to be here and share my story.Ashley:感恩Lily,我很开心可以在这里分享我的故事。Lily: Could you tell us what travel means to you?Lily:你可以告诉我们旅行对你来说意味着什么吗?Ashley: Travel to me is about self-discovery and connection. It really helps find like-minded people who share the same passions as me. It also brings me such immense joy from all the meaningful connections that I make, with wonderful people from different backgrounds. It's about embracing new experiences, venturing out into being unknown and meeting people who challenge and expand my views. Through travel I learn not only about the world and also learn about myself and that really allows me to grow as a person.Ashley:对我来说,旅行是关于自我发现和连结。它真的帮助我找到志同道合和有着相同热情的人们。旅行也让我因与不同背景的美好人们建立的有意义的连结而感到无比的喜悦。它是关于接受新的经验,勇于冒险进入未知世界,并遇见能挑战和扩展我的观点的人们。透过旅行,我不仅学习了解这个世界,也学习了解自己,这真的让我作为一个人成长。单词记忆:1.experienced 有经验的2.journey 旅行3.inspiration 启发、灵感4.self-discovery 自我探索5.connection 连结 志同道合的7.passion 热情8.immense 无与伦比的9.meaningful 有意义的10.background 背景11.embrace 拥抱12.venture out into 在世界中闯荡13.challenge 挑战14.expand 扩展15.allow 允许16.grow 成长下集预告:一边旅行一边工作的网页设计师如何维持身心平衡?
9/25/202313 minutes, 55 seconds
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1518 一段英语的祈祷文让你更爱妳的工作/事业

**来自Zoey7906在喜马拉雅给我的五星评价**听Lily老师的广播已经有一段时间了,第一次听到老师的声音就好喜欢,温柔温热,当即订阅了老师的节目,老师的故事非常真实,我的人生正在经历着老师的跌宕起伏,非常感同身受,好想参加一次老师的线下活动。祝福Lily老师的生活越来越好。本文:(来自澳洲的Ashley Rose为我们朗读|Read by Ashley Rose from Australia)"Divine Creator, I am thankful for the opportunities and talents that have led me to this point in my career journey. Please guide me in making wise decisions and taking inspired actions in my work. Help me find fulfillment, success, and growth in my chosen path. Grant me the courage to pursue my dreams and make a positive impact in my career."事业: "神圣的创造者,我对使我在事业旅程中走到这一步的机会和天赋心存感激。请引导我在我的工作中做出明智的决策和充满灵感的行动。帮助我在我的选择中找到满足、成功和成长。赐予我追求梦想和在事业中产生积极影响的勇气。"1.Divine 神圣的2.Creator 创造者3.Thankful 感恩的4.Opportunities 机遇5.Talents 才能6.Lead 领导7.Career 职业8.Journey 旅行9.Guide 引导10.Wise 智慧11.Decision 决定12.Inspired 被启发的13.Fulfillment 满足14.Path 路径15.Grant 赐予16.Courage 勇气17.Pursue 追求18.Positive 正面19.Impact 影响学习:1.透过这次邀请我的朋友来贡献声音的时候想到了我在巴塞罗纳的时候其实做过这样的特辑,认识新朋友,让他们就是介绍自己然后抽一个问题,我想要让他变成我播客接下来的形式,这样我可以认识新朋友又介绍给大家认识,又能一边在路上旅行,所以我觉得很棒,所以我也开始着手未来播客的准备请大家尽情期待。2.这次献声的朋友是Ashley,她有一个很可爱的姓(last name)是Rose(中文翻译是玫瑰,然后我的名字是Lily百合。。哈哈别忘了我的旅行妹妹Jasmine是茉莉花),所以我都常常和她开玩笑说:We‘re meant to meet! (我们注定要相遇!)她是网页设计师,来自澳洲,所以大家也可以熟悉下澳洲的口音。3.今天我从峇里岛的乌布(ubud)移动到Canggu(仓谷)来,我有几个在这里认识的朋友也一起到这边度过周末,今晚还会和我在冰岛做志工一起认识的朋友一起见面,此时真的觉得很满足、感恩。喜欢我的节目的话恳求大家为我在你的收听平台上写个五星评价,让我在节目中可以念出来哦!
9/22/202316 minutes, 52 seconds
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1517 一段英语的祈祷文为你带来更多的钱

"Divine Source of Abundance, I am thankful for the prosperity that flows into my life. Please guide me in managing my finances wisely and responsibly. Grant me the clarity to make sound financial decisions and the discipline to save and invest wisely. May abundance continue to manifest in all areas of my life."财务: "丰盛的源头,我对流入我生活的丰盛心存感激。请引导我明智而负责地管理我的财务。赐我清晰的头脑,使出色的金融决策,并有节制地进行储蓄和投资。愿丰盛继续在我生活的各个方面显现。"1.Divine 神圣的2.Source 源头3.Abundance 丰盛4.Prosperity荣华富贵5.Flow 流向6.Guide 引领7.Manage 管理8.Wise 有智慧的9.Responsible 负责的10.Grant 赐予11.clarity 清晰12.Financial 财务的13.Decision 决定14.Discipline 自律15.Save 节省16.Invest 投资17.Continue 继续18.Manifest 实现、显现学习:1.今天的声音是我在乌布认识的一个女生Geleen帮我录制的这个财务的祈祷文,她来自南加州,也是数字游民一边旅行一边打造她的生意。2.一边玩乐一边也很辛勤的工作,但是只要一天晚上没有睡好就好难受呀!下午禁喝咖啡啦!
9/18/202319 minutes, 31 seconds
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1516 一段英语祈祷文帮你赢得更多美好的关系

"Dear Universe (or Higher Power), I am grateful for the people in my life who love and support me. Please bless my relationships with understanding, compassion, and harmony. Help me cultivate healthy connections, communicate with love, and mend any broken bonds. May my relationships be a source of joy and growth for all involved.""亲爱的宇宙(或更高的力量),我对爱护和支持我的人心存感激。请赐福我的人际关系,使之充满理解、同情和和谐。帮助我培养健康的连结,用爱来沟通,修复破裂的联系。愿我的人际关系成为所有和我有关的人的喜悦和成长的来源。"1.Grateful 感恩2.Support 支持3.Bless 祝福4.Relationships 人际关系5.Understanding 理解6.Compassion 同情7.Harmony 和谐8.Cultivate 培养9.Connection 连结10.Communicate 沟通11.Mend 修复12.Bond 联系13.May 愿14.Source 来源15.Joy 喜悦16.Growth 成长17.Involved 相关的学习:1.相信自己在对的道路上2. 拥抱创伤,让痛苦流经全身3. 感恩过去遇到这么多事,还是在这里好好的!
9/14/202314 minutes, 37 seconds
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1515 一句英语的祈祷文帮你获得更多的幸福

For Wellness: "Dear Universe (or Higher Power), I am grateful for the gift of health and well-being. Please bless and protect my body, mind, and spirit. Grant me the strength and vitality to live a life full of purpose and joy. May I make choices that nourish and heal me. Thank you for the well-being that surrounds me."健康: "亲爱的宇宙(或更高的力量),我对健康和幸福的恩赐心存感激。请保佑并保护我的身体、心灵和灵魂。赐予我力量和活力,使我能过上充满目的、充满喜悦的生活。愿我做出有益于我的选择,并有助于我的康复。感谢你所赐的幸福。"单词记忆:1. Universe/higher power  宇宙2. Grateful 感恩3. Health 健康4. Well-being 幸福、健康、福祉、福利5. Bless 祝福、保佑6. Protect 保护7. Mind 心灵8. Spirit 灵魂9. Grant 赐予、奖学金(名词)10. Strength 力量11. Vitality 活力Purpose 目的Choices 选择Nourish 滋养 Heal 疗愈 Surrounds 环绕学习:1.Ubud 乌布的原意原来是疗愈2.我现在会说峇里岛的方言,跟当地人可以打成一片,感觉很好3.交到了10个女生朋友,都在一边旅行一边打造他们的线上事业4.开始写成就日记感觉很好
9/12/202317 minutes, 35 seconds
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1514 赚大钱的人,必须具备什么样的特质?

My Daily Money Affirmations1.I am a magnet for financial abundance.我吸引丰盛。2.Money flows to me. 钱流向我。3.I am a money magnet. 我是金钱磁铁。4.Wealth comes to me easily. 财富轻易流向我。5.I am open to prosperity.我打开自己迎接富贵6.I deserve financial abundance now. 我现在就值得丰盛。7.I do all things in love. 我做我热爱的事。8.Money is drawn to me. 钱被我吸引。9.I am in tune with abundance. 我和丰盛共振。What qualities must a person have to make "big money"? 赚大钱的人,必须具备什么样的特质?What qualities must the person have to make big money? Okay, well first off, What's a lot of money, right? So that's relative to you what big money feels like. But the qualities that you need to have is to really understand a few things. One is the integration of the masculine and the feminine. Knowing that only certain actions that you're gonna take are going to create that result. And more importantly, is your energy. More importantly, is the feminine in you, how you're feeling? Are you taking enough rest? Are you taking good care of yourself? Because then when you bring that high vibration frequency part of you to your actions, you create a lot bigger results, right? So qualities you need to possess are consistency. Don't focus too much on when things go wrong. Focus on what's working. See everything is an experiment. And don't just don't focus on when you fall. Just get back up, get back up, and just like it didn't happen, move, move forward. 需要具备的品质包括:首先,我们一直在谈论什么是大笔金钱,什么是很多钱,这是相对于你的感受而言的。但你需要懂得几件事情。首先是阳性能量与阴性能量的融合。知道只有某些行动会产生那种结果。更重要的是你的能量。更重要的是你内在的阴性能量,你的感受如何?你有足够的休息吗?你好好照顾自己吗?因为当你将这个高振动频率的部分带到你的行动中,你会创造出更大的成果,对吧?所以你需要具备的品质包括坚持和无需太过关注问题。把焦点放在运作的不错的行动。所有事情都是一场实验。别只关注当你跌倒的时候。站起来,继续前进,就像什么都没发生过一样,继续向前迈进。单词记忆1.Integration 整合2.Masculine 阳性3.Feminine 阴性4.Vibration 振动5.Frequency 频率6.Possess 拥有7. Experiment 实验嘉宾Jamie Faye联系方式她的邮箱:[email protected]她的网址:
9/3/202318 minutes, 11 seconds
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1513 如果你有很多钱,你认为自己还会是一个好人吗?

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.金钱只是个工具,它可以带你去任何想去的地方,但是它不能取代你这个驾驶。Do you think you’d still be a good person if you had a lot of money?Do you think you'd still be a good person if you had a lot of money? Yeah, because I don't think that money is like the culprit, like money again is just this thing. It's paper, right? Or it's coins or what have you. Money is not the demon. Money is not the entity, right? It's if money becomes evil, it's because of the hands of the people that it's in. It's because of the greed and the darkness of the people that it's in power. 如果你有很多钱,你认为自己还会是一个好人吗?是的,因为我认为钱不是罪魁祸首,钱只是一种东西。它是纸,或者是硬币,等等。钱不是恶魔,钱不是实体。如果钱变得邪恶,那是因为掌握钱的人的手。那是因为掌权者的贪婪和黑暗。单词记忆1. Replace 取代2. Culprit 罪魁祸首3. Demon 恶魔4. Entity 实体5. Greed 贪心6. Darkness 黑暗
8/31/20239 minutes, 37 seconds
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1512 旅行的时候钱都放在哪里?

I trust my judgement to make good financial decisions. 我相信我会做出好的财务决定。When you are walking around a big city, where on your body is a safe place to keep money? Is it safe in a handbag?When you're walking around a big city. Where on your body is a safe place to keep money? Is it safe in a handbag? Um, I keep my wallet in a fanny pack, like around my hips so that my hand is actually kind of like always touching it. Or like a messenger bag, you know, like a little messenger bag. That again, I can keep close. And then I think if you're walking around with a lot of cash or something for some reason, like you just went to the ATM or something like that, then of course I think it's good to have one of those things that's like inside your clothing if you're walking around, maybe not just a big city, even small little towns, but you, it's known for pickpockets or whatever, you know, not to be an alarmist, but if it's known for that or you're concerned, then it's good to have something inside your clothing too. Also as an emergency like if you need that money.当你在大城市里走动时,在身上哪个地方是一个安全的地方来放钱?手提包里安全吗?嗯,我会把钱包放在腰包(腰包就是那种绑在腰部的小包),这样我的手实际上总是碰触着它。或者像是斜背包,你知道,就像是个小型的斜背包。我也可以让它靠近我。然后,我认为如果你身上携带了很多现金或出于某种原因你刚刚从自动提款机取了钱,那当然最好是把它放在衣服里,就算你在小镇走动,但是如果该地以扒窃而闻名,或者你担心这方面的问题,那么在衣服里也放一个东西是很好的,这也可以作为紧急情况下的选择。单词记忆:1.Judgement 判断2.Handbag 手提包3.Fanny pack 腰包4.ATM 提款机5.Pickpockets 扒手6.Concerned 担心
8/29/202319 minutes, 22 seconds
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1511 什么职业才能赚到尽可能多的钱?

Your mindset shapes your financial reality! Today, affirm your abundance and attract wealth effortlessly. Embrace gratitude, stay open to opportunities, and believe in your worthiness. 你的心态塑造了你的财务现实!今天,肯定你的丰盛,轻松地吸引财富。拥抱感恩,敞开心扉迎接机会,并相信你的价值。If a young person wanted to know what career they should pursue to make as much money as possible, what would you recommend they do? 如果一个年轻人想知道应该追求什么职业才能赚到尽可能多的钱,你会建议他们做什么?If a young person wanted to know what career they should pursue to make as much money as possible, what would you recommend they do? Well, first I'd wanna know what is as much money as possible and why do they wanna make as much money as possible? Because they want to just like, have a status or they want people to be jealous of them, or they wanna be able to do whatever they want. I would really just slow them down to try to understand what does it mean? Why do you wanna make money? And also then have them connect to what is their why separate from money. What if they had all that money already? What would they do? Because, because you can make a lot of money doing something that you're aligned with. Like you're a perfect example of that Lily, right? Like you can find a thing that's you're calling that's connected to your purpose and find a professional purpose and make a lot of money doing it. Um, it's more important for you to find that thing and then find a way to create prosperity from it 如果一个年轻人想知道应该追求什么职业才能赚到尽可能多的钱,你会建议他们做什么?嗯,首先我想知道“尽可能多的钱”指的是多少钱,以及为什么他们想要赚到尽可能多的钱?因为他们只是想要有地位,还是想要让别人嫉妒,或者他们想要随心所欲。我会真的让他们停下来,试着了解这意味着什么?为什么你想赚钱?同时,我会让他们明白,他们的“为什么”与金钱是分开的。如果他们已经有了所有这些钱,他们会做什么呢?因为你可以做一些与自己的使命相契合的事情来赚很多钱,就像你就是一个很好的例子,Lily,对吧?你可以找到与你使命相关联的事情,找到一个专业目标并从中赚很多钱。从这个角度来看,更重要的是找到那个事情,然后找到一个从中繁荣的方式。单词记忆:1.Affirm 肯定2.Abundance 丰盛3.Effortlessly 毫不费力地4.Worthiness 价值5.Recommend 推荐6.Status 地位7.Jealous 嫉妒8.Separate 分开9.Professional 专业的10.Prosperity 荣华富贵
8/26/202325 minutes, 28 seconds
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1510 在你的生活中买过的东西中,你记忆最深刻的是哪些?

本月为学英语环游世界的节目评价五星都会有意外之财!I attract enough income to pay for the lifestyle I want.我吸引足够的收入去支付我要的生活方式。Of the things you have bought in your life, which do you remember most happily?Of the things you bought in your life, which do you remember most happily? This question was really hard for me. When I read over your questions, I was like, so excited about this interview and this one I was like, I don't even know how do I answer that? But now that I've had some time to think about it since it's the second time I'm answering the question, I think that the things that have been experiences and the things that I've invested in myself. So trips, places over the past few years, I've been able to go places and work, like see clients in other countries. That is super satisfying for me, like super satisfying and training. My coach, my therapy trainings, trips I've done, all types of modalities. Those have been the most valuable to me. 在你的生活中买过的东西中,你记忆最深刻的是哪些?幸运的是,这个问题对我来说确实很难。当我阅读你的问题时,我对这次访谈感到非常兴奋,但对于这个问题,我感到有点不知所措。但现在我已经有一些时间来考虑,因为这是我第二次回答这个问题,我认为我记忆最深刻的东西是我所拥有的经历,以及我投资于自己的事物。所以旅行、地方等等,过去几年来,我能够去不同的地方工作,比如在其他国家见客户。这对我来说非常令人满足,非常令人满足,还有培训,我的教练、心理治疗的培训,我参与了各种不同的模式。这些对我来说是最有价值的。单词记忆:1. Attract 吸引2. Lifestyle 生活方式3. Satisfying 满意的4. Therapy 心理治疗5. Modalities 模式Lily 推荐的录音后制网站:
8/24/202316 minutes, 1 second
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1509 你想每个月赚多少钱?

Money is a renewable resource; it flows to those who are open to receiving it.金钱是一种可再生的资源;它流向那些愿意接受它的人。How much money do you want to earn each month?How much money do you want to earn each month? Yeah. So my goals, my money goals change all the time, and they are based on what I wanna create. So money I want to save for like buying land, um, money. I want to invest back into my business, which is where most of my money goes. Um, so right now I'm at a goal of getting to consistent 60 k months. Um, and then I'd say in 2024, I'd be looking at more like a hundred K or a little bit more. Yeah. 你想每个月赚多少钱?是的,我的目标和金钱目标经常变化,而且都是基于我想要创造的内容。我想储蓄钱来购买土地,把钱投资回我的生意,这是我大部分钱花费的地方。目前我的目标是实现稳定的每月6万美元收入。然后我会说在2024年,我会考虑更高的目标,可能是10万美元或更多一点。1.Based on 以...为基础2.Invest 投资3.Consistent 持续的
8/21/202315 minutes, 38 seconds
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1508 钱和爱哪个重要?

I control money; money doesn’t control me. 我控制钱,钱不会控制我。Do you think money is more important than love?Do you think money is more important than love? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I mean, love is the highest. Love and appreciation are the highest frequencies in the universe. So if you are focusing on your appreciation of what you have, of your, the temple, of your body, of what you do have in your life, focusing on the love that you do have in your life that you create, love is created, not found. Okay? So it's important to remember that you create your feelings, you create your feelings. They don't just appear out of nowhere, right? You know that 5:00 AM wake up club, right? Like, you create how you feel. So love and appreciation are much more important, but money will much more easily come when you're in a place of high vibration. It will come. When you're in a place of love, when you're experiencing love, you don't have to have a person in your life to love, to experience love.你认为金钱比爱更重要吗?绝对不是的。绝对不是的。我的意思是,爱是最高的。爱和欣赏是宇宙中最高的频率。因此,如果你专注于对你所拥有的事物的欣赏,对你的身体的寺庙的欣赏,对你生活中拥有的东西的欣赏,专注于你创造的爱,爱是创造出来的,不是被寻找到的。知道吗?所以记住,你创造你的情感,你创造你的情感。它们不是从无处出现的,对吧?你知道凌晨5点的醒来具乐部,对吧?就像你创造你的感觉一样。因此,爱和欣赏更加重要,但是在你保持高频率的情况下,金钱将更容易来临。当你处于爱的状态时,当你正在体验爱时,你不需要生活中的某个人来爱,也可以体验爱。单词记忆:1.Absolutely 绝对2.Frequency 频率3.Universe 宇宙4.Appreciation 感激之情5.Vibration 振动
8/17/202313 minutes, 27 seconds
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1507 钱如何让我们更快乐?答案可能和你想得不一样!

How do you think money helps make us happy? 妳觉得钱如何让我们开心?How do you think money helps make us happy? Well, I don't think that it's the actual money that makes us happy. I think it's the innate ability for money to often make us feel freer, right? So you were saying like that you have a lot of students, women in your community who say they wish they made more money, so they didn't rely on their husbands, rely on a man because they have more freedom. So it's not that actually having more money in the bank makes you more happy, but if you have money and that gives you freedom, then you're gonna be more happy, more content. So it's important to look at, okay, how do I wanna feel? I wanna feel free. How can I feel more free where I am? How can I create more freedom? Sometimes that's about money, but also that's an internal game. 我认为金钱如何帮助我们感到快乐呢?嗯,我认为并不是金钱本身让我们感到快乐。我认为是对金钱的理解,是金钱通常能让我们感到更自由的内在能力,对吧?所以你刚才提到,你的社群里有很多学生,女性们表示希望能赚更多钱,这样她们就不必依赖丈夫,不必依赖男人,因为这会让她们更自由。所以,其实不是在银行里有更多钱让你更快乐,而是如果你有钱,并且这给了你自由,那你就会更快乐,更满足。所以重要的是要考虑,好,我想要什么样的感觉?我想要感觉自由。我怎么在现状中感到更自由?我怎么创造更多的自由?有时这可能与金钱有关,但同时也是一种内在的游戏。单词记忆:1. Community 社群2. Rely on 仰赖3. Content 满4. Create 制造5. Internal 内在的
8/15/202316 minutes, 25 seconds
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1506 如果你需要赚取额外的钱,你会怎么做呢?

All I need to become more prosperous is within me.我需要的一切荣华富贵都在我心里。你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于8月13日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。 (开放咨询时间8.1-8.12)准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!If you needed to earn some extra money, how would you do that? 如果你需要赚取额外的钱,你会怎么做呢?If you needed to earn some extra money, how would you do that? Okay, so for me, when I need to earn some extra money, money that I didn't plan on needing to earn, this is called a cash injection, which means like when a company needs like a bunch of cash to do something that's like unexpected, like pay for ads or hire a new team member or travel or do a training or just add infrastructure, right? Or buy a new computer or buy equipment. You might not have planned for that, but then sometimes you need a cash injection. So for me, how I create a cash injection is look for who I wanna serve. So what's gonna be the most useful way for me to bring in the money that I need to bring in, in alignment with what I do? So I look who could I serve? Is there someone who is a past client who might be a good candidate for a new program? That's the easiest thing to do. Someone who already knows you, or is there someone who's been swimming towards me, orbiting me that I can help? And that would create a cash injection. 如果我需要赚取额外的钱,我会怎么做呢?好的,对我来说,当我需要赚取一些未计划中的额外钱时,这就是所谓的现金注入,意思是当公司需要一大笔钱来做一些意外的事情,比如支付广告费用、雇用新的团队成员、旅行、培训,或者增加基础设施,购买新的电脑或设备。你可能没有计划这些,但有时候你需要现金注入。对我来说,我是通过寻找我想要服务的对象来创造现金注入。这对我来说最有用的方式是如何以符合我所做的事情为导向来赚钱。所以我会寻找我能够服务的对象。有没有一个过去的客户可能是一个新计划的合适候选人?这是最简单的做法。有人已经了解你,或者是否有人一直在接近我,绕着我转,我可以帮助他们?这将创造现金注入。单词记忆:1. Extra 额外的2. Injection 注射3. Unexpected 没有预料的4. Hire 雇用5. Infrastructure 基础建设6. Serve 服务7. Alignment 相符合、校直8. Client 客户9. Candidate 候选人10.Orbit 围绕着转
8/10/202320 minutes, 2 seconds
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1505 钱对你来说重要吗?如果你有很少的钱,你是否能很快乐呢?

I’m always looking for new sources of income.我总是在找新的收入来源。你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于8月13日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。 (开放咨询时间8.1-8.12)准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!How important is money to you? If you had little money, could you be happy? 钱对你来说重要吗?如果妳有很少的钱,妳是否能很快乐呢?(English begins at 6:37|英语开始6:37)How important is money to you? If you had little money, could you be happy? Well, I think money is fairly important because, um, it gives me freedom, right? So I think that money is important and allows me to hire team members so that I can expand my business so I can support more people. It allows me to travel with ease, right? It allows me to buy anything my dog needs. It allows me to buy gifts for people. It allows me to do a lot of things. If I had a little money, could I be happy? I think it's really relative, like, what does that mean? A little bit of money. So it's not that I have to have a lot of money to be happy, it's about do I have the money to do the things I wanna do? So I think it's really important, and in my programs and my coaching, I'm always pointing people to, what's the amount of money that you want to need? It's not about that. That could be a lot for me. And that could not be enough for you, or that could be really little for me and perfect for you. 钱对你来说重要吗?如果妳有很少的钱,妳是否能很快乐呢?对我来说,钱是相当重要的,因为它给我自由。钱的重要性在于它让我能够聘请团队成员,扩展我的业务,以便能够支持更多的人。它让我能够轻松旅行,购买我狗狗所需的一切,为人们买礼物等等。如果我只有一点点钱,我会快乐吗?这是相对的,什么是一点点钱?重点不在于拥有多少钱让我快乐,而在于我是否有足够的钱去做我想做的事情。因此,对我来说,钱是相当重要的,我在我的课程和指导中总是引导人们思考,他们需要多少钱才够用,而不是盲目追求数量。对我来说,这可能是很多钱,而对你来说可能不够,或者对我来说可能很少,而对你来说可能正好。单词记忆:1. Fairly 相当地2. Freedom 自由3. Allow 允许4. Relative 相对的5. Perfect 完美的
8/9/202322 minutes, 15 seconds
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1504 你更喜欢哪个?赚钱还是花钱?

There is always more than enough money in my life. 我的生活中总是有足够的金钱。你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于8月13日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。 (开放咨询时间8.1-8.12)准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!(English begins at 6:20|英语开始6:20)Which do you enjoy more: earning money or spending money?你更喜欢哪个?赚钱还是花钱?Hmm. I think I enjoy earning money more because when I'm earning money, that means I'm helping people. So like money coming into my bank account or money coming through my credit card system means that my work is getting out there, that I'm helping people in the way that I desire to. I really love my work. It's so aligned. It is my calling. There is no confusion there. I don't wanna do anything else. So earning money means that for me. So for me, I enjoy earning money more, but I also like spending money. I love spending money on myself. I'm really good at investing in myself, which I think is a really important thing, um, if you're wanting to get out there. Um, and I also like buying myself nice things or delicious food or things like that. But I enjoy earning money more than I enjoy spending it. 你更喜欢哪个?赚钱还是花钱?嗯,我觉得我更喜欢赚钱,因为当我赚钱的时候,意味着我在帮助人们。所以当钱进入我的银行帐户或通过信用卡系统进来时,这意味着我的工作正在传播,我正在以我想要的方式帮助人们。我真的很喜欢我的工作,它与我内心高度契合,是我的使命。在这方面毫无疑问,我不想做其他任何事情。对我来说,赚钱意味着这一切。所以,我更喜欢赚钱,但我也喜欢花钱。我喜欢把钱花在自己身上。我很善于投资自己,我认为这是非常重要的,如果你想要成功。我也喜欢给自己买一些好东西,或是品尝美食之类的。但相较于花钱,我更喜欢赚钱。
8/7/202320 minutes, 11 seconds
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1503 女人无需害怕谈论钱|中英文访谈在节目简介里

今日格言:I accept financial success.我接受财务上的成功你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于8月13日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。 (开放咨询时间8.1-8.12)准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!(English Interview starts at 10:00 | 英语完整访谈开始10:00)Lily:Hello, you're listening to Fly with Lily. Now I'm at the school that I'm studying Spanish in and it's called Corazon Maya. I've been in Guatemala for three months and this is my last week and the Friday would be my birthday. And then actually I'm having such a busy week. I've been preparing my launch and then I have a lot of questions about money. And then I accidentally just met this woman. I was just going to let her talk about how we met. And I think she's wonderful. She has this really warm energy and actually this is the second time we are recording this. And then she's so cool about it and I just fell in love with her personality and I just think it's the right thing to do. I had this such a strong intuition I needed to invite her to the show. So let's welcome to let's welcome Jamie. Jamie. Hi. How we met?你好,现在正在收听《学英语环游世界》。目前我正在危地马拉学习西班牙语,所在的学校名为Corazon Maya。在这里待了三个月,这是我最后一周,周五是我的生日。这一周非常忙碌,我一直在准备产品的发布,同时也有很多关于金钱的问题。然后,我无意中遇到了这位女士,我想让她分享我们是如何认识的。我觉得她非常棒,散发出温暖的能量。实际上,这是我们第二次录制这个声音(之前的录音不小心被删除了)。她对我的小失误毫不在意,并且非常酷,这让我对她的个性印象深刻。所以,我决定邀请她参加我的访谈。我有种强烈的直觉,觉得邀请她是对的。现在,让我们欢迎Jamie。 Jamie,你好。我们怎么认识的?Jamie:Yeah, so we met here in San Pedro in Guatemala where you are. And I have been staying for just a couple of weeks. And we met in a cafe that I guess you frequent a lot that you go to a lot. 是的,我们在危地马拉的圣佩德罗认识的,也就是你所在的地方。 我只呆了几个星期。 我们在一家咖啡馆第一次遇见,我猜你经常去那里。Lily:That was my favorite cafe actually.实际上那是我最喜欢的咖啡馆。Jamie:Okay. So that was just the second time I've been there. And we met because first I told you "Bon Provecho” when you got your food, which is like “bon appetit” and you said “gracias” with food in your mouth, which was cute. <Laugh>, I made you laugh <laugh>, right. You were really sweet. And then later on, 'cause I saw you had your computer and you were obviously working for yourself and you're nomadic, I asked you to watch my computer when I went to the toilet. And then you were like, I'm gonna ask you later. So we had that little moment and then later that day we just started talking and getting to know each other. And yeah, we did definitely have, like you said, I don't know this time or last time we recorded an instant connection, like a really warm connection. And that's how we met.好的,那是我第二次去那里。我们之所以见面,是因为当你拿到食物时,我首先对你说了"Bon Provecho",就像是"bon appétit",然后你嘴里含着食物说了"gracias",这真的很可爱。我让你笑了。你真是太可爱了。后来,因为我看到你有电脑,而且你显然是在为自己工作,而且也是正在进行数位游牧,所以当我上厕所时,我让你帮忙看了一下我的电脑。然后你说:等一下我也要请你帮我看一下。于是我们从互相帮忙开始,晚些时候我们开始交谈并互相了解。是的,我们确实有像你说的那样一种立刻就有的链结,就像是一次非常温暖的连结。这就是我们认识的方式。Lily:Yeah. Let's talk about, let's talk about that instant connection. It's because you told me that you are, you just started digital nomading and I was just like, wow, that's amazing. Because it's quite trending nowadays. Like almost like everybody wants to travel the world, make money at the same time. So eight years ago when I first started this, I didn't know about that word, digital nomad. And then five years in and somebody was like telling me that you are, you are a digital nomad. I was just like, what? What was that? And then probably about these two years, a lot of people like saying that they want to do(be) a digital nomad. And I was just like, oh, I've been doing that for years. And I just like, I couldn't wait to tell you my experiences and then it was right. And then you were about leaving, but you like left maybe 20 minutes later. Yeah. Yeah. Like we had a such a wonderful connection and then the conversation was great. So a little bit sad that we are not here for long because you are leaving on Saturday. I'm leaving on Sunday. Where are you going next?是的。让我们来谈谈那个立刻就有链结。当你告诉我你刚刚开始数字游牧时,我就感到非常兴奋。因为现在这个概念非常流行,几乎每个人都希望能够环游世界并赚钱。但八年前,当我第一次开始这样的生活时,我还不知道数字游牧这个词。五年后,有人告诉我,你是一个数字游牧者。当时我还不太了解这个概念,但这两年来,越来越多的人都在追求这样的生活方式。而我,我只是单纯喜欢我正在做的事情,所以我迫不及待地想与你分享我的经历。本来你说要离开了,但又聊了大概20分钟,我们之间的连结如此美妙,谈话也非常愉快,让我们有点遗憾地感受到时间飞逝。由于你周六就要离开,而我周日也要离开,我们在这里的相遇和交流让我们都感到非常珍贵。接下来你要去哪里呢?Jamie:Next I'm going back to Costa Rica. So I was in Costa Rica for a couple months. I've only been a digital nomad technically for a few months like this. I'm coming into my third month, so I'm really new at this. And my dog is in Costa Rica, so I came here just for a couple weeks. I'm gonna go back and get her and I think I'm gonna come back here. I'm not sure exactly when, but I really liked it here. If she wasn't with me, if she was with me now, I don't think I'd be going back to Costa Rica. Hmm. Nice. Not yet anyway.接下来我打算回哥斯达黎加。所以我在哥斯达黎加待了几个月。从技术上来说,我才成为数字游牧者几个月而已。我即将进入第三个月,所以对这样的生活还有些陌生。我的狗在哥斯达黎加,所以我来这里只待了几周。我打算回去接她,然后可能还会回到这里。我还不确定具体的时间,但我真的很喜欢这个地方。如果她现在和我在一起,我想我可能不会回到哥斯达黎加。嗯,这还不确定,我还在考虑中。Lily:Hmm. Good. So after this trip I'm going back to Europe. So I have this problem a lot of people want to have, which is like, I don't know where I should go. I have three places and then they are all great options. Like one is Japan that already booked the tickets and the other two is like, should I stay in Iceland for a little bit longer? Or like, should I go back to Spain to practice Spanish more? So I have this problem唔。 好的。 所以这次旅行结束后我将返回欧洲。 所以我遇到了很多人都想遇到的问题,就像我不知道我应该去哪里。 我有三个地方,它们都是不错的选择。 就像一个是已经订票要前往的日本,另外两个是,我应该在冰岛多呆一会儿吗? 或者说,我应该回到西班牙多练习西班牙语吗? 所以我有这个问题!Jamie:<Laugh> quite a problem, Lily. Yeah.<笑>这是一个很大的问题, 是的。Lily:Yeah. And the reasons why I want to ask you to be on this podcast is because like first when you introduce me about what you do for your job, you're like, I'm coaching seven figure income CEOs, like CEOs. And I was just like so impressed because I was just like, a lot of people, they are like having this money issue. I don't think you have that because if you are coaching them, you're probably already like over a lot of money traumas already. Yeah. So I think it's perfect for you to be on the show and share your experiences. Especially a lot of my audience, they are, they are wanting to travel the world like us. They want to have a online business. They want to be able to like, not to worry about money anymore. But you are, you are the expert like doing all these things like I am as well, but I'm actually running into like some problem with like how to guide my audience to that. So you are like perfect. You're like godsend the angel. So thank you that, yeah. So yeah. Why do you think why do you say yes to the show? Yeah. 'cause I, your, your time is so valuable.是的。 我之所以邀请你来参加这个播客,是因为就像你首先向我介绍你的工作内容时一样,你说,你正在指导收入美金七位数的首席执行官。 我印象非常深刻,因为我觉得很多人都遇到了金钱问题。 我不认为你有这样的经历,因为如果你是他们的教练,你可能已经疗愈了很多金钱上的创伤。 是的。 所以我认为你参加这个节目并分享你的经历是完美的。 尤其是我的很多观众,他们想要像我们一样环游世界。 他们想要开展在线业务。 他们希望能够不再担心金钱。 但你是,你是像我一样做所有这些事情的专家,但我实际上遇到了一些问题,比如如何引导我的观众做到这一点。 所以你就像完美的天赐的天使。 所以谢谢你! 你认为为什么你会同意录制这个节目? 因为你的时间是如此宝贵。Jamie:Hmm. Well, first I said yes before we even said that we were gonna talk about money, but I, I remember telling, telling you when we were talking that like, I, I have no problem talking about money. I think it's a super important topic and as a woman it's unique, it's getting more common. I see a lot more people in social media with this skillset to talk about money. But a few years ago it wasn't, I was like the only person in like Tel Aviv about it. So I said yes, because I think that this is the most inspiring and one of the most effective ways to help people is for them to hear real conversations and not looking for perfection, but just looking for like authentic answers and realness. And we're just all searching for connection. So for me, this is, we're all searching for connection. So for me, this is a really enjoyable, pleasurable way. Like to spend my time and I believe that it will help people and I have no attachment to that. It will also bring me prosperity, but I also believe that when we do things that are enjoyable for us, we're opening ourselves up to more prosperity.唔。 好吧,在我们说我们要谈论金钱之前,我首先说是的,但是我,我记得当我们谈论金钱时告诉过你,就像我,我谈论金钱没有问题。 我认为这是一个非常重要的话题,作为一名女性,这个话题会是独特的,而且也变得越来越普遍。 我在社交媒体上看到更多的人拥有这种技能来谈论金钱。 但几年前,情况并非如此,我是在特拉维夫这样的地方唯一对此有看法的人。因为我认为这是最鼓舞人心、最有效的帮助人们的方法之一,就是让他们听到真实的对话,而不是寻求完美,而只是寻找真实的答案和真实性。 我们都在寻找连结。 所以对我来说,我们都在寻找连结。 所以对我来说,这是一种非常愉快、愉快的方式。 我喜欢花时间在这方面,我相信这会帮助别人,但我对此没有执着。 它也会给我带来财富,但我也相信,当我们做一些让我们愉快的事情时,我们就会向更多的财富敞开大门。Lily:Yeah. Especially this is like the second time we're recording this. Yeah. So <laugh>,是的。 尤其是这已经是我们第二次录制了。 是的。 Jamie:So even double, double prosperity, <laugh>,所以即使双倍富足,Lily:Double, yeah. Prosperity. And then to women as well. Like I often joke about this like my, my students will will tell me about like how their days were affected because the husband was like making them a little bit uncomfortable and then they would be like, ah, they wish they had more money. They don't have to rely on men or something like that. I often joke about like like you should tell your husband, happy wife, happy…双倍富足。 然后对女人也是如此。 就像我经常开这个玩笑一样,我的学生会告诉我她们的生活因为丈夫让她们有点不舒服而受到了影响,然后她们就会说,希望自己有更多的钱,那么她们就不必依赖男人。 我经常开玩笑说你应该告诉你的丈夫:快乐的妻子,就等于快乐的...Jamie:Life. Happy life. Oh yeah. Yeah. Absolutely.生活。 幸福生活。 哦耶。绝对是如此的。d
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1502 我就是金钱磁铁|吸引金钱丰盛播客系列开始啰!

本日格言:I am a money magnet. 我就是金钱磁铁。你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于8月13日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。 (开放咨询时间8.1-8.12)准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!Hi, you're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend, Jamie Faye, and I'm a feminine leadership coach. I'm originally from New York, but I've also lived in Tel Aviv, Israel for 10 years, and now I'm in Guatemala here with Lily because I was in Costa Rica and I needed to do a border run. My dream is to build a sustainable farm to raise my family on and to be able to invite people from all over the world to beautiful celebrations and retreats and healing, um, and to continue to work on my online business and to have that be a great source of revenue. How about you?嗨,你正在聆听《学英语环游世界》。我是你的新朋友Jamie Faye,也是一名女性领导力教练。我原本来自纽约,但我在以色列的特拉维夫生活了10年,现在我在瓜地马拉(危地马拉)和Lily一起,因为我之前在哥斯达黎加,因为签证的原因需要出境一趟。我的梦想是建立一个可持续发展的农场,用来照顾我的家人,并邀请来自世界各地的人来参加美丽的庆典、静修营和疗愈工作坊。同时,我也会继续经营我的线上事业,并将其打造成一个重要的收入来源。那么你呢?单词记忆:1.Feminine 女性的2.Leadership 领袖力3.Coach 教练4.Border run 因为更新签证效力所做的出境旅游5.Sustainable 可持续性的6.Celebration 庆祝、庆典7.Retreat 静修8.Healing 疗愈9.Revenue 营收
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1501 你可以做这件事,来加速你环游世界的脚步|七层深问题

今日格言:中文:不断学习,不断进步,走向金钱丰盛之路,身为女性的妳拥有无限可能。英文:Keep learning, keep growing, and embark on the path to financial abundance; women are limitless.本日生活教练:用 “7 Levels Deep七层深问题” 找出自己的欲望的背后动机!(促使自己在生活中可以找到更多实现动机的可能,帮助实现你的梦想!)你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于8月13日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。 (开放咨询时间8.1-8.12)准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!
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现在在清迈的医院和大家分享这段心情,希望可以帮助也正在受伤的人!It’s okay to be not okay! 过得不好也没关系!If you don’t die in the disaster, you will get bigger blessing in the future! 大难不死必有后福!
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1500 与O先生第一次见面的完整经过|中英对照

"Love is a journey, and regardless of the distance, it's important to cherish the scenery and beautiful moments along the way."爱情是一段旅程,不论远近,都应该珍惜途中的风景和美好时刻。你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于7月3日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!   It was a rainy Monday afternoon in Kansas City, I just got out of my pedicure appointment and realized it would be taking a bit longer for me to ride a bus to our meeting. I got a text from you that you were already in the bar where we were about to meet for the first time. For some reason, you finished work early and decided to go to the bar a bit ahead of our arranged time. So I took an Uber to the Plaza.这是一个下着雨的星期一下午,我刚刚修完脚,意识到我坐公交车去我们约定见面的地方会花费更长的时间。我收到了你的短信,说你已经在我们第一次见面的酒吧了。出于某种原因,你提前下班并决定提前去酒吧。所以我打了一辆优步去广场。 I was relieved that I was only 10 minutes late for our previously arranged time. But when I arrived at the bar, my heart was still pounding uncontrollably, hoping being late wouldn’t make a bad impression of me. At the same time, I was very delighted to be able to hear a story from the Uber driver, his name was Steve (who I’m guessing was in his 60s) still celebrates anniversaries by enjoying a chocolate cake with his wife every month. Having just gone through a recent break up with my ex, I was still wondering if I would ever meet someone great. After sharing this with Steve, he assured me that I would and that whoever I ended up meeting would be an even greater relationship. Having been on the way to meet you and still nervous, Steve had helped calm me as was very nice.我为自己只晚了10分钟感到宽慰。但当我到达酒吧时,我的心仍然不受控制地怦怦跳动,希望我的迟到不会给你留下不好的印象。与此同时,我很高兴能够听到一位优步司机的故事,他叫史蒂夫(我猜他六十多岁了),他每个月都和妻子一起享用巧克力蛋糕来庆祝结婚纪念日。我刚刚和前任分手,仍然在想是否会遇到一个很棒的人。在向史蒂夫倾诉之后,他向我保证我会遇到一个更好的人,并且与我相处的关系会更好。在去见你的路上,我仍然很紧张,但史蒂夫的帮助让我感到平静和友善。I first saw you sitting patiently waiting for me, dressed in a nice light water blue shirt with a glass of red wine at our table in the corner. I came to say hi, apologizing for being late, and sat down across from you. The bar you picked was called Granfalloon, being a sports bar with large screens around the room, it looked classy. I really liked the decor. That day I was wearing a red flowery off-shoulder dress, and the end of the skirt covered my ankles. However, my new toe nails were bright orange which go well with my new world map tattoo on the top of my feet I got just last week.首先我看到你耐心地等着我,穿着一件很好看的淡蓝色衬衫,桌子上有一杯红酒。我走过去打招呼,道歉说我迟到了,并坐在你的对面。你选择的这家酒吧叫做Granfalloon,是一家装饰高雅的运动酒吧,房间里有大屏幕。我真的很喜欢这个装饰。那天我穿着一条红色的花朵露肩长裙,裙摆盖到了脚踝。不过,我的新脚趾甲是鲜艳的橙色,与我上周刚纹的世界地图纹身很搭配。   When I sat down across from you, my heart was still pounding really fast. I figured it was due to your good looks. You were cordial and polite. After I ordered, you asked a series of questions and how my weekend went. Suddenly my head went blank. All I could remember and share was that my friend Addi, and I drank lots of shots of Tequilas and went partying on Saturday night. Oops, at the time you probably thought I was a party animal. Yet, just as I thought that I had ruined your impression of me you seemed to sense it and calmed me down by complimenting my nails. I then directed your eyes to see my new tattoo. We talked a lot about our travels. Your eyes sparkled when you shared your proudest adventures, your plans of moving to Florida, and dreams to buy a sailboat to learn how to sail the world. (I’m so proud of you. In less than a year during the time I’ve known you, you’ve accomplished everything you said you would do.)当我坐在你的对面时,我的心还在怦怦跳。我觉得这是因为你长得很帅。你很礼貌。在我点了酒之后,你问了一连串的问题,询问我的周末过得如何。突然间,我的头脑一片空白。我只记得我和朋友艾蒂喝了很多龙舌兰酒,然后在周六晚上狂欢。哎呀,当时你可能觉得我是个派对动物。然而,就在我以为我毁了你对我的印象时,你似乎察觉到了,并通过称赞我的指甲来安抚我。然后,我引导你看到我的新纹身。我们谈了很多关于旅行的话题。当你分享你最自豪的冒险、搬到佛罗里达的计划以及学习航海环游世界的梦想时,你的眼睛闪闪发光(我为你感到骄傲。在我认识你的这段时间里,不到一年的时间里,你实现了你说过的一切)。   Aside from how achieved and successful you were when you shared in our conversation, you looked like the Ken doll I used to love to play with as a little girl. You had mid-summer blond hair and were blue-eyed, tall, slim, and fit. Your smile made my heart skip several beats and I hope you didn’t notice how blushed and nervous I was.除了在我们的对话中分享你取得的成就和成功外,你看起来像小时候我喜欢玩的肯尼娃娃。你有着盛夏般的金发,蓝眼睛,身材高挑、苗条而匀称。你的微笑让我的心跳快了好几拍,我希望你没有注意到我脸红和紧张。  You were educated, good-mannered, and very sophisticated, but you could also pull off a bit of goofiness in our conversations. Which helped me to relax.你非常有教养、有礼貌、非常老练,但在我们的对话中,你也能扮小丑逗我一下。这帮助我放松下来。   After I relaxed, it surprised me that we had so much to talk about, we both had three glasses of wine and then we continued ordering some snacks to share. Our topics ranged from our love for travel and adventure, and passion for self-improvement. And what were the odds? We were both planning to go to Florida and Spain in just a few months! I loved talking about my favorite authors with you and found that you read their books, too. Not to mention those people have also greatly influenced your life! What fascinated me were your dreams to have a beach house and have a sailboat! I started to feel that you probably had looked at my dream list recently. Coincidentally, I had just recently jotted down my similar dreams in my new diary a few days before and when I asked myself the question, “If I could have anything in the world, what would it be?” I had written down a beach house and a boat.在我放松下来之后,我惊讶地发现我们有很多话题可以谈,我们都喝了三杯酒,然后继续点了一些小吃分享。我们的话题涵盖了对旅行和冒险的热爱,以及对提升自我的热情。怎么会这样巧呢?我们俩都计划在几个月内去佛罗里达和西班牙!我喜欢和你一起谈论我最喜欢的作家,发现你也读过他们的书。更不用说这些作家也对你的生活产生了极大的影响!让我着迷的是你拥有拥有一座海边别墅和一艘帆船的梦想!我开始觉得你可能最近看过我的梦想清单。巧合的是,就在几天前,我刚刚在我的新日记里写下了我类似的梦想,当我问自己这个问题:“如果我能拥有世界上的任何东西,那会是什么?”我写下了一座海边别墅和一艘船。   Then when I revealed I’d been experiencing some boy problems recently, you shared your recent breakup with your girlfriend of five years, Amy; who ended up only moving away across from you, and that even though you didn’t want to, you still saw her almost everyday. You seemed pretty bothered by it. For some reason, that revelation made me feel close to you. Even though at the time I chose to hold back the information that I was… still married. I couldn’t break the news to you because I was worried that you would judge me. Even though the truth was that my then husband had been through my recent break up and had broken my heart, I couldn’t risk what we had so far. I was having so much fun on our date and never wanted it to end.然后,当我透露我最近遇到一些男生问题时,你分享了你和女友艾米分手的事,她竟然搬到了你对面,尽管你不想,但你几乎每天都能见到她。你似乎对此相当烦恼。出于某种原因,这个告白让我感到亲近。尽管当时我选择隐瞒我仍然是已婚的事实。我不能向你透露这个消息,因为我担心你会评判我。即使事实上,我的前夫是我最近的分手对象,他伤透了我的心,但我不能冒险破坏我们迄今为止的一切。我在我们的约会上玩得太开心了,不希望它提早结束。   We went to a couple of places after that, you showed me what Brookside was like and we ended up sitting outside of the patio in a restaurant in the West Side. The weather cleared up and the temperature was so mild. I had a huge grin ear to ear the whole time. I haven’t enjoyed a great banter session with anyone for a while. You seemed to understand me very well and made me forget that I was speaking a second language. You also mentioned that most of the dates you had recently gone on, didn’t survive after Happy Hour. But I actually made it to dinner and got in your unmarked van, and let you drive me around, which became our inside joke with our friends later. 之后,我们去了几个地方,你向我展示了布鲁克赛德的风景,最后我们坐在西边的一家餐厅的庭院外面。天气放晴,温度很温和。我一直笑得合不拢嘴。我已经很久没有享受到这样愉快的交谈了。你似乎非常了解我,让我忘记自己在说第二语言。你还提到你最近约会的大多数人在欢乐时光过后就不再联系了。但是我实际上到了晚餐时间,并坐进了你的无标志货车,让你开车带我四处游玩,这后来成了我们和朋友之间的笑话。I felt so safe beside you, you made me feel alive and I could be myself with you. I even insisted on paying for our dinner to thank you for a great time which I have never done before. It was very sexy to see how competitive you were, and you hated to lose. So you promised to take me to the Jazz museum and a couple of your favorite places next time we meet.我在你身边感到非常安全,你让我感觉到活力,我可以真实地做自己。我甚至坚持付了我们的晚餐账单,感谢你给我带来了美好的时光,这是我从未做过的事情。看到你竞争意识如此强烈,不愿输给别人,真的很性感。所以你答应下次我们见面时带我去爵士音乐博物馆和你喜欢的几个地方。   When you dropped me off at the Cold Storage, you excitingly got out of your van, and gave me a big bear hug. You didn’t kiss me, but just looked into my eyes and rubbed my fingers for a second, saying let’s go out again soon, which I found really sweet. After I got home and I got a text from you thanking me again for a great night. I read it lying alone on the borrowed couch at Josh’s, but I felt great. I put down the phone smiling but reached again to text Addi, “OMG, I just met this guy for drinks, and he’s such a cutie…!!”在你送我回我朋友的公寓时,你兴奋地下了车,给了我一个大大的熊抱。你没有吻我,只是凝视着我的眼睛,抚摸了一下我的手指,说我们很快再出去约会,我觉得这非常甜蜜。回到家后,我收到了你发来的短信,再次感谢我度过了美好的夜晚。我一个人躺在朋友家借来的沙发上看着手机,但感觉很棒。我放下手机微笑着,却又发了条短信给艾蒂,“天哪,我刚刚和一个帅哥喝了酒,他太可爱了...!!”The next day, after a few texts back and forth between us, we agreed to meet again and check out the used bookstore I recently discovered on 39th street.第二天,在我们之间的几条短信交流后,我们同意再次见面,并去看看我最近发现的39街上的二手书店。加入新一期開營的第四期迷你退休營/早起訓練營,請填寫問卷預約30分鐘免費諮詢:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)我的IG:flywithlily微信:iflywithlily
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1499 你记得我们的第一次约会吗

"Enjoy the present moment, don't worry about the future or dwell on the past, fully immerse yourself in the interaction with your date, creating beautiful memories.""享受当下的美好时刻,不要担心未来或过去,让自己完全投入到与约会对象的互动中,创造美好的回忆。"你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于7月3日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!(8:02 完整英语的访谈|English Interview starts at 8:02)So Omar, do you remember our first date? Yeah. We went out for a drink, didn't we? Yeah. Exactly. Yeah, exactly and then do we just go home after that? I think I took you out since it was going well, and I was having fun talking with you. I think we went to another place and got something to eat if I remember right mm-hmm. Yeah, was that all? It's been a while. What else did we do? I think we got another drink after that. We drank a lot. Yeah, we drank a lot. What's going on? Thirsty. You were just very asking all the questions. Very thirsty. Did you follow that 30/70 rule on me as well? I think I was pretty close, if I remember right. Yeah, we both contributed on that. Exactly. Well, that's what you get when you date a famous podcaster. There's going to be a lot of conversation and questions. Yeah.噢,对了,你还记得我们第一次约会吗?没错,我们一起去喝酒了,对吧?没错,确切地说,我们一起去了酒吧。然后我们回家了吗?不太记得了。我记得我们在酒吧喝了一些,然后可能去了另一个地方吃东西。对,那是什么地方来着?好像有一段时间了,我不太记得具体的地方了。我们还做了其他什么吗?我记得我们在那之后又喝了一杯。我们确实喝了不少酒。是的,我们喝得挺多的。嗯,可能因为当时口渴吧。你好像问了很多问题。嗯,的确渴了。你是说我们都遵守了30/70的规则吗?我记得我们都做出了一些贡献。没错。好吧,这就是和著名播主约会的结果,会有很多对话和问题。没错。加入新一期開營的第四期迷你退休營/早起訓練營,請填寫問卷預約30分鐘免費諮詢:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)我的IG:flywithlily微信:iflywithlily
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1498 对于美国男人的理想第一次约会是怎么样

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. 偶尔在平凡的生活中,因为爱情,给我们带来了一个童话。(18:58 完整英语的访谈|English Interview starts at 18:58)你是否梦想成为下一个成功的主播?或者构建一个属于自己的学英语环游世界的生活方式?这里是你摆脱焦虑、实现自由人生的起点!我们即将于7月3日开始的迷你退休营,将为你提供宝贵的资源和指导,让你在短短六周内达成这些梦想。现在就透过我们的节目文本预订一个30分钟的免费谘询通话,了解更多详情并开启你的转变之旅。准备好迎接属于你的自由人生吗?立即订阅我们的Podcast,让我们一起探索、学习、成长,打造一个充满爱、自由和丰盛的生活!的确,爱情有时候可以在平凡的生活中创造出童话般的奇迹。它可以改变我们的世界观,让我们感受到无比的喜悦和幸福。当爱情降临时,我们的心境瞬间变得明亮起来,生活充满了美好的色彩。爱情让我们体验到浪漫和惊喜,就像童话故事中的主角一样。它能够将我们从现实的压力和琐碎中解放出来,带领我们进入一个完全不同的世界。在爱情的陪伴下,我们能够感受到心灵的宁静和温暖。爱情也能够激发我们内心深处的渴望和勇气,让我们敢于追求梦想和冒险。它鼓励我们勇往直前,克服困难和挑战,就像童话故事中的英雄一样。爱情给予我们力量,让我们相信奇迹和美好的存在。无论我们是否相信童话故事,爱情总是能够在我们的生活中创造出美丽的瞬间和回忆。它是一种神奇的力量,能够使我们感受到人生的惊喜和无尽的可能性。所以,让我们在平凡的日子里保持对爱情的开放和渴望,让它给我们带来一个属于自己的童话故事。无论爱情如何改变我们的生活,让我们记住,每个人都值得拥有属于自己的童话结局。This one is actually a question I want to know about: What is the ideal first date for an American man? An ideal first date for an American man? Well, it really depends and I'll say it depends on how you met and your relationship prior to that. If this is someone you met on online dating, usually I think it's best just to meet for something very quick, like a cup of coffee or a drink at happy hour. Something where there's not like a really long commitment that lasts maybe 20 minutes and you can kind of get to meet the person in real life and then if it's going well you can always extend it or agree to meet like later that week. I just feel like it's been putting yourself in a situation when you commit to going out to dinner or an all-day event on Saturday with somebody you've never really met in real life, is a bit of a large commitment. 理想的第一次约会对于美国男性来说,实际上是一个视情况而定的问题。它取决于你们是如何认识的,以及在约会前是否已经建立了一定的关系基础。一个常见的选择是在轻松愉快的氛围中相约喝杯酒或享受美食。这样的约会通常不会太长,大约持续20分钟到几个小时不等。这样的约会可以让你们在现实生活中见面,并进一步探索彼此的兴趣和相处方式。如果约会进展顺利,你们可以随时延长约会时间或安排更多的见面。重要的是,不要对自己设定太大的承诺压力,毕竟这只是第一次约会而已。让约会自然流动,并随着时间的推移逐渐发展更深入的关系。1.Depends on 取决2.Prior to 先前的3.Online dating 线上约会4.Extend 延长5.Commitment 承诺Now if it's somebody that you, like say a co-worker or somebody that you are childhood friends with or that is a friend of a friend and you already know that person, then just meeting for a cup of coffee or a drink might be not enough. Maybe it's something a little bit more intensive that's going to last a few hours. But yeah, it really depends on how you met that person and your relationship before that. Yeah. 你提到的情况确实可能需要更长时间的约会,特别是如果你与对方已经有某种程度的熟悉或者共同的背景。如果你和对方是同事、儿时朋友或朋友的朋友,那么你们可能已经有一些共同点和话题可以聊天。在这种情况下,约会可以更深入,时间可能会更长,因为你们有更多的事情可以讨论和分享。例如,你可以选择去一家舒适的咖啡厅或酒吧,让你们有足够的时间进行真实而深入的对话。你们可以讨论过去的回忆、共同的兴趣、工作或学业等话题。这样的约会可以让你们更好地了解彼此,并且有机会建立更深厚的关系。重要的是,选择一个场所和活动,能够让你们两个都能感到轻松自在并且有良好的交流氛围。无论约会持续多长时间,最重要的是在约会期间保持真实和开放,并尊重彼此的舒适范围。当然,这只是一些建议,最终约会的具体形式和长度还是要根据你和对方的喜好和情况来定。记得放松、享受约会,并让事情自然发展。祝你顺利!6.Coworker 同事7.Childhood 童年8.Intensive 密集的加入新一期开营的第四期迷你退休营/早起训练营,请填写问卷预约30分钟免费谘询:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)我的IG:flywithlily微信:iflywithlily
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1497 约会不是一场游戏,而是一个探索自己的过程|和美国人约会

加入新一期开营的第四期迷你退休营/早起训练营:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)Dating is not a game, but a process of discovery. Be open, be yourself, and let the journey unfold naturally.约会不是游戏,而是一个探索的过程。保持开放,做真实的自己,让旅程自然展开。(8:20 完整英语的访谈|English Interview starts at 8:20)How important is having a great conversation in a date? Well, I think it's very important. You know, everybody's different and everybody has different chemistry and different ways. But one of the best ways to build rapport with somebody is through conversation and through asking about them and their life and what they care about. And it's, at least in Western culture, I've heard that generally speaking you should try to ask ask... the conversation split should be 70-30. So you should be asking... you should be talking 30% of the time and your date should be talking 70% of the time. Seriously? There's a law. Well, it's not really a law, but it's... Do you follow that as well? I try to. I mean, if you find yourself talking most of the date, it's probably not going well. Because that means you're mostly just talking about yourself and not really learning about them. So if I find myself in a situation where I feel like I've been doing most of the talking, I try to just start asking them questions to learn more about them. 在约会中进行愉快的交谈有多重要?嗯,我认为这很重要。你知道,每个人都是不同的,每个人都有不同的化学反应和不同的方式。但与某人建立融洽关系的最佳方式之一是通过交谈并询问他们和他们的生活以及他们关心的事情。而且,至少在西方文化中,我听说一般来说你应该试着问问……谈话的比例应该是 70-30。所以你应该问……你应该有 30% 的时间在说话,而你的约会对象应该有 70% 的时间在说话。严重地?有一条法律。嗯,这不是真正的法律,但它是......你也遵守吗?我试着。我的意思是,如果你发现自己在约会的大部分时间里都在说话,那可能进展不顺利。因为这意味着你主要只是在谈论你自己,而不是真正了解他们。因此,如果我发现自己处在一种感觉大部分时间都是我在说话的情况下,我会试着开始向他们提问,以了解更多关于他们的信息。1.Chemistry 化学反应2.Rapport 融洽关系 加入新一期开营的第四期迷你退休营/早起训练营,请填写问卷预约30分钟免费谘询:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)我的IG:flywithlily微信:iflywithlily
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1496 和美国人第一次见面/约会,我们千万不能说的话(下)

加入新一期开营的第四期迷你退休营/早起训练营:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)"Dating is not about finding the perfect person but about finding an imperfect person and seeing them perfectly."约会不仅仅是寻找完美的人,而是寻找一个不完美的人并完美地看待他们。(6:43 完整英语的访谈|English Interview starts at 6:43)Oh this one I also heard a lot, and actually I heard my friend, he complained to me that once he had his Chinese colleague saying like you look tired and you look fat. Yeah so obviously you know these kind of statements when said by your family or your really good friends you know it's a lot more common you should definitely never ever say these to a person that you're going on a date with or have interest in. Rather than saying those phrases, you should say nothing. Nothing is the best policy. Yes, that is. And I mean if they look like one of those things and you find that undesirable, then maybe just don't go on a date with them again. Well, you know why they say that? I totally understand. It's because you look tired. Can I do something for you to help you not feel so tired? You know, usually it's like care. Yeah, and I understand that. However, there's not really anything you can do for them in the moment of them being tired. They just need to go take a nap. And really it's a pointless statement because you can't help them, and the next time you see them they may not be tired. They are just insults to their look. So yeah, just say nothing. 哦,这个我也听到很多,实际上我听到我的朋友,他向我抱怨说有一次他的中国同事说你看起来很累,你看起来很胖。是的,很明显,当你的家人或你真正的好朋友说这些话时,你知道这种说法更为常见,但你绝对不应该对要与之约会或感兴趣的人说这些话. 与其说那些话,不如什么都不说。什么都不说是最好的政策。对。我的意思是,如果他们看起来累或胖,而你发现那是不是你喜欢的,那么也许就不要再和他们约会了。你知道他们为什么这么说吗?我完全明白。那是因为我说你看起来很累,是不是我可以为你做点什么让你不那么累吗?你知道,通常这就像关心。是的,我明白这一点。然而,在他们疲倦的那一刻,你真的无能为力。他们只需要去小睡一下。这真的是一个毫无意义的声明,因为你无法帮助他们,只是在侮辱他们的外表。下次你见到他们时,他们可能不会感到疲倦。所以最好什么都不说。1.Complain 抱怨2.Common 常见3.Policy 政策4.Take a nap 小睡一下5.Pointless 毫无意义6.Insults 侮辱加入新一期开营的第四期迷你退休营/早起训练营,请填写问卷预约30分钟免费谘询:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)我的IG:flywithlily微信:iflywithlily
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1495 和美国人第一次见面/约会,我们千万不能说的话(上)

加入新一期开营的第四期迷你退休营/早起训练营:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)You're more than just a body. 你不仅仅是身体而已。(16:43 完整英语的访谈|English Interview starts at 16:43)Alright, this is another one that I often hear and I find it can be a little bit offensive, it's like complimenting body parts. For example, like you have very beautiful legs or... Or other parts. Yeah, or other beautiful parts. Yeah, so yes, that can be, in Western culture, that can be seen as very forward, very aggressive, and almost without fail, any woman that you ask that to is going to kind of seize up and get very defensive and want to go away from you. For a woman asking a man that, it's not nearly as bad, but it's still, I wouldn't consider it very appropriate or very polite. For example, like feeling a guy's arm and then saying that, oh, you have muscle. Yeah. I mean, it's not as bad as the other way around, definitely. But it still wouldn't, generally, be received very well. 好吧,这是我经常听到的另一个,我发现它可能有点冒犯,就像赞美身体部位一样。比如你有很漂亮的腿或者……或者其他部位。是的,或其他美丽的部位。是的,所以是的,在西方文化中,这可以被视为非常直接,非常有侵略性,而且几乎毫无例外,你要求的任何女人都会变得冷酷并变得非常防御并想要离开你。对于一个女人如果对一个男人这样说,这并没有那么糟糕,但我认为这仍不是很合适或很有礼貌。例如,感觉一个男人的手臂然后说,哇,你有肌肉。是的。我的意思是,绝对没有像男生对女生这样说那么糟糕。但总的来说,它仍然不会被很好地接受。1.Offensive 冒犯的2.Compliment 赞美3.Aggressive 有侵略性的4.Without fail 毫无意外5.Seize up 失灵,不动的、变得冷酷6.Defensive 防御的7.Appropriate 恰当的So a better way to compliment somebody and get their attention would be to compliment their clothes or their hair. Accessories. Accessories, yes, correct. Because you think about it in a sense of the person can't really change their body parts. That's just who they are. But a person can... they woke up that morning and they chose to put those clothes on. They chose to style their hair that way. So in a sense, you are complimenting their choices, not their person. And that will be received much more favorably. Yeah, and before we recorded and you told me that it's okay to say someone is beautiful or someone is handsome Yes, that's okay but that's also a very generic term, you know, why are they beautiful? Why are they handsome? Is it their body parts or is it their clothes? Is it their makeup? Is it their hair? That's a lot more general, so that's not necessarily a bad statement, but it's also nice to be specific. So, oh, I really like your hair. I really like that dress you're wearing, or something to that like. 因此,赞美某人并引起他们注意的更好方法是赞美他们的衣服或头发。或是配件,是的,正确的。因为你从某种意义上考虑,人无法真正改变他们的身体部位。他们就是这样。但是一个人可以……他们那天早上醒来,他们选择穿上那些衣服。他们选择那样设计头发。所以从某种意义上说,你是在赞美他们的选择,而不是他们的人。这将受到更多的欢迎。是的,在我们录制之前你告诉我可以说某人很漂亮或某人很帅是的,没关系但这也是一个非常通用的语言,你知道,他们为什么漂亮?他们为什么帅?是他们的身体部位还是他们的衣服?是她们的妆吗?是他们的头发吗?这更笼统,所以这不一定是一个糟糕的陈述,但具体一点也很好。所以,哦,我真的很喜欢你的头发。我真的很喜欢你穿的那件衣服,或者类似的东西。8.Accessory 配件9.Generic 通用的10.Statement 描述加入新一期开营的第四期迷你退休营/早起训练营,请填写问卷预约30分钟免费谘询:  或加主播微信:iflywithlily 验证消息:报名)我的IG:flywithlily微信:iflywithlily
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1374 给自己一个长期目标 | 快乐学英语第13招

第十三招:Give yourself a long term goal. Focus on working towards it. 给自己一个长期的目标。专注于为之努力。故事:我的学生Richard实现了他的梦想过去我订的目标:英语考试、国外旅行、英语演讲、英语歌唱... 等等。加入我的IFLYCLUB 想要和Lily一样学英语环游世界吗?现在就加入我们的IFLYCLUB,现在就用最优惠的价格,学英语环游世界去!不管你为了要出国壮游做准备、还是为了要能够用旅游的方式打造自己的生活型态,在这里你可以学到更多,并结识世界各地的朋友们!加入我们这个最有正能量的女生社团!在这里你可以参与直播课、线上课程了解如何环游世界和自学英语的秘笈,认识来自世界各地环游世界的远距工作者和英语自学成材的牛人,还可以跟着Lily的脚步一起环游世界!加速妳环游世界的脚步!会员预约15分钟免费通话微信IFLYCLUB  填写表单或是预约15分钟Call,来看看妳学英语和环游世界战斗值座落在哪里
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1372 从计划这件事找到学习英语的动力 | 快乐学英语第十一招

第十一招:Plan to take a test. You’ll find that you work harder when you need to study for something. 计划参加考试。当你需要为某事而学习时,你会发现你会更加努力地工作。故事:Amy的故事我学习西语的例子加入我的IFLYCLUB 想要和Lily一样学英语环游世界吗?现在就加入我们的IFLYCLUB,现在就用最优惠的价格,学英语环游世界去!不管你为了要出国壮游做准备、还是为了要能够用旅游的方式打造自己的生活型态,在这里你可以学到更多,并结识世界各地的朋友们!加入我们这个最有正能量的女生社团!在这里你可以参与直播课、线上课程了解如何环游世界和自学英语的秘笈,认识来自世界各地环游世界的远距工作者和英语自学成材的牛人,还可以跟着Lily的脚步一起环游世界!加速妳环游世界的脚步!会员预约15分钟免费通话微信IFLYCLUB  填写表单或是预约15分钟Call,来看看妳学英语和环游世界战斗值座落在哪里
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1371 使用这个字而非记单词 |快乐学英语第十招

第十招:You will find words easier to remember if you try to remember an example sentence using that word rather than the word on its own. 如果你尝试使用该词而不是单独的词来记住例句,你会发现单词更容易记住。故事-学会用英英字典来查生词和例句,柯林斯字典-例如 interest,An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. 最好的投资就是投资自己的脑袋。加入我的IFLYCLUB 想要和Lily一样学英语环游世界吗?现在就加入我们的IFLYCLUB,现在就用最优惠的价格,学英语环游世界去!不管你为了要出国壮游做准备、还是为了要能够用旅游的方式打造自己的生活型态,在这里你可以学到更多,并结识世界各地的朋友们!加入我们这个最有正能量的女生社团!在这里你可以参与直播课、线上课程了解如何环游世界和自学英语的秘笈,认识来自世界各地环游世界的远距工作者和英语自学成材的牛人,还可以跟着Lily的脚步一起环游世界!加速妳环游世界的脚步!会员预约15分钟免费通话微信IFLYCLUB  填写表单或是预约15分钟Call,来看看妳学英语和环游世界战斗值座落在哪里
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1360 环欧火车旅行最终回,我的成长与感想和下一步 |环欧火车旅行第29集

Nothing good will ever happen to you if you never leave your house. 如果你永远不出门,好事决不会发生在你身上。Before my evening flight back to Barcelona, I also booked several cooking classes making pizza, tiramisu and pasta, as well as a walking tour in downtown Rome. Luckily, the classes connected seamlessly. I had a full schedule and I made several friends who I still keep in touch with till this day.在回去巴塞罗那的晚上班机之前,我在罗马市区预定了几堂制作Pizza、提拉米苏、和意大利面的课程,还有一个在市中心的徒步之旅,幸运的是这些课程都连接的天衣无缝呢,让我一整天都行程滿滿的,而且还交了几个至今我们还保持联系的朋友。That was the end of my journey in Europe. I had so many beautiful memories and had seen most of the cities I was eager to visit. I had met the people I wanted to meet and also got together with some friends before I went back to Taiwan. 这就是我在欧洲旅行的终点了。我拥有好多美丽的回忆,还看到了许多我曾经渴望拜访的城市。在我回台湾前还见了许多我一直想见又和一些朋友重逢。After I got back to Taiwan, I had some quality time with my family and then I was figuring out where I would like to go after I had some much-needed rest. Then the pandemic hit. A lot of my friends in Europe were suffering from the sudden change in their lives and restrictions on things that previously seemed normal. I only talked to a few of my hosts briefly however they seemed quite low and there was a point at which it felt like the world was ending. At this time, a lot of people in Europe and other countries died from this horrible disease and many more were stuck on their computers and within their homes for weeks on end. 回到台湾后,我和家人共度了一些美好的优质时光,然后在我充分休息正要计划着下一站要去哪里的时候,新冠肺炎的大流行蔓延各地。我在欧洲的朋友都因为这个在他们生命中的突然转变和生活受到的限制而受苦着。我仅仅和几个曾经接待过我的沙发主人说话,然而他们都心情低落也感觉世界好像就要灭绝了。因为在那个时候,在欧洲和许多国家有许多人死于这个可怕的疾病,还有许多人待在家里被电脑给困住不知道多久了。Now in hindsight, I am really glad I took the trip. I really am. Though it was hard and I was exhausted from the trip, I followed my heart, and I didn’t waste time. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to create so many beautiful stories to tell. I saw so many beautiful sights and scenery however I was most interested in the people who lived there. At this point, I don’t know when the world will be normal and safe to travel again. It’s very possible that we will have to continue to travel with caution and socially distance from people we meet from now on. Back when I was traveling, these ideas never crossed my mind. 现在我回头看,我真的很高兴那时我启程了。虽然路途很辛苦,我也精疲力竭,但我一路跟随着我的心所以也没有浪费时间。不然我就不会有机会制造和说这么多美丽的故事。我看到了许多美丽的风景,然而我最有兴趣的还是住在那里的人。此刻,我并不清楚何时这个世界会回归正常并能够再度旅行。也很有可能从此之后,我们必须要继续小心的旅行着并保持社交距离。而这些是我在旅行的时候,从来没有想过的。I was used to flying all the time, and I even created a brand for myself called Fly with Lily. However, the train made it so easy to travel to nearby countries. The eurail ticket was also a money saver too and I took 56 rides with a two month pass, which came to around 900 euros. 我以前总是不停的到处飞,我甚至开创了一个品牌叫做「和Lily一起飞」。然而,这个火车旅行让我们可以更方便的到邻近的国家去旅行。环欧火车的通票也非常的划算,让我省了不少钱,在两个月的旅程中,我用900欧元搭乘了56趟火车,和横跨了10个国家呢。At the end of my journey, I saw how far I had come from when I first thought about the idea of traveling around Europe by train. These thoughts developed after a conversation with my good English friend in Barcelona, Greg, who suggested that train travel was a great way to leave a smaller carbon footprint than flights and was more environmentally friendly. He had lived in Sweden for almost twenty years and even shared that some Northern Europeans advocated “Flight Shame”.  He jokingly told me that maybe I should stop encouraging people to “fly” since I was building my personal brand “Fly with Lily”.  Over the years while I was traveling around the globe, I became more aware of the impact of my actions on the place I lived in and I felt inspired by Greg to try this new approach for myself. When we can travel again, I would love to try more train journeys in different countries and continents. My experiences convinced me that this method of travel is not only more environmentally friendly but that there are so many exciting adventures to be had. At the top of my list is traveling around China by train, experiencing the many sides of this vast country and sharing what I see with my loyal listeners. 在旅行的最后,我终于能看到从一开始有这个想要用火车旅行的想法是如何一路支持我美梦成真。这些想法在我和我在巴塞罗那的英国好朋友,Greg的建议下而促使了行动,Greg在瑞典居住了将近二十年的时间,有次他告诉我北欧正在进行一个叫做“飞行耻(Flight Shame) ”的活动,说火车旅行比飞机旅行更要能减少碳排量还能更环保。他开玩笑地告诉我或许我应该要停止鼓励人去“飞”。在这几年的环球旅行中,我的确更有意识到我的行为是如何影响我居住的地方。而且我也被Greg给鼓舞到了,并也想要尝试用新的方式来影响地球。如果我们又可以开始旅行了,我会想要在更多不同的国家和大陆进行更多的火车旅行。我的经验也让我更加确信这样的旅行方式不仅更环保,还可以创造更多的冒险经验。在我的愿望清单上,中国会是我未来最想要用火车来旅行的国家,也希望可以用这样的方式看到这个广大国家的更多不同面向,并且和我重视的听众们来分享我所看到的。**参与我为期6个月的口语训练营参加每日的直播课程/旅行英语训练营/早起训练营,请到我的公众微信账号IFLYCLUB,回复:训练营,报名最新一期的训练营课程。****本系列会将中英的版本分开录制,想要进行更深入的英语听力学习或训练,可以听伴随在中文版本的下一集。得到本集节目的中英文文本,预定环欧火车旅行的资讯和网站,当时的照片和影片甚至路线图,请关注公众微信IFLYCLUB,回复文字“环欧火车29“
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1356 累坏了!在美丽的杜布罗夫尼克旧城海港稍作休息 | 环欧火车旅行第27集

Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun, regret nothing and never let anyone bring you down. 人生苦短,不必担心愚蠢的事情。玩得开心,不要后悔,不要让任何人把你打倒。因为巴士延迟,本来三个小时的行程变成了六个小时,我抵达了杜布罗夫尼克已是傍晚,却得拖着我的行李横跨旧城区,但我马上就被惊艳了。旧城非常的完整,我还能找到16世纪古城墙的入口。沿路我发现他们非常完整地保存了旧建筑和教堂。在我抵达了我的公寓之后,我给自己煮了美味又健康的一餐,然后感觉十分的满足地准备要就寝了。隔天,我醒来看到窗外风光明媚的海港景色。这天,我也在airbnb体验中定了一个徒步之旅。Kresmir是我那天的向导。我在旧城的门口和他见面。当天我是唯一的客人。Kresmir在杜布罗夫尼克郊区经营一个农场还有airbnb的民宿生意,他只有偶尔会来城中给游客作导览。他告诉我许多有关杜布罗夫尼克的故事,然后,我们走遍了旧城的每个大街小巷。我认为当你抵达了一个新地方,雇佣导游是一个非常会让你收获颇丰的经验。如果我是一个人走的话,我一定会错过许多关于建筑物的许多细节。有些人可能觉得这不是太重要,然而如果我只是在一个地方待短短的时间,我是不可能可以很快的与一个地方产生连接的。Kresmir人非常的友善,带我逛完之后,带我到一家非常温馨的咖啡屋请我喝当地有名的白咖啡。后来说明了我定了这个徒步之旅是一个正确的决定,因为之后在杜布罗夫尼克整整下了两天雨。在我要前往去意大利的那天,终于放晴了。然而,我已休息足够,准备好继续前行到我在意大利的下一站。敬请期待,还有好多故事呢!下一集我会和你分享我在意大利发生的有趣故事。从我的英语旅行英語训练营摘录(购物)Shopping center 購物中心department部門window櫥窗ON SALE打折elevator   電梯escalator 手扶梯**参与我为期6个月的口语训练营参加每日的直播课程/旅行英语训练营/早起训练营,请到我的公众微信账号IFLYCLUB,回复:训练营,报名最新一期的训练营课程。****本系列会将中英的版本分开录制,想要进行更深入的英语听力学习或训练,可以听伴随在中文版本的下一集。得到本集节目的中英文文本,预定环欧火车旅行的资讯和网站,当时的照片和影片甚至路线图,请关注公众微信IFLYCLUB,回复文字“环欧火车27“
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1354 火车旅涂沿路想吐,不吃辣的克罗地亚人哭着吞了辣汤 |环欧火车旅行第26集

At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling. 一天结束时,你的脚应该是脏的,你的头发乱糟糟的,你的眼睛闪闪发光。旅行到这个时候,我已经在欧洲坐了超过40趟火车,一切都满顺利。但是从扎格雷布到斯普利特的这段火车对我来说有点艰辛,因为我终于了解到什么是巴尔干半岛式的旅行,在我启程前往巴尔干半岛前,我听说巴尔干半岛的旅行会很辛苦还有危险,我原本以为一切都是和安全问题有关,然而,这段路上车厢里的空调实在太热,还有火车轨道整条路起伏不平上上下下跳动着让我感觉有点恶心。我在中途还差点吐了!斯普利特是克罗地亚的第二大城,坐落在海岸边,也是克罗地亚铁路的最后一站。它的火车站非常的老旧和小。我在斯普利特的沙发主人Marin人非常的好,不仅开车来接我还帮我提行李。我来到他非常极简的公寓里,他准备了他的空客房给我。Marin是在斯普利特的房地产公司上班,而且也在市中非常积极的建立自己的生意。他问我有关中国投资的问题,可惜我对房地产一窍不通,所以没能帮上忙。我决定隔天给他做饭。隔天早晨,Marin把我送到旧城然后我就等我的向导出现。这也是我在airbnb体验中预定的另外一个行程。导游对于斯普利特的历史非常的了解,而且我们几乎走遍了旧城的每一个角落还有戴克里先宫殿的外围。我很享受到处走走还有亲眼看到古迹,然而,我却和历史故事无法有太多的连结,其实这常常发生在我的旅行路上。我发现我对于和同行的游客聊天比学习认识那些历史细节还有日期还要感兴趣。我记得在学校時我对历史学科多么地不感兴趣。虽然老师很会说故事,然而我在课上却常常睡着,这也让我在旅行中学到每个人想要看和作的事情都有不同的品味和兴趣。虽然我不会去每个城市的购物商城而且对于历史感到无聊,但是,嘿!我现在在历史发生的地方,这就是让我觉得十分骄傲的事。那晚,我煮了泰式的宫阴汤还有绿咖喱给Marin吃。他的厨房设备并不是非常齐全,然而我却有办法用很少的工具煮出可口的菜肴。旅行真的让我了解到自己有多能干。给我一些亚洲的食材,和一个炉具,我就可以变魔术了!谁知道Marin非常不习惯吃辣的食物,然而他却好可爱的把盘子里所有的食物清空还泪眼汪汪地喝了整碗的辣汤。隔天自己到处晃荡后,我感谢Marin他的好客然后准备好去坐巴士到我在克罗地亚的最后一站,也就是杜布罗夫尼克。从斯普利特到杜布罗夫尼克巴士路线实在是太美了。几乎一整路都是如画如诗和明信片般的风景。更有趣的是,巴士虽然是沿着海岸线开着,然而却因为会经过波斯尼亚的国家边界,需要停两次做护照检查。这次我因为火车的冬天路线而无法拜访波斯尼亚、塞尔维亚还有保加利亚,在此刻我因为这些旅行足足开了眼界,但我的身体实在是累到不行了,也好感谢因为是旅游淡季,所以我可以在杜布罗夫尼克的旧城里找到座落在港口旁拥有绝佳美景却仅仅40欧元一晚的酒店式公寓,希望能在前往环欧火车之旅的最后一站意大利之前,来好好的休息并度过安静的几天。敬请期待,还有好多故事呢!下一集我会和你分享我在克罗地亚杜布罗夫尼克发生的有趣故事。从我的英语旅行英語训练营摘录(客房服务)Do you have a laundry service? 你們有衣物送洗的服務嗎?Could you come to pick up my laundry? 你們能來收取我的送洗衣物嗎?Can you mail this postcard for me? 你們可以幫我寄這張明信片嗎?Is the pool free for guests? 游泳池免費供房客使用嗎?Charge it to my room, please. 請把費用算在我的住宿費里。**参与我为期6个月的口语训练营参加每日的直播课程/旅行英语训练营/早起训练营,请到我的公众微信账号IFLYCLUB,回复:训练营,报名最新一期的训练营课程。****本系列会将中英的版本分开录制,想要进行更深入的英语听力学习或训练,可以听伴随在中文版本的下一集。得到本集节目的中英文文本,预定环欧火车旅行的资讯和网站,当时的照片和影片甚至路线图,请关注公众微信IFLYCLUB,回复文字“环欧火车26“
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1338 到柏林的路上诸事不顺,但我知道有人在等我 |环欧火车旅行第18集

Getting lost is not a waste of time, to travel is to evolve. 迷失并不是浪费时间,旅行是一种进化。在去搭从慕尼黑前往汉堡的火车路途中,我安排和曾经在西班牙巴塞罗那一起学习西语的德国同学Julia见面。慕尼黑是她的家乡,她最近结了婚而且怀孕了。好开心可以见她还有与她一起分享故事。虽然Julia比我年轻很多,当我们在巴塞罗那的时候,我们总有很多话可以说。我很欣赏她的乐观还有在生活中散发的积极能量。其实在我前往汉堡之前,我还没有和我在汉堡的沙发主联系上,他甚至也没有对我即将来临的抵达有任何的回复。这真的很奇怪。Julia和我一起到车站,才发现原本要去汉堡的车子被取消了,而且当时也没有另外可以去汉堡的火车。所以我必须做出一个很快的决定,因为在隔壁的轨道上有一台前往柏林的火车,即将在15分钟后出发了。我是有计划去柏林,然而是在拜访哥本哈根和汉堡之后,但我仍快速的和Julia拥抱说了再见,然后就跳上了去柏林的火车。在去柏林的这趟要8小时的火车,我得找出在哪里过夜并且将我的汉堡之行延期了。我很快地和Yasmine联系上了,她是一位来自黎巴嫩的女孩,在沙发冲浪网站上提供我住在她家。虽然她告诉我当晚她必须准备考试,仍然她很乐意收留我。这趟旅途感觉十分的漫长,虽然我是在一等座的车厢,车子的座位应该是蛮舒服,但是我在六小时之后已经坐立不安。最后两个小时更是过得好慢。当我终于抵达柏林的时候已经是晚上的八点四十五分!我还得找出要去Yasmine的家,然后又是一趟45分钟加上两次转车的旅程。在我去柏林之前,已经听别人说起柏林好多遍了,而且说柏林是非常多彩具有嬉皮精神的地方。然而我到的时候天色已经好黑,所以我根本看不出这个城市是长成什么样子。但是从在车厢里的座椅的布料花色,到月台间七彩的马赛克瓷砖,我已经目眩神迷了。感觉自己好像不小心踩进了八零年代还让我想起了披头四和约翰蓝侬和小野洋子的恋爱韵事。在车站里迷路了好几次又错过了好几次转接的地铁,我终于找到去Yasmine家的路了。路上一片漆黑看不到任何东西,我感觉又累又饿又对于Yasmine在等我感到有点愧疚,然而却又极度平静、祥和和感觉被爱。当我终于抵达了Yasmine位在柏林郊区小小又温暖的一室厅时,时间已经是晚上十点半了!更让我不敢相信的是Yasmine竟然准备了一桌食物等待我的来临。桌上有沙拉还有黎巴嫩的可乐饼,她没有和我一起吃饭而是让我吃光了桌上的所有食物。晚餐之后,Yasmine还坚持我睡在她的床上她则睡在沙发上,因为她发现她的沙发可能对我来说太小了。奇怪的是,虽然我精疲力竭,我竟然一夜未睡著。可能是因为我肚子里满满的食物,但我猜想是对于她的非常好客的熱情感到十分感动。敬请期待,还有好多故事呢!下一集我会和你分享我在德國汉堡發生的有趣故事。搭乘火车一定用到的!从我的旅游英语训练营搭火车的课程摘录:express 快車/local 慢车ticket machine 售票機gate 門locker 置物櫃conductor 車掌dining car 餐車**参与我为期6个月的扎实的旅行英语训练营,请到我的公众微信账号IFLYCLUB,回复:训练营,报名最新一期的训练营课程。****本系列会将中英的版本分开录制,想要进行更深入的英语听力学习或训练,可以听伴随在中文版本的下一集。得到本集节目的中英文文本,预定环欧火车旅行的资讯和网站,当时的照片和影片甚至路线图,请关注公众微信IFLYCLUB,回复文字“环欧火车18“
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1336 在慕尼黑和印度夫妇大战UNO和与当地人品尝德国料理的糗事|环欧火车之旅第17集

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart. 记忆是心灵永恒的财富离开萨尔斯堡之后,我坐上了另一台火车去一个新国家和新城市;德国的慕尼黑。我准备入住在沙发冲浪网站上提供我两晚住宿的印度夫妇的家。当我一抵达慕尼黑,我立刻注意这个忙碌又热闹的城市,和我在这次旅行途中参观的城市很不同。事实上让我想到以前住过一阵子城市--台北。因为它忙碌又快速的生活形态,我从来没有真正的喜欢台北。所以德国给我的第一印象给我一个十分奇异的感觉,我不确定我是否会喜欢在这里的体验。我抵达了Vivek的家,已经是超过了他们晚餐时间的星期五夜晚了,Vivek和他老婆Swati在他们的起居室温暖的招呼我。他们的公寓非常基本,但是他们有一个沙发提供我当晚的住宿。他们才刚结婚一年,然后因为工作搬到德国。他们开始使用沙发冲浪是因为这个活动帮助他们在工作后的平淡生活常规带来些趣味。我可以感觉到他们两人都是非常聪明的人,而且也对我做Podcast播客的经验非常感兴趣。他们也有兴趣开始自己的Podcast播客。所以我就在他们的客厅开始了一个小小的探索工作坊来帮助他们来找到Podcast播客的主题。非常有趣的发现这对夫妻,虽然他们都在德国非常有名的公司担任工程师,然而他们拥有很多与工程和科学并不相关的兴趣。Swati非常热衷手工艺和帮助在印度的女性,然而Vivek很喜欢走路还有与人连结。他们还教我玩UNO牌,然而我却一直输搞得大家都笑成一团。真是一个美好的夜晚。隔天我和Sebastian一起见面,他也是我在沙发冲浪连接上的当地人,他建议我们在慕尼黑到处走走。因为我并不想要一个人走在繁忙又热闹的慕尼黑,所以我觉得他的提议真的很棒。Sebastian是个很棒的向导,才一上午他就带我走了一个可以展示我慕尼黑最宜人的景点路线,然后又告诉我巴伐利亚的文化是有多么特别。午餐时,我们一起点了咸脆饼、白香肠和啤酒,我学习如何用正确的方法来吃德国的白香肠。如果我没有Sebastian的指点,我还真的不知道怎么正确的吃德国香肠呢!香肠的肠衣是塑胶的,所以我必须要用我的刀剥它的皮,然后要慢慢的把它切成小块,再用叉子送到嘴里品尝。我真的好喜欢它的味道,而且我认为它是我吃过最好的香肠了。和我往常吃的德国香肠不同,白香肠的咸度和口感都恰到好处。然而因为我实在没有切香肠的经验,在我正在慢慢地给我的白香肠剥皮的时候,它就溜出了我的盘子然后掉在地上了。Sebastian之后一直笑我在切香肠的时候有多么笨拙。我和Sebastian说再见,然后自己在星期六的晚上走路回家,然后我决定要教这对夫妇如何制作素食的饺子和春卷。他们学得好快而且很认真。那一天我们一边分享一边吃我们共同制作的食物,真的是非常享受的夜晚。敬请期待,还有好多故事呢!下一集我会和你分享我在德國柏林發生的故事。搭乘火车一定用到的!从我的旅游英语训练营搭火车的课程摘录:railway station 火車站 (railroad station/train station)platform 月台track 軌道route map 路線圖timetable 時間表ticket 車票ticket window 售票處**参与我为期6个月的扎实的旅行英语训练营,请到我的公众微信账号IFLYCLUB,回复:训练营报名最新一期的训练营课程。****本系列会将中英的版本分开录制,想要进行更深入的英语听力学习或训练,可以听伴随在中文版本的下一集。得到本集节目的中英文文本,预定环欧火车旅行的资讯和网站,当时的照片和影片甚至路线图,请关注公众微信IFLYCLUB,回复文字“环欧火车17“
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1303 我交往的第一個外國男朋友,他問我的10個問題讓我找到人生的目的(Part 10)

You carry so much love in your heart, give some to yourself.你的心裡有好多的愛,拨出一些給自己吧。如果你也很想要交往外國男女朋友,昨天在我的微信公眾帳號IFLYCLUB發佈了一篇原創文章,一定要看,這篇文章的名字是《3個快速和老外交朋友的秘訣》,你也可以在公眾號回覆“外國人”得到這篇文章!7.5 我們的《跟Lily說英語去旅行》的訓練營也開始招生了,同樣,妳可以在公眾微信帳號IFLYCLUB上面可以回覆:訓練營,得到報名的入口。另外我的和老外用英語交友聊聊天的直播課程也正在預售中,預計報名滿20人就會開課!目前已經有9個朋友報名了,感謝在微信上報名的Hitomi、Carmen、林子、Joey、劉翠、Lu,還有在FB上的Elie、玉珍、之瑜,已經先報名預售課,懇請大家多多支持!這樣我得以繼續用我的冒險經驗來服務你們,還有做更多公益的事情!****我的解藥 果真還是他充滿眼淚的下午,我提起最後ㄧ絲絲可以與生活對抗的力氣,在失聯後的第十天,傳了簡訊給他。"I guess I still can't bear this alone. I am too lonely.I know we aren't compatible. But I still need you to bethere for me a lot. Please don't see me as a substitute.Crying...I've been too down for too long." (我猜我沒有辦法自己承受,我真的太寂寞了。我知道我們不合適。但是我仍然非常需要你支持我。請不要講我視為替代品。哭哭,我真的低潮太久了。)我ㄧ邊打手機簡訊一邊哭泣,這是我內心最孤單的聲音...他傳來,"I've been missing you a lot this past week. There havebeen so many times I wanted to call but I thought you can'tbear to hear my voice. I am here for you." (過去這個禮拜我真的很想你,有好多次我想打給你但是我想你應該不想聽到我的聲音。我在這裡支持你。)此時我的線上廣播正好播放Gnarls Barkley的"Crazy",這首歌,我ㄧ直記得有一天在他去美國之前,我在他的房間,當時房間很暗,只有電腦螢幕亮著,他抱著我,介紹這首他最近喜歡的ㄧ首歌,而這次卻是我第二次再聽到這首歌...."我們很像電影的人物。" 我說。"這就是我的生活。"他笑笑說。然後他用著他"尚未開發的嗓音"跟著音樂接著唱"I think you are crazy~ Just like me.."正在看著他簡訊的我,大笑...這已經是我這十天來第一次因為生活的巧合驚喜而笑...正想傳簡訊告訴他這件事時,電話響起來...是他。我按下了通話鍵,我們的對話變得很生疏,"你好嗎?"他說,"我還好。"我接著說。"我好寂寞"。我告訴他剛剛在看他簡訊時,廣播剛好播放Crazy這首歌。"好巧喔!"他用他很可愛的中文說。我想這一切都很像是命中注定,命中注定你怎麼都甩不開這個人,分離了偏偏又還是會相聚,我們在完全沒有對方的聯絡方式下巧合碰了四次,成為朋友後在路上老是碰到我們認識的人,ㄧ連串的巧合讓我們感情更緊密,隨著感情的加深,伴隨的卻是不知所措的忌妒和痛苦,當你體認到,只有跟這個人在一起時的自己最快樂時,你真的...只有手足無措。"妳要不要出來?" 他問。我說,"我不知道我八點跟別人吃晚餐。"他說,"沒關係我可以去找妳。""我想讓妳開心點。""你不用讓我開心。" 你要讓你自己開心...我心裡這麼想。"恩。但我想跟妳說話。"他說。我們約在101見面,當我抬頭仰望101大樓,他出現了...還好只是十天沒見面而已並沒讓我忘記他長得什麼樣,只是他的嘴唇上方好像被刮鬍刀狠狠的刮上一刀,"你怎麼了?" 這是我們見面的第一句話。"我有故事要告訴妳。"他一如往常把我當做愛聽故事的小女孩跟我說他這瘋狂的一個星期。這一個禮拜他都在君悅飯店,他們美國公司的人來台灣,他負責接待,顯然這個禮拜他派對過多,而且酒也喝了太多,對於他嘴巴上的傷,其實他也不知道怎麼來的。他所能記得的最後ㄧ件事就是那天有人帶了一瓶伏特加到Party上。還有他在計程車上寫電話給一個女生,可是他卻在紙上一直劃圈圈。(笑)。醒來發現幸好還在自己家裡,只是嘔吐物滿地,搞得全身髒兮兮的。還有,他喜歡的女生下決心要嫁給他的男朋友,還拍了婚紗照。"你應該寫一本書才對,一定很多人會喜歡,你的生活。" 我開玩笑的說。很高興聽到他跟同事之間的關係變熱絡了,很高興聽到他的生活這麼有趣熱鬧。"妳呢?我相信妳也活得跟我一樣瘋狂。"他微笑的正等著我跟他說我的"故事"。"我快無聊死了。"我說,"我的生活好無趣。"真的。如果大家的生活集合起來,可能不會比他經歷的一半"有趣"。他因為他的台灣女朋友來台灣,經過掙扎後,還是分手了。之後他愛上這個令他癡迷的同班同學,他曾經認為他遇到完美的另一半,像被拋在天堂那般的快樂,後來這個女生卻給他地獄般的痛苦;他身邊圍繞著許多愛慕他的女生,很顯然的,他也很喜歡和這些女生"玩",每天玩不完的大小PARTY。但是他的心,就是很單純很真心的喜歡那個韓國女生。雖然我"曾經"打敗他心儀的對象,晉身為他的"女友"。但是呢!他還是很喜歡她。我想這就是他摩羯座最固執的一面。><我的生活雖然有夠無趣了,但是我這個人,實際上就是一個書蟲,我只愛看電影跟逛書店,沒有什麼野心理想,只想作一個對生活上都感到快樂滿足的人,夢想未來的生活可以環遊世界,開一家小書店,寫寫文章,當別人的心靈導師。對於我這個腦子裡充滿白雪公主式的夢幻理想的人,他對我來說就像是一本驚奇有趣的小說,有時又扮演白馬王子把我從無趣寂寞的生活拯救出來。說實在的,有時候我也真的很討厭他。舉他的缺點可能比說他優點還要輕鬆容易;說他壞話比說他好話更花時間。他的固執自大自滿悲觀憤世嫉俗愛抱怨花心可以把我弄哭心碎很多次。但是他卻可以有辦法讓我停止傷心哭泣。所以,如果當我的毒藥解藥都是同一人,我就只有陷入。"我決定要跟你媽講你的壞話。"他又惹我生氣,我說。怒。"喔!她也會跟妳說我壞話,妳們可能要花六個月講。"他調皮的說。"我的家人都討厭我,他們會說我很多壞話。" (其實這不是真的,據我所知,他家人很愛他。)"才不會呢!你這麼'可愛'""我是'可憐沒人愛'!" (昏倒~那時他的中文已經這麼好)我想,他永遠贏。你沒辦法討厭他,你只會越來越愛他;他不是壞習慣,因為你根本沒有方法把他戒除。他不會對你太NICE,他只會對你過度體貼;他很常說謊,你不會相信他;他不會表現忌妒,他會顯示他的在乎;他不會愛妳,因為妳要愛妳自己。(寫於2006.6.13)**What would you do with your life if money wasn’t an issue? 如果錢不是問題,你會用你的生命做什麼?If money wasn’t an issue, I’d get on the road and travel! 如果錢不是問題,我就會上路去旅行。節目接著休息幾天,7.7會再開始分享我在2019年環歐火車旅行沙發衝浪的故事!我的微信公眾帳號:iflyclub(貴旅特),我的Line/IG/FB:@flywithlily為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在7.1前用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張手寫台灣造型的明信片!
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1302 我交往的第一個外國男朋友,他問我的10個問題讓我找到人生的目的(Part 9)

Life is too short. 生命太短暫So love your life, be happy and keep smiling. 所以愛你的人生,要開開心心的還有保持微笑。Before you speak, listen. 在你說話之前,先去傾聽。Before you write, think. 在你寫字之前,先想一想。Before you spend, earn. 在你花錢之前,先去賺錢。Before you pray, forgive. 在你禱告之前,先去原諒。Before you hate, love. 在你仇恨之前,先去愛。Before you quit, try. 在你放棄之前,先去試試看。Before you die, live. 在你死之前,先好好地活一場。“每次打開都能聽到舒服的聲音,內容即能得到知識和一些想法,更重要的是不會有要用力聽才能聽清楚的壓力。”Cafe58 via Apple Podcasts · Taiwan · 06/26/21親愛的大人物先生(Mr. B),這是我最難寫的一封信,在你出差的21天,我每天都想你。我想念你的毛毛手,我想念你的dirty blond hair(金褐髮),我想念你的ㄧ切。當你在LA出差的時候,你用中文手寫的訊息,說你好想我,我好開心...讓我有了精神繼續我新上任的工作。當你在IDAHO跟父母在一起時,你打來長途電話,讓我很開心。你在機場打給我告訴我你錯過班機,我也好開心,我真的不得不承認,我真的好喜歡你想到我,打電話給我。接你飛機的前一天,我好累又興奮的趕到你家,請你的室友Sandra幫我開門,讓我住在你家,我想買些東西給你吃,預備好給你ㄧ些小驚喜。那天我真的好想念你,但沒想到你的班機竟延遲了十六個小時,讓我等待你的時間加長了,我倒數著距離你下飛機的小時數,雖然公司出了突發狀況,我必須要工作,但是我卻一點也不覺得辛苦,我想我真的好興奮能見到你。在機場見到你,感覺你好像變胖了一些,看到我後你把我手上零零碎碎的東西一一卸下,把我抱起來。回到家後,我們一起吃著泡麵,我覺得好幸福。你給我的小禮物,我真的很喜歡。也很受寵若驚,我想我知道我在你心裡的重量。你知道嗎?我真的覺得我好喜歡你,雖然我怕我說出這句話之後你就消失不見了,那天晚上,我跟你說,"I think I like you"(我想我喜歡你) "I think it's more than like" (我想應該比喜歡還要多)我講不出來...我想說的其實是 I love you.......我已經在心裡喊了好幾百遍了...我好想對你說這句話without thinking about if you love me or not.....(不要想你是否愛我)但是我卻步了...我好害怕...我真的好怕.....沒想到愛一個人的快樂尾隨的是恐懼。在我最難過的時候我找不到你...在最難過的時候,你在約會...我真的很難過....今天希望你快樂的我,卻變得不快樂......我真的希望你快樂啊,但我應該怎麼作?我真希望我可以不要感覺這些感覺...真的很複雜......寫於2006.6.1What would you do with your life if you had a guarantee of success? 如果你有成功的保證,你會用你的生命做什麼?If I had a guarantee of success, I’d travel the world, own my business and start a family.如果我有成功的保證,我會環遊世界,擁有我自己的生意,然後組建家庭。明天我們會來探討這個問題:What would you do with your life if money wasn’t an issue? 如果錢不是問題,你會用你的生命做什麼?請訂閱關注收聽Part 10!(本系列最後一集)我的微信公眾帳號:iflyclub(貴旅特),我的Line/IG/FB:@flywithlily為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張台灣造型的明信片!
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1301 我交往的第一個外國男朋友,他問我的10個問題讓我找到人生的目的(Part 8)

I’m afraid you won’t love me anymore. 我害怕你不再愛我。I’m afraid I’m going to lose you.我害怕我將失去你。I’m afraid you’re going to replace me and find someone better than me. 我害怕你會找到比我更好的人取代我。I’m afraid someone can make you happier than I can. 我害怕有人會比我更會逗你開心。I’m afraid you will lose interest in me, in us. 我害怕你會對我和我們不再感興趣。這張圖片是不用用他新寵兒的掌上型電腦UMPC畫圖傳MSN給我,收集的圖片。嘻嘻,他一定是知道我會展示出來獻寶。至於他為什麼要畫一個小內褲在那邊...ㄟ...聽說他好像到了為"維多利亞的秘密Victoria Secret"幫我買了一個東西吧!這傢伙,算他狠,我跟他說叫他也買ㄧ件丁字褲給自己啊!回來我們來開內衣PARTY好嚕!嘻嘻~他快回來嚕!好期待唷!!What would you do with your life if you had no fear? 如果你沒有恐懼,你會用你的生命做什麼?I’d travel as far as I could and share everything I experienced on the road if I had no fear. 我r如果我什麼都不怕,我會盡可能去遠方旅行,然後分享我在路上所有體驗到的東西。***What you want is on the other side of the fear! 你想要的都在恐懼的那一端。明天我們會來探討這個問題:What would you do with your life if you had a guarantee of success? 如果你有成功的保證,你會用你的生命做什麼?請訂閱關注收聽Part 9!我的微信公眾帳號:iflyclub(貴旅特),我的Line/IG/FB:@flywithlily為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張台灣造型的明信片!
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1300 我交往的第一個外國男朋友,他問我的10個問題讓我找到人生的目的(Part 7)

“If it's bitter at the start, then it's sweeter in the end.”― Madonna這是"先苦後甘"的英文,在Madonna的新歌Get Together聽到很有感覺。我常常覺得,每個人一生中吃的苦頭大多差不多,但有分先吃完晚吃完之分,所以啊,如果現在眼前有一大堆的困難挑戰,不要輕易放棄這個可以磨練自己砥礪心智的機會。我很開心現在接的這個工作這麼有挑戰性,雖然最近真是忙翻了沒什麼睡,但是想到可以學的事情好多,可以發展的很多,就覺得十分興奮。最重要是主任也很支持我鼓勵我,聽我的看法和意見。縱使我知道前面的路很艱辛,很辛苦,但是我相信我們一定可以咬緊牙關度過。還有目前,在地球兩端的我們...昨天在螢幕前看他用手寫訊息傳過來的中文"我好想你"。整個人要凍結了...很感動,真的,不管是真的是假的是安慰是思念...我想把這些感動,都收藏起來。一種無法言喻的Bittersweet…(苦中帶甜的)(寫於2006.5.13)If you had 5 minutes and the whole world was forced to listen, what would you say? 如果你有五分鐘,讓整個世界都強迫聽你說話,你會說什麼?I would talk about love, forgiveness, and life purpose. 我會談論愛、原諒、還有生命的目的。明天我們會來探討這個問題:What would you do with your life if you had no fear? 如果你沒有恐懼,你會用你的生命做什麼?請訂閱關注收聽Part 8!我的微信公眾帳號:iflyclub(貴旅特),我的Line/IG/FB:@flywithlily為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張台灣造型的明信片!
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1298 我交往的第一個外國男朋友,他問我的10個問題讓我找到人生的目的(Part 5)

本日格言:Fall in love with someone who doesn't make you think love is hard. 和一個不會讓你覺得愛是很困難的人戀愛。聽眾的五星評價:原来我等待的是高雄吗?“关注lily很久了,应该有三四年,但因为苹果手机丢了就没有再听o最近买了iPad,看总有一个关于“高雄”的弹出提醒」心里还纳闷,谁?怎么知道我在关注这个地方呢?因为过去一年有喜欢的一个人,他是高雄人,因为疫情一直没有回大陆工作。所以我看了高雄的息一年。现在他回来了,就坐在我身边,但已经没有喜欢的感觉了,他也说他有意中人在台湾等他。但关注高雄像有了习惯,像还有喜欢的人在那儿一样。现在听@Fly with Lily,知道原来高雄有打拘啤酒,高雄人自己也不知道呢,他也不知吧?希望有天去高雄.到高雄港看日落. Lily,我想要高雄港的明信片,谢谢您哦~:让我听到关于它的事情”Rosa Si via Apple Podcasts · China · 06/06/212006.4.27的日記他內心有個空洞我知道我填不滿它當親蜜愛人太沉重還是選擇退一步再作朋友吧!不知道為什麼,作了這個決定,感覺忽然輕鬆很多,雖然知道一開始對我們都很不好受,如果他沒有辦法照你的期望愛自己妳也沒辦法成為他想要的愛人如果 早看到這點就應該勇敢去結束交往只是一種形式最重要的是 愛 感情 感覺我對他的感覺仍然是不變的我沒有放棄他只是我比較愛自己因為自己是一輩子的愛人不要在愛情裡迷失了自己因為這樣不值得愛情會老 會變質最重要的是自己是不是活的有價值當然 遇到一個肯欣賞的人是真的很幸運的事曾經 我也遇過一個肯欣賞我的人可是 我還真不懂得珍惜現在 才發現能遇到一個懂自己的人是多麼難...不過,想清楚之後,我覺得我還是一顆未發育完全的鑽石,應該多花一點時間,琢磨自己,讓自己發光發熱,而不是,渴求別人的肯定。好了!就這樣!再出發吧!(寫於2006.4.27)今天的探索問題:Whose life do you envy the most and why? 你最羨慕誰的生活,為什麼呢?I envy people who have managed to combine travelling the world, owning their own businesses and properties, and having great relationships with their families and partners.  我羨慕有人可以結合環遊世界,擁有他們的生意還有地產,然後又可以和他們的家人和伴侶保持良好關係的人。明天我們會來探討這個問題:What would you do differently with your education if you got a chance to start over? 如果你有機會重來,你會對你接受的教育中做些什麼不一樣的事情?請訂閱關注收聽Part 6!我的微信公眾帳號:iflyclub(貴旅特),我的Line/IG/FB:@flywithlily為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張台灣造型的明信片!
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1297 我交往的第一個外國男朋友,他問我的10個問題讓我找到人生的目的(Part 4)

有吃過麻油雞口味的冰淇淋嗎??終於來到慕名已久的位在台北中正區的雪王冰淇淋,共有七十三種口味從普遍廣受喜歡的巧克力、草莓口味到其他無法想像的豬腳、芥末、麻油雞、牛排口味但還好它沒有像我前陣子買的哈利波特的魔豆(magic beans)那樣有肥皂(soap) 灰塵(dust) 甚至鼻屎口味(booger)的所以請放心,此店賣的冰淇淋,還沒有怪到這麼噁心!托我怪怪男友的福,似乎不夠奇怪的東西沒有辦法吸引他。他點了麻油雞冰淇淋,因為前一天他才吃了麻油雞當晚餐。很興奮的他,還立刻傳了簡訊給他的朋友,說他正在吃麻油雞冰淇淋。我點番茄, 我的香港朋友Carrie點薑汁。都算可以接受。但是Bjorn最後被麻油雞冰的乾乾雞肉打敗,沒有吃完。我們說好下次要帶日本朋友ENDO來吃芥茉口味的。哈!真期待!!!(寫於2006.4.17)~~~Flavors of normal Ice Cream: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, 冰淇淋的口味正常款:巧克力、草莓、香草我喜歡的美國冰淇淋Ben & Jerry會有的特別的口味Chocolate Brownie(巧克力布朗尼)、Strawberry Cheese Cake(草莓起士蛋糕)、Cookie Dough (餅乾麵團)雪王冰淇淋怪怪版本:豬腳(Pork Knuckle)、芥末(Mustard)、麻油雞(Sesame Oil Chicken、牛排Steak)今天探討妳此生渴望還有人生意義的問題:What do you like doing so much that you lose track of time? 什麼是你很喜歡做又會忘記時間的事?Exploring a new place and getting to know interesting people I have only just met with some nice food and drinks on the side. 探索新地方還有一邊吃好吃和好喝的來認識有趣的人。明天我們會來探討這個問題:Whose life do you envy the most and why? 你最羨慕誰的生活,為什麼呢?請訂閱關注收聽Part 5!我的微信公眾帳號:iflyclub(貴旅特),我的Line/IG/FB:@flywithlily為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張台灣造型的明信片!
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1288 Daily affirmation for difficult time 在困難時刻練習的每日肯定句

Daily affirmation for difficult time 在困難時刻練習的每日肯定句1. I'm managing well during this time. 這個困難的時刻,我處理得當。2. Things always work out for me. 事情總是會往好的方向去。3. I’m a strong person and can overcome any setbacks. 我是一個堅強的人而且能夠克服任何挫折。4. I have control over my life and home. 我能控制我的生活和家(雖然不能改變外面的局勢)。5. The actions I take lead me in the right direction. 今天我做的行動帶領我到正確的方向。6. The world needs my unique contributions. 這個世界需要我獨特天賦的貢獻。7. I can solve problems and find solutions. 我可以解決問題還有找到方法。這七句話每天念七次,念一個禮拜,就能讓心情長久的平靜下來~然後6.14我們播客頻道又會再見了!謝謝聽眾在Apple Podcast給我的五星評價:“想環遊世界,但沒有機會,但是聽老師分享去旅行的故事,又與我們分享當地的風俗習慣與好吃的,跟語法跟單字的意思,超級有收穫的,謝謝妳。”小明 via Apple Podcasts · Taiwan · 06/02/21“不只學習到英文,還能接收到老師良好的價值觀,對未來充滿著期待。”Yuli via Apple Podcasts · Taiwan · 06/04/21為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張台灣造型的明信片!(活動延長至 7.1)
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1276 內在改變,世界就變了 |如果你可以改變你城市的一件事,你會改變什麼呢

為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張台灣造型的明信片!When things change inside you, things change around you.當你內在改變的時候,事情就會在你周遭改變。他們會回答這個問題:If you could change one thing in Kaohsiung, what would you change and why? 如果你可以改變高雄的一件事情,那會是什麼呢?為什麼?Angela:I would like it to be more clean, uh, just in regard to less trash I feel, and this is not just related to Kaohsiung, but maybe Taiwanese and a little bit of Asia too. That over-packaging is a problem. When you buy something, it comes in layers and layers of packaging. And most of it is plastic and then the trash ends up somewhere. So I wish there was a reduction in these kinds of packaging and plastics, or at least make it sustainable materials so that if it falls to the ground, it's not the worst thing. Yep. Basically this.我會希望它更乾淨,更少垃圾。但是不僅僅是針對高雄或許是整個台灣的環境甚至亞洲。過度的包裝是一個問題。當你買東西的時候,總是有一層又一層的包裝,而且大部分都是塑膠,然後垃圾就會在某處。所以我希望,有較少這樣的包裝還有塑膠類的東西,或至少用對環境沒有損害的材料,所以當它被埋進土裡,也不至於太糟。基本上就是這樣。Donny: Well, because I'm a freediving instructor. I would change the water off the coast. I would make it much deeper and put a coral reef there, a big coral reef and make the water completely clear. And then I would be able to live in Kaohsiung and also teach freediving from the city at the same time because it does have a lot of great things about it that I do miss about city life.因為我是自潛教練,所以我會改變沿岸的水質,我會讓它變的更深而且會放個珊瑚礁在哪裡,這樣水就會變得完全乾淨。然後,我就可以住在高雄並且同時可以在城市裡教自潛。因為城市裡的確有許多讓我想念的很棒的事情。明天的內容是:他們會回答這個問題:Where is the best place to get a reasonably priced, but delicious meal in Kaohsiung? 在高雄哪裡是最好可以吃到便宜又好吃的食物呢?
5/25/202117 minutes, 51 seconds
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1273 去沒有門的地方吧 |外國人回答:有很多遊客來高雄玩嗎

“Dear Lily,不論在什麼樣的心情聽你的Podcast,都讓我有正能量,謝謝你分享生活及旅行經驗,讓我的心也跟著你去飛翔。“來自Sally在Apple Podcast上的五星評價,謝謝妳,今天的格言送給你~When one door closes, pack your bags and go where there are no doors.當一扇門關了,打包你的行李去沒有門的地方吧!他們會回答這個問題:Do tourists visit Kaohsiung frequently? 有遊客會來高雄觀光嗎?Angela:I would say so. I think probably because of the easy transportation, how easy it is to get to Kaohsiung and the fact that there is an international airport. So, uh, definitely before COVID, uh, that there were busloads of tourists coming in and out very frequently. Yep.有喔!我認為大概是因為非常方便的交通,而且又很容易可以抵達高雄的關係。而高雄也有自己的國際機場。在新冠肺炎的疫情之前,有好多坐遊覽車的觀光客在這裡非常頻繁的進進出出。是滴!Donny: I think, uh, quite a lot of Taiwanese tourists visit Kaohsiung, but internationally, I think it's, um, it's very under the radar. So, um, most people who are visiting Kaohsiung from outside of Taiwan or coming to visit family members who live here, or like some of my students who come to learn freediving, they, they might come from Japan or Korea or Singapore, and they would fly into Kaohsiung in order to come, come and visit me in the South. But, uh, it's not a huge place for international tourism.我認為很多的台灣觀光客會來高雄玩,但是在國際間非常不為人知。許多人來是因為他們有家人住在這裡,像是我的學生回來這裡學習自潛,他們可能會從日本、韓國或新加坡來,他們會飛到高雄然後南下來小琉球找我。但是在國際遊客並不多。明天的內容是:他們會回答這個問題:What is especially worth seeing in Kaohsiung? 在高雄最值得參觀的景點是什麼?
5/22/202113 minutes, 31 seconds
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1272 請不要吃符合這些特徵的食物 |外國人喜歡台灣美食嗎

為台灣疫情祈福 X 聽Podcast學英語環遊世界,現在用你的IG帳號 Tag (@flywithlily)你在Apple Podcast 五星評價留言,就可以得到一張台灣造型的明信片!You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.你就是你吃的東西,所以不要亂吃些快的、便宜的、簡單的、或假的。他們會回答這個問題:Do you like the food in Kaohsiung? 你喜歡高雄食物嗎?Angela:Yes, I do. Uh, besides Taiwanese food, there is a lot of different variety. You can get Italian food. There's authentic Neapolitan pizza that I know of. There are authentic tacos from an Argentinian vendor. There's Israeli food. There's lots of different ethnic and international, um, cuisine also besides the native Taiwanese flavors and also constantly new kinds of snacks or foods appearing in places like the night markets.喜歡。除了台灣食物以外,還有很多不同的食物。你可以吃得到義大利食物。像是我知道一家非常道地的拿波里披薩。還有阿根廷小販製作的道地的墨西哥捲餅。還有以色列的食物。有很多非常有異國風情和國際的美食。在夜市裡,當地的台灣風味小吃和美食總是不斷的推陳出新。Donny: Nope. I don't like the food anywhere in Taiwan. Um, any restaurant food, any of the so-called traditional foods, any of the street snacks. Uh, I think it's all, it's all pretty much junk food and I try not to eat it.不喜歡。我不喜歡台灣任何地方的食物或是在餐廳裡的菜。一些像是俗稱的傳統美食或是路邊小吃。我認為大多數是垃圾食物。我試著不去吃它。明天的內容是:他們會回答這個問題:Do tourists visit Kaohsiung frequently? 有遊客會來高雄觀光嗎?dvkcskph
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1266 旅行不是工作後的獎賞 | 高雄的主要景點有哪些

Travel is not a reward of working, it’s the education of living. ~Anthony Bourdain旅行不是工作後的獎賞,他是生活的教育。Travel is the only thing you spend money on that makes you richer. 旅行是唯一一件花錢又會讓你變得更富有的事情。The best investment is to invest in yourself. 最好的投資就是投資在你身上。AngelaI think Lotus Pond attracts a lot of people and the Harbor area is full of activity and life. And it's very artsy there now. So these two places and a lot of nature that is easy to get to from Kaohsiung as well.我認為蓮池潭吸引很多人,還有港口也總是充滿活動和人。現在那邊也感覺越來越有藝文氣息了。所以這兩個地方還有自然景觀都是非常容易從高雄過去的。*我最喜歡靠近港口的兩個地方,Pier Two(駁二)還有Banana Pier (香蕉碼頭)DonnyWell, I think the mountain is one of the best parts of Kaohsiung because I like to be outdoors. I like nature. I like running, I like hiking. I like running on mountains. Um, I like to see the coastal region there. It's very beautiful. Um, so the mountain is definitely one of my favorite places. Mainly Kaohsiung is a good place to live. If  you want to live a more laid back and quiet life, and get on with your own things. It doesn't really have so many big attractions.我認為山是高雄最棒的部分,因為我喜歡在戶外,和自然,我喜歡跑步和爬山。喜歡在山上跑步。我也喜歡在那邊看海岸的區域,非常美。所以山絕對是我最喜歡的地方。高雄在許多方面來說是個很好居住的地方,如果你想要住在比較悠閒又安靜,可以好好做自己想做的事情的話。它真的沒有太多的景點。明天的內容是:他們會回答這個問題:What is the main language in Kaohsiung? 高雄的主要語言是什麼?
5/10/202115 minutes, 8 seconds
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1264 我們最大的不同 |用英語講家鄉的地理特徵

The profoundest differences are never geographical.最大的不同都通常不是在地理位置上的。他們會回答這個問題:Can you describe the main geographical features of Kaohsiung? 你可以描述下高雄的主要地理特徵嗎?Angela:There are the Gushan mountains and the West side, uh, along the coast. And there's Love River that winds through the city of Kaohsiung. And, uh, there's the Lotus ponds to the North end of Kaohsiung, there's a Chengqing Lake to a little bit in the East by Fengshan. Um, yeah, I guess that'd be it.有鼓山在西側沿海,有愛河蜿蜒穿過這個高雄市,還有一個蓮池潭在北邊高雄的頂上,還有一個澄清湖在東邊的鳳山。我想差不多就是這樣子。Donny: Yes. Um, so Kaohsiung is quite a flat city, but to the West of the city, there is a small mountain, which in English is known as Monkey Mountain. And, um, there is also a river running through the city called the Love River and the river on the one hand separates the city into North and Southern parts. And on the other hand, separates it into West and Eastern parts when it starts to run South. Uh, there's a very large harbor to the South of Kaohsiung used to be one of the largest harbors in the world. And then there's also a long Island to the South of the city called Qijin Island, which is also mostly part of the Harbor.是的,所以高雄是一個相當扁平的城市,在西側有柴山/壽山,還有一個愛河穿過這個城市,叫做愛河,把高雄分成南北,然後當它開始往南流又把整個城市分成東西。在南部有一個非常大的港灣,曾經是世界上最大的港灣。也有一個長島,叫做旗津。也是港灣其中一個很大的部分。明天的內容是:他們會回答這個問題:How long have you lived in Kaohsiung? 你已經住在高雄多久了?
5/8/202110 minutes, 9 seconds
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1262 我要送你一場暴風雪 | 外國人回答高雄下雪

If kisses were snowflakes, I’ll send you a blizzard.如果親吻像雪花,我就會送你一場暴風雪。他們會回答這個問題:Does it snow in Kaohsiung? 高雄下雪嗎?Angela:Nope. Never snows, never snows in Taiwan except in the mountains.台灣除了在山區從不下雪。Donny:No, I don't think it's, I don't think it's snow if it's snowed in Kaohsiung I don't think it's been for a long, long time. Actually. I was there, um, one of the first years I came to Kaohsiung, I think it was the coldest year for about 25 years. And I knew it went down to about one degree. So maybe up in the higher places in the mountains, it might have snowed a little bit, but not in the city.不,我不認為。如果高雄曾經有下過雪一定是很久以前。事實上,在我剛來高雄的前幾年,是我遇過25年來最冷的冬天,據我所知他下降到一度。所以或許在高山的地方可能下一點雪,但是不會在城市裡。明天的內容是:他們會回答這個問題:What is the average temperature in summer time in Kaohsiung? 高雄的夏天平均氣溫是幾度?
5/5/20217 minutes, 59 seconds
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1256 做妳愛做的事情就是成功 | 用英語介紹自己的家鄉特輯開始了

If you’re happy doing what you love, nobody can tell you you’re not successful. 如果妳很開心的做你愛的事情,沒有人可以告訴妳,妳不成功。(如果妳正在開心的做妳愛做的事,妳就是非常成功的人。)閒聊:我的近況。我的收穫。我和Angela, Donny在網上認識了將近一年的時間才見了面,因為我想要做這個特輯可以幫助大家用英語聊自己居住的地方。Angela:Hello, you're listening to Fly with Lily. I'm your new friend, Angela. I'm originally from the United States. I'm living in Kaohsiung because originally my aunts had invited me after seeing me travel around the world. And I wanted to come to Taiwan and learn about this side of my family. I'm teaching as an English teacher and maybe one day I hope to open my own business, but not exactly sure what that could be. 哈囉,妳正在收聽的節目是Fly with Lily學英語環遊世界。我是你的新朋友Angela,我源自美國,我住在高雄是因為我阿姨看到我環遊世界後邀請我來高雄,而且我也想要來台灣了解我這一邊的家人。我是一個英語老師,而且我希望有一天我可以開展我自己的事業,但是我還不是很明確的知道那會是什麼。Donny:Hello, you're listening to fly with Lily. I'm your new friend, Donny. I'm originally from Scotland. I'm living on the Island of Xiaoliuqiu in Taiwan because I'm a freediving instructor. I have a freediving school here, and my dream is to live a happy and healthy life in a place with good weather. 哈囉,你正在收聽的節目是Fly with Lily學英語環遊世界。我是你的新朋友Donny,我來自蘇格蘭,我居住在在台灣旁的小琉球島上因為我是自由潛水教練。我有一個自潛學校在這裡。我的夢想是生活在一個擁有好天氣然後快樂又健康的地方。明天的內容是:他們會回答這個問題Where is Kaohsiung?
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1248 跟老外去吃麵記:一口氣點了六碗麵老闆很困惑

1248 跟老外去吃麵記:一口氣點了六碗麵老闆很困惑Lily:Hello David, we just came back from the noodle shop. David:We did.Lily:How do you feel right now?David:Full, hahaha.Lily:Very full. What was your favorite part of the whole experience?David:I think my favorite part was how confused the laoban (shop owner) was.Lily:What happened to laoban?David:Well, we were two people and we ordered six bowls of noodles. And so the poor man had to make six bowls of noodles for two people.Lily:Yeah. I think he was happy to get so many business, you know, from us.David:But I think he thinks we're crazy...Lily:Right. A little bit. Yeah. I agree. He was confused when I was paying the bill and yeah. And, but it was fun. It was fun. It was fun. And we made a video, we recorded something and then we are about to share our experience. 莉莉:哈囉,泰偉,我們剛從麵館回來。泰偉:是的。莉莉:你現在是什麼感覺?泰偉:飽,哈哈哈。莉莉:你最喜歡的是什麼部分?泰偉:我覺得我最喜歡的部分是那個老闆有多困惑。莉莉:老闆怎麼了?泰偉:嗯,我們是兩個人,點了六碗麪。於是,這個可憐的人不得不爲兩個人做六碗麪條。莉莉:是的,但我想他很高興從我們這裏得到這麼多生意。泰偉:但我覺得他覺得我們瘋了莉莉:對,有一點點。是的,我同意。我買單的時候,他很迷茫,但是很有趣,很開心。我們錄了一段視頻,錄了一些東西,然後我們要分享我們的經驗。接下來我們會播放我們在吃面之後的幾段討論,請別忘記了持續收聽,然後約上你的老外朋友一起上麵店!可以的話關注我們的IG & 臉書粉絲頁是Fly with Lily,或者是在Apple Podcasts 和喜馬拉雅FM給我一個五星的評價,這樣就會有更多人和我們一起踏上學英語環遊世界的旅程。
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1247 如何用英語聊麵食文化?

上集節目中,我們聊到許多麵條的英語單詞,還沒有收聽的趕快到學英語環遊世界的1246 這些麵食的英語怎麼說?補收聽,今天這是稍微進階一點版本的,適合想要挑戰自己英語程度的朋友收聽。Lily會分享你可以怎麼介紹吃麵的文化,還有在吃麵的時候可以聊的話題。你也可以解釋一下吃麵的文化,(文摘自Wikipedia)Noodles are a symbol of longevity in Chinese culture. They are as much a part of a Chinese birthday celebration as a birthday cake with lit candles is in many countries. Since noodles do symbolize long life, it is considered very unlucky to cut up a strand. 麵在中國文化象徵長壽,我們會在生日慶典的時候吃,就像許多國家會點蠟燭在生日蛋糕那樣,因為麵食象徵長壽,所以吃麵的時候若把一串麵食切斷也是非常不吉利的。單詞解釋:Symbol 象徵Longevity 長壽Culture 文化Birthday celebration 生日慶典Symbolize 象徵It is considered 被認為Unlucky 不吉利Strand 串如果你是到了一個比較有麵食特色的地方,你也可以告訴外國朋友由來,以在高雄鹽埕區和哈瑪星為例:There are over one hundred noodle shops here in Yancheng District and Hamasen area. The noodles are also very diverse and many different kinds to choose from. One of the main reasons why the noodle shops are so popular is because this area is close to the harbor and the customs. Therefore, when the fishermen and the immigrant workers are having their break at work, all they need is quick and delicious snacks, so they can be back to work soon. 在高雄鹽埕區哈瑪星這帶更是麵食豐富的一個區域,有超過一百家的麵食,而且種類非常多元而且很多選擇。原因是因為這個區域靠近海港與海關,所以許多的漁民和外來移民工人在工作休息時候,需要的就是一碗快捷美味的點心,所以這就是為什麼麵店這麼受歡迎的原因。單詞解釋Diverse 多元Harbor 港口The customs 海關Fishermen 漁民Immigrant workers 移工Snacks 點心帶老外去吃麵的時候,就是你們暢談自己食物文化的最好時機。可以多問對方問題來聊彼此對這道麵食的感受。Have you had the (sesame noodles)? 你有吃過芝麻麵嘛? How do you like it? (你喜歡嗎?)What are your favorite noodles? 你最喜歡哪道麵食? How would you describe the taste to your friends who have never eaten them before? (你會如何敘述這個麵食的口味給你從未吃過的朋友呢?)最近在我的家鄉高雄鹽埕區這裡的SKB文明鋼筆店裡舉辦了一個畫説鹽埕麵的展覽活動,今天我帶了我之前在旅行認識的美國小帥哥David一起來高雄我最喜歡的麵店:美女的麵,我們一口氣點了六道面,跟外國人一起來品嘗不一樣的麵條,特別有意思。你們猜猜David最喜歡的是哪一道面?接下來我們會播放我們在吃面之後的幾段討論,請別忘記了持續收聽,然後約上你的老外朋友一起上麵店!可以的話關注我們的IG & 臉書粉絲頁是Fly with Lily,或者是在Apple Podcasts 和喜馬拉雅FM給我一個五星的評價,這樣就會有更多人和我們一起踏上學英語環遊世界的旅程!
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1246 這些麵食的英語怎麼說?

本集節目中提到的英語單詞:面条的味道taste、口感texture、形狀shape米粉 rice noodles 意麵 egg noodles 義大利細麵Spaghetti陽春麵 plain noodles 板條 flat noodles  你也可以特別加上big/wide來形容大的大小和寬度和一般的細麵不同。麻醬麵 noodles with sesame paste 也可以說是sesame noodles 芝麻麵依照麵條的原料,我們基本上可以分成這三類 wheat noodles 小麥製作 rice noodles 米製作 starch noodles澱粉製作像是同樣都是米做的寬麵,我們會有客家粄條、粿仔、河粉的說法,但其實指得是差不多的東西,僅僅是做法還有國家產地習慣稱呼的差別,所以你可以這麼解釋They are all made of rice, but the way they are shaped and cooked is different. 在美國的大街小巷可以看到這樣的麵食餐廳,上面會有Pho這個字,其實就是越南河粉的意思。下集節目會聊到如何用英語聊麵食文化,問外國人的問題,還有需要注意的事項!
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1238 你对家的定义是什么呢?|我是怎么遇到了超级好客的瑞士沙发主人

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. 每一天都是一段旅程,旅程本身就是家。I arrived at Renens around 7pm, and the host Yann came to pick me up at the station. He and his wife are pastors and loved receiving guests from around the world. He reached out to me on Couchsurfing and I saw all the amazing comments previous guests had left. Although I had never heard of Renens before, it being a suburb between Geneva and Lausanne, this man seemed so gracious and welcoming that I had to meet him. 我大概7点抵达Renens,我在瑞士的沙发主Yann到车站接我。他和他的老婆都是牧师,喜爱接待来自世界各地的朋友。他在沙发冲浪网站上面找到我然后我看到所有之前游客留的美好评论。虽然我从来没有去过Renens,而且他还在日内瓦和洛桑之之间郊区的地方,我仍然想要见见这么好客的人。He was very friendly and took my luggage as soon as I arrived. That night, it was raining quite heavily. It took us about ten minutes to walk to his house from the station, but the rainy walk was worth it because I got to learn about this extremely friendly man’s life. When we arrived, he gave me a tour of his house. The house, despite being very warm and cozy, was absolutely ginormous. It was a two story house with five bedrooms, a living room, a home office, and a well-equipped kitchen. 当我抵达的时候,他非常友善的而且立刻就帮我拿了我的行李。那天晚上,雨下得好大,我们大概从车站走路要走10分钟到他家,但是这个下雨的路途非常值得,因为我了解到这位非常友善的人的生活。当我抵达他家的时候,他给我一个导览,他的家虽然超级大的,有五个卧室,一个超大的客厅还有办公室和一个设备齐全的厨房,然而非常的温馨。When I went upstairs, I saw my room. On the desk I saw that there were cookies, juice, and Swiss chocolate prepared for me. I put my luggage down and he immediately said to come with him if I wanted to see something cool.当他带我上楼的时候,我看到了我的房间,在桌子上为我准备了不仅有饼干、果汁还有瑞士的巧克力。我把我的行李放下了,他立刻就问我要不要跟随他去看一个非常酷的东西。And that cool, unforgettable, magnificent thing… I will tell you about next time.而那个又酷又难忘又雄伟的东西。下次我再跟你们说。推荐iTalki的英语老师,用我的推荐连结注册定课程可获得10美元学习金! with Lily 网站 flywithlily.comFB、IG、YT:flywithlily公众微信号:iflyclub、englishfit喜马拉雅的Podcast节目名称:学英语环游世界现在在忙什么?Podcast课程:和Lily一起说英语去旅行训练营:加微信iflyclub,回复“训练营”,每月初开营云雀实验室:加微信englishfit,回复5AM喜马拉雅ximi团会员招募:
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1237 活得越老越会享受生活 |购买旅游电话SIM卡使用到的对话

The older I get, the less I care about what people think of me. Therefore the older I get, the more I enjoy life. 越长大越不在乎别人怎么看我。因此,活得越老越会享受生活。一等座车厢和二等座相比,位置大又宽敞、有较多放行李的位置。(但都有无线网络和充电的插头)我:Excuse me do you have the travel SIM card? 不好意思你们有旅游用的手机电话卡吗?柜台:For Switzerland only? 只有在瑞士吗?我:That's right. 是的。柜台:How many days are you gonna be here? 你在这里待多久?我:About a week. 大约一星期。柜台:Here’s the plan: So you pay 30 euros to get unlimited texts and phone calls. Also 10GB for the internet. 这个手机的资费是:你付三十欧元会得到无限的短信和打电话的时间。还有10G的网络。我:I noticed it’s cash only but do you accept Euros? 我注意到这里只能付现,你们收欧元吗?柜台:Yes, they are pretty much the same rate. (我把30欧给她。)Do you want to put the SIM in now? 是的,他们汇率差不多。你现在放电话卡进去吗?就这样,我买到了当地的电话卡,4G网络,速度很快,那一周没有使用上的问题,离开之后,我就又换回了自己原本的SIM卡Fly with Lily 网站 flywithlily.comFB、IG、YT:flywithlily公众微信号:iflyclub、englishfit喜马拉雅的Podcast节目名称:学英语环游世界现在在忙什么?Podcast课程:和Lily一起说英语去旅行训练营:加微信iflyclub,回复“训练营”,每月初开营云雀实验室:加微信englishfit,回复5AM喜马拉雅ximi团会员招募:
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1236 激励我环球旅行的原因 |预定火车座位会用到的实用英语对话

I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.我看到了自己的道路,但我不知道它通向何方。不知道我将去向哪裡,就是激励着我去旅行的原因。~西班牙女詩人Rosalía de Castro这一天要到一个新国家:瑞士,让我特别的期待,我知道早上的这班火車必须从尼斯到马赛然后再一路北上坐总共7个小时到日内瓦,沿路经过法国的里维埃拉风景好美,一幅幅像是活动的风景明信片。我目不暇接的用双眼和手机还有摄影机记录整个时刻。旅游的心情太兴奋了,实在好喜欢!这天早上我和售票员的对话,由于我已经很熟练,所以我就把我的环欧通票(Eurail Pass),手机上的行程(itinerary),还有护照(passport)都放在了桌上。我和A:Bonjour (法语:日安)我:Speak English? (A: 点点头) I'd like to reserve my ticket from here to Geneva today.A: (帮我查票)From here to Marseille, 20 Euros, Marseille to Geneva 27 Euros. Book it just for you? (这里到马赛,20欧,马赛到日内瓦27欧,只订一个人吗?)我: Yes.(然后我用信用卡付款,拿到票后她又和我解释一遍票上的资讯。在马赛只有16分钟的转车时间,所以我想在确认下。)我:Is it enough time to get on the other train?(到另一台火车时间够吗?)A:There's an earlier train to Marseille at 10:00, do you want it? (有一班较早的车到马赛,10点出发,你要吗?)我: That'd be great. Thank you so much. (太好了,非常感谢你。)就这样,售票员帮我换了车票,没有多加收钱。非常好,也给我充足的时间可以转车,或许也可以让我快闪马赛下!我和A:Bonjour 我:Speak English? I'd like to reserve my ticket from here to Geneva today.A: From here to Marseille, 20 Euros, Marseille to Geneva 27 Euros. Book it just for you? 我: Yes.我:Is it enough time to get on the other train?A:There's an earlier train to Marseille at 10:00, do you want it? 我: That'd be great. Thank you so much.参加和Lily说英语去旅行,有144节线上课程144节语音作业,在家学习也好像在世界各地游走,参加报名请关注微信:iflyclub 回复:训练营
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1235 旅行要趁早 | 一个在摩纳哥得到的小教训

*封面来自网络,标题为:An expensive nap 昂贵的午觉Since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring it, the better. 既然人生是如此短暂、世界是如此宽广,你越早开始探索它越好。My good friend Nora in Barcelona always says she loves Monaco. To my knowledge, Monaco is the smallest country in the world if you exclude the Vatican. It's a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to the French Riviera and tax free status. It's also the place where the rich and famous come - full of luxurious hotels, resorts and casinos. It also only takes 23 minutes from Nice to Monte-Carlo by train. So I decided to check it out myself before I left Europe. 我在巴塞罗那的好友Nora总是说她好爱摩纳哥,据我所知摩纳哥是尽在梵蒂冈之后最小的国家,他是非常著名的旅游胜地因为它靠近法国里维埃拉和免税地位。还是有钱人和有名认识爱来的地方,因为这里满满都是奢华酒店、度假村还有赌场。而且从尼斯只要搭火车23分钟就可以到,所以我决定在我离开欧洲前一定要看看。Aside from the luxurious atmosphere I immediately noticed after I got off the train, in 5 minutes, I immediately got a text message that my cell phone was roaming and I was being charged for 60 euros. That time, I had a phone number from Spain and the data plan says it covers most of the European countries. Oh well, Monaco is not included in the plan. 我一下火车之后马上就注意到非常奢华的气氛,但不到五分钟,我的手机有一条短信告诉我我的手机因为漫游被索取了60欧元。那个时候因为我又一只来自西班牙的电话号码,资费方案有包括大多的欧洲国家,但摩纳哥并不包含在内。So, just be aware that when traveling across borders in Monaco and in Switzerland. Turn your phone’s roaming off. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when you go home and see a huge phone bill! I hope my unfortunate experience will help you when you plan your next trip to Europe. 所以当你在欧洲横跨国界一定要小心了,特别是在摩纳哥和瑞士边界旅行的时候。否则千万不要惊讶当你回家了看到一个超额的账单!我希望我不幸的经验可以帮助你下一次计划去欧洲的旅行。Fly with Lily 网站 flywithlily.comFB、IG、YT:flywithlily公众微信号:iflyclub、englishfit喜马拉雅的Podcast节目名称:学英语环游世界现在在忙什么?Podcast课程:和Lily一起说英语去旅行训练营:加微信iflyclub,回复“训练营”,每月初开营云雀实验室:加微信englishfit,回复5AM喜马拉雅ximi团会员招募:
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1233 旅行让人上瘾 |在西班牙火车旅行体验的遗憾、感动与浪漫

The restless race of the traveler's heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together; wanderlust.旅行开始之前,当渴望和期盼缠在一起旅行者的心,如永不停歇的赛跑,旅行让人上瘾。只要每一次可以去探访新的地方,我的心就~~~~兴高采烈的飞呀飞!讲到我的环欧旅行进行了两个月时间,因为要离开西班牙了,才发现有好多地方其实没有去过,但是火车路线太多,所以就选了几个大城市。1.Valencia 瓦伦西亚 火车2.5 小时这一天索性就跳上了火车,第一站到了Valencia,傍晚到了我的airbnb,结果隔天下大雨,因为没有伞,在家里被困了一个早上,就吃了个早点,紧急抢救了我掉下来的鼻环(是一个小钻石),结果那个女刺青师傅没法弄,只好给我一个临时的鼻环(圈圈)我从来没有带过那种,觉得挺奇怪了,而这天为了赶路也没去看我一直很想拜访的海边和科博馆,这是遗憾。I jumped on the train to Valencia and arrived at my airbnb in the evening. The next day it was raining so hard and there was no umbrella in the house so I was stuck for the whole morning. I finally got out and had some breakfast and had to fix the nose stud that fell off when I was in the shower this morning. The girl in the tattoo shop couldn’t fix it so she gave me a temporary nose ring. I'd never had anything like that. I had always found it silly, so it felt so blizzard to have it. It was a pity I didn't get to see the beach and the science museum.2. Madrid 马德里 火车2.5小时下一站是马德里,这也不是我第一次去马德里,而是忽然想去见我很想去见的人,Guille和我认识已经有一年的时间,之前我在做西班牙语挑战的时候他和我联系,见到了西语主播Guille,本人又瘦又帅啊!刚好Guille鼻子上有一个和我相对称的鼻环,顿时觉得亲切了起来,Guille请我吃饭,聊得好深入好开心!记得那天素食菜一道道上来好像艺术品一样,Guille说是为了谢谢我之前给他在线上事业的建议。现在Guille开着房车在西班牙各地旅行中,他说也是那次晚餐受到了我生活方式的启发,让我非常感动。Next stop: Madrid. Though it wasn’t the first time to Madrid, I wanted to see the person I’d been wanting to see. Guille, who I met a year ago online when I was making a Spanish Challenge series on my podcast. I was so happy that I finally met him in person. He is a slim and good looking guy. We were wearing the matching nose ring so it suddenly made us closer. That evening Guille treated me to dinner and we had a really lovely and deep conversation. Gulle said he wanted to thank me for the advice I gave him for his online business. I remember the beautiful set of vegan meals just kept coming one after another and they not only looked like art but also delicious! Now Guille is traveling in his van around Spain all over. He said it was inspired by my lifestyle, and I feel really honored to be his muse.3. Seville 塞维尔 火车 2 hoursSeville的气候相对马德里暖了将近20度,接待我的沙发主人Daniel虽然英语不说,但是非常的亲切!他带我去许多地方,我最喜欢的是西班牙广场(Plaza de España),就像他说的,绝对是西班牙最美的广场,隔天我自己到了市中心参观了大教堂,我穿了太多了,傍晚时分Daniel来接我,带我去市中心喝一杯到处逛逛,还带我去他发生初吻的小树下,超级可爱。有天晚上我就教Daniel包饺子做晚餐,然后我们一起在客厅唱起了西班牙语的卡拉OK超搞笑的。我想Daniel真的超级喜欢我,但是也很绅士。走的时候,Daniel带我去机场回巴塞罗那还送我他写的一首诗。(这是浪漫)Seville was 20 degrees warmer than Madrid. And the host Daniel didn’t speak any English but was super friendly. He took me to many places and my favorite was Spanish Square. And just like he said, it is definitely the most beautiful Spanish Square in Spain. The next day I was walking around the old town and was amazed by the huge cathedral and the warm weather. Daniel picked me up and took me to a tapa place. He told me many interesting stories about Seville and even took me to the tree he had his first kiss. It was very adorable. I showed Daniel how to make dumplings for dinner and we sang Karaoke in his living room and it was hilarious.He definitely liked me too much but was also very respectful. He took me to the airport to Barcelona and even gave me a poem he wrote as a goodbye present. Guille 的公众微信:Guille 西语说Fly with Lily 网站 flywithlily.comFB、IG、YT:flywithlily公众微信号:iflyclub、englishfit喜马拉雅的Podcast节目名称:学英语环游世界现在在忙什么?Podcast课程:和Lily一起说英语去旅行训练营:加微信iflyclub,回复“训练营”,每月初开营云雀实验室:加微信englishfit,回复5AM喜马拉雅ximi团会员招募:
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1229 这个世界需要什么样的人? | 10个帮助你立刻找到你此生的热情所在

Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. ~Howard Thurman不要问自己世界需要什么?问你自己,是什么让你活过来?去做吧,因为世界需要的活出自我的人。~霍华德·瑟曼1. What was your favorite thing to do growing up?2. When you were a child, what did you dream of doing when you grew up?3. What is your favorite topic to talk about?4. What do you like doing so much that you lose track of time?5. Whose life do you envy the most and why?6. What would you do differently with your education if you got a chance to start over?7. If you had 5 minutes and the whole world was forced to listen, what would you say?8. What would you do with your life if you had no fear?9. What would you do with your life if you had a guarantee of success?10. What would you do with your life if money wasn’t an issue?1.你从小到大最喜欢做什么?2.当你还是个孩子的时候,你的梦想你长大后在干什么?3.你最喜欢谈论的话题是什么?4.你做什么会入迷的忘记时间?5.你最羡慕谁的生活?为什么?6.如果你有机会重新开始一次你的学校生活,你会么改变它?7.如果你有5分钟时间让全世界听你说话,你会说什么?8.如果你没有恐惧,你会做什么?9.如果你保证会成功,你会做什么?10.如果钱不是问题,你会做什么?**和Lily一起感受清晨五点起床的丰盛仪式,云雀实验室2.15开始22天早起直播活动,报名参加,关注微信号:iflyclub,回复文字:早起。
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1228 你知道你生命中最重要的两个日子是什么吗?|找到人生意义IKIGAI的九个关键

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. ~ Mark Twain你生命中最重要的两天:你出生的那一天还有你找出你为什么出生的那一天。~马克吐温The 9 Keys to Ikigai 找到IKIGAI的九个关键do what you do best 做你做最棒的事情know how to say no 知道如何去说不take care of your energy 照顾你的精力practice continuous personal development 持续个人成长stop and decide to do something fulfilling 停下来决定做有意义的事情align your personal values with those of your company/business 让你的公司还有事业的价值观和你保持一致simplify. don't make things difficult 简化。不要让事情变得困难love the why of your company/business/purpose 爱上你成立公司/开展事业/人生目的的原因trust in others 相信别人**和Lily一起感受清晨五点起床的丰盛仪式,云雀实验室2.15开始22天早起直播活动,报名参加,关注微信号:iflyclub,回复文字:早起。**这次被邀请到Podfest Global会支持中文场,邀请了女力心声的Anne谈播客社群行销、艺术家制造公司的Keno谈创意还有雪瑞说的Sherriel来聊商业模式,,想要免费的票吗? 这集节目也会教你如何拿到!
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1227 你的故事有天会成为别人的求生指南|活出ikigai的10个规则

1227 活出ikigai的10个规则One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide. 有一天你会讲述一个你度过难关的故事,而且有一天它会变成某人的生存指南。1. Stay active; don't retire 保持活跃,不要退休2. Take it slow 慢慢来3. Don' t fill your stomach 不要吃太撑,8分饱就行4. Surround yourself with good friends 让自己围绕着好朋友5. Get in shape for your next birthday 为了下一个生日好好的健身6. Smile 微笑7. Reconnect with nature 和大自然重新连接8. Give thanks 给予感谢9. Live in the moment 活在当下10. Follow your ikigai 活出属于自己的人生意义和Lily一起感受清晨五点起床的丰盛仪式,云雀实验室2.15开始22天早起直播活动,报名参加,关注微信号:iflyclub,回复文字:早起。
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1226 寻找那会让你全身心投入的那条路 | 如何找到人生目的IKIGAI?

Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being. 寻找那会打开你心结的智慧。寻找那会让你全身心投入的那条路。~Rumi如何找到人生目的IKIGAI?1. 找出这四个问题的答案,写越多越好!2. 是否可以有交错融合之处?3. 用一句话来叙述自己的IKIGAI这四个问题是:1. What you love 你热爱的2. What you‘re good at 你擅长的3. What you can be paid for 你可以赚钱的项目4. What the world needs 这个世界需要的但:结合了1&2你找到了Passion 热情,你会感到Satisfaction, but feelings of uselessness 满足但无用感结合了2&3你找到了Profession 专业,你会感到Comfortable, but feelings of emptiness 舒适但空虚结合了3&4你找到了Vocation 天职,你会感到Exitement and complacency, but sense of uncertainty 兴奋和自满,但是不确定的感觉结合了1&4你找到了Mission 使命,你会感到Delight and fullness, but no wealth 喜悦和满足但是没有财富Happy Chinese New Year's Eve 祝福大家除夕夜快乐!和Lily一起感受清晨五点起床的丰盛仪式,云雀实验室2.15开始22天早起直播活动,报名参加,关注微信号:iflyclub,回复文字:早起。
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1225 什么是IKIGAI?| 你的人生目的是什么?

What is ikigai? It’s a Japanese word.A reason for being, the things that get you up in the morning. 什么是ikigai?它是一个日文的词汇。它的意思就是:一个让你早上起床和存在的理由。What is the purpose of your life?妳此生的目的是什么?If you asked me what my life purpose is, I’d say I want to use my stories and experiences to help my audience learn English more easily, break their limitations, and pursue their dreams bravely.我的人生目的:就像我在节目一开头说的,用我的故事和经验,帮助大家更好的学习英语,打破自己的局限,并且勇敢去追寻梦想!明天我会分享找到自己人生目的的方法。**这次被邀请到Podfest Global会支持中文场,邀请了女力心声的Anne谈播客社群行销、艺术家制造公司的Keno谈创意还有雪瑞说的Sherriel来聊商业模式,,想要免费的票吗? 这集节目也会教你如何拿到!**和Lily一起感受清晨五点起床的丰盛仪式,云雀实验室2.15开始22天早起直播活动,报名参加,关注微信号:iflyclub,回复文字:早起。
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1224 绝望和开心的时候一定要听 | 一个神奇的寓言故事

This too, shall pass.When things are bad, remember: It won’t always be this way. Take one day at a time.When things are good, remember:It won’t always be this way. Enjoy every great moment.这也是会过去的。当事情很糟的时候,记住:事情总不会这样,一天过好一天就可以。当事情很好的时候,记住:事情总不会这样。好好享受每一个很棒的时刻。距离上次的节目已经有一个礼拜,这个礼拜还是有持续做我的跟Lily说英语去旅行的直播哦,所有的直播视频都可以在我的FB、YT还有喜马拉雅“学英语环游世界”可以收看得到。你也可以关注Podcast“跟Lily一起说英语去旅行”收听声音的版本。二月一直没有想出比较好的Podcast主题来,所以索性就放了一个假期,接下来我们這一整个月会来讨论人生的目的IKIGAI,也是我在许多工作坊会做的一个找出自己人生目的的练习,但是今天我特别想要分享在我们云雀实验室里面,我们做的每日冥想特别是第19天有一个寓言的任务,我就一遍英文、一遍中文念给大家。最后我也会和大家分享一个我最近发生的和钱还有亲人有关的故事。“ This Too Shall Pass. “There was a king and he once said to the court sages - I have a ring with one of the finest diamonds in the world and I want to hide a message under the stone that can be useful in a situation of extreme despair. I will give this ring to my heirs and I want it to serve faithfully. Think of what kind of message will be there. It must be very short to fit in the ring.“ This Too Shall Pass. “有一个国王向他宫中的智者要求说:“我为我自己做了一个非常漂亮的戒指,我是用最好的钻石做的,我想要在这个戒指里面藏着一个讯息,它可以在我极度绝望的时候帮助我。它必须非常小,这样它才可以被藏在那个戒指的钻石底下。”The sages knew how to write treatises, but did not express themselves in one short sentence. They thought and thought, but did not come up with anything.他们都是智者,他们都是伟大的学者,他们可以写出伟大的论文,但是要给一个非常简短的讯息,让它可以在极度绝望的时候帮助国王……他们左思右想,参考了很多书,但还是想不出来。The king complained about the failure of his venture to a faithful old servant who raised him from infancy and was part of the family. And the old man said to him:“I’m not a sage, I’m not educated, but I know such a message. For many years spent in the palace, I met a lot of people. And once I served a visiting mystic whom your father invited. And he gave me this message. I ask that you don’t read it now. Save it under the stone and open it only when there’s no way out at all. The king listened to the old servant.国王有一个年老的仆人,他几乎就像他的父亲──他以前是他父亲的仆人。国王的母亲早死,因此由这个仆人来照顾他,所以他并没有像仆人一样地被对待,国王对他非常尊敬。那个老年人说:“我不是一个智者,我也不是一个学者,我没有那么博学多闻 ,但是我知道那个讯息──因为就只有一个讯息。这些人无法将它给你;它只能由一个神秘家、一个已经达成他自己的人给你。”“我在宫中已经度过了漫长的岁月,各色各样的人我都看过。有一次,一个神秘家,他是你父亲的贵宾,刚好由我服侍他。当他要离开的时候,为了要感谢我对他的服务,他给了我这个讯息。”他将它写在一张小小的纸上,折叠起来,告诉国王说:“不要读它,只要将它藏在戒指里。唯有当每一件事都失败,已经无路可走时,才可以将它打开。”After some time, the enemies attacked the country and the king lost the war. He fled on his horse and his enemies pursued him. He was alone, his enemies were many. He rode to the end of the road. There was a huge deep cliff before him, if he fell there, it is the end. He could not go back, as the enemies were approaching. He already heard the clatter of their horses' hooves. He had no way out. He was in complete despair.时间很快地就来到了,国家受到了侵略,国王失去了他的王国。为了要保存性命,他骑着他自己的马逃走,敌人的马在后面追赶。他只有一个人,而他们人很多。他来到了一个无路可走的地方,一个死的尽头,再过去就是悬崖和深谷,一掉下去就完了。他不能回头,因为后面有敌人在追赶,他可以听到他们的马蹄声,他也无法再向前走,而且也没有其他的路……And then he remembered the ring. He opened it and found an inscription: “This too shall pass”突然间他想起了那个戒指。他将它打开,把里面的纸拿出来,里面有一个很小但是非常有价值的讯息,在它上面写着:“这也是会过去的。”After reading the message, he felt that everything was quiet. Apparently the pursuers got lost and proceeded in the wrong direction. Horses were no longer heard.当他在读这句话的时候,他突然变得很宁静:“这也是会过去的。”事情真的就这样经过了。每一件事都会经过,在这个世界上没有一件事会永远停留。那些追赶他的敌人一定是在森林里迷路了,一定是走错路了,马蹄声渐渐、渐渐地听不到了。The king was filled with gratitude to the servant and the unknown mystic. The words were powerful. He closed the ring. And set out on the road. He gathered his army and returned his state. On the day when he returned to the palace, they arranged a magnificent meeting, a feast for the whole world - the people loved their king. The king was happy and proud. The old servant came up to him and said softly: “Even in this moment, look at the message again.”国王非常感激那个仆人,以及那个未知的神秘家。那些话语被证明是奇迹般的。他将那张纸折叠起来,放进戒指里,再度纠集他的军队,收复他的王国。当他以胜利的姿态进入首都,那里到处都在庆祝,有音乐,也有跳舞,他对自己感到非常骄傲。那个老年人走到他马车的旁边说:“这个时候也要看一下那个讯息。”The King said, “Now I am a winner, people are celebrating my return, I'm not in despair, not in a hopeless situation."“Listen to this old servant,” the servant answered. “The message works not only in moments when everything is bad, but also in moments of victory.”国王说:“你是什么意思?现在我已经胜利了,人们都在庆祝,我并不是处于绝望之中,我并不是陷入绝境。”那个老年人说:“听着,这是那个圣人告诉我的:这个讯息不只是在绝望的时候可以用,在很快乐的时候也可以用。它不只是在你被打败的时候可以用,它在你胜利的时候也可以用──不只是当你在最后的时候可以用,当你在第一的时候也可以用。”The king opened the ring and read:"This too shall pass."And again he felt a silence fall over him, although he was in the midst of a noisy dancing crowd. His pride dissolved. He understood the message. He was a wise man.国王将那个戒指打开,读了里面的讯息:“这也是会过去的。”突然间,同样的宁静、同样的和平降临到他身上──就在群众当中,就在大家都高高兴兴地在庆祝和跳舞当中……那个骄傲不见了,那个自我不见了。每一件事都会经过。And then the old man said to the king; “Do you remember everything that happened to you? Nothing and no feeling is permanent. As night changes day, so moments of joy and despair replace each other. Accept them as the nature of things, as part of life”他叫他的老仆人坐上他的马车,他问说:“其他还有什么吗?每一件事都会过去……你的讯息真的非常有帮助。”那个老年人说:“你记得你经历过的一切吗?没有什么事、没有什么感受是永恒的。夜晚会转为白天,喜悦和绝望的时刻也会互换。接受这就是自然,就是人生的一部分。”Look at the events in your life (both good and not so good) while considering the words of the parable "This too shall pass.”当你检视人生中的遭遇(有好有坏)时,请想着寓言里的智慧“这也会过去”。和Lily一起感受清晨五点起床的丰盛仪式,云雀实验室2.15开始22天早起直播活动,报名参加,关注微信号:iflyclub,回复文字:早起。
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我累死了 感觉智力下降

“我太累了”的英文怎么说?1. I'm beat.我太累了。2. I'm exhausted.我很疲惫。3. I'm dead tired.我累死了。4. I'm pretty tired.我真的累了。5. It's killing me.可把我累死了。6. I'm worn out.我已经筋疲力尽了。7. I must have tired myself out.我一定疲劳过度了。8. I really need a break.我真得歇歇了。
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1223 如何进行第一次的冥想

HOW DO YOU MEDITATE FOR THE FIRST TIME?Once you’ve found your quiet space, follow these steps:1. Sit down comfortably. No need for a cross-legged position. You can also sit on a chair with your feet on the ground. Just make sure that you can sit in this position for a few minutes without needing to move.2. Set your timer for 5 minutes and close your eyes.3. Now start focusing on your breath. What does it feel like? Is it slow or fast? Deep or flat breathing? Notice how your chest and belly are rising and falling with your breath.4. Keep experiencing every breath fully, without trying to control it. When you notice your thoughts wandering away, gently bring them back to your breath. Do this until your timer goes off.你找到了一个安静的空间,请你根据以下的步骤来做。1.找一个舒服的姿势坐着。不一定要盘腿坐。你也可以坐在椅子上,把你的脚放在地上。只要确保你可以不动的坐上几分钟。2.将你的闹钟设定5分钟,然后闭上你的眼睛。3.开始关注你的呼吸。感觉起来怎么样?是慢还是快?是深呼吸还是平缓的?注意到你的胸部和肚子都跟着你的呼吸起伏。4.完整的去体验你的呼吸,试着不要去控制它。当你注意到你的意识跑掉了,温柔地再把意识带回你的呼吸。一直这么做直到你的闹铃响。21天冥想 关注EnglishFit 每个月15日开始22天中英冥想资料放送与共同学习群与任务直播。跟Lily一起说英语去旅行的训练营即将在2.1开营了,有144节线上课程,课后还可以发自己的语音作业让专业老师帮助你正音更有自信说英语!在家学习也好像在世界各地游走,现在加入请关注iflyclub,回复训练营
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1220 冥想一次要多久时间?|Unless的用法

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day - unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour. 除非你太忙,不然你应该每天至少静坐20分钟;然而一个小时的静坐才是最理想的。故事:刚开始自己在接触冥想觉得3分钟都很久。目前可以坐20分钟。有时候也会察觉到情绪比较差,或者想要培养睡眠的情绪,也会冥想Unless 除非下面教学unless 用法应该怎么用。unless 用法一、用在现在式unless 用在现在式的时候,通常表达的是,如果你现在不怎么样….未来就会怎么样。例:You will damage your health unless you stop smoking.除非停止吸烟,否则将损害健康。例:I’ll be waiting for you at the theatre unless you call me to say you’re not coming.除非你打电话给我说你不来,否则我会在剧院等你。Unless 用法二、用在过去式Unless同样也可以用在过去式,当Unless 用在过去式的时候,主要子句的主词后面要接would.例:Unless she was working late, she would be here.除非她工作到很晚,否则她会来这里。Unless 用法三、用在过去完成式Unless除了可以用在现在式、过去式之外,还能用在过去完成式。当Unless 用在过去完成式的时候,主要子句后面的主词要接would have/wouldn’t have。例:They would have shot him unless he’d given them the money.除非他给了他们钱,否则他们会开枪打他。不能使用Unless的两种情况在使用Unless的时候,要特别注意下面两点:1.Unless不能用在疑问句2.在子句里,Unless后面不能接will或是would21天冥想 关注EnglishFit 每个月15日开始22天中英冥想资料放送与共同学习群与任务直播。跟Lily一起说英语去旅行的训练营即将在2.1开营了,有144节线上课程,课后还可以发自己的语音作业让专业老师帮助你正音更有自信说英语!在家学习也好像在世界各地游走,现在加入请关注iflyclub,回复训练营
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1218 Mindfulness(正念)是什么?| Lily被愤怒淹没的小故事

1218 正念是什么?Do not lose yourself in the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. Do not get caught in your anger, worries, or fears. Come back to the present moment, and touch life deeply. This is mindfulness. 不要缅怀过去而失去了自己。不要眺望未来而失去了自己。不要被你的愤怒、烦恼、还有恐惧给绑住了。随时回到当下,然后深入地碰触生命。这就是正念。Lose yourself 失去自己(无法展现真实的自己)Past 过去Future 未来Get caught 抓住、逮住Present 当下Mindfulness 正念 (这里的正念是免除佛教意识的正向的意念,而是较多是觉察意念)故事:Felix 的话语21天冥想 关注EnglishFit 每个月15日开始22天中英冥想资料放送与共同学习群与任务直播。跟Lily一起说英语去旅行的训练营即将在2.1开营了,有144节线上课程,课后还可以发自己的语音作业让专业老师帮助你正音更有自信说英语!在家学习也好像在世界各地游走,现在加入请关注iflyclub,回复训练营
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1217 什么是冥想?这句话解释的最好!

Imagine a hot tub for the mind. That is what meditation is; it can bathe your mind in relaxing thoughts.什麼是冥想?想像你的頭腦浸泡在一個熱水池。它可以幫助你的頭腦放鬆。Imagine 幻想Hot tub 热水池Meditation 冥想Bathe 沐浴、泡澡Relaxing 放松的Thoughts 思想提到我的Life Coach(生活教练)Katie有出现过在我们节目的672集天冥想 关注EnglishFit 每个月15日开始22天中英冥想资料放送与共同学习群与任务直播。跟Lily一起说英语去旅行的训练营即将在2.1开营了,有144节线上课程,课后还可以发自己的语音作业让专业老师帮助你正音更有自信说英语!在家学习也好像在世界各地游走,现在加入请关注iflyclub,回复训练营
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Day 4 - 直播录制一个podcast给大家看一下现在的Podcast主题如何设计录制的流程2020年感恩的事情!Fly with Lily 网站 flywithlily.comFB、IG、YT:flywithlily公众微信号:iflyclub、englishfit喜马拉雅的Podcast节目名称:学英语环游世界现在在忙什么?好学校Podcast课程众筹:和Lily一起说英语去旅行训练营:云雀实验室:喜马拉雅ximi团会员招募:
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1206 今天我们来学习一下如何设计美丽的一周 | Day 54

跟Lily说英语去旅行课程1.4开营了,144节线上课程与144节揪音作业反馈让你立即开口说英语,报名请到公众微信号iflyclub,回复:训练营**加入主播XIMI团年卡会员送季卡和喜马拉雅VIP**阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读:好學校Podcast課程目資中: 54Chapter 15:The 5 AM Club Is Mentored on The 10 Tactics of Lifelong Genius (part 5)场景:来了解一下The Weekly Design System 设计每周的系统The Implementation: Carve out and then ritualize thirty minutes early each Sunday morning to create your “Blueprint for a Beautiful Week.” Start the process by writing a story in your journal about the highlights from the seven days you just lived. Then record your lessons learned and optimizations for making the coming week even better.如何执行:每个星期日早晨拿出30分钟并且把它成为每周的仪式,去创造你美丽的一周蓝图。先开始在你的日记写下这你刚刚活过的这七天的精彩地方。并且记录你得到的教训和优化让接下来的每周更加的好!Implementation 执行Ritualize 使之成为仪式Blueprint 蓝图Highlights 最精彩的部分Optimizations 优化
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1199 你的余生现在开始精彩|Day 47

Day 47Chapter 13:The 5 AM Club Learns The 20/20/20 Formula (part 3)场景:亿万富翁继续讲课,希望更多人可以发挥自己的潜能,而非继续埋没自己。Make the remainder of your life an exercise in audacity, a testimony to exceptional productivity and a rare expression of unstained beauty. Honor all you truly are by living your genius instead of loathing yourself, by denying your specialness.**加入主播XIMI团年卡会员送季卡和喜马拉雅VIP**阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读:好學校Podcast課程目資中: 让你的余生都是一个大胆做自己的练习、展示自己杰出高效力的证据,还有一种稀有的不被污染美丽的表现。忠于并且活出最棒的自己,而不是用否定自己的特别之處来继续厌恶自己。Remainder 剩下Audacity 大胆、胆量Unstained 不被沾染的Loath 怨恨Deny 否定
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1198 我们不爱自己的真正原因 |Day 46

**加入主播XIMI团年卡会员送季卡和喜马拉雅VIP**阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读:好學校Podcast課程目資中: Day 46Chapter 13:The 5 AM Club Learns The 20/20/20 Formula (part 2)场景:这边真正的去介绍20/20/20 法则,也说到了很多人早起只是去看新闻,去滑手机,这个浪费了我们最宝贵的时光。(是你吗?)Failing to keep self-promises is one of the reasons so many of us don’t love ourselves. Not following through on what we tell ourselves we’ll do so destroys our sense of personal worth and dissolves our self-esteem. Keep behaving like that and the unconscious part of you will begin to believe you’re not worth anything.无法对自己信守承诺是许多人不爱自己的原因。没有贯彻我们告诉自己的事不但摧毁了我们的个人价值,还让我们的自尊心也更瓦解了。一直这样做的话,你会不知不觉地开始相信自己是不值得任何事情的。Self-promises 自我承诺Destroy 摧毁Dissolve 瓦解Unconscious 无意识的
12/22/202016 minutes, 36 seconds
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1197 不允许自己再恋爱了 |Day 45

**加入主播XIMI团年卡会员送季卡和喜马拉雅VIP**阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读:好學校Podcast課程目資中: Day 45Chapter 13:The 5 AM Club Learns The 20/20/20 Formula 场景:我们到了罗马,一个对亿万富翁别具意义的地方。一个他遇见梦中情人/老婆的地方,这里也稍微描述了他的爱情故事,然而他的妻子几年后过世了,他没有再娶而是更专心在他的慈善事业上。Though she had passed away suddenly many years earlier, he never remarried. He wouldn’t allow himself to fall in love again, preferring to concentrate on growing his business empire, expanding his philanthropic pursuits and enjoying the genuinely lovely life he’d earned, alone.虽然她在许多年后忽然过世了,他就没有再娶过。他不允许自己再恋爱了,宁可专心在壮大自己的事业版图,还有慈善的追求还有独自享受他为自己赢得的可爱生活。Remarried 再娶Concentrate on 专心Empire 帝国Philanthropic 慈善的Pursuit 追求
12/21/202011 minutes, 46 seconds
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1196 冥想的好处 | Day 44

**加入主播XIMI团年卡会员送季卡和喜马拉雅VIP**阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读:好學校Podcast課程目資中: Day 44Chapter 12: The 5 AM Club Discovers The Habit Installation Protocol (part 6)场景:亿万富翁解释了5点起床的习惯养成需要经过三个阶段:Destruction (破坏),Installation (安装),Integration (整合)Do not neglect the call on you to deploy your fullest talents, magnify your spectacular strengths, multiply your happiness and discover a paradise of peace within you that no outer event can ever reduce.不要忽视了可以让你去部署你全部的天赋、扩大你惊人的力量,大量增加你的幸福的召唤(使命),还有发现了一个没有其他外在事件能够减少你内心宁静的天堂。Neglect 忽视Call 召唤Magnify 扩大、放大Spectacular 惊人的Multiply 大量增加、使相乘
12/20/202014 minutes, 8 seconds
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1182 如果知道自己已经无法长生不老,那想要怎么样过活?| Day 30

现在你可以加入Lily的12.15日启动的Lark Lab每日清晨五点直播参与我们的免费晨间打卡,一起运动、冥想、和读书,或透过我们的公众账号iflyclub,回复早起阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读: 30 Chapter 10: The 4 Focuses of History-Makers场景:講到了為什麼我們會有特殊的渴望,當你透過更多自覺力的練習。女企業家發現自己愛上了同行的藝術家,此時藝術家也分享了自己在創作上的無法徹底抒發的痛苦。流浪汉分享到许多人用查看信息、上网购物、埋怨他人、过度工作的方式来逃避自己的问题和痛苦。真正有效率的人是不会浪费时间在这些事情上。Thinking about dying brings what matters most into much sharper focus. You’ll stop allowing digital distraction, cyber diversions and online nuisances to steal the irreplaceable hours of the blessing called your life.想想死亡就会让你知道什么事更重要而让你有更锋利的专注。你会停止允许那些让你分心的数位装置,去偷走了你生命无法取代的幸福时刻。Sharper 更锋利的Digital 数位的Cyber 网络Diversion 移转Irreplaceable 无法取代的
12/4/202013 minutes
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1181 用心的去活出美好的一天 | Day 29

现在你可以加入Lily的12.15日启动的Lark Lab每日清晨五点直播参与我们的免费晨间打卡,一起运动、冥想、和读书,或透过我们的公众账号iflyclub,回复早起阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读: 29Chapter 9: A Framework for the Expression of Greatness (Part 2)场景:这边介绍了成功公式的三个步骤的时候,亿万富翁回忆在瑞士的鲁森认识演说家,在某一天早上在酒店里点了一杯热水柠檬片的故事。If you show up the way I encourage you to show up, here’s the powerful insight: There is a ton of competition in ordinary but there’s almost non at extraordinary.如果你想我鼓励的那样出席/露面/不缺席,这里有一个非常有力的见解,平凡中有很多的竞争,不凡里却几乎没有。Today is a glorious day and I’ll live it at excellence, with boundless enthusiasm and limitless integrity, true to my visions and with a heart full of love. 今天是一个美好的一天,而我用满满的热情和没有限制的品格,不违背我的愿景,并用一颗真诚的心卓越的活出它。Competition 竞争力Extraordinary 特别地Boundless 没有边界的Enthusiasm 热情Limitless 无限的
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1172 真正的领袖都在忙些什么?|Day 20

现在你可以随时加入Lily的清晨五点俱乐部参与我们的免费晨间打卡或是付费的直播活动,一起运动、冥想、和读书,或透过我们的公众账号iflyclub,回复早起阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读: 7: Preparation for a Transformation Begins in Paradise场景:大家猜到了吗?是演说家!!!女企业家非常激动的看着他,并且感谢他的演说是如何将她从死亡边缘中救起。然而他强调,是因为大家开始真的去运用了他分享的东西来改变人生。Pure leaders are so secure in their own skin their main mission is the elevation of others. They have such self-respect, joyfulness and peacefulness within themselves that they don’t need to advertise their success to society in a feeble attempt to feel a little better.真正的领袖对于他们自己是非常有自信的,他们的主要任务就是提升别人。他们内在有非常高程度的自尊、喜悦、和平和,他们并不需要向社会大肆宣传自己的成功,去让他们稍微感觉良好一些。Elevation 提升Self-respect 自尊Advertise 大肆宣传Feeble attempt 无谓的尝试
11/23/202013 minutes, 24 seconds
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1157 宁可辛苦也不要感受庸庸碌碌的心碎 |Day 5

现在你可以随时加入Lily的清晨五点俱乐部参与我们的免费晨间打卡或是付费的直播活动,一起运动、冥想、和读书,或透过我们的公众账号iflyclub,回复早起阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读: 5AM Club 导读 Day 5Chapter 2: A Daily Philosophy on Becoming Legendary (part 4)场景:总是会有人嗤之以鼻,然而演说家都表示理解,因为一个优秀的生活不是每个人都可以活出,不是那么简单。他说,甚至我们很多从小就错误地被教导高的品德应该是简单就可以拥有的,如果很困难,就代表我们在错误的道路上。举例一些历史上有名的伟人例如爵士音乐家、艺术家(米开朗基罗/Van Gogh)、人权捍卫者,生物学家(达尔文)、作家(Stephen King)都是经过重重困难和失望,挑战他们的心智而得到卓越的成就,甚至到死之后才被宣扬。就在这个时候演说家一直咳嗽。结果倒下!Becoming legendary is never easy. But I’d prefer that journey to the heart-break of being stuck in ordinary that so many potentially heroic people deal with constantly.成为传奇从未是件简单事。但是我仍宁愿有这样的旅程,也不要和许多有潜力成为英雄的人经常要处理被困在平凡一般的心碎。Legendary 传奇Prefer… to...宁可... 也不要Heart-break 心碎Stuck 困住的Ordinary 一般
11/7/202013 minutes, 53 seconds
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1156 你的生活是不是充满了这些东西?借口、恐惧、怀疑、不可以、不应该 | Day 4

现在你可以随时加入Lily的清晨五点俱乐部参与我们的免费晨间打卡或是付费的直播活动,一起运动、冥想、和读书,或透过我们的公众账号iflyclub,回复早起阅读5am Club或收听其他英语有声书,注册得60天免费试读: 5Am ClubChapter 2: A Daily Philosophy on Becoming Legendary (part 3)演说家也说理解我们可能对成人生活的失望。也理解有些人虽然满意自己的生活,却处在舒适区里感觉停滞、恐惧、和麻木,无法更多的创造自己。讲到激动处的时候,演说家这时似乎上气不接下气了。本篇实在太多好句子了,值得一读再读。Life’s too short to play small with your talents.  生命太短而不能忽略自己的天赋而去妥协。Limitation is nothing more than a mentality that too many good people practice daily until they believe its reality.许多好人仍每天遵循着充满限制的心态导致他们认为这就是真实的状况,直到他们相信生活是充满了不应该、不行。You need to remember your excuses are seducers, your fears are liars and your doubts are thieves.必须记住你的借口都是在诱惑你不去做你真正应该做的事。你的恐惧都不是真的,你的怀疑是偷你梦想的窃贼。Play small 妥协Limitation 局限Mentality 心态Reality 现实Seducers 诱惑因 liars 说谎的人 thieves 窃贼
11/6/202015 minutes, 46 seconds
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1123 你值得让你向往的生活 | 你们有热水澡吗?英语怎么说?| 国外提钱的那些事

7/9/202014 minutes, 27 seconds
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1106 一个可以改变你人生轨迹的英文字

6/1/202011 minutes, 27 seconds
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1105 云旅行! 六个关于招财猫的有趣小知识

5/28/202014 minutes, 11 seconds
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1069 为什么我们活着会这么累 | 旅行必备配件 4 :打包方盒

4/5/202014 minutes, 47 seconds
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1066 如何成为坚强的人?| 旅行必备配件 1 :行李秤

想看到本集的文本,可以加入我们的VIP订阅哦!你会获得:01. 每月至少获得20则VIP音频节目02. 优美的英语格言+英语旅行贴士(无广告)03. 学英语会员微信交友交流群04. 各地粉丝见面会优先购票权申请方法:1. 扫描二维码微店直接付款 留下微信号与邮箱2. 小助手微信:shoutbyher (注:VIP)现在加入可以获得Lily亲手寄出的明信片一张哦!
3/31/202012 minutes, 59 seconds
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1060 最坚强的人关起门来哭 | 旅行省钱贴士 NO. 12 淡季旅行

3/23/202010 minutes, 38 seconds
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1058 要像女王一样思考 | 旅行省钱贴士 NO. 10 待在城市之外

3/19/20209 minutes, 39 seconds
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1057 为什么你不需要做有把握的事 | 旅行省钱贴士 NO. 9 飞行日期要灵活

3/18/202014 minutes, 17 seconds
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1050 爱自己的起点 | 旅行省钱贴士 NO. 2: 预定可以煮饭的房间