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English, Old Time Radio, 1 seasons, 25 episodes, 39 minutes
i am going to be doing podcasts of small extracts i write. Some will be short, some will be long. Hope you enjoy.
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I am not me anymore
07/11/20231 minute 32 seconds
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i am stuck in a chokeold of hatred.
07/11/20232 minutes 9 seconds
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drowning fish

Sometimes the air becomes water.
04/11/20232 minutes 42 seconds
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a transgender journey

a little passage on the journey of being trans. no details about the actual journey, just pure feelings
29/01/20231 minute 19 seconds
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A home.

your home consists of what makes you happy, not what makes you drown.
28/08/20221 minute 30 seconds
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I have two facts for you.

Love. Never hold onto it to the point you can't let go, keep a loose grip
28/08/20222 minutes 13 seconds
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A movie.

The 5 years of going to the same building 5 days a week with the same people has come to an end. This is the first movie of the series, but the most crucial one. You learn most of your life lessons in that building, and you create your teenage memories with the children who attend. Don't take it for granted.
25/06/20221 minute 22 seconds
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The maze

Writing is the only way to escape the maze in my brain.
30/05/20222 minutes 1 second
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I am not in control of my life, fate is.
29/05/202239 seconds
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Scared of the dark

I used to be scared of the dark, but that was only until the monsters managed to trap me. Now, it's all that i long for.
29/05/20221 minute 40 seconds
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The moon, not the sun.

I am the moon. The moon shows more emotion than the sun and allows people to know their not alone in their battles, and so, i am the moon.
20/04/20221 minute 26 seconds
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Bad mental health

Life will be worth living one day.
13/02/20224 minutes 15 seconds
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the mirror

the person i see isn’t me anymore, it’s someone completely different and i wish i knew who it was.
17/10/20211 minute 55 seconds
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I stare at the pictures i have...

I stare hopelessly wondering if you’d ever come back
26/04/20212 minutes 37 seconds
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“not all men”

TW: i say you referring to men and the evidence for 97% of women is on this website-
20/03/20211 minute 20 seconds
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never wanted to miss you this way

a poem about everyone telling you it’s good to miss someone but you know you miss them too much
08/03/202151 seconds
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The script

Maybe the credits should just role
28/02/20211 minute 2 seconds
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Broken TimeZone

A clock is right twice a day, but only if it stops after being perfect beforehand
27/02/202144 seconds
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i love you.
27/02/202134 seconds
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The kind of girl

I want to be the kind of girl who...
27/02/20211 minute 17 seconds
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small simple poem about how a girl held on
27/02/202135 seconds
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the night sky

this is my view on the night sky, some may relate some may not. But it’s always best to hear other peoples view on life
08/02/20211 minute 32 seconds
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self esteem

this episode goes on about self esteem and how only a few people are lucky to have good amounts of self esteem whereas others suffer with separation anxiety because they let someone else replace what they were missing
05/02/20212 minutes
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Self love

this episode goes on about self love and doing things you want to do in life, without worrying about the love society has formed between one another. (It was inspired by someone i watch and i loved the way she worded it so i kept some phrases the same but then again i added and changed things to make it more personal to me)
04/02/20211 minute 35 seconds
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indescribable beauty

This is the first of many small writing pieces that i’ve wrote. This one is about indescribable beauty of another person. You can interpret this any way you want to. (It was inspired by someone i watch but yet again i changed and added stuff to make it more personalised)
03/02/202158 seconds