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Do you ever wonder why you’re able to accomplish some goals but not others? Or why you can sustain certain habits, but struggle with creating and maintaining other habits? Have you ever asked yourself “What is wrong with me?” Isn’t it time you created REAL and SUSTAINABLE change, and stepped into being your most EXTRAORDINARY self? I’m your host, Sandra Chuma. I’m a certified life, business, habits and mindfulness coach. My mission is to live my life on purpose and with purpose, and inspire you to do the same. Through the WORTHY Podcast I’ll be sharing practical and actionable information, resources and tools to help you achieve your goals… without overwhelm! I’ll be showing you how it’s possible to create lasting change in your life. This podcast is a reminder that you are worthy. You are worthy of being, doing, and having the life of your dreams.
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095 | 5 C’s That Guarantee Your Success Story!

We’re all looking for the secret to success. What’s the key that will unlock the door to our extraordinary life? While no one has yet found the potion that will magically make you successful, there are some simple but powerful steps you can take to crack the code to an extraordinary life. In this video I share 5 C’s that are guaranteed to make you a success story.
27/10/20239 minutes 24 seconds
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094 | 5 Myths About Self-Love

In this episode I share 5 myths about self-love, and how self-love is also really the foundation for anything and everything that you want in your life.  
06/06/202313 minutes 17 seconds
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093 | 3 Tools To Help You Get Through Hard Times

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30/05/202318 minutes 32 seconds
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092 | 3 Daily Questions That Will Change Your Life

Today I want to share with you three questions that will change your life. I've been asking myself these questions every single day since the beginning of the year, and it has had such a profound impact on me and how I go through every single day.
16/05/202310 minutes 40 seconds
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091 | How to Create Affirmations That Actually Work

In this week’s episode, I am sharing 5 steps to create affirmations that actually work. I also talk about understanding what an affirmation is, why they don’t work for some people, how the subconscious mind works in this aspect, and why we need to constantly repeat affirmations to ourselves.
09/05/202315 minutes 59 seconds
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090 | How To Learn To Love Yourself

How do you learn to love yourself? In this week’s episode, I'll share with you my eight points, eight reflections on what I think might be a foundation for you to start to enable your self love relationship.
02/05/202323 minutes 13 seconds
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089 | 5 Steps to Finding Your Purpose

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04/04/202315 minutes 56 seconds
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088 | 5 Steps to Overcoming Fear

Everybody has fear. Our fears might look different, but everybody at some point, somewhere in their life has a fear. But it's not about being fearless, it's about fearing less. In this episode, I share 5 steps that will help you overcome your fear so that you can make your quantum leap to achieving your goals.
28/03/202323 minutes 36 seconds
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087 | The 4 Things You Need To Achieve Your Goals

This episode is actually a quick insight of what I shared in my Quantum Leap Masterclass. We've all said it at some point – “This is the year that I quantum leap into my next level.” And yet, why is it that research says that 80% of people never achieve their goals? In this episode, I'm going to tell you the four things that are stopping you from achieving your goals and what you can do about it.
21/03/202316 minutes 46 seconds
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086 | If You've Ever Felt Unworthy

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14/03/202317 minutes 45 seconds
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085 | The 4 Words Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams

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09/03/202314 minutes 59 seconds
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084 | Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

In this episode, listen to how asking my husband to cut my hair turned out to be a valuable lesson on self-worth! And yes, we all deserve nice clean towels!  
28/02/20236 minutes 55 seconds
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083 | 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Sign up for The Worthy Mastermind at Today, I'm sharing some really important questions to ask yourself – these important questions that inspired me to make some really big decisions in my life recently, so big that I literally packed up my apartment and got on the road. In fact, this episode was recorded while sailing down the Nile River.  In this episode, learn what these 3 questions are and how it is changing my life, and how it can also change yours.
13/12/202215 minutes 9 seconds
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082 | Own Your Abundance

When you own your abundance, everything changes. Abundance flows through you easily and generously. Money becomes an expression of your energy and creativity instead of a limitation. You begin to relax because you know full well that there is more than enough for everyone. In this episode, I share the importance of understanding your money mindset, the money stories we tell ourselves, and the philosophy of Ubuntu.
06/12/202211 minutes 17 seconds
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081 | How to become a Powerhouse Woman with Lindsey Schwartz

Lindsey Schwartz is an entrepreneur and big dreamer. She started her first business part-time at age 26, and over the next several years became an accomplished fitness athlete, full-time entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She is passionate about building community and believes women are most successful when they collaborate and sincerely root for one another to win. Lindsey is the bestselling author of “Powerhouse Woman: How to get out of your own way, fulfill your unique purpose, and live a powerful life.” After seeing numerous women in her life stop short of pursuing their own entrepreneurial dreams because of fear and self-doubt, she saw the need for more honest conversations about the ups & downs of entrepreneurship in order to show women that they don’t have to have it all together to get started. From this, the Po
29/11/202259 minutes 39 seconds
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080 | Own Your Weird with Angie Lee

Angie claims that she “has been an entrepreneur since diapers,” and was hosting conferences for her Barbies already at a young age. She wasn’t the type to follow rules and color in the lines as a little girl. She started her first business at 19 years old and has never looked back since. A natural comedian, Angie and loves to make people laugh. In this episode, she talks about being authentic and “owning your own weird.” She shares her journey on entrepreneurship, how she navigates life with ADHD, as well as her experience as an influencer on social media. Angie is also the co-founder of her wellness brand, Soul, and hosts her own podcast, The Angie Lee Show. Angie Lee’s website: <span style="font-
22/11/202256 minutes 9 seconds
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079 | Learning To Trust Your Intuition with Francesca Sipma

Francesca is a certified breathwork coach and hypnotherapist. She helps people come into alignment with their highest selves and live more meaningful lives of purpose and impact. Francesca has been able to utilize the tools she teaches to transcend anxiety, self-doubt, unhealthy relationship patterns, addiction and more. She is passionate about infusing psychology, spirituality and science to guide transformative growth experiences. In this episode, Francesca talks about listening to your intuition, and how breathwork is the catalyst to developing your mind to heart connection, and strengthening your intuition. She also shares the tools she had learned and created in the aspect of breathwork, hypnotherapy, and visioning. Francesca’s Website:</
15/11/202245 minutes 54 seconds
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078 | Learning How To Thrive in Neurodiverse Parenting with Sarah Intonato

At a young age, Sara’s eldest son, Rocco, started to show symptoms of autism. Doctors informed her that he was “non-verbal” and may never interact in a normal comprehensible way. In this episode, Sara talks about her experience as a parent, how they overcame all the challenges that came with neurodiverse parenting, and all the life lessons she had learned even from her own children. She also talks about the documentary film created about her son entitled ‘Rocco Up’, which is a beautiful testimony to limitless family love and community support. Sara has established a neurodiversity consultancy to help other parents with special needs children. She offers guidance for everyday scenarios, and also advises for the longer term, from cultivating a support system within the community to advocating with institutions and legislators. Learn about the documentary film ROC
08/11/202256 minutes 31 seconds
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077 | How To Make The Right Decision

How do you make life decisions? I'm not talking about what ice cream flavor to pick kind of decision, I'm talking about decisions that would completely change my life. I'm sure you've had to make those, whether it was what job to take, whether or not to get married, whether to move to another state or another country, all of these big life decisions that have a huge impact. In this episode, I would like to share the steps I follow – specifically the 5 questions that I would ask myself in making major life decisions. Hopefully, if you're in the process of making a decision for yourself, this might be usefu.
01/11/202212 minutes 16 seconds
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076 | You Are Worthy of Your Dreams (Powerhouse Women Speech)

This week’s episode features Sandra’s speech at the Powerhouse Women live event held last August 27, 2022. Sandra shares her story and talks about the three valuable life lessons that she had learned from her grandmother that led her to achieving and becoming who she is now. Learn more about Powerhouse Women at:
25/10/202235 minutes 15 seconds
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075 | 5 Books That Will Make You Wealthy

I recently polled my audience and asked what is the number one thing that they want more of in their life. Can you guess what they said? It’s money. We all want more abundance in our lives. We all want money. Yes, I know money does not buy you happiness, but here's what money does do. Money buys you the freedom to make the choices that make you happy.  In this episode, I want to share five books that I've read that I truly believe are the key to you creating more wealth, more abundance, and more money in your life. Although the books that I am going to recommend might surprise you because they aren’t what you might expect, like books about investing or crypto. These books that I recommend are based on the fundamental belief that money is a mindset. Having money and abundance starts first with how you think and what you believe to be true, and these 5 books will
18/10/202218 minutes 13 seconds
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074 | Creating Abundance Through Choosing Joy with Jill Stevens

Jill wrote her first 100 page story in 6th grade. At 19, she started writing 2,500 words a day - which led to her to writing 18 million words just for fun. For over two decades, Jill has quietly purple-penned bestselling words ghostwriting for others, and also published her own writings under numerous pseudonyms. Now, with her debut book published under her own name (Create Your Most Delicious Life: Life's a Bitch, Especially Now, Make it a JOY!), Jill steps into the sunlight of her own creativity to model what's possible for others.  In this episode, Jill shares her journey to becoming a writer, her experiences as a ghostwriter and why she writes under pseudonyms, the stories behind the books she has written, and a great deal about the power of choosing joy in your life. Jil
11/10/202249 minutes 33 seconds
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073 | Creating Abundance Through Energy, Frequency, and Alignment with Ichel Francis

Ichel Francis has always been aware of her intuitive and psychic abilities, but she suppressed them for a long time due to negative reactions from those around her. After her mother passed away, she began to question everything she thought she knew and eventually realized her true calling was to help others find their personal power and live their best life. Through 1-1 coaching and the community she has created, Goddess Moon Circle, Ichel guides women to see their own potential and teaches them how to live a life of peace, joy, and well-being. In this episode, Ichel talks about building self-trust and using your intuition as a guide. She also shares how your thoughts are a powerful tool, and how to use it to reclaim your power, take control of your life and choose the change that you want. Ichel is also hosts the Aligned Alchemy Podcast. <span st
04/10/202254 minutes 6 seconds
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072 | How to Balance Our Energy with Self-Love and Meditation with Dr. Jeannie Arunima

Dr. Jeannie Arunima is the Founder of Golden Life Audio Journeys, where she takes on the mantle of healer, mentor, and meditation guide. There she shares her gifts in ancient yogic wisdom and Japanese energy healing methods to help people to reconnect with their innate healing power so they can live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. She is also the host of The Wellspring Within podcast, a safe space dedicated to inner healing and exploring your inner path to nurture your wellbeing so that you can live the life that you love. Jeannie's work is based on the belief that "When we heal ourselves, we heal our world,"  and so, talks a lot about how we are all energetically-connected beings, and that our thoughts, emotions, and actions impact not only our own lives but also the lives of others.  Links Mentioned In This Episode:</stron
27/09/202251 minutes 51 seconds
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071 | Self-worth is the Key to Abundance with Amber Lilyestrom

Amber Lilyestrom is a business mentor, branding expert, author, and speaker who helps coaches and creatives help more people and make more money. She spent 10 years working in collegiate athletics marketing before launching her business where she was recognized as one of the top sports marketing professionals in the nation. She is the author of ‘Master Your Money Mind’ and ‘Paddle Home’, and also hosts her own podcast, The Amber Lilyestrom Show. In this second part of our conversation with Amber, she talks about self-worth, the journey of self-trust, and allowing yourself to receive the same amount of love you give. Amber Lilyestrom’s website: Amber on Instagram: @amberlilyestrom
20/09/202227 minutes 17 seconds
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070 | Your Dreams Are Your Direction with Amber Lilyestrom

Amber Lilyestrom is a business mentor, branding expert, author, and speaker who helps coaches and creatives help more people and make more money. She spent 10 years working in collegiate athletics marketing before launching her business where she was recognized as one of the top sports marketing professionals in the nation. She is the author of ‘Master Your Money Mind’ and ‘Paddle Home’, and also hosts her own podcast, The Amber Lilyestrom Show. In the first of this two-part episode, Amber talks about her personal journey, and the importance of listening to our dreams and really taking them seriously. Amber Lilyestrom’s website: Amber on Instagram: @amberlilyestrom Amber’s
13/09/202233 minutes 21 seconds
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069 | Creating New Paradigms of Wealth, Worthiness & Success with Anna Lozano

Anna Lozano is a multifaceted entrepreneur who loves adventure, creation, and helping others. Together with her business partner, they had founded Love Powered Co., an affirmation company that brings mindfulness, connection, and gratitude to women and families around the world.  Anna has experienced a lot of success in product-based businesses, network marketing, and coaching over the last 12+ years. She is something of a magician when it comes to mentoring other female entrepreneurs in embodying their own success stories.  If you're looking for someone who knows how to create success from the inside out, Anna is your girl! She is passionate about helping women realize their fullest potential and creating businesses that make a positive impact on the world. Anna’s Website: <
23/08/202250 minutes 5 seconds
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068 | Healing Through Gratitude with Padma Ali

Padma Ali is a life coach and therapist who helps her clients tap into their inner wisdom, remove energetic blueprints that are holding them back, and evolve to reach new levels of spiritual awakening. She has over 20 years of experience as a licensed Psychotherapist, is a Certified Life Coach, Hypnotist & NLP Practitioner. Padma has also trained extensively in traditional and non-traditional modalities, including Energy Healing. Padma’s website: Padma on Instagram: @padmaali
16/08/202232 minutes 8 seconds
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067 | Recalibrating for Million Dollar Success with Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton has been building is the founder of Millionaire Girls Club and co-founder of Wealthy Course Creators. She has been building businesses from the ground up since 2012, so she's no rookie when it comes to brandishing her entrepreneurial know-how. Together with her husband, Josh, they have built a multiple seven-figure business by creating digital courses that teach women how to build wealth and create financial freedom.
09/08/202238 minutes 34 seconds
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066 | How to Deal With Grief (and the right thing to say to people who are grieving) with Candyce Ossefort-Russell

Candyce Ossefort-Russell, LPC-S is a psychotherapist, writer, speaker, and therapist trainer in private practice in Austin, Texas. She’s the founder of the DEEP (Dynamic Enriched Experiential Psychotherapy) Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy Training where she counsels, supervises, writes, and teaches from an attachment-based experiential perspective in the areas of trauma, grief, and life transition. Candyce is known for her warm and emotionally engaged style that creates a safe and connected atmosphere for growth and learning. Candyce’s Website: Candyce on Instagram: @cor
26/07/202259 minutes 43 seconds
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065 | 6 Steps To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Join my 90-minute masterclass on Eliminating Impostor Syndrome! Visit Research says that 82% of people at some point in their lives, feel impostor syndrome. Impostor Syndrome has also been found to be most prevalent with women. For most people, Impostor Syndrome looks like self-doubt, questioning whether what you do is actually good enough. Sometimes it shows itself as perfectionism where we feel like you've got to do everything absolutely perfectly, where we feel like we've got to be better than everybody else for us to matter. It can show up as not wanting to take any responsibility, because if you take on responsibility, you’ll have to do a really good job. Impostor Syndrome can be debilitating and self-sabotaging to our success and self-worth, so in this episode, I share 6 steps to overcome this.
21/07/202218 minutes 14 seconds
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064 | Your Are Worthy of Your Desires with Angharad Sage

Angharad Sage is a Galactic Money Mentor. As a serial entrepreneur from a very early age, by the time she was 27 she had built 3 different brick and mortar businesses to six figures and in 2019 founded her online presence as a coach and mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs. Angharad Sage Ltd is now a multiple 7-figure brand that teaches people to master their intuition and hold their duality, in order to precipitate their desires into their 3D reality. She is a homeschooling, conscious parenting Mumma to her 2 young children and currently resides in New Zealand with her partner, Luke. Angharad Sage on Instagram: @angharadsage Join Angharad’s Telegram:</spa
05/07/202246 minutes 24 seconds
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063 | Are You Really Worthy Of Abundance?

Throughout my coaching experience, there is a common limiting belief that so many people have. It is the belief that they are not worthy of having the abundance that they want in their life, however they might define abundance. In this episode, I share a good analogy of how this limiting belief shows up in people’s lives, and the truth we all should know about it.
21/06/202213 minutes 41 seconds
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062 | The One Thing Standing In The Way Of Your Abundance

Most of us were never taught what abundance is, how to be abundant, and how to allow abundance into our lives. Why is it that we expect that we should just know?  Today, I want to talk about something that is so foundational about abundance, however you define abundance. In this episode, I talk about why the first thing that stands in the way of your abundance is YOU – specifically, you judging yourself for where you are.
14/06/202210 minutes 43 seconds
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061 | Money Comes From How You Think and Feel About It

It Is still mind boggling to me that kids go to school, and there isn't a class where they truly learn about money. Yes, there are the mechanics of money – you put your money in a savings account, you save and then that makes interest, or you invest in stocks. That's one part of it.  But there's a step before that so many of us have never been taught, and that step is the fact that money comes from how you think and how you feel about it.  We have been taught that money comes from hard work, that you need to hustle, that money only happens for certain people who are special, or you have to have been born with money. The truth is one of the most common struggles people have with money is that they do not feel that they're worthy to have the money that they want to have. 
07/06/202215 minutes 7 seconds
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060 | Seizing Your Own Power with Chidiogo Akunyili-Parr

Chidiogo Blessing Akunyili-Parr’s name roughly translates as ‘God is gracious with blessings and my cup overflows’. It’s an appropriate name for a woman whose list of accomplishments is so impressive. She’s been voted one of the ‘100 Most Influential Young Africans,’ ‘100 Most Influential Nigerians,’ she’s been a World Economic Forum Global Leadership Fellow, and she speaks 7 languages! As a writer and storyteller, Chidiogo has written a biography about her late mother, Professor Dora Akunyili, who was Nigeria’s first head of the country’s National Agency of Food and Drug Administration (NAFDAC). Her book entit
31/05/202255 minutes 51 seconds
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059 | Creating Your Identity and Taking Charge of Your Life with Iona Holloway

In this second part of our conversation with best-selling author, coach, and speaker, Iona Holloway, we learn more about identity, awareness, and self-worth from her journey. She shares the turning point in her struggle with an eating disorder that led her to take the practical steps to change, and how embedding worthiness in her identity became her renewable source of energy in life. Growing up with the standards of ‘perfection’, Iona navigates through these beliefs and how it affected her both mentally and physically, and how she believes that every experience teaches us something valuable, even if we get lost at some point.In this episode, Iona shares more about her book, Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink, <span style= "font-we
24/05/202235 minutes 44 seconds
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058 | How Breathwork Can Change Your Life with Iona Holloway

This week, we talk to best-selling author, coach, and speaker, Iona Holloway. Iona was really an achiever early in life, doing well in both academics and athleticism. But despite all her achievements, she struggled with an eating disorder that was her ‘coping mechanism for survival’, as she would put it. She also shares how living with this struggle and pain became her mobilizer to jumping into the opportunity to become a professional athlete.  Iona played field hockey at a national level in Scotland and an All-American level at Syracuse University.  In the first of this two-part episode, Iona tells us about her silent struggle in this journey, and how wawa able to make the change for her recovery, leading to her writing her book, Ghost. She also reali
17/05/202231 minutes 20 seconds
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057 | How To Change Your Beliefs

Who we are starts with the beliefs that we hold, what we believe is true of ourselves. What beliefs do you hold?  What does your bank account say about the beliefs that you hold?  What does your body and health say about the beliefs that you hold?  What do your relationships say about the beliefs that you hold?  Ask yourself, “What are the beliefs that I would need to hold for me to live the life that I want, to create the business that I want, to create my dream life?” – the dream life that you are perfectly capable of creating for yourself.  In this episode, I share the origins of where our beliefs usually come from, how to identify, question and examine them, and ultimately how
10/05/202228 minutes 30 seconds
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056 | Get Off the Bench: 4 Keys to Step Into Your Dream Life

My father used to say to me all the time, “Sandra, your success will have no meaning unless you bring others with you.”  In my journey, I had gotten carried away by the quest for more and more – thinking that my happiness would lie at the other end of more.  If I could just make more money.  If I could just have more shoes.  If I could just get the next dream car.  And as I checked off each of those milestones, it was empty. It was hollow.  What was it that I was doing to fulfill the words that my father had said to me about bringing others with me?  It took me a really long time to get to the point where I figured out what my purpose
03/05/202217 minutes 21 seconds
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055 | Changing Your Mindset & Self-Talk to Create a Successful Business with Susan Reoch

This week we get to have a conversation with UX Copywriter and Entrepreneur, Susan Reoch. Susan is a User Experience (UX) Copywriter and Strategist. She has invested a lot of time and effort in finding and defining the connective tissue between UX and copywriting, and has mastered it. This has become her competitive advantage, allowing her to write web copy quickly and effectively. Susan has become the go-to person for UX copywriting, earning 6-figures in her second year of business, and launching UX to Profit — a group coaching program that teaches copywriters about UX. In this episode, Susan shares her journey into entrepreneurship – what got her started, the challenges, the wins, and even gives some insights and advice for as
26/04/202239 minutes 56 seconds
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054 | The only person who could ever complete you is YOU

This episode was taken from Sandra’s Instagram Live broadcast the day before Valentine’s Day. We are sharing it here because she delivers a very powerful message that everyone needs to hear. - The WORTHY Team We have been fed this romantic notion about someone ‘completing’ you. Who remembers the famous line from Jerry Maguire – “You complete me.” That is the kind of love that we are sometimes looking for – someone who completes us.  But that's not true. The only person who can ever complete you is you. The only person who can give you the love that you deserve is you.
19/04/20225 minutes 57 seconds
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053 | What If the PEACE we're looking for all starts with us?

It's really challenging not to feel overwhelmed, overcome, despondent, and sad with all of the things that are happening in the world.  Oftentimes when things are going so horribly wrong, whether it's in our personal lives, or whether it's in the world at large, we often look to large solutions.  We're looking for world leaders to step in and fix things and go to the United Nations.  We're looking for bosses.  We’re looking for really big things.  For most of my school life, I went to a convent school. I wasn't Catholic growing up, but I went to a convent school because it was one of the best schools in the city that I lived in. I learned many prayers, many of which I have forgotten, but the one that has stayed with me and on
12/04/202214 minutes 44 seconds
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052 | 3 Reasons Jealousy Is NOT A Bad Thing

Have you ever been jealous of somebody else's success? Have you ever felt jealous of someone who achieved something that you wanted? I'll put my hand up because, yes, I have felt jealous of other people's success. As good little girls, we were taught that being jealous is a bad thing. I'm a preacher's kid too, and in church we were taught that it is evil to even want something that someone else has. Envy is a bad thing.  You do not want to feel those bad feelings, and yet, all feelings are valid. And so when we say to ourselves, “Don't feel jealous,” we are suppressing our feelings. When we suppress our feelings, bad things happen. When we don't process our feelings and they just stay stuck in our bodies, unprocessed feelings lead to so many issues, including physical manifestations as disease.  And so why do I thin
05/04/202215 minutes 49 seconds
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051 | How to Create An Alter-Ego and Activate Your Courageous Self with Lisa Carpenter

Welcome back to the conclusion of our 2-part series featuring my conversation with transformational life coach and rockstar fitness advocate - Lisa Carpenter. In this episode, Lisa shares her story about how she wound up in the world of competitive fitness and how her amazing journey unraveled when she began to fully embrace her femininity and sexuality. She dives deep into how she created her alter ego, who is a powerful and unapologetic version of herself, and how this persona helped her deal with the shame and judgment that she's experienced regarding her body. Have you been wrestling with the concept of self-worth lately? We got you! Come join us in this episode, it’s about time for you to reclaim your power and embrace your inner goddess. ABOUT OUR GUEST:
29/03/202230 minutes 26 seconds
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050 | How to Set Boundaries (AND Love Yourself Courageously!) with Lisa Carpenter

In this episode, we're talking about boundaries! Why they're important, how to start setting them, and reflections on how we love (or don't love) ourselves. We kick off this 2-part series featuring my mentor, Lisa Carpenter, with a much needed discussion on why it's so important for us to learn how to set boundaries and honor our relationship with ourselves.  Lisa and I talked about what boundaries are, and she also shared her own personal experiences to paint a picture of what it looks like when we start setting boundaries in our everyday relationships. One of the main things I took away from this conversation is that setting boundaries is a reflection of how we love ourselves. Yes, setting boundaries is an act of self-care and self-love. Lisa shared how when we don't love and respect ourselves enough, boundaries o
22/03/202229 minutes 42 seconds
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049 | 3 Reasons Why You Don't Have What You Want

One of my biggest complaints about my husband is that he is the least romantic person that I know. He's not a Valentine's Day kind of guy.    I'm always telling my husband, “You're not romantic. You don't do anything romantic for me.” But just before Valentine’s Day, he said to me, “I'd really like to do something romantic for you this Valentine's Day. What would you like?”   I did the double blink thing, because I realized in that moment something that I had not ever realized before – I didn’t know what I wanted. All of this time, I've been complaining about how my husband never did anythi
15/03/202221 minutes 30 seconds
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048 | What Your Pain is Telling You (and Why You Need to Listen to Your Body) with Jake Currie

There's a lot of truth to the saying "pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong." In fact, pain is an incredibly important signal from our bodies that something needs our attention.  So, why are we neglecting this signal? Why do we glorify our heightened pain thresholds and make being in pain the norm? Jake Currie, Founder of Mind Body Masters, says that most inexplicable physical pains we’re experiencing often stem from repressed emotions, and that pain is simply our body’s response to being in a prolonged state of distress. He also talks a lot about how stress and trauma can manifest itself on different parts of our body. Join us in this episode, as we go through what our emotions are showing us, and why we need to start LISTENING to our PAIN to heal what ails us. ABOUT OUR GU
08/03/202249 minutes 38 seconds
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047 | 3 Life Lessons from a Pineapple

I love pineapple. I could eat it all day, every day! I'm always looking at ways that I can learn life lessons in the most unusual ways. I feel like when we learn things in unusual ways, it helps them to stick. One of the things that I wanted to know was how this gorgeous pineapple ended up in the produce section at my local supermarket, and so I did some research to find out. How do pineapples grow? Where do they grow? What can I learn about pineapples? What I learned in learning about pineapples really struck me as valuable life lessons that we can learn and apply in our lives. In this episode, I share three life lessons I have learned from pineapples.
01/03/202219 minutes 57 seconds
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046 | What is the promise that you're making to yourself?

Have you ever stopped to think about all the promises or the vows or the commitments that you make to other people for the things you'll do for other people? Now, here's the thing. If Self-Love is the foundation of everything that you have in your life, if you feeling worthy to have, to be, to do all of the things that you want for yourself, what are the commitments that you're making to yourself to get there? What's the promise that you're making to yourself?
22/02/202214 minutes 16 seconds
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045 | I had an argument with my husband

I had an argument with my husband, and it set me off. I was so mad that I didn't speak to him for the rest of the day. I felt like I was put in a corner. You do not put me in a corner. This is my business, my thing. And I got all mad.  I was unable to go through my morning meditation the next day because I was so mad… but I had to remember something that I had learned in my meditation teacher training.  One of the things that we had learned was the fact that everything is here to help you learn and grow. Every experience, everything that you go through – good or bad. And oftentimes when bad things happen, or things that make us angry, we want to just be in our feelings of anger, hurt, and disappointment. And yet, we miss the opportunity to look for the lesson.  In this experience, I want to share that in moments of
15/02/202216 minutes 33 seconds
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044 | Do You Trust You?

What kind of friend are you to yourself? And so we're our own best friend. Think about what that does on a subconscious level. Do you trust you? Do you trust your own word to yourself? Do you have a friend or maybe a partner, spouse, relative, a co-worker, someone in your life who you just don't trust? They have made you so many promises and they never come through. This is the friend who says, “Absolutely, I am going to be there,” and then they never show up. Or the friend who borrows money from you and says, “You know what, I will pay you back next payday. I promise you I'm going to pay you back,” and they don't. How does that make you feel? I'm gonna guess you feel let down. You feel frustrated, you might even feel angry. You stop trusting them. You stop believing anything that comes out of their mouth. Now let m
08/02/202217 minutes 43 seconds
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043 | The ONE Word You Need to Achieve Your Goals

Too many of us are fair weather friends to our goals. I'll work on it when it's convenient for me. So some of us are expecting full time results. And we only want to put in part time work. If you have not yet set your goals, if you haven't decided what it is, that's important to you this year, here's your permission slip not to feel bad about that. Just because the date changed on January 1, it does not mean that anything else changed in the world. We put so much pressure on ourselves, so much emphasis on this one day, that this is the day that we all need to suddenly become a new person. Nothing magic happened on January 1. You woke up and you're still the same person. The problems you had are still the same problems. The things that you love are still the same things that you love. But it does present for us an opportunity, an opportunity for at least symbolically, to start afresh to start anew. There's
01/02/202219 minutes 26 seconds
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042 | Reclaiming your Self-worth with Jenn Laforet

This week, we are joined by author and writer Jenn Laforet. Jenn is the founder of Write Current, publishing life enhancement guided reflection journals and programs for women. In this episode, Jenn shares her own struggle with self-worth in her life, and her journey of self-healing and self-love that led to her becoming an author and writer. She shares the most important lessons she had learned in this journey, the steps she took towards the change, and how she came up with the tools for reclaiming your self-worth – like her works of Guided Reflection Journals.  <
25/01/202251 minutes 55 seconds
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041 | Are you a bully to yourself?

We are so good at being kind and compassionate and forgiving to other people. And yet, it's so hard for us to extend that same kindness and compassion to ourselves. Sometimes the way that we speak to ourselves can actually be considered ‘violent communication’ because it's so easy for us to beat ourselves up – to be a bully to ourselves. Today, I wanted to talk about something that is a tough one. Something that is a very important part of your self-worth journey, and that is self-compassion and self-forgiveness. 
18/01/202213 minutes 36 seconds
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040 | How hypnotherapy can change your life with Mary Lou Rodriguez

This episode is Part 2 of our conversation with Mary Lou Rodriguez. “Any time your brain can not predict how a new experience will feel, it will do everything to avoid it. It doesn't matter if the feeling is amazing. It doesn't matter what it is, your brain will do everything to avoid it.” Mary Lou Rodriquez is a passionate professional Master Hypnotherapist and Subconscious Transformation Expert. She is committed to healing our world and thrives on helping people live Unstoppable Lives! She has spent the last 3.5 years helping high-level online entrepreneurs, and visionaries shift their stories, upgrade their beliefs, and transform their minds with the power of hypnosis. Mary Lou has been called a mindset ninja, brain coach and known as a secret weapon because she’s helped thousands of people across the world ov
11/01/202228 minutes 14 seconds
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039 | How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Achieve Your Goals with Mary Lou Rodriguez

Mary Lou Rodriquez is a passionate professional Master Hypnotherapist and Subconscious Transformation Expert. She is committed to healing our world and thrives on helping people live Unstoppable Lives! She has spent the last 3.5 years helping high-level online entrepreneurs, and visionaries shift their stories, upgrade their beliefs, and transform their minds with the power of hypnosis. Mary Lou has been called a mindset ninja, brain coach and known as a secret weapon because she’s helped thousands of people across the world overcome their subconscious limitations. Certified and licensed with the National Guild of Hypnotists, her advanced hypnotherapy training incorporates brain based techniques, breathing tools and brain hacks to train the beautiful mind. In part 1 of our conversation with Mary Lou, she answers some important questions and shares her insights and experiences about the following:</p
04/01/202230 minutes 47 seconds
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038 | Year End Reflection

Of all of the WORTHY pillars, the one that is most challenging for me is the R – Reflection and Rest. For years, I really didn't see the point of looking back at things that had already happened  because there was nothing I could do to change them. I used to think about the things where I had failed or hadn't achieved what I wanted to achieve, and I would use that as an opportunity to beat myself up. When it came to successes, I really look at it as, “Well, I achieved that, what’s the next thing?” Never did I really give myself the time to reflect.  It wasn't until I was in a coaching program where it was really emphasized that there was power in reflection, there was power in looking backward, and that actually looking backward was what could propel you forward. I was amazed at what I learned about myself, about the situations that kept repeating themselves in my life. I learned that it is important to ce
28/12/20216 minutes 28 seconds
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037 | 5 Tips on How To Talk To Yourself

One of the things that we do subconsciously without even realizing it, is our habits of thinking. Most people have never really thought about the fact that your thoughts are habits. When I talk about habits, most of the time people think about going to the gym or eating healthy. Rarely do we ever think about the fact that our thinking is a habit. It all comes from how we think, and also from something even smaller than that – it is the things that we say to ourselves. I read that we think roughly about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day, and of those thoughts, the majority are habitual thoughts. What's even sadder is that the majority of things we think are negative thoughts, and the majority of things that we think in our minds is our self talk the way we speak to ourselves. </spa
21/12/202126 minutes 3 seconds
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036 | How you Treat Yourself Is How You See Yourself

It is a really important point for you to remember that your self care is really reflective of how you see yourself. How you treat yourself, is how you see yourself. We need to dispel this notion that self-care is this thing that you do once in a while. Self-care is how you treat yourself every single day. There are so many other things and ways that you probably haven’t even thought of being forms of ‘self-care’ – all which I talk about in this episode. Let's make self-care something that we do every single day and we don't just save it for Sunday's or occasional spa days. What can you do to take care of you, to show you that you love you, to treat yourself the way that you deserve to be treated?
14/12/202113 minutes 28 seconds
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035 | Does Your Self-Worth equal Your Net Worth?

Is your self-worth really equal to your net worth? Do you agree with that? I used to think that. In this episode I share a personal story -- my journey on how I became what I am today. Self-worth and self-love, this is the journey of a lifetime. I truly believe that this is a journey that all of us go on, and we struggle with different things at different stages. We accept certain things, we recognize certain things, but the love affair with yourself, is the journey of a lifetime. 
07/12/202112 minutes 34 seconds
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034 | 3 Tips for Self-worth in a Relationship

One of the things that I'm so passionate about is talking about self-worth, because this has been a lifelong journey for me. I am 47 years old, and 47 years is what it has taken me to learn that everything -- whatever it is that you want in your life, whether it is love, whether it is money, whether it is a job -- everything comes down to your self-worth. It comes down to how you feel about you, how you feel you are worth in the world, the value that you put on yourself. And one of the places that we tend to give away or leak our power is in relationships.  So today I am giving you my top 3 tips for self worth, when you're in a relationship.
30/11/202115 minutes 27 seconds
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033 | My 5 Secrets for Glowing Skin

Watch the VIDEO of this episode on my YouTube channel: One of the questions that I get asked the most is, “How do you get your glowing skin?” Okay, I am not a beauty blogger. I do not play a beauty blogger on TV, or on YouTube for that matter. But given the number of people who've asked me that question, I thought I'd share with you my 5 Top Tips in less than five minutes of How to get Glowing Skin.
23/11/20217 minutes 59 seconds
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032 | Are Self-Worth Issues Genetic?

There's so much conversation right now about self-care, and yet there's really very little conversation about self-worth. I am going to make a bold statement about this: Whatever you have in your life right now -- whatever money is in your bank account, whatever your body looks like, whatever it is that you want in terms of career, in terms of relationship, whatever you have in your life, is your self worth expressed. It is your self worth. And very few people talk about that.  In this episode, I want to share the 3 things in our lives and upbringing that ultimately impacts our level of self-worth.
16/11/202119 minutes 36 seconds
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031 | Why self-care could literally save your life with Dr Katie Deming

In part 2 of my conversation with Radiation Oncologist Dr. Katie Deming, she talks about how fear and worry affects the immune system and the healing process of your body, and how stress contributes to physical illness. To address these aspects, Katie shares how she helps her patients gain the power to start healing themselves through letting go of stress and learning self-love. She gives her insights about what self love truly is, the misconceptions and cultural norms that influence our upbringing and understanding of self-care, and the importance of REST and creating space for yourself.  Katie also talks about her brand MAKEMERRY -- specially crafted intimates for women with sensitive skin (
09/11/202125 minutes 41 seconds
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030 | How to deal with Fear and Process Emotions with Dr. Katie Deming

This week, we welcome our guest expert, Dr. Katie Deming. Katie is a Radiation Oncologist. She believes in serving as a guide through the cancer journey of her patients and prides herself on educating, helping them make good decisions, and providing high-quality care throughout treatment.  Katie is also the founder of MAKEMERRY (, a brand where she has also developed a collection of intimates for women who experience skin sensitivity due to radiation treatments for breast cancer.  This episode is Part 1 of our conversation where Katie talks about her experience as an Oncologist and how she helps her patients. She shares valuable tips on how to manage fear and process emotions.  Watch out for Part 2 next week where Katie talks more about self-care.
02/11/202128 minutes 54 seconds
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029 | 7 Habits to Create A Life You Love

I literally was raised in a mud hut with no running water, and no electricity. The aspiration for me growing up was that I would get an education and I would make something of myself. What I lacked in material things I more than made up for in terms of the love and the attention that I got from my family. One thing that my grandmother would always say to me as a little girl growing up, every time she saw an airplane flying up high, she'd say to me, “Sandra, do you see that airplane up there? One day, one day you're going to be on that airplane going overseas.”  When we were on the bus, she'd be pointing out all these beautiful houses with big yards and swimming pools and she'd say to me, “Sandra, one day, one day, you're going to live in one of those houses.” And so that was the story that I grew up with this belief
26/10/202128 minutes 57 seconds
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028 | Never apologize for taking up space

I want to share something that happened to me when I was at university. Something I think we often do, especially as women, is apologize for ourselves. I was at university overwhelmed by ‘imposter syndrome’ because I was already 40 when I studied Journalism in Columbia University. I felt like I didn't really belong, as a 40 year old going back to school after having been out of school for so long.  All of the people in my class have all been journalists at stations and networks and have won awards. I was there, and I didn't even know quite honestly how to use a camera in manual mode. I felt completely like a fish out of water, and I think that showed to this particular professor. His name was Professor David Klatell.  In this one particular class, he asked a question. And I remember thinking to myself, “I don't want to be the only one looking around the room,”
19/10/202112 minutes 12 seconds
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027 | Money, Mindset and Overcoming Debt with Emily King

This week we are welcoming our first ever guest in the WORTHY podcast -- Wealth & Abundance Coach Emily King. Emily is an MBA graduate, a certified NLP practitioner, and also a certified Time Line Therapist. Emily shares her journey just after she had graduated her MBA thinking that she had it all figured out. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as she had planned and she found herself in debt, and no sense of fulfillment.  Despite her situation, Emily had always known that she was meant to do something more. In this episode, we learn about how Emily went from over $20K in student debt to $100K in savings within just 2 years, to building a half-a-million dollar dream home! She shares her experience, strategies, insights and breakthroughs on the topic of money and the psychology behind it.  <span styl
12/10/202151 minutes 35 seconds
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026 | 9 Tips to Make The Next 90 Days The Best 90 Days

We are now in the home stretch of the last quarter of the year, and I wanted to share with you 9 tips to make these last 90 days, the best 90 days of the year. I'm going to start with a confession, though. This was about the point in time in the past, when I would put my life in cruise control. I've kind of convinced myself that there are only a few more months left in the year, so I'll start in January, and I would cruise through this last quarter.  And yet, this really was a waste of a whole three months because what I can tell you is that in 90 days, you can literally change your life. You can literally achieve so much in 90 days.  These tips I will share aren't just for the last 90 days of the year, it's for any 90 days of the year.    If you've ever heard of Parkinson's Law, it says that the work expands
04/10/202117 minutes
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025 | 5 Things I wish someone had told me about marriage

The day this episode comes out is actually on my 29th wedding anniversary! My husband and I have been married for 29 years, but we have been together for 32 years. And I wanted to share with you some things that I wish somebody had told me before I got married, things that would have radically changed some of the things that happened in our relationship. In today's episode, I want to share the five things I wish I had known about marriage.
28/09/202128 minutes 50 seconds
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024 | 5 Reasons Why Your Affirmations don't work

In today's episode, what I'm going to say may be a little bit controversial, so get ready ladies to clutch your pearls, because I'm busting a myth about affirmations.  I’ll be honest and say I've been one to put affirmations out on social media. I love a good affirmation myself. So why am I saying affirmations don't work? Alright, what I said is why YOUR affirmations don't work. Affirmations in general are a fantastic tool, but I bet at some point you've probably said an affirmation like, “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.” But did you love yourself more? No, you probably didn't. Why? I'm going to tell you the five most common mistakes that I see people making when it comes to affirmations, and how you can fix them to make your affirmations more effective.
21/09/202118 minutes 20 seconds
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023 | Get curious about your subconscious mind

I recently had to move houses. People move every day all day, but it was a different kind of move for me, because this is the first time ever in my grown up life that I had moved somewhere smaller. All of my life I've been progressively living the dream where every time I moved, it was to a bigger and a better house.  Now as circumstances would have it, we ended up having to temporarily move into a smaller place while we wait for a year and a half for our permanent house to be built. So we knew that all of the stuff that we had in our old place wasn't going to fit. I really thought that we would just get a storage locker to put all our stuff that wouldn't fit. But we got to this new place, and my husband said, “Alright, we're here now. And I have one rule: whatever fits, fits, whatever doesn't fit, we're donating or recycling.”  <span style="font-
14/09/202122 minutes 15 seconds
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022 | 5 life lessons from my recent house move

Today's episode is a lot personal. I recently had to move house, and honestly, It was a nightmare. Nothing went according to plan. I actually learned more about myself. Most importantly, I have learned five life lessons in this experience that I would love to share with you.  
07/09/202116 minutes 47 seconds
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021 | 3 Key points to building sustainable habits

I want to tell you the one thing that I know is guaranteed NOT to work when it comes to creating your habits -- and it is relying on Motivation and Willpower.  Those two things are not going to help you build habits that are sustainable. So many of us are trying to get to a result, but we're not thinking about our habits in the context of them becoming a lifestyle, but only in a short term.  “I just want to get into the size of jeans.” “I just want to get to this weight.” “I just want to make a million dollars.” “I just want to start a business.” We need to be thinking about creating habits that are sustainable and that will become a part of us.
31/08/20218 minutes 3 seconds
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020 | Would I rather be right, or would I rather feel good?

Whenever you find yourself in disagreement or in conflict, whether in a romantic relationship or work relationship, it's always a great question to ask yourself -- Is this important? Will this matter a day, a week, a month, a year from now? And would I rather be right at this moment, or would I rather feel good? A lot of the time the reason we want to be right is all about ego. I want to be right, I want to be the one who came up with the idea. But sometimes being right comes at the expense of relationships and constant arguments.You have to think about it from this context and say, “Will this matter? This thing that I'm arguing about right now, in this moment that feels so big, so important -- Will it matter?” If it's not going to matter, it's not fundamentally important. As Elsa would say, “Let it go.”
24/08/20218 minutes 48 seconds
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019 | The greatest gift you can give yourself

What would you say is the most complicated relationship that you have in your life? I think most of us would immediately think of relationships with partners, spouses, parents, children. But really the most complicated relationship you will ever have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. It is so complicated, so nuanced, and the one thing that is constant is you can never get away from being with yourself.  One of the things that we all struggle with, is forgiving ourselves and letting things go. All too often we beat ourselves up with the things that we should have, could have, and would have done -- the things that we regret.  In this episode, I talk about how to give yourself the gift of forgiveness
17/08/202111 minutes 6 seconds
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018 | Where are you not showing up for yourself

Sometimes the people who win and achieve big things are not the smartest people in the room. They're not the ones who have the best ideas. They're not the ones who are better than anybody else. They are just the people who showed up consistently.  “How you do anything is how you do everything.” This was one of the things my father used to say to me when I was growing up. And so my question to you is where else in your life are you not showing up? We all talk big. We all talk about how I want to change my life and this year is going to be my year, and yet we end up exactly the same. We do the same thing over and over because we're afraid to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone.  I want to challenge you to think and ask yourself, “Where in my life am I not showing up? What can I do to show up for myself? What ca
10/08/20219 minutes 32 seconds
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017 | Your Life is a Backpack

I recently had a conversation with a mentor of mine, and I realized he had just dropped a truth bomb. He said, “You know, Sandra, I treat my life like a backpack. Every day I wake up, I pick up my backpack, and I put it on my back and I go through my day. And as I'm going through my day, I pick up different things, and I put them in my backpack. And as I get to the end of the day, I take off my backpack, I empty it out, I go to bed. And the next day, I start fresh with a new empty backpack.” What a profound way of going through life, because here's what happens. As he rightly said, every day is a new day, it's a blank slate, it's a fresh start. And yet, for many of us, we wake up, and we carry a backpack that has all of the worries of yesterday, all of the concerns, and all of the things that happened. Every day, our backpack gets heavier and heavier, and start
03/08/20219 minutes 33 seconds
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016 | How are you... REALLY?

“Sometimes we think we're good because we don't feel as bad as we used to, or it's not as bad as it's been in the past. We're still not good, we're just not bad.” My naturopathic doctor recently asked me, “How are you?”  How many times have we asked that question? or been asked that question? I responded with my standard answer. “I'm great.”  And she said, “No, really, how are you?”  It made me stop and think the way that she asked it. All too often, we say, ‘we're good, we're great’ and yet, we rarely stop to actually listen to what the person we're asking is saying, or for us to give an honest response about how we really are.  In this episode, I sha
27/07/20217 minutes 52 seconds
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015 | Why Did I Become a Coach?

I sometimes get asked why I decided to become a coach. To be 100% transparent, I did not decide to become a coach, it almost feels like coaching has chosen me in some way. In fact, ‘coach’ is a title that I really resist because I don't really see myself as a one.  My perception of a coach was someone who has it all together, and are now in a position to impart all of this valuable information. I don't have it all together. But what I share with you on this platform is what I have learned, and the lessons that I am learning as I go through life, as I aspire to be my most extraordinary self.  In this episode, I share how exactly I ended up becoming a coach -- getting several certifications and titles -- and why in the end, getting all these on-paper credentials may not have mattered as much as I thought they would.
20/07/202113 minutes 16 seconds
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014 | My Top 3 Tips for Productivity

One of the questions that I get asked most as a habits coach and as a productivity coach is, ‘How can I be more productive?’. So in this episode, I am sharing with you my 3 Top Tips for what you can do to be more productive.
13/07/202113 minutes 35 seconds
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013 | Stop Comparing Your Success

Recently, my team was able to track that our podcast -- which we had just launched a couple of months ago -- has now just exceeded 1000 downloads. In my mind, I dismissed it. And here's why.  I am friends with people who have hugely successful podcasts -- millions of downloads on a regular basis. And so when my content manager told me that we were almost at 1000 downloads, it just felt so small, so insignificant.  Then somebody else on my team called me out on this and said “If you were to have all those people who listened to our podcast in a room, that's a lot of people.” That's a lot of people who've chosen to press play on my podcast and listen to what I had to say.  And so I really had to take a pause for a moment, and realize that what I was doing was comparing myself -- the very thing that I so often speak ab
06/07/20219 minutes 14 seconds
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012 | 6 Habits You Need to Track If You Want to Be Successful

One of the things that I hear most often from people is that they find TRACKING, triggering. People have a difficult relationship with tracking because they generally use it as a way to beat themselves up.  Now, this is something that I can totally relate to. But what I know for a fact is that if you want to be successful -- achieve your goals, create that dream life, the finances, the company, the job, the relationship, or whatever it is -- there has to be some level of tracking. There has to be some way of measuring how you're doing, there has to be some way for you to know whether you're going in the right direction or not.  I also want to remind you that ultimately, tracking is just feedback. It is telling you whether you're going in the right direction, or not. If you need to change something or not. That's all it is. And the reason we often find tracking
29/06/202126 minutes 56 seconds
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011 | 5 Keys to Self-worth

How do I feel worthy? How do I feel worthy of having, doing, and being the person that I know I can become? How do I feel self-worth?  The dictionary says that ‘self-worth’ is ‘a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.’  That is powerful. And yet so many of us don't feel ‘good’ in a way that we deserve to be treated with respect. So many of us don't have boundaries when it comes to what's acceptable for ourselves.  This is very much something that has been, and truly is a lifelong struggle. It's something that we all face, as we go through life where we question ourselves -- we question our self worth.  In this episode, I wanted to share with you the five things that you can do to feel your most worthy -- five things that you can do to
22/06/202116 minutes 59 seconds
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010 | 5 Questions to find your purpose

How do I find my purpose? This is a question that I've been asking myself all through my 30s. And then when I turned 40, I had an epic meltdown because I hadn't figured out the answer to the question ‘What is my purpose?’ You see, in asking that question of ‘Why haven't I figured out what my purpose is?’ I negated everything that I had done -- all the relationships that I had created, all the academic achievements, all of the life that I had lived up until that point, and it’s because I didn't have the answer to this one question. Everything that had gone before it was meaningless.  This led me to a lot of self-reflection, introspection about what purpose is, and why we need to have a purpose in life.  The dictionary says that purpose is the reason something exists, and
15/06/202116 minutes 18 seconds
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009 | My Mt. Kilimanjaro Fail

12 years ago, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. And despite all my readiness and preparation, it did not go well.  In this episode, I am telling this story -- a story I have avoided talking about for so long -- because it is something that has been coming up for me in a new endeavor. This story is a reminder to everyone, and to myself.  This experience I share will demonstrate the power of our stories -- the power of the stories that we tell ourselves, and what we allow ourselves to believe to be true about ourselves.
08/06/202127 minutes 34 seconds
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008 | How to Change your Mindset

If there is one thing that irks and bothers me the most about people in personal development is when they say, “You just need to change your mindset!”  They make it sound as easy as changing your clothes. They tell you WHAT to do but not HOW to do it. I find it so disrespectful. It's not that simple.  So what can you do? What are the things that you practically do to take steps towards changing your mindset?  Because ultimately, yes, it is correct that everything stems from how you think -- your mindset. But changing your mindset is not an overnight thing. The decision to change could be in an instant, but the actual practicality of overcoming all the years of stories of the way you'
01/06/202115 minutes 37 seconds
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007 | 5 Habits for a Better Monday

Raise your hand if you hate Mondays. I'll put my hand up, and I'll say for a long time, I was one of those people.  On Mondays, I was always scrambling, I was always behind. And it was also just really hard to get going and motivated after the weekend, especially if it had been a long weekend. I had to start to think about what I could do to make my Monday experience better.  We're not talking here about your why and having a goal and all of that, because yes, that absolutely should be something you're excited to get going with on Mondays, assuming you work on your goals starting Monday to Friday. But for most of us, the start of the week is always a little bit challenging.  In this episode, I will share 5  things -- 5 habits that I've implemented for myself that have ma
25/05/202111 minutes 53 seconds
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006 | 5 Tips to Manage Stress

More than two thirds of people, especially in the last year, say that they've experienced some level of stress and anxiety. And more than 50% of people, according to research, say they're exhausted all the time. And so what can we do to start to take back control to start to feel less stressed out and less anxious?  In this episode, I'm going to share with you the five things that I've been using that have really helped me, and I hope they'll help you too. ARE YOU READY TO LOWER STRESS, REDUCE ANXIETY & IMPROVE SLEEP? I’ve created three free guided mindfulness audios. You can use these at any time to find calm and peace.    Free download here:
18/05/20218 minutes 11 seconds
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005 | The real definition of Self-care

Today we are talking about Self-care.  Yes, that important subject that most people seem to associate with Sunday's, but self-care isn't just about Sundays. Self-care isn't just about facials and manis and pedis. Self-care is so much deeper than that.  True Self Care is truly caring about yourself. I think we really need to make that distinction. Self- care really is about first and foremost, prioritizing yourself, making sure that you are on your priority list to begin with, and that you're not the last thing on your priority list when everything else and everyone else has been taken care of.  In this episode, I talk about true Self-Care-- taking care of your mind, your body, and your spirit.
11/05/20219 minutes 55 seconds
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004 | Who do I need to be to achieve my goals

One of the very first things that we think about when we're pursuing any goal is ‘what do I need to do?’ And so often we write down our goal, and then we think about all the action steps and all the things that we need to do.  We come up with our TO-DO list, and yet so rarely does anyone ever think about a TO-BE list.  Yes, I think that your TO-BE list is actually more important than your TO-DO list when it comes to achieving your goals. You see, anything and everything that you do is really driven by your identity -- what you believe about yourself, and a lot of this happens at the subconscious level. We are not even really aware of some of the things that are driving us towards or away from our goals.  But for you to be successf
04/05/202113 minutes 23 seconds
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003 | Why you need to plan to fail

What if I told you that one of the key missing ingredients from your goal setting is you haven't planned to fail?  Why, you might ask, should you plan to fail? Isn't the whole point of going after your goals is to be successful? You're absolutely right. But here's what happens when we're going after our goals -- and it doesn't matter whether it's a big goal or a little goal. Going after your goals is not a linear line to success. What inevitably happens is that along the way we meet with challenges and things we didn't expect, or things just don't go the way that we expected.  And so the key to success is really preparing ourselves for that, preparing our minds for the fact that, hey, things could go wrong. Things could fail. So how do you do it? In this episode, you wil
27/04/202111 minutes 14 seconds
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001 | The WORTHY Method

Hello, and welcome to this very first episode of WORTHY podcast.  In this episode, I want to share with you 6 pillars that make up WORTHY. ‘Worthy’ itself is the word -- the realization that you absolutely are worthy. You are deserving, just as you are, you don't need to be or to do anything to be worthy of stepping into your dream life. But I also wanted to be able to give practical tools, tips, and information to help you to help you get over that hump of fear when it shows up.  But in this platform, WORTHY is also a mnemonic for 6 pillars that I have created. These 6 pillars are all about helping you step into your extraordinary life, helping you achieve your goals, and helping you achieve your dreams without overwhelm.  Listen in and learn all about the 6 pillars tha
29/03/202113 minutes 20 seconds
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002 | Fear

I wanted to start this episode with a confession.  You see, I've been procrastinating about recording this episode. I've been planning and prepping for this episode for what feels like months, and what I realized is that I was afraid. I was afraid to press record.  What's so funny is that I am a life coach, a business coach, and a habits coach. This is exactly what I work with -- people that I coach on getting over fear. And yet here I was finding all kinds of reasons not to press the record button. I thought I'd call myself out, and I wanted to share it just so that we can all feel and know that there is nothing wrong with fear.
29/03/202118 minutes 17 seconds
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000 | Introduction to WORTHY Podcast

Hey, I'm Sandra, and I wanted to let you know that I'm launching a new podcast.  In this podcast, I'm going to be sharing with you tools, tips, tricks, information that I've gathered, and information that my guests will be bringing to you all about how you can fully step into the power that you have.  It'll be a reminder that you are worthy. One of my favorite quotes is from Glinda from The Wizard of Oz. Glinda, the Good Witch, tells Dorothy at the end of her journey, a line that really resonated with me.  She says, “You've always had the power, my dear. You've had it all along.”  And that's what I truly believe. We all have the power. We all have it within us -- to be, to do, to have whatever it is that we aspire to, whateve
29/03/20213 minutes 55 seconds