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Worst Dates Podcast

English, Social, 1 season, 19 episodes, 9 hours, 13 minutes
Luke Franks and Arielle Free dig into dating lives, to draw out the terrible, awkward and just plain embarrassing.
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Worst Dates vs Life Hacks

Something a bit different this week, as we do a collaboration episode with our friends at the Life Hacks podcast. Katie Thistleton and Dr Radha joins Luke and Arielle to spill their dating secrets, plus we address some dating problems sent in by the Life Hacks listeners.
8/16/201937 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Mac Twins

Is it awkward when twins talk about sex and dating in front of each other? We find out the answer to that on this episode with Luke Franks and Arielle Free. Plus we discuss nudes and chunky thighs (in two different conversations).
8/16/201926 minutes, 1 second
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Danielle Peazer and Brennan Reece

Sitting in a pool of vomit while trying to chat up a girl isn’t ideal, but it happened to one of our guests this week. Plus, Ukranian bear trainers and being taken on a date to McDonalds (which we can all agree is not acceptable behaviour).
8/16/201932 minutes, 35 seconds
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Olivia Attwood and Alex Hobern

Broken arms and wee on the carpet. Just two dating disasters this week from Love Island star Olivia Attwood and the winner of The Circle Alex Hobern. Plus, a catfishing story that beggars belief.
8/16/201928 minutes, 7 seconds
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Jack Maynard and Yasmin Evans

Zoos, kidnapping and papparazzi - all feature in this week’s selection of Worst Dates with Luke Franks and Arielle Free. Plus, that feeling when your ex’s parents prefer you to their new partner. Quite awkward.
8/16/201920 minutes, 38 seconds
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Rose and Rosie

We have our first couple on Worst Dates and it turns out one of their most memorable bad dates was spent together. Let’s just say, it must be true love after what they went through. Plus, quite a confusing story about a jellyfish.
8/16/201924 minutes, 51 seconds
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Grace Victory and Sam Thompson

Why is Sam Thompson so terrible at chatting up girls? Find out some of his not-so-successful flirting techniques, while Grace Victory tells us about a Nando’s disaster. Plus author Gabby Fernie remember her worst ever date - and it was on national television too!
8/16/201933 minutes, 13 seconds
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Dick and Dom

Being shouted at by Brian May isn’t something you get to do every day, but find out why that happened on someone’s date as Dick and Dom give us a rare insight into their personal lives. Plus, a listener story that left us all completely speechless.
8/16/201926 minutes, 31 seconds
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Niki and Sammy

Angry saxophonists, theme park nightmares and being kicked in the balls. Plus Lauren Mahon brings her absolute a-game with three incredible worst date stories.
8/16/201935 minutes, 12 seconds
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Jessica Anne Woodley and Joe Tasker

Ever panicked and put your head in your bag to avoid someone? Jessica Anne Woodley has a story about that, plus Joe Tasker tells Luke Franks and Arielle Free about the time he bumped a car on a date - but there’s a twist. Elsewhere, tables are flipped and dogs are sick - all in a day’s work here on Worst Dates.
8/16/201933 minutes, 33 seconds
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James McVey and Montana Brown

Toes and feet, thumbs and bums, and terrible chat up lines are all on the table with Luke Franks and Arielle Free on this episode. Plus, why does James think dating is like being in prison, and why he nearly never saw his fiancé again after their second date.
8/16/201937 minutes
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Bonus Ep 2: Your Stories

Another bonus episode of some of our favorite stories from YOU!
8/16/201914 minutes, 59 seconds
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Bonus Ep: Your Stories

Picking up dates in a local shop, throwing up over a balcony and some confusion between a tuxedo and a wetsuit - all this is on the menu with Luke and Arielle this week as they go through some of your best stories.
8/16/201919 minutes, 8 seconds
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Kira Kosarin, Munroe Bergdorf and Josh Pieters

Are magic tricks a good way to chat someone up? Kira Kosarin certainly thinks so - she tells us about some of her worst dates, as well as the ways NOT to chat her up if you see her around. Munroe Bergdorf and Josh Pieters are in the studio with Luke Franks and Arielle Free and tell us their stories of being catfished and ghosted, as well as why Munroe has gone off men completely. Not that that stops Josh trying his luck...
8/16/201935 minutes
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New Hope Club

A rescue mission in LA involving a taxi driver and a whole band. That’s one of the stories the New Hope Club boys tell Arielle Free and Luke Franks - we also hear why Rhys can never go to the cinema again, why Arielle has lost her voice PLUS a man gets chased around Scarborough by a drag queen. Don’t say we don’t do variety on this podcast.
8/16/201924 minutes, 47 seconds
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Marnie Simpson and Russell Kane

It’s hard to guess why a dog’s anal glands would be part of a date, but for one of this week’s guests they were. Marnie and Russell also discuss drowning in champagne and dirty knickers with Luke Franks and Arielle Free, and to cap it all off, we have the definitive ‘sliding into the DMs’ story. Plus, Charlotte De Carle’s worst date story, which involves many tears, awkward spooning and a trip to Paris.
8/16/201928 minutes, 30 seconds
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Megan Barton-Hanson and Mark Ferris

Cuban Heels, being called 'daddy', and egg on someone’s face - Luke Franks and Arielle Free hear stories about all these and more as this week’s guests tell us their awful dating experiences, plus Ashley James tells us about the ‘worst day of her life’ (spoiler, it was a very, very bad date).
8/16/201925 minutes, 18 seconds
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Sideman and Georgia Kousoulou

Have you ever taken an entire Chinese takeaway into the cinema? Sideman has. Problem is, there’s only one thing that TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou hates on dates, and that’s people eating. They both reveal tell their worst past dating experiences to Luke Franks and Arielle Free – which gets interesting for Georgia, because her boyfriend Tommy Mallet is also in the studio listening in, and she didn’t tell him what the podcast was about beforehand!
8/16/201934 minutes, 1 second
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Jamie Laing and Looking For Lewys

Why did Jamie Laing end up wearing his mum’s clothes on a date? And how did Lewys escape from the most boring date in the world?
8/15/201936 minutes, 40 seconds