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Venezuelans continue to flee the country as the economy shows no signs of recovery

Venezuelans continue to leave their homeland in record numbers. It is the largest refugee exodus ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere.
30/09/20234 minutes 32 seconds
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Israel and Saudi Arabia have hinted they may be open to establishing formal relations

NPR's Sarah McCammon talks to Congressmen Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) and Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) about the U.S. role in fostering a relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel.
29/09/20237 minutes 9 seconds
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The exodus from Azerbaijan's ethnic Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh continues

Armenian officials are saying more than 65,000 people — roughly half the population — have fled after a swift Azerbaijani military offensive last week restored its control over the region.
28/09/20234 minutes 5 seconds
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Israelis can now travel to the United States without needing a visa

After Israel eased entry for Arab Americans traveling there, Israelis are allowed to enter the U.S. without first applying for a visa. Israel has been seeking this privilege for decades.
27/09/20234 minutes 23 seconds
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Iran faces pressure for its treatment of women. The president's wife defends it

NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Jamileh Alamolhoda, wife of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, about why Iran's ruling establishment won't compromise on compulsory headscarves.
25/09/20237 minutes 17 seconds
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NPR investigation finds flaws in U.S. claims about civilian deaths in raid that killed ISIS leader

NPR investigates whether the U.S. government told the truth in saying that no civilians were killed when the Pentagon took out the leader of ISIS in 2019.
24/09/202314 minutes 12 seconds
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China and Syria announce 'strategic partnership' after its leaders met in Beijing

Syria's president visited China for the first time in nearly 20 years as he looks to end his international isolation and as Beijing seeks to deepen its influence in the Middle East.
23/09/20233 minutes 40 seconds
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Canada says India was involved in Sikh leader's death. Allies haven't condemned India

Allies of Canada have so far had a muted response to allegations that a Canadian Sikh leader was killed by agents of the Indian government. Indian officials deny involvement.
22/09/20234 minutes
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In the Netherlands, a farmers party taps into widespread discontent with government

What began as a movement of farmers opposed to environmental rules is now one of the country's dominant political parties. The nation's agricultural exports are second only to the United States.
21/09/20236 minutes 30 seconds
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A drought in Spain has cut production of olive oil and prices are rising

A two-year drought and record heat have cut Spain's olive crop in half — doubling olive oil prices. Climate change is expected to continue to drive prices up.
20/09/20234 minutes
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Canada blames India's government for the assassination of a Sikh leader

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused the government of India of carrying out the killing of a Sikh leader in British Columbia in June. India dismissed the allegation as absurd.
19/09/20233 minutes 18 seconds
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Climate change is on the agenda at the meeting of the U.N. General Assembly

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is hosting a climate summit on Wednesday, but President Joe Biden does not plan to attend.
18/09/20234 minutes 5 seconds
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Politics took center stage at a gathering of 77 developing nations in Cuba

The Cuban President called on Global South leaders to "change the rules of the game" at the end of the G77+China summit in Havana.
17/09/20234 minutes 16 seconds
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EU launches investigation into Chinese EVs to protect European automakers

The European Commission says cheap electric vehicles from China are undercutting its auto industry and has launched an investigation into unfair trade practices.
16/09/20234 minutes 6 seconds
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In Iran, women's resistance defies state clampdown a year after Mahsa Amini's death

The death of a young woman in Iranian morality police custody sparked months of protests and a violent crackdown by the government. A year later, a more subdued defiance endures.
15/09/20236 minutes 38 seconds
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The family of a jailed Bahrain activist says he has resumed a hunger strike

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to Maryam al-Khawaja, who like her father, is a Bahraini human rights activist. He was put in prison 12 years ago for his role in pro-democracy protests. Where do things stand?
14/09/20237 minutes 10 seconds
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Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield meets with Sudanese refugees ahead of U.N. meeting

More than 400,000 refugees have fled violence in Sudan and crossed into Chad. NPR's Michel Martin joined U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield on visit to a refugee camp near the border.
13/09/20236 minutes 47 seconds
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Rich countries have to look beyond their own borders, says U.N. high commissioner

More than 400,000 refugees have fled violence in Sudan and crossed into Chad. NPR's Michel Martin joined U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield on visit to a refugee camp near the border.
13/09/20236 minutes 47 seconds
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Displaced family in Morocco will have to start over following earthquake

A young woman in a remote mountain town in Morocco describes how her family's world has been turned upside down by Friday's earthquake that destroyed their home and took their neighbors' lives.
12/09/20234 minutes 2 seconds
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Decades after Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile, the fight for justice continues

It's been 50 years since a U.S. backed coup toppled the democratically elected president of Chile and installed a dictatorship. After five decades many victims say they still haven't seen justice.
11/09/20233 minutes 42 seconds
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A rare look into Nicaragua, a country that shuts itself off to journalists

We take a look inside Nicaragua — a country where repression is the norm, making it one of the hardest countries to report from.Content advisory: The piece includes the sounds of fireworks.
10/09/20236 minutes 31 seconds
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Chad is struggling to accommodate the over 400,000 refugees from Sudan

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled violence in Sudan to enter neighboring Chad. Food and supplies for refugees are running low.
09/09/20235 minutes 19 seconds
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The U.S. will send depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine as part of an aid package

The munitions are considered radioactive. The Kremlin cries foul while the U.S. says it's not a big deal. What are these weapons and what does it mean that they are being used in this war?
08/09/20233 minutes 35 seconds
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Sudanese refugees in Chad scramble to survive

As the refugee crisis in Chad continues to grow, international attention on the situation remains limited in the face of numerous other global humanitarian challenges.
07/09/202311 minutes 17 seconds
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Leaders of North Korea and Russia may meet to discuss an arms deal

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un will reportedly travel to Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin over a possible weapons agreement, after talks with the U.S. faltered.
06/09/20233 minutes 36 seconds
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Why Israel has ended travel restrictions for Palestinian Americans

The U.S. is on the verge of granting Israelis the right to travel here without visas like many other nationalities. Israel is lifting restrictions for Palestinians and Arabs, who are U.S. citizens.
05/09/20237 minutes 45 seconds
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Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy sacks the country's defense minister

Zelenzkyy's move follows corruption scandals involving military contractors and a grinding summer counteroffensive that critics say underperformed.
04/09/20233 minutes 38 seconds
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In Pakistan, residents are returning to ancient practices to deal with melting glaciers

Residents in Pakistan's Himalayas are reviving an ancient practice to cope with rapidly melting glaciers due to rising temperatures.
03/09/20236 minutes 2 seconds
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Settlement talks are faltering in the Sept. 11 terrorism case

A breakthrough seemed to happen last year when settlement talks began with five accused men. Now government prosecutors say they'll quit negotiating unless the defense offers to settle Friday.
01/09/20234 minutes 12 seconds
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Why have we seen so many recent coups across West and Central Africa?

NPR's Michel Martin asks Christopher Fumonyoh of the National Democratic Institute about coups in Africa, including the latest in the Central African nation of Gabon.
31/08/20234 minutes 33 seconds
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In Spain, there's a reckoning over sexism and women's sports

Spain's World Cup victory was supposed to be a moment of triumph, but it was overshadowed when the head of the country's soccer federation planted an unwanted kiss on one of the team's star players.
30/08/20233 minutes 32 seconds
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A man in Uganda becomes first known person charged with 'aggravated homosexuality'

In Uganda, "aggravated homosexuality" carries the death penalty under some of the world's most punitive anti-gay legislation.
29/08/20233 minutes 43 seconds
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China gets a big win as it competes with the U.S. for influence around the world

The group of nations known as BRICS will welcome six more countries in 2024. The expansion creates economic opportunities for the new members, and is seen as a win for China.
28/08/20233 minutes 15 seconds
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A new report indicates Ethiopia's military is abusing civilians

The report by Physicians for Human Rights says that even since the ceasefire in Ethiopia last November, sexual violence against women and girls, as an act of war, has continued.
25/08/20233 minutes 48 seconds
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Japan releases water from damaged Fukushima nuclear plant into Pacific Ocean

The Japanese government says the water it is discharging has been treated to remove most of the radioactive material — making it safe. The release remains controversial.
24/08/20233 minutes 36 seconds
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Border strategy that gives more migrants a legal pathway to the U.S. to go on trial

The U.S. has admitted tens of thousands of migrants under a legal authority known as parole, but critics say that's stretching the law too far. (Story aired on All Things Considered on Aug. 21, 2023.)
23/08/20233 minutes 48 seconds
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Saudi Arabia killed hundreds of migrants at Yemen border, report says

NPR's A Martinez speaks with Nadia Hardman, lead author of the Human Rights Watch report, which says Saudi security forces killed hundreds of Ethiopian migrants at the border with Yemen.
22/08/20234 minutes 25 seconds
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Russia's latest attempt at Moon landing fails. India will try again this week

Russia's Luna-25 mission ended in failure Sunday, when the probe reportedly crashed into the moon unexpectedly. India will make a second attempt at landing on lunar surface on Wednesday.
21/08/20233 minutes 27 seconds
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Guatemala's presidential elections will be a test for its fragile democracy

In Guatemala's elections Sunday, an establishment candidate is facing off against a challenger who's promising to fight corruption.
20/08/20233 minutes 50 seconds
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Russia and India are landing on the moon next week. Here's what you need to know

India and Russia are sending landers to spots near the south pole, which has water ice that might one day be mined to make rocket fuel.
19/08/20233 minutes 28 seconds
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Ecuador will elect a president — 2 weeks after candidate was assassinated

An investigative journalist has stepped forward to replace his assassinated colleague as the presidential nominee in Ecuador's presidential election this Sunday.
18/08/20233 minutes 51 seconds
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Corruption in Afghanistan offers lessons for billions going to Ukraine

John Sopko has long been a U.S. government-appointed watchdog for how money was distributed in Afghanistan. He believes there are lessons that apply to aiding Ukraine's fight against Russia.
17/08/20234 minutes 44 seconds
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Coup leaders in Niger arrest opponents and take steps to set up new government

Coup leaders in Niger try to solidify their hold on power — with appointments and arrests — even as neighboring countries vow to restore the country's ousted president to office.
16/08/20233 minutes 45 seconds
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Hundreds of seals and sea lions are treated each year at the Marine Mammal Center

Sea lions are part of the landscape and soundscape on the California coast. And when one of them is found sick or injured, it often ends up at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.
16/08/20234 minutes 41 seconds
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As the war in Ukraine continues, China's defense minister visits Russia, Belarus

China Defense Minister Li Shangfu is visiting Russia and Belarus this week.
15/08/20233 minutes 48 seconds
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U.S. restrictions on tech investment in China bolster China's policy of self-reliance

The Biden administration's efforts to restrict U.S. high-tech investment in China may serve to validate China's long-standing obsession with the need to be self-reliant in tech and other areas.
13/08/20234 minutes 10 seconds
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Taiwan's Vice President is stopping by the U.S. this week, under China's watchful eye

Taiwan's Vice President transits through the U.S. this weekend on a trip to South America. China is watching closely.
12/08/20232 minutes 36 seconds
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U.S.-Iran deal paved a way for 5 Americans to be freed from detention in Tehran

NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks to attorney Jared Genser about one of the five Americans freed from a Tehran prison and is now under house arrest, following a new U.S.-Iran deal.
11/08/20234 minutes 52 seconds
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We meet female soccer players in Ukraine who are training during wartime

Many of the players on one Ukrainian professional women's soccer team have experienced hardships of war, but they're still watching the Women's World Cup and cheering on their favorite players.
10/08/20234 minutes 25 seconds
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How one Afghan family made the perilous journey across the U.S.-Mexico border

Kabul fell to the Taliban close to two years ago, but desperate Afghans continue to flee, even taking the dangerous route into the U.S. across the Mexican border. Here's the story of one such family.
09/08/20237 minutes 47 seconds
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Fentanyl makes its way into the U.S. from Mexico. Who's smuggling it in?

Most of the fentanyl comes through legal ports of entry. We hear the story of one of the couriers.
08/08/20236 minutes 35 seconds
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Diplomatic efforts to reverse a coup in Niger leave the region on edge

A Sunday deadline imposed on the junta in Niger to relinquish power or face military action by a 15-member block of West African nations has expired. What comes next?
07/08/20233 minutes 53 seconds
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Pakistan's former Prime Minister has been arrested after being sentenced to prison

Police in Pakistan have arrested that country's former Prime Minister, Imran Khan, after a court sentenced him to three years in prison for concealing assets.
05/08/20232 minutes 49 seconds
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New charges are expected against an imprisoned Russian opposition leader

A verdict is expected involving new charges against imprisoned Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny. Navalny isn't hopeful and says he expects his sentence to be extended by nearly two decades
04/08/20233 minutes 16 seconds
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An archeological dig in Turkey has uncovered artifacts dating back 1,000 years

In Turkey, what started out as an exploration of a Roman garrison has uncovered artifacts dating back to the time of the Assyrian empire.
30/07/20233 minutes 27 seconds
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Isolated by the West, Putin hosted a summit for leaders from Africa in St. Petersburg

At a time of increasing isolation for Russian President Vladimir Putin on the world stage, he just concluded a summit with leaders from Africa.
29/07/20233 minutes 48 seconds
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discusses judicial system overhaul

NPR's Steve Inskeep interviews Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his government's controversial overhaul of the country's judicial system.
28/07/20237 minutes 23 seconds
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Former AP Pyongyang Bureau Chief Jean Lee discusses anniversary of Korean War's end

Seventy years ago today, a treaty ended the fighting in the Korean War and created North and South Korea. Steve Inskeep speaks to Jean Lee about the significance of this anniversary.
27/07/20234 minutes 21 seconds
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Protesters react after Israel passes disputed measure to overhaul judiciary

Protesters react after Israel passes a disputed overhaul of the judiciary despite nationwide protests against the measure.
25/07/20233 minutes 24 seconds
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Climate change is pushing young people in Honduras to leave farming and migrate

The changing climate is reshaping migration from Honduras. Drought and erratic rainfall are undermining agriculture, pushing young people to migrate in search of a more secure future.
24/07/20236 minutes 57 seconds
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In India, a deep red drink is at the heart of summer

In the streets of Delhi, India, a traditional summer drink quenches the thirst and the soul.
23/07/20233 minutes 58 seconds
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The world is isolating Putin. Here's what that could mean for the war

NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Angela Stent of Georgetown University about Russian President Vladimir Putin's growing isolation and what it might mean for Russia's war in Ukraine.
22/07/20236 minutes 11 seconds
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CIA Director William Burns discusses recent developments in the war in Ukraine

NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with CIA Director William Burns at the Aspen Security Forum about Russian attacks on Ukrainian port cities and about Ukraine using U.S.-supplied cluster bombs.
21/07/20233 minutes 39 seconds
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Arab Center's Yousef Munayyer discusses evolving Palestinian American views on Israel

After a handful of Democrats boycotted Israeli President Herzog's address before Congress, NPR speaks with the Arab Center's Yousef Munayyer about evolving Palestinian American views on Israel.
20/07/20234 minutes 18 seconds
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A UK measure to stem migration is set to become law

A measure sparked by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's pledge to stem the tide of boats filled with migrants seeking safety on that nation's shores is now set to become law.
19/07/20233 minutes 28 seconds
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What Russia's move to end the Black Sea grain deal could mean for global food prices

NPR's Steve Inskeep talks with Mercy Corps CEO Tjada D'Oyen McKenna about Russia's decision to end a Black Sea grain shipping deal and the impact on global food prices.
18/07/20234 minutes 34 seconds
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The conflict in Sudan enters its fourth month with no sign of a peaceful resolution

There is no sign of a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sudan. Millions of Sudanese civilians continue to be displaced as the country teeters on the brink of full-scale civil war.
17/07/20235 minutes 45 seconds
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Lebanon is in a political deadlock as leaders struggle to declare the next president

People in Lebanon are pessimistic because their leaders haven't been able to agree on a president, which is an important step needed to address a long economic crisis.
16/07/20233 minutes 48 seconds
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Heavy rains in India have caused deadly flooding and landslides

We look at the latest out of India, where monsoon rains have caused deadly flooding and landslides.
15/07/20233 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Besides climate change, other factors contribute to severe flooding in Pakistan

NPR's A Martinez talks to Cambridge University lecture Ayesha Siddiqi, who studies disasters in the global south, about Pakistan's vulnerability to floods as another monsoon season is underway.
14/07/20233 minutes 37 seconds
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Key takeaways from this week's NATO summit, according to the group's leader

NATO's expansion is the exact opposite of what Russia wanted, says Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. He spoke to NPR about its NATO's newest members, and when Ukraine might join them.
13/07/20235 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

NATO countries are wrapping up their 2-day summit in Lithuania

Lithuania is hosting the meeting, and some in the former Soviet republic feel pride for getting that chance.
12/07/20235 minutes 18 seconds
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31 leaders of NATO member countries are meeting in Lithuania for key summit

President Biden and NATO leaders are in Vilnius, where just ahead of the summit, Turkey agreed to lift its block on Sweden joining the alliance. Soon soon there will be 32 members.
11/07/20233 minutes 34 seconds
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Lithuania hosts NATO's summit as Ukraine and Sweden aim to join the alliance

NPR's A Martinez talks to Christopher Skaluba, head of the Transatlantic Security Initiative at the Atlantic Council, about NATO as it seeks members amid threats from Russia and challenges from China.
10/07/20234 minutes 3 seconds
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What to know about Japan's plan to dump waste water into the ocean

NPR's Ayesha Rascoe asks University of Hawaii, Manoa, marine biologist Bob Richmond about Japan's plan to dump waste water into the ocean from the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima.
09/07/20236 minutes 13 seconds
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Blinken's trip to the Caribbean could signal a new chapter for U.S. foreign policy

NPR's Scott Simon asks Daniel Runde of the Center for Strategic and International Studies about Secretary of State Antony Blinken's recent Caribbean trip and the state of U.S-Caribbean relations.
08/07/20235 minutes 50 seconds
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Is a prisoner swap being discussed for a U.S. reporter detained in Russia?

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Emma Tucker, editor-in-chief of The Wall Street Journal, about reporter Evan Gershkovich, who's been detained in Russia for 100 days.
07/07/20233 minutes 54 seconds
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To protect against Russian airstrikes, Ukraine's defenders 'shoot and scoot'

When Russia launches an airstrike on Kyiv, the first line of defense is parked in a hayfield well outside the city. The protection consists of two soldiers, a Humvee and a Stinger missile.
06/07/20235 minutes 13 seconds
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Why Turkey is opposed to Sweden's bid to join NATO

NPR's Michel Martin speaks to Alper Coskun, former deputy permanent representative for Turkey's NATO mission, about Turkey's objection to Sweden's NATO bid.
05/07/20233 minutes 44 seconds
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Russia says it has repelled a drone attack on a Moscow airport

Ukraine's big offensive against entrenched Russian forces is nearly a month old and is moving slowly. Ukraine says it's too early to reach any conclusions about how it will end.
04/07/20233 minutes 19 seconds
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Israel stages a large-scale raid on a Palestinian camp in the West Bank

Israel's military says it's launched an extensive counterterrorism effort in the occupied West Bank that's killed at least seven militants in the latest escalation of violence there.
03/07/20233 minutes 41 seconds
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Over 700 protesters have been arrested in Marseille, France

How protests and unrest in France, following the police shooting of a teenager in a traffic stop outside Paris, is affecting the southern city of Marseille.
02/07/20234 minutes 43 seconds
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France is engulfed by widespread protests after police fatally shot a teenager

Hundreds are arrested in yet another night of violence in France. It began when a teenager of North African descent was fatally shot by police.
01/07/20233 minutes 24 seconds
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For 3rd straight night, clashes erupted across France between protesters, police

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to sociology professor Crystal Fleming of Stony Brook University about the protests in France following the deadly police shooting of a 17-year-old during a traffic stop.
30/06/20233 minutes 34 seconds
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U.N. investigator finds Guantánamo Bay detainees continue to face 'inhuman' treatment

NPR's A Martinez talks to Fionnuala Ni Aolain, U.N. special rapporteur on counterterrorism and human rights, about her visit to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
29/06/20234 minutes 27 seconds
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Anxiety grows across South Korea, as Japan prepares to release Fukushima wastewater

Japan's expected release of radioactive water from a damaged nuclear plant has alarmed South Korea, possibly jeopardizing a fragile rapprochement between the two neighbors and U.S. allies.
28/06/20233 minutes 33 seconds
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Putin addresses Russians after Wagner Group's failed uprising

In a short speech, Putin talked about the mutiny and said he was always in charge. Russian authorities have dropped the charges against the mercenary leader and others involved in the brief rebellion.
27/06/20233 minutes 44 seconds
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The Wagner group retreated from its 'march on justice' in Russia, ending the rebellion

The so called "march for justice" on Moscow has been halted, and Wagner mercenaries are returning to base, their leader exiled - we get the latest from our correspondent in Russia's capital.
25/06/20234 minutes 51 seconds
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Putin is denouncing the private military Wagner group after it said it was rebelling

The latest on a developing situation in Russia involving the high-profile leader of a mercenary group that's been key in Russia's war effort in Ukraine.
24/06/20233 minutes 45 seconds
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Is the U.S. turning a blind eye on the backsliding of India's democratic values?

NPR's Debbie Elliott talks to Sadanand Dhume, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, about U.S. relations with India, and concern over democracy and human rights.
23/06/20233 minutes 50 seconds
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Biden warmly welcomes India's Modi despite questions about human rights issues

President Biden is welcoming India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a state dinner at the White House. The two leaders share concerns about countering China.
22/06/20234 minutes 54 seconds
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Issues such as tariffs and alleged spying contribute to rising U.S.-China tensions

NPR's Juana Summers, host of All Things Considered, speaks with U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns about the next steps in the U.S.-China relationship.
21/06/20233 minutes 40 seconds
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Israeli-Palestinian battle in the West Bank featured heavier weaponry than usual

The State Department says it's troubled by Israel's decision to expedite settlement construction in the occupied West Bank, and calls for de-escalation after a deadly Israeli-Palestinian battle there.
20/06/20233 minutes 28 seconds
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A record number of people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes

NPR's A Martinez talks to David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee, about the driving forces that led to 108.4 million people being displaced globally — the largest number since WWII.
19/06/20233 minutes 44 seconds
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Taiz is a frontline city caught up in the conflict in Yemen

People in Taiz are struggling to get food and other necessities amid a civil war that's been going on for nearly a decade.
16/06/20232 minutes 44 seconds
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Effects of a dangerous cyclone are already hitting parts of India and Pakistan

Authorities in Pakistan and India have been evacuating people from coastal areas ahead of the storm. Schools and government buildings have been converted into shelters.
15/06/20233 minutes 48 seconds
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4 children are hospitalized after surviving 40 days in the Colombian jungle

The children are recovering at a hospital in Colombia after being found alive in the Amazon — 40 days after the plane they were on crashed. Questions remain over how they managed to survive.
12/06/20233 minutes 53 seconds
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Ukraine's anarchists have come together in support of the war

How anarchist politics are factoring in Ukraine's fight against Russia.
11/06/20234 minutes 40 seconds
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Boris Johnson resigns from Parliament, citing an upcoming report on his behavior as PM

The flamboyant and populist former U.K. prime minister quit his parliamentary seat. He called the panel examining whether he lied to fellow lawmakers about COVID social gatherings a "kangaroo court."
10/06/20233 minutes 1 second
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Seismic stations detected explosion at Ukrainian dam around the time it collapsed

A Norwegian organization says that two seismic networks it oversees saw an explosion at the war-torn Kakhovka dam in Ukraine around the time it failed.
08/06/20232 minutes 17 seconds
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In his 1st White House visit, Rishi Sunak talks Ukraine, AI — and how to say his name

President Joe Biden and U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak are due to meet Thursday at the White House, where they'll likely focus on the war in Ukraine and NATO.
08/06/20233 minutes 51 seconds
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Major dam near a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine suddenly collapses

A major dam near a nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine has suddenly collapsed. The risk of flooding would pose a threat to the nuclear plant which is occupied by Russian troops.
06/06/20233 minutes 33 seconds
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China's defense chief rebukes Western nations as U.S.-China tensions heighten

U.S.-China tensions reach a new high after China's new defense minister told Western nations to "mind their own business" — and a Chinese ship nearly crashed into an American vessel.
05/06/20233 minutes 5 seconds
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India's worst train accident in two decades has left several hundred injured

We'll have the latest from India, where a horrific train derailment and crash on Friday resulted in at least 275 deaths and several hundred injuries.
04/06/20234 minutes 28 seconds
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U.S. says China has rejected an invitation to meet at summit in Singapore

The defense chiefs from the U.S. and China are headlining an international defense summit in Singapore, but it appears they will not directly meet with each other.
02/06/20233 minutes 34 seconds
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NASA is sending an Ada Limón poem to Jupiter's moon Europa — and maybe your name too?

U.S. Poet Laureate Ada Limón has written a poem that will fly on NASA's Europa Clipper, which will explore one of Jupiter's moons. And you can add your name to the poem.
02/06/20232 minutes 41 seconds
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Ethnic tensions flare in northern Kosovo — raising fears of another conflict

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to Igor Božic, a journalist in Belgrade, Serbia, about violence in Kosovo after ethnic Serbs tried to take control of government offices after ethnic Albanians won elections.
01/06/20233 minutes 33 seconds
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In the Philippines, the Marcos family is a blueprint for authoritarianism

NPR's history podcast Throughline examines the rise and fall — and the eventual return of the Ferdinand Marcos family to political power in the Philippines.
31/05/20237 minutes 2 seconds
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In Uganda, a new anti-gay law calls for life in prison for those who are convicted

NPR's Leila Fadel speaks with Richard Lusimbo, an LGBTQ activist in Uganda, where the president has signed one of the toughest any-gay laws in the world.
30/05/20233 minutes 40 seconds
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With a victory in Turkey's presidential runoff, Erdogan cements his power

Erdogan is set to continue his run as modern Turkey's longest-serving leader. He won Sunday's runoff despite having faced widespread anger at his government's response to a devastating quake.
29/05/20233 minutes 53 seconds
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Turkey returns to the polls for its presidential run-off election

Today is Turkey's run-off election. Two weeks ago President Recep Tayyip Erdogan failed to get a clear majority in his bid for reelection.
28/05/20233 minutes 57 seconds
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What's at stake in Turkey's run-off election

In Turkey, a run-off election between incumbent President Tayyip Erdogan and veteran politician Kemal Kilicdaroglu takes place Sunday.
27/05/20233 minutes 33 seconds
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Turkish voters will head back to the polls for Sunday's presidential runoff

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in a strong position to win the election — despite a devastating earthquake that many observers predicted would end his rule.
26/05/20233 minutes 30 seconds
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What are realistic expectations for Ukraine's military offensive?

Most major military operations are shrouded in secrecy. Ukraine's planned offensive against Russia has been under public debate for months. This has created expectations. Some realistic, some not.
25/05/20233 minutes 43 seconds
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U.S.-China relations are at a low point. Are things starting to turn around?

President Biden's prediction of a "thaw" in the diplomatic relationship with China coincides with the arrival from Beijing of a new ambassador to the U.S.
24/05/20233 minutes 49 seconds
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Unexpectedly high number of refugees cross into Chad to flee fighting in Sudan

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to Raouf Mazou, assistant secretary-general and operations chief for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, about needs of those fleeing Sudan and the scale of the crisis.
23/05/20234 minutes 40 seconds
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Zelenskyy's recent diplomatic moves signal a new phase for the war in Ukraine

A look at Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's diplomatic push and what it might mean for the the next phase of the war in Ukraine.
21/05/20234 minutes 12 seconds
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Leaders from across the Middle East are meeting in Saudi Arabia

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is officially ending years of isolation by the region's powers over his brutal civil war that has killed an estimated half a million people.
19/05/20233 minutes 41 seconds
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G-7 leaders consider how to counter China's economic threats

China has increased its use of tariffs and import restrictions on countries that go against its foreign policy objectives. In Japan, G-7 leaders will discuss how to counter this economic coercion.
18/05/20234 minutes 3 seconds
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There are signs Ukraine's spring counteroffensive may have already started

Ukrainian forces claim they've made advances in the battle for Bakhmut — a city in the east that Russia has been trying to capture for more than 10 months.
17/05/20233 minutes 18 seconds
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As Pakistan's monsoon season nears, some villages are underwater from earlier floods

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to IRC Pakistan chief Shabnam Baloch about recovery efforts from floods that submerged a third of the country, killed more than 1,700 people and displaced seven million.
16/05/20234 minutes 11 seconds
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75 years ago: Israel's triumph became a catastrophe for Palestinians

Palestinians mark 75 years since what they call the Nakba, or "catastrophe," when Palestinians were displaced during Israel's founding war.
15/05/20236 minutes 48 seconds
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Voters in Turkey could be on track to unseat long-time leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Voters go to the polls in a Turkish election that could unseat the president who's dominated politics and been a controversial world figure for 20 years.
14/05/20233 minutes 51 seconds
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Erdogan lashes out at main rival as voters prepare to go to the polls Sunday

Analysts are calling the election the most challenging election President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has faced. The one-time reformer now faces opposition over a bad economy and his own heavy-handed rule.
12/05/20233 minutes 51 seconds
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Taiwan's military trains female reservist soldiers for the first time in its history

The effort to include women comes as the Asian island revamps its defenses against China. While Taiwan does have a full-time military, it's only 190,000 people compared to its 1.6 million reservists.
11/05/20232 minutes 37 seconds
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The arrest of Imran Khan triggered protests across Pakistan

Pakistan's paramilitary forces arrested former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday. The move has escalated political tensions at a time of economic distress in the country.
10/05/20233 minutes 43 seconds
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Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is arrested in Islamabad

Paramilitary forces smashed into a courthouse in Pakistan's capital Islamabad to detain former Prime Minister Imran Khan, escalating a political crisis that has paralyzed the country for over a year.
09/05/20233 minutes 13 seconds
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Arab government representatives vote to return Syria to the Arab League

Arab countries have voted to allow Syria to rejoin the Arab League for the first time in over a decade. It's a triumphant moment for President Bashar al-Assad.
08/05/20233 minutes 28 seconds
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People are fleeing Sudan's conflict for an uncertain future as refugees

Refugees from Sudan have poured into nearby countries because of on-going fighting between rival factions. We hear how Egypt has handled the influx.
07/05/20234 minutes 44 seconds
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Mexico is taking over the pop charts. What specific genre is dominating?

Two songs with regional Mexican ties are currently in the Top 10 on the American pop charts.
05/05/20233 minutes 59 seconds
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Unlikely connection: college students in Ukraine and the U.S. form a bond

Learning American pop culture while attending college during a war: Students in Dnipro, Ukraine, and Golden, Colo., form an unlikely connection.
04/05/20237 minutes 4 seconds
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A Sudanese-American journalist recounts his experience fleeing Khartoum

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to Sudanese-American journalist Isma'il Kushkush about fleeing the violence in Khartoum.
03/05/20236 minutes 54 seconds
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A top U.S. diplomat is in Brazil as that country seeks recognition as a global player

U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Linda ThomasGreenfield is in Brazil to draw attention to the strong ties the two countries share. Brazil has been flaunting its close relationships with Russia and China.
03/05/20233 minutes 36 seconds
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Germany aims to revive its solar power industry which was booming a decade ago

German solar panel manufacturers are working with lawmakers to rejuvenate the industry in Europe. They are seeking to counter China's dominance of the industry with tax incentives and legislation.
02/05/20236 minutes 37 seconds
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Some 1,000 Americans have been evacuated from Sudan

Thousands of Americans and other foreigners are trying to flee Sudan. Some are making it to Saudi Arabia, but getting out is dangerous and foreign governments are offering limited support.
01/05/20233 minutes 34 seconds
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What China's growing role on the world stage means for the U.S.

NPR's Ayesha Rascoe talks with analysts Yun Sun and Ryan Hass about the implications of China's growing diplomatic role worldwide.
30/04/202310 minutes 49 seconds
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Quake survivors in Turkey line up to file damage claims, missing person reports

More than two and a half months since the devastating earthquakes in Turkey, hundreds of people are still searching for the remains of their missing loved ones.
28/04/20233 minutes 55 seconds
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Argentina's peso continues its slide to lows not seen for decades

Argentina is experiencing its worst economic crisis in years, with inflation at record highs, turning household budgets on their head.
27/04/20234 minutes 13 seconds
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South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol to hold meetings with President Biden

Wednesday's meeting is the first by a Korean leader in 12 years. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the U.S.-Korea alliance — both see it as vital to addressing tensions in Asia and beyond.
26/04/20233 minutes 25 seconds
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While Israel is in turmoil, tonight it marks its 75th Independence Day

As Israel marks the 75th anniversary of its founding, the country is consumed by protests and debates over its unresolved identity.
25/04/20236 minutes 38 seconds
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Dozens of U.S. embassy staffers have been airlifted out of Sudan's capital

As Sudan enters a second week of fighting, the exodus of international diplomats from the capital continues. But what about the fate of those foreign nationals and millions of Sudanese left behind?
24/04/20233 minutes 37 seconds
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In Turkey, a rising leader is an alternative for voters and challenge to Erdogan

The man challenging Turkey's president in the next election is a former accountant and long-time political party leader whose low-key profile might be attractive to voters tired of volatile politics.
23/04/20235 minutes 8 seconds
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The Pentagon may evacuate U.S. citizens from Sudan

The Pentagon is preparing for a possible evacuation of US citizens from Sudan, as the fighting there shows no signs of letting up, and the humanitarian situation grows increasingly dire.
21/04/20233 minutes 20 seconds
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Deadly stampede in Yemen comes ahead of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr

A stampede at a Ramadan charity event in Yemen has killed scores of people. The tragedy was Yemen's deadliest in years that was not related to the country's long-running war.
20/04/20232 minutes 22 seconds
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Putin attempts to show he's not isolated with visits to Russian troops

Russia's president Vladimir Putin hoped to send a positive image to counteract the images of Ukraine's present Volodymyr Zelenskyy by visiting Kherson and Luhansk.
19/04/20233 minutes 55 seconds
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Will India legalize same-sex marriage? Its top court hears arguments this week

India's Supreme Court is hearing arguments in the historic case this week, years after it decriminalized gay sex. India could become the second place in Asia to allow marriage equality, after Taiwan.
18/04/20233 minutes 29 seconds
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Sudan slips further into chaos: Fighting in the capital continues for a 3rd day

In Sudan's vast capital city Khartoum, residents are forced to spend another day sheltering in place, as full scale urban warfare between rival ruling military factions explodes around them.
17/04/20233 minutes 44 seconds
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Sudan is facing a second day of violence as rival military factions fight for power

Rival military factions continue to fight to control Sudan, leading to deadly clashes in the country's capital, with dozens reported dead and hundreds injured.
16/04/20233 minutes 54 seconds
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In Ukraine, a kindergarten teacher returns to visit a ghost classroom

In Kharkiv, Ukraine, a kindergarten teacher visits her classroom which hasn't hosted students for more than a year due to Russia's attack on Ukraine.
15/04/20234 minutes 45 seconds
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North Korea advances its nuclear capabilities

North Korea has successfully tested a solid fueled intercontinental ballistic missile. The test marks a major advance in North Korea's nuclear capabilities.
14/04/20233 minutes 23 seconds
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Taiwan makes tough decisions as it faces its worst drought in nearly a century

Taiwan's government must make tough decisions as a serious drought has depleted reservoirs, cut off farmers and limited some of the world's most advanced and water-hungry semiconductor factories.
13/04/20235 minutes 2 seconds
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How the war in Ukraine has forever changed the children in one kindergarten class

Broken glass, empty desks and a love story: War brought upheaval, scattering classmates across the world. Here's how they're settling in after schooling, friendships and families were uprooted.
12/04/202311 minutes 22 seconds
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Macron comments raise questions about Europe's allegiance to the U.S. and Taiwan

When French President Emmanuel Macron remarked that Europe should not blindly follow the U.S.'s lead on China, it set off criticism on both sides of the Atlantic.
11/04/20234 minutes 19 seconds
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How the U.S. intelligence leaks impact the Ukrainian government and its war strategy

The U.S. intelligence leaks, some of which detail the state of the war in Ukraine, have come to light as Ukraine is preparing for a counter-offensive sometime this spring.
10/04/20233 minutes 26 seconds
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The EU is trying to sanction diamonds from Russia

A large part of the world's supply of diamonds comes from Russia. The U.S. and Europe may try to cut off the revenue the country is raising from the gems given the war in Ukraine.
09/04/20234 minutes 57 seconds
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Journalist Evan Gershkovich's colleague speaks on his arrest in Russia

NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Wall Street Journal correspondent Thomas Grove about the arrest of his colleague, Evan Gershkovich, in Russia last month.
08/04/20234 minutes 46 seconds
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Top-secret Pentagon documents on Ukraine war appear on social media

Maps and charts providing details on Ukraine's military and the state of the war have been published on Twitter and Telegram. The Pentagon says it is investigating how they were leaked or stolen.
07/04/20233 minutes 30 seconds
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China watches as Taiwan's president prepares to meet House Speaker McCarthy

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen will meet on Wednesday with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in Los Angeles. China is not happy about this meeting.
05/04/20233 minutes 42 seconds
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A year later: How 3 elderly people in Ukraine are surviving in a time of war

Not everyone can evacuate when there is war. A year ago in Kyiv, NPR profiled three elderly residents who stayed behind — unwilling or unable to leave. A year later, we find out how they are doing.
03/04/20236 minutes 21 seconds
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Six months after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, Iranians are still protesting

Iranian protesters talk about the state of their movement now as they continue to demand sweeping changes in the country's strict laws governing their lives.
02/04/20234 minutes 26 seconds
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Israel's lack of a constitution makes an independent judiciary crucial for democracy

NPR's Scott Simon speaks to former Knesset member Michal Cotler Wunsh, about the state of Israeli democracy in the wake of an attempted judicial overhaul, resulting in massive protests there.
01/04/20235 minutes 27 seconds
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Russia detains U.S. citizen working for 'Wall Street Journal' Moscow bureau

An American journalist has been arrested in Russia and accused of espionage. It's the first time an American correspondent has been accused of spying since since the Cold War.
31/03/20233 minutes 25 seconds
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How do Palestinians feel about a proposal to weaken Israel's courts?

NPR's Michel Martin talks to human rights attorney Sawsan Zaher about how Palestinian and Arab Israelis are reacting to the conservative government's proposed judicial overhaul.
30/03/20233 minutes 49 seconds
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A fire inside a detention center kills dozens of Central and South American migrants

NPR'S A Martinez talks with Rafael Velásquez of the International Rescue Committee about a fire that killed 38 people at a Mexican migrant detention center near the Texas border.
29/03/20235 minutes 39 seconds
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Benjamin Netanyahu pauses his plan to weaken Israel's court system

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has delayed his plan to implement changes that would weaken the judiciary after opposition to the plan caused widespread, disruptive protests.
28/03/20233 minutes 35 seconds
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Workers across Germany's transportation system are on a 1-day strike

Tens of thousands of German rail workers are on strike over wages and investment in the Deutsche Bahn rail company. Significant disruptions are expected for train, bus and air travel.
27/03/20233 minutes 49 seconds
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In Senegal, the government is cracking down on human rights

NPR's Miles Parks speaks with Ousmane Diallo, a researcher at Amnesty International, about the state of democracy in Senegal, amid government crackdowns on human rights and political opposition.
26/03/20235 minutes 29 seconds
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India's main opposition leader has been disqualified from parliament

The head of India's main opposition party has been disqualified from parliament after a court convicted him of defaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
25/03/20233 minutes 27 seconds
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Pentagon Says U.S. Troop Position In Syria Came Under Fire From Turkish Incursion

A spokesman says all U.S. troops are accounted for with no injuries. U.S. officials say they oppose Turkey's military incursion into northern Syria.
11/10/20192 minutes 50 seconds
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The Second Most Dangerous Country For Land Mines Begins To De-Mine

As the 51-year-old civil war in Colombia winds down, efforts to find and destroy the many mines are underway.
07/04/20154 minutes 24 seconds
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Rushing Toward Chaos: Covering The Aftermath Of Typhoon Haiyan

NPR's Jason Beaubien and David Gilkey have covered calamities all over the globe. But the recent aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines was particularly daunting. Jason describes the extreme challenges they faced.
28/12/20135 minutes 45 seconds
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Covert War With Iran: A 'Wilderness Of Mirrors'

In recent years, Iran has seen defections, assassinations of nuclear scientists and bombings in ethnic areas. Whether it's an orchestrated campaign or a set of unconnected acts is unknown, but there is no doubt it is contributing to the destabilizing of Iran's government.
10/05/20115 minutes 18 seconds
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Fighting Piracy At Sea And In Court

Legal and military experts say the U.S. and other countries had better get busy with a coordinated answer to piracy, now that the level of violence has spiked. Four American civilians were killed off the coast of Somalia this week.
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Importance Of Church Slips Rapidly Among British

Once upon a time, England was a very Christian nation. Now, Britain has become one of the most secular countries in Europe. While some say the church plays no role in modern life, there is a highly Christian sector of British society — largely among immigrant communities.
15/04/20098 minutes 45 seconds
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An England Coping With Change, Loss

Parts of Britain's economy are hugely successful. The country's arts are world class. And it's a great place to visit. But underneath, beyond the London, the Oxford, the Canterbury that visitors see, there is undoubtedly a malaise, and complaints about immigration are pervasive.
14/04/20098 minutes 23 seconds