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Working moms have a TON to balance between work, life, and everything in-between (which we all know encompasses a lot of things). This podcast is a community for busy working moms to learn, commiserate, encourage, motivate, and share with one another. I share my own tips/tricks, hacks, favorite products that make motherhood easier, stories, but I also interview REAL working moms as well so we can learn from one another. Together, we have an incredible community of moms who want to live their dream life right *now* and create balance that sticks.
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57 // Myths About Being a Mompreneur (It's Not What You Think)

There are tons of myths about every job under the sun, but I think working from home as a mompreneur has possibly the most misconceptions out there since it is so unknown how that actually works.  Today, I'm going to be breaking down these myths, dispelling them, and sharing what being a mompreneur is ACTUALLY like.Work Life Glue Box: Life Glue on Youtube: Life Glue on Instagram:
13/09/202225 minutes 20 seconds
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56 // Want More Quality Family Time but Super Busy? Start a Family Glue Night!

We all live in the world of hustle and bustle no matter how hard we try.  Even those of us who work really hard to not be going, going, going all the time still feel like we often can&apos;t get the quality family time we so crave!  There&apos;s always something to do: grocery shopping, cleaning, getting together with loved ones, extracurricular activities - the list goes on and on!  But, there is one way to make sure you get quality family time every week or at least every other week!  Create a Family Glue Night!  Listen to this episode to learn what a Family Glue Night is, how to implement it, and what to do during a Family Glue Night for cheap or free!SUBSCRIBE TO THE WORK LIFE GLUE BOX: Jim &amp; Jamie Sheils of 18 Summers Interview: Work Life Glue on Youtube: <a href='http:
06/09/202216 minutes 15 seconds
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55 // How Do You Motivate Yourself When You Have NO Energy? || Answering Your Questions!

I’m answering YOUR questions:- How to start waking up at 4am?- Am I ever tired enough to take a nap?-How do I motivate myself to be productive when I have no energy?- Has my income matched my previous daycare income?- How to get kids on a good nap schedule?And MORE!Subscribe to the Work Life Glue Box: Work Life Glue on Instagram: Work Life Glue on Youtube: Episode 50 (6 Tasks Mompreneus Should Outsource): Yoto Player:
02/09/202236 minutes
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54 // How I Homeschool AND Run a Business at the SAME TIME! (& You Can, Too!)

It is totally possible to run a business AND homeschool at the same time!  I&apos;ve been doing it now for over a year, but I have run my business as a side hustle as well when I was caring for 10 kids for 50 hours a week as a child care provider in my home!  If I can do it, you can do it!  Today, I&apos;m sharing my 9 BEST tips for balancing a business while also homeschooling!  It&apos;s not easy but it IS doable with some structure, routines, and careful planning!September Box (Use code BACKTOSCHOOL for 25% off the September box):Subscribe to the Work Life Glue Box: Heart of Dakota Curriculum: Outsourcing Podcast Episode:
30/08/202232 minutes 14 seconds
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53 // My COMPLETE Planning System for Work Life Balance

I&apos;m sharing my complete planning system to keep track of my business, my motherhood, and all of the detail of my life. It can be hard to figure out what works, but this has really been working well for me.WORK LIFE GLUE BOX: ABOUT RHYTHMS:How I &quot;Do It All&quot; Using Weekly and Monthly Rhythms: ONE Schedule Hack that Makes ALL the Difference:
26/08/202231 minutes 54 seconds
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52 // How I "Do it All" Using Weekly and Monthly Rhythms

Let&apos;s face it, nobody can &quot;do it all&quot; but we can do a lot more effeciently!  I am a homeschooling mom who has my 3 little kids almost 24/7, plus I run a business, and I still do all the normal mothering tasks on top of it.  I get asked how I &quot;do it all&quot; quite often!  One of the biggest hacks I have for this is creating weekly and monthly rhythms!  I&apos;m going to share this system with you in this episode!JOIN THE WORK LIFE GLUE BOX: will be training on this topic in great detail with a workbook so you can easily setup your own rhythms in the Work Life Glue Box Community in September!)Work Life Glue on Instagram: Life Glue on Youtube:
23/08/202218 minutes 22 seconds
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51 //3 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Give Up

Today I’m answering YOUR questions!  What to do about health insurance if you run a business?  How to stay motivated when you want to give up?  Where to find manufacturers and vendors for a physical products business?  How to bounce back and connect as a couple during a hard week?  What to do when your business strategy isn’t making progress?  How to become a planner person?Check out the Work Life Glue Box: Life Glue on Instagram: Life Glue on Youtube: up for the Work Life Glue Newsletter: MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE
19/08/202228 minutes 34 seconds
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50 // 6 Tasks Mompreneurs Should Outsource TODAY (for Free or Cheap!)

Running a business is enough for most people to handle, but throw in motherhood on top of that and it&apos;s enough to drive a person mad!  Not anymore!  I hope by now you know that you cannot and should not &quot;do it all,&quot; but most of us mompreneurs can&apos;t just start hiring people to take on all our tasks at the beginning as our business is getting off the ground.  In today&apos;s episode, I&apos;m sharing six tasks mompreneurs should outsource today that are free or very cheap.  I&apos;m also sharing some really unique ways to outsource or lighten your load when you don&apos;t have extra money laying around to start a team just yet.Download the OUTSOURCING GUIDE with links and information on everything covered in this episode: out the Work Life Glue Box: <br
16/08/202233 minutes 58 seconds
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49 // 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started (You NEED to Hear This!)

When I started my business, there is SO much that I didn&apos;t know!  I would do things so differently, but ultimately, I would tell myself so many things about my mindset as well that would&apos;ve made starting a business and going against the grain a bit easier.  I pray you don&apos;t have to wait 7+ years to learn these things since you are listening to this episode and this can spark and idea or give you some peace when it comes to starting a business in the beginning stages!Work Life Glue Box: Work Life Glue on Instagram: Life Glue on Youtube:
12/08/202226 minutes 8 seconds
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48 // The ONE Schedule Hack that Makes ALL the Difference

Trying to run a business AND be a mom who is juggling all the things for her family is HARD! One of the questions I get asked the most is &quot;How do you do it all?!?&quot; I have a few different answers that work together to answer this question, but one of the main pieces of advice I give is to create daily rhythms.  Some call it block planning, some call it a daily schedule, I call it daily rhythms.  I have 8 daily rhythms I follow most days that make it super easy to drag and drop both my business tasks and my motherhood tasks into different parts of my day that make the most sense.  We have a lot of flexibility in our days but also a lot of structure that allows me to get a lot done and to be very present in whatever rhythm I&apos;m currently in.  I&apos;m sharing my own daily rhythms in today&apos;s podcast episode to help you figure out what you could do for your own!Subscribe to the Work Life Glue Box and Save 10% off with the code &quot;NEWLAUNCH&quot;: <a
09/08/202228 minutes 28 seconds
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47 // I’m SUPER Overwhelmed - Is Now the Time to Start a Business? || Answering YOUR Questions!

Today I’m answering YOUR questions!  Should I wait for the mom overwhelm to pass before starting a business?  What are the first 3 steps I took when starting my business (the answer won’t be what you think!)?  How do I work with kids when I get sensory overload? What do I lower expectations on as a mom?  Answering all of these and more!Get the August Work Life Glue Box before they are gone! (Use code NEWLAUNCH for 10% off): to future Work Life Glue boxes (Use code NEW LAUNCH for 10% off): Me on Instagram:
05/08/202220 minutes 27 seconds
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46 // Why EVERY Mom Should Start a Side Hustle!

You read the title correctly – I believe every mom should have a side hustle – and before you throw your rebuttals at me about lack of time, not needing extra income, or not knowing what to do for a side hustle – well – just listen to this episode to see my reasoning behind this bold claim!Get the August Work Life Glue Box before they are gone! (Use code NEWLAUNCH for 10% off): to future Work Life Glue boxes (Use code NEW LAUNCH for 10% off): 8 Daily Rhythms Video: GENIUS Tips to Get it All Done &amp; Save Time as a Working Mom:
02/08/202225 minutes 34 seconds
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45 // How to Fit In WAY More Quality Time with Your Kids in Just MINUTES A Day!

The duties tied to being a mom are endless!  We often feel like we don&apos;t have enough of ourselves to go around and that we aren&apos;t giving each child as much quality time as we desire.  However, quality time doesn&apos;t have to be hours together, focused on each other.  You can spend amazing quality time with your kids in just a few minutes here and there if you are being intentional with that time.  And, I bet you are doing more bonding with your children throughout the day than you even give yourself credit for!  In today&apos;s episode, I&apos;m sharing tons of different ideas for spending quality time with your children that takes just a couple minutes in the day and is not very hard to fit in - as long as you are being intentional!Subscribe to the Work Life Glue Box (next box shipping is April box): the March (Maximize Your Meal Times) Work Life Glue Box:
24/02/202227 minutes 7 seconds
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44 // How to Still Be a Good Mom When Life is Falling Apart

It is inevitable that life will still face hard times even after becoming a mom.  In fact, oftentimes those hard time are amplified because they are tied to shame and guilt for struggling when we are trying to do the best for our kids and family.  While we can&apos;t avoid all bad times, we can find ways to &quot;struggle well.&quot;  I have had my fair share of hard times since becoming a mom - postpartum depression, illness, family issues, friend issues, financial strain, job stress, kid behavior issues, health issues, the list goes on and on.  The last thing we want to do as moms is to take our hard times out on our kids and let our personal struggles negatively affect our family.  In today&apos;s episode, I&apos;m sharing practical tips you can do when you are facing a short-term problem (or &quot;rut&quot;) for a day or a couple days, or a long-term problem that may not resolve for quite some time.  I pray that this episode can bless you can help you through whatever hard time
17/02/202232 minutes 47 seconds
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43 // An Incredibly Simple Way to Maximize the 18 Summers with Your Kids with Jim and Jamie Sheils

We only get 18 summers with each of our kids which really isn&apos;t that long – just ask any parent whose children have left “the nest” and they will tell you it goes by in a flash. They may even tell you some of their regrets. What do you think one of the biggest regrets they have may be? High up on many empty nesters&apos; list of regrets is that they wish they had spent more quality time with each of their kids. I don&apos;t want that to be you (or me!)! In today&apos;s episode, Jim and Jamie Sheils of 18 Summers will be walking us through their idea of a Family Board Meeting, how to put it into play, why it&apos;s so important, as well as some other practical tips for making the most of the precious family time we&apos;ve been given while our kids are still in our homes.- 18 Summers: Family Board Meeting Book: Work Life Gl
27/01/202252 minutes 3 seconds
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42 // TAKE BACK YOUR TIME!! || Practical Tips for Busy Moms to Reclaim Your Time with Amy Miller of Simply Beautiful Plans

It&apos;s time to take back your time!  In today&apos;s episode, I am sharing a piece of an interview I did with Amy Miller of Simply Beautiful Plans about time management in my Work Life Glue Box community on Facebook.  It&apos;s an exclusive group for the Work Life Glue Box subscribers as well as those who subscribed for the Community-Only option.  We talked for a long time about time management tips, priorities, how to fit more in but not be super overwhelmed, how to plan, and also answered members&apos; questions at the end.  In this episode, I&apos;m sharing a couple great tips out of many that we discussed!- Previous Interview with Amy Miller: Simply Beautiful Plans Shop: Simply Beautiful Plans Instagram: <a href='https:/
20/01/202220 minutes 40 seconds
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41 // What to Do When You Need More than 24 Hours Each Day! || Top Time-Management Tips for Moms

As busy mom we all could use a few extra hours in the day, am I right?!? But what do you do when you seriously need more hours than you have and you can&apos;t get it all done?!? I&apos;m here today to rescue you and give you the best time management tips for moms for 2022! These tips will help you create balance that sticks, do what actually matters, carve out more time each day, and make the most of your time! Work Life Glue Subscription Box: Life Glue Community-Only Subscription: Life Glue Box Unboxing Video: LINKS: - Atomic Habits:<br
11/01/202235 minutes 11 seconds
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40 // Set Smaller + Easier to Manage Goals with 22 for 2022

Goal setting can be overwhelming and can also lead to us failing if we aren&apos;t careful.  Last year, I tried out the 21 for 2021 goal setting plan where you set 21 goals for 2021.  I loved it so much I&apos;m doing it again this year with the 22 for 2022!  I love this method of goal setting because you can include a lot of smaller goals that you likely wouldn&apos;t include if you were doing &quot;traditional&quot; large-scale goal setting, and it&apos;s just a lot of fun!  In this episode, I&apos;m sharing the goals I set for 2021 (and whether I met them or not) and my new goals for 2022!- Work Life Glue Subscription Box: Work Life Glue Youtube Channel: Work Life Glue Instagram: Nicole of Begin
04/01/202226 minutes 49 seconds
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39 // Top Ten Thanksgiving Traditions to Bring You Closer as a Family

I&apos;m a tradition-lover through and through, but I know not everyone has as much fun as I do coming up with traditions.  Thanksgiving is a time where there are traditions, but no where near as many as Christmas.  I think that should change!  Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be grateful, to teach our kids about generosity, to show compassion to others, and so I&apos;ve come up with ten Thanksgiving traditions that do all of those things!  All ten of these traditions are super simple, don&apos;t cost a lot of money, don&apos;t require a ton of planning, and are things you can do with kids of all ages.  I hope you enjoy!Thankful Turkey from Busy Toddler: Brighter Day Press Thanksgiving Study: https://
28/10/202123 minutes 2 seconds
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38 // Stretch Your Budget and Save MONEY with These Lazy Mom Hacks

It’s the topic nobody likes to talk about but everyone is curious about: MONEY!  Today I’m sharing ten Lazy Mom Hacks when it comes to budgeting and money.  These tips are for beginners but also those who have gotten a handle on their money and want to make their money work for them.  These are all tips that helped us get out of debt, get better at managing our money, save money, and stop impulse spending.LINKS:Dave Ramsey: Bella Taylor Wallet: (use code WLGTEN for 10% off any Bellat Taylor Wallets)Sinking Funds: Budgeting Video: Meal Planner: <a href=
21/10/202133 minutes 14 seconds
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37 // 20+ Sanity-Savers for Busy Moms (Cooking + Mornings + Parenting + Beauty + MORE)

Don’t you just love talking to other moms and learning about new products, tips, hacks, websites, etc. that you had never heard of that are SUPER helpful for you once you implement them?  I think learning from other moms is one of the best ways to get better and more efficient at this whole motherhood thing. I’m constantly trying out new things and trying to improve my life, so I thought it would be fun to share over 20 different things I’m doing, using, and LOVING as a mom that I believe will help my fellow mamas out there!  I’m sharing my favorite sanity-savers for beauty, mornings, cooking, screens, learning, parenting, and MORE!KITCHEN:Instant Vortex Air Fryer: Meal Planner (Chalkboard): Meal Planner (Watercolor):
14/10/202141 minutes
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36 // Lies Moms Believe That AREN'T True! (You Need to Hear This)

Moms are guilty creatures by nature, always striving to be better because we want the best for their kids.  We are always comparing ourselves, our lives, our stuff, our kids, etc. to others and somehow always come out lacking.  We believe we aren&apos;t good moms, our kids aren&apos;t behaving normally, we don&apos;t have what we need to raise our kids.  But the problem is, so many things we tell ourselves in our thoughts as moms are LIES!  And even worse, many of us don&apos;t actually tell ourselves lies, but by our actions we can tell that these lies are engrained in us.   This episode is going to break down many lies we tell ourselves as moms that AREN&apos;T true.  Some lies are going to leave you feeling empowered when I break them down, but some will probably make you feel uncomfortable because let&apos;s face it, some of the lies help us feel better about our lives so we don&apos;t try to improve, go after the things we truly want, or risk failure to try something new.  My u
07/10/202143 minutes 34 seconds
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35 // The BEST Tips for Doing *It All* While Working from Home (With Kids Home)

We all know that when kids are around, it can be hard to get much of anything done.  As moms, no matter if we work or not, if we work inside the home or outside of the home, we are pulled in a million directions!  So many moms desire to be home with their kids but also want or need to bring in an income.  Guess what - you CAN do both!  It&apos;s not any easier, it&apos;s not less complicated, but motherhood can be hard (but also rewarding) no matter what your situation is, so pick your version of hard.  I have worked from home in various ways since I became a mom, so 6.5 years and two additional daughters later, I have learned a thing or two (or ten) about the intricate dance that is working from home with kids at my feet.  In today&apos;s episode, I&apos;m sharing my best tips for how to make this happen in hopes that it can inspire you it can be done if it&apos;s a path you are wanting to try or that it can give you some practical ideas to make your life a bit easier if you are al
30/09/202131 minutes 44 seconds
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34 // How to THRIVE as an Introverted Mom (Practical Tips to Implement Right NOW)

Many of us moms are wired to be introverted.  This can be very hard in a seemingly extroverted world!  We are encouraged to go, go go, to be social, to get our kids involved, to spend as much time as we can with our kids, and to give so much of ourselves every second of every day.  None of these are *bad* things, but they do make mothering even harder for an introverted mom who needs time away, who is often sensitive to lots of stimuli (especially sound), who needs space and time to just be calm and present, and who gets overwhelmed when life gets too busy or chaotic.I am a fellow introverted mom, and as someone kind of addicted to improving systems, routines, and different areas of my life, I have learned some useful tips about not just surviving as an introvert, but actually THRIVING!  I want to share these tips with you today in hopes that it can help make motherhood a little easier and more enjoyable for my fellow introverted moms out there!Sign up to the
23/09/202131 minutes 26 seconds
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33 // Have the Best Year Ever with THESE Back-to-School Mom Hacks

Back-to-school is a CRAZY time, even for homeschooled parents!  We are jumping into new routines, there are lots of fears/anxiety/excitement and just emotions in general making these transitions harder, more activities start, and it’s just a wonder we even get through the day sometimes!  I’m here to help!  Even though most people have already gone back to school (whatever that looks like for your family), there are lots of things we can easily improve to make the mornings, evenings, homework time, etc. less chaotic and more, dare I say it, blissful than it may currently be.  In this episode, I share many easy-to-implement back to school hacks for even the busiest and most overwhelmed of moms!Sign up to the Work Life Glue email list to win 3 free months of the box: By signing up for the Work Life Glue email list (linked above), you will receive a weekly newsletter
16/09/202132 minutes 31 seconds
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32 // How We Raise Godly Children When Busy with NO Extra Time (& YOU Can Too) || FAITH + EMOTIONAL GROWTH

For Christian parents, we want to pass on our faith and raise Godly children, help them grow spiritually, help our children grow emotionally, and fit in things like reading the bible, saying prayers, gratitude, memorizing scripture, and more, but it can be so hard when we are also super busy parents. I have been fitting these things in for years even when my husband and I were both working 50+ hours a week! How? Through habit stacking and being really intentional about our time! Watch this video for tons of tips and resources for helping your children grow spiritually and emotionally! **COMMENT HERE:  **LINKS:Show Notes: My 4AM Morning Routine: Atomic Habits: <
27/05/202135 minutes 59 seconds
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31 // 10 Ways I'm Living My Best Life Amidst CHAOS (& You Can Too)

Life can be insanely hectic as a busy mom, especially if you are working on top of it, but you can still live your best life right now amidst all the chaos!  In today&apos;s episode, I&apos;m sharing ten ways I&apos;m living my best life amidst chaos and how you can, too!  These are ten specific things I&apos;m loving and doing right now with three little kids at my feet, a business to run, a busy husband who works more than full time plus has a side hustle, and all the necessary things us moms do on the daily!  It can be extremely overwhelming and easy to lose yourself in the process, but I&apos;m all about intentional living and finding little ways to make life easier and more fun.  I&apos;m sharing my favorite things that are helping me out tremendously right now!**COMMENT HERE: **LINKS:Show Notes: <a href='http://www.worklifeglue.
20/05/202129 minutes 54 seconds
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30 // Lazy + Cheap Birthday Mom Hacks to Save Time, Stress, Energy, and Money!

Birthdays can either be super fun or very stressful on moms!  I, along with the amazing Work Life Glue community, came up with TONS of mom hacks for birthdays including birthday decor hacks, birthday party hacks, birthday food hacks, birthday gift hacks, and so much more!  These hacks are great for saving time, stress, money, and energy!**COMMENT HERE: **LINKS:Podcast Show Notes: Wishlists: Amazon Assistant Extension:;%2AVersion%2A=1&amp;%2Aent
13/05/202125 minutes 17 seconds
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29 // Morning Routine Hacks to Make Yourself a Morning Person || MORNING ROUTINE HACKS + TIPS

Being a mom and being a morning person sometimes seem mutually exclusive. I have had a 4am morning routine for three years now and have had an early morning routine for 6 years where I practiced the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I have TONS of morning routine tips and morning routine hacks to make yourself a morning person. **COMMENT HERE: **  LINKS:Podcast Show Notes: Routine Video: Morning Book: Edge Book: Effect Book:<
06/05/202128 minutes 28 seconds
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28 // Answering YOUR Juicy Questions about Homeschooling, Homemaking, Parenting, Marriage, and Business!

Today I&apos;m spilling IT ALL with a personal Q&amp;A!  I&apos;m sharing my cleaning routine, if we plan to homeschool forever, will I create a planner, if having 3 kids is hard, what our new routines will be when we homeschool, and so much MORE! **COMMENT HERE: **TIMESTAMPS:- 4:26 Homeschooling- 19:25 Parenting/Marriage- 41:52 Organizing/Decluttering/Homemaking- 45:57 Financial/BusinessLINKS:- Why we quit school video: Homeschool curriculum choices video: Toy rotation video: Podcast show notes:
29/04/202151 minutes 55 seconds
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27 // So . . . You Want to Start a Side Hustle . . . 🤔 (THE TRUTH) || REAL SIDE HUSTLE TIPS FOR BUSY MOMS

Starting a side hustle is a popular thing to right now, but many aren&apos;t sharing the truth of what it is really like to start a side hustle, especially as a busy mom.  I have been running my side hustle for the last almost 6 years, all while being a mom, so I know a thing or two about what it takes to keep going when you want to quit, what you truly need to invest in when you start, how to keep negativity at bay, and so much more!  In this video, I&apos;m sharing the dos and don&apos;ts of starting a side hustle as a busy mom.  How to start a side hustle, side hustle tips for moms, time management, and more!- Dough Daddy: Postpartum Depression Episode: Slight Edge: Boundaries: <a href='http
22/04/202134 minutes 52 seconds
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26 // You Don't Have to Suffer with Anxiety!! || TIPS FOR OVERCOMING ANXIETY - MOMS + KIDS WITH DR. REGINE MURADIAN

As someone who has personally dealt with Postpartum Depression (PPD) and anxiety, my heart has just broken this past year seeing so many moms and kids struggling with anxiety amidst so many changes.  I am SO excited to bring Dr. Regine Muradian on the podcast and channel to share some tips and practical advice for overcoming anxiety for both moms and kids, as well as when to seek out help when the anxiety has become too much to handle.LINKS:- Show Notes: Dr. Regine Muradian&apos;s Website: Dr. Regine Muradian&apos;s IG: Franky and the Worry Bees: Franky and His Homeschool Adventures: <a href='https://amz
15/04/202144 minutes 24 seconds
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25 // Say Goodbye to Stress with THESE Work-at-Home-Mom Tips! || WAHM TIPS FOR BALANCING IT ALL

Being a work-at-home-mom (WAHM) can be SO stressful!  It&apos;s so hard to work and care for our kids at the same time as working moms, plus see the laundry piled up, have all the meals in the home creating a mess and dishes, and just dealing with being around our family all day.  I know first-hand how hard being a work at home mom can be as I have been one for the last 6 years.  I have not only had a full-time job in the home but I&apos;ve also ran a side hustle online during most of the that time as well.  It&apos;s so important to be able to manage and balance all the needs of our children, our own needs, our work demands, their schooling and social demands, and keep up with the housework.  Today I&apos;m sharing my top tips for managing the work life balance as a work at home mom!LINKS:- Show Notes: Osmo:
08/04/202131 minutes 11 seconds
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24 // Homeschool + Saying Yes + Workouts + Favorite Books || SARAH'S SECRETS

Every month or so, I like to dedicate a whole episode to things I have been loving and things I have learned that may be helpful for other busy moms.  This month, I&apos;m sharing what sparked our decision to homeschool, how to say yes more to our kids (without going crazy), how many books I read, my workout plan and mindset shift, and what books I read in March.  Enjoy!LINKS:- Show Notes: The Family Board Meeting: Homeschool Video: Rainsuits: Reading Episode: Kindle Paperwhite: Wh
01/04/202129 minutes 10 seconds
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23 // Creating Community through Infertility + IVF with Chelsea Hansen || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

Infertility can be a very lonely and isolating journey, especially because it&apos;s still not widely talked about when someone is in the midst of their suffering.  Today&apos;s guest, Chelsea Hansen, has a very powerful story of her journey navigating the diagnosis of unexplained infertility and then going through IVF with all its ups and downs.  She talks about how she created a community while going through her suffering and how this not only helped many other people, but it also helped her find the support she needed to navigate a very hard time.  She also shares her journey as a working woman and how she fell into a whole new career path she didn&apos;t even go to school for which is a super powerful message about putting yourself out there, enjoying your work, and owning your strengths!LINKS:- Show Notes: Chelsea Hansen on Instagram: <a href='http://www.ins
25/03/20211 hour 10 minutes 9 seconds
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22 // Read Tons of Books Every Year with THESE Tips || READING FOR BUSY MOMS

When a woman transitions to motherhood, often many of her hobbies and favorite things fall by the wayside, at least for a time, while she adjusts to the demands of having a baby dependent on her for everything.  Over time, we can usually add a few things back in, but often things like reading never make it back as we continue to have kids and other things take up our time.  As a former English teacher, reading is incredibly important to me, and I think we would all agree that reading is something we want our kids to love and to do often for life, but that means we should be modeling it, too!  Plus, reading is a wonderful way to learn, to escape reality for a while (what mom wouldn&apos;t love that here and there?!?), to relax, and just to have fun in a very cheap and easy way!  But, we still have to figure out how to fit it in.  In today&apos;s episode, I asked my Gluestick Community on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube for advice from real busy moms about how they fit in reading, wh
18/03/202133 minutes 1 second
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21 // What It's Like to Go from Being a SAHM to a Working Mom with Kindercrafty || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

So many mothers go through transitions when it comes to their careers, where they work, how much they work, not working at all to working, and so on.  Today&apos;s interview is with Jessica from Kindercrafty, who taught kindergarten for many years before having children, but then transitioned to being a stay at home mom when she had her son.  Once he was in school, however, she felt something was missing and started thinking about going back to teaching.  She has an incredible story about how her transition back to teaching unfolded and shares the struggles and triumphs she experienced during this transition.  She also shares what teaching kindergarten has been like during a pandemic!  She has so much wisdom and inspiration for all moms to enjoy!- Show Notes: Kindercrafty on Instagram:<
11/03/20211 hour 8 minutes 35 seconds
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20 // TOP TIPS for Moms in the Thick of It || Tips from REAL GLUESTICKS!

So many of us moms are &quot;in the thick of it&quot; right now with schools closed, working remotely from home, everything shut down, and in the middle of a pandemic.  I reached out to all of you on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube to ask for YOUR tips for when you are in the thick of it as a mom.  I&apos;m sharing those tips along with some of my own when it comes to mindset, parenting, practical tips for cooking and cleaning, and self-care!  I&apos;m sure you will get at least one takeaway idea from this episode!- Show Notes: WLG Youtube Channel: WLG Instagram: WLG Moms Facebook Group:<b
04/03/202138 minutes 20 seconds
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19 // Sarah's Secrets - It's Okay if It's Hard + Tips for Self-Care + Planner Changes

Often throughout the month, I try out new things, learn new tricks, and have an &quot;aha&quot; moment that I want to share, but on their own, none of these would make a great podcast episode.  So, I decided to share these tips, tricks, ideas, stories, and more with you once a month in an episode I&apos;m calling &quot;Sarah&apos;s Secrets.&quot;  Today I&apos;m sharing some parenting ideas and advice, ideas for self-care for moms, changes I made in my planner to make it work for me, and some books I read recently I would recommend!- Show Notes: Okay to Wake Clock: Huckleberry App: BabyNursing App: <a href='
02/03/202144 minutes
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18 // Finding Balance & Purpose as a Virtual Teacher & Health/Fitness Coach with Ashlee Francois || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

Lately so many parents have been teaching their children at home and utilizing online schooling in some way.  However, there are many teachers who have been teaching online for a long time and have a great model and a lot to learn about the online teaching world.  In today&apos;s Working Mom Spotlight, I interview Ashlee Francois, a virtual math teacher at an online school who also runs a successful health and fitness coaching business in the nooks and crannies of her day on the side of her full-time job.  She has two young children, ages 4 and 6, and an incredible story about meeting her husband in Haiti and going through an international marriage!  We pack a lot of great tips, advice, and relatability into this episode - you won&apos;t want to miss it!LINKS:- Show Notes: Ashlee Francois&apos;s Instagram: https
25/02/202159 minutes 27 seconds
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17 // I have NO Time! How Can I Fit in a Side Hustle?!? || SIDE HUSTLE TIPS FOR BUSY MOMS

I hear you! Being an adult is busy enough, but add in a couple tiny humans and maybe even a part-time or full-time job, and there should be a whole new word dedicated to the kind of busy moms are!  I worked 50+ hours a week as a daycare provider in my home for 5 years while I grew my own side hustle.  Through that experience, I learned a ton about time management and what it takes to grow a side hustle when it&apos;s not your sole focus.  In today&apos;s episode, I&apos;m sharing my top tips for fitting in a side hustle as well as other things to keep in mind, like not losing family time, keeping track of your ideas, and how to structure your day and week for ample productivity.LINKS:- Show Notes: Work Life Glue Facebook Group: Work Life Glue Youtube Ch
18/02/202125 minutes 56 seconds
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16 // What Am I Supposed to Do With All of These PHOTOS?!? || My Simple + Quick Photo System

Photos.  Each one is worth 1000 words each, and yet these precious memory-keepers can easily overwhelm us and get out of control if we let them.  I have been on the hunt for the best photo system for busy moms and now I have found it!  This is my photo system I have implemented that I know will be easy and quick for you to implement as well!  It incorporates a daily, monthly, and yearly habit.  PLUS I discuss a much simpler baby book solution and what to do for those sentimental times like birthdays to commemorate them in a very easy and fun way.LINKS:- Show Notes: Lazy Genius Episode: Miss Freddy (Daily Delete): Chatbooks (Get $10 off your first order): <a href='
11/02/202133 minutes 19 seconds
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15 // Balancing Homeschool with 4 Kids & Virtual Assistant Business with Lydia Senn || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

Today&apos;s Working Mom Spotlight is SOOO good!  I interviewed Lydia Senn, who you may know from Youtube or Instagram, about how she balances life with four kids and running her own business.  Her business includes being a virtual assistant plus being a content creator on Youtube and Instagram where she shares advice and relatable content about living a frugal debt-free life.  Considering she never thought she would work from home OR homeschool 9 years ago when she was pregnant with her first child, life sure looks different than she imagined it would, but she balances everything with humor, relatability, and grace!LINKS:- Show Notes: Lydia Senn on Youtube: Lydia Senn on Instagram: http
04/02/202153 minutes 52 seconds
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14 // Why YOU Should Dream BIG (Even If You Have No Clue Why, What, or Where to Start)

As moms in this day and age, we are damned if we do and damned if we don&apos;t.  No matter what we choose when it comes to feeding, sleeping, schooling, disciplining, and so much more, someone will think we are wrong.  If we work outside the home, inside the home, or our sole focus is being a mom, someone will judge you for it.  If you have a dream lurking in your heart as a mom, I think it&apos;s SOOOO incredibly important to listen to that voice and follow it, even if you don&apos;t know how, why, what to do, where to start, or even what the dream is exactly.  In this episode, I&apos;m sharing lots of inspiration and motivation for moms who feel the urge to make a change in their lives but don&apos;t know where to start or are too afraid to take that leap!LINKS:- Show Notes: Episode 2 on My Postpartum Depression Story: <a href='https://www.worklifeglue.c
28/01/202123 minutes 2 seconds
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13 // Why It’s Good to Change Careers as a Working Mom with the Organized Little Lady || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

This episode is jam-packed with inspiration, advice, and tips!  I interview Meaghan from Organized Little Lady on Youtube and Instagram!  She has changed career paths multiple times as a mom and shares why it’s not only okay, but it can actually be a good choice for your family!  She is the sweetest person who has definitely figured out how to put her family first and course correct as a working mom to do whatever she needs to do to support her family.  You will LOVE listening to all the amazing things she has to say!LINKS:- Show Notes: Organized Little Lady Youtube: Organized Little Lady Instagram: Organized Little Lady Scen
21/01/202149 minutes 12 seconds
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12 // 4 Routines that Have SAVED My Motherhood

It&apos;s no secret that I LOVE a good routine, but not all routines are created equal!  I have four routines I do (two are daily routines and two are weekly routines) that have made my life as a mom better because I FEEL better, my husband and I argue less often, I&apos;m prepared for the week each week, and I wake up without being burdened.  These four routines are very easy to implement and even easier to stay on top of because once you start doing them, you will feel so much better and will want to continue!  What are they?  Make sure you listen to the episode!LINKS:- Show Notes: Top 10 for 2020 Episode: Shark Sweeper Vacuum: Work Life Glue Youtube Channel: <a href='http://www.youtu
14/01/202130 minutes 41 seconds
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11 // How to Balance a Side Hustle + A Full Time Job (as a Mom) with Jen Chapin || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

We are wearing SO many hats as moms these days, especially working moms.  So many moms are working from home, teaching their kids, doing all the household chores, and more!  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to talk to a mom who has been wearing many hats for a long time to get some advice and inspiration.  This week, I&apos;m interviewing Jen Chapin, who has a Youtube channel where she shares so many helpful videos for working moms, and she is also a full-time nurse who has worked her way up in her career.  She is a wealth of amazing ideas and is incredibly relatable!  This episode is a must-listen for any working mom, but especially for any working mom who also wants to take on anything extra like going back to school, starting a business, running something on the side, or anything beyond work + motherhood.LINKS:- Show Notes- Jen Chapin&a
07/01/202151 minutes 49 seconds
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10 // The Top 10 Things I LEARNED & LOVED in 2020

2020 was a HARD year, but upon reflecting on the year, I realized there were many things I learned and loved in 2020 that either improved my life in some way or helped me feel better about myself.  I thought it would be helpful to share them in the hopes that maybe they will help you improve your life in the new year!LINKS:Show NotesWork Life Glue Moms Facebook GroupFair Play BookFair Play CardsDough DaddyFlutter HabitEnneagram QuizDecluttering Videos
04/01/202137 minutes 25 seconds
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9 // 3X Your Productivity and Goal Completion with THESE Daily Activities

Everyone is talking about goals right now, but this goal-loving overachiever actually isn’t going to be talking about goals at all as we wrap up 2020.  You can find that information elsewhere.  What I AM talking about are daily habits and rituals that will triple your productivity and goal completion by changing YOU!  These daily activities are easy to do but also easy not to do, however, if you do them, they will take you further and help you reach your goals faster and even help you achieve new goals you may not even be thinking about right now!  What are they?  Make sure you listen to find out!LINKS:Show NotesEpisode 7 - DO THIS Before You Set ANY Goals for 2021!Dough DaddyEpisode 2 - How P
17/12/202042 minutes 24 seconds
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8 // Taking Over an Online Physical Products Shop with Little Kids at Home || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

Today&apos;s Working Mom Spotlight features Jen Tesoriero of The Bit Loom Co. and The Cash System Wallet!  She is a physical therapist turned online entrepreneur who runs two different online shops!  She has experience selling home textiles as well as the Bella Taylor Cash Envelope System wallet!  She has two daughters, one who is in college and one who is a senior in high school, so it was amazing to get a perspective of a mom who is on the &quot;other end&quot; of motherhood as I like to say.  She has so much insight into the online business world as well as balancing motherhood as a work at home mom, and also some advice for working with her husband!  My favorite thing she shared was at the end and it is all about not making a turkey - listen to the end to find out what that&apos;s all about!Save 10% at with code GLUESTICKTEN at checkout!LINKS:- Show Notes: htt
10/12/202049 minutes 3 seconds
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7 // DO THIS Before You Set ANY Goals for 2021!

Now that it&apos;s December, it&apos;s so easy to look around and find a million posts, videos, episodes, and photos about goal-setting and choosing your word for the year. However, what we as workings don&apos;t need right now is to be told what we should be adding to our plates. What we need to know is how to take items off of our plates to make room for the desserts of life (dreams, time with family, time for ourselves, time with friends, etc.). In today&apos;s episode, I&apos;m talking all about saying no and figuring out what YOU will say no to in 2021!Show Notes:
03/12/202037 minutes 30 seconds
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6 // From Dance Studio Owner to Marketing + Branding Agency Owner & Founder || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

In this Working Mom Spotlight, I interview Tricia the owner and founder of Hello Media, a boutique social media marketing and branding agency!  She went from running dance studios to making a jump just a few weeks after her first daughter was born, creating her own online business.  She did my branding, so I can vouch for how great she and her team are at working with business owners!  She has amazing insight about the work/life balance as a work from home mom and has some great tips as well!  If you are working from home or own your own business (or just want to hear from a mom who does), you will love this episode!LINKS:Show NotesHello MediaHello Media on InstagramWork Life Glue Moms Facebook Group<li
27/11/202051 minutes 36 seconds
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5 // Do These 4 Things for a STRESS-FREE Christmas Season

With Thanksgiving next week in the United States, Christmas is just around the corner.  And with Christmas comes tons of to dos!  From shopping to traditions, budgeting to cookie baking, sending Christmas cards and wrapping gifts - there is A LOT to do!  I want this Christmas to be as stress-free as possible!  After one crazy year, we all deserve some peace and rejuvenation this Christmas season.  In order to obtain that peace, however, there are some things we could do to make the transition to Christmas smooth and easy.  In this episode, I&apos;m sharing four things to do for a stress-free Christmas season!Show Notes:
19/11/202036 minutes 11 seconds
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4 // Creating a Planner Sticker Etsy Shop Empire with 2 Little Kids || WORKING MOM SPOTLIGHT

In this episode, I interview the amazing Amy Miller of Simply Beautiful Plans, an Etsy shop filled with the most beautiful planner stickers you will ever find!  She has an incredible story of how her business started as a way of coping with postpartum anxiety and how her career trajectory changed dramatically from the time she first became a mom until now.  She has some great advice and insight about structuring her day with two young children (also homeschooling) and how to &quot;balance it all.&quot;  You will LOVE hearing her story and message!For 15% off your order, enter the code GLUESTICK at checkout at the Simply Beautiful Plans shop!Show Notes: Beautiful Plans Etsy Shop: http://www.simplybeautifulplans.ets
12/11/202054 minutes 39 seconds
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3 // Get More Done in YOUR Day with THESE 25 Kid Activities

SO many moms are working from home in today’s current global situation, and even moms that aren’t, we have SO much to do when we are at home.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, tidying, organizing, and even things like exercising, self-care, reading a book, or just taking a BREAK - these are all things we do that we don’t always want our kids tagging along for.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need some time for my children to “just play”, right?!?  But how often when you tell them to “go play” do they actually listen?  Rarely!  I’ve found myself coming back to the same materials/toys/activities over and over for educational, enriching activities for my kids to do that I can literally just plop down in front of them and they can get busy and so can I!  I’m sharing them in this podcast!  These are 25 different activities your kids from toddler-aged to middle school even can do to give you a little break or allow you to get something done.Find all the items mentioned
05/11/202038 minutes 30 seconds
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2 // How Postpartum Depression Saved My Life

This is by far the most terrifying story I will ever tell.  I’ve been so terrified to tell it, in fact, that I put off starting this podcast for well over a year because I knew in my gut this story had to be the first main episode of this podcast.  Why?  Because without this story, Work Life Glue wouldn’t be here (and maybe I wouldn’t be either).  This is the story of how my horrific bout of Postpartum Depression after my first daughter was born led me to the life of my dreams, and in turn I believe saved my life from becoming a massive trainwreck, or at the very least, a life of complacency.  I am sharing this to spread awareness about Postpartum Depression, to “own my ick” so that it doesn’t own me anymore, to show others what you can turn negative experiences into with lots of reframing, and to show how Work Life Glue came to be and why I’m so passionate about serving working moms.Show Notes: http://www.worklifeg
05/11/202039 minutes 4 seconds
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1 // What is Work Life Glue Podcast All About?!?

Hi Gluesticks!  If you don&apos;t know what a &quot;Gluestick&quot; is right now, you will by the end of this episode!  Get to know me, Sarah, the redheaded dreamer, working mom of three little girls, teacher-turned-nanny-turned-daycare provider-turned-online entrepreneur!  In this episode, I share what this podcast is all about: busy working moms, how to create balance that sticks, how to live your dream life right *now*, and how this podcast is a community for busy working moms.Show Notes:
07/10/202015 minutes 59 seconds