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English, Personal health, 1 season, 62 episodes, 1 day, 18 hours, 17 minutes
The podcast is dedicated to following our curiosities and being a student of all things spiritual, high vibration, and the occasional male repellent tip. We hope you leave feeling aligned, recharged, inspired and buzzy.
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Ep.62 –Meat Me In The Middle

Well well well, we suckered another one of our nearest and dearest onto our show, one of our favorite ploys. We’re half joking - but whole heartedly pumped to have Victoria Searcy join us today. We get started with favorite snacks, favorite Hollywood hottie, some light & fun dessert before we get into the main course- discussing the power of keeping an open mind and your heart full of empathy. There’s such divinity in the grey and we truly all feel passionately about being life long learners from everyone we meet. Enjoy! Ciao XO, The Unpolished Girlies Victoria's Instagram Say Hi Our Merch Salmon Stackers
6/19/202439 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep.61 –Flops for Breakfast

Ok team, last episode we talked mainly about following little breadcrumbs (nods from the universe// aligned winks) and how to keep a version of the life you want alive in any season. This episode is about the potential following of a path, and it.. well.. awkward silence FLOPS. Soooo.. NOW WHAT?— Angela talks about an L she took in a business venture and the natural evolution that came out of it. Kendall discusses the process of switching lanes, career wise.. sharing the advice she gave to someone who asked how she landed a job in interior design with no prior experience in the field. We also talk about embarrassing in- law moments ++ a passionate rant about a hospice memoir that has kept us up past our bedtime reading. Happy Memorial Day, everyone. 💓 Floss Threaders PigMami In-Between by Hadley Vlahos Say Hi on IG Our Merch
5/27/202448 minutes, 53 seconds
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Ep.60 –Breadcrumbs For Thought

WE GOT A FACE LIFT! And by that, we mean we upgraded our audio quality as a 4th year podcast anniversary present. Long overdue, but ta-daaaaaa! ✨ Today we get into personal stories of something new, following the breadcrumbs that call to us no matter how small and silly, saving your day when you’re spiraling, and remembering we are always worthy of vitality, abundance, and the occasional Diet Coke. Angela rounds us out with passionate regaling about porcelain plates lol Thank you for listening & supporting (even when our audio sounded like we were in a snow storm— y’all real for that). It’s a joy to yap away and feel like you’re in the room with us. unpolished girlies Say HI: @the.unpolished Merch: Cop a thang
5/13/202439 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ep.59 –Luck Be The Lady

Well, we’ve got RANGE this episode— so there’s something for everyone. Starting off reflective with a 3 card pull and moving into some personal stories of looking at our fear and following the breadcrumbs of what it’s trying to tell us. Is it serving us or protecting us? But then RECORD SCRATCH MY GIRL- philosophical conversations be gone- we spill the tea on the Netflix show “Baby Reindeer”, bunco with older women, and breaking out in song. Somehow it makes all the sense and no sense at all. Welcome to our show. Luck be the LADAYYYYY- Angela + Kendall Say Hi: We have merch!
4/29/202453 minutes, 5 seconds
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Ep.58 –merch & matchboxes

A catch-up chit chat episode! Kendall and Angela have started a slew of new projects (running theme: we can’t keep our paws to ourselves) and discuss how they came to be, what’s lighting us up (hanna house) and how the creativity faucet ebbs and flows. The biggest intuitive lesson is the knowing that our flow will always come back around so love her when she’s here, trust she’s coming back when she’s quiet. We want this episode to stand as a reminder that it can be hard to keep at your craft, your passions, your after-hours creative hub, but it’s always worth it. XOXO, Unpolished Girlies P.S. we dropped merch and we love it, come take a peek: Book Mentioned: Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi Say Hi: @the.unpolished
4/8/202442 minutes, 20 seconds
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Ep.57 – Your Mama + Your Moon ft April Ray

Attention teaaaam- we have a return guest on, April Ray of Astreastoundance. Today we get into the power of our moon signs, and most notably, the messages from our mother and father through our natal chart. We analyze the energy surrounding the approaching solar eclipse (4/8/24) and why everyone is feeling completely whacky and activated right now (the planets are up to no good tbh!!) We hope it feels like you’re on the floor with us shrieking like close friends do. We truly forgot we were recording because we got so amped. We hope you enjoy & send to someone that would resonate. We love getting weird over here. XO, Unpolished Girlies Find your natal chart here: Book April here: (USE CODE UNPOLISHED444 for 20% off!) Aprils IG: @astreastoundance Say hi to us!! @the.unpolished Hehe we have merch:
4/1/20241 hour, 20 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ep.56 – dating icks & garden things ft scouthouse

We’re feelin garden chic this spring so it only felt right to have green thumb angel, Rachel Weeks of @scouthouse, on this week. Rachel is a copywriter + just over all vibe curator, so this episode is jam packed with goodness. We get into easy garden hacks for even the smallest space, living deliciously intentional within work and play, creating and nurturing community as an adult, and then end on a spicy note with dating yucks and yums in the wild Wild West of online situationships. Editor’s note: source a notebook and pen sis, because we were taking notes even while recording. A little bit of everything, a happy signature of the Unpolished. Enjoy! XO! Say Hi on IG: @the.unpolished @scouthouse @scouthouseprints
3/18/202457 minutes, 7 seconds
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Ep.55 – Wrong Shoes & New Ideas

Kendall and Angela back together again taking a whirly twirly ride of lighthearted thoughts— we begin with a 3 card pull and then chat about what Angela learned in her styling session with our mutual girl crush, Alison Bornstein. We discuss the energetics of style and fashion, and what creative blocks come up and can be conquered simply by getting dressed in the morning. We round it out with a nostalgic rant of what we loved as little kids (Flintstones sherbet push pops anyone?), and how revisiting the hobbies and interests of our childhood have the possibility of bringing in so much joy in adulthood. We hope this episode makes you feel excited to explore and play with your own personal style and call in more childlike excitement in your creativity. We love you! XO Say Hi @the.unpolished (Instagram) Allison Bornstein: @allisonbornstein6 (Instagram and Tiktok)
3/11/202450 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ep.54 – Creating Amidst Chaos ft Nikole Michelle

Today on the show Angela gives Nikole the floor to tell her childhood tales of being pasture-raised as a true CPS princess (reverently). We get into boundary setting with family members, holding onto your creativity when life throws you a hard deck of cards, navigating co-parenting, the in-between of fulfillment and community building, and full on fist fights in middle school. The life she has built for herself is a constant beacon of inspiration. There’s a little of everything— and if there’s one thing about us? We’re gonna keep it truckin’. GIDDYUP & XOXO, Unpolished Girlies Ps- DFW friends, her gorgeous photography lives here (she is currently accepting new clients) IG: @photosbynikolemichelle Say hi: @the.unpolished
3/4/202447 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ep.53 – A Younger Brother Tell All ft Brandon Ermert

This week, while Angela was with her family on vacation, we decided to throw a wild card in the mix and Kendall brought her brother, Brandon, on to answer questions submitted by the listeners. And what a ride.  Questions covered ranged from weirdest dates, childhood dynamics, icks, and favorite books— with hilarious stories about getting hit by a car, crying in the club, pursuing older women, and the shocking thing he did at an ex-girlfriend’s family get together.  This episode is peppered with heartfelt sentiments and outlandish tales, and we hope you love every minute of it.  As an aside, this episode is not kid or workplace friendly. You’ve been warned- lol.  XO  The Unpolished girlies  Say Hi: @the.unpolished
2/28/202451 minutes, 46 seconds
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Ep.52 – Postcard from Jacksonville

Howdy from Jacksonville TX 🤠 Angela and Kendall had the rare joy to be together in-person for a weekend of laughing, crying, birthday and baby celebrating & experiencing the spiritual wellness space that is Hotel Ritual. Our hope for this episode is to talk about why hard things are worth it, that showing up is always worth the potential hiccups and always pays dividends in friendships, in connections, in magic & if you’re a really lucky dog- in creme brûlée. At the end of the day, you’ll forget the rain— but hold the rainbows in your heart forever. May this little audio postcard find you well. We love you. Xoxo Say Hi: @the.unpolished
2/19/202442 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ep.51 – Would Mother God Be Invited to The Kris Jenner Christmas Party?

Welcome to a personal favorite hyper-fixation of ours: cults. Lucky for you, we wrangled a cult/pop culture aficionado to add to our mania: our friend Hailie Durrett, to dissect the documentary Love Has Won.  From Reddit receipts to vanity fair to personal insights- we’re going innnnn.  Let’s back up to set the scene for the tea spillage—-  Love Has Won: the Cult of Mother God (also known as the Galactic Federation of Light and 5D Full Disclosure) is a 3 part documentary series on HBO about a woman named Amy Carlson. Our girl Amy is a mother of 3 who is a manager of a McDonalds in Houston,Texas. One day she up and disappears, changes her name, and begins leading thousands of people under the self proclamation of being a divine being (who is 19 billion years old) who birthed the entire world. Well, folks, after watching, we clearly have thoughts.  Haven’t seen the documentary? Fear not- you’re gonna get a very detailed spark notes of events.  Thank you for tuning in. It’s a wild ride, but this is who we are.  Love, your wanna be cult leaders,  Angela, Hailie, and Kendall  Say Hi: @the.unpolished Links;  Vanity Fair article referenced: Mother God, Robin Williams, and Alcohol as Medicine: Inside Love Has Won | Vanity Fair Say hi to our bestie Hailie on IG:  @hailiedurrett
2/12/202452 minutes, 23 seconds
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Ep.50 – Dear Pluto, Do You Like The Name Asthma?

Hiii- If this episode made it into your orbit, I’m sure Pluto appreciates the company. Today on The Unpolished, we talk about Pluto transitioning into Aquarius until 2044, baby name ideas (?), and a cringey tale of mid 2000s lore at the mall (with a Gilmore Girl reference, we love to see it). A shortie today, but trust- some things are better off left on the cutting floor. Next week we’re getting into Love Has Won: Mother God if you want to follow along. XOXO Say Hi on Instagram: @the.unpolished How to find your Pluto placement: ( App mentioned (easy place to start for reading your birth chart): costar
2/5/202428 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ep.49 – Motherhood Exposé with Joanna Waterfall

We were fortunate enough to have Joanna Waterfall on The Unpolished today, to talk about the pulse of motherhood that needs a little more light shine on it. From how we navigate spirituality beliefs with young children to birth story letdown to sitting in the hardship in sleepless nights, we bring out a more tender side to the show today. If you’re a fellow parent or interested in becoming a parent, we hope you left with a tidbit or two, and we love this first standing segment on our show, giving a chance to converse with beautiful and wise mothers walking this big ol’ earth rock with us. We love you! Book mentioned: The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice to Modern Parents: ( Find Joanna here: @joannawaterfall Say Hi: @the.unpolished
1/30/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 21 seconds
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Ep.48 – Does My AI Wax or Shave

It's a twisty road as you've come to expect on the show ranging from AI to Suite Life of Zac and Cody to Naked Attraction. In this episode, we introduce what we hope is a semi-regular segment on the pod: a listener dropped voice memo about pubic hair.. trends? We hope you enjoy, laugh, or leave slightly frightened. PS. As it stands, it's still not confirmed if Angela forgives Kendall for the cardinal offense of recommending a concealer that creased on her. Say Hi: @the.unpolished
1/22/202443 minutes
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Ep.47 – Hokas Pocus

This episode is us in our usual form, throwing verbal spaghetti at our mics for your weekly dose of unhinged. We begin with our (non spoiler) takes on saltburn, and from there it’s everything from cooking hacks to anklets,with a pit stop into serious town where we talk about how social media affects creativity. Kendall reads an article from the substack “Monday, Monday” that explains why the author chose to permanently log off.  Followed by landing the plane at boujee socks, worn out sneakers, and hairy legs.  This episode is equal parts dallying around and introspection, and we hope you enjoy the ride.  REFERENCED: Tiktok: @mac.larena Amazon jean button hack: Anna Fusco of @lordcowboy  Article read from Monday, Monday- a substack by Marlee Grace  Socks: Say Hi: @the.unpolished
1/15/202436 minutes, 19 seconds
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Ep.46 – Crows Remember Your Resolutions

Episode 4 I fear we’ve lost the plot because this episode quite frankly is a mish mosh of interests ranging from the Kindle Oasis to crows holding grudges to psychics solving crimes? Throw in some poetry and face oil and you’ve got yourself the inner workings of the minds of two adhd mothers in suburbia just trying to reorient in 2024. Our promise to ourselves and to the listeners is that we would show up, disheveled or not, to invite you along to the party. We mean it with our full chest (32B and 36HH). Love you, enjoy the ride! Products mentioned: 1) Best Skin Ever Seabuckhorn Oil- 2) Kindle Oasis (can buy refurbished on Amazon to save cash) 3) Notes on Shapeshifting by Gabi Abraro- Say HI: @the.unpolished
1/8/202435 minutes, 2 seconds
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Ep.45 – Motherhood Exposé

MOTHERHOOD EXPOSÉ In this episode, we talk about all the things we, frankly, wish other moms were talking about. We jotted down a few things we wanted to discuss, but opened up a question box on instagram to see what you were curious about hearing about. And this episode was born.  We called in our friend Leah to join the chat. We’re over the term “girl boss”, but let’s just suffice to say, we knew she’d be an incredibly valuable resource on the discussion of “balancing” motherhood/work/spirituality. The short answer is, you can’t. But we break down thoughts on: Going from 0-1 and 1-2 kids and what you wish you had known/someone would have told you The honesty of missing your pre-kid life even though you wouldn’t take it back The best parts we’ve experienced in motherhood How to create intentional space for the things that matter for you in the midst of nurturing others How to recognize what’s worth saying “hell yes” or “naw, not today” to  We hope you enjoy this convo of 3 mamas givin’ it the old college try.  As an aside: there were SO many questions that were submitted that we couldn’t get to, so we’d love to bring other mamas in continue this conversation of womanhood, motherhood, and the pursuit of caffeine in any form.  Say Hi: @the.unpolished
1/1/202452 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep.44 – Gypsy Rose Needs A Belt

Gypsy Rose Needs a Belt: Episode 2/// Oh, hello again. we hope you're ready for the second installment of this new venture- because this one is ZANYyYyY. We got all four of our children down for a nap at the same time and got on mic to discuss all the important things: -Jam Advent Calendars -the power of a belt (and where to get them) -Podcaster boyfriend drama -True crime a la Gypsy Rose (we're tipsy for gypsy) -Why egg whites should stay the hell out of cocktails -vision boarding your 2024 style with things you already own -endless rabbit holes of googling info on the spot We love you, we hope you enjoy this long voice memo of our collective hyperfixations over iced coffee. As always, feel free to drop a subject you're interested in-- you're part of this party. Say HI: @the.unpolished
1/1/202441 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ep.43 – The Unpolished Hard Launch

Episode 1. Of the new name, at least. 2024, it’s us. And we’re comin’ in HAUTE. I mean, hot. I mean, we’re actually just sweaty after a full rebrand. But welcome to The UNpolished. In this episode, we pull back the curtains on why, after 3 years of Woo Woo School, we felt it was in alignment to pivot. In this candid conversation, we speak about the evolution of deciding to amazon prime microphones to our doors and blast our thoughts on air— and how it’s changed our lives. Things we touch on: What you can expect going forward Why we decided to change the name/content What worked and what didn’t The importance of staying in the flow of what art asks of you Thank you for joining us in this audio diary, and we are SO excited for what is to come. Say Hi: @the.unpolished
1/1/202426 minutes, 35 seconds
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Ep.42 – Romantic Journal Date

Consider this episode a fun little date with yourself!  While we girlies love a self improvement moment, we were craving a little FUN and ROMANCE. In this short and sweet audio segment, we provide glowy journal prompts with the invitation to journal or simply just listen and dream with us.  Pour yourself a tea, a coffee, or a glass of wine— and let’s FALL IN LOVE AGAIN WITH LIFE.  As always, feel free to reach out with any pings!  @angela_party @kendallhanna  vindur deck creator: @leahpantea
8/10/202333 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ep.41 – Releasing the Hustle and Into Flow ft Madeleine Frost

Kendall and Angela got the privilege of talking with the magnetic and brilliant mind of Madeleine Frost. We get into intentional living (social media breaks, slowing down, walking away from the comparison game, the art of start) and how micro choices add up to a metamorphosis always worthwhile. We talk excitedly about how creativity is for everyone and the simple ways we can incorporate more daydreaming time into our busy lives. A huge part of Madeleine's story is when she decided to bravely share her decision to go alcohol-free and how sobriety has opened up a fuller trust in herself that snowballed into all other areas of her life. The truth always has to come within first. Join us for all the insights and truth bombs. We really loved having her on. Find us and her here: @madeleinefrost and her podcast: "In the Middle" (on apple, spotify, etc) @kendallhanna @angela_party
8/3/202350 minutes, 40 seconds
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Ep.40 – Shep's Birth Story (with nods to big brother Wyatt)

Shep Clark Artymovich is here! I am 7 days post-birth, both of us doning a diaper, but was chomping at the bit to record this story while it's still fresh. We didnt have the podcast when I birthed Wyatt in 2019, and I've felt for years i've wanted to get his story out in a fuller capacity. This story is about my new freshie Shepherd, but it's also about Wyatt paving the way for little brother to have it easier. A noble pursuit. Content warnings: 1) infertility 2) recurrent miscarriage 3) premature birth 4) PTSD/ medical trauma 5) near-death experience It's in deep euphoria and gratitude that i get to call my kids my own. It's not on them to heal me, but they sure do a good job. In honor of my rootin tootin cowboys. Stay little but grow big like dad, my loves. XO Angela
7/21/202359 minutes, 42 seconds
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Divine Feminine

Lil shortie episode! Kendall and Angela speak on the balance of divine masculine//divine feminine energies and how to embody both to magic to hit center stage. We touch on signs you might be experiencing wounded feminine//wounded masculine, how to practice healing both sides, and how powerful it is when they work in tandem. This topic kept coming up in overlapping ways, and that's always our cue to shout it into the ether. Stay balanced and look for the bread crumbs, we send you blessings today & forever. xo @kendallhanna @angela_party
6/21/202332 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ep.38 – word to your (grand)mothaa

Hello hellooooo we’re back and as unhinged as ever. Welcome to our verbal walk through some very woo woo encounters we’ve had lately.  In the spiritual space, there’s a lot of talk about generational trauma, and the things we’re healing from in regards to our ancestors— and we’re all about it. But this episode is the other side of the coin— experiences that have made us say a resounding THANK YOU to our relatives of the past through some peculiar recent experiences.  Please listen with an open heart + open mind, and we’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve ever experienced anything like this as well.  We were so deeply happy to be on mic after a break—and love that you’re in the woo and weird with us.  Feel most welcome to message us on IG:  @kendallhanna @angela_party —-  As mentioned in the episode, here is your optional reading assignment:  Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette
5/30/202356 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ep.37 – June's Water Birth

Happy spring but around here it’s eternal summer:) June Margot Hanna entered the world a bright eyed and bushy tailed 9lb Aquarian, and we are here to give you the scoop. Kendall walks us through a v v candid play by play of her water birth at a local birthing center (with baby goats running around), and the way it felt chosen by June to join us earth side. We get into how to stay centered when mishaps happen during labor/birth, and how to feel supported during the tender time of pregnancy and post partum. We also explore how to infuse your own birth with intention and following your intuition on birth preferences that make sense for you, whatever birth path you choose. Angela is also spillin’ the tea on something in her own life- so BUCKLE UP FOR ALL THE EXCITING THINGS. We hope you leave empowered to advocate for yourself and know we firmly believe however your kid gets here, it is divine design and chosen for you. find us on instagram here: @kendallhanna @angela_party
3/6/20231 hour, 26 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ep.36 – The Art and Truth of Female Friendship

Female friendship is hot hot HOT on the mind in a post-2020 world. How to maintain them, how to keep the ones we treasure the most, when to say a loving goodbye, and how to normalize the ebb and flow of the long term besties. We gathered a bunch of your feelings on this that left us feeling energized with tangible ways to be the friend we are searching for. We all deserve loving and life-giving friendships. Here's to the ones we have, and the future loves we haven't met yet. Kendall's IG: @kendallhanna Angela's IG: @angela_party
1/16/202346 minutes, 43 seconds
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Ep.35 – Stumbling Into Sobriety and Spirituality ft. Rachel Wesen

happy winter! Kendall trusted two best friends (translation: clowns) on the mic today. angela kicks a conversation off with childhood best friend Rachel. We get into drinking culture in high school/college, and accidentally falling into a life of intention. The intersection of spirituality and sobriety is a huge theme, as well as the power of community to feel belonging. We hope you leave with your cup full (of la croix). Thank you for trusting us with a tender topic. xo Find us on Instagram: @angela_party @raaachelw
12/14/20221 hour, 5 minutes
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Ep.34 – Dream Decoder

In this episode, we explore our subconscious landscape through dreams. Which, hellllllo, Scorpio szn has us straight up RIPE with them.  Accompanied by a dream card deck, we discuss common themes coming up in our (and yall’s!) snooze cruises.  One part debunking the seemingly random imagery, one part astrology, one part laughing our ass off at personal asides: you’ve got a show that is equally educational as it is farting around. Our personal podcast dish of choice.  IDK about y’all, but we’re feeling pumped to be on mic lately, so we hope you enjoy this audio party as much as we did in making it.  DECK LINK FOR DEBUNKING UR OWN ZZZS! Other dream resources! A Practical Guide to Decoding Your Dreams and Visions: Unlocking What God is Saying While You Sleep The Dream Interpretation Handbook: A Guide and Dictionary to Unlock the Meanings of Your Dreams 12,000 Dreams Interpreted: A New Edition for the 21st Century
11/9/202244 minutes, 30 seconds
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Ep.33 – Unclogging the Subconscious Drain

Kendall and Angela go back to a classic practice that catapulted this entire podcast back In 2020. Enter Morning Pages- the beloved ritual that can bring enlightenment, gentle shifts, rediscovery of self and that satisfying feeling of finishing the ink of a pen. A quick pick me up that is a tried and true method that we hope you love as much as we do. Let us know if anything pings for you! Find us here xoxo: @angela_party @kendallhanna
11/3/202223 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ep.32 – Podcasters Who Love Podcasts

In this episode, we get meta af— a podcast talking about podcasts. Kendall and Angela pass audio gems they find back and forth on the reg- things that inspire us, expand us, and entertain us. And you know what we do when we find something we love— WE SHARE THE JUICE OUR PARCHED WOO WOOS. There’s no way we could cover them all, but here’s a few we’ve been loving to add to your podcast queue. Podcasts Mentioned: Pop Apologists  Financial Feminist (Her First 100k) Wake up with Weslie  That’s So Retrograde  Mindful in Minutes  Find us at @kendallhanna and @angela_party
10/14/202230 minutes, 13 seconds
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Ep.31 – Glowy Book Recommendations

Rollllll call to our fellow bookworms! In this episode, we get into what pages our noses have been glued between and why we think that reading is such a beautiful way to spend your time.  Whether you are an avid reader (like Angela) or a book lover who nurses one book all month long (Kendall), we have several different suggestions of something for you snuggle up with.  And hey glowy woo woos, we’ve got all the links right here for your reading pleasure!  chefs kiss Finding Me- Viola Davis Women Food and God- Geneen Roth The Reading List- Sara Nisha Adams Liking Myself Back- Jacey Duprie  Until next time, keep it woo woo!  IG: @angela_party and @kendallhanna
10/7/202232 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ep.30 – Exploring Destiny

In this episode, we talk about our recent readings with Kelsey Onkka, a FIRE HOUSE of a Destiny Card reader—  What are destiny cards? Which day of the week am I most likely to make money? How do numerology and astrology come together?  Okay, well, we did the digging for you to answer these questions + talk about our personal experiences as well as helpful tools for our spiritual journey we’ve gleaned from her wisdom.  Kendall serves a quick cosmic dessert at the end with a card pull and poetic story time.  Put your napkin on your lap, there’s something to snack on for everyone.  Tarot of the Spirt Deck: Kabbalah and Tarot of the Spirit book: To book Kelsey: Link to more destiny card reading decks: find us on IG @kendallhanna and @angela_party
9/22/202240 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ep.29 – When Growing Feels Like Sh*t!

Listen, over in the WWS club, we’re here for a good ~light and luv~ moment, but this episode is about the “oh $h*t” moment of growth where you’re tempted to throw the whole spiritual journey thing in the bin. Angela and Kendall explore moments where they felt in complete free fall, only to later find out how the universe was holding them. It’s an episode to say “we’ve been there, and we feel you” if you’ve found yourself in moments of paralyzing uncertainty or the less yummy parts of waking up. We hope you walk away with hope, understanding, and the reassurance that the hard parts are all part of the soup. We love y’all XO Instagram is the easiest way to reach us: @kendallhanna @angela_party
8/26/202234 minutes, 52 seconds
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Ep.28 – Entrepreneurial Gems Ft Daniela Vianna

Kendall and Angela are delighted to bring you a conversation with Daniela Vianna, owner of Epheremis Co. A woman that contains multitudes, we get into astrology, birth charts, jewelry, owning your own business, launching a project and starting from scratch. We could talk to passionate people until we are blue in the face, and she is no exception. The overarching theme of this episode is to follow your pings even when, especially when, they scare you. Jump in with us. use code WOOWOOSCHOOL for 10% to cop you a gorgeous and personalized birth chart piece of jewelry so we can twin into the sunset! For more on the iconic Daniela, check her out below: Website: Instagram: Instagram: Geneva Community:
8/10/202247 minutes, 11 seconds
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Ep.27 – Scorpio Full Moon Party (a taste of our course!)

Hi! We are currently in Scorpio Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse energy, so we couldn't resist coming back to spill our guts. Kendall and Angela have been focusing their attention on their Woo Woo Study Hall (Spiritual Mastermind) that launched this year, but wanted to give a sneak peak into what a small fraction of what the mastermind looks like. (It is chock full with live teachings, themed workbooks each month, pre-recorded videos, resources for deeper understanding, and community support). In this episode, we discuss that spooky scorpio comes to remind that shadow work doesn't have to be scary, that lunar eclipses are for reflecting and revealing, and that as a reminder that I always need, we're right where we need to be. Enjoy this strawberry moon, and if you're catching this in the future, I bet you still take home some nuggets for your spiritual dinner. (Excerpts referenced from work by @spiritdaughter) Where to find your hosts on Instagram: @angela_party @kendallhanna This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
5/17/202243 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ep.26 – Reality of Facing Your Fears + Woo Woo Study Hall Q&A

Kendall and Angela get into the fears of releasing a new project, and what it’s like to move forward when doubt & imposter syndrome try to trick you into moving off path. We answer some questions about our Woo Woo Mastermind launching March 6th (enrollment still open if you’re reading this in February. contact us if you’d like to apply!) but generally we talk about HOW we released something we knew nothing about. The world is your oyster baby. Thank you for joining! Application for the course: This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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Ep.25 – Power of Community + Our 2022 Spiritual Mastermind

Angela and Kendall pop on for a taste of the next season to bring you some passionate calls-to- action on the power of community in a spiritual practice. We discuss how there’s presents in the presence of others, and that our best ideas have been birthed by being in communion with other women that were also on a spiritual quest. We hope your valentines is filled to the brim with the mush, the cheese, and cuddles to boot. We also are squealing like little woo woo piglets about our next venture: a 6 month spiritual mastermind. We don’t know when we will be on the podcast next, but if you want to be in a cohort of other women to go deeper on the woo, the practical, the witchy and the manifesty, here's the application: @angela_party @kendallhanna Stay woo woo widdit forever. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
2/14/202231 minutes, 19 seconds
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Ep.24 – Untwist Your Thought Traps

For our final trick, we had our wizard of an audio-editor, Nicole Spoolarich, on mic for a deep dive into all the ways are brain gets sneaky with us. Kendall kicks us off with this idea of perfectionism being the bully on the playground that keeps us from playing in the sand. Nicole and Angela have an on-mic real time breakdown about cognitive limiting beliefs having such a strong hold on the way we navigate the world. The subconscious thought really rules the roost and we discuss practical ways to untwist our thought traps.  If you’ve made it this far with us, through our rants and ramblings of season one and two, we are immensely grateful for the time you chose to spend with us. Thank you for joining in. Thank you for connecting and sharing your vulnerable stories. Thank you for sending us to your friends. Thank you for cheering us on and kudos to staying IN the work. Forever on the spiritual path in solidarity with all you woo woos.  Until next time. We love you. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
9/1/202137 minutes, 25 seconds
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Ep.23 – Sober Curious

This was a topic that got ya’ll realllllllly intrigued. The idea of— what if we just...stopped drinking? We opened up a question box about it on IG and were flooded with all kinds of q’s on what that might look like and advice for someone who might be considering a permanent or temporary pass from alcohol. We knew our friend Bri of The Food Therapist would be the PERFECT woman to bring into the conversation. As a woman who decided that alcohol was no longer serving her, as well as also being a licensed professional in the nutrition/wellness space- we knew her education and personal experience would be a great guiding energy to all of our collective inquiries. And listen, we’re not yuckin’ anyone’s gin and tonic over here. As both of us (Angela and Kendall) casual social drinkers, we also wanted to know how alcohol affects everything from anxiety to who you make friends with to what it does to our health. And gave us the opportunity to safely reflect on air about why we drink in the first place. Bri shared her personal story of kicking her whiskey habit and what that might look like for anyone else curious about climbing on the wagon. We hope you leave this episode being able to wade through this subject beside us leaving empowered and educated on something that isn’t really talked about much. Because knowledge about personal health is sexy, ya’ll. We love you. Stay woo, kittens. If you wanna connect with Bri, her website is, and you can find her on instagram: @thefoodtherapistms angela's instagram: @angela_party kendall's instagram: @kendallhanna This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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Ep.22 – 3 Card Pull: Inner Guidance, The Unknown, & Dream Seeds

We brought back a classic style of episode from season 1, because we missed it and LOVE a spiritual guided prompt moment, A 3 Card Pull from the Soulful Woman intuitive card deck.  The soulful woman card deck could very well be considered our co-host at this point, always finds a way to wink-wink at us when we need it the most.  In this round, we discuss listening to your inner guidance system and the stamina it requires to stay in the receiving mode. How when you first manifest something for yourself, it can feel like a new crush has slid in the spiritual DMs and the butterflies are a plentiful. The ticket is after the newness wears off and it starts to feels like you’re free falling back into the unknown, how to stay in the arena for the greater good of your path.  Angela touches on her emotional motherhood/ fertility journey and Kendall talks about the coordination of moving back to the USA and feeling ungrounded for so long. We both give air to how the unknown can bring out jealousy and bitterness that can be reframed with reflection.  To lighten it up, we wrap with talking about DREAM SEEDS. I can’t even write that sentence without wanting to dance on the closest rooftop.  We hope you liked playing cards with us and gave you something to ruminate on in your magical ears. See you next Wednesday! A link to the deck we used: )(Soulful Woman Guidance Cards) This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
8/18/202147 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ep.21 – Playing Big & Playing Small

In this episode we crack open that ever present toeing the line of “should I stand in my full potential and take up space?! Or should I please other people and be ‘relatable’?!” This see-saw of energetic polarities kept coming up in our personal conversations, until we decided that it deserved some air on mic. Is standing in alignment to your big dreams in opposition to humility? Is taking up space going to damage the relationships around us? Are our friends only going to be there if we make them cozy and comfortable? Is being relatable a form of self sabotage? Listen, if you’re listening to this episode, it’s because you’re in a gang of humans who are searching to better themselves. And it’s sometimes (a lot of times) a tricky road to our best selves. We hope that you leave this episode standing more confidently in the power of who you were meant to be, and how to bring others on the journey with you. We love you woo woos! As always, let us know if anything in here makes your heart beat faster! We’re here to celebrate you. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
8/11/202135 minutes, 33 seconds
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Ep.20 – Style is Spiritual

Happy Fire Season babies! Today we wanted to take a little swim into all things fashion: who influenced us growing up, what it means to dress ourselves, and how it can spiritually heal to dress in garb that makes us feel alive.  Angela talks about being color draped by a color expert and it catapulted her style to the next dimension learning more about color theory.  We both believe it’s deeper than emulating an outfit on Pinterest (although who doesn’t love a muse?) and more about finding what makes you feel like the next evolution of yourself and communicating to the world what you want to say.  We hope this gives you a little extra sauce to throw on your spicy outfit in the back of your closet just for grins before your nightly shower. We love you. See you next week! If you’re local to DFW and wanted to get color matched, Angela went to Merideth in Plano and would highly recommend! Let her know I sent you: [email protected] angela's instagram: angela_party kendall's instagram: kendallhanna This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
8/4/202131 minutes, 53 seconds
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Ep.19 – Reiki Healing

Kendall and angela explore the world of reiki, the history of energetic healing, and their personal experience seeing an energetic healer in dallas. Angela felt more realigned with her career aspirations and saw some doors open up that following week! Kendall was feeling really unsettled with international travel with a 10 month old, and felt comforted and cleansed of baggage she was carrying with her to every stop. Also discussed, is the continuous and brave practice of standing in what you believe in, even if it’s different than the way you were raised. We hope you leave this episode feeling informed and itching to balance your chakras. We love you, see you next Wednesday! Reiki Practitioner we went to: Lisa Foreman in Dallas, find out more about her spiritual services: Angela's instagram: angela_party kendall's instagram: kendallhanna This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
7/28/202141 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ep.18 – Vibrational Medicine

This episode we go into the power of Bach remedies- a healing modality with the belief that nature carries vibrational qualities, that when consumed, affects the actual spirit of the human body.  And here’s the deal— we go into the research (we have skeptical husbands by nature and we made DANG SURE we had enough cold hard truth to back this up) as well as the woo and our personal stories.  We had the idea of this episode after both experiencing hugeee emotional movements in our lives through taking Alexis Smart remedies, and Angela was intuitively led to bring another person into the conversation.  Karen Chambers enters the chat A nutritional therapist and naturopath, she helps guide the conversation of how this is both backed by science and personal experience- while also helping us all understand how powerful homeopathic options are to our spiritual health as a whole.  We keep finding the juice, ya’ll. And we’re serving it up. So we hope that you find this as curious and exciting as we did.  If you’d like to dip into the Bach remedy world, we suggest Alexis Smart. In this episode, we talk about how we both took “unblocked”. And Kendall also took “in love”.  If you’d like to bask in Karen’s energy more, here are the deets!  Karen Chambers  Nutritional Therapist/Naturopath  Gut health, hormone and healthy lifestyle coaching, talks and education.  Dip CNM | mANP Website- Email- hello@fiercewellbeing Instagram- @fiercewellbeing Join my PCOS and Endometriosis Warrior Facebook support group: Get free gut and hormonal health tips and advice into your inbox: Thank you so much for listening in and let us know if you resonated with anything we’re talking about! Our favorite sport is hearing your stories! This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
7/21/202139 minutes, 29 seconds
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Ep.17 – Women Who Inspire Us

HI! A Palette cleanser for you woo woos This is a secret treasure from the season 1 archives that we want to make a segment on our show.. OUR GO-TO INSPIRATIONAL WOMEN. Who doesn’t want pep in their step who highlight the sunny side of the sidewalk? Grab your favorite drink, sink-in for 45 minutes with us, as we discuss: -Christina Perri, a natural manifesting QUEEN -The Spirit Daughter- a moon cycle ebook goddess -TheBirdsPapaya- (Sarah Laundry)- post-partum body positivity/ body neutrality inspirational writer.  -Melissa Wood Health- a gentle low-impact and loving fitness/mind coach   -Gabrielle Union- actress, gifted writer, advocate, inspirational excerpt from refinery 29 article segment “no bad moms” -Margaret Atwood- Canadian poet and writer of Handmaids Tale, masterclass teacher about creative writing  -EmptyHanger- a clothing reseller successfully working for herself in the thrifting community  -Kelly Gooch- cruelty-free beauty YouTuber who advocates for using the makeup you have and conscious consumption -bestdressed- a social media fashion influencer and thrifting YouTuber We love you. See you next week!  This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
7/14/202148 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ep.16 – Ancestral Trauma

In this episode, Kendall and Angela have April Ray, an intuitive with an array of spiritual gifts to talk about past lives and calling in your ancestors to feel protected.  We get into that DNA has MEMORY. Let’s take a minute to soak that in. The pain and joy of our biological mothers is passed on to us in utero and shape our lives into who we become. LIKE WHAT? Kendall and I are passionate about the honor it is to uplift the bloodline. To hold space for ancestral trauma but to also stand firm in our own individual experience knowing we are guided always by those that come before us. We hope you feel like you can call your spirit guides at any time, and know even in the lonely parts of your day or a season of your life you feel darkness being too heavy to carry, you’ve got a crew of love always looking out for you. Stay woo woo because it just keeps getting better and better. We love you.  You can find April to book a spiritual service on instagram @astreastoundance or her website: USE CODE WOO for a discount off your reading with April! This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
7/7/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep.15 – Friendship Conflict

After recording episode 1, we took a much needed break for several personal reasons and a lot of friendship pain came up between Kendall and Angela. So as we kicked up the next season, we decided— ISN’T THIS WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR?! To talk about the things we’re all secretly curious about and... frankly.. want someone else to blow air into. So we decided to pull back the curtain and TALK ABOUT IT. We promise this isn’t a dirty or catty fight- it was the safest conflict we had ever been in. We felt it valuable to clue you guys in on what was going on behind-the-scenes. Fostering adult female friendships takes effort and honesty, and although we have been friends for 15 years, we finally were comfortable enough to share ways we unintentionally hurt each other. The most interesting thing is even in real-time, bringing so much to the surface didn’t feel heavy or weird. It felt right. When speaking to a friend about recording this she replied “oohhhhh— NO one talks about this.. but everyone has it.” In this episode we dispel the idea that conflict has to be unhealthy or scary. We hope you takeaway some encouragement to bring up to your friends, with love, when you have been hurt. It made us closer and we each have clarity and awareness that rippled into our other relationships. We love you through the thick and the thin, see you next Wednesday! This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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Ep.13 – Welcome Party

Kendall and Angela are SHOUTING. FROM. THE. DANG. ROOOOOFTOPS about season 2 and can’t believe that we finally get to deliver this to your ears. Thank you for finding us! In this kickoff episode to the season, we discuss what we want to bring to this season, and what keeps us aligned with that buzzy warm woo woo blissssss. For Angela, she learned a lot about  -divorcing perfectionism -the art of releasing something before you feel ready -and staying accountable when you have a partner in enlightenment  For Kendall it was about  -creating as often as you’re consuming -embodying your future self now -standing strong in what she believes in without fear of judgement The intentions for season 2 were to bring on soul enriching guests (spoiler! We did!), more goofing off (spoiler! We’ve always been goofballs, and woo and weirdo can coexist my people!) and staying the course even when its hard.  We are both really honestly proud of what we’ve put out, and feel the luckiest to have you be a part of this joint mission.  We love you, we want to cheerlead you, onward and upward. LET’S GET WOO WOO. Find us on Instagram: @angela_party @kendallhanna This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
6/23/202134 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ep.14 – Goddess Energy + Shadow Side Integration

YOU MADE IT TO OUR SECOND EPISODE! This one is one of our very favorites from the season, because it is so POWERFUL. We're about to deep dive, PLUG YA NOSE AND JUMP YA GODDESSES.  Kendall, while in Trinidad, experienced a shadow integration workshop, and it was so impactful (and since we can’t fly you all out to the Caribbean like we’d love to do) Angela and Kendall knew they needed to get the woman who led the class on mic to share the juice with YOU, our woo tribe! In this episode, Simone opens us up with the most yummy, soul gooey meditation, and leads into education about the different goddess archetypes, and how to embody and explore them in your life. But what is equally as empowering is her teaching you how to make friends with your shadow side- and how to practically embrace the hidden, dark parts of our psyche.  We can’t begin to tell you how honored we feel to have Simone provide us all with such an incredible invitation into learning how to swim in every inch of who we are made to be.  I mean, listen.. you will leave this episode PUMPED and buzzy as hell, I promise you. We sure did. Simone's Details :) Instagram: @simone__dacosta (two underscores) Unfolding webpage:  Link to sign up for free meditations - including the self acceptance meditation mentioned.   Self Acceptance workshop: This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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Ep.12 – Kendall's Birth Story

TO OUR BEAUTIFUL WOO WOOS- here we are- our season one finale!! We polish off our first round of our passion project with Kendall’s birth story. Angela convinced Kendall, only a few days pp, to spill the tea on the natural birth of her first born son, Levi, while living on a Caribbean island. As you listen to Kendall and Angela talk about this life changing experience, there are practical manifesting takeaways on how to make your birth a spiritual and protected experience. This season, we birthed all kinds things: spiritually, emotionally, and physically- and we’re so thankful for you joining us along the journey. We can’t believe we’re here. This project began as two women taking the chance to show up on the mic with our stories, and we hope that this season brought you even a fraction of the expansion it brought us in making it. Stay in touch with our social media and look out for next season’s release. WE LOVE YOU!! Kendall's Instagram: @kendallhanna Angela's Instagram: @angela_party This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
10/14/20201 hour, 7 minutes, 11 seconds
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Ep.11 – Body Acceptance, Surrender, and Positivity

Kendall and Angela do another listener favorite installment, a three card pull from our intuitive deck, Soulful Woman. In this episode, we dive into the intuitive dwellings of the subjects of body, surrender, positivity. Angela talks about surrender when it comes to adopting the body of a new mother under intense conditions. And Kendall speaks on being pregnant during a pandemic in a foreign country, and the reframing of understanding that surrender was understanding the raw space of gratitude, no matter the circumstance. They end the episode with pulling the card of positivity and how toxic positivity can disconnect us from ourselves and other people. And touching on the balance of where there is darkness, there is so much light. We truly hope you find a part of yourself in the cards and our stories, because we believe that blowing air into the subjects connects us all. Thank you for lending us your hour to expand. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
9/25/202031 minutes
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Ep.10 – Manifestations & Synchronicities

We’ve been SO excited to share this episode. Angela and Kendall share the juice on the power of manifestations (including how it’s shown up in BIG ways in their own lives), as well as recognizing synchronicities in the wild. Angela speaks to how she called the podcast into being, and Kendall reveals intimate details of manifestations regarding her birth plan. New to the manifestation game? Awesome. The girls break down practical tips on how to embody the energy of the person you want to become and call in what you want, as well as how to see synchronicities as the confirmation breadcrumbs from the universe they are. We hope you leave this episode feeling hella empowered to receive the things that you want in life, because they want you too!
9/10/202050 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ep.9 – Crazy Makers

Angela and Kendall dive into chapter 2 of the artist way. This week, we unpack what we find so few people talk about: what blocks will come up when we’re becoming our best selves, and how to gracefully handle them. Including the seductive desire to “fix” people, breaking the chain of being a people pleaser, resisting the low vibration of gossip, and not giving critique from the sidelines instead of being in the arena. This episode came from the conversations had and the advice we needed to be able to make sure we weren’t “playing small” while coming into our spiritual and creative awakening. Don’t worry- this isn’t just for those who have read the book! It’s for anyone on a mission to expand and heal! We’re all on a journey- so thank you for joining us!
9/2/202024 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ep.8 – 3 Card Pull: Boundaries, Embracing Change, and Anger

In the second of this 3 card pull series, Kendall and Angela pull three cards to discuss from an intuitive card deck: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards By Movsessian & Summers. Major themes in this episode include boundary setting for yourself and your energy with others, how change is a healer and a friend, and how anger will show you what you care about. Hope you feel like you're chatting with us as we pull these prompts and connect to what we needed to hear today. Angela's Instagram: @angela_party Kendall's Instagram: @kendallhanna
8/25/202027 minutes, 20 seconds
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Ep.7 – Interview with our Spiritual Guide!

You asked, we delivered! Our first guest naturally had to be with one of the biggest intuitive mentors in Kendall and Angela's lives, Joanne Cohen. In this episode, we get into how Joanne honed her gift at a young age, how to strengthen the inner voice inside all of us, and what the energy feels like for the rest of 2020. We truly keep hearing stories of how life changing her visions have been for people we know (and don’t know)!! We feel like our community is WAKING UP and owning their spiritual journey, and Joanne has been such a help in understanding what is there for us. We hope you enjoy! To contact Joanne and to learn more about her services, visit Kendall's Instagram: @kendallhanna Angela's Instagram: @angela_party
8/14/202041 minutes, 25 seconds
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Ep.6 – Stepping Into A New Season

Kendall and Angela get fired up by talking about what Leo season has to bring under an Aquarius full moon. Leo’s bring the heat- we chat about empowerment, letting go of blame (and other low vibe energies), and not taking soul work too seriously SIS! This episode will leave you feel the powaaaah! It’s about to get hot in here :) Angela's Instagram: @angela_party Kendall's Instagram: @kendallhanna Moon workbooks by @spiritdaughter
8/10/202032 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ep.5 – Women Who Inspire Us: Tezza Edition

In the first of this mini series, Kendall and Angela talk about a woman that inspires them. Tezza is a multitalented creative that we both enjoy getting inspiration from. If you've heard of her, we hope you get pumped up and if you haven't, we hope you check out all the good energy she puts in the world. Kendall's Instagram: @kendallhanna Angela's Instagram: @angelaparty (Find her on Instagram: @tezza)
8/3/202021 minutes, 22 seconds
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Ep.4 – Quieting Your Inner Critic and Powerful Affirmations

Kendall and Angela cover the themes of the first chapter of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. Even if you've never heard of the book, we talk about how to confront the inner voice that can stunt creativity, and how to reconnect with yourself with powerful affirmations. This book gave us the confidence to release this podcast, so we want to share the magic with you. We hope you leave feeling energized and believe you can create anything. We love you! kendall's instagram: @kendallangela Angela's instagram: @angela_party
7/29/202034 minutes, 46 seconds
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Ep.3 – 3 Card Pull- Toxicity of hustle culture, intentional listening, tales of Cuba + self renewal

On the first of many in this series, Kendall and Angela pull three cards to discuss from an intuitive card deck: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards By Movsessian & Summers. Major themes in this episode include the dangers of hustle culture, listening to your inner answer, Kendall's relationships with goodbyes and revelations in Cuba, Angela's big ask for patience, and more. We hope you enjoy! Angela's Instagram: @angela_party Kendall's Instagram: @kendallhanna
7/19/202038 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ep.2 – Intuitive Eating

Kendall and Angela talk about pivotal food related memories from high school. From fro-yo diets to casual adderall misusage, we explore what it's like to relearn and reframe obsessive food related thoughts and tendencies. Angela's Instagram: @angela_party Kendall's Instagram: @kendallhanna
7/19/202045 minutes, 12 seconds
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Ep.1 – Intuitive Guides

Welcome to our first podcast, a passion project that was birthed from having the same microphone we bought on Amazon. We've shined the light on potentially taboo subjects to show anyone and everyone that they're encouraged to follow their curiosities with us. Kendall and Angela take a deep dive into exploring their mentors in the intuitive realm and how that looks with their faith upbringing, their personal growth stories, and why they feel called to follow their pings. Manifest with us as we talk about exciting alignment moments and insights that have changed how we move forward in our lives. Angela's Instagram: @angela_party Kendall's Instagram: @kendallhanna To contact joanne, here is her website:
7/16/202041 minutes, 19 seconds