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Women of the Bible

English, Religion, 1 seasons, 32 episodes
Journey with a panel of women from Revive Our Hearts as we explore the lives of various women of the Bible. Each new season will focus on a different biblical truth as we review the lives of women like Elizabeth, Abigail, Esther, and more.
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Ruth - Week 6: A Life Restored

Born into sin. Born enemies of God. Separated from God. Yet God’s grace makes a way for happy endings. It was true for Ruth. It will be true for us.
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Ruth - Week 5: All You Need

Ruth had to trust someone else to do the right thing and be patient to see how everything would turn out.
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Ruth - Week 4: A Life That Speaks Volumes

Ruth faithfully served Naomi and put her trust in the Lord. Through her story, God painted a picture of true restoration.
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Ruth - Week 3: This Changes Everything

If we base our view of God on emotions or circumstances rather than on what the Bible says, we can become bitter and angry.
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Ruth - Week 2: Coming Home

When we’ve strayed from God’s plan for us, it might be easy to think we’re too far gone to turn around. Yet God is waiting for us to come to Him and repent.
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Ruth - Week 1: Beauty from Ashes

Naomi’s life seems to be nothing but ashes—at least looking at it from her perspective. But God had a different plan.
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Rahab - Week 6: A New Identity

God doesn’t only save us from past sin; He gives us the freedom to face the future without fear.
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Rahab - Week 5: The Big Picture

We can’t see the big picture of what God is doing—only the little dots of time and space. But when we don’t understand, we can still trust in His promises.
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Rahab - Week 4: The Scarlet Cord

As we trace the red thread throughout Scripture, we’ll discover an overall picture of the blood of Jesus Christ that saves us from all sin.
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Rahab - Week 3: The Lovingkindness of God

When we rely upon the Lord and remember His love, grace, and mercy, we find the courage to face challenges.
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Rahab - Week 2: The Mystery of God at Work

God's work of salvation is always a mystery—whether it's in a corrupt culture or in our own hearts.
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Rahab - Week 1: Written into God's Script

God is writing the script for our lives, and He often chooses people we wouldn’t to fulfill His redemptive purposes—like Rahab.
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Abigail - Week 6: Death Brings Life

We all have difficult people to deal with. Abigail's example provides practical insight about how to deal with them.
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Abigail - Week 5: An Eternal Perspective

God will avenge all evil. And He will bless and reward you if He is your refuge.
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Abigail - Week 4: God Will Be the Judge

No matter how out of control things may seem, it's never out of God's control. You can take refuge in Him.
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Abigail - Week 3: Defusing the Situation

We don't know how long it be until God brings justice, but we can rest assured that our lives are "bound" in His loving care.
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Abigail - Week 2: A Reasonable Request; A Rude Response

Ultimately, you're not responsible for how others act, but you are responsible for what you do in return.
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Abigail - Week 1: A King, a Fool, and a Wise Woman

By God's grace, He can make us gracious—no matter what type of people we have to deal with.
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Esther - Week 6: A Dramatic Reversal

God is working in your life. He has not forgotten you; He knows your story and is writing the script for your life. Your story is really God's story.
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Esther - Week 5: The Tide Begins to Turn

Our lives may sometimes look like the back of embroidery—a tangled mess. Yet, God is stitching the events of our lives together to create a masterpiece.
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Esther - Week 4: For Such a Time as This

God has placed us in our homes, our jobs, our culture, and in this time of history on purpose for a purpose.
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Esther - Week 3: An Evil Plan

What emotion best describes you? Be challenged to learn to trust the One who is in control of all circumstances.
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Esther - Week 2: A New Queen Is Crowned

When we go through tough times, it's easy to feel as if God has forgotten us. But God is always at work in our lives, accomplishing His purposes.
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Esther - Week 1: God Sets the Stage

Even when we can't see His hand, we can trust that God is working for our good and His glory.
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Esther Teaser

In Season Two of the Women of the Bible Podcast, we’ll focus on one of the most beloved women in the Bible—Esther and learn to trust the sovereign plan of God.
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Elizabeth - Week 6: Elizabeth's Song

Elizabeth’s story shows us how to do more than simply endure disappointment. She shows us how to sing through it.
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Elizabeth - Week 5: The Final Chapter

We’re not told exactly how Elizabeth's life ends. However, Scripture doesn’t leave us guessing. It is rich with promises, meant to reveal the last chapter.
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Elizabeth - Week 4: Hope for a Disappointed World

If we think of disappointment like an infectious disease, hope is the antidote. Elizabeth teaches us how to hold on to true hope in the face of disappointment.
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Elizabeth - Bonus: Helping Your Children Deal with Disappointments

From losing a game to feeling left out, every child will face disappointments. Find out how to help your child navigate disappointment with grace.
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Elizabeth - Week 3: The Bottom Line

We straighten and fix, but Elizabeth’s story reminds us that sometimes we need to get out of the way and let God fix the problems in someone’s life.
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Elizabeth - Week 2: The Bigger Picture

We may find ourselves willing to be obedient in the face of disappointment for a while, in a long haul, trust can become scarce.
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Elizabeth - Week 1: Righteous but Waiting

Elizabeth’s story wasn’t always filled with excitement. Her faith was forged in the fire of disappointment.