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Spanish, Arts, 1 season, 24 episodes, 9 hours, 38 minutes
Women at Work Hablamos muchas veces sobre cómo hay que tomar cartas en el asunto cuando algo nos incumbe. Como decía Angela Davis, “no voy a seguir aceptando las cosas que no puedo cambiar… voy a cambiar las cosas que no puedo aceptar”. Este podcast de Hey, Women at Work, Mujeres en el Trabajo, en el trabajo creativo, en el liderazgo, es una iniciativa para hacer justo eso: recoger el testigo del cambio y, de paso, inspirar a otras profesionales, animar a las que llegan y abrir los oídos de los que quieren escuchar. Presentado por Ane Guerra Many times we’ve discussed how important it is to take action when something concerns us. Angela Davis said "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept". This Women at Work podcast series by Hey, women in creative jobs and in leadership, is an initiative to follow that motto: we want to take over the torch of change, inspire other professionals, empower those who are arriving and open the ears of whoever wants to listen. Host Ane Guerra
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Liza Enebeis, Creative Director of Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, on the huge power of teamwork in design | Women at Work

Liza Enebeis, Creative Director of StudioDumbar/DEPT®, on the huge power of teamwork in design | Women at Work
2/13/202326 minutes, 31 seconds
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Women at Work - Season Finale

We are all about rewriting traditions. To continue one we set last year, and as the best Women at Work Season 2 wrap-up (yes, this is the end, for now, my friend), we've interviewed Verònica Fuerte, founder of Hey and mastermind behind Women at Work. In this episode, we've talked about highlights, feminism, mental health, and many other topics that came up while interviewing our fantastic guests. We will close our second season here, but we will be participating in live shows that we will announce on this Instagram channel. Above all, we will be back in January stronger than ever to fight this unfair and unequal patriarchy; we will take no steps back. The world needs feminism, and feminism it will get.
7/6/202222 minutes, 26 seconds
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Women at Work. Experience Valencia - Live Edition

Thank you so much, Experience Valencia Fest for having us. It was an incredible opportunity to talk and share with such inspirational women as Liza Enebeis, Roanne Adams and Caterina Bianchini, as well as Rebeca Arce, who was the best company and gave a fantastic conference. We cannot be more honoured to be part of these gatherings where we find inspiration and amazing women to look up to; we're happy to announce you can now find our live show on Spotify and Apple Podcast! It will be like bringing a piece of the festival to wherever you are. We hope you like it :)
6/30/202250 minutes, 5 seconds
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Women at Work with Carla Cammilla Hjort

Carla Cammilla Hjort is creative and cultural entrepreneur with a deep passion for people, radical thinking and meaningful design. She started her first company, ArtRebels in 2006 - a cultural design studio and have since added Rebel Agency, Trailerpark Festival , Made in Space and SPACE10 to the portfolio. Today she focuses most her energy on leading and developing SPACE10 - a future living lab in the heart of Copenhagen. Their mission is to create opportunities for people to live more meaningful and sustainable lives in the future. Join the force - "The common denominator for everything I do is my undying passion for empowering people, build communities and drive change through visionary design practice. "The Rebel Way" is about unleashing the full potential of people and build the framework to enable and support this transformation" related websites:
5/30/202225 minutes, 44 seconds
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Women at Work. OFFF Festival - Live Edition

Something major happened on the 6th of May; Women at Work stepped out of the recording studio and landed at OFFF Festival to open up safe spaces and conversations about female creativity, leadership and feminism like never before. We could listen to the inspiring and eye-opening experiences of Rebeka Arce, Tina Touli and Linda and Amanda from OK Motion Club, as well as the people, female and not-female, from the crowd. Needless to say, it brought a tear to our eyes; we have been fighting to be heard for a long long time. And now we want to bring this amazing discussion to you, dear listener, because this is our new episode available on Spotify and Apple Podcast. You can be part of the wave that was created that afternoon.
5/16/202241 minutes, 22 seconds
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Women at Work with Anna Kulachek

Anna Kulachek is a graphic designer, originally from Ukraine. She has worked with clients such as the MoMA, La Triennale di Milano, Nike, Apple, Calvin Kline, Prada. For the past three years Anna works as an art director at Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design, where she in charge of all visualization of public and education programs at the institute.
4/25/202225 minutes, 38 seconds
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Women at Work with Rejane Dal Bello

Rejane Dal Bello Founded by Rejane Dal Bello an award-winning designer with a history of iconic work. She has 20 years of experience in graphic design and branding, including stints at renowned agencies such as Wolff Olins (UK) and Studio Dumbar (NL), and recently she wrote the ‘Citizen First, Designer Second‘ book published by Counter-print.
4/11/202226 minutes, 6 seconds
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Women at Work con Cristina Daura

Cristina Daura (Barcelona; 1988) Después de estudiar ilustración en La Massana, complementa sus estudios en la Maryland Institute Collage of Art (Baltimore). Actualmente trabaja para prensa de todo el mundo: The New York Times, The New Yorker, Die Zenit, Süddeutsche Magazine, El País, Penguin Books, Blackie Books, Nike, Moog, Razzmatazz, Gutter Fest, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, etc. Sus ilustraciones han sido consideradas por jugar entre una estética “infantil” pero con la perversidad de alguien que no acaba de estar bien de la cabeza. El cómic y el arte fauvismo podrían ser sus mayores influencias.
3/28/202226 minutes, 1 second
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Women at Work con Alba de la Fuente

Alba de la Fuente (27), arquitecta y artista 3D, graduada como arquitecta en 2019, ha vivido en Londres, Barcelona y Madrid, estudiando y trabajando con arquitectos y artistas de renombre como Ricardo Bofill, Andres Reisinger, Sabine Marcelis, Charlotte Taylor. Desde 2020 trabaja como artista/arquitecta 3D, visualiza la esencia del espacio a través de un diseño sensorial, tratando la profundidad poética de los entornos arquitectónicos a través de texturas, materiales y luces. "Buscando el concepto adecuado en cada proyecto, me interesa la forma de transmitir y la forma de entenderlo a través de la luz, las formas y la esencia del espacio. Las formas y la materialidad cobran especial importancia en mis proyectos, el equilibrio entre materiales, texturas y formas permiten la máxima expresión de la luz. El resultado son espacios que reflejan sencillez y serenidad."
3/21/202221 minutes, 31 seconds
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Women at Work with Na Kim

Na Kim is a graphic designer based in Seoul and Berlin. After studying product design and graphic design in Korea, Kim participated in Werkplaats Typografie in the Netherlands. Kim is currently running the project space, LOOM in Berlin. Na Kim’s design practice as a system engages without putting limits on the field of graphic design. Kim is taking a methodology to collect objects and events found in everyday life and rearrange them into new order and rules, and ultimately expand design literacy. Besides many other projects, she was responsible for the concept and design of GRAPHIC magazine from 2009 till 2011 and has initiated series of projects based on her monograph, SET since 2015. She has held solo exhibitions, such as Bottomless Bag (2020), Black and White (2019), Red, Yellow, Blue (2017), SET (2015), Choice Specimen (2014), Found Abstracts (2011), Fragile (2006). Besides, Kim has been a curator for Brno Biennale, Chaumont Festival, Seoul International Typography Biennale, and Fikra Graphic Design Biennial. Kim also worked on projects with COS, Hermès, ÅLAND, and many other clients, and Kim’s works been invited to international exhibitions at MMCA, SeMA, V&A, MoMA, Milan Triennale Museum, Die Neue Sammlung, etc. Na Kim has been a member of AGI since 2016.
3/16/202231 minutes, 28 seconds
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Women at Work with Bisi Williams

Aiyemobisi “Bisi” Williams serves as Chief Insights & Analytics Officer for Massive Change Network (MCN), the design consultancy she co-founded in 2010 with Bruce Mau. She is also a co-founder and co-host on the Health2049 podcast, a platform that engages today’s top thought leaders from diverse backgrounds in inspirational conversations regarding the future of health care. Bisi combines more than 20 years of communications experience and strategic design expertise with a deep focus on innovation. By applying the methodology of life-centered design, she takes a holistic approach in designing sustainable solutions to influence change. She collaborates with MCN clients to create impact at scale and drive growth while making the world a better place for all. Under Bisi’s leadership, MCN has become a global leader in the field of enterprise design and is pushing the traditional boundaries of communication and branding.  Bisi has addressed groups on the power of design to drive positive economic, social and cultural change. Her speaking engagements have included “Future Unknown: Global Education Summit,” held at CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) in Beijing, China; “What Design Can Do,” a global design conference held in Amsterdam, and at “The Human Element Communications Consortium,” a conference hosted by Johnson & Johnson. She also spoke to students at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where she has served as an academic advisor.  A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Bisi graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Journalism. Prior to the inception of Massive Change Network, Bisi worked with media, arts and cultural organizations to develop programs and events at the intersection of popular culture, fine art and social transformation. In her adopted hometown of Chicago, Bisi has been involved in shaping fundraising events at several major cultural institutions, including the Shedd Aquarium, Ravinia Festival and the Fashion Department of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She served on the Ravinia Women’s Board and with the Winnetka Public Schools Foundation. She lives in the Chicago area with her husband and is a proud mom of three beautiful daughters.
3/7/202220 minutes, 19 seconds
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Women at Work con Laura Hernández

Laura Hernández (Compostela, 1992) es diseñadora industrial, especializada en la creación de experiencias inmersivas. Durante años, ha participado en la conceptualización y desarrollo de piezas de realidad virtual, experiencias interactivas y entornos inmersivos para marcas globales relacionadas con el retail, cultura y entretenimiento. Un campo del diseño pionero, que se suma a una labor de investigación continua. Para ello, recientemente crea Gorreato Estudio, una plataforma a través de la cual divulgar proyectos propios y contenido relacionado con el diseño, la tecnología y la innovación. Actualmente trabaja en Fever, liderando la integración de nuevas tecnologías en experiencias, combinándolo con su labor docente.
2/21/202216 minutes, 35 seconds
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Women at Work con Yarza Twins

Las gemelas Marta y Eva Yarza son las fundadoras de Yarza Twins, una agencia creativa de Londres. Nacidas en Vigo, defienden que el diseño y el arte se pueden convertir en una misma disciplina y a la vez ser comercial. Creen que el diseño está en constante evolución y que es importante encontrar la individualidad en cada proyecto. Entre sus clientes destacan MTV, Smirnoff, Adidas, HP, Vice, Huawei, Vodafone y otras marcas. El año pasado recibieron el Premio Nacional de Diseño y el Premio Gallego de Innovación y Diseño, ambos en la categoría ‘jóvenes diseñadoras’. Recibieron también un D&AD en packaging design en 2018.
2/7/202218 minutes, 39 seconds
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Women at Work by Paula Scher

Paula Scher is one of the most acclaimed graphic designers in the world. She has been a principal in the New York office of the distinguished international design consultancy Pentagram since 1991, where she has designed identity systems, environmental graphics, packaging and publications for a wide range of clients that includes, among others, the Public Theater, the Museum of Modern Art, the High Line, the Metropolitan Opera, Tiffany & Co., Citibank and Microsoft. Scher has been the recipient of hundreds of industry honors including the National Design Award and the AIGA medal. She is an established artist exhibiting worldwide, and her designs are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, the Library of Congress, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and other institutions. A documentary on Scher and her work can be seen in the Netflix series “Abstract: The Art of Design.”
1/31/202229 minutes, 57 seconds
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Women at Work by Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a French artist based in Barcelona. Her bold, minimal style – often described as Pop Art meets OpArt – is a striking lesson in the use of positive/negative space and colour. Her unmistakable style has established her as one of Europe’s most sought after graphic artists. Malika’s clients include The New Yorker, Vogue, BAFTA, Sephora and Penguin Books, amongst many others.
1/24/202223 minutes, 52 seconds
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Women at Work con Verònica Fuerte

Verònica Fuerte es una diseñadora, ilustradora, speaker internacional y directora creativa afincada en Barcelona. Después de graduarse en Elisava y Eina, fue ganando experiencia en diversos estudios de diseño hasta que en 2007 fundó Hey, que ha crecido de manera exponencial desde entonces ganando, a su vez, reconocimiento a nivel mundial. Verònica trabaja con un enfoque multidisciplinar y amplio del diseño; apuesta por la creatividad sin límites, un lenguaje contundente, y una perspectiva con visión de futuro sobre qué hacen y cómo lo hacen.
6/21/202123 minutes, 34 seconds
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Women at Work by Patricia Escalona

With over 20 years of experience in the publishing world, Patricia Escalona began her career at Ediciones B, first as a department assistant and then as a commissioning editor of different collections. She was part of the launch of Suma de Letras-Punto de lectura. After a period in New York working at The New Press, she returned to Barcelona to become a founding partner of Rocaeditorial. She then took charge of Malpaso's markedly feminist collection and is currently working freelance. In this new role, she edits books for different publishers, co-directs the international literary festival Capítulo Uno at Matadero Madrid and writes her books. Juegos reunidos feministas is her first published volume, but it will not be the last one. In March 2018, she participated in the launch, together with other colleagues, of the initiative Mujeres del Libro, which aims to obtain complete information on the employment situation of women in this environment, to fight against the wage gap, the lack of representation of women in the different areas of the world of books, the glass ceiling and the various forms of discrimination suffered by women in the performance of their work duties.
5/31/202116 minutes, 29 seconds
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Women at Work con Ingrid Picanyol

Ingrid Picanyol es una reconocida directora creativa, diseñadora gráfica y fotógrafa afincada en Barcelona. Le encanta trabajar con clientes con visión de futuro que entienden el poder y la influencia que pueden tener, y les ayuda a construir esas marcas que todo el mundo (¡incluida ella!) preferirá escoger el día de mañana. Su estudio tiene sede en Barcelona pero trabaja con clientes y colaboradores de todo el mundo. Aunque cada proyecto responde a las necesidades de cada cliente, en todos los casos se pretende alinear innovación y objetivos empresariales desde una mirada fresca, feminista, inclusiva y responsable con el medio ambiente. Antes de dirigir su propio estudio, trabajó con Suki Design Studio, RoAndCo (NYC), Javas Lehn Studio (NYC) y ByFutura (CDMX) y vivió en ciudades como Nueva York o Ciudad de México.
5/11/202122 minutes, 30 seconds
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Women at Work con Alba Barneda

Alba Barneda Estudió Comunicación Audiovisual en la UniversidadPompeuFabradeBarcelona(2004-2008). Al poco tiempo de graduarse, recibía una llamada de los directores de CANADA quebuscaban a la producer idónea para un ilusionante proyecto. Barneda aceptó el reto, y comenzó a cimentar junto al colectivo de directores la productora internacional que hoy es CANADA. Empezó produciendo piezas muy pequeñas para museos y videoclips para bandas de la escena indie.El éxito de aquellos proyectos impulsó a CANADA a producir proyectos tanto nacionales como internacionales de mayor envergadura, a la vez que la productora se abría a la representación de más directores. Lleva más de 10 años al frente de la Dirección de Producción de CANADA,donde ha participado en proyectos para artistas como Dua Lipa, Rosalía o Tame Impala. Con ellos ha logrado nominaciones para los Grammy, los Grammy Latinos o los MTV Awards.
4/26/202115 minutes, 47 seconds
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Women at Work by Avril Louise

Avril Louise Clarke aka SexologyGirl is a born and raised Miamian and clinical sexologist based in Barcelona. She is a couples and individual sex therapist, sex educator for adolescents and adults, and manages the Erika Lust non-profit project, The Porn Conversation.
4/12/202123 minutes, 38 seconds
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Women at Work by Milla Jupp

After leaving a corporate job in London, Milla arrived in Barcelona with very little money but an idea of what she loved doing. Her love of food lead her to making from home and delivering lunch boxes to a few people every day in the city on her bike. Three years, a growing social media platform, commercial kitchen, 8 riders and 3 staff later, Milla’s lunch now makes over 1000 lunches a week, delivered to peoples homes, work places, catering’s and cafes.
3/29/202124 minutes, 56 seconds
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Women at Work con Marta Cerdà

Marta Cerdà es una artista visual de Barcelona que trabaja en proyectos que van desde la dirección de arte al diseño, la ilustración o la tipografía, y juega en los terrenos del arte, la cultura y la publicidad. Su trabajo se encuentra en la media cancha entre ilustración y tipografía. Su estilo es fuertemente ecléctico y su trabajo ha sido reconocidos por prestigiosos premios de diseño como The Type Directors Club, American Illustration, The Art Directors Club Young Guns o el premio Gràffica, entre otros.
3/22/202117 minutes, 47 seconds
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Women at Work con Júlia Esqué

Júlia Esqué Diseñadora de producto Antes de establecerse por libre en 2019, recorre varias experiencias profesionales colaborando con Stephen Burks durante 5 años. Trabaja también en los estudios de Martí Guixé, Jaume Ramirez y Curro Claret. Sus proyectos se basan en la investigación y hands-on making y se han expuesto en Brussels Collectible Fair, Gent Design Museum o la Galería HKDI de Tokyo. Cuenta con un Master en Diseño de Producto en el ECAL (Lausana, Suiza) y una licenciatura en diseño en Elisava. Actualmente dedica parte de su tiempo a la docencia.
3/15/202111 minutes, 53 seconds
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Women at Work con Melisa Terriza

Melisa Terriza Coach experta en liderazgo femenino y millennial. Ha trabajado con líderes de empresas como Doctoralia, Infojobs o Johnson&Johnson. Su mantra lidérate para liderar.
3/4/202116 minutes, 5 seconds