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English, Arts, 8 seasons, 99 episodes, 1 day, 5 hours, 35 minutes
Stories told through found audio from an alternate universe. Season four, 'The Cradle' is a story about a mother and daughter as they attempt to lead a family-centric commune surviving on the fringes of society. Narrated by Mona Grenne. Written by Jeffrey Cranor and Janina Matthewson. Original music by Mary Epworth.
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Unlicensed: A new podcast by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

Hey Within the Wires listeners, so I, Jeffrey Cranor, and Joseph Fink have a brand new fiction podcast. It's the first we've made together since Welcome to Night Vale. It's called UNLICENSED, and here is episode 1: "The Detective of Citrus Avenue." All episodes of Season 1 are available right now at So if you sign up for their 30 day free trial, you'll have plenty of time to listen to all 12! And Janina and I will be back on Tuesday Nov 15 with the newest episode of Within the Wires, Season 7
11/10/202232 minutes, 29 seconds
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You Feel It Just Below the Ribs (audiobook excerpt #2)

Here’s an excerpt from the new novel by Jeffrey Cranor and Janina Matthewson: You Feel It Just Below the Ribs is out now... wherever you get your books. More info (and for places to order): The voice of the meta-narrator (Interlude & footnotes) is Adepero Oduye. The voice of Miriam Gregory (Chapter 10) is Kirsten Potter.
11/19/202132 minutes, 59 seconds
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You Feel It Just Below the Ribs (audiobook excerpt)

Here’s an excerpt from the new novel by Jeffrey Cranor and Janina Matthewson: You Feel It Just Below the Ribs. (coming November 16, wherever you get your books). More info (and for places to order): The voice of the meta-narrator (Introduction & footnotes) is Adepero Oduye. The voice of Miriam Gregory (Chapter 1) is Kirsten Potter.
11/11/202125 minutes, 41 seconds
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You Feel It Just Below the Ribs: A Novel (Galley Giveaway)

We're giving away galley copies of our new novel: You Feel It Just Below The Ribs! You don't have to pay anything or be a patreon donor or nothing. Just let us know you want one & we'll do a drawing on Oct 30! Just go to and leave a comment to enter. It’s a public post. You will need a Patreon login, but you will not need to be a financial supporter to enter. And if you don’t win that drawing, the novel comes out November 16. Pre-order now, wherever you buy books. Go to for more info on the book and a complete calendar of our Virtual Book Tour!
10/25/20211 minute, 25 seconds
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Season 6 Sneak Peak: beginning Oct 12

Season 6: "Caregiver" begins weekly episodes on Oct 12. Also Janina and Jeffrey have a new novel: YOU FEEL IT JUST BELOW THE RIBS. “A metatextual inquiry into the roots of human conflict that keeps its thread of tension taut throughout” - Kirkus (starred-review) Pre-order now:
10/7/20213 minutes, 35 seconds
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Big News About Within the Wires

Jeffrey and Janina have written you a book. Yes you! YOU FEEL IT JUST BELOW THE RIBS: a novel, by Jeffrey Cranor and Janina Matthewson Coming November 16 Pre-order here: And check out the cover art & get all the latest news about the novel and the forthcoming Season 6 of the podcast on our twitter:
4/15/20215 minutes, 22 seconds
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Start With This: Idea to Execution

A brand new podcast from Night Vale Presents, and the first podcast Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor have made together since Welcome to Night Vale: Start With This, a podcast gone creativity playground designed to put your ideas in motion. Each episode centers around a topic from world building, to opening lines, and even failure. Then they give listeners two short assignments: something to consume and something to create. The best way to start writing is to start writing. Not sure where to begin? Start With This. To keep listening to Start With This, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app. There’s natural talent, and then there’s practice. You can only control that last bit. Joseph and Jeffrey talk building habits of creation so that starting projects gets into your muscle memory. Consume: Check out Jonathan Mann’s Song A Day Youtube channel. Jonathan’s been writing and recording a song a day for over 3,000 days— it’s the ultimate example of flexing the habit of creation. Create: Pick an idea that you’ve had for a while. Take exactly 1 hour to work on it exclusively. This can be one continuous hour, or 30 minutes for two days, or 10 minutes for six days. Then put it out there (written or recorded) on our Membership Community, your website, or shout it to a bird from your porch. Consider this your first try of many at this idea. Join the SWT Membership community to see what other listeners are making: Credits: Jeffrey Cranor (host) & Joseph Fink (host), Julia Melfi (producer), Grant Stewart (editor), Vincent Cacchione (mixer). Rob Wilson (logo). Produced by Night Vale Presents.
3/27/201934 minutes, 52 seconds
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Within the Wires Live Show Announcement

Three quick announcements: Lee LeBreton will be performing an original, standalone live show at the Largo in LA on April 27, along with new live shows from Alice Isn’t Dead and Welcome to Night Vale’s the Faceless Old Woman. Tickets available now. Within the Wires will be at PodX, a new podcast convention from the folks who brought you LeakyCon taking place in Nashville from May 31 to June 2. Learn more and get 10% off your tickets at Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink are making a brand new podcast called Start With This, a show designed to get you thinking about, talking about, and, most importantly, making art. Subscribe today. Don’t forget – we release four bonus episodes every year on our Patreon, and our next one comes out this month. Join today at the $10 tier or higher to listen to all of our bonus episodes.
3/19/20192 minutes, 12 seconds
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Within the Wires live show in London

Come see Within the Wires live at London Podcast Festival on Sept 13 at 7pm. Starring Janina Matthewson (this story will take place in and around Season 1: Relaxation Cassettes) with live music by Mary Epworth. Tickets available now.
8/3/20181 minute, 36 seconds