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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 18 episodes, 9 hours 27 minutes
Wish I Knew is about the revelatory, life-changing aha moments that founders, CEOs and leaders discover along their business journeys and why taking risks leads to growth. Presented by Bessemer Venture Partners. Season 1 of Wish I Knew drops on 11/14.
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Dave Rogenmoser: Top building lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and how to gain momentum in the AI revolution

Dave Rogenmoser landed at the helm of the AI revolution in what felt like the blink of an eye. In 2021, Dave co-founded Jasper, an AI writing tool for marketers. Just 18 months later, it became a unicorn company. Today it has a valuation of $1.5 billion. On Wish I Knew, we sat down with Dave, CEO & Co-Founder of Jasper AI, where he cautioned against painting your products into a corner, gave his insight on listening to the presence (or absence) of initial traction, and shared why hiring an executive recruiter was the highest ROI decision he ever made.Listen to all the Wish I Knew episodes: https://www.bvp.com/wish-i-knew
22/06/202336 minutes 35 seconds
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Peter Beck: How one CEO transformed his fascination with space into a billion-dollar rocket company

Many companies claim they’re a rocketship—but few mean it literally. As a young child growing up in New Zealand, Peter Beck, CEO of Rocket Lab, spent a lot of time stargazing. His fascination in space inspired a passion-driven career of building a billion-dollar rocket company. Today, Rocket Lab touts the highest launch success rate of any rocket company in history—and was the first private company in the southern hemisphere to go to space. In this conversation, he shares founder lessons on how to build an unlikely business, driven by passion. Listen to all the Wish I Knew episodes: https://www.bvp.com/wish-i-knew
15/06/202338 minutes 5 seconds
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Andy Slavitt: Three of the biggest lessons in healthcare, government, and entrepreneurship

Andy Slavitt’s resume has always reflected his mission: to help people get the healthcare they need. On Wish I Knew, he shares why the most profound experiences of his life have all been risks. With Steven Kraus, Partner at Bessemer, Andy recounts stories of his career in public health, government, and entrepreneurship. He shares why naiveté can be an asset to new entrepreneurs, the lessons from kindergarten that CEOs would be wise to heed, and why handling crises is the best way to build your confidence as a leader.Listen to all the Wish I Knew episodes: https://www.bvp.com/wish-i-knew
08/06/202337 minutes 56 seconds