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English, Education, 8 seasons, 94 episodes, 2 days, 47 minutes
Happy frickin' Friday, teachers! You survived another week in the classroom. Join host Ceri Edwards (@ourcreativeclassroom on Instagram) each fortnight as she discusses a NEW Top List that every preservice, current and retired teacher can find relatable. Grab a glass of wine and settle in for a laugh. You've earned it!
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Wine with Chaos to Calm

Chrissie is a 'Child Charmer' who you can find on Instagram @chrissiechaostocalm who is an educator turned child behaviour expert who has been supported families and educators for more than twenty years through speaking events, books, advocacy, and consultancy. Find out more about her services here: In this episode, we discussed: Chrissie's journey into child behaviour advocacy Advocating for neurodivergent students Juggling high needs without adequate support Finding a neuro-affirming trauma-informed school Celebrating cultures of compassion over compliance If you would like teacher wellbeing support 2023, contact me below: Follow your biggest advocate here: @ceri.sandford
5/12/202359 minutes, 27 seconds
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Wine with Sticky Beak Inside My Week

For a fun end-of-year episode, I wanted to give you a sticky beak inside my week. It's a whole bunch of ADHD rambling but I am heckin' excited to share it with you all. If you've always wondered how I get ALL THE THINGS done and organise my busy brain each week. In this episode, I shared about my week: What I do Why I do what I do What I find motivating What I'm dreaming about for the future How do I stay so frickin' motivated to support teachers If you would like to receive my support in 2023, contact me below: Follow your biggest advocate here: @ceri.sandford LOVELY LINKS:
12/15/202226 minutes, 30 seconds
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Wine with Your Future Self

Whether you are leaving the classroom, leaving your school, or changing your role - listen to suggested sentence starters for reflecting on the last twelve months. You could chat about this with a friend or write it in your journal - think about your intentions for the new year. Perfect for every teacher who is needing a pep talk. In this episode, I shared reflective end-of-year questions: I am excited about... I am tuning into... I am letting go of... I am ready to start... I am open to... Listen and write a letter to your future self. I hope you have found... I wonder if you ever... I bet you loved... I hope you know... PS: #workloadreduction PPS: ADHD Group Program Waitlist for 2023 Follow your biggest advocate here: @ceri.sandford LOVELY LINKS:
12/8/202214 minutes, 32 seconds
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Wine with Sunshine and Happy Tears

If you are a teacher who is frickin' tired because - acknowledge that you've been teaching for a whole year and the kids are getting restless! Raise your glass to the year that is coming to a close - and focus on what you and your students truly need right now. In this episode, I share my personal strategies for creating sunshine: Find what works for you Keep a *sunshine folder* Create a *morning ritual* Try a *driveway decompress* Choose your *switch routine* Keep a *joy journal* [Daylio] My favourite joy journals are from: Bespoke Letterpress Quirky Cup Collective Alperstein Designs Question: Which strategy are you going to try after this episode? PS: #workloadreduction PPS: ADHD Group Program Waitlist for 2023 Follow your biggest advocate here: @ceri.sandford LOVELY LINKS: Get your teacher affirmation discs here!
11/24/202224 minutes, 9 seconds
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Wine with Your Report Writing Break

If you are a teacher who is writing reports, I bet you could take a break for the next nine minutes to learn more about my *5M Support System* - shout out to every ADHD teacher who is figuring out what works for them. Whether you're neurodivergent or not, I bet this quick check can help you during this busy season. You're welcome to try this on your tricky brain days. In the shortest episode of WWT ever, I shared my daily 5M check: MOVE - What does your body need right now? MOOD - What could be impacting your mood? MESS - What's one little thing you could declutter? MAKE - What do you need to make right now? MIND - What does your mind need right now? Question: What if you put a timer on for 30 minutes? PS: #workloadreduction PPS: ADHD Group Program Waitlist for 2023 Follow your biggest advocate here: @ceri.sandford LOVELY LINKS:
11/17/20228 minutes, 54 seconds
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Wine with Self-Compassion 101

If you are a teacher who is ready to switch from people-pleasing to self-compassion, this is the episode for you. I'm sharing the statements and affirmations that have worked for me. You're welcome to steal them and use them on your tricky days. If you want to share yours, email [email protected] and I'll read them out in a future episode. In this episode I shared how to choose compassion over criticism: Honour Your Energy. Check Your Capacity. At What Cost? Whoopsy Daisy! Embrace Your Chaos. You Can't Be the Whole Orchestra. Make Yourself a Priority. Do Your Best and Leave the rest. "Students can't thrive if their teachers just survive." [Unteachables] PS: #workloadreduction Which one resonated with you? Let me know here: @ceri.sandford LOVELY LINKS:
11/11/202221 minutes, 29 seconds
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Wine with *Juicy Questions*

WELL, this was a rambling return to answer your juicy questions and update you on the WHY behind Wine with Teacher. Find out exactly "how the HECK all of this started?" In this episode I passionately discussed: Honouring our energy and needs Why I started a wellbeing club Why I needed to leave teaching Why I'm protective of teachers Why I want to reduce the stress Will I go back to teaching? Find out what's next for Wine with Teacher in 2023. LOVELY LINKS: Also, *new* Instagram handle - @ceri.sandford
11/4/202232 minutes, 9 seconds