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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 5 episodes, 6 hours 16 minutes
Essentially two siblings (with a 5-year age gap) having a chat. We grew up in a home where our parents fostered a culture of having a healthy debate about the different topics/situations that we encountered in our day to day. So from a very young age have always been able to have and be a part of insightful conversations. So we thought “why not share this with other people?”, because although we may not always be accurate or right we think we have some pretty interesting things to say.
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4: Financial Literacy

On today's episode hear us discuss, our trash spending skills, how we learned to better them and how being financially mature SUCKS (sometimes). Hear us talk about how your money story as a child helps predict how your relationship with money as am adult. Why irresponsible spending is simply not it and why learning finance literacy is a vital skill we all derserve to have. Simply being alive is a financial burden. How we can use social media to learn how to do better financially. How we can break the cycle of financial illiteracy and start building generational wealth. --- Send in a voice message:
05/02/20211 hour 29 seconds
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3: Hoe-Phase/Hoe-Season

On today's episode hear us discuss the ins and outs of the hoe phase, our experiences through the hoe phase, the realities and expectations of hoe season and everything in between. We discuss how the hoe phase is actually a lot more than just sex but also about personal development, sexual freedom and singledom. How you can hoe-phase at the age of 40 after realising there may be more to missionary. All that and more... --- Send in a voice message:
21/01/20211 hour 34 minutes 24 seconds
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2: Long Distance Family

On today’s episode we discuss the “lifestyle” we have been brought up in, as kids that moved around a lot. We discuss the many lessons we have learned, the friends we’ve kept and those who we’ve left behind, and of course the many things we resent and appreciate from our upbringing. We also divulge the favourite places we have lived in, the many misconceptions we’ve come across, and what it’s like having a long distance relationship with a parent. Join us in this long ass episode while we unpack the trials in tribulations of our upbringing. Disclaimer: We know this is a super long episode. You can always pause and continue at a different time if it's just too much for one go! We suggest playing this while you: cook, clean, travel or do something else that takes up to 2 hours. ENJOY! --- Send in a voice message:
24/07/20201 hour 50 minutes 16 seconds
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1: The Turn of a Decade

On today's episode we discuss the racial issues unfolding in the US and many other parts of the world, the happenings of Cabo Delgado, how we feel about it and what we can do to help, how Lockdown and Quarantine has been for us and much more. Finally, we catch up with each other and with all of you! A huge shoutout to: Allan Shane (Shanecast) Nely and Karen (Prato Do Dia), and Helda at Kumala.Online --- Send in a voice message:
09/07/20201 hour 28 minutes 7 seconds
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Wilma and Cisco having a conversation about random stuff. We hope you enjoy it and give us feedback. This is the first piece we have done together artistically and we really hope you enjoy it. There may be a little Portuguese in the mix but we cant help it. Much Love, Wilma & Cisco --- Send in a voice message:
21/05/202023 minutes 32 seconds