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William & Lonsdale: Lives in the Law

English, Cultural, 1 season, 74 episodes, 2 days, 8 hours, 59 minutes
William and Lonsdale explores the legal ecosystem in Victoria and the fascinating people and stories that make it tick. In season 1: Lives in the Law, host Michael Green interviews guests from all corners of the criminal justice system, delving into what keeps them motivated, passionate and engaged; their challenges, frustrations; and how their lives in the law have shaped them.
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The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG Part 1

Our guest for the next two episodes is The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG. Today, in Part 1 of our conversation we discuss Michael’s early years, schooling and university days, his work with the Council for Civil Liberties, extensive industrial relations work and becoming the inaugural Chair of the Australian Law Reform Commission.
11/15/202349 minutes, 43 seconds
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Judge John Smallwood

This week we revisit our conversation with the singular Judge John Smallwood. His Honour is instantly recognisable in both the law district of Melbourne and the circuit courts of country Victoria, largely because he has not shaved since he was admitted to the bar, over 45 years ago. His Life in the Law began with the now defunct Articled Clerks course, saw him navigate years of relentless back to back murder trials, had him welcomed to the bench of County Court of Victoria, lead the Victorian Koori Court and serve as a mentor & sage for the next generation of practitioners. He knows how to tell a good yarn and it was a pleasure to hear about his considerable Life in the Law.
9/14/202241 minutes, 14 seconds
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Peggy O'Neal AO

As Peggy O’Neal AO concludes her distinguished tenure as President of the Richmond Football Club, we revisit our 2021 conversation with the consummate leader and lawyer. Peggy’s life and career have taken her from the coal mines of West Virginia to the top end of Collins St and of course Punt Rd oval. Her work and achievements include decades of experience in pension and superannuation law, on numerous boards and committees and in the advancement of women in leadership roles.
8/31/202247 minutes, 48 seconds
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His Honour Magistrate Tony Parsons

His Honour Magistrate Tony Parsons ran his own criminal law firm for many years, was head of Victoria Legal Aid and has just completed eight years as Supervising Magistrate of the Victorian Drug Court. Tony originally studied science and was very active in student politics at Monash University in the 70’s. He spent years advocating for drug law reform while driving taxis and didn’t come to the law until his late 20’s, viewing it as a pathway to politics. Little did he know that all that real world experience, combined with his love of the law would make him the perfect candidate for Supervising Magistrate of the Drug Court.
8/3/202259 minutes, 10 seconds
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Betty King QC

Today we’re replaying our excellent conversation with the Hon Betty King QC. Betty began her career as a criminal barrister, working in both defence and as the first female prosecutor in Victoria and the first prosecutor ever for the Commonwealth of Australia. Betty also served as a member of the National Crime Authority, a Judge on the County Court of Victoria and a Justice of the Supreme Court, where her very first case was the notorious “Gangland murders”.
7/20/202254 minutes, 2 seconds
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Hon Frank Vincent QC AO

Today we replay our interview with iconic criminal specialist, the Hon Frank Vincent QC AO. Frank came from humble and sometimes challenging beginnings to become a renowned criminal barrister, a Justice of the Supreme Court, Chancellor of Victoria University and chair of the Adult Parole Board. He also spent much of his career travelling back and forth to the Northern Territory, working with the Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service. Frank’s insights into all this and more make for a fantastic conversation.
7/6/202254 minutes, 4 seconds
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Helen Garner

This week we revisit our conversation with iconic Australian writer Helen Garner. Helen has long been fascinated with our justice system, spending countless hours “hanging around the courts” as she describes it.  Her loitering has resulted in a Walkley Award winning piece for Time Magazine, numerous stories for The Monthly and the best selling novels, ‘Joe Cinque’s Consolation’ and ‘This House of Grief’. Helen writes about many facets of our justice system; from complex legal cases and exceptional practitioners, to broken families and the selfless volunteers that support them. Hearing her perspective on our courts and the people that populate them is simply riveting.
6/22/202254 minutes, 14 seconds
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Julian Gardner AM

Throughout his Life in the Law, Julian Gardner AM was a founding member of the iconic Fitzroy Legal Service, the inaugural director of Victoria Legal Aid, co-edited the first incarnation of The Law Handbook and served as The Public Advocate. And that’s only the half of it!
6/8/202248 minutes, 27 seconds
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Short break in recording new episodes

We’re taking a short break from releasing new episodes but rest assured we’ll be back soon with more wonderful guests, including the Honourable Iain Ross, Justice of the Federal Court of Australia and President of The Australian Fair Work Commission. Sally Nicholes, founder and managing partner at Nicholas Family Law. Esteemed Criminal Law specialist Peter Ward. And recently appointed County Court Judge, Her Honour Nola Karapanagiotidis.
6/7/20221 minute, 11 seconds
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Andrew Dillon

This week we are delighted to speak with Andrew Dillon, Executive General Manager of Football Operations, Legal & Integrity and General Counsel for the AFL. When he began at the AFL in 2000, Andrew was the first ever in-house legal counsel. In the 20+ years since his legal training has prepared him well for the enormous growth of the AFL and all that has entailed; unprecedented TV and internet deals, drug scandals, the introduction of the AFLW, navigating COVID and more.
3/16/202251 minutes, 33 seconds