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Wild Running: Trail Running and SwimRun Adventures

English, Field & Track, 1 season, 24 episodes, 15 hours, 41 minutes
We hear from some of the people who have inspired us, by sharing their running journeys discipline, fortitude and resilience. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things, champions and those who have a story to tell, by following their heart and their feet. Wild Running offers bespoke trail running, fell running, swimrun events and yoga camps in Devon, the Lake District, Scotland and abroad, along with navigation courses for runners and walkers and coaching for all levels and abilities. Contact [email protected] Web
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From Wild Child to World Champion: David Sharpe, Enigma on the Track

There's nothing conventional about David Sharpe, former world 800m junior champion, European outdoor silver medallist and European indoor 800m champion. Ceri talks to Sharpey about his athletics career, his wild side and undiagnosed ADHD and also interviews the author of a new biography on Sharpey, Brian Gardner. Interview with Brian Gardner to 16:30, Part 1 with David Sharpe to 52.12 and Part 2 with David Sharp to 1.15.
2/16/20241 hour, 15 minutes, 12 seconds
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Diversifying skill sets to get connected

What makes a good outdoors educator and what changes are needed in the face of climate change, mass disconnection with nature and barriers to access in the countryside? Ceri speaks to educator, expedition leader and soon-to-be author Emma Linford
1/30/202431 minutes, 26 seconds
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A Right to Roam - what's our future?

Right to Roam Instigator and founder of the Stars Are For Everyone, Lewis Winks talks to Ceri about the Darwall case, creating a Right to Roam which is more like Scotland's and seeking to influence the political narrative.
10/12/202350 minutes, 9 seconds
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A fly in the medicine

Global expedition leader Mark Hannaford, whose expeditions have trained the Ukrainian SAS and helped Syrian refugees, among many others worldwide, talks to Wild Running about what the Darwall ruling will mean for future generations, if it is lost. 
7/18/202320 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Meek shall inherit the earth

Jo Meek, sometime Wild Running Guide, and ultra icon, talks about taking on (and winning) the Cape Wrath multi day ultra.
6/11/202321 minutes, 32 seconds
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Save Our Soles - The Grizzly

We preview the notorious (and popular) Grizzly trail race by interviewing race organisers Steve Haines and Andy West: the best and arguably, the toughest, mixed terrain running event in the South West.
2/28/202323 minutes, 54 seconds
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Get in the zone: zone training the slow way.

Kilkenny physio, former International track runner and European Masters champion Eoin Everard, discusses zone training, the science behind the benefits of slow running benefits, neuromuscular athletes v aerobic athletes and why Jake Whiteman was able to beat Ingebrigtsen. Listen and learn stuff.
8/11/202252 minutes, 36 seconds
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Tim talks fells, cells and running parallels to Gaia

Ceri talks to Tim Lenton, Devon based fell runner and Professor of Earth System Science at Exeter University, about Gaia, competition, zombie running and the parallels between the earth as an organism and us as an organism...a running organism!
7/14/202233 minutes, 3 seconds
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Up a mountain, down a hill with Mike Jones.

Another peak behind the curtains of trail event organising. In this episode, we talk to Ultra-Trail Snowdonia RD Mike Jones.
4/28/202234 minutes, 9 seconds
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Bring back the booty my luverrrr.

Wild Running finally caught up with our Cornish neighbours Bys Vyken, whose Founder and Race Director Dave Andrewartha, sees event organising as a kind of therapy.
3/15/202237 minutes, 38 seconds
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Rule Brittonia: What is it that makes a good coach?

In the next of our coaching series, getting an insight into what makes athletes and coaches click, Ultra Running champ, Fast Running Guru and top endurance coach Robbie Britton shares a few of his 1001 tips with Ceri at Wild Running Podcasts. 1001 Running Tips by Robbie Britton is a light-hearted and informative guide to all kinds of running; you can buy a copy here
11/17/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 27 seconds
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George 'the Guru' Gandy-A legendary athletics coach remembered

Wild Running pays tribute to George 'the Guru' Gandy, the British athletics coach, who will be fondly remembered by Loughborough students and athletes from across the country.  
10/25/202128 minutes, 17 seconds
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Thirst for Adventure: The long and the short of it.. with Damian Hall

This two part podcast introduces Damian Hall's ding dong Pennine Way record and his thirst for tea. Part two reveals how he got on on his Wainwright Coast to Coast record, hyponatremia, his environmental activism, Ironman's taking over of the UTMB and his own definition of wild.
7/16/202147 minutes, 21 seconds
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Which Way to S...t Creek? A look behind the curtains of organising events in a pandemic

In our mini series... Which Way to S..t Creek? Wild Running takes a peek behind the curtains of event organising with Mudcrew's Race Director Jane Stephens.
4/29/202141 minutes, 42 seconds
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In it for the long run

Siân Longhthorpe, an Asics Frontrunner ambassador and a good friend of Wild Running, was a well known athlete on the South West running scene, before she embarked on her biggest challenge yet. Now on a hormone replacement therapy programme for her gender reassignment, Sian talks to Wild Running about the difficult identity transition and how running helped to provide her with a reliable constant, during the darkest days. A brave interview and the first she has given. 
3/1/202142 minutes, 34 seconds
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Off road running's new wave: What the FKT has this got to do with it?

For runners, 2020 will go down as the year that races went the way of the dodo and Fastest Known Times became the new end goal, as well as a way to break away from lockdown blues. Wild Running goes niche and catches up with Author and renowned hill runner Ally Beaven, who traces the trend in his entertaining new book, Broken. 
2/4/202132 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Man Who Planted Trees

Mult-round record breaker, mountain man and ecologist Jim Mann, talks Trees and Tees, training for the Dragons Back, planning for a winter Ramsay Round and many things besides.
10/8/202038 minutes, 24 seconds
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This Mum Runs and Runs - Five Time Olympian, Jo Pavey

Five Time Olympian Jo Pavey talks to Wild Running about improvised workouts during lockdown and while backpacking around the world, training while being a mother, being dropped by Nike while pregnant, the importance of goal setting, the mental health benefits of camaraderie and being a lifelong member of Exeter Harriers.
8/24/202037 minutes, 10 seconds
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Running, ecology and landscapes

What does finding a connection with landscapes teach us about ourselves? Running as a philosophy, running and ecology, the connection between physical and mental resilience and Pavel's Arctic Run.
6/19/202039 minutes, 11 seconds
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Tough of The Track, interview with Brendan Foster

Wild Running's Ceri Rees interviews his all time childhood hero! True athletics legend Brendan Foster gives his first ever podcast interview, to Wild Running about lock down, the Moscow Olympics, never going to the gym, grass roots athletics, Alf Tupper, advice for young athletes, going DIY on his running shoes and this year’s Great North Run (will it or won’t it?). [email protected]
6/14/202032 minutes, 38 seconds
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A Man For All Seasons: Joseph Gray Interview

“I try to live my life knowing that every day is precious and that every day you wake up, it’s a blessing because you were not promised that day. So I try to make the most of it and live life in the brightest of hues.” Joseph Gray is one of the most versatile runners in the world, in the same mould as Kilian Jornet, and is a two-time World Mountain Trail Champion and multiple world snowshoe champion. He talks to Wild Running about his background in running, living through the Coronavirus, synthetic clothing in sport, the lack of diversity in trail running, snowshoeing, running with bears and why the UK is the ‘dream’ destination for cross country for Americans…among other things!
4/7/202046 minutes, 59 seconds
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Wild Running: The Frog Graham

Join Ceri in conversation with Ben Abdelnoor as they chat about swim-running in The Lake District; tales of serious injury, physical recovery and mental endurance with tips on training, technique and diet. Good advice and planning to shift you out of your comfort zone... Produced for Wild Running by IAmTheHow with music from Kai Engel.  
10/18/201933 minutes, 1 second
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Wild Running: The Rise of the Ultra Runners

"If you go to the crazy places you meet the crazy people." Join Adharanand Finn in conversation with Ceri Rees as they compare the solo running culture of Kenya and Ethiopia with the team spirit in Japan, where the 'nail that sticks out gets hammered down'... and get the latest on ultra marathons and running events for all at and Produced by IAmTheHow with music from Kai Engel.
5/13/201959 minutes, 1 second
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Wild Running: There and Back Again

What's it like to run from John O'Groats to Land's End and back? How do you prepare and from where do you draw your mental & physical strength? Join Ceri Rees from Wild Running in conversation with Adam Holland as they talk about the early years, the inspiration and why Adam runs with a smile. Wild Running provides running & swimming events. Contact Ceri: [email protected]  Produced by IAmTheHow with music from Kai Engel.  
3/19/201911 minutes, 1 second