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Widow 180 The Podcast with Jen Zwinck

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When you become a widow, the heartache can be overwhelming. You feel lost. You feel broken. You feel alone. And you find yourself trying to pick up the pieces of your life and function. But I believe that every widow has the capacity to endure, that every widow has the power to overcome and the determination to create a new life filled with meaning and purpose. The Widow 180 Podcast is about turning tragedy, loss and fear into strength and creativity and a new passion for life. It's about self-reflection and realizing that we only have this one precious life to live and that a new life and a new you is achievable. Each week I will be interviewing widows, incredible survivors of loss. These women have taken the lessons they've learned and the insights they've gained and used them to grow and transform themselves. Some have started businesses, went back to school, run marathons, lost 100 pounds, and moved across the world! They made a choice not to be held down. How did they do it? How did they get through their grief? What's their secret? What lessons can we learn from them that will transform our own lives? How can we write our own story because our story isn't over yet? How can we begin our Chapter 2? I hope that you are as inspired by these women as I am. And maybe hearing even just one story will be life-changing for you.
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Last Episode! We've Moved To The Widow Squad Podcast!

Well, this is it! The last episode of Widow 180: The Podcast! But this is not really the end, my friends. You see, we've moved all of our latest episodes to The Widow Squad Podcast, where we bring you a new episode each every week.Check out our latest episode here: https://widowsquad.comI'm joined by my co-hosts Melissa Pierce and Kim Murray, where we share the latest amazing interviews, resources, tips and advice about all things widowhood, to help and support you during this extremely difficult time in life. You don't have to walk this path alone, so be sure to subscribe to The Widow Squad Podcast so you don't miss the encouragement and inspiration you need!Other ways we can help: Become a member of our exclusive online community, The Widow Squad community, and join us for LIVE weekly Zoom calls, workshops and materials to help you navigate through grief and step into a new life of purpose and j
28/07/20236 minutes 31 seconds
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171. Widows, Asking Yourself This ONE Question Will Bring You Peace And Calm!

This episode was inspired by our Widow Squad group coaching discussion about how our relationships with others have changed since we lost our partner.  We will sometimes notice a shift in our relationships with friends and family, at the time when we need them the most!  So, ask yourself THIS ONE question to infuse some peace and calm into your life!  You have the power to control your own happiness and attitude! If you would like to join us in the Rediscovery Through Writing - Creative Grief Writing Program for Widows, sign up today and save your seat! We're starting Monday April 3, 2023. Go to  
02/04/20239 minutes 42 seconds
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170. Dating As A Widow - Stories Of Second Chances At Love!

This episode is one that was just too juicy to pass up! This is an episode from the Widow Squad Podcast, where we get the inside scoop on what it's like navigating the dating world as a widow.  I hope you enjoy these stories of second chances at love. I hope this encourages you that there can be happiness, joy, and even unexpected love after loss. If you would like to join us in the 4 week Rediscovery Through Writing Program, click here: This is 4 weeks of live Zoom group coaching sessions to help you move through grief and gain clarity on who you are and what you truly desire in life. To get info on becoming a Widow Squad member, go to  
31/03/202337 minutes 28 seconds
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169. Thriving After Loss: Why A Retreat Might Be The Key For Widows!

One of the common things I see happen with widows is that after we lose our spouse, we get overloaded with taking care of all the things. We're trying to find a new balance, managing the logistics of the day to day, but we also wonder who we are. We wonder what's in store for us. And we don't have the time to sit and contemplate it! That is why retreats offer an amazing, beautiful escape from our routine to give us the time to focus on ourselves, for once! This episode talks about 6 reasons why every widow needs to go on a retreat this year! Make yourself a priority! Take care of you! Give yourself the gift of time and space to get some clarity in your life! If you would like to join us for our all-inclusive 3 day Healing Hearts Retreat for Widows, get in here and save your spot today! Grab a widow friend (or two) and make it a fun girls weekend! Sign up at
22/03/202316 minutes 45 seconds
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168. Ignoring What THEY Say (When To NOT Follow This 'Widow Rule')

When you become a widow, suddenly everyone approaches you with some well-intentioned advice. This is one of those 'widow rules' we hear about all the time! "They" say not to make any big changes in the first year of widowhood. But you have to consider, on an individual basis, if this makes sense to you or not. Here are some instances where big changes just make more sense! Have you joined the Widow Squad community yet? Why not? Become a member of this amazing group of widows and start your journey to healing from loss. You don't have to do this alone!   Join our Facebook group here: The Healing Hearts Retreat For Widows is May 5-7, 2023! Will you be joining us! Get i
16/03/202310 minutes 25 seconds
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167. Widowed Twice And Still Finding Happiness! - Interview With Emily Thiroux Threatt

This week's podcast guest is no stranger to grief and loss. Emily Thiroux Threatt is our special guest on the podcast today. She has been widowed twice and shares her journey through both losses, how she coped with grief, and how she is finding happiness and joy through creativity and new pursuits! We chat about: ~ How Emily quit her job to become a full time caregiver and had to start all over again after losing her first husband, Jacques. ~ How certain friends start to distance themselves, but then life surprises us and the right people come into our lives at the exact right time! ~ How Emily told herself to start saying YES to invitations, and her world opened up to brand new adventures! ~ Emily signed up on reluctantly after her friend persuaded her to. She met Ron and the two were married a few years later! ~ Ron fell ill and died of congestive heart failure. They had been married for 10 years. ~
09/03/202359 minutes 1 second
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166. This One's For All The Widowed Mamas With Kiddos Still At Home!

On today's episode, we're bringing up a couple of topics that came up in our Widow Squad member meeting this last week, and if you're a widowed mama with kiddos still at home, I know you can relate! We're talking about the struggles of solo-parenting, working full-time, managing the house, the bills, the extracurricular activities and after school practices, carpooling, AND then not having to share your day with your partner. Not just complaining and venting, but sharing the parenting wins, too.  To all the widowed mamas, I am cheering you on! I'm thinking of you! You got this! We talk about this and SO MUCH MORE in the Widow Squad online community. Wanna be a part of it? Sign up and join us at Have you joined our Facebook group yet? Why not?! Here it is:
04/03/202312 minutes 29 seconds
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165. How This Widow Is Reimagining, Rebuilding, And Rising Up! - Interview With Laurice Duffy

I had the pleasure of talking to our returning guest, Laurice Duffy this week on the podcast! It&apos;s been 2 years since our first interview on Episode 10 and we had a lot of catching up to do! Laurice and I chat about: ~ Her time as a caregiver to her husband Kevin, who passed away from ALS in 2018. ~ Her decision to choose life coaching as a way to learn coping skills and eventually help others. ~ How she started the non-profit, The Kindness Matters Mission, that offers scholarships to high school students! ~ How she coaches women and started her own podcast, Aligned and Awakened! ~ How she wrote a book called Raising Hope, that&apos;s available now! You can get her book at Find Laurice on IG: @amindfuljourney.ld She has 2 Facebook groups: A Mindful Journey and Rise Watch the <s
27/02/202346 minutes 9 seconds
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164. What To Do On The "Death-iversary" Day (AKA Death Anniversary) - Kim, Melissa, And Jen From The Widow Squad Podcast!

What&apos;s a widow to do on the &quot;death-iversary&quot; day...aka the &quot;spirit day&quot; as we call it in the Widow Squad? This is Episode 4 of the WidowSquad Podcast, a brand new podcast where we introduce a topic, related to widowhood, of course, and share our experience and advice to listeners! I am so excited to be a part of this incredible new podcast with fellow hosts, Kim Murray and Melissa Pierce!  New episodes of The WidowSquad Podcast will be released every Thursday so be sure to subscribe so you don&apos;t miss a thing! In today&apos;s episode we chat about: ~ acknowledging the date with family, friends, and kids ~ reflecting on memories that help keep their spirit alive. ~ Embracing the feelings, it&apos;s ok to feel sad and to grieve, no matter how much time has passed. Check out  Also, registration is opening up THIS WE
21/02/202330 minutes 6 seconds
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163. Facing Valentine's Day As A Widow! *Special BONUS Episode

Today is Valentine&apos;s Day 2023. It&apos;s one of those days, those miletone days, those holidays that we have to face. My intent for this episode was to come up with some helpful tips and strategies to make it through this Valentine&apos;s Day and make it a little less hurtful, a little more bearable.  This is a short but sweet list on ways that you can take back control of this day! Make it what you want it to be! We can&apos;t stop this day from coming, but we can do whatever we want on this day! Let me know how Valentine&apos;s Day was for you this year. What did you do? Email me at [email protected] Or better yet, join us in the WidowSquad community and tell us all about it! This is definitely one of those days we can support each other through! Join us at And DON&apos;T FORGET...our in person retreat is happening in May! Get
14/02/20238 minutes 50 seconds
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162. Don't Make Assumptions! - An Important Tip For Widows!

If you haven&apos;t read the book The Four Agreements: A Toltec Wisdom Book by Don Miguel Ruiz, I highly suggest it! We just finished reading it in the Widow Squad book club. I love its simplicity and reminders to us about what&apos;s important in life!  And agreement number 3, Don&apos;t Make Assumptions really struck a chord with me. As widows, we assume things about ourselves and about the people around us, resulting in needless suffering! I hope you found some insights in this episode. Please share it with a friend who needs to hear this message too. Please rate and review the podcast! Get in on the WidowSquad online community and join our next book club starting soon: Email me if you would like to share your &quot;widow success story&quot; on the podcast! [email protected] Have you joined
13/02/202312 minutes 5 seconds
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This Widow Is Relentlessly Resilient! - Interview With Michelle Scharf (Part 2)

This week we continue our conversation with Michelle Scharf as she shares her journey through grief after losing her husband John to cancer.  Here&apos;s what we chat about: ~ How within a span of 6 months she lost her husband, became an empty-nester, and turned 50! ~ How she turned to alcohol to stop the pain of grief until a friend intervened. ~How she started her passion project, Relentlessly Resilient podcast with her friend and fellow widow, Jennie. ~The key things that have helped her along the way including: keeping a gratitude journal, yoga, meditation, and prayer. Find her on IG @relentlesslyresilientpodcast Find her podcast at Join us in the WidowSquad community for friendship and amazing resources at Got questions OR a story you want to share? Email me at <a href='mailto:jen@widow1
06/02/202350 minutes 8 seconds
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161. This Widow Is Relentlessly Resilient! - An Interview With Michelle Scharf (Part 1)

Michelle Scharf joins us this week on the podcast to share her raw and honest account of losing her husband to cancer. This is Part 1 of a 2 part conversation with Michelle. On today&apos;s episode we talk about: ~ The sweet story of how she met her husband! ~ How she found out he was diagnosed with cancer ~ Her experience and struggle as a caregiver. ~ How her co-workers stepped up to support her. Be sure to listen next week to the conclusion of the interview with Michelle.  Have you joined our FREE Facebook group yet? Why not? Here&apos;s the link to sign up: Wanna be a part of an amazing online community? We would LOVE to have you! Join the WidowSquad here: Want to share YOUR &quot;widow success&quot; story on the podc
29/01/202355 minutes 24 seconds
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160. A Quote That Will Truly Inspire You! - BONUS Mini-episode!

&quot;A ship in harbor is safe, but that&apos;s not what ships were built for.&quot; This is one of may favorite quotes to get me motivated! It&apos;s by Paulo Coehlo, author of the bestselling book, The Alchemist.  This quote has many meanings, but to me it exemplifies how we try to stay safe, tucked away in our own little world, staying out of harms way. The loss of our spouse has left us feeling insecure and vulnerable.  The thing is, it&apos;s okay to stay in port for a while, to regroup, to recoup. But we&apos;re not meant to stay there forever.  If this episode has gotten you thinking about making some changes, be sure to join the Finding Purpose and Meaning After Loss Program for widows! We&apos;re starting this 4 week program THIS MONDAY, January 23, 2023 at 7:30pm EST! Grab you seat today! Also, if you have any other quotes you would like to share, le
21/01/20236 minutes 34 seconds
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159. Sharing Wisdom On Widowhood And Wealth - An Interview With Donna Kendrick

Donna Kendrick will never forget the &quot;Omgosh, what just happened?!&quot; moment when she discovered her husband Greg had passed away suddenly in 2013. Donna found herself navigating the confusing world of finances post-loss, and then also felt a calling when she realized that she wanted to change careers to become a certified financial planner for others whose lives are in transition.  We chat about:  ~ Donna deciding to go back to school ~ Her biggest struggle in widowhood, figuring out &quot;what&apos;s next?&quot; ~ How the Safe Harbor program for grief counseling helped her and her children so much. ~ How she wrote a book that&apos;s part memoir/ part financial help for widows. Her book is called A Guide To Widowhood: Navigating the First Three Years. ~ Donna&apos;s podcast is called Widow, Wisdom, and Wealth ~ How Donna married her now husband Jim in Graceland and the happy couple is now a blended family of 6! ~ How i
17/01/20231 hour 37 seconds
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158. Embrace Your Pace - When You Feel Like You're Not Grieving Fast Enough!

Last week in the WidowSquad weekly meeting, we were doing a group exercise and choosing our Word Of The Year. Are you familiar with this exercise? It&apos;s a very powerful tool to help us stay motivated and focused throughout the year.  One of our lovely WidowSquad members chose the word PATIENCE. Great word, right?! She felt like she needed to have more patience with herself. She noticed she was being really hard on herself for &quot;not feeling better by now&quot;. This sparked a whole conversation about how this healing process takes time. Grieving takes time. Healing a broken heart takes time.  I hope you enjoy this episode and please share it with a friend! Also leave a rating and review on the podcast and I&apos;ll read it on air! Don&apos;t forget to grab your seat in the Finding Purpose And Meaning After Loss Program For Widows starting soon! You know you are meant for more! You know you want to make an impact on the world! You know you want to m
11/01/20238 minutes 23 seconds
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157. How Life-Long Learning Is Helping This Widow Heal After Losing Her Husband - Interview With Michelle Collins

On this episode we are talking to Michelle Collins, author, grief educator, yoga and meditation coach. Michelle&apos;s husband Glen took his own life in 2016. Michelle talks to us today about the aftermath of the loss and how she is rebuilding her life. Michelle and I chat about: ~ How she felt enormous guilt and shame after losing Glen ~ How she suffered from PTSD and what that felt like. ~ How she turned to alcohol and drugs to cope. ~ How a meditation retreat at the Chopra Center changed her life! ~ How she became a grief educator through a David Kessler program in 2021 ~ How she connected with TAPS and finally felt accepted and supported! Michelle has written 2 books: 1. Surviving Spouse Or Partner Suicide Loss: A Mindful Guide For Your Journey Through Grief 2. Supporting A Survivor Of Spouse Or Partner Suicide Loss: A Mindful Guide For Co-Journeying Through Grief Reach Michelle at <a href='https://www.
09/01/20231 hour 35 seconds
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156. Carry THIS With You Throughout 2023 To Make It A Great Year! - BONUS Mini-episode!

Hope is believeing with confidence that good things will happen in the future. Whatever place you&apos;re in right now, whatever you&apos;re feeling in this season is right for you. It&apos;s where you need to be. I ask you and encourage you, no matter what you&apos;re feeling, no matter the high or the low you&apos;re in right now, to move into this new year with hope! Hope will carry you through this next year. This episode will tell you why! Join us in the WidowSquad community for more conversations like this! Go to Questions? Email me at [email protected]  
02/01/20236 minutes 16 seconds
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155. 3 Powerful Questions To Reflect On 2022!

The benefits of reflection are so often overlooked, especially when grieving, when we&apos;re feeling like we&apos;re just trying to stay afloat. We&apos;re so busy adjusting to our new life, our new normal, that we don&apos;t tak the time to stop and look at ourselves, not just to praise ourselves, but to see how we&apos;re managing it all.  Reflection is a process. You need to slow down. It requires you to get vulnerable. But it&apos;s also a process that can lead to valuable insights and even breakthroughs!  Grab a pen and your journal and let&apos;s get started answering these powerful questions! Enjoyed this episode? Please leave a rating and review and I&apos;ll read it on the podcast! If you want to deep dive further into discussions like this one, join us in the WidowSquad Community! Go to Follow us on Instagram:</
29/12/202213 minutes 23 seconds
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154. 3 Ways To Manage Anxiety During The Holidays!

We&apos;re starting today&apos;s podcast with a quote from Marcus Aurelius and he says &quot;The nearer a man comes to a calm mind, the closer he is to strength.&quot; This is an important quote because today&apos;s topic on the podcast is anxiety. This podcast episode covers 3 ways you can manage anxiety during the holidays AND any time of year, for that matter.  If you take away anything from today, I want you to remember this: You have power over the panic! You have the power within you, the strength within you, to calm your mind. Please be sure to leave us a rating and a review and I&apos;ll read it on the podcast and give you a shout-out!  Join our Facebook group for more support: Become a WidowSquad member for community and connection and group coaching sessions at <a href='
23/12/202213 minutes 49 seconds
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153. Best Of Widow To Widow Advice On Surviving The Holidays!

Today&apos;s episode was pulled from clips of interviews I have done in the past 2 years on Widow 180: The Podcast.  I always like to ask my guests how they handle the big milestone dates and holidays. What did they do to get through it? How did they handle the first holiday season as a widow? And as always, they have some pretty incredible advice to share that I wanted to pass onto you! If you need extra help this holiday season, be sure to pick up a copy of my book, The Widow&apos;s Holiday Guidebook: 45 Days of Self-Reflection, Self-Compassion, And Self-Care. You can download your copy at Also, if you are struggling with loneliness, you can download the FREE webinar video presentation called Kick Loneliness To The Curb! Get the video at And finally, if y
17/12/202220 minutes 16 seconds
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152. Widow We Do Now? -Interview With Anita Coyle

Anita Coyle&apos;s husband Jason died suddenly one night while swimming at a local rec center. Their kids were 12, 8, 5, and 2 years old at the time. Jason was only 42. Just one week later, Anita was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In today&apos;s episode Anita shares some of her biggest struggles in dealing with loss for the past 4 years. Anita and I chat about: ~ how difficult it is to face the unexpected AND expected grief triggers, like having to work at the same hospital that Jason was taken to the night he passed away. ~ How parenting has been the hardest part of being a widow for Anita ~ How finding healthy coping mechanisms is a must for your own well-being and sanity! ~ How important it is to always have something to look forward to! ~ How Anita partnered up with Mel Shore and created the Widow We Do Now podcast! ~ Anita and Mel have spoken at Camp Widow 5 times! ~ Her biggest piece of advice for widows is to have patie
12/12/20221 hour 8 minutes 8 seconds
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151. 5 Stress Triggers You Might Face During The Holidays!

Today we&apos;re talking about grief triggers to be aware of during the holiday season! They can happen anytime, anywhere! But sometimes, we KNOW they are a possibility so we can mentally prepare for them.  Today we break down 5 different grief triggers to be aware of! Do you have any other ones you want to add to the list? Message me at [email protected] or DM me on Insta @widow_180 You can also join us on Facebook here: Want to become a Widow Squad member? Sign up here : Need extra help this holiday season? Get a copy of The Widow&apos;s Holiday Guidebook: 45 Days of Self-Reflection, Self-Compassion, and Self-Care. Download your copy here for only $7: <a href='https://www.widow18
05/12/202214 minutes 47 seconds
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150. How This Widow Is Using Creativity And Showing Up For Life In A Big Way! - Interview With Candace Crockett

Candace Crockett lost her husband Tyler after a short battle with cancer. He was diagnosed in December of 2019 but passed away just weeks later during his first chemo treatment.  Candace and I chat about: ~ How COVID affected her healing time with her kids. ~ How she felt such a profound loss of identity  ~ Asking &quot;How am i going to show up for myself?&quot; changed her life ~ How she met other widows and attended a retreat with Never Alone Widows ~ How she had to figure out who she was and what her core values were ~ She discovered that creativity was an important part of her identity ~ How she now hosts workshops with HEARTWell workshops, combining art, meditation, and healing You can find her on IG @heartwell_workshops Join the WidowSquad today and get 2 weeks FREE! Our Black Friday special ends tonight at midnight! Go to Want a copy of The
29/11/202250 minutes 19 seconds
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149. How To Feel Gratitude, Even When You Feel Like There's Nothing To Be Thankful For!

When you are suffering the loss of someone in your life and you are genuinely and completely buried in grief, it&apos;s pretty damn hard to find anything to be grateful for. When we feel the overpower of grief, we can get into a gratitiude slump. Here&apos;s a way to uplevel your gratitude game and REALLY feel the emotion of gratitude again! Wanna talk about more important &quot;widow&quot; topics? Get into the WidowSquad and let&apos;s chat! We&apos;re running a promotion this week where you get 2 weeks FREE! There&apos;s no better time than now, when the holidays feel stressful, than to get in here for some amazing group support! Go to If groups aren&apos;t your thing but you still need some help this holiday season, get a copy of my book The Widow&apos;s Holiday Guidebook today! It&apos;s 45 days of self-reflection, self-compassion, and self-care! AND it&apos;s only $7! Go to <a href='h
22/11/202217 minutes
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148. The 3 P's To Remember This Holiday Season!

The holidays are approaching us quickly! Have you made plans yet? Do you have an idea of what you want to do and where you want to go? With all of the changes that widows are faced with, keeping holiday traditions can feel very comforting...or not!  In this episode we are talking about the 3 P&apos;s to remember this holiday season! These P&apos;s are taken from the chapters of my book, The Widow&apos;s Holiday Guidebook: 45 Days of Self-Reflection, Self-Compassion, and Self-Care! If you would like a copy to download, click here: I hope you find this episode helpful! If you enjoy it, please share it with a friend! Need extra help this holiday season? Join us in the WidowSquad community for support and encouragement!  
17/11/202216 minutes 51 seconds
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147. Turning Pain Into Purpose After Losing Her Husband To Suicide - Interview With Sissi O'Shaughnessy

Sissi&apos;s husband Mark took his own life in May 2020, just 2 months after Sissi lost her mom to cancer.  Sissi had to manage her compound grief plus raise her two young daughters on her own.  Sissi and I talk about: ~ the guilt she felt after her husband&apos;s suicide ~ How you can allow grief to be your only story...or not! ~ how becoming a certified conscious parent taught her to hold space for her kids and their pain ~ How you can practice conscious grieving by doing the work. She recommends exercise, journaling, and meditation! ~ How recognizes what it is exactly that we&apos;re grieving can help us heal! ~ how she became a grief educator and now does coaching to help other widows! You can work with Sissi at Love this episode? Please share it with a friend and tell them about our free Facebook community at Widow 180 Community with Jen Zwi
09/11/202252 minutes 24 seconds
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146. What Are HEART Convos And Why Are They Important?

Today we are talking all about HEART Convos and why they are so important in our relationships and friendships.  As widows, we find our lives ever-changing, ever-evolving, including our relationships with our friends. Sometimes we find those nearest and dearest to us suddenly backing out of our lives after we lose our husbands.  This episode focuses on the work of Kristen &quot;KB&quot; Newton, a connection coach, who helps others have healthier, better friendships! Check out KB on IG @heart_convos Join us in the WidowSquad community today! We would LOVE to have you! Please leave a rating and review for the podcast and share it with others! Support the podcast and become a patron by donating as little as $3! Go to  
02/11/202216 minutes 54 seconds
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145. How This Widow Is Finding Purpose After Losing Her Husband To ALS - Interview With Amanda Landry

Amanda&apos;s husband Brian was diagnosed with bulbar ALS and passed away just 3 months later. Amanda has been picking up the pieces of their broken life since losing him in September 2020. But, she is determined to live a life honoring Brian by serving others and turning her pain into purpose. Amanda and I chat about: ~ Saying the right things to your small kiddos when it comes to the subject of death and dying ~ how it&apos;s never too late to get help/therapy for moving through grief ~ how sitting with your grief ultimately heals you ~ how surrendering to uncertainty feels freeing! ~ how life can lead you back to unexpected love again! ~ how we can carry our loved ones with us into this next chapter! You can find more info at and Get in on our awesome WidowSquad community!!
27/10/20221 hour 4 seconds
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144. Wings For Widows (Non-profit Financial Assistance) - Interview With JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch lost her husband Alan suddenly after an injury at work, leaving her to raise their daughter and run the family business. JoAnne talks to us today on the podcast about: ~ juggling parenting and running a business! ~not allowing yourself the time to grieve ~ not having anywhere to turn to for financial advice and feeling that frustration! ~ moving across the country and starting a new life! ~ becoming a board member for the non-profit Wings For Widows! ~ how to find ways to move forward in life! For financial help, go to Find them on IG @wingsforwidows Don&apos;t forget to sign up and join us in the Widow Squad community! We would LOVE to have you be a part of this amazing group! This is a special community for widows to learn, share, and grow so that they can create a life they love and deserve! Join us at</stro
20/10/202243 minutes 39 seconds
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143. THIS Is The #1 "Side Effect" Of Grief!

Hands down, the NUMBER 1 side effect of grief is LONELINESS!  This is why we wanted to talk to you guys about it! So, I&apos;ve collaborated with Kim Murray of Widow 411 and Melissa Pierce of Filled With Gold for a presentation called Kicking Loneliness To The Curb! It happens LIVE tonight October 12, 2022 at 7PM EST! Sign up here: See you tonight!  
12/10/20226 minutes 25 seconds
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142. How This Widow Is Rebuilding Life After Her Husband's Suicide - Interview With Lindsey Portmann

Lindsey&apos;s husband Ronnie had been suffering mental illness and battling depression for years. On February 13, 2020, he took his own life. Lindsey and I talk about: ~ How Lindsey tried everything she could to help Ronnie. ~ How having important conversations around mental illness is crucial. ~ How she reached a turning point and realized that nothing she said or did made any difference with the outcome. ~ How she had a sense of relief after he had passed, knowing he was at peace. ~ How the term &quot;Suicide Prevention&quot; kinda makes her cringe! ~ How she has formed lasting connections through and organization called Never Alone Widows! You can find them on Instagram at @NeverAloneWidows  Also, be sure to join our LIVE FREE Zoom meet-up on Wednesday October 12, 2022 at 7pm EST called &quot;Kick Loneliness To The Curb&quot;! Sign up at :  <a href='https://www.widow180
09/10/202248 minutes 56 seconds
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141. 10 Reasons Why Widows Should Journal After Losing Their Spouse!

Your voice is your story and you have a story to tell! Telling our stories transforms our lives! Here are 10 reasons why every widow should write and journal after losing their spouse! Join our 4 week Rediscovery Through Writing! Creative Grief Writing Program for widows starting October 3 2022! Get more info and sign up here: For questions, you can email me at [email protected]
01/10/202211 minutes 53 seconds
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140. From Isolation To Inspiring Author! - Interview With Debbie Weiss

Debbie lost her husband George after a 4 year battle with cancer. Debbie found herself isolated and lonely and trying to create a new life that made her feel confident and proud of the person she was becoming. In today&apos;s episode, Debbie and I chat about: ~ how she tackled the first few months after losing George ~How joining groups and meet-ups opened up new and lasting friendships for her. ~ How taking baby steps into a new, uncertain life is important not to get overwhelmed ~How writing became a key piece in her healing ~ How she decided to go back to school to get her Master&apos;s Degree! ~ How dating has it&apos;s challenges in the modern world! ~ How creating a space of her own and moving into her new home has transformed her!  Debbie&apos;s new book is called &quot;Available As Is: A Midlife Widow&apos;s Search For Love&quot; and it&apos;s out now! Get your copy here at <a href='https:
27/09/202257 minutes 21 seconds
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139. Stop Beating Yourself Up! The Power Of Self-Compassion

Are you being nice to yourself? Are you treating yourself the same way you would treat your best friend if she were in your situation? As widows, we put so much pressure on oursleves to have all of the answers right away after we lose our spouse. We are thrown into a new life of unwanted change and we expect ourselves to know exactly what to do. And then we berate ourselves when we don&apos;t have the answers! In this episode, we are using references from self-compassion expert, Kristin Neff, on how we can be kinder to ourselves. She talks about 3 components to self-compassion that we can incorporate into our lives when feeling times of stress. You can find more info on Kristen Neff at: Also, doors are open now for our NEW program, Rediscovery Through Writing! A Creative Grief Writing Program For Widows. We&apos;re starting Monday October 3 at 7:30pm EST. This
19/09/202217 minutes 58 seconds
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138. Angel Numbers And Signs From Our Loved Ones! - Interview With Kim Murray

Do you ever notice sequences of numbers that keep appearing for you? Maybe you see 4:44 on the clock all the time. Or maybe you see 444 on the license plate in front of you. These are called angel numbers, messages of support from our loved ones! Do you ever get signs from your loved ones? Maybe you keep seeing cardinals outside your window. Or butterflies. Or rainbows. They are still with us! They are always sending us these little signals that they are here and supporting us! Join me today as I talk to Kim Murray, blogger and widow, about these incredible signs from our loved ones! Kim has also created a new course called &quot;The Ultimate Survival Guide For Widows&quot; to help with the practical business of post-loss tasks that can be very confusing! Take a look and get more details about the guide:</st
12/09/202255 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

137. Searching For Home And Self - An Interview With Kyomi O'Connor

In this week&apos;s episode, I talk to widow and author Kyomi O&apos;Connor, who lost her husband Patrick in 2016 to metastatic melanoma. Today she shares some lessons for healing and centering yourself after trauma. Kyomi and I chat about: ~ Ironically, her husband Patrick did cancer research for a living and was later diagnosed himself. ~How turning to Buddhism was life-changing for her. ~ How draining it is being a caregiver ~Buddhist beliefs around illness and loss ~ Ways to find comfort by grounding yourself ~ How being vulnerable helps us heal. ~ How writing her book was such an emotional release for her. Kyomi&apos;s book is coming out September 6, 2022! Her book is called &quot;A Sky Of Infinite Blue: A Japanese Immigrant&apos;s Search For Home And Self&quot; You can get her book at</
05/09/202244 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

136. One More Thing About Making Tough Decisions As A Widow! - BONUS Episode!

A couple of weeks ago I did an episode on tapping into our intuition to help guide us through life and make better decisions. Well, I thought of one more thing I wanted to add to that about making tough decisions! Hence, this BONUS Tuesday episode! This is a simple thing we can do when we&apos;re struggling in an indecisive moment! Check out these 3 examples and how applying this technique can be so helpful! Also, don&apos;t forget that tomorrow August 31, 2022 is the last last day to get our updated Dating After Loss Course For Widows at the $97 price. After that, the price goes back up! Need help getting back into the dating scene?? Has it been a while?? Not sure where to even start??  Get this course! It will help!   Loving the podcast? Become a Widow 180 Patron and donate as little as $3 to keep the podcast going! Go to <a href='https:
30/08/202211 minutes 16 seconds
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135. Widow Dating Statistics And Stories From YOU!

If you follow me on Instagram you&apos;ve probably seen one of my highlight stories that I post where I take polls from you guys! These are always so fun because I love getting feedback from you and hearing from you! In today&apos;s episode, I&apos;ve compiled all of my poll questions about dating and put them together here with the results!  Follow me on Insta: @widow_180 Join our Facebook group: Widow 180 Community with Jen Zwinck Get our Dating After Loss course now while it&apos;s only $97 until August 31, 2022! After that, the price goes back up!    
28/08/202239 minutes 27 seconds
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134. Prophecies, Parenting, And Proposals! - An Interview With Bethany Ashabraner

Bethany&apos;s husband Eric was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma in 2020 and passed away 11 months later. She shares her unique journey through love and loss and love again on today&apos;s episode! Bethany and I chat about: ~ how her faith got her through everything! ~ Stepping back from work situations if you can, to regroup ~ making big changes in the first year! ~ Eric&apos;s prophecies and predictions for what was to come for Bethany and their family! ~ Her divinely orchestrated love story with her now husband Keith! ~ How to NOT let the word &quot;widow&quot; affect you! ~ &quot;Bless and release&quot; other people&apos;s opinions! ~ Letting other people know what you need and accepting the help! You can find Bethany on: Facebook at Bethany Ann Ashabraner Insta: @bethanyashabraner Her website: Don&apos;t
23/08/202258 minutes 58 seconds
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133. 5 Tips For Using Intuition To Guide Us Through Life And Make Better Decisions!

It&apos;s an unsettling feeling after losing your spouse and having to rely on just yourself to decide EVERYTHING! We have to learn to trust ourselves again. We can learn how to rely on our own inner voice, our own intuition to help guide us through life! We show you how to do that in today&apos;s episode! We need to pay particular attention to how our intuition &quot;speaks&quot; to us! This is all about keeping our hearts and minds open to receiving that help when we need it most! Here are 5 ways to tap into our intuition, learn to trust ourselves again, and be confident in those decisions! For more help Rebuilding Confidence after loss, I encourage you to get our online course to help! It&apos;s only $24! Get the course at And remember that all of our courses are included if you join our Widow Connection Community for just $33 per month! Be a part of the suppor
17/08/202223 minutes 25 seconds
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132. A Second Chance At Love ! - Interview With Carrie Gardache-Thompson

I LOVE a good love story! And this is one you gotta hear! Carrie Gardache-Thompson joins us on the podcast this week to share her dating experience as a widow! Carrie also recently took another walk down the aisle and married her new honey, Scott Thompson!  Carrie and I chat about: ~ praying for love in your life ~ how to handle weird dating moments! ~ when to introduce your kiddos to your new man! ~ not caring what other people think! ~ How you CAN love two people at once! Need help with dating? Get our new UPDATED Dating course for widows, Dating after loss: A 4 Step WISH Program for widows and widowers looking to find love again! Get the course at The entire course is only $97 this month, AUGUST 2022!  Let&apos;s talk more about dating! Join our membership community! This amazing group of ladies meets everys ingle week for group coaching,
12/08/202235 minutes 52 seconds
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131. Widows, Don't Forget To Do THIS Before You Go On A Date!

It&apos;s always best to prepared, ESPECIALLY, when it comes to dating!  In this episode we share ONE THING you must do before you go out on date! Get our comprehensive dating course for widows at The price is only $97 for the month of August 2022! Love the podcast? Become a Widow 180 patron and donate as little as $3 to keep the podcast going! Go to   Please leave us a kind rating and review! It helps the podcast get seen by more widows who need it!  
06/08/20226 minutes 44 seconds
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129. How To Navigate Grief And Trauma With Intention - Interview With Susan Hannifin-MacNab

This week&apos;s special guest is author, speaker, widow, mom, Susan Hannifin-MacNab. Susan lost her husband Brent in a car accident ten years ago. In today&apos;s episode she and I talk about: ~How Camp Widow was a game-changer for her in terms of healing! ~ How she started the San Diego chapter of Soaring Spirits International. ~ How she researched tools and techniques to help both her and her son, which she later compiled into a book! ~ Her book is The A 2 Z Healing Toolbox: A Practical Guide For Navigating Grief And Trauma With Intention ~ what grief has taught her and how much her life has changed in the last ten years. ~ How time plays tricks on us! ~How grief and trauma often overlap Get Susan&apos;s book at Reach out to Susan for coaching at SIGN UP and save your se
24/07/202256 minutes 3 seconds
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128. Don't Let THIS Thought Stop You From Dating Again!

Here&apos;s the link to the FREE &quot;Where Can I Meet A Guy?&quot; Workshop For Widows... Workshop date: August 1, 2022 In today&apos;s episode, we&apos;re talking about a common thought that might stop you from dating again! But, you don&apos;t have to let it! Let me know your thoughts on this! What&apos;s your biggest take-away from this episode? I would love to hear from you! Email me at [email protected] or Join our Facebook group for discussions and updates at Widow 180 Community with Jen Zwinck. Check out the other Widow 180 episodes about dating...episodes 80, 77, 30, 31, 32, and 69!    
20/07/202211 minutes 4 seconds
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127. Getting Beyond The Darkness - Interview With Clarissa Moll

This week we featured guest Clarissa Moll, widow, author, speaker, podcaster, and mama of 4 kiddos! Clarissa became a widow in July 2019, when her husband Rob died while hiking in Mt. Rainier Park, leaving her and her young children behind.  While homeschooling Clarissa began to pour herself into writing in an effort to process her grief. Her new book, Beyond The Darkness: A Gentle Guide For Living With Grief and Thriving After Loss was just released July 5 2022! You can reach Clarissa at You can purchase Clarissa&apos;s book and Rob&apos;s book at We would love to have you in our Widow Connection Community! Sign up at Loving the podcast? Please leave a rating and review and share the podcast with a
14/07/202241 minutes 43 seconds
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126. Quick Tip Episode! - Sleeping Hacks To Try Today!

Trouble sleeping? I&apos;m not surprised if you said &quot;YES!&quot; This is the most common, HORRIBLE side effect of grief that most widows suffer with.  But there are some sleeping hacks that might work for you! Give these a try and let me know if they work! Try the Apps: White Noise and Noise Machine Join our Widow Connection Community at to meet weekly via Zoom for group coaching and guest speakers! Get our new confidence course at Become a Widow 180 Patron and donate as little as $3 to keep the podcast going!  
08/07/202210 minutes 6 seconds
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125. How To Heal A Grieving Heart

This is one of the simplest ways to help heal a grieving heart. Maybe you&apos;ve tried it, maybe not. But this powerful, healthy coping mechanism is what got me through the first months, if not years after losing my husband. Give it a try! Would you like to join our membership community of widows who get together every single week for group coaching, guest speakers, peer support, help and advice? We would LOVE to have you there! Have you completed the Summer Escape Challenge? If so, tell me about it! I&apos;ll give you a shout-out on the podcast! We need to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be! Get the new online course, Rebuilding Confidence After Loss for only $24! Become a widow180 patron member! Every little donation helps us keep this podcast going! Start with
30/06/202214 minutes 45 seconds
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124. Are You A Worrier Or A Warrior? - Nora Plesent, Author Of Be Still And Soar, Shares Ways To Combat Stress

Nora Plesent, author of the book Be Still And Soar, was a guest speaker for our membership community, the Widow Connection Community several weeks ago. This was such an eye-opening conversation that I wanted to share it with you all today on the podcast! Nora is a meditation and wellness coach who has made it her life purpose to help women with stress and overwhelm. She was the PERFECT person to talk to our widow community and give us some incredibly useful tips and tools for dealing with overwhelm. Her book, Be Still And Soar is available on Amazon now! If you would like to work with Nora, you can reach her at If you would like to have access to these amazing lectures with our guest speakers, I encourage you to join our community! Sign up and get more info at
25/06/202217 minutes 23 seconds
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123. Just Take The DAMN Trip! - Interview With Bevin Farrand

It was such a treat talking to our guest this week, Bevin Farrand, creator of the Take The DAMN Trip movement! Bevin&apos;s husband Mark passed away unexpectedly two weeks after they took an epic trip to France.  Bevin and I chat about: ~ helping a grieving friend and asking for help when you need it. ~ how she created the DAMN framework as a way to live and find purpose. ~ how she decided to move forward with IVF and now has a baby girl added to her family! ~ her method for dealing with stress and anxiety ~ how she&apos;s writing a book! ~ how powerful it is to live in the moment! ~ take micro-actions to get results! Grab the FREE TRAINING at  Find Bevin on IG @bevinfarrand Did you know we have a YouTube channel? It&apos;s called Widow 180: The Channel! Go check it out! We post weekly;s the latest: <a href='https:/
20/06/20221 hour 5 minutes 15 seconds
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122. 2 Simple But Powerful Strategies To Help Make You Feel More Confident!

On Today&apos;s episode we&apos;re talking about 2 simple but powerful strategies that will make widows feel more confident!   These are 2 lessons from my BRAND NEW course, How To Rebuild Confidence After Loss: Guide For Widows! I know what it&apos;s like to doubt your every move and every choice. I know how it feels to get so frustrated with yourself for not being able to make decisions.  I want to help you gain that confidence back! I want you to have that self-assurance again! This confidence course gives you the tools and the strategies to be able to push the self-doubt aside and walk into your new life with confidence! Get more info and get the course at  Join our amazing membership community at Become a Widow18
14/06/202224 minutes 32 seconds
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121. How To Find The Gifts From Grief - Interview With Rachel Pope

Rachel Pope joins us this week on the podcast. She is the founder of the online community Gifts From Grief and author of the book, Gifts From Grief. She joins us today to share her positive attitude, her insights on grief, some pearls of wisdom, and some practical strategies on how we can cope with grief! Rachel and I chat about: ~ her experience with grief throughout her life, first losing her dad to cancer, then her brother in a car accident, then her husband to the same bowel cancer that killed her dad. ~ how we distract ourselves from grief and emotions by staying too busy. ~ How her book, Gifts From Grief, was created after she formed her online community. ~ How she discovered the Grief Recovery Method for healing and decided to become certified to help others. ~ How to honor our loved ones ~ How we can know the right things to say to widows and to children who are grieving ~ What are some common
09/06/202258 minutes 7 seconds
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120. Escapism- Give Yourself A Break From Grief!

This week&apos;s episode is talking all about ESCAPISM and how this word can have a negative connotation. However, escapism can also be a way to turn to healthy coping strategies, like reading, dancing, or travel. In this episode, we hear from several widows how they&apos;ve used travel as a main tool in their toolbox of healing through grief! I am proposing a SUMMER CHALLENGE to all of you listeners out there! The first challenge is to take a solo day trip to a place you&apos;ve never been before. Take some pics and tag me! I&apos;m on Instagram @widow_180! Tell us about your adventures in our Facebook group, Widow 180 Community. Here&apos;s the link to join: Join our Widow Connection Community and tell us all about your trip! www.widow18
28/05/202224 minutes 40 seconds
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119. Grief Is Exhausting! Here's YET ANOTHER Reason Why!

This episode was inspired by our awesome, hilarious membership community that cracks me up! I just love each and every person in this group! In our meeting last week, a discussion was started about how exhausting grief is and then the conversation snowballed because we are all feeling the effects of grief and we want to know that this is normal!  And I am here to say, you are are definitely not alone! Here is YET ANOTHER reason why we get so exhausted by grief.  And here was my solution to fixing it. Hope you find it helpful! Let me know if you can relate! I would love to hear from you. Email me at [email protected] Join our amazing group of widows in the Widow Connection Community at AND don&apos;t forget to register now for our Finding Purpose And Meaning After Loss Program For Widows! Reg
20/05/202210 minutes 25 seconds
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118. How This Widowed Mama Is Moving Forward With Gratitude And Grit! - An Interview With Jess Jenkins

Jessica&apos;s husband Jay had an aneurysm while driving home from work on May 1, 2020. He passed away the next day. Jess had just given birth to their son Tommy 6 weeks before. In today&apos;s interview, Jess and I chat about: ~ funeral plans in the height of COVID ~ navigating grief and having an infant at the same time! ~ Being in the moment and being grateful for what you do have. ~ The struggles that you face when going back to work! ~ talking to mediums and seeing signs from loved ones! ~ How Year 2 can be harder than Year 1 of widowhood. ~ Giving a speech to 200 people for the foundation, Wall Street Cares. ~ How being in the Finding Purpose And Meaning After Loss Program changed her attitude, her perspective and her life! You can find out more about Wall Street Cares at SIGN UP TODAY for the
14/05/202258 minutes 12 seconds
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117. Widows Do Bounce Back! - Interview With Maya Tyler

This was an incredible interview with special guest Maya Tyler, author, speaker, and life coach. Maya lost her husband Jason very unexpectedly. She shares her story of how she was able to rebuild her life and find purpose again.   We chat about: ~ how our faith is tested after loss ~ advocating for your kids to get them the help they need through the school system ~ How to fight and manage debilitating anxiety ~ The power of asking yourself the question &quot;Who do I want to be next?&quot; ~ Maya wrote a best-selling book called &quot;Bounce Back Better: How To Win After Great Loss&quot; ~ Maya became a certified life coach and created programs and courses to help those after loss. ~ Maya found love again and started a new life with a man named Danny! They&apos;ve also added a baby girl to the family! You can find Maya on IG @thebouncebackwidow On Facebook at: Finding Next You</p
06/05/20221 hour 4 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

116. The Hospice Doctor's Widow - An Interview With Author And Speaker Jen O'Brien

Jen&apos;s husband Bob passed away after a 2 year battle with cancer. Bob was a hospice doctor, so the subject of death and dying were not uncommon between them. In today&apos;s episode, Jen shares the lessons she learned from Bob and tells us how her journey as a caregiver and now a widow, led her to create the award-winning book, The Hospice Doctor&apos;s Widow: A Journal. In this episode Jen and I chat about: ~ having a balance between hope and preparation for the worst case scenario ~ Getting messages from our loved ones! ~ How end of life conversations are necessary! ~ HOW TO have those scary end of life conversations! ~ How Jen started a journal when Bob got sick to help her cope with processing his terminal illness. ~ Jen&apos;s book The Hospice Doctor&apos;s Widow has won 4 awards! You can reach Jen and get her book at
30/04/20221 hour 4 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

115. A FUN FREEBIE Resource For You! - Monday Mini Episode

The Finding Purpose And Meaning After Loss: Program For Widows just wrapped up, but it&apos;s coming again soon! Here are some examples of the big, beautiful, audacious goals and dreams that came out of this group! Are you feeling stuck? Don&apos;t know which direction to go? Get this GIANT extensive list of 275 Interests, Hobbies, And Ways To Make An Impact In This World! Let this list spark some interest in you and inspire you to get started on a new and exciting path in life! Let me know which ones stick out for you! Get the list here:    
26/04/20226 minutes 20 seconds
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114. Bringing Coffee And Comfort To Other Widows - Interview With Treva Runyan

Treva Runyan lost her husband Jeff in a car accident 5 years ago. Her world was turned upside down and suddenly she was raising their 3 children on her own. In this interview Treva and I chat about: ~ the biggest struggles for grieving mamas ~ learning to let go of control over things we can&apos;t control! ~ allowing others to help us ~ accepting loss and recognizing that there is a plan and a purpose for you after loss ~ gaining confidence by doing things you&apos;ve never done before! ~ how she started a local widow support group to connect other widows and make them feel less alone ~ starting a new life with a new love! ~ making sure you grieve the way that feels right to you! You can reach Treva at and also on Facebook and Instagram at Not Just A Widow Her Coffee And Comfort group meets in Southern Oregon eve
21/04/20221 hour 10 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

113. What Is A Grief Hangover?

What exactly is a &quot;grief hangover&quot;? It is real. And unfortunately, no amount of Advil will help this particular type of hangover. With another holiday approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to address the &quot;grief hangover&quot; phenomenon that happens when we crash after anniversary dates or holidays. This episode also serves as a reminder to do what you need to do, be aware of what your body needs, give yourself permission to have boundaries with others, and go easy on yourself! Join our amazing community at Get extra support through our Facebook group: Check out to order a beautiful subscription box for you or for a friend! Use coupo
13/04/20228 minutes 37 seconds
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112. Anxiety Is Good! Who Knew? Lemme Explain!

Is anxiety really good for us? YES! Lemme explain. In this episode, we discuss the &quot;optimal anxiety pathway&quot; where we first feel the overwhelming anxiety of grief, followed by a leveling off into an anxiety-neutral state for a while, and finally transitioning into an optimal anxiety condition.  This episode defines what a comfort zone is and why we need to get out of it! Check out Jay Shetty&apos;s Podcast: On Purpose. Getting a subscription box delivered to your doorstep every month is THE BEST!  Get yours or get one for a friend at and use coupon code WIDOW180 to get 50% off your first box! Shipping is FREE in the U.S. Haven&apos;t joined out Facebook group yet? It&apos;s Widow 180 Community! We&apos;re on IG: @widow_180 Join our awesome membership community w
08/04/202213 minutes 54 seconds
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111. (Part 2) When Your Heart Is Guiding You, You Know You're On The Right Path! - Interview With Marni Henderson

This is Part 2 of my interview with Marni Henderson of Sunrise Retreats. We are continuing our open and honest conversation of life after losing her husband Tyler to glioblastoma. We chat about: ~ 3 crucial things we need in order to heal ~ her calling in her heart to start doing retreats for widows ~ finding love again and how it IS POSSIBLE to love two people at the same time! ~ ALMOST becoming a nun! ~ how loss affects so many aspects of our life ~ exploring life after loss to find your right path to fulfillment! You can find more information and reach Marni at: and Check out Filled With Gold Subscription Boxes at Use coupon code WIDOW180 for 50% off your first box! FREE SHIPP
31/03/202245 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

110. When Your Heart Is Guiding You, You Know You're On The Right Path! - An Interview With Marni Henderson (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of my interview with Marni Henderson of Sunrise Retreats. Marni lost her husband Tyler to glioblastoma several years ago. She felt a calling to support other widows through running retreats. In Part 1 of the interview, we talk about: ~ Tyler&apos;s diagnosis ~ An unforgettable, bittersweet Make-A-Wish Day for the family ~ Having a &quot;no filter&quot; phase of widowhood! ~ Everyone has a survival mechanism ~ Getting a tattoo! ~ Awesome in-laws ~ How the biggest struggle as a solo-parent is being so helpless and not being able to take away your child&apos;s pain and hurt. Stay tuned for next week&apos;s episode (part 2)! Be sure to join our Facebook group: Widow 180 Community If you would like to be a part of our amazing community of women, getting supported every week, I encourage you to join the Widow Connection Community! Get more information and s<
25/03/202236 minutes 19 seconds
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109. Passion vs. Purpose - What's The Difference? And How Can I Get Them Back In My Life?!

When we go through the experience of losing a spouse, we&apos;re forced to re-think so many aspects of life.  We&apos;re left asking ourselves &quot;Well, what now?&quot; This is where we need to take the time to reflect, to process, to re-identify with who we are and what we ant to do with our lives. If you want help and support in finding your passion and purpose again, I encourage you to sign up for our new program! We&apos;re starting this Sunday March 20, 2022 at 7:30pm EST! Registration ends in 2 days! Go to to sign up and save your seat! I hope to see you on Sunday! Please share the podcast and leave a kind rating and review for us! I would appreciate it!
17/03/20229 minutes 51 seconds
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108. How To Hold Onto Hope And Keep Faith- An Interview With Carmen Ordonez

Carmen Ordonez is our guest this week on the podcast! She lost her husband Fernando in October 2015 after a battle with cancer. She was left to raise their young son, Andy on her own.  In our interview Carmen and I chat about: ~ Faith keeping her going as a caregiver ~ Balancing grieving and parenting...when is a good time to cry?! ~ Having hope that everything will be okay in the end and surrendering to what life brings you ~ Learning to be content on your own. ~ How becoming a widow changes your perspective  ~ How she found love again and started a family with her now-husband, Julio ~How long-distance dating can actually be a good thing! ~ How she&apos;s been able to connect with other widows through social media. Don&apos;t forget to sign up today and save your spot in our new program, Finding Purpose and Meaning After Loss! We&apos;re starting Sunday March 20 at 7:30PM EST!</p
12/03/20221 hour 2 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

107. The "Before" You And The "After" You! Understanding Life In Transition After Loss

After suffering loss, you may find there is a clear distinction between the &quot;before&quot; and &quot;after&quot; versions of YOU! You have changed. Grief has changed you. That&apos;s the discussion this week on the podcast. There are 2 excerpts highlighted in today&apos;s episode: One from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and one from Cara Hope Clark, author of the book Widow&apos;s Moon. Have you joined our amazing membership community yet? We meet every Wednesday night at 7pm EST for amazing discussions like this one! Sign up at: And I would love to help you find your purpose! My new program is open for registration now! Let&apos;s find what lights you up and ignites passion in your life again! Sign up at  
08/03/202210 minutes 13 seconds
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106. Am I Crazy?? Same Event, Two Contrary Emotions

Am I going crazy?? Do I have some kind of impairment?? What is wrong with me?? NO, you&apos;re not crazy. I promise. You&apos;re grieving. This is normal. Last week I was talking to our group members in the Widow Connection Community about their struggle of the week and their happiest moment of the week. Here are a couple of the answers I got.  It was an interesting insight into human emotion! If you would like to be a part of our amazing community of widows, we would LOVE to have you! Sign up at We meet every Wednesday at 7pm EST via Zoom! I&apos;ll see you on the inside! Also, the Finding Purpose And Meaning After Loss - Program For Widows is starting in a few weeks! Are you ready to start living the life you want? Are you ready to find what sparks your passion? Are you ready to find purpose and fulfillment in life again? This 4
03/03/202211 minutes 56 seconds
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105. Finding Hope And Strength After Suicide - Interview With Cara Hope Clark, Author Of "Widow's Moon"

On April 19, 2012 Hope&apos;s life was changed forever when she came home to find that her husband Claude had taken his own life.  In today&apos;s interview, she walks us through her life with her husband leading up to his passing and then how her life has been evolving since then.  She talks about: ~ watching her husband decline emotionally and physically ~ feeling helpless ~ feeling relief after he passed away because he was no longer suffering ~ coping with trauma ~ harnessing the power of grief as a catalyst for awakening and transformation ~ being called to write a book about her experience ~ Writing the book &quot;Widow&apos;s Moon&quot; and what that meant to her ~ Encouraging other widows with her words You can reach Hope and purchase the book at or Have you joined our <
25/02/202241 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

104. Supporting And Empowering Widows Through Broken Halos Haven - Interview With Natalie Reid-Knutson

Natalie Reid-Knutson lost her husband Wayne suddenly after a family vacation in 2018.  She was left to raise their 3 boys and put the pieces back together of their broken life. But Natalie realizes that this life is short and we are not to waste one precious day! On the show today, she shares her passion for helping other widows. We talk about: ~ serving others to take away your own pain ~ How she just opened a grief retreat home for widows  ~ How she wrote a One-Woman Show called &quot;How To Live A Great Story: Maintaining Your Faith When The Chapters Are Re-Written&quot; ~ ways to help a grieving friend ~ How she coped with the loss of her husband ~ Dating as a widow! And now being a remarried widow! ~ Finding purpose after loss Natalie is amazing! You can reach her at The book that really helped her is called &quot;It&apos;s Not Supp
17/02/20221 hour 9 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

103. Financial Badass And Widow Advocate - Interview With Kathleen Jucar-Forbes

Kathleen Jucar-Forbes lost her husband Brad suddenly in December 2018. Kathleen shares her story of how losing Brad has shaped her into who she is today. We talk about: ~ Finding purpose and meaning in life after we lose a spouse. ~ Visiting mediums to connect with lost loved ones ~ How Camp Widow is an amazing place to connect with other widows ~ How grief can affect us physically ~Important financial decisions ~ Widow fog is real! ~Having nightmares about your husband where he acts like a jerk to you! ~How you should always let other people help you, for as long as they&apos;re willing to keep showing up! Kat will be speaking to our Widow Connection Community in March! If you would like to get more information and sign up to hear her speak, go to You can reach Kat at</a
11/02/202254 minutes 11 seconds
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102. 20 Days Changed Everything For This Widow - Interview With Becki Koon

20 days changed everything for Becki Koon. Her husband Jack was diagnosed with cancer and 20 days later he passed away. Becki and I chat about: ~ focusing on a &quot;conscious death&quot; process and what that means. ~ how one month after Jack passed, she was able to connect with him through meditation. ~ how we can feel connected to our loved ones who&apos;ve passed ~ How she wrote the book &quot;20 Days Changed Everything&quot; ~How 20 months after Jack passed, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and began fighting for her own life. ~ How breathwork is such an easy tool we can all use to change our energy in times of stress. You can reach Becki and get a copy of her book at Be a part of our amazing membership community! at Register now for the New Year, New Love Dating Pr
04/02/202250 minutes 37 seconds
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101. Remember This 1 Essential Thing In Dating And Relationships!

This is something that we all struggle with when we&apos;ve been through loss and heartache and we&apos;re thinking about dating again. It&apos;s finding the confidence in ourselves to get back out there and be vulnerable again. Here are 3 ways to gain confidence in yourself so you can put yourself back out there and find love again. This is definitely something that we cover in our new dating program, New Year New Love Dating Program For Widows! We&apos;re starting February 17, 2022 so sign up now and save your spot at   If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]
31/01/202210 minutes 55 seconds
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100. Best Of "Widow Success Stories"! 100th Episode Of Widow 180: The Podcast!

100 Episodes of Widow 180: The Podcast! I couldn&apos;t think of a better way to recognize this monumental occasion than by highlighting some of the incredible quotes and stories from the past 100 episodes! This podcast has been the most rewarding thing I&apos;ve ever done with my life. Thank you all for listening! Please leave a rating and review! Please share the podcast with other widows who need to hear it! If you would like to join our widow community, the doors are always open. Join us every Wednesday night at 7pm EST. Sign up and get all the details at  
28/01/202257 minutes 14 seconds
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99. The NUMBER 1 Reason Why Widows Don't Date Again After Losing Their Spouse!

I have interviewed a lot of widows on the podcast and I&apos;ve found that this is the NUMBER 1 reason why widows don&apos;t date again after losing their spouse!   You don&apos;t want to miss this! If you are interested in dating again, but don&apos;t know where to start, I encourage you to sign up for my FREE workshop next Thursday January 27, 2022. It&apos;s called New Year, New Love! In this workshop, I&apos;ll walk you through how to create a dating strategy for you in 2022! Are you ready?? This is gonna be fun! Sign up at See you at the workshop! If you have any questions you can always email me at [email protected] 
21/01/20229 minutes 49 seconds
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98. Through Hell Or High Water, This Widow Is Rising Above It All - Interview With April Katherman- Redgrave

My first interview of 2022 and it&apos;s one you don&apos;t want to miss! This is April Katherman-Redgrave, surviving widow of fallen police officer Mike Katherman who was killed in 2016. April and I chat about: ~ Raising her 2 boys after losing Mike ~ An unexpected flood of her home where she had to be rescued by boat, just 6 months after losing Mike. ~ Starting new traditions around milestone dates and holidays ~ Going through the trial, facing the man that killed her husband. ~ Having to be the poised widow under the spotlight and only having time to grieve in the shower! ~ Her decision to start a blog called Beauty For Our Ashes ~ Writing her book Through Hell And High Water ~ Being remarried to her now husband David and having a blended family of 5 kids! You can find April&apos;s book on Amazon! The bracelet April mentions can be found at: AdventuresAfterYou75 on Instagram Sign up for the New Ye
17/01/20221 hour 3 minutes 11 seconds
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97. Is Year 2 Harder? Here Are 4 Different Answers To The Same Question

This is something we hear a lot! Year 2 of widowhood is much harder than year 1. But is that really true?? This question was asked in our last group meeting by one of our members and I wanted to share the answers that followed. 4 different widows. Different stages of grief. Each with a different perspective. I invite you all to join the Widow Connection Community for more group discussions like this! Sign up at I hope to see you in the meetings! Please leave a rating and review of the podcast and I&apos;ll read it on the next episode with a big thank you TO YOU!    
12/01/202213 minutes 51 seconds
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96. New Year, New Possibilities!

How can you create new possibilities in the new year? To help start 2022 strong, let&apos;s talk about some powerful words that you can explore and adopt into your life to elevate you to the best version of yourself! These are words that will motivate and inspire you, words that you can go back to and focus on to remind yourself of your goals and intentions for the year! For more discussions like this, join us in the Widow Connection Community, where every Wednesday evening we have group coaching sessions to help on this healing path through grief. You don&apos;t have to walk the path alone! Sign up at If you would like to share your story on the podcast, please email me at [email protected] Please share this with other widows who need to hear it and leave a kind rating and review to help us get seen!    
06/01/202216 minutes 31 seconds
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95. How To Carry On After Loss - An Interview With Jenny Stults

Jenny Stults lost her husband Dan from a seizure in January 2015. Jenny takes us on her path of healing and shares her story about becoming a blogger then author of the book Carry On Castle, a memoir of love and loss. In this episode we chat about: ~ Finding a good therapist! ~ Relationships with in-laws ~ Forgiving yourself for soloparenting struggles! ~ Moving into a new home and all of the emotions involved in that! ~ Dating and finding love again (with a new perspective on love!) You can get more information on therapy at the Dougy Center by going to You can find Jenny&apos;s book Carry On Castle on Amazon. We are opening the doors to our new membership The Widow Connection Community on January 12, 2022!  Get more info and sign up at  
30/12/20211 hour 14 minutes 4 seconds
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94. Widow To Widow Advice On How To Get Through The Holidays!

I want to say a BIG thank you to all of my incredible podcast guests this last year! These brave, beautiful souls poured out their wisdom and experience in hopes of making a difference in someone&apos;s life...and I truly believe they did! In this episode, they share some advice on how to get through the holidays as a widow.  I want to wish you all so much love and peace and calm this Christmas Eve and always! Thank you for listening! Also, if you would like more information on our NEW membership community that will be starting NEXT MONTH...go to to get all the details and to sign up there! I hope to see you on the inside! Email me if you have any questions! [email protected]
24/12/202116 minutes 12 seconds
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93. How To Maneuver Through Grief And Not Stay Stuck!

I have this idea and I would love for you to be a part of it! After hosting my Widow&apos;s Holiday Club for the second year in a row, I felt like I wanted to continue our weekly Zoom meetings regularly. As we all know, different things come up with in-laws or with kids or with stress or with stress around finances, so many overwhelming aspects of grief! And we know at those times we need some extra support from other widows who &quot;get it&quot;. I wanted to create a community, a membership, where widows can get together and share thoughts, fears, stories, helpful tips, ideas, dreams, all of it....without judgment! Oftentimes we feel like we can&apos;t talk to friends or family members because we&apos;re making them uncomfortable or we feel like we&apos;re burdening them with our &quot;problems&quot;. This community that I want to create would be a safe space to come and learn new ways to navigate through grief.  I would h
23/12/202110 minutes 41 seconds
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92. How This Widow Is Choosing Life! - An Interview With Blogger Sharon McChristian

I had the privilege of speaking with Sharon McChristian on the podcast this week. Sharon lost her husband Randy in 2012 from a sudden heart attack. Sharon and I chat about: ~How she overcame her fears after becoming a widow ~ How GriefShare helped her healing process ~ How seeing Her late husband&apos;s signature was a major trigger for her ~ How she reconnected with an old friend and rekindled a friendship that grew into love! She is now remarried to Trent! ~ How Deuteronomy 30:19 inspired her to start her blog NowChooseLife You can find Sharon on Facebook and Instagram at NowChooseLife30. Her blog is at You can get more info on GriefShare at Join us on Facebook: Follow on IG: @widow
17/12/202146 minutes 55 seconds
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91. 3 Ways To Combat Holiday Overwhelm!

This episode was inspired by the incredible ladies in the Widow&apos;s Holiday Club! It&apos;s been such a pleasure getting to know these amazing ladies and forming connections and friendships this holiday season. When I asked the group about how they were feeling this week, the most popular response was &quot;overwhelmed!&quot; So, in this episode I share 3 ways you can combat the holiday overwhelm! For other blog posts go to I love to hear from you guys! You can email me at [email protected] Follow on IG @widow_180  
12/12/20217 minutes 59 seconds
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90. WidowBiz Wednesday Edition! (BONUS Episode)

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week&apos;s episode! These are some pretty incredible souls, stepping up and putting themselves out there, working hard, supporting themselves, supporting their families, thriving, and making this world a better place! Here are the businesses from this week: 1. Marni Henderson - widow wellness and widow retreats - IG: @coalescediscovery 2. Kim Murray - widow resource expert, author and coach - 3. Lysandra VanderHart - Norwex products - email: <a href='mailto:cleanliving
07/12/20217 minutes 40 seconds
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89. Travelling The World As A Widow - An Interview With Laura Leanne

My guest this week on the podcast is Laura Leanne, vlogger, world-traveller, widow, and entrepreneur. She joins me this week to talk about the loss of her husband James and how it&apos;s impacted her life. We chat about: ~ PTSD and how to handle anxiety ~ How to overcome the fear of travelling alone ~ How and where to spread loved one&apos;s ashes ~ How starting her Instagram @adventuresafteryou75 has helped her heal ~ Her YouTube Channel content: grief and travel ~ Her new business, Rings of Loved Ones, bracelets to hold your spouse&apos;s wedding ring. You can find them on Etsy! I loved this conversation and find Laura to be such an inspiration!  Check out her YouTube Channel: Laura Leanne Join us on Facebook: Check us out on YouTube, Widow 180: T
03/12/202157 minutes 10 seconds
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88. 2 Holiday Tips This Tuesday! (BONUS Episode)

Welcome to this Tuesday BONUS episode where we&apos;re answering a Widow&apos;s Holiday Club member question. This is a tough time of year for a lot of widows, with emotions and thoughts that get escalated around the holidays. It&apos;s important to know that we won&apos;t always know what to do or say or think and that we need to be COMPASSIONATE with ourselves! Please forward this episode to any other widows who need to hear it! If you would like to purchase the Widow&apos;s Holiday Guidebook, go to Please join our FREE Facebook group: Widow180 Community. Check out our YouTube Channel: Widow 180: The Channel And follow us on IG: @widow_180  
30/11/20215 minutes 31 seconds
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87. WidowBiz Weekend Edition - Let's Support Each Other This Holiday Season (And Always!)

It&apos;s back again and I am so excited! This is a special episode we call the WidowBiz Weekend Edition where listeners and supporters of the podcast can call in and advertise their biz! I applaud all of the women who called in to participate this year! I know how hard you all work to support your families. Let&apos;s show all these ladies some extra love and support this holiday season and buy from each other to support a widow-owned biz! Here&apos;s the list of advertisers from this episode: 1. Kathleen Starr - selling Pomifera products. Go to and join her FB page at A Guiding Starr 2. Melissa Pierce - self-care subscription boxes for widows. Go to 3. Lori Michelle - Lori&apos;s Waitress Service - 4. Jenny Stults -
29/11/20218 minutes 37 seconds
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86. Two Things On Tuesday - The Empty Chair And The Widow's Holiday Guidebook! (BONUS Episode)

What to do with the empty chair at the table? This was always a grief trigger for me. Today I want to give a few suggestions on what to do with the empty chair at the table this holiday season.  Being prepared for those grief triggers can make the day and the moment much more bearable. Also, if you would like to purchase The Widow&apos;s Holiday Guidebook, you can get the download at It&apos;s 45 Days of self-reflection, self-compassion, and self-care. It&apos;s full of activities and exercises and tips and strategies to get through the holiday season. You are all in my thoughts and heart this Thanksgiving! Be safe and take care! Join our Facebook group at Widow 180 Community.  
24/11/20214 minutes 57 seconds
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How Proper Nutrition Battles Grief's Nasty Effects On Our Bodies - With Grief Nutritionist Sabine Horner

Sabine Horner, grief nutritionist and widow, joins me today on this fascinating look into what exactly grief does to us physically and mentally.  We all know it wreaks havoc, right? We can&apos;t eat properly, we feel like we can&apos;t breathe, we don&apos;t sleep, we can&apos;t think straight. Sabine talks to me about: ~ How grief and nutrition are linked ~ Ayurveda and how proper eating for body types is beneficial ~ The importance of keeping food colorful and simple. ~ How to preserve energy while grieving ~ Certain vitamins that get depleted during grief, and how to supplement them. ~ How she is dedicated to bringing awareness to widows and the bereaved about the importance of taking care of our bodies after loss. You can reach Sabine on Instagram @sabine.horner Her Facebook Group is Wellbeing Community For Bereaved Partners Here&apos;s the link to Sabine&apos;s wellness sheet: <a href='f
18/11/20211 hour 7 minutes 16 seconds
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84. The Power Of Giving Yourself Time To Heal - An Interview With Lisa Godwin

Lisa Godwin became a widow after losing her husband Bert to esophageal cancer in 2016. Since that time, she has transformed her life, rediscovered who she is as a person, and stepped into embracing change like a champ! In our interview Lisa talks to me about: ~ The power of time to heal! ~ using Caring Bridge as a way of journaling emotions (as well as the practical updates) ~ Starting her passion project, Big Blue Chair, that shares stories and serves others! ~ When you feel ready to date again! ~ Advice on online dating! ~ How to handle your dating life with your grown children! ~ Allowing yourself the time to grieve properly! You can find more information on Caring Bridge at You can find Lisa Godwin on Instagram: @bigbluechair2020 @lisabgodwin You can sign up for the Widow&apos;s Holiday Club at <a href='http://
12/11/202149 minutes 15 seconds
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83. Two Things On Tuesday - Promote Your Biz On The Podcast And Join Our Widow's Holiday Club! (BONUS Episode)

Wanna promote your widow-owned business on the podcast? Are you a maker, a creator, a service-provider and you&apos;re looking for a way to boost business this time of year? I&apos;ll be doing my WidowBiz Weekend Edition of the podcast starting soon and if you would like to get your name out there and promote your business, I&apos;m opening up the &quot;podcast doors&quot; for you to advertise (for free)! Contact me if you&apos;re interested. You can email me at [email protected] or DM me on IG @widow_180 or message me on Facebook at Widow 180 Community. I love you and I want to see you succeed! So, let&apos;s make this happen! Also, I&apos;m doing my Widow&apos;s Holiday Club again this year and the doors are open to sign up now. We&apos;ll be starting in a couple of weeks. It will be 6 weeks of Zoom meetups, guided by a workbook and tons of free talk to hel
09/11/20214 minutes 15 seconds
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82. Don't Just Survive, Thrive! Don't Just Exist, Instead Live Life To The Fullest!

When we lose our spouse, we feel like part of us has died too. We feel numb. Life is about not just surviving, but thriving! Life is about not just existing, but living to the fullest! So, how do we start to come alive again? Here are some ways you can wake up and get back into the game of life! If you&apos;re starting to feel anxious about the holidays and think you may need some support during this time of year, I encourage you to sign up for our 6 week group support, The Widow&apos;s Holiday Club! Go to to get on the waitlist! We start Thanksgiving week! Also join our FB group Widow 180 Community! Follow on IG @widow_180  
08/11/202129 minutes 41 seconds
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81. How Lovingly Box Founder, Julie Vandingenen Is Finding Purpose After Loss

Julie Vandingenen became a caregiver to her fiance Louis after he was diagnosed at the age of 26 with stomach cancer. He lost his cancer battle 6 months later in August 2017. Julie talks to me about: ~turning to social media to find support during the caregiver phase and after she lost Louis. ~Travel as a healthy coping mechanism!  ~Helpful advice to caregivers like &quot;take time to yourself&quot; ~ How she started Lovingly Box, a care package company, in December 2019 as a way to find more meaning and purpose in her life and to help others. ~Finding love again! ~The importance of journaling as an outlet. ~ contemplating spirituality and after-life when we lose a loved one. You can get more information at Lovingly Box at Join our Facebook Group:  <a href='
01/11/202157 minutes 53 seconds
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80. Two Things On Tuesday - A Dating Tip And A Love After Loss Story! (BONUS Episode)

Here&apos;s a question I get asked a lot...How do I know if I&apos;m ready to date again?  There are many, MANY layers to answer that question, but today I want to offer this one piece of advice to you to help answer the question &quot;Are you ready to date?&quot; Also, I wanted to share a clip from Episode 17 with Stephanie Mosley. She shares the story of how she met her now husband Rob! I hope this inspires you and gives you hope! If YOU&apos;RE not sure you&apos;re ready to date again, TAKE OUR QUIZ TO FIND OUT: Go to And if you feel like you&apos;re ready to date, but have no idea where to start, I encourage you to check out our online course for Dating After Loss! Go to to get more info and sign up! Thanks for listening! Please share with a friend and leave a rating and review for th
27/10/202114 minutes 11 seconds
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79. Common Widow Struggles And What To Do About Them - Interview With Widow Coach Karen Sutton

Karen Sutton, widow coach, mom, and podcast host is my guest this week on the podcast! Karen&apos;s husband passed away suddenly from a heart attack at the age of 43, leaving Karen to raise their 2 young daughters. Her mistakes and lessons learned through widowhood led her to become a life coach. In this episode, Karen and I chat about some common widow struggles. She helps give some clarity as to what we can do about them! We talk about: ~ choosing healthy coping mechanisms ~ talking to kids about death and loss ~ trigger moments and how to get through them! ~ the myth of &quot;not making big changes in the first year.&quot; ~ Skipping holidays! ~ self-compassion and stopping self criticism! ~ believing in yourself and trusting your intuition! Her Facebook group is called &quot;Widows Rising&quot; You can get more information about her coaching programs at <a href='
21/10/20211 hour 1 minute 43 seconds
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78. I've Been A Widow For 10 Years Now - Here Are My Thoughts

I just passed a really big milestone date this last weekend. It&apos;s been 10 years since Brent was killed. I&apos;ve been a widow for 10 years. It&apos;s so surreal. This episode is me sharing some of my thoughts on widowhood. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK group: Follow on IG: @widow_180 Please share the podcast with someone who needs to hear these stories and feel less alone as we navigate through grief! YouTube: Widow 180: the Channel   Please leave a rating and a review of the podcast!
18/10/20218 minutes 7 seconds
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77. Ready To Have Love In Your Life Again? - Day 1 FIND LOVE AGAIN Challenge Replay

Thinking about dating again but have no idea where to start? I get it! Today&apos;s episode is a replay of Day 1 of the FIND LOVE AGAIN Challenge. What this challenge does and what my new course does, it opens up your mind more and prepares your heart more for what to expect when you start dating again. At the end of Day 1, your homework assignment is to RANK YOUR ROADBLOCKS. Here are some of the most common ones: What will other people think? I&apos;m not sure I&apos;m even ready. I have too much baggage. What If I try and I fail? I feel like I&apos;m betraying my husband. This feels like cheating. Aren&apos;t I too old for this? I don&apos;t know where to start?! I&apos;m afraid. Your homework is to pick 5 from this list and RANK them...1 being your biggest roadblock. EMAIL ME your resul
14/10/202122 minutes 21 seconds
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76. How To Start Feeling Alive Again! - Interview With Michelle Georges

Michelle Georges lost her husband Bob to cancer. In today&apos;s interview we talk about her life after the loss. Michelle and I chat about: ~ Coping with grief by living in the present moment. ~ How organ donation is so important and can save people&apos;s lives ~ How to &quot;pretend to be alive until you feel alive!&quot; ~ How it&apos;s so easy to fall into the trap of poor health decisions and poor coping mechanisms, like drinking too much alcohol. ~ How widows who were happily married tend to remarry quickly because they want to replicate that - and that&apos;s ok! ~ How we can choose to wallow or we keep trying to try!  I would love to continue working with you guys on your new path to love by having you in my new program Dating After Loss: A 4 Step WISH Program for Widows and Widowers Looking to Find Love Again! This course is a complete roadmap to get you back out there
07/10/20211 hour 2 minutes
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75. Monday Mini Dose Episode (Stories Of Love After Loss!)

Another short but sweet story of love after loss from my wonderful podcast guest, Kathryn Monaco-Douglas.   This clip is from Episode 35, where Kathryn talks about meeting her now husband Scott. Kathryn has such great perspective on grief and life and love after loss! Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear her whole story! Also, TODAY is the LAST day to sign up for our Widow 180 FIND LOVE AGAIN starts tomorrow October 5th! If you&apos;re overwhelmed and confused about dating again as a widow, be sure to sign up at Join our Facebook group at Widow 180 Community! Follow on IG @widow_180 Check out our YouTube Channel! Widow 180: The Channel!  
04/10/20216 minutes 36 seconds
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74. How Essential Oils Help Heal Grief - Interview With Heather Quisel

Heather Quisel joins us on the podcast today to talk to us about the loss of her husband Larry and how her life has changed in the last 3 years since his death. Heather and I chat about: ~ How she tried to &quot;mindset&quot; her way around grief and essentially cheat her way through grief (which didn&apos;t work!) ~ How the real struggle for widowed moms is to grieve and do what you need to do to feel better, and do it confidently, knowing there will be judgment from others ~ How essential oils have emotional properties. ~How essential oils are a powerful tool in your toolkit for grief. ~ How being remarried has brought her so much joy and a renewed sense of living. ~ How to not fall in to the victim role and stay in suffering. If you&apos;re interested in essential oils and want more info, contact Heather on Instagram @heatherquisel Join our FB group Widow 180 Community! Follow on IG @widow_180 Join our F
02/10/202149 minutes 7 seconds
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73. Monday Mini Dose Episode (Stories Of Love After Loss!)

Here&apos;s another short but sweet story of love after loss from my previous podcast guest, Autumn Toelle-Jackson. This is a clip from podcast Episode 20, where she talks about getting remarried after losing her husband Joe. You&apos;re gonna love this story about her wedding ring! Be sure to go back and listen to that full interview on episode 20! Also, we only have 1 WEEK LEFT until the FIND LOVE AGAIN Challenge! We&apos;re starting Tuesday October 5th! If you&apos;re thinking about dating again but not sure where to even begin, this challenge is for you! Sign up at Join our FB group at Widow 180 Community  
28/09/202117 minutes 12 seconds
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72. This is "One Happy Widow"! - Interview With Leo Donnell

This week I had the privilege of talking to One Happy Widow, Leo Donnell. Leo&apos;s husband Dewey passed away from Stage 4 Bile Duct cancer in 2017, leaving her a solo parent to their 4 kids.  Leo and I chat about: ~ how she started grieving from the day he was diagnosed. ~ how she knew right away that she didn&apos;t want to spend the rest of her life alone. ~ how focusing on health and exercise helped her cope with the loss ~ how dating after loss is not easy!  ~ how she found love again in a man named Paul who had also lost a spouse. ~ how starting the YouTube Channel ONE HAPPY WIDOW is spreading messages of hope and inspiration to other widows! Check out her YouTube Channel and blog at One Happy Widow! Our FIND LOVE AGAIN Challenge starts Tuesday October 5th! Be sure to sign up and get more info at <stro
25/09/202156 minutes 25 seconds
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71. Practice THIS Daily Exercise To Check In With Yourself!

We can get so distracted by grief, by ALL OF THE THINGS we HAVE to do, by all of the balls we are juggling, that we don&apos;t leave time for ourselves. Anxiety and fear can get the best of us and unfortunately we don&apos;t always know how to &quot;correct&quot; it, how to come back to ourselves. This episode talks about a mindfulness trick to check in with ourselves on a daily basis. Because WE matter. And our well-being matters. Let me know if this helps! I would love to hear from you, join our Facebook group Widow 180 Community: Or email me at [email protected]  
23/09/20214 minutes 57 seconds
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70. Monday Mini Dose Episode (Stories Of Love After Loss!)

Welcome to a Monday Mini Dose Episode!  I&apos;m starting this week by sharing some short but sweet stories of love after loss from some previous podcast guests. The first story comes from Amanda Capps who I interviewed in Episode 53 of the podcast. Be sure to go back and listen to that full episode! Next, we&apos;ll hear from Melissa Pierce who I interviewed in Episode 45 of the podcast. She had a unique approach to finding love again! Have you been thinking about dating again but DON&apos;T KNOW WHERE TO EVEN BEGIN? I wanna help! Sign up for the Widow 180 FIND LOVE AGAIN Challenge at If you&apos;re not sure you&apos;re ready to date yet, TAKE OUR QUIZ to find out... And join our FB group at Widow 180 Community!
20/09/202114 minutes 59 seconds
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69. How To Date A Widow (Our Story + Dating Advice) - With My Husband Doug

We are continuing with this LOVE theme on Widow 180: The Podcast with this week&apos;s episode featuring my special guest, my husband Doug. He joins me this week to share our story of how we met, fell for each other, and got married! I had a lot of fun with this episode! Stories of how couples meet always inspired me and gave me hope as a widow that someday I, too, would be lucky in love again! If you are contemplating dating, but not sure if you&apos;re ready, TAKE OUR QUIZ to find out.  Go to AND be sure to join us OCTOBER 5th for our first ever FIND LOVE AGAIN Challenge. It&apos;s a 3 day challenge to help you get started on the path to dating again! Sign up at  
17/09/202134 minutes 23 seconds
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68. 11 Reasons Why It's Better To Date A Widow!

If anyone is questioning whether or not to date a widow, the short answer is YES you should! Here are 11 reasons why it&apos;s better to date a widow!   If dating again is something that you&apos;re struggling with, I want to help!  Sign up for our FREE 3 Day Mini Challenge called the FIND LOVE AGAIN Challenge! It starts Tuesday October 5th and runs through Thursday October 7th 2021! SIGN UP HERE: I can&apos;t wait to see you there! Let&apos;s get you on the path to have love in your life again! You can also join our Facebook group: If you would like to share a copy of the blog post &quot;11 Reasons Why It&apos;s Better To Dat
08/09/202114 minutes 5 seconds
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67. How "Divine" Intervention Helped This Widow Find Love Again! - An Interview With Liz Hall

Liz lost her husband Bryan suddenly from an unknown heart condition when he was only 36 years old. Liz was left to raise their two young daughters.  In this episode, Liz and I discuss: ~ The aftermath of emotions from PTSD. ~ Finding the right therapist! ~ EMDR - Does it really work?? ~Crazy dreams we have about our late spouse ~ Finding love again when you think it&apos;s IMPOSSIBLE ~ Not caring what other people think! ~ How having a second life is something to be grateful for! I know Liz&apos;s story will serve as a great example of what can be. It&apos;s a great example of hope for other widows. I want to help you guys! For any WIDOW/WIDOWER who is thinking of dating again but you find yourself stuck, maybe you haven&apos;t even taken a first step to dating because you&apos;ve already talked yourself out of it! The world of modern dating is totally different than what it used to
28/08/202148 minutes 45 seconds
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66. 2 Game-Changing Phrases That Should Be In Every Widow's Vocabulary!

When we&apos;re grieving we have a feeling of a total loss of control, right? Everything we know to be true and familiar is gone. We are thrown off.  What if you had 2 powerful, game-changing phrases to set you back on track? It&apos;s a mindset shifting tool that&apos;s there when you need it! These 2 phrases can be used to: RECOGNIZE AND THEN RALLY! Join us for a deeper discussion in our Facebook group: Widow 180 Community Chat on Insta @widow_180 Check us out on YouTube at Widow 180: The Channel! Here&apos;s the latest video:  
20/08/202110 minutes 9 seconds
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65. The Benefits Of Art For Healing - Advice From Dr. Linda Shanti, Widow, Therapist, Artist, And Author

Dr. Linda Shanti joins me on today&apos;s podcast to talk about the loss of her husband Jonathan and how her life has changed since. In today&apos;s episode we chat about: ~ Not judging our feelings, just allowing them to happen! ~ How we can use art as an outlet to healing through grief! ~ Her new book comes out this month! Check out &quot;After Your Person Dies: Affirmations For Grief, Making Meaning, And Going On&quot; ~ How grief is paradoxical! ~ How the second year of widowhood can be harder than the first year! ~ The awkwardness of planning a life without your husband WITH your husband! If you&apos;re enjoying these podcasts please let me know! JOIN our FB group: or COMMENT on IG @widow_180 Check out our You Tube Channel, Widow 180: The Channel for the latest videos!
13/08/202151 minutes 51 seconds
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64. How This Widow Is Sprinkling Positivity And Setting Examples! - Interview With Cindy Brown

I had an amazing conversation this week with guest Cindy Brown, who lost her husband D&apos;Andre to cancer May 19, 2021.  Despite her very recent widow status, Cindy is looking for positivity, focusing on happiness, and determined to not stay stuck in grief. Cindy and I chat about: ~ How our faith can take a hit after loss ~ The incredible resilience of our kiddos! ~ Drawing strength from her late husband ~ How negativity on Facebook can keep us stuck if we let it! ~ Job options for Stay-at-home-mamas who are looking for flexible work-life balance...WORK IN EDUCATION!  PLEASE join our Facebook group if you haven&apos;t already! We are a positive group of ladies in there, ready to support and uplift each other! Join our email list too! Go to an
08/08/20211 hour 5 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

63. Trouble Sleeping? Try This Natural Sleep Aid/Breath Exercise! *(Bonus Episode!)*

I did a little research on this breathing exercise called the Wim Hof Method after my podcast guest Beth Wacome Keck mentioned it last week!   I wanted to pass this info on to you guys because I know how sleep can be a major struggle for widows. It definitely was for me! I don&apos;t think I slept for 3 years!  This is a breathing method that has many benefits: reduces stress, helps focus, helps get a better, deeper sleep.   I am a huge proponent of trying new things and being open to anything helpful! So give it a try! Let me know what you think! Did it help you?  Go to YouTube and watch the guided breathing exercise by Wim Hof. There are several videos and free mini-classes. Go to for more information. Give us some feedback: email me [email protected] Join our Facebook group: <a href='https://www.facebook.c
06/08/20214 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

62. Intuitive Grief, Gratitude, Grace, And Golden Tickets! An Interview With Beth Wacome Keck

Eric Keck, former US Ski Team Downhiller, husband, father, key member of the community, passed away suddenly at the family&apos;s home in July 2020.  In today&apos;s interview, his wife, Beth Wacome Keck talks to me about how many people he&apos;s influenced in his lifetime. She talks to me about: ~Grieving as an intuitive process ~plans she has to continue Eric&apos;s dream for their property! ~dreams about our loved ones that feel SO real! ~gratitude for the life she shared with Eric ~Wim Hof breathing exercises that helped her sleep! ~The Keck Golden Ticket to help support young athletes! For more information on the Keck Golden Ticket, go to the Facebook page: Eric Keck Memorial Foundation. For help with sleep, go to JOIN US ON FACEBOOK!
30/07/202155 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

61. 6 Things I've Learned Since Starting This Podcast!

Happy Birthday to Widow 180: The Podcast! Widow 180: The Podcast turns 1 today! It&apos;s unbelievable! We&apos;ve done 60 episodes! We have over 21,000 downloads. We&apos;ve reached countries across the world! My mission for this podcast was to put out inspiring stories of growth and transformation from other widows, all ages, all backgrounds, all across the world, some of them moms, some not. I believe I have succeeded.  What do all of these &quot;widow success&quot; stories have in common?  What are some of the lessons I&apos;ve learned since starting this podcast one year ago today? This episode goes over a list of 6 of the things I&apos;ve learned in the last year from interviewing almost 50 widows! Join our Facebook Group Widow 180 Community! Here&apos;s our latest YouTube video! <a href='
24/07/202115 minutes
Episode Artwork

60. The Stigma Of Suicide - Interview With Victoria Moore

When Victoria&apos;s husband Marcus told her that he was having thoughts of suicide, they immediately sought help together.  Despite medication and emotional therapy, Marcus took his own life on May 23, 2019.  In this episode, Victoria and I talk about: ~How our mental health system is lacking! ~How close family members can let you down when you need them the most ~Weird signs that we get from loved ones! ~Messages from mediums and messages from Marcus! ~Which dating Apps worked for her! ~her wildly outrageous story of removing her wedding ring! ~ squeezing in time to date as a solo-parent! ~Victoria&apos;s new meditation album for grief and loss. Available on Amazon Music, Spotify, and iTunes, her meditation album is called: Grief to Gratitude: Healing Through Grief, Loss, and Trauma If you know of someone who needs help, PLEASE contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-82
17/07/202153 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

59. PART 2 - Embracing New (But Not Really Wanted) Independence - Interview With AnneLena Mattison

&quot;We only get one life to live. Why would you waste it? You&apos;re in charge. You&apos;re the boss. You get whatever life you want, but you have to work for it. There&apos;s season to grieve and a season to move forward.&quot;  ~AnneLena Mattison   I cannot say enough wonderful things about this week&apos;s podcast guest! There&apos;s so much strength and resilience and spirit in her words!   Here&apos;s the info on Camp Kesem: Do you think you might want to start dating again? Not sure if you&apos;re ready? TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT! JOIN OUR Facebook group:   SUBSCRIBE and watch the latest YouTube videos at Widow 180: The Channel! <
08/07/202146 minutes 22 seconds
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58. Embracing New (But Not Really Wanted) Independence - Interview With AnneLena Mattison PART 1

AnneLena Mattison is my guest this week on the podcast and she is THE PERFECT person to feature this Independence Day weekend. Why? Because I see in her all of the qualities that we all need to strive for. Being bold, being confident, taking charge of your life, taking responsibility for your own happiness, and embracing new independence!  She lost her husband Curtis in 2015 after a long battle with cancer. In this episode (Part 1), AnneLena talks about losing Curtis and raising their 6 children. How his loss affected the family and powered some of their decisions for a new life together. Please SUBSCRIBE and leave a rating and review for the podcast! Join our Facebook Group: Widow 180 Community Follow on IG: @widow_180 Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!
04/07/202142 minutes 38 seconds
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57. Understanding Relief Guilt - Losing A Spouse To Addiction (BONUS EPISODE)

Relief is not a common feeling when we&apos;re talking about grieving the loss of a loved one. But when you lose your spouse to substance abuse and addiction, you have potentially spent years witnessing firsthand their demise.  The surviving widow is left feeling a mix of emotions and feeling guilty over feeling relief. In this episode we get a better understanding of what relief guilt is. This episode teaches a powerful exercise to help shift our perspective on guilt. If this episode resonates with you, I would love to hear your take on RELIEF GUILT. If you would like to read the blog post with this episode go to  Join our Facebook group at Widow 180 Community for deeper discussions on this topic and so much more!   Follow on IG @widow_180 Do you think you suffer from PTSD?  TAKE THIS QUIZ to find out... <a href
29/06/20216 minutes 53 seconds
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56. Life After Loss When The Marriage Wasn't Exactly Perfect - Carole Sullivan Interview

Carole lost her husband Steven in 2019 after years of battling alcoholism. Carole talks to me about their incredible love story that spanned several decades, but ultimately their love wasn&apos;t as strong as the pull to drink and it wasn&apos;t enough to save him. Carole talks about the Relief Guilt that she had after he finally was diagnosed with liver failure and put on hospice. She felt like finally there would be a change in their relationship and the lives they were living. Carole has been through so much and yet her positivity about a bright and exciting future fill her spirit. I appreciate her bravery and honesty in sharing her experience today! You can read the latest blog post that talks about RELIEF GUILT at Join us on Facebook: Widow 180 Community IG: @widow_180 Please leave a rating and review for the podcast! I love to hear from you!
25/06/20211 hour 4 minutes 27 seconds
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55. Radical Acceptance - 5 Exercises That Could Change A Widow's Life!

Is it just me or does anybody else hate the word &quot;acceptance&quot; when we&apos;re talking about the loss of our spouse? I mean, I TRULY despise this word. Acceptance. In this episode, we talk about a concept called Radical Acceptance, which basically means that we understand that bad things do indeed happen to good people - and all the time! Radical Acceptance shows us ways we can practice to better cope with the stress we have to deal with.  In this episode we go over 5 exercises we can do to practice Radical Acceptance. For a list of 273 Healthy Coping Strategies, go to I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this topic! Email me at [email protected] or  DM on Insta: @widow_180 Check out this clip from my interview with Tawny Platis on Widow 180: The Chann
17/06/202115 minutes 50 seconds
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54. Death Is Hilarious Podcast Host (And Widow) Tawny Platis On Finding Your Way Through Grief

Tawny Platis&apos;s husband George had a very rare heart condition since birth and lost his life in November 2019.  Initially, Tawny found herself spiraling into depression, wanting to end her own life, but 2 things saved her: 1. making other people laugh! 2. Their precious puppy Babs! In this episode we chat about: ~how she started a podcast called Death Is Hilarious ~how she went through a &quot;wid-hoe&quot; phase ~using humor as a way of bringing control back to us ~how &quot;widow brain&quot; affects focus and memory ~how strangers can show up in our lives from out of nowhere, just when we need them the most ~how much her life has changed and improved just in the last year! Be sure to check out Tawny&apos;s podcast at Also check out this week&apos;s blog post on RADICAL ACCEPTANCE as a concept and coping mechanism for grief.
11/06/202159 minutes 53 seconds
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53. Young Widows Support Group Founder Amanda Capps Talks Moving Forward After Loss

In 2006, Amanda&apos;s husband Erik was killed in an accident when he was hit by a truck on the side of the road. The driver had suffered a diabetic episode and Erik was killed immediately. Amanda was only 24 years old when she became a widow.  In this episode, Amanda and I chat about: ~meeting Chapter 2! ~bittersweet milestones ~time and grief mind tricks! ~taking off your wedding ring ~starting a Facebook group that now has 5,000 members! The company that Amanda works for, Demme Learning, is a homeschooling company that has a widow and widower grant program. They discount homeschooling materials for widows. For more information on this grant, go to Check out our latest YouTube videos on Widow 180: The Channel! Here&apos;s the latest clip: JOIN US ON FACEBOOK: </p
03/06/202151 minutes 50 seconds
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52. How To Get Through Those Unbearable, Rock Bottom Moments

In this week&apos;s episode I wanted to talk about those really tough, unbearable, rock bottom, messy moments. Fun topic, right? Well, I know we&apos;ve all been through them. Unfortunately, this is GRIEF. This is the true picture of what it looks like and what it feels like. I wanted to share one of my rock bottom moments with all of the listeners because I want you to know that you&apos;re not alone. This is hard. I know I can&apos;t fix it for you, but I CAN help you through it. I&apos;ve compiled a list of different ways and different things you can do to get through those messy moments and dig yourself out of them. I hope this helps! Get the list at: Join us on Facebook: Widow 180 Community IG: widow_180  
27/05/202115 minutes 14 seconds
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Coping With Loss From COVID-19 - Alana McAllister's Story

Alana McAllister shares the experience of losing her husband Bruce to COVID-19 in the third of this month&apos;s series of interviews with widows of COVID. Bruce, an Army veteran and loving husband and father, lost his battle with COVID on March 28, 2020. He was the first person in their county to pass away from the virus. Alana talks about the traumatizing experience of going into the hospital, how she didn&apos;t get to have a proper funeral, how she didn&apos;t get the necessary time to grieve, and how she&apos;s handled life during quarantine after losing Bruce. She talks to us about how she handles stress and how she&apos;s finding ways to cope with the unbearable anxiety that accompanies grief and PTSD. Do you think you have PTSD but you&apos;re not sure? Take this QUIZ and answer these questions to find out: Go to Go to www.widow
20/05/202153 minutes 33 seconds
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50. Helping COVID Widows Know They Are Not Alone - Pamela Addison's Story

Pamela Addison, wife of Martin Addison, joins me in Week 2 of a series of episodes with widows who have lost their husbands to COVID-19. Martin Addison lost his battle with COVID April 29, 2020. He was only 44 years old. Pamela was left to raise their 2 small children on her own.  She shares how she started a blog, The Graceful Swan, to help her cope with the loss and how she&apos;s used writing as therapy. She saw a need for community with young COVID widows after realizing how alone she felt, so she started the Facebook group Young Widows and Widowers of COVID-19. It has grown to more than 500 members in just 6 months. In this episode she also gives details of her experience with not being able to be with Martin in the hospital and how helpless she felt during the 26 days he spent in the hospital. Pamela talks to us about challenges of solo-parenting, adjusting to changes in her career while grieving, and what the future looks like for her and he
16/05/202148 minutes 14 seconds
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Lessons Learned From A COVID Loss - Stacy Denoyior's Story

Stacy Denoyior joins me today to discuss the loss of her husband Anthony to COVID on April 19, 2020.  Anthony started feeling sick March 22, 2020 and progressively got worse and worse despite the fact that he was young and healthy. Anthony lost his fight with COVID, leaving behind Stacy and their two sons. Stacy and her boys chose to take the money from the GoFundMe account and establish a non-profit memorial fund in Anthony&apos;s name to continue his legacy of generosity and helping.  You can find more information at Stacy shares some lessons about grieving that she&apos;s learned in the past year. She talks about self-care, handling tough situations with strength and grace, and embracing change to move forward in life. Be sure to check out other podcast episode on our new YouTube channel: Widow 180: The Channel Latest inte
08/05/20211 hour 13 minutes 52 seconds
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How To Reclaim Your Life With Sarah Gallagher

Sarah Gallagher&apos;s husband Mike collapsed suddenly one night at home while Sarah was away at a conference. He passed away several days later. Sarah talks about having a strange feeling, a premonition that something bad was about to happen. Sarah followed through with her dream to have a larger family. One year after losing Mike, she chose to do IVF with a donor and became pregnant on the first try!  She shares her journey of going through the difficult decision to have another baby on her own. Sarah talks to us about the struggles of solo-parenting and teaching her children that family truly does extend beyond just a mom and dad. It includes friends, too! Sarah became certified as a widow coach last year, using her experience to now help others. She created a program called Reclaim Your Life that focuses on finding your new identity, redefining who you are, reassessing your life, and processing your feelings. You can reach Sarah a
30/04/202156 minutes 2 seconds
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47. Taking Risks, Pushing Yourself, And Feeling Alive Again - With Emily Lassiter, Founder of Wealth Edit and Fellow Widow

Emily Lassiter lost her husband Joe in a plane crash in February 2014.  Their two daughters were 7 and 9 years old at the time.  In this episode, Emily shares her story of loss and how she was able to spend time with her girls and travel in order to heal from grief. Emily&apos;s father, a financial advisor, acted as her advocate and helped her figure out a plan of action as far as a budget, when she would have to go back to work, and what goals she could set for herself.  Emily was inspired to help other widows do that same work to make a plan and forge a successful financial path.  Emily partnered with Lauren Pearson and the two formed Wealth Edit, an online membership community that provides an affordable solution for financial advice for widows.  The membership offers courses, lectures on entrepreneurship, how to open a business, how you can work from home, how to make a budget, etc. And it&apos;s all within an amazing community of like-minded w
24/04/202158 minutes 54 seconds
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46. I Hate Making ALL Of The Decisions ON MY OWN!

I asked Melissa Pierce in our interview &quot;What&apos;s the biggest change you&apos;ve seen in yourself since becoming a widow?&quot; She said to me, &quot; Trusting myself. Relying on myself again to make decisions on my own.&quot; I think this is something we can all relate to! Having to take on the burden and responsibility of a household and all of the people in it is not an easy task! So, what can we do? How can we learn to rely on ourselves again? In this episode we go over a few different ways on how we can have more confidence in ourselves and our decision-making capabilities.  The key thing to remember is this: Action Creates Clarity Clarity Gives You Confidence Confidence Creates Momentum And then what? And then you&apos;re unstoppable! JOIN US ON FB: Widow 180 Community with Jen Zwinck JOIN US ON IG: @widow_180 Find all the latest blog posts: <a href='
16/04/202114 minutes 55 seconds
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45. Melissa Pierce's Filled With Gold Subscription Boxes Are All About Widows Helping Widows! They Are Created For Self-Care, Designed With Intention, And Made With Love!

Melissa Pierce lost her husband Dave suddenly and unexpectedly in 2011. She and her 2 boys found themselves navigating through the tough journey through grief together.    Melissa talks to us today about her struggles with decision-making as a solo-parent and how she had to learn to trust her instincts and rely on herself to raise her family.    In 2017 Melissa wrote a book called Filled With Gold about her adoption and then subsequent widow journey.   Feeling unfulfilled in her corporate job, Melissa decided to start a new business venture in 2019. Her Filled With Gold Subscription boxes are available now!   Melissa talks to us about the importance of self-care when grieving and how self-care is not indulgent, it&apos;s necessary.   You can find Melissa at Or on FB and IG at filled with gold And please subscribe to the podcast and leave us
10/04/20211 hour 37 seconds
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44. What Are The 'Widow Rules'? (And What Happens If We Break 'Em?)

In this BONUS episode we are talking about the &apos;widow rules&apos; we often hear (and self-impose).  What are the &quot;widow rules&quot;? What happens if we break them? There are so many Do&apos;s and Don&apos;ts we are SUPPOSED to follow.  Here&apos;s a list of the rules and what we can REALLY rely on to get us through the toughest season of our lives. Join us for more discussion on FB at Widow 180 Community with Jen Zwinck or on IG: @widow_180  
08/04/20215 minutes 49 seconds
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43. Breaking All Of The 'Widow Rules' with Jill Johnson-Young

Jill Johnson-Young has had the experience of losing not one, but two spouses in her lifetime, both to long term illnesses. Through this, she has learned what it means to love, grieve, reorganize her life, and once again find joy, sunshine, and smiles. Jill specializes in grief and loss, end of life and dementia, and teaches therapists grief-related skills. After more than a decade with hospice she writes grief books for adults and children. Her goal is to change the way all of us prepare for a death, say goodbye, and move into a recreated life! She co-hosts a weekly Facebook chat and a monthly dementia group.  Her latest book, The Rebellious Widow, is available now! You can reach Jill at And Join us on FB at Widow 180 Community or on Instagram @widow_180  
04/04/20211 hour 16 minutes 19 seconds
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42. What To Ask For When You Need Help But Don't Know What To Ask For! *BONUS EPISODE

What did you accept help with after your spouse passed away? What help did you refuse? What do you wish people had done for you, if only you had asked them to? This bonus episode was inspired by several of my podcast interviews where we talk about the help we get after our spouses pass away.  In the immediate aftermath, we are so confused and overwhelmed and in shock, we can&apos;t think straight enough to know what we need! People want to help because it helps them grieve the loss, too! Let them help! Can&apos;t think of what you need? Here&apos;s a list and some suggestions of what to ask for! Resources: Episode 12 Episode 39 Go to to get the full list!
01/04/202110 minutes 4 seconds
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41. The Renegade Widow Coach, Terriann Muller, Shares Lessons On Grief And Widowhood

Terriann Muller lost her husband Mark after a 7 month battle with esophageal cancer. She had just lost her mom to lung cancer the prior year. This compounded grief caused her to experience both physical and mental exhaustion. Terriann sought help from a health coach, a life coach, and a naturopathic physician.   Then in 2017, after a powerful 10 day mission trip to India, Terriann decided to make a change in her life. She wanted to use her experience for something good. She took several coaching programs and started Renegade Widow Coaching in 2019 and hasn&apos;t looked back.   She is dedicated to using the lessons she&apos;s learned to help other widows and empower them to lead fulfilling and fun lives!   You can sign up to be a part of her 8 week Dating Widow Program at  You can also find Terriann at www.te
27/03/202147 minutes 38 seconds
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40. How This Widow Moved Her Family To Africa To Fulfill Her Late Husband's Dream - Jocelyne Baker-Johnson

Jocelyne Baker-Johnson lost her husband Phil on Friday July 13, 2007 when a tree fell on his truck while driving to a campsite. Thrown into widowhood with 4 young children, Jocelyne found she had to pick up the broken pieces of their life.  She found herself at a charity fundraiser event 4 months after Phil died and was faced with a pivotal moment in her new life. She decided to go to Uganda to volunteer for an organization called Bead For Life, that raises money to help Ugandan widows who are trying to start businesses.  In 2010, she and her 4 children moved to Uganda for 1 year to live and volunteer for Bead For Life.   Jocelyn wrote a paper entitled Grief Inspired Journeys: Travel as a Way of Coping With Loss. In 2014, she received her Master&apos;s Degree.  Jocelyne is currently writing a memoir about her experience and adventures in Africa. To learn more about Bead For Life go to www.beadforli
19/03/202150 minutes 25 seconds
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39. How Viki Brown Answered A Calling To Open Dustin's Place - Center For Grieving Children And Their Families

Viki Brown lost her husband Dustin at the young age of 34 in a tragic single car accident. Their children were 6, 5, and not even 1 year old at the time.  Viki turned to a grief support center, Ryan&apos;s place, to help both her and her children grieve the loss of Dustin. Shortly after attending, she felt a strong calling to open a children&apos;s grief center in her own town.  She mentioned the idea to friend and co-founder, Ashley, and from there doors started opening up for the center to come to fruition. She was told to get a non-profit up and running would take 3-5 years.  From the initial time she mentioned the idea until the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the facility was exactly one year!  Dustin&apos;s Place - Center for Grieving Children and their Families was born! Viki shares her story of loss, understanding children&apos;s grief, starting a non-profit, putting faith in God, finding love again, and answering a calling! It&apos;s an incredi
12/03/20211 hour 9 seconds
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38. I Was Scammed! - An Online Dating Nightmare With Alex Sinclair

Alex Sinclair lost her husband Lee to lung cancer in July 2018. Alex leaned on her beloved dog and best friend Phoebe for support to get her through her loss. When Phoebe fell ill one afternoon, Alex took her to the vet and was shocked when her debit card was declined to pay for the visit. A man Alex had met online had stolen almost $60,000 out of her bank account through hacking into her accounts. This man, William, who she had met on the dating app Zoosk had gotten access to her accounts through her email.  Alex shares the details of the ordeal she is going through, the loss of her lifesavings, the roadblocks she is facing with getting help from local police, and the ultimate loss of her beloved dog, Phoebe.  If there is anyone listening to this podcast episode that can help Alex in any way, PLEASE contact me at [email protected] Alex also shares with us some red flags to look for when it comes to online scamm
05/03/202142 minutes 59 seconds
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37. Author, Widow, And Podcaster Jenny Lisk Shares Her Story On Finding Her Voice

Jenny Lisk&apos;s entire world shut down and turned upside down with her husband, Dennis&apos;s sudden diagnosis of glioblastoma.  Within a few short months, Jenny became full time caregiver for Dennis, who lost his battle with brain cancer in January 2016.  Jenny documented the year from diagnosis until Dennis&apos;s death through Caring Bridge, an online blog/journal for families going through illness.  Jenny realized she needed extra help and support when it came to her 2 young children and their grief.  She started to compile a list of resources and felt a calling to share this information with other widows. She started her podcast, The Widowed Parent Podcast, where each week she interviews top grief experts, authors, psychologists,  and speakers who share their advice. Jenny recently published her first book called Future Widow: Losing My Husband, Saving My Family, and Finding My Voice.  You can reach Jenny at: <a href='http://ww
27/02/20211 hour 7 minutes 57 seconds
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36. 10 Things Every New Widow Needs To Know

There&apos;s one question I try to ask every one of my guests on Widow 180: The Podcast and that question is: What&apos;s one piece of advice you can give to new widows? Here&apos;s a list of the Top Ten answers I&apos;ve found to be the most helpful!   If you can think of any other advice to give to new widows, I want to hear it!  DM on IG @widow_180 Join our Facebook group Widow 180 Community and message me! Or email me: [email protected]
24/02/20215 minutes 59 seconds
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35. Widowed Not Alone Bereavement Groups - How Kathryn Monaco-Douglas Has Dedicated Her Life To Helping Other Widows

One evening, Kathryn&apos;s husband Larry pulled her aside, sat her down, and very seriously explained to her that he felt like he didn&apos;t have any more goals in life. He had nothing more to live for. He didn&apos;t know why, but he felt he needed to tell her that. 2 weeks later Larry passed away suddenly from a blood clot.    Kathryn became a widow at 42 years old.   She had a disappointing experience with traditional therapy and then with a local bereavement group, so she decided to start her own group. She called it Widowed Not Alone. She has spent the last 15 years growing her support groups, adding new fundraisers, and training dozens of new grief facilitators. Her support groups are totally free to the public. Kathryn is now writing a book about how to facilitate bereavement groups. Her book is called &quot;The Bereavement Guide Book&quot; and will be released soon! She is dedicated to helping other widows and those w
19/02/202159 minutes 39 seconds
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34. Tuesday Tip! - A Reminder About Dating!

This is a super quick Tuesday Tip episode!   I wanted to share with you something that helped me get over my fears of dating again and putting myself out there after losing Brent.   Because it&apos;s scary, right?! We can let ourselves talk us into some pretty crazy, self-doubt spirals sometimes.  But it&apos;s all in your mindset and your attitude.  Keep reminding yourself that you are empowered, not vulnerable! For more dating advice and tips, go to and Other podcast episodes on dating: Episode 31 Episode 32 Episode 33
17/02/20213 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

33. Catfishing, Confidence, And All Things Dating! - A Chat With Jenna Lebron

Catfishing, confidence, new chapters, security, The Law of Attraction, making better choices, online scammers, loss and love and all things dating a widow! This is episode 33 with Jenna Lebron! Join us for this nitty gritty discussion, where some your Facebook questions get answered!   To take the QUIZ to see if you&apos;re ready to start dating again, go to And to download our CHECKLIST for Writing An Online Dating Profile (That Actually Works!) Go To: IG: @widow_180 FB: Widow 180 Community
12/02/202156 minutes 11 seconds
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Dating A Widow (A Guy's Perspective!) - My Husband, Doug Zwinck

I was honored this week to have our first male guest on the show! Doug Zwinck, my husband, is here today to talk about what it&apos;s like to date a widow! Widows have so much stress and concern when it comes to dating again after loss, so I wanted to share a guy&apos;s point of view about all of it.  Did he have any concerns? Was there any hesitation about dating a widow? We also talk about his online dating experience (before he met me) and some tips he was willing to share about creating a well-crafted online dating profile. If you&apos;re ready to start online dating and not sure about how to write your profile, DOWNLOAD OUR WIDOW&apos;S CHECKLIST FOR WRITING AN ONLINE DATING PROFILE (THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!) Go to  For more dating tips and advice, join our Facebook group Widow 180 Community
07/02/202148 minutes 32 seconds
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31. The 4 Biggest Dating Mistakes Widows Make (And How To Avoid Them!)

In this episode we cover the 4 biggest mistakes widows make when it comes to dating again after loss - - and how to avoid them! Listen, for a widow, dating can be tricky and confusing and downright intimidating! However, dating can be fun and exciting IF you avoid making these mistakes.  My mission this week (and every week) is to arm you with the knowledge and know-how to navigate life after loss.  Hopefully this episode will ease some fears and help you dive right into the dating world! Here are some references from this episode: Episode 30 - Ashley Neumann and Jamie Hattier Episode 10 - Laurice Duffy, life coach. Episode 17 - Stephanie Mosley Episode 18 - Kim Murray, Widow 411 (Chicken Soup For The Soul article) Episode 19 - Autumn Toelle - Jackson, author and speaker Episode 28 - Jenna Lebron, grief facilitator Are You Ready to Start Dating Again? Take THIS QUIZ to find out: <a href
29/01/202121 minutes 17 seconds
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30. Dating Again! Advice And Tips For Widows From Ashley Neumann And Jamie Hattier

Welcome to this special episode of the podcast featuring my two dear friends Ashley Neumann and Jamie Hattier. These ladies have joined me today for a discussion on dating again after loss! There are many, MANY things involved in dating again including: ~Feeling guilty ~What type of relationship do you want right now? Just fun? Looking for a serious relationship? ~ When to introduce the kids to a new guy ~What will your in-laws and family think ~Dating a widower versus dating a divorced person ~How do I know if I&apos;m even ready to date We discuss all of these topics and more in this candid conversation about Ashley and Jamie&apos;s experience in the dating world. Read the latest blog post about advice and tips for dating again at Are you not sure you&apos;re ready to start dating again?  TAKE THIS QUIZ T
24/01/202152 minutes 18 seconds
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Nadja Ensink-Teich - How This Widow Travelled The World To Heal Her Soul

On December 29, 2015, Nadja Ensink-Teich&apos;s husband, Jeroen, left their house and walked to the corner to mail some postcards. Moments later he was fatally stabbed by a complete stranger walking by. Nadja&apos;s life was completely changed in one horrific moment. Nadja shares with us her journey through grief and motherhood, caring for her baby girl, Fleur.  She talks about how her decision to travel the world with Fleur reawakened her spirit and gave her purpose again. She shares how she has decided to make a difference in the world by becoming a coach to other widows to help them through their trauma and help them rebuild their lives. Nadja can be reached at: or on IG @nadjaensinkteich Follow us on Facebook at Widow 180 Community! 
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28. Widow And Grief Facilitator, Jenna Lebron Talks Spirituality And Self-Care

Jenna Lebron&apos;s husband Arturo lost his life in a tragic helicopter accident in May 2012. Their two boys were only 20 months and and 6 weeks old at the time.  Jenna recounts her struggles as a new widow, learning to compartmentalize her grief and balancing being present with her two boys. She emphasizes the importance of self-care and making time to do the things you love.  She describes a spiritual quest, diving into books for guidance and searching for answers and closure.  In 2018, Jenna became a grief facilitator, helping other widows and families navigate through their trauma and emotions.  Jenna is forging her new path in life with grit, strength, and a strong spirit. Be sure to check for updates on our next widow program....starting soon! Follow us on IG @widow_180   
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27. How To Have A Phenomenal Year In 2021!

Today&apos;s episode is partially inspired by a book I started reading called Limitless by Jim Kwik. Jim Kwik is a brain coach and he teaches people how to live an unstoppable life.  This episode is also partially inspired by the astounding group of ladies in our Widow&apos;s Holiday Club. We&apos;ve been meeting twice weekly since Thanksgiving. Some topics come up and then other amazing conversations are sparked along the way. This week, of course, was all about how we can make 2021 a better year. What changes can we make? What can we improve? This combination led me to this episode where I talk about 3 ways you can make 2021 a phenomenal year! Three things to focus on this year: 1. Ask better questions. Make better statements. 2. Staying Motivated 3. Our Expectations There are some exciting things I have planned for 2021 in the Widow 180 Community. Check out for a big announceme
02/01/202118 minutes 58 seconds
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26. Widow To Widow Advice And Tips On Getting Through The Holidays

I&apos;ve done some incredible interviews these past few months! I asked some of our guests to share some advice on how to get through Christmas after losing their spouse. What helped them? What new traditions did they start? Hear their stories and experience in these excerpts from their interviews. Find more resources at I want to wish everyone the most love and peace and hope and joy this Christmas and always! Join our email list for articles and advice! Go to  
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25. Desiree Edwards - Embracing A Life Of Creativity And Compassion After Losing Her Husband

Desiree and her husband Logan were celebrating with family Easter weekend 2019 after finding out they were pregnant with a baby girl. Logan unexpectedly took his own life early Easter morning.  Desiree, 15 months pregnant, had to focus on remaining healthy for the remainder of her pregnancy, despite the mounting stress and anxiety she was experiencing. In October 2019, she gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Desiree shares her story of loss, pregnancy, moving to a new home, childbirth, and strengthening her faith in God to get her through it all.  She is committed to a life of transparency and compassion, so that her 2 young boys will always be open to share whatever emotions they are feeling and whatever thoughts they are having.  In May 2020, Desiree and her sister opened 2 Blondes and a Babe, an online business combining her sister&apos;s interest in skincare and jewelry products and Desiree&apos;s personalized/custom items. You can fi
17/12/202047 minutes 6 seconds
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24. Astarie Dennis - How Creativity And Finding Your Passion Can Help Overcome Loss

Astarie Dennis lost her husband Steven at the young age of 36 due to complications from Diabetes. Astarie spent most of their marriage as Steven&apos;s caretaker, putting her needs and wants aside. But she found a creative outlet and passion producing skincare products, lotions, and soaps. She dove into learning the math and science behind creating quality skincare products. She then opened her business, Astarie Apothecary.  Listen as she shares her journey as a caregiver, a mom to son Andrew, and a busy, self-made entrepreneur. She also shares her struggles with her faith, her legacy she would like to leave behind, and her excitement about the possibility of a joyful future. Resources: IG: @astarieapothecary FB: Astarie Apothecary Website: Also check her out on YouTube! And please subscribe and leave us a review! We would greatly appreciate it! Thanks for listening!
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23. WidowBiz Weekend Edition 2

Let&apos;s make it a goal this year to buy from other widow-owned businesses! My Christmas wish is to see all of you succeed! Pay it forward! Let&apos;s support each other! Resources from this episode: 1. -Kim Murray 2. Tracy Deshone - Norwex products - 3. - Randi Karpinia 4. 2 Blondes and a Babe - FB, IG, Etsy and 5. Astarie Dennis - Astarie Apothecary on IG and FB and If you would like to promote your biz on the podcast, DM me on FB or IG @widow_180. Please subscribe to the podcast and leave a sweet review! I would appreciate it!  
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22. Christine Jameson - How This Widow Chose To Have Her Miracle Baby After Losing Her Husband

Christine Jameson&apos;s husband Kyle fought a hard fight against cancer before passing away in 2015.  Christine and Kyle had a baby boy Liam at the time of Kyle&apos;s passing, but their dream was to have a larger family. Christine wanted to continue Kyle&apos;s legacy by bringing another baby of his into the world. Christine chose to do fertility treatments in the Fall of 2019. Shortly thereafter she found out she was pregnant with Kyle&apos;s baby. Her healthy, beautiful baby girl Kylie was born on September 28, 2020.  Hear Christine&apos;s story of making the tough decision to have another baby on her own and navigating her pregnancy in the middle of the COVID pandemic. Resources in this episode: MiracleBabies Facebook group Remember you can always reach us at: IG: widow_180 Facebook: Widow 180 Community   email: [email protected]
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21. Finding Her Purpose and Awakening Into Her New Life - Kristin Kirk

Kristin Kirk lost her fiance Nathan when their son Eli was only 5 months old. Kristin found herself alone with only $300 in her bank account to support herself and her baby son.  It was then that she told herself &quot;This is make it or break it time and not making it is not an option.&quot; Kristin did a complete 180 with her life. She found her strength and began to trust herself and her choices. She went back to school, found an incredible job that she loved, and continued her journey to healing.  She then found a mentor and business coach that encouraged her to start her online business, Babes On A Budget, a pre-order online boutique on Facebook.  She has also created a thriving community on Facebook called &quot;Together We Are Stronger&quot; where people can come together to discuss struggles with mental health and depression.  Kristin has found purpose in her son and through her work as a mentor and mental health coach.  You can find Kristi
26/11/202059 minutes 17 seconds
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20. Autumn Toelle-Jackson Boldly Into The Darkness: Living With Loss, Growing With Grief, And Holding On To Happiness

Autumn Toelle-Jackson became a young widow when her husband, Joe passed away unexpectedly while out on a run one night. Autumn had to learn to pick up the pieces of what was left of her life with her two young sons. She candidly talks to us today about what her grieving process was like, how her family and community rallied around to support her. She found new love with a co-worker, Kyle, and the two began a new life together. They welcomed a baby girl, Rylie Marie, in July 2018. Three months later, they were devastated when Rylie suddenly passed away. Autumn has suffered insurmountable loss in her life.  She decided to pour her experience and emotions into a book she wrote called &quot;Boldly Into The Darkness: Living With Loss, Growing With Grief, And Holding On To Happiness&quot;. You can find her book at all retailers. You can reach Autumn on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her website Growing With Grief. Be sure to join our Facebook gr
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19. WidowBiz Weekend Edition 1

This is the FIRST WidowBiz Weekend Edition for the 2020 holiday season!   Each Sunday we will hear from different widows who have a business, service, side hustle, or product that they adore. They will tell us all about themselves and the things they sell or do and give us the info on where we can find them to purchase!   We all have to shop for Christmas anyway, so why not support other widows and their businesses, right?! Let&apos;s help each other out! My Christmas wish this year is that each and every one of you has a successful and happy holiday!  Here are the links for this episode: 1. Rebecca Robins - Beyond Your Comfort Zone Coaching - 2. Anita Woods - Scentsy consultant - - 832-584-6012 3. Lysandra VanderHart - Norwex consultant - <a href='
16/11/202011 minutes 38 seconds
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18. Kim Murray - From Blogging To Business To Believing In Yourself, This Widow Shows Us That Anything Is Possible

Valentine&apos;s Day 2013 was the pivotal turning point in Marks and Kim&apos;s life. Mark was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given a year to live.  Mark passed away February 2, 2014 leaving Kim to run the family business and care for their two boys. She tried to cope by keeping herself distracted with work and by travelling nonstop for two years. She found that running from her grief was not the answer. She started a blog called Widow 411 in 2018 and it became an integral part of her healing process.  She then wrote a book called &quot;The Ultimate Survival Guide For Widows.&quot; This book is a collection of templates and budgets and checklists of all the things that widows have to do after the loss of their spouse.  Kim wants to show other widows that anything is possible if you believe it first. Join Widow 180 Community on Facebook Be a part of &quot;The Widow&apos;s Holiday Survival Club 2020&quot; at: <a href='https://
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17. Stephanie Griffioen Mosley - A Lesson On How To Forgive

Stephanie Mosley&apos;s husband Rob went for a late afternoon run on August 20, 2017. He was struck by a speeding pick-up truck going 55 mph in a 25 mph zone and died instantly. Through the grace of God, Stephanie knew immediately that she would not carry a burden of hatred or anger towards the person who killed her husband. She chose to forgive. And it&apos;s this forgiveness that brings peace to her heart and her mind.  She continues to honor Rob by running marathons and triathlons with #RunForRob. She also honors other widows by providing free photo sessions for widows and their families, taking family photos after the loss of the spouse.  You can find Stephanie on Instagram: @Steph_undaunted And find the latest blog post at &quot;The 4 Key Things You Need To Know About Forgiveness In Order To Forgive Someone&quot; Join us on Facebook:
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16. Dawn Finlay Noahubi (Widow With A Sledgehammer) Is Restoring Properties And Her Own Life

On June 24, 2016, Dawn Noahubi&apos;s husband Lem died tragically when the Polaris he was driving flipped over and killed him instantly. Their children were 7 and 2 at the time. Dawn spent several months in a blur of grief. A timely renovation gave her the opportunity to demo a wall for the first time. And she was hooked! She started with a bathroom renovation, that led to a kids&apos; clubhouse renovation, that then led to her business flipping houses. Restored Life Properties was born. Dawn found love again with her business partner, Stefan, and the happy family of four are now enjoying life on a 7 acre farm, complete with ducks, donkeys, goats, and pigs! She has started a local widows group in Oklahoma City called &quot;Sisters of Widowhood&quot;. Dawn credits her Type A personality, her love of goal-setting, and her penchant for always learning new things with helping her heal through her grief. You can find her on Facebook at: Buttered
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15. 2 Businesses And 2 Babies - Tricia Shyver Is Unstoppable

On July 7, 2019 Tricia Shyver lost her husband Nate in a tragic car accident. In a matter of months she went from being a stay at home mom to owner of several businesses. She had always dreamed of owning her own business, being her own boss, and having that flexibility to be with her kids anytime.  She opened Naturaleigh Baby Boutique and Toy Shoppe, a natural parenting store and recently bought a cloth diaper company called &quot;Happy Heiny&quot;.  Tricia is focused on promoting high quality, eco-friendly baby products. She has managed her grief by finding purpose again, finding the positives in life, and seeing the possibilities of a bright and successful future. You can find her at the following: Facebook: Naturaleigh Baby Boutique and Toy Shoppe Join us on IG @widow_180 Take the QUIZ to find out if you have suffered from PTSD! Go to https://epis
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14. Dana Frost - How To Navigate This Messy Life By Forcing Some Joy

Dana was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at the young age of 28. Four years later her husband Brad was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer. He died 100 days later. During his few short months of treatment, Bard and Dana documented their cancer journey through a series of podcast discussions on a website called  Dana then started the Forced Joy Project to document the small things that brought them joy every single day. She then expanded the business to start Book Of Stories. Dana collects stories from clients and compiles them into beautiful, custom linen-bound book.  Dana realized that for her, what she wanted more than anything after Brad died was to hear stories of him. Now she wants to bring that feeling of familiarity and comfort to other widows and families by paying a beautiful tribute to the husband they lost. You can find more information on where to purchase a Book Of Stories at w
15/10/202051 minutes
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13. How Petra Gordon, Author, Speaker, Widow, And Motivator Discovered How Serving Gives Life

Petra Gordon was only 38 years old when she became a widow. Faced with financial struggles and legal paperwork burdens, Petra turned to her faith in God after her husband Ian passed away. She poured her heart and soul into her inspirational book, Faith In The Fire. She then answered a calling that kept coming to her and asking her &quot;What about the widow?&quot; She became a widow life coach to help other widows facilitate their grief and give them the tools they need to move forward. Petra discovered that by serving others it has helped her own healing.  Go to for all resources from this episode.  Find Petra&apos;s book &quot;Faith In The Fire&quot; on Amazon. Join our Facebook group at Widow 180 Community with Jen Zwinck!
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12. Briana Dolbear: Lessons on Widowhood, Parenting 7 Girls, Small Town Life, Dating After Loss, Remarriage, and Adoption

Briana Dolbear can tell you that her life is anything but normal. She and her husband Owen were living small town life in rural Montana, enjoying life with their 7 daughters when tragedy struck. Owen was killed in a horrible farming accident in front of Briana and their 5 year old daughter. Briana found herself a 33 year old widow, solo-mom to 7 girls, and sole owner of a 5,000 acre ranch in Montana.  With the overwhelming support of her friends, family, and community Briana was able to keep and sustain the ranch, all while navigating through grief alongside her children. She chronicles her journey, her loss, what she did to cope, her struggles with her in-laws, and how she was able to move forward. She ultimately met Chad, who would become her husband and the two have embarked on a new life together, along with their adopted son, Silas, added to the family! Briana&apos;s story is truly unique! You can reach her on facebook at Briana Murnion Dolbea
01/10/20201 hour 8 minutes 50 seconds
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11. Nikki Mitropoulas Of The Netflix Show, The Single Wives, Talks About Getting Over Fear And Giving Love A Chance

Nikki Mitropoulas never imagined losing her young husband in a horrific motorcycle accident. Being 8 months pregnant at the time, she faced the reality that her son would never know his father. Her son Danny was born just days after his father, Daniel passed away.  Nikki spent the next several years raising her son. By chance one night while having drinks with friends, Nikki saw an ad for appearing on a dating show. She and her friends applied that same night.  Producers called Nikki the very next day and she was chosen to be on the show, The Single Wives. The whole experience proved to be life-changing for Nikki, who had been living a life of fear and pain and grief.  In the interview she talks about taking new chances, overcoming fear, and giving life a chance! You can reach Nikki on Facebook at Nikki Mitropoulas and Instagram @nikkimetro Are YOU ready to date again? If you&apos;re not sure, you need to TAKE THIS QUIZ to find out if you&ap
24/09/20201 hour 23 minutes 57 seconds
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10. Laurice Duffy Takes Us On Her Own Road To Resilience After Losing Her Husband To ALS

When her husband Kevin was diagnosed with ALS in May 2015, Laurice Duffy decided she was going to be his number 1 cheerleader for hope. As his health started to decline, she knew in her heart the reality of the situation they were facing. She enrolled in a life coach course while her husband was sick and while she was raising 4 boys! She needed something of her own to carry her through the tough times ahead. She became a certified life coach and started her business, A Mindful Journey, shortly after Kevin passed in 2018. You can find Laurice in her very active Facebook community called Rise, where she coaches women to lead a fulfilled and satisfied life. As Laurice says, &quot;The game must go on!&quot;
17/09/20201 hour 1 minute 5 seconds
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9. From Weight Loss To Wealth - How Abby Rivera Has Transformed Her Life

Mark Rivera, NYPD police officer and father, lost his life at the young age of 37 after having a sudden heart attack in March of 2015. Abby Rivera became a young widow in an instant. In the interview this week we discuss Abby&apos;s first weeks of widowhood, how she became interested in weight loss and used that as a distraction from her grief.  But as she started seeing amazing weight loss results, 50 pounds to be exact, she wanted to share her results and success with everyone! Abby believed in the products she was using, so much so that she started selling them herself and subsequently started to see her side hustle business really take off. Her life has completely transformed. She found her passion and by authentically sharing her weight loss success, she is reaping the benefits of a full time income and enjoying the freedom to work from home to be there to raise her son. You can find Abby at the following: Facebook and Instagram
10/09/202057 minutes 43 seconds
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8. Top Nutrition Tips From Registered Dietitian And Widow, Carrie Gardache

Rick Gardache was only 44 years old when he passed away suddenly on October 9, 2017 from an unknown heart condition. His wife Carrie was left to raise their two teenage children. Carrie opens up about some self destructive behavior that she had to overcome. She was able to course correct and make a plan to get her life back under control.  Being a registered dietitian, she knows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She shares some nutrition tips with us today and shows us how we can all take back control of our health and well-being. Carrie shares some amazing, quick, easy HEALTHY recipes here: Leave us a rating and review today! Join us on Facebook: Widow 180 Community with Jen Zwinck IG: @widow_180 
03/09/202057 minutes 52 seconds
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7. How Randi Karpinia Discovered Her Passion And Pivoted Her Business By Shifting Her Mindset

In July 2018, Randi Karpinia lost her husband David suddenly from a heart attack, leaving her to raise their 13 year old daughter and run David&apos;s new law firm.  Randi talks about her struggles with PTSD and the challenges she faced as a solo mom.  She took a coaching class that changed her outlook on her future. She found her new passion in helping others through her new legal business, Sagacity Legal, where she helps entrepreneurs start and protect their businesses.  She understands the value of a strong support system, so she became a Board member for Pandora&apos;s Kids, a program that helps teens who have lost a parent.  She&apos;s done an impressive number of things in such a short period of time! For legal advice and widow advice, you can reach Randi at Resources in this episode: Facebook: Pandora&apos;s Kids in Grief
27/08/202039 minutes 43 seconds
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6. Michelle Hensley - How This Widow And Mom Of 7 Kids Started A Nonprofit To Help Other Widow Business Owners

In 2014, Michelle Hensley lost her husband after a two year battle with melanoma. She spent the next couple of years regaining her lost identity and focusing her energy on becoming a finance, grief, and life coach.  She now inspires and educates other widows on emotional and financial decisions. She has two master&apos;s degrees, has raised seven children, and has started two successful nonprofits. Her latest nonprofit, You Are Special, is a micro-grant program for widows who want to become self-sufficient and do something they love and start their own businesses. You can reach Michelle at and  
20/08/202043 minutes 45 seconds
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5. How Tina Murphy Of WidowsWallet Coaches Widows Down A Path Of Emotional and Financial Freedom

Tina Murphy had been happily married to her husband Jamie for 10 years, on a path to living a content life with their two boys Parker and Brady. In October 2013, Jamie collapsed while playing ball with their boys in their front yard. Tina talks to us about how she made some poor money choices, turning to shopping in order to numb her pain. She took a coaching class that taught her how to process her emotions and take control of her thoughts. And with her background in teaching finance, she now coaches other widows those same tools and techniques and helps them devise a strategic plan for their own emotional and financial success. You can reach Tina on Instagram @widowswallet and Facebook at WidowsWallet For any other questions, you can reach us at Widow180 Community with Jen Zwinck on Facebook. Or email me at [email protected] Thank you for listening!
13/08/202049 minutes 47 seconds
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4. How This Big-Hearted Jewelry Designer Is Living A Life Of Philanthropy And Honoring Her Late Husband's Legacy

Crystalyn Aucoin started her brand Crystalyn Aucoin Jewelry in 2018, two years after her husband Ryan passed away from cancer. She has taken her love of jewelry design and combined it with Ryan&apos;s love of charity to form her company.  She shares with us her story of finding out she was pregnant one month before Ryan&apos;s cancer diagnosis, how she became a caregiver and a mom all in the same year, and how her new calling on this path is helping her, but also empowering other women as well. You can find her at: and And check out her latest designs at CrystalynAucoinJewelry on Facebook! And Instagram @crystalynaucoinjewelry And don&apos;t forget a % of her sales goes to cancer research! Join us on Facebook at Widow180 Community with Jen Zwinck! Subscribe to the podcast, leave a review, and tell your friends about us!    
06/08/202049 minutes 46 seconds
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How This Widow Had The Courage To Build A New House After The Loss Of Her Husband

Cherie McKevitt was enjoying a week in Disney World with her family when tragedy struck and her husband, Frank, passed away suddenly. Cherie describes the events that followed. She shares how she  escaped from the pain of her loss by traveling constantly, then ultimately decided to sell her home to be closer to family. She dove into the challenge of purchasing a lot, designing a home, hiring a contractor, securing the financing, and being on-site every day of construction to reach the goal of building a new home for her and her two boys.  I don&apos;t know how she had the strength to do it all! Her story will motivate you to take on anything you put your mind to! Cherie keeps the lines of communication open with her boys at all times, even when the subject matter is difficult! Here&apos;s a free guide on how to talk to your kids about the really hard stuff: Conne
30/07/202055 minutes 11 seconds
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Christine Dusang Tells Us All About Her Decision to Go Back To School After The Loss of Her Husband Eric

&quot;What is my purpose?&quot; &quot;What do I want from this life?&quot; These are questions that we face as widows. Christine Dusang made the decision to go back to school and become a therapist after her husband Eric passed away from cancer. She became a solo-parent, busy raising two active daughters, but still found the time and made it a priority in her life to further her education.  She shares the heartbreaking story of her husband&apos;s journey through battling cancer and how being a full-time caregiver takes its toll on every aspect of a family. She opens up about what it feels like to be a widow and how finding her purpose has brought her out of her deepest grief.  I know you will be inspired by her story! If you need any help or advice from Christine you can reach her at: [email protected] or email me at [email protected] You can f
23/07/20201 hour 1 minute 47 seconds
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1. Lisette Martin's Best Advice on Widowhood, Hobbies, and Building a Business That You Love

Lisette Martin was a happy housewife, busy raising her two boys, when her husband Logan died suddenly and unexpectedly on Christmas Eve.  She shares with us how she was able to cope with the sudden loss, how she turned to a particular hobby that helped her get through the emotional distress, and ultimately how she started her business, Simplify By Lisette.  She helps widows feel empowered by overcoming the overwhelm and shares with us some of her simplifying tips and tricks! You can reach out to Lisette at [email protected] Also don&apos;t forget to join our Facebook group at Widow 180 Community with Jen Zwinck! Follow us on Instagram @widow_180 And, Lisette shared with us 7 Creative Ways to Repurpose your Spouse&apos;s Clothes.  Here&apos;s the link:
30/06/202039 minutes 19 seconds
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Intro to Widow 180 The Podcast with Jen Zwinck

Welcome to the very first episode of the Widow 180 Podcast! In today&apos;s episode I wanted to share with you what this podcast is all about and give you a little bit of my story and who I am.  Why me?  Who am I? And why am I so passionate about talking to other widows? I believe that every widow has the capacity to endure and has the power to overcome the struggles and fear and pain from losing a spouse. I believe that every widow has the determination to create a new life filled with meaning and purpose.  Each week I have the privilege of interviewing different widows, women who have suffered loss and have taken the lessons they&apos;ve learned and the insights they&apos;ve gained and used them to grow and transform themselves. We dive deep into conversations about how they were able to cope, how they handled the stress and overwhelm, how they were able to shift their mindset and gain a new perspective on life.  I hope that you are as inspired by these storie
30/06/202013 minutes 8 seconds