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Why We Love Dunhuang

English, Arts, 1 seasons, 60 episodes, 10 hours 24 minutes
Dunhuang is a place born in legends. Its unique charm has attracted people around the globe to come and worship. In this podcast series, we bring you to Dunhuang, and walk you through the reasons why we love Dunhuang.
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EP 55: Which is the No. 1 auspicious beast in Dunhuang?

Among all the mythical beasts in Dunhuang, the Chinese dragon, or loong, undoubtedly holds the top stop. Dunhuang not only has a diverse collection of different loong patterns, it's also the home to a very unique one that can hardly be found anywhere else. ]]>
31/01/20247 minutes 39 seconds
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The luminous Dunhuang night market

The Dunhuang Night Market shines like a hidden gem amidst the dazzling culture and historical heritage of Dunhuang. What do locals in Dunhuang love to eat? Where can we find these special delicacies? What other interesting and enjoyable things are there to do and see?
28/09/20238 minutes 30 seconds
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Share Thoughts, Win a Gift!

All "Why We Love Dunhuang" podcast fans! Share your thoughts on "Why We Love Dunhuang" for a chance to win a gift! Deadline: Send your thoughts to [email protected] by September 1st. Let's hear your ideas!
22/08/202346 seconds
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EP 54:Dunhuang is where my heart belongs

The art treasures of Dunhuang have captivated generations of people. Among them is the “daughter of Dunhuang”, who has spent more than half a century researching and preserving the caves at the heart of the ancient Silk Road. Who is she? What’s her indissoluble bond with Dunhuang?
11/08/202322 minutes 36 seconds
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EP 53: A treasure book on the wall

How did people make wine over 1000 years ago? How did the ancient blacksmiths do their work? Yulin Cave 3 is an encyclopedia where you can find all the answers.
04/08/20238 minutes 17 seconds
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EP 52: The State Preceptor Cave

The murals of Yulin Cave 29 record a unique baldheaded hairstyle of the local males over 1000 years ago. What made the hairstyle so popular? And why was the cave called the “State Preceptor Cave”?
28/07/202310 minutes 58 seconds
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EP 51: A unique wedding in an earthly paradise

Constructed on two sharp cliffs facing each other, and covering a period of more than 1500 years, the Yulin Caves are the twins of the Mogao Caves. It’s the only place in Dunhuang, where you can find an interethnic wedding being held in earthly heaven.
21/07/202314 minutes 14 seconds
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EP 50: Lawsuit of widow A’long

French Sinologist Paul Pelliot brought lots of precious Dunhuang Manuscripts back to France, among which, was a complicated lawsuit, that happened over 1,000 years ago, and which was recorded in detail.
14/07/202313 minutes 8 seconds
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EP 49: The Sogdian letters

Britain has the world largest collection of Dunhuang Manuscripts and other relics. What are some of the most amazing ones and what are the stories behind them? Who was the Sogdian woman who amazed world researchers more than 1,000 years later?
07/07/202311 minutes 8 seconds
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EP 48: A glance at the Dunhuang Manuscripts

Why are the items found inside Dunhuang’s Library Cave so precious? What are the treasures included in the Dunhuang Manuscripts? Why is Dunhuang also related to the history of world astronomy?
30/06/202310 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 47: World earliest printed book

The Dunhuang Manuscripts constitute the largest repositories of religious, scientific, and literary texts detailing aspects of life in China and abroad during the medieval period. Among them, you can find the world’s earliest printed book.
25/06/202311 minutes 10 seconds
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EP 46: Love conquers all

Among all the caves in the Dunhuang Mogao complex, Cave 465 is different in many ways. Why are there images of a male deity embracing a female deity inside Cave 465? What’s the unique charm of this cave?
16/06/20233 minutes 12 seconds
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EP 45: How to save 10,000 dying fish ?

When Dunhuang ushered in the Song Dynasty, could it still copy the glories of the Tang Dynasty? How could a man save 10,000 dying fish in Cave 55?
09/06/20239 minutes 19 seconds
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EP 44: Map of Mount Wutai

Who is the Bodisatffa associated with wisdom? What can we learn from a huge map painting of a sacred mountain in China? Let’s find the answers in Cave 61.
02/06/20238 minutes 57 seconds
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EP 43: The 12 western zodiac signs

Why did the 12 Western astrological signs appear in the Dunhuang Mogao Cave 61 a thousand years ago? What are the stories behind the cave donors?
13/04/20238 minutes 8 seconds
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EP 42: A competition of supernatural powers

Dunhuang Mogao Cave 196, built in the Late Tang period, shows a fierce and magnificent competition of magical powers.
06/04/20237 minutes 10 seconds
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EP 41: A Cave in honor of general Zhang

Cave 156 was constructed in Dunhuang in honor of a great general, who upheld the last glory of the fading Tang Dynasty.
31/03/20239 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 40: The most famous cave in Dunhuang

Cave 17, otherwise known as the Library Cave, is perhaps, the most famous cave in Dunhuang. Why is there a vivid monk statue inside this cave? Who was he?
24/03/202310 minutes 39 seconds
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EP 39: From High Tang to Middle Tang

Guess who is the second most famous woman in the Tang Dynasty? Why is she blamed for triggering a major military rebellion that led to the decline of the Tang? And how did Cave 159, built in the Middle Tang, reflect the changing times?
17/03/20239 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 38: A fashion show in the kingdom of giants

Inside Dunhuang Mogao Cave 130, we can find the second largest Buddha statue in Dunhuang, the largest Apsara and Bodhisattva images, as well as a grand fashion show of the Tang Dynasty.
09/03/202312 minutes 10 seconds
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EP 37: Buddha’s grand funeral

Nirvana is the ‘ultimate state of being’ in Buddhism. Cave 148 of the Dunhuang Mogao complex is a special cave dedicated to this purpose, where it’s possible to sense the feeling of Nirvana.
03/03/20238 minutes 33 seconds
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EP 36: Parable of the phantom city

In Cave 103 of the Dunhuang Mogao complex, you can still find the long-lost landscape painting style of the Tang Dynasty, as well as a story about how to achieve long-term goals.
24/02/20238 minutes 23 seconds
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EP 35: Regaining the joy of childhood

Inside the Buddhist world of Dunhuang, there is also a playground for children. Let’s meet some kids who have special skills in Cave 79.
17/02/20237 minutes 9 seconds
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EP 34: The spring rain drops on the green land

Although the Mogao Caves are located in the northern part of China, you can find pictured here poetic rural scenery which only belongs in the southern part of China. That’s in Cave 23, another artistic cave built in the High Tang period.
10/02/20237 minutes 38 seconds
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EP 33: A rendezvous with the group of seven

The art of the Tang Dynasty reached its peak in the High Tang period. In this episode, we’ll visit the most representative cave built in this period where you can have a ‘heart to heart’ with those amazing, sculptured figures.
02/02/202310 minutes 33 seconds
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EP 32: A pioneer of culture communication

A non-Chinese figure was depicted on the wall of Dunhuang Cave 217. Who was he? Why was his name related to one of China’s most famous Buddhist mountains?
26/01/20239 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 31: The beauty cave in Dunhuang

Among all the Bodhisattva images in Dunhuang, Cave 57 has the most beautiful one. Let’s meet the Venus of the East!
19/01/20237 minutes 56 seconds
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EP 30: The giant Buddha and the powerful empress

Cave 96 is an iconic building in Dunhuang. It not only has the largest statue in Dunhuang, but it is also related to the only female emperor in Chinese history.
12/01/202311 minutes 56 seconds
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EP 29: A Chinese diplomat and his celebrity effect

Cave 323 tells stories of how Buddhism came to China, and the story was related to one of the most famous diplomats in ancient China.
05/01/202310 minutes 37 seconds
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EP 28: The paradises of east and west

History generally regards the Tang Dynasty, as a high point of Chinese civilization. Which cave in Dunhuang best represents the changing art style of this golden age?
29/12/202217 minutes 34 seconds
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EP 27: Buddhism rises again

The Sui Dynasty united China but it only lasted for 37 years. However, more than 100 caves were built in Dunhuang during this period. What caused the prosperity in Dunhuang and what can we find in the caves built during this period?
22/12/202221 minutes 2 seconds
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EP 26: The prince and the hungry tigress

The Northern Zhou Dynasty was not a period in favour of Buddhism in China, but Cave 428 built during this time has the largest number of donor images in the Dunhuang Mogao complex. Its murals also tell one of the most well-known Buddhist stories of self-sacrifice.
15/12/20229 minutes 58 seconds
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EP 25: Fantastic beasts and Queen Mother of the West

Dunhuang Mogao Cave 249 is a grand gathering of magical animals and deities from Chinese mythology, as well as some from other cultures. Who are they and why are they there?
08/12/202212 minutes 10 seconds
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EP 24: Conversion of 500 bandits

With its design, rich content, religious objects, aesthetic ideals, and art form, Cave 285 is considered one of the most special in Dunhuang. It also provides great evidence for the time of construction of the cave.
01/12/202212 minutes 35 seconds
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EP 23: The earliest-dated cave in Dunhuang

What makes Cave 285 one of the most special ones in Dunhuang? Why it is the earliest-dated cave in Dunhuang? and what do the sun god and moon god look like in ancient China?
24/11/20228 minutes 48 seconds
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EP 22: Mona Lisa of the East

Among all the Buddha statues in the Mogao Grottoes, which one has gained fame as the “Mona Lisa of the East” with his attractive and mysterious smile?
17/11/202210 minutes 7 seconds
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EP 21: The Nine-Colored Deer

On the mural paintings of Cave 257, you can find one of the most famous mythical creatures in china, the Nine-Colored Deer. What’s the story of this magic deer?
10/11/202212 minutes 50 seconds
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EP 20: King Sibi and the dove

Why would a prince give up the secular world and pursue a religious life? Why would a king offer his flesh to save a dove? The wall paintings of Dunhuang Mogao Cave 275 have some interesting Buddhist stories to tell.
03/11/20229 minutes 12 seconds
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EP 19: The cross-legged Bodhisattva and dog-looking lions

The earliest caves in Dunhuang were constructed about 1,600 years ago. What do the caves look like? How could ancient Chinese sculptors tackle the problem of depicting lions without ever having seen a real one?
27/10/202211 minutes 29 seconds
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EP 18: Horses in Dunhuang

In the modern Olympic Games, equestrian is the only category of sport where athletes work with animals. The relation between humans and horses were also vividly depicted in the Dunhuang murals a thousand year ago. Why is there so much horse-related content in Dunhuang?
20/10/202210 minutes 17 seconds
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EP 17: Living in Dunhuang

How did the Dunhuang people live more than a thousand years ago? What was their attitude towards life and death? Their happiness and struggles have all been recorded inside the Caves.
13/10/202210 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 16: Dunhuang dance and Tang performing arts

The Dunhuang dance has become a unique genre of traditional Chinese dance. Originating from the cave murals, what’s the charm of Dunhuang dance? Why does the ancient art form still provide inspiration for modern artists?
06/10/202214 minutes 14 seconds
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EP 15: The flying apsaras

If you want to find some of the most beautiful flying figures in Dunhuang, you have to find the images of Feitian. They are the symbol of the Mogao Grottoes. Why?
29/09/20227 minutes 47 seconds
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EP 14: Murals of Dunhuang Mogao caves

The murals of Dunhuang are of unique research and artistic value. They are seen as the ‘gene bank’ of Chinese paintings and have served as sources of inspiration for many modern designers as well. Let’s take a look at this splendid art form in Dunhuang.
22/09/202215 minutes 23 seconds
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EP 13: Coloured Buddha statues in Dunhuang

Among the over 2000 Buddha statues in the Dunhuang Mogao Caves, the tallest one is over 35 meters tall. Where is this Buddha statue located? How is it related to the only female monarch in the history of China ?
15/09/20229 minutes 54 seconds
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Mid-Autumn Festival Special: Over the moon in Dunhuang

In Mogao Caves are numerous mural paintings depicting the moon gods or goddesses. Why would there be a jade rabbit and a toad in a painting of the moon? What do these paintings say about ancient people’s admiration for the moon? Let's find out the answer on this Mid-Autumn Festival.
08/09/20229 minutes 26 seconds
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EP 12: Sculptures of Dunhuang Mogao caves

Colored sculptures are the main features of the Dunhuang Grottoes. They have been preserved for more than a thousand years. Frozen in time, they are the essence of Dunhuang art, which showcases the rare and excellent skills of local craftsmen.
01/09/20227 minutes 42 seconds
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EP 11: Cave-making in Dunhuang

There are more than 800 caves built on the cliffs in Dunhuang. Why were they built? Technically how were the caves built in the middle of a desert? What are the functions of different caves?
25/08/202213 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 10: From past to present: why we love Dunhuang

Why does Dunhuang continue to attract people, past and present, from all around the world? What makes Dunhuang a land of miracles?
18/08/202210 minutes 49 seconds
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EP 09: The guardians of Dunhuang

Dunhuang has experienced many ups and downs through its long history, but the value of Dunhuang remained because it has always had its own guardians.
11/08/202215 minutes 48 seconds
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EP 08: A national tragedy

Inside the Library Cave of Dunhuang Mogao Caves, there were over 50,000 cultural relics dating back to the late 4th to the 11th centuries. But now the cave is empty. What happened?
04/08/202214 minutes 21 seconds
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Chinese Valentine’s Day Special: Can you feel love in Dunhuang?

Love is essential and universal. But did the ancients also feel the same way? What was their perception of ideal love? Let’s find the answer from the Dunhuang Mogao Caves.
29/07/20228 minutes 15 seconds
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EP 07: The first Western explorer of Mogao Caves

According to some people, he is a brilliant explorer and archaeologist. But some people say he is a robber, a liar, and a devil along the ancient Silk Road. No matter what, his name is always connected with Dunhuang.
21/07/202214 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 06: The mystery of the Library Cave (Part Two)

The Library Cave had more than 50,000 historical items inside. What happened to the contents after they were discovered?
14/07/20227 minutes 15 seconds
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EP 05: The mystery of the Library Cave (Part One)

There are many mysteries surrounding the Mogao Caves, but undoubtedly one of the most significant revelations was the discovery of the Library Cave. Who created this cave and why? And how was the hidden cave discovered?
07/07/20229 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 04: Caves on the cliffs

The building of the Mogao Caves on the cliffs of Minsha Mountain in Dunhuang lasted for 1,000 years. How were the caves built and why were they built?
01/07/202210 minutes 51 seconds
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EP 03: How Dunhuang became a Buddhist hub

The ancient Silk Road not only brought commercial prosperity to Dunhuang, but also paved ways for the spread of Buddhism. In this episode, we will explore how Buddhism spread along the ancient Silk Road.
24/06/202210 minutes 8 seconds
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EP 02: The legend of Silk Road merchants

More than 2000 years ago, the people of Eurasia explored and opened up several routes of trade and cultural exchanges, which were called “the Silk Road” by later generations. In this episode, we’ll bring you to the life of the ancient merchants in Dunhuang, a key stop along the Silk Road.
17/06/20229 minutes 15 seconds
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EP 01: Why Dunhuang matters?

This episode tells you about a brief history of Dunhuang and its magnificent Mogao Grottoes. Who built those caves? Why were they built in the first place?
10/06/202210 minutes 20 seconds
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Introducing "Why We Love Dunhuang"

Dunhuang is a place born in legends. Its unique charm has attracted people around the globe to come and worship. In this podcast series, we bring you to Dunhuang, and walk you through the reasons why we love Dunhuang.
09/06/20221 minute 23 seconds