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English, Religion, 4 seasons, 55 episodes, 1 day, 14 hours, 37 minutes
The Bible can seem boring, but not if you ask the right questions. Why They Did That explores the motivations of biblical characters and how their choices can guide yours.
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The Summit

The Season 4 Finale is here!Dean is joined with the President of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Elder Ted Wilson. What's it like sitting at the top of the mountain? The Summit can often time be the lonliest of places - as our character in discussion, Moses, well knows. Join them as they discuss the challenges of leadership both in ancient and modern times!Episode links:
3/14/202438 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Least of The Least

Can the light of redemption reach even the very darkest of hearts? Thats the question that Dean and guest Wyatt Allen try and tackle when they dive into the character of the Wicked King Manasseh.Show Notes:Luminate: Facts: Journey:
2/10/202458 minutes, 18 seconds
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A Thorn In The Flesh

Dean is joined by Dr. David Shin in this episode as they venture into the New Testament to find answers to life's most challenging questions. Why doesn't God answer my prayers? Why do I have so many disadvantages in my life? Physical ones, emotional ones, mental ones? And where better to go then the afflicted, persecuted, prolific author and evangelist, Paul.
1/27/202458 minutes, 10 seconds
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Wasted Potential

Dean is joined by Trey Williams (Husband of Kalandra, Hills and Valleys) as they look deeper into the life and Saul, and how so much promise and potential can be wasted by rash and hasty decisions. Show notes:
1/13/202457 minutes, 19 seconds
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Christmas Special: What Child Is This?

Our annual Christmas special is here for you to share with all of your friends during this Holiday season!Spread the good news!
12/23/202312 minutes, 2 seconds
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Hills & Valleys

Have you ever just wanted to DIE? It seems so extreme - and yet how many are faced with horrible thoughts of death...even taking their own life...on a daily basis. Well - enter Elijah. Yes, Elijah the prophet. Having just expereinced one of the greatest demonstrations of the power of God ever witnessed - he runs to the hills, fleeing the terrible Jezebel, and is just about ready to end it all...Dean is joined by Kalandra Williams in this episode as they talk about some sensistive material that highlights the goodness of God and His great love and mercy towards us!SHOW NOTES:Afficliate: Heading for the Hills with Doug Bachelor: Conflict Beautiful by Types and Symbols: University:
12/16/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 27 seconds
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Is Your Window Open?

Episode 7 features a man who almost needs no introduction. Acclaimed Public Health maestro and perhaps one of the most persecuted professionals in all of America, Dr. Eric Walsh sits down with Dean Cullinane to discuss the happenings of Daniel chapter 6. What do you do when persecution awaits you right outside your window? Well, according to both Dr. Walsh and the ancient prophet himself, you open that window and make sure everyone can see that you're on your knees praying to the one true God. ***Sponsorship Links:
12/2/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 40 seconds
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What Love Looks Like

God is love. Great! But then he tells us to love, and not just to love our friends and families and those who are nice and kind to us, but to love our enemies, to pray for those that persecute and dispitefully use us... How? How can we do that? What does that even look like? Dr. K'dee Crews (LCP) sits down with Dean Cullinane to discuss the story of Mephibosheth, and how life's greatest blessings came from the most unlikeliest of sources. Links:
11/11/202354 minutes
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Chasing The Wind

In our second Solomon-centric episode of the season, we check in with Calvin Kim to unfold the pages of Ecclesiastes; Solomon's take on the meaning and purpose of life. *There are some unfixable audio issues with this episode, but we figured it was best to still release it. Episode Links:
7/7/202344 minutes
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Drowning In Fire

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is perhaps one of the most famous in all of scripture. But have you ever wondered, why did God save Lot? Why go to such extreme lengths to get him and his family out of the doomed city - and furthermore - why on earth is Lot described as "just" in Hebrews 11? Dean is joined by CORE School of Evangelism Director Dee Casper to answer those questions and more. LINKS:
6/23/202359 minutes, 4 seconds
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Godly Obstinance

Dean is joined by fellow Nehemiah-lover, Callie Buruchara as they tackle a very simple question:Can, or rather should, a Christian be stubborn?Show Notes:
6/9/202354 minutes, 20 seconds
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What Is A Man?

What is a man? Nowadays, it seems like the simplest questions have the most complex answers... Michael Carducci's message is quite simple - he didnt want to be like the other men in his he chose something else. How did God rescue him from the LGBTQ+ lifestyle and transform him into a Christian Preacher? Well - that's what this episode is for! Join Dean in this compelling episode of Why They Did That.Links:www.theconflictbeautiful.com
5/26/202352 minutes, 59 seconds
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Confronting Your Past

The Why They Did That Podcast returns with it's Fourth Season! To start things off, Dean is joined by preacher and serial entrepenuer Sebastian Braxton. You might think you know Sebastian. After all, he's preached the gospel all around the world! But you dont. This is Sebastian and Jacob like you've never heard them before! In this episode, they tackle one very serious question: What do you do when you've found Jesus, but then your past catches up with you?Sponsors:WTDT Patreon:
5/12/202354 minutes, 28 seconds