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Why Not Now? with Amy Jo Martin

English, Finance, 7 seasons, 326 episodes, 3 days, 18 hours, 52 minutes
You know that thing you've been thinking about doing? Why Not Now? Amy Jo Martin, a New York Times Best-Selling Author and Personal Branding pioneer, created this show because she believes the world will be a better place if more people ask themselves, "Why Not Now?". Each episode you'll hear from Amy Jo herself and a professional Why Notter - guests like Mark Cuban, Jessica Alba, Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Billy Corgan and more - and learn how they answered the question then took action, so you can too.
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Guy Kawasaki - How To "Think Remarkable" with a Growth Mindset (Ep 322)

Guy Kawasaki is a bona fide legend. He is an evangelist for innovation, and has been on the front lines of the biggest evolutions in tech; those moments that we’ve all heard about.   In Amy Jo’s mind, Guy is the OG influencer and you’ll hear why.   Guy’s background stretches from his first stint with Apple back in the 80’s all the way through to Canva now. Guy has authored 16 books, the latest of which “Think Remarkable” distills down his own experience, as well as his experience  interviewing some of the worlds most interesting people over the years, in order to help you become a remarkable person.   In this episode, Guy gives his take on what Why Not Now? means to him as well as discusses his “Why Not Now?” moment going back to work with Apple in the 90’s. Guy talks through how people make decisions, and how that process changes over time. He also shares the secret to his success (no big deal!) and what it takes for him to get into that mindset.   This conversation is wide ranging to say the least. Guy and Amy Jo discuss AI now and in future, fatherhood, growth mindset, how to navigate healthy tension conversations and the one question you should ask people you disagree with, how to reinvent yourself, your company or your community, defaulting to “YES” and much more.   Guy has a way to spark curiosity in people that is unmatched, and after listening to this conversation, we hope he sparks something for you to truly become remarkable.   Learn more about Guy:   Get "Think Remarkable":   Get Amy Jo’s newsletter:   Follow Amy Jo…   Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Why Not Now? Instagram: Buy Amy Jo’s book: Follow Renegade Global:
5/25/202453 minutes, 10 seconds
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Juliet Funt - Creating Space & A Minute To Think (Ep 321)

Juliet Funt is a Productivity Wizard. She is a renowned Keynote Speaker, CEO, Author and tough-love advisor to the Fortune 500.   In this episode, Juliet gets into the tactics of how and what to do in order to create more space in your day and life. You’ll learn how to recognize that you’re doing too much, how Juliet helps companies and individuals reduce busyness and why space to recover, think, and be strategic, is the key to your efficiency.   If you are a person in constant rush, throwing your hands in the air right at the brink of burnout, Juliet discusses what you can do to create more space and give yourself permission to “Opt-Out”.   If you are employer, Juliet gives you actionable tools to avoid being a casualty of the great resignation, and retain your talent.   You’ll also hear Juliet break one of her own rules, and share her ultimate Why Not Now? story; a story that she has never shared during a podcast interview before that involves her traveling to 14 countries in 2 years whilst still running her business and schooling her 3 children. Lastly, Juliet gives you her step approach to dealing with anxiety around email, managing our inboxes and scheduling meetings.   Juliet’s new book “A Minute To Think” is out now.   Learn more about Juliet here:   Enrollment for the next Renegade Accelerator is now open. Learn more and apply:   Get Amy Jo’s newsletter:   Follow Amy Jo…   Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Why Not Now? Instagram: Buy Amy Jo’s book: Follow Renegade Global:
4/15/202449 minutes, 37 seconds
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Sandra Campos - Why Decision Making is Part Data Part Instinct (Ep 320)

Sandra Campos is a three-time CEO, having led some of the biggest retail and fashion brands in the world. She is also a two-time founder, a member of multiple private and public boards, a contributor on CNBC and an absolute expert on the consumer. One of the things that stands out most about Sandra is her ability to understand the macro picture of things - whether that be culturally, or when it comes to her personal life. In this episode, Sandra shares a life changing Why Not Now? moment that has influenced everything she has done since. This moment in time ultimately became the best career move she has ever made. Sandra explains the pivotal events that led her to a crossroads of having to either look for a job in corporate America, or create an entrepreneurial experience that would enable her to forge a balance between career and family. She took a leap of faith, chose the latter, and the rest is history. Sandra explains how she arrived at making the decision, how that applies to your own decision making process, and why you should think entrepreneurially even if you aren’t an entrepreneur. You’ll learn what makes Sandra so decisive, how she considers decisions and the tools she uses in her decision making process. Sandra is someone that doesn’t sit still very often, but she has learned to take the time to appreciate the things in her life. She shares why focusing on what truly matters, being happier and more content will lead to more productivity naturally.    Learn more about Sandra, here: Watch the full episode on YouTube here:   Get Amy Jo’s newsletter: Follow Amy Jo… Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Buy Amy Jo’s Book:
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Steven Kotler - Living in "Flow" to Reach Your Peak Performance (Ep 319)

Steven Kotler studied journalism, poetry, and writing in school. When he told others about his plans to conduct a neurobiological study, some literally laughed in his face. But Steven’s interviews with Flow State experts made him an authority on the subject, and he set out to help others reach peak performance. He now works with entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders of some of the biggest companies in the world, helping them reach this state of “Flow” to become up to 500% more productive. He is also a 4 x NYT Bestselling Author. According to Steven, Flow is how you turbo boost your results beyond all expectations. In this episode of Why Not Now?, Steven and Amy Jo talk about overcoming imposter syndrome, how to get into Flow and how living a “Flow” Lifestyle can bring more purpose and happiness into our lives. They also talk about the difference in mindset between peak performers and non-peak performers. Steven tells Amy Jo that we have 5 major intrinsic motivators: curiosity, passion, purpose, autonomy, and mastery. To perform at our best, they must all point in the same direction. That is when we reach our Flow State. Learn more about Steven. Follow Steven on Instagram. Get Amy Jo’s newsletter. Follow Amy Jo… Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Buy Amy Jo’s Book:
2/26/202449 minutes, 25 seconds
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Amy Jo Martin - The Difference Between Priority Management & Time Management (Ep 318)

Our priorities are what we do, not what we say we are going to go. In this episode, Amy Jo explains the difference between priority management and time management. You’ll hear two personal stories that have helped shape the way Amy Jo looks at her priorities as well as learn actionable tips you can try today to help you discern what is a priority, what is not and what to do with that data. Subscribe to the podcast:   To watch the video of this episode, head to   Get Amy Jo’s newsletter:   Follow Amy Jo:  Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Why Not Now? Instagram: Buy Amy Jo’s Book: Follow Renegade Global on Instagram:
2/17/20249 minutes, 19 seconds
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Amy Jo Martin - How To Ask For Equity (Ep 317)

Alignment and equal value exchange are everything when it comes to having skin in the game. Asking for equity, no matter if you are an employee, advisor or otherwise, is a long term strategy and can be life changing.   In this short-but-tactic-packed episode, Amy Jo breaks down the 7 ways you can ask for equity, the strategy behind these phrases and the key ingredient to ensuring you are the one guiding the conversation and not the other way around.   Subscribe to the podcast:   To watch the video of this episode, head to   Get Amy Jo’s newsletter:   Follow Amy Jo:  Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Why Not Now? Instagram: Buy Amy Jo’s Book: Follow Renegade Global on Instagram:
2/12/20248 minutes, 59 seconds
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Paula Wallace - Lessons In Leadership, Invention & Reinvention (Ep 316)

“Once you launch in, there’s no going back.” Paula Wallace is the Founder and President of the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) - a world leading comprehensive university for creative professionals. Paula invented SCAD in 1979, and she has most definitely not looked back.   Paula has continued to reinvent the way we learn and the way we teach the combination of creative, art, business and now even AI. She writes her own rules.   In this episode, Paula and Amy Jo talk through Paula’s formula for reinvention, her approach to how she makes decisions and what Paula is seeing with AI on the horizon.   You’ll also hear Paula’s fascinating Why Not Now? moment, which is the origin story of SCAD, as well as the pillars that have guided Paula through multiple big changes over time, and why starting with the past is so important when you begin your approach to reinvention.   Lastly, Paula shares the trends that she feels will truly shape the next few years and beyond.   Paula is a Renegade in every sense of the word. Her new book “Lessons In Leadership” is out now.
2/5/202438 minutes, 59 seconds
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Amy Jo Martin - Part 3 How To Reinvent Your Day & Relationship With Time (Ep 315)

This is the final episode of Amy Jo’s 3 part series all about reinventing your relationship time and money. We encourage you to listen to Part 1 (Ep 313) and Part 2 (Ep 314) before pushing play on Part 3. In this last installment, Amy Jo focuses on the money side of things. To be clear, this is not investment advice, but you will learn how to potentially earn more and save more. Amy Jo shares her specific money story and how that has changed over the last ten years. The net/net? Sacrifice does not equal success. Period. Our earning potential is highest when we are expanding our capacity and optimizing our bandwidth. Sometimes that means spending money to create more time. Amy Jo explains how. She also shares what she is looking at specifically in her budget, and how she uses that data to determine if she is operating at her full earning potential. You’ll learn the importance of assigning a value to your hours, and start making decisions based on the value of your time, as well as the difference in approaching finances from a confident place as opposed to doing so out of fear, and with a scarcity mindset. Finally, Amy Jo takes you through the 5 Renegade Rules as a refresher so you can apply the rules to what you’ve learned over the last 3 episodes and beyond. To watch the full video of this episode, head to   Follow Renegade Global on Instagram Get Amy Jo’s newsletter.   Follow Amy Jo:  Instagram Twitter Facebook Why Not Now? Instagram Buy Amy Jo’s Book
1/26/202443 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 314 - Amy Jo Martin: Part 2 How To Reinvent Your Day & Relationship With Time

Welcome to Part 2 of Amy Jo’s 3 part series on reinventing your relationship with time and money. If you haven’t spent time with Part 1 (episode 313), we encourage you to go back and listen before diving in to this latest installment. As promised, in this episode you’ll hear Amy Jo’s New Year’s list featuring what she plans to take with her into the new year, leave behind in 2023 and create new in 2024. She has been doing this exercise for over ten years. These actionable items go hand in hand with her goal to reinvent her relationship with time and money. It’s not too late to do this exercise yourself. Amy Jo dives into the “now what?” and how to execute on your goals for the year. You’ll learn the tactics and indicators on how to know when you are tapped and trapped, how to know when you are creating momentum and when you are on the right track to increasing your capacity and expanding your bandwidth. Amy Jo explains what the Ruthless Red Pen is and how you can use it, as well as how to deal with what she calls Bandwidth Bankrupters. You’ll learn the important questions to ask yourself before you decide to take another “hey can I pick your brain?” meeting. Lastly, Amy Jo shares the Three S’s and what they mean for your bandwidth and capacity. This episode is packed with tactics to get you on your way to your reinvention goals. In Part 3, Amy Jo will breakdown how these tools and reinvention mindset applies to money. To watch the full video of this episode, head to   Follow Renegade Global on Instagram Get Amy Jo’s newsletter.   Follow Amy Jo:  Instagram Twitter Facebook Why Not Now? Instagram Buy Amy Jo’s Book
1/17/202439 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 313: Amy Jo Martin - How to Reinvent Your Day & Relationship with Time

A solo series with Amy Jo! In this first episode of a three-part series, you’ll hear how Amy Jo is reinventing her relationship with time (and how you can too). You will learn tactical tips so you can do the same. Amy Jo has overhauled how she spends her days. The catalyst for this reinvention? Some tough, life-changing lessons. You will learn how to optimize your bandwidth (finite 24 hours in a day) and expand your capacity (infinite potential). Hint: Getting up earlier and earlier is not a strategy. When we make friends with the data, (aka make friends with reality), we start to see tangible change. Reinvention is a daily practice. Amy Jo has never seen the level of exhaustion in people's eyes that she sees now. After looking in the mirror, she realized that she also slipped into this boat. Amy Jo shares what is required for reinvention. She explains the difference between your bandwidth and your capacity. She teaches how to design and execute your ideal day by using a time budget and how to conduct a time audit. These tools are invaluable for you in order to change your days. You’ll also learn what to do if you are not feeling a sense of growth, fulfillment and joy in your life and career, and the three things you can do today to start expanding your bandwidth and your capacity. Amy Jo is brutally honest and acknowledges she hasn’t figured everything out but the concepts and tactics she shares can make a considerable difference in how you spend your days - which is how you spend your life. To watch the full video of this episode, head to   Follow Renegade Global on Instagram Get Amy Jo’s newsletter.   Follow Amy Jo:  Instagram Twitter Facebook Why Not Now? Instagram Buy Amy Jo’s Book
1/8/202458 minutes, 59 seconds