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Whose Song Is It Anyway?

English, Music, 3 seasons, 39 episodes, 1 day 3 hours 33 minutes
This music podcast gives a unique perspective on copyright in the music industry by talking to music artists, songwriters, musicians and people from the music industry about creativity and copyright. Co-hosted by Dr Hayleigh Bosher (author of Copyright in the Music Industry) and Jules O’Riordan (Entertainment Lawyer and artist known as Judge Jules).
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Jane Dyball

Jane Dyball is a long time music industry executive, working mostly in publishing from Virgin, Warner and ran MCPS Collecting Society. More recently she runs her own consultancy business. Looking back over the historical developments in the music industry during Jane’s career, of which there were many. Jane shares her experience of being on the publishing side of the changes brought into the music industry from ringtones, to downloads and then streaming services as well as the efficiency and structural developments of the collection societies. Producer and co-host: Hayleigh Bosher Co-host: Jules O'riordan Editor: Eliza Kania
15/12/202233 minutes 11 seconds