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Wholeheartedly, (by Clahrah)

English, Social, 2 seasons, 22 episodes, 11 hours 42 minutes
You've got mail! - "Wholeheartedly," is a podcast that celebrates the different keepsakes that Clara (of Wholeheartedly, Clahrah) collects underneath the floorboards of her head during the many chapters of being a twenty-something--the terrors, the joys--all from the heart. Instead of letting them melt back into the shadows, here is where she dusts them out. Each episode is a letter for the listener, with memories, anecdotes all surrounding a seemingly ordinary topic. Tune in weekly/bi-weekly (on Sundays/Mondays) with your favourite mug and drink! [Instagram: @wholeheartedly.pod ]
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0. Mail Card (Trailer)

You've got a message and a parcel waiting. Welcome to my podcast! I am so so so excited to get into topics during my unwinding of the day. Make yourself at home. Do you prefer caffeine? No caffeine? Thank you for sticking around. FIRST EPISODE NEXT SUNDAY! - Wholeheartedly, Clahrah
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