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English, News, 1 season, 2 episodes, 1 hour, 32 minutes
A podcast by Papua New Guinean women talking about politics, culture, literature and a little social trivia for good measure.
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Episode 4: Tokples, brideprice and culture: Have we lost our way?

My guest is Western HIghlander and Tembka speaker Bernadine Danomira. We discuss the cultural context of Brideprice, what it means today and our languages and cultural practices. How much we have lost and what we can do to preserve them.
11/29/202030 minutes
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The excitement of the US Elections and the sheer banality of PNG Politics

We chat to Dr Phillipa Jenkins, pHd and Eugenia Anang, Lawyer about how much time we have all spent watching the US elections, why we are all tiring of the Votes of No Confidence in PNG and why this season of The Crown is so good! 
11/25/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 2 seconds