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White Collar Crimes

English, Social, 4 seasons, 135 episodes, 1 day 23 hours 32 minutes
A discussion of white-collar crimes and the harms they do to society and their victims. Also a look at how the criminal justice system fails to properly prosecute white-collar crime far too many times. Support this podcast:
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Alex Murdaugh Enters Guilty Plea For Financial Crimes

On November 17, 2023, disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh entered a guilty plea in South Carolina for a variety of financial crimes. Sentencing is set for November 28th.
18/11/20237 minutes 51 seconds
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Greed Part 2

Pastor Preston Foster joins us again to discuss the dangers of gree from a spiritual as well as legal standpoint.
14/11/202326 minutes 49 seconds
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The Con Man And The Cop Podcast Released!

The wait is over! Be part of history and hear the first podcast to feature a famous con man and veteran lawman. It's got humor and helpful information as well. Check out The Conman and The Cop wherever you hear you podcasts!
18/10/20232 minutes 17 seconds
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The Con Man and the Cop Pilot Episode

An early sneak peak of the upcoming bonus podcast with famous con man Steve Comisar, host of Scam Junkie, and Ryan Horn, a career law enforcement official and host of The White-Collar Crimes Podcast. A first of its kind in podcast history, where a former con artist and law man discuss scams and white-collar crime. Highly entertaining so you won't want to miss this!
14/10/202331 minutes 44 seconds
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Allen Stanford & The 8 Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Though his case is not as well known as Madoff, Allen Stanford managed to pull off an 8 billion dollar Ponzi Scheme. Hear how he did this using classic Ponzi Scheme methods.
03/10/202319 minutes 30 seconds
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Stephane Bourgoin- France's Fake Serial Killer Expert

He toured the country telling the media and the nation of his experience interviewing serial killers. He was able to brand himself "France's Serial Killer Expert." But it was all fabricated and soon his lies would be exposed.
25/09/202322 minutes 37 seconds
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The Conman and the Cop

We recently did an episode on Steve Comisar, famous for many scams including the "solar clothesline" scam in the 1980s. Now, we are joined by the "Don of Con". Hear him explain past frauds as well as his current efforts to educate the public on potential scams.
19/09/202336 minutes 28 seconds
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Kenneth Starr- Scammer To The Stars

He built a powerful accounting firm and had A-list clients including Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino. But greed and dishonesty would bring him down.
12/09/202320 minutes 32 seconds
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Exciting Developments

I was recently contacted by Steve Comisar, the clothesline scammer from the 1980s. We recently did a podcast on him and he reached out to me. Had a very nice conversation with him and am very excited to have him on as a guest soon! You'll hear a perspective from one that has committed white-collar crimes in the past and his current efforts to educate the public on the subject. Check out his podcast, Scam Junkie, also on Spotify for Podcasters. I'm also excited to announce my upcoming short book, Spot the Scammer. Hope to have this very soon. See you all on Tuesday the 12th with our next episode! --- Support this podcast:
09/09/20232 minutes 48 seconds
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Oneal Ron Morris- The Toxic Tush Doctor

Known as the "Toxic Tush Doctor", Morris infected dozens of victims with a dangerous mixture to achieve fuller buttocks. Many had severe reactions and one sadly resulted in death. Hear the shocking story that took the Miami area by storm. --- Support this podcast:
11/07/202317 minutes 22 seconds
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Idaho College Murder Suspect in Custody

The latest on Idaho College Murder Suspect Bryan Christopher Kohberger taken into custody on December 30, 2022.  --- Support this podcast:
01/01/20238 minutes 5 seconds
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White Collar Crimes (Trailer)

--- Support this podcast:
01/03/202132 seconds