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Where There's Smoke explores self-development through the filter of current events, pop culture, and experience. We surf the zeitgeist through an array of audio clips, quotes, concepts, and conversations. In the spirit of The Daily Show and This American Life, we throw everything into an audio centrifuge that separates “what” from “why”. You walk away with insights and actionable solutions to improve your business, relationships, and almost any area of your life.
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In Memoriam: Verleon Grant (Listener Favorite Guest and Nick's Grandmother)

Sadly, my grandmother passed away this week at the age of 99. You might remember her from episode #49 of WTS: Can't Get There From Hair (Acceptance).  She was a force and I hope you take a few minutes to listen to what she has to say. Article written in 2019:
10/02/202111 minutes 21 seconds
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82: A Christmas Episode

It is December and any show worth its weight in gold (or frankincense… or myrrh) has a Christmas episode - and WTS is definitely with its weight in tree resin. This episode comes to you in the form of two audio gifts. We even wrapped them and put them under the tree for you. We hope you enjoy them and, perhaps, even take away an idea or two that helps your holiday season be merry and bright. Thank you to Joseph Quinn for joining us in this episod and also for crafting and recording this year’s jazzy holiday version of our theme. p.s. This is Where There’s Smoke’s 3rd Christmas episode. If you love Christmas and all things Christmas, be sure to check out the other two - 38: A Where
18/12/202035 minutes 34 seconds
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81: Halloween or Hallo... won’t? (Play)

What is Halloween without the trick or treating?That is the question that started the journey of this episode. A lot of our traditions over the next few months are going to look different this year. Not just Halloween. It’s unlikely that celebrations of US Thanksgiving, Diwali, Hanukkah, or Christmas will have the same gatherings of people they have in the past. And that sucks. And many people feel stuck. And this feeling of being stuck is not exclusive to Halloween where 2020 is concerned.So how do we adapt? And is perhaps perhaps a tool that can help all of us adapt? For Halloween … and beyond.</e
27/10/202026 minutes 6 seconds
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80: Can We Talk? (Dialogue)

The world is grappling with a lot of tough issues. Issues that are nuanced and layered. Issues that don’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer. Issues that demand dialogue for progress. And yet we seem to mostly be doing something else.  This week we are talking about talking. Debate vs Dialogue. Nick revisits an actual debate, and both Nick and Brett attempt to create some dialogue.  In the end they hope to answer the question, Is dialogue dead? Find full show notes for this episode (with links to resources) at * * * Make sure to check out Nick's new podcast, Shame Rules!. Click here and subscribe: <a hr
09/10/202034 minutes 24 seconds
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79: Lessons from Chadwick (Generosity)

This week our episode is inspired by the life of Chadwick Boseman. We challenge ourselves to look at how we are showing up in the world. With all of our fears and doubts and distractions, and over corrections and under corrections, and at times just plain laziness or indifference - how many of us manage to consistently show up in our life? For ourselves and for others? To bring all of ourselves to the party? We hear a story from Personal Story expert, Bo Eason. And you may just leave this episode with a different view on generosity, and a renewed commitment to bring it.   Check out Bo Eason’s new book, There's No Plan B for Your A-Game: Be the Best in the World a
25/09/202033 minutes 55 seconds
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78: Stay The Course (Change)

“Change is the only constant in life.” Heraclitus said that back in 500 BCE. It was true then, and 2500 years later, it is still true.  That said, there are times in life when it feels like we are in a more intense period of change. As we release this episode, it is June of the year Two Thousand and Twenty AD. We’ve got a pandemic that is still very much happening, economic uncertainty, and the world is starting to look closely at systemic racism. Oh yeah, and a globally significant presidential election is happening in the USA.This episode we are exploring ‘Change’. What is change? How do we accept it? How do we fight it? And how can we as individuals make positive change for ourselves or the world.  This is our final episode before a mid-season summer b
30/06/202028 minutes 4 seconds
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77: To Act or To Action (Allyship) w/ Holiday Phillips

This week, as the world continues to reckon with race and equality after the murder of George Floyd, we try to understand what an ally IS... and what it isn't.Brett and Nick both hold up a mirror to look at their own actions (or lack of them). And Nick has a conversation with Holliday Philips, who recently published the article ‘Performative Allyship Is Deadly (Here’s What to Do Instead)’. ARTICLE: Performative Allyship Is Deadly (Here’s What to Do Instead) READING LIST recommended in Holiday Philips article: FOLLOW Holiday Philips on Instagram at <a href= "https://ww
16/06/202034 minutes 1 second
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76: Pencil Something In (Intention) w/ Marc Champagne

Life moves pretty fast and, if you're not careful, it's easy to be swept away by it. (How's that for a mixed metaphor?) Anyway, today's episode asks several important questions: What would it mean to slow down? What does it mean to be mindful? Is it even possible anymore? What does any of this look like? To help us answer these questions, Brett talks with Mark Champagne about the power of intentional practice and journaling. Then, Nick shares a new passion of his and hopes that it inspires others to find their own.  For more information on Mark Champagne, visit To watch "Joe Pera Talks With You", visit  Interested in pencils? <a href= "http://
09/06/202034 minutes 10 seconds
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75: You’re In Luck (Humility) w/ Edward Hess

This episode is a riddle, wrapped in an NBA championship, wrapped in a chance encounter, wrapped in privilege, wrapped in mashed potatoes, washed over by the ocean, and inside of a critical message for our world about humility. Our journey starts  with a celebration and a question, and ends with a celebration and a question. In between we hear from two TedX speakers, an American playwright, a psychologist, and have in depth conversation with Ed Hess, author of Humility is the New Smart: Rethinking Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age. Find full show notes for this episode (with links to resources) at
19/05/202030 minutes 44 seconds
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74: The Courage to Accept (Surrender)

It's our first new Where There's Smoke episode in two years! Pliny the Elder said, “The only certainty is that nothing is certain.” In a world where nothing is certain and so much is out of our control, what options do we really have? Should we fight? Do we give up? Or is there something else? In this episode we move from a tragic accident, through quicksand, and into a very personal story from Brett about his Mom - all while exploring the power of surrender. Find full show notes for this episode (with links to resources) at  If you dig this episode, please share it with at least one person! And don’t forget to subscribe yourself, so you never miss a new episode in the feed. Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at Want to support the show and help kee
05/05/202032 minutes 14 seconds
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73: Time to Go (Urgency)

Author Frank Herbert once said, “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” In this final episode of Season 4, Brett & Nick take a look back and ask “What is the story of Season 4?”, “Was it a success?”, and - most importantly - “What’s next?”. Thanks for listening. We love you. We’ll see you next time. * * * Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at   If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others discover the show by LEAVING AN APPLE PODCAST REVIEW! Thx. * * * DOWNLOAD & LISTEN directly from Apple Podcasts: If you dig the show, please take a moment to rate & review it on iTunes Fin
22/05/201818 minutes 29 seconds
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72: What Are You Telling The World? (Message)

If you could tell the world just one thing, what would it be? And, what impact might it have? This week, Nick explores that idea through the music of The Beatles and shows that you reap what you sow. (Spoiler alert?) Also, Brett goes straight to the source for some wisdom that we all need to hear. Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others discover the show by LEAVING AN APPLE PODCAST REVIEW! Thx. * * * WTSdigs NICK: This Is America, Childish Gambino: BRETT: Caliphate podcast DOWNLOAD & LISTEN directly from Apple
08/05/201834 minutes 40 seconds
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71: Refresh Yourself (Classic)

This 48 Hour Challenge is going to be classic. Literally. But what is classic? How do we define it? Is there a Classic version of you? And if so, what can the Classic You teach the Current You? Once again, we gathered show topic suggestions from our audience, threw them into a word randomizer, and made a show in 48 hours. And we think the results are, well … Delicious and Refreshing. Good to the Last Drop. Like Ice Cold Sunshine. (See what we're doing here?)Plus, some new WTSdigs. One inspired by adulthood, and the other by childhood. <span style= "font-weight: 4
24/04/201832 minutes 54 seconds
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70: Whole In One (Integrity) w/ Matthew Schueller

Integrity is defined as “a state of being whole and undivided”. It is a simple concept, and yet at times, living it can be some of the hardest work we will ever do. This week we hear from Matthew Schueller about an important journey in his life - it’s his journey to integrity. We know that it’s a story with themes that can resonate with everyone and we can’t wait for you to hear Matthew’s words and apply their lessons to your life. Plus Nick & Brett come together for a new WTS segment, or maybe just to banter about late night tv and musicals. We’ll let you decide. Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at   GUESTS Matthew Schueller Website: YouTube: <a href= "
10/04/201838 minutes 46 seconds
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69: Go Let It Out (Expression) w/ Lord Birthday

Expression is the process of taking something from a spark of an idea through to existence. And, while there can be moments in that process that are truly amazing, it can also run us through the ringer - several times over. So, what is required of us to press our expression out into this world? Is want enough or does it require something more? This week we are paying it forward through an exploring on expression and the story of two artists. Plus a quartet of new WTSdigs from Brett & Nick   Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at   GUESTS Chad Murphy (aka Lord Birthday) Website: Instagram: Check out Lord Birthday’s new book, How to Appear Normal at Social Even
20/03/201843 minutes 20 seconds
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68: Straight from the Source (Secrets)

We’ve all had a time or two (... or three…) where we’ve shared a secret that wasn’t ours and it comes back to his us square in the face. Sometimes, before you even think about it, you’ve let something slip out of your mouth and immediately cringe - just wishing you could jump into a 15-second time machine so you can pull those words back into your mouth where they belong. We’ve all been on the other side of it, too - where our trust in someone else has been eroded because of their inability to keep our secrets. You’d think we would learn this lesson early on and just mind our own business. Why is it so easy and so tempting to share secrets? This week on Where There’s Smoke, we hear from a couple new voices! Kristen and Theresa are going to share a few of their own stories, offer a little research, and lean on some of Brene Brown’s teachings to help all of us dig around into our secrets and stories. Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing li
06/03/201840 minutes 43 seconds
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67: How You Are Who You Are (Self-Acceptance)

The 48 Hour Challenge is back! We gathered show topic suggestions from our audience, threw them into a word randomizer, and ended up with “self-acceptance”. From there, our challenge was to research, write, and record a brand new episode in 48 hours straight (including sleep). Did we do it? Well, give it a listen and find out. Along the way we talk to clinical psychologist Dr. Lisa Firestone and author & speaker Lisa Jakub. Both of whom help us to understand why self-acceptance can be challenging, what the rewards of doing the work are, and most importantly what are some tangible things you can put in practice today to get back to a life of more self-acceptance and less critical self-consciousness. Plus, a new WTSdigs, where Nick also provides a musical solution. Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at GUESTS <span s
20/02/201841 minutes 37 seconds
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66: Lost Together (Collaboration) w/ Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo

Jim Cuddy has been making music with Greg Keilor for 40 years. For the last 34 of those years, they have made up the songwriting duo for one of Canada’s most beloved and best-selling bands, Blue Rodeo. Brett sits down with Jim to talk about that partnership along with the challenges and benefits of a long standing collaboration. We explore what collaboration is and how it has been crucial to human evolution. And through the lens of Jim Cuddy’s latest album, Constellation, we see how collaboration not only has the ability to bring us together, but also to support us in times when we are torn apart. Plus, Brett looks to find confirmation of an old event and Nick joins in to provide an update on their fasts from social media and cable news, respectively. Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at GUEST: Jim Cuddy Websites: <a href="http://www.jimcuddy.
06/02/201832 minutes 57 seconds
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65: We’re Mad As Hell and We’re Not Going to Tweet It Anymore! (Complicity)

In the 1976 movie Network, upon being prompted by news anchor Howard Beale, people in cities all over the USA get up, open their windows, and yell, “I’m mad as hell as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”. It is now 2018 and people still seem mad as hell - only now, instead of yelling out our windows, we have the internet to amplify our rage. Recently, there has been a lot of conversation about outrage on the internet and the impact of the internet on everything from our relationships to our democracy to our psyches. This week we join that conversation. We take a step back and explore the impact of the internet and social media on both our society and each of us individually? In the end, Brett and Nick ask themselves what they want to do differently moving forward and they provide the opportunity for listeners to ask themselves that question as well. Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at <a href= "http://www.wheretheressmoke.
23/01/201844 minutes 6 seconds
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64: Best. Year. Ever. (Goals) w/ Michael Hyatt

What would it take for this to be your best year ever? That said, what is a year? Is it the days between January 1st and December 31st? Or is it any 12 month span of time? And does it even matter? Are cassette tapes coming back? Could Nick rock Steve Harvey’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve outfit? And why is it essential to recognize the difference between knowing and doing? We will answer these questions - or we’ll at least ask them - as we tackle the topic of goals, and look to help you make this “your best year ever”. (Whatever that means to you.) Joining us on this journey is author and speaker Michael Hyatt, whose new book is appropriately called Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals So buckle in, grab a noisemaker, and let’s set some goals! * * * Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at
09/01/201841 minutes 51 seconds
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63: Eat Be Move (Exploration) w/ Bassam Tarazi

What does it mean to explore in a world where everything’s been found? That’s the question posed to Brett by Bassam Tarazi - author, entrepreneur, adventurer, and friend of the show. Bassam participated in The Mongol Rally which is plugged as “the greatest motoring adventure on the planet” - a 10,000 mile intercontinental car rally, from London England to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He shares his experiences with that extreme form of exploration with Brett and, together, they work on trying to understand both what exploration is and why it might be important. Then, Brett shares a dream he had. Get our newsletter and updates by joining our mailing list at GUEST: Bassam Tarazi LinkedIn: Website: https://www
05/12/201747 minutes 4 seconds
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62: How to Inspire (Engagement) w/ Chris Atkinson

We’ve heard it countless times before: “Beautiful minds inspire others,” “Time to inspire,”, “Get out there and inspire people”, or simply “Be inspiring.” But, despite all of what the people and posters hanging on office walls say about inpiring others, rarely does anyone tell you how to do that. How do you inspire others? Communication is a linchpin in our society. It enables us to form connections, influence decisions, and inspire change. How effectively we communicate comes largely down to our ability to engage and inspire others. Chris Atkinson speaks, writes, and trains on the subject of engagement. His book, How To Engage And Inspire Audiences, has been praised as one of the most complete and actionable guides on communication and engagement. Chris joins Brett in this episode, as we explore confidence, inspiration, and the importance of sharing your story. In addition, Brett & Nick have a question for you and a brand new #WTSdigs. * * *
21/11/201746 minutes 26 seconds
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61: Ahead by a Century (Our Life): Gord Downie and The Tragically Hip

We are getting tragically hip this week with a story about a band, a country (Canada), and all the people in it. But, this episode is really about everyone, everywhere. So, regardless of who you are, where you live, and what listen to - there is a message here for you. Just listen and see. Plus a #WTSbumps. And the announcement of WTS contest - with prizes and everything! Get our BRAND NEW newsletter by joining our mailing list at GUEST: Josh Mitchell Check out the documentary Long Time Running, streaming globally (excluding Canada) on Netflix (starting Nov 12, 2017) and on CraveTV in Canada. * * * #WTSbumps Willful Founder and CEO, Kevin Oulds, shares the Toronto-based company’s mission to make sure every Canadian adult has a will. Willful uses technology to provide simplified en
07/11/201745 minutes 15 seconds
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60: Just The Way You Are (Sincerity)

Halloween is coming up and that means Halloween movies and TV specials! To celebrate, Nick explores one of the earliest and most famous Halloween specials - It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. An often overlooked element in that show is the fact that Linus must be sincere in order for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. But, what does it mean to be sincere? Is it the kind of thing that we can create or should we just fake it ‘til we make it? Brett & Nick branch out from the Great Pumpkin to discuss sincerity in a variety of situations - from late night talk shows to a friendly neighbor. Also, we’ve got a brand new addition of #WTSDigs. Get our BRAND NEW newsletter by joining our mailing list at * * *   #WTSdigs Brett: Jamila Woods - HeavnNick: <a href= "
17/10/201745 minutes 9 seconds
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59: Knowing Me, Knowing You (Understanding) w/ Gretchen Rubin

Have you ever heard of The Golden Rule? If you have, you may realize that while it sounds nice, it has a pretty significant flaw in it. In this episode, we expose that flaw and go on an exploration to try and fix it.  We are joined in this journey by author, speaker, and fellow podcaster Gretchen Rubin. Her new book, The Four Tendencies, provides us with a personality framework we can apply to better understand ourselves and others. In addition, we have an Explorer of the Week from Germany and a brand new #WTSdigs. Get our BRAND NEW newsletter by joining our mailing list at GUEST: Gretchen Rubin Twitter: @GretchenRubin Instagram: @GretchenRubin Facebook: Website: <a href=
03/10/201742 minutes 58 seconds
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58: Let’s Dent The World (Onlyness) w/ Nilofer Merchant

It’s easy to see that the world has a lot of problems right now. But as the saying goes, slightly paraphrased, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing’. And we don’t feel that anyone who listens to this show is interested in doing nothing. So, in our first show of Season 4, we decided to tackle that little question: How do we change the world? Or at least make a significant dent in it. This episode takes a journey from a ‘70s rock anthem through to one of 2017’s biggest blockbuster movies. We are joined on this journey by author & innovator Nilofer Merchant. Her new book, The Power of Onlyness, serves as a guide for this episode. “Onlyness” is a term coined by Nilofer that describes an economic phenomena happening right now that asks how we will create value and solve the problems facing our world today. The answer to this question is centers on each one of us and our ability to bring our unique ideas to fruition. <p
19/09/201747 minutes 30 seconds
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The Where There’s Smoke Summer (almost) Spectacular!

Where There’s Smoke is coming back in September for their Fourth Season! In this episode you will hear all the details - launch date, frequency, etc. But first, Brett and Nick seem to have slightly different views on how exactly to launch this new season. It is not a problem unique to them. Often we can find ourselves struggling in decisions and bouncing between what we want to do and what others want us to do. And then, even when we think we are clear, we are concerned about what others might think of our choice. In those moments, what is the best advice? Does it vary? Do we listen to ourselves, others, or just follow the lead of ‘90s Television Producers? In this Summer (almost) Spectacular episode, we explore those questions, and much more! GUEST Lisa Jakub Twitter: @Lisa_JakubWebsites: www.lisajakub.netCheck o
08/08/201730 minutes 34 seconds
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Life's Like a Movie

This week, Nick asks himself AND the listeners a hypothetical question. If you have an answer or a thought that you'd like to share, visit and leave a Speakpipe message.  To help get you in the mood, Nick presents the first two acts from his first podcast, One Degree of Separation. These segments are now three years old, they sound rough, but we hope the stories still communicate something worth thinking about. To join our mailing list visit * * *If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. <span style= "font-weight: 400;"
07/02/201733 minutes 38 seconds
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57: Bringing Home the Bacon (Strategy) w/ Melanie Deziel & Truly Social's Tara Hunt

Succeeding at something isn’t just about having a good idea. That’s part of it, but there’s so much more. This week, we are talking about strategy - and breakfast - but mostly strategy. How do you take the idea you have in your brain and turn it into a successful endeavor in the real world? And when we say “business” we mean any kind of endeavor - a service business of some kind, a product, a restaurant - it could be a podcast! Joining us at the table this week are speaker & consultant Melanie Deziel, and the founder of Truly Social, Tara Hunt. * * * Our Guests Melanie Deziel Twitter: @mdeziel   Tara Hunt Twitter:
31/01/201732 minutes 15 seconds
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A Personal Message from Brett

Brett provides an update and shares some thoughts. Listen to past episodes of Where There's Smoke at   
24/01/201717 minutes 26 seconds
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56: Soaking in the Holidays (Feeling)

Two holiday vignettes make up this week’s episode:  First, Brett peels back the veneer of the joyful and festive holiday season, to acknowledge that sometimes … Christmas sucks. But, what if that’s actually be a good thing? If you are feeling a bit blue this Christmas, or know someone who is, then this segment is for you. Then, Nick chimes in with a story about silence. Plus a special opening segment, with greetings from Brett & Nick and some holiday themed WTSdigs. To join our mailing list visit * * * If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others discover the show by LEAVING AN ITUNES REVIEW! Thx. Connect with the show on Facebook: <a href= ""
13/12/201630 minutes 32 seconds
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55: Let’s Build! (Environment) w/ Archangel Summit's Giovanni Marsico

How much of who we are is influenced by where we are? And what do we do if we feel our environment is draining us, instead of charging us? A year and a half ago, Brett moved from San Francisco to the suburbs of Toronto, and lately he’s wondering - well, actually he’s worried - if his new environment may be having a negative effect on him. So he sets out to explore how each of us are affected by both what is around us, and who is around us. And we learn not only what impact our environment has on our thoughts, feeling, and results; but also what we can do to alter environments that might not support us. Along the way we hear from the author Adam Alter; Neuroscience Professor Sebastian Seung; Zig Zigler; and Jason Silva. And have a one-on-one conversation with the founder of Archangel and the Archangel Summit, Giovanni Marsico. Plus a new edition of WTSdigs. GUEST Giovanni Marsico Twitter: <
06/12/201644 minutes 55 seconds
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54: Everybody Can Be Great (Service)

Mahatma Gandhi never said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.". But … that doesn’t mean it's not an accurate statement. This week, we explore what we can do to make a difference through service. We hear from author and speaker Jon Gordon; education leader Jim Kielsmeier; former Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams; and minister and activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To join our mailing list visit * * * If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others discover the show by LEAVING AN ITUNES REVIEW! Thx. Connect with the show on Facebook: and Twitter: @exploreW
15/11/201629 minutes 20 seconds
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How to Relax on Election Day

We don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but it’s Election Day in the United States of America. And that is causing many people just a bit of anxiety. So today, rather than release a new episode, we thought we could provide you with something calm, short, and packed with a smile or two to help you relax on a day that is often VERY long and stressful. This is a sort of Election Day “meditation”, as only Where There’s Smoke can deliver it. (And it even includes a couple of new WTSdigs!) To join our mailing list visit * * * If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others discover the show by LEAVING AN ITUNES REVIEW! Thx. Connect with the show on Facebook: w
08/11/20169 minutes 15 seconds
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53 - The Elephant in the Room (Certainty)

What does it mean to be certain? Which comes first: judgement or reason? What is the difference between our differences dividing us or empowering us? And what does any of this have to do with riding an elephant? This week Nick & Brett explore the concept of certainty, as it exist in everything from our political climate, to our businesses, to our communities. And through the research of neuroliogist Dr Robert Burton, the insights of professor Jonathan Heidt, the experience of designer Mark Busse, and the unique perspective of writer Dan Harmon, they discover that self awareness, humility, and empathy may hold some of the keys to us gaining control of this wild beast called Certainty. Plus WTSdigs, a bunch of random clips, and a sound effect or three. To join our mailing list visit * * * If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check
01/11/201636 minutes 41 seconds
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52 - Decency Now! - A WTS Election Special

The US Presidential Election is weeks away, and while Brett and Nick initially thought they wouldn’t address it in the show, it eventually became clear there was no way around it. After all, the whole premise of Where There’s Smoke is to take pop culture and current events, and wrap it up into a conversation about self-development. And the current US Election is dominating both pop culture and current events. That said, this still is WTS and not a political podcast, so Brett and Nick are using the current election climate to talk about a series of things from responsibility to lying to democracy to decency. And though the show leaps off of things happening in the political arena, it is really about being a better human being, and we believe the ideas in here that apply to your everyday lives. So hit play, and let’s see if we can find the positive and productive in this perceived mess of an election. And of course, this week’s WTSdigs with Bret
18/10/201634 minutes 31 seconds
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51: Change Your Mind (Stress) w/ Kelly McGonigal

It’s the Season 3 premiere and Brett and Nick are asking: “Is stress really THAT bad?” To help them unpack this question they are joined by health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University, Kelly McGonigal. Kelly’s most recent book is The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good At It.   Brett and Nick ask: What if everything you know about stress is but a fraction of the story? What if the science you know about stress is just a story? And what does any of this have to do with rodents and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Find out in this episode. Plus, Nick & Brett are back with a fully cooked segment of WTSdigs! To join our mailing list visit GUEST Kelly McGonigal Twitter: @KellyMcGonigal Website: <a href= "http://
11/10/201635 minutes 11 seconds
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50: Plunge Into Nothing (Breaks) w/ Karan Bajaj

So much of our life is going from Point A to Point B, and it is about execution, deliverables, and responsibilities. And there is an absolutely a place for that. However for our sanity, and our success, it is also important that we take breaks. And these breaks provide us with much more than just a rest - they are an opportunity to reboot and reset -  and they can dictate the quality of our work and our lives. In our 50th episode (and the final episode of Season Two), we are joined by Karan Bajaj - best-selling author, marketing executive, and striving yogi, who has found a way to take yearlong sabbaticals on a semi-regular basis. We talk with Karan about the importance of extended breaks on our creativity, mindset, and identity. Plus a few “digs” for the road. Make sure to text “SMOKE” to 6686
24/05/201638 minutes 45 seconds
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49: Can’t Get There From Hair (Acceptance)

Eventually, we’re all forced to turn around and face the truth. In today’s episode, Nick shares a truth with Brett that he is having a hard time accepting and together - with some very special help - they try to get a handle on it. Where There’s Smoke is approaching the Big 5-0 (this is it’s 49th full episode), and we are talking acceptance. Plus, a brand new WTSdigs! * * * WTS Digs Brett: Whitney - No Woman: Nick: “Next Time on Lonny”: * * * If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others discover the show by LEAVING AN ITUNES REVIEW! Thx. Connect
18/05/201634 minutes 31 seconds
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48: Scratch That Itch (Purpose) w/ Drew Daywalt

Do a Google search for ‘How Do I Find My Life Purpose’ and you will find a slew of articles and videos claiming to help you discover your purpose in 7 minutes … 5 minutes ….3 minutes...and even “less than 5 seconds”. But is there even a such thing or is purpose about something else altogether? Joining us is Drew Daywalt, author of the children’s book blockbuster, The Day The Crayons Quit. Drew’s journey provides us with lessons and insights into how we can strive and stumble through life to feel that sense of fulfillment, and live a purposeful life. Plus, a new edition of WTS digs (with nary a mention of a TV show!). GUEST Drew Daywalt Website: Twitter and Instagram: @DrewDaywalt * * * If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campa
10/05/201635 minutes 36 seconds
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47: Choice Endures (Trauma) w/ Auberon Wolf

Our first ever 48 Hour Challenge! We took suggestions from our listeners and this week we were assigned trauma. We’ll explore some of our own traumas, uncover what causes it, how we can cope with it, and even how we can thrive from it. And through it all, we are reminded that no matter our circumstances, one powerful element remains.Plus, a new WTSdigs. GUESTSAuberon Wolf Website: WTS Digs Brett’s Dig: Banshee (<
05/04/201644 minutes 13 seconds
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46: 87 Hours (Quality Time) w/ Jim Sheils

All time is indeed created equal. Where it becomes unequal is in how we choose to spend it. This week’s episode started with 87 hours - 87 hours that Brett spent with his son, Radek. And those 3.5 days turned into an exploration of Quality Time: What is it, how do we create it, and why is it so critical to all of our relationships. Joining us in this exploration is Jim Shiels, creator of The Family Board Meeting strategy. And through several studies, including one that has spanned 75 years, we discover that quality time and the quality of our relationships has been shown to to strongly impact our health and happiness from childhood to adults.Plus,
22/03/201636 minutes 54 seconds
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45: Stop, Look, Listen (Criticism)

Criticism seems to be running rampant in our world these days. This week, we ask some important questions: Why do we seem more interested in tearing others down than building them up? What is the deal with this plague of criticism in our world? Why do we do it? And what does it cost us?Then we turn our sights to the alternatives to criticism. How can we alter our behaviour, inspire change, and build relationships?Plus, in our midroll, Nick is joined by some listeners to revisit multitasking and share your thoughts. * * *If want to support the show
15/03/201637 minutes 38 seconds
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44: The Matter of Multitasking (Focus) w/ Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman

It's Single-Tasking Day and we’re taking the chance to talk about all things related to “focus”. We thoroughly explore multitasking and single-tasking while trying to understand what these habits do for our efficiency and our health. Plus, we also get to the bottom of who started Single-Tasking Day in the first place! We also speak with cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman. She talks about the physical and emotional costs of multitasking - and, honestly, it’s a bit shocking. But there’s also good news! We provide some strategies that can help you rev up your brain's performance at any age. Plus we visit the “WTS Offices”, where Nick has a special message on how you can support the show. GUESTS Sandra Bond Chapman, Ph.D. Website: Twitter: @BrainHealth
23/02/201642 minutes 57 seconds
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43: Living Our Lies (Truth) w/ Dr. Cortney Warren | In the style of Serial (Part 2)

This is the second episode in our examination of truth and lies. This week we’re exploring the lies we tell ourselves. Why do we do that and how can we figure out when we’re doing it? We talk to Dr. Cortney Warren, author of the book Lies We Tell Ourselves: The Psychology of Self-Deception. She talks with us about self-deception and how to combat it. * * *If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others find the show by LEAVING AN ITUNES REVIEW! Thx. <span style="font-weight: 400;
16/02/201627 minutes 44 seconds
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42: The Case Against Truth (Lies) w/ Scott Berkun | In the style of Serial (Part 1)

In honor of the return of Serial, this week we’re looking at Truth - well, truth and lies. Sometimes we lie for good reasons and sometimes we lie for bad ones. Which is which and why does it matter? Also, Author Scott Berkun also talks to us about The Myths of Innovation. Note: This is part one of a two-part episode. Make sure to come back next week!  * * *If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others find the show by LEAVING AN ITUNES REVIEW! Thx. Connect with the show on Facebook:</spa
09/02/201628 minutes 45 seconds
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41: Mind The Gap (Work)

Where There’s Smoke is a year old and as Brett & Nick bounced around several themes for the anniversary show, everything kept pointing back to one idea: work. Yup. Work is both hard... and awesome. So this week they explore work. First, Nick shares Ira Glass’ concept of The Gap - a precarious place to be for anybody looking to accomplish something new. Then, Brett explores the word ‘Work’ itself and how it inspires us to keep going. Plus our first midroll in ages, and of course, WTSdigs. * * * Hey, we want to hear your thoughts and feelings on Year One of Where There’s Smoke. Send an email to connect@wheretheressmoke with your responses to some or all of these questions? What is…? Your Favorite In-Show Moment so far. What is the Best Advice/Insight you received from a Guest. What is Your Favorite Episode and Why And, if true for you, how has an episode of Where There’s Smoke, or the sh
26/01/201635 minutes 2 seconds
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40: Turn And Face The Strange (Authenticity): Self-Development Meets David Bowie

Every week, we strive to use the stories around us - news, pop culture, sports - to help make a positive change within ourselves and our listeners. With so many people emotionally impacted by the recent death of David Bowie (including us), we wanted to try and understand what we can learn from his life. That ultimately led us into an exploration of authenticity. A word that in many ways has become misused in our modern lives; but the more we looked into what it means to be authentic, the more we realized that there was something valuable there. So, join us on an exploration to understand “authenticity” and how can we become more authentic in our own lives and businesses. Plus: A special David Bowie edition of WTS Digs. * * * If want to support the show and help keep it going, please check out Support for our Patreon campaign. Also, help others find the show by LEAV
19/01/201632 minutes 55 seconds
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39: You Say You Want a Resolution (Willpower) w/ Kelly McGonigal

New Year’s Resolutions. Around 45% of Americans will set a resolution for 2016 and by the end of January 36% will break them. Ultimately, only 8% of people who make resolutions, achieve them. Why? Well, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association, people cite the number one reason for not following through as a “lack of willpower”. And so in this episode, we set out to understand willpower. What is it? And how do you strengthen it? And what are some key things to be aware of in the process? Joining us is someone who knows a thing or a hundred about willpower, writer and educator Kelly McGonigal, author of The Willpower Instinct. Plus we debut a new segment, and Brett & Nick close out by sharing what they are digging. GUEST Kelly McGonigal Website: Twitter: @KellyMcGonigal
12/01/201643 minutes 53 seconds
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38: A Where There’s Smoke Christmas

Just what IS Christmas Spirit? Is it real? If so, how do we get it? What the heck does CWB stand for? And what’s the role of nostalgia in this whole holiday season?This week, it’s A Where There’s Smoke Christmas. Brett finds himself a little down in the dumps around Christmas, but Nick may have just the cure - a mysterious VHS tape he found that contains the impossible. Join Brett & Nick as they go on a journey through history, psychology, and holiday classics to understand Christmas Spirit. Along the way, we’ll meet a cast of characters that all sound a lot like Brett & Nick, find out what the best Christmas Present Brett ever got was, and ultimately hear Nick share what the Christmas Spirit is all about. (Hint: Everyone can enjoy it!)<span style="font-weight: 4
22/12/201527 minutes 19 seconds
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37: Work It! (Creativity) w/ David Usher

“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” Those are the words of John Cleese in a talk he gave back in 1991 on Creativity. In this episode we explore the concept of Creativity. What is it? Are YOU creative? Can you be MORE creative? And how DOES creativity impact other areas of our lives? We go on this exploration with author, artist, entrepreneur, and activist David Usher, who earlier this year released the book, Let The Elephants Run: Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything. Plus, a special Holiday edition of WTS Digs. GUEST: David Usher Website: Twitter: @DavidUsher * * * If you love the show and want to support what we do, please visit and consider
16/12/201536 minutes 1 second
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36: It Only Makes You Stronger (Asking) w/ Kathy Quinlan-Perez

Why is it so hard to ask for things? Why do we resist? Why don’t we do it when we need support? This week, Brett and Nick launch their Patreon campaign - but they process was a difficult one. First, they had to wrestle with asking their listeners for support! This led them to ask some questions about asking. What about asking makes us so uncomfortable? Through the journey, they had conversations with Patreon’s Creation Relations Manager, Cole Palmer, and personal development facilitator Kathy Quinlan-Perez. Brett & Nick ask you to visit and consider supporting Where There’s Smoke. They just want to keep saying “YES!” to making this show every week. Thank you for your support! <span style="font-wei
08/12/201540 minutes 37 seconds
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35: Hear And Now (Music & Memory) w/ Dr. Amee Baird

What is it about music that just takes you back to specific people, places, and moments? Well, this week, we explore how music intersects with our lives. Whether it’s playing, listening, or escaping it, music is finds a way to bury deep within us and remind us of our own stories. Nick is running this show this week and opens with a story about love, loss, and the Bb concert scale. Next, Elizabeth Sweetly tells us about how music seemingly haunted her until she came to grips with the realities of her own life. Finally, Jessi Broughton tells us about how music brought her best friend into her life - twice. We also speak with neuropsychologist Dr. Amee Baird about her research into music and memory. So, put on a stupid grin and let’s get to listening. GUESTS <span style="fon
17/11/201539 minutes 33 seconds
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34: How To Make It (Quality) w/ The Black List's Franklin Leonard

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” That’s Steve Martin’s advice for anybody looking to be successful. We hear some form of this idea from countless actors, musicians, athletes, scientists: Do good work. This week, we attempt to unpack what “good work” truly means. We’re talking about “quality” - specifically as it pertains to situations where we are looking to break into a particular profession, get a promotion, or create a successful product. In those situations, doing “good work” requires us to understand what is expected in a given space and then be able to create it ourselves. Joining us in this conversation is Franklin Leonard, the founder of The Black List. We also hear from author and speaker Jon Gordon, and receive some emails from the author of The Martian, Andy Weir. Oh, and we talk about getting struck by lightning. Don’t ask, just listen. GUESTS Franklin Leonard Website: www.blcklst.c
10/11/201540 minutes 29 seconds
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33: Handle With Care (Words)

Each day, roughly 205 billions emails are sent, 3.5 billion Facebook messages are posted, and 40 million tweets are shared. In short, we are talking, texting, tweeting, and chatting at a very high rate. But in this process of sharing so many words - both in speed and quantity - we ask: Do we treat words with the same care we once did? And, do we ever stop to truly consider their power? We also ask: What if the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” wasn’t always true? What if, in our modern times, it’s the opposite? Our conversation starts with the first of Don Miguel’s Four Agreements; then we take a ride through some of the stories that have elicited reactions online and offline over the past 4 months; and, lastly, we go back a decade to hear a story about Nick and his Mom, including an interview with Nick’s mom herself, Barbara Jaworski.   * * *   Be a pal and LEAVE AN ITUNES REVIEW! K? Thx. Connect with the show on Faceboo
03/11/201537 minutes 27 seconds
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32: Let’s Go Exploring! (Curiosity) with Invisibilia's Lulu Miller

Lulu Miller of NPR’s Invisibilia joins us this week to talk about curiosity. Well, she really wanted to talk about adventure, exploration, and discovery; but for reasons we discuss in the show, Brett just couldn’t let curiosity go. Simply by asking, “What is curiosity?”, we find ourselves confronted with another whole set of questions: How curious are you? How do you measure it? Could one believe they are curious, and then discover they’re not? Could curiosity be something different than you think? Plus, we tip our hat to the great comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, which debuted 30 years ago this November and rode off on a toboggan 20 years ago this December. <span style="font-weigh
27/10/201540 minutes 39 seconds
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31: Back to The Road Not Taken (Choices) - Robert Frost meets "Back to the Future"

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Robert Frost’s classic poem, The Road Not Taken. Also, October 21, 2015 has become known as Back to the Future Day because it is the exact date that Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Jennifer travel to in the movie, Back to the Future 2. Now, if you look at both of these works - The Road Not Taken and Back to the Future 2 - they might seem vastly different! But, beneath the surface, both works examine the idea of choice. This week we dig deeper into Frost’s poem and discover that many people - including ourselves - have misunderstood its meaning. We lean on some insights from columnist David Orr and his new book, The Road Not Taken: Finding America in the Poem Everyone Loves and Almost Everyone Gets Wrong. And we also talk about hard choices through some powerful ideas from Ruth Chang’s TED Talk on the same subject.<
20/10/201531 minutes 46 seconds
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30: The Devil You Know (Procrastination) w/ Mark Manson

Listeners asked and so our second season premiere covers a topic that everyone struggles with: Procrastination. Unfortunately for Brett and Nick, life quickly began to imitate art when they found themselves caught in their own web of procrastination to get the episode finished. Brett and Nick ask: Why do we put things off? Why do we avoid them? And, if procrastination is just a symptom of something larger, then what are its sources? For answers, Brett turns to writer and blogger, Mark Manson. Mark shares some thoughts from his insightful article, “Everything You Wanted To Know About Procrastination But Were Too Lazy To Figure Out”. Was Mark able to set Brett right? Will they cure their own procrastination and make it to the end of the episode? Will Nick stop playing Mario Kart? Stay tuned. * * * Guest: Mark Manson Website: <a href= "http://w
13/10/201539 minutes 14 seconds
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29: A New Type of Hustle (Stillness) w/ Kyra Maya Phillips

For the past couple of years it seems like one of the biggest buzzwords in business and entrepreneurship is “Hustle”. And most of the messaging around hustle is about “go, go, go!” - harder, faster, stronger, more. But what if that’s not the whole story? What if hustle is also about slowing down, pausing, and being still? And what if it is in that stillness that the best hustlers are made? In this episode, we discuss this concept with Kyra Maya Philips, co-author of the book The Misfit Economy -- which was named by The Telegraph, Tech Republic, and The Huffington Post as one of the Top New Books to read in 2015. We also bring in lessons from the life of convict-turned-entrepreneur, Duane Jackson. We also hear some wise words from writer and traveler, Pico Iyer. Lastly, we receive some widsom from author and activist, Lynne Twist. When it is all said and done, you may be left with a new idea of how to “Do The Hustle”. (Just in time for the 40th ann
28/07/201539 minutes 37 seconds
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28: Please Leave a Message (Meaning) w/ Teri Griege

Whether we realize it or not, day after day, we’re asked to make meaning out of our experiences. Why did something happen? What does it mean? What kind of person am I? The kinds of meanings that we pull out of these moments will have a huge influence on how our lives take shape. In this episode, Brett and Nick grapple to make meaning for themselves. Also, Nick speaks with Teri Griege - triathlete, cancer survivor, and author - about living and succeeding with cancer and how others derive meaning from her experiences. Lastly, we hear from a couple of listeners outside of North America! (Still no France.) Guest: Teri Griege Website: and Twitter: JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting the
21/07/201530 minutes 37 seconds
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27: How to Get a Grip (Control) w/ JJ Virgin

Much of life is out of our control. Often we are in situations where our level of control is small, but the impact of not having control is potentially large. And these moments can challenge our character, hamper our forward progress, or just be incredibly frustrating. This week, we talk about how you can grasp control from the hands of defeat. How you can stay proactive in these situations where you have little influence, and by doing so, learn how to increase your influence in seemingly impossible situations. To understand these ideas in action, we hear a powerful story from celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin. Her story shows how this approach to control can literally save a life. Also, the host of the Entrepreneurs & Coffee podcast, Brendan Hufford, shares some of his thoughts. And we announce The 42 Project - a chance for our creative listeners to share their inspirations, promote themselves, and inspire others.<
14/07/201534 minutes 56 seconds
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26: Once Was Lost (Movement)

Two stories separated by two years. Two moments moved by music. Have you ever felt lost? Ever found yourself stuck in a moment where you look outside of yourself for answers? Or where an answer came from outside - even when you weren’t looking? Throughout history music has played the role of the catalyst for everything from our individual lives to the direction of our societies. This week we explore that role - from the micro to the macro - through two vignettes. The first, a personal moment of struggle for Nick, and the second, Brett’s personal experience of a national moment of struggle. Each informing the other in some way, and linked by through the themes of music, being lost, and finding hope. JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting the word SMOKE to 66866, or go to our website ( DOWNLOAD & LISTEN directly from iTunes he
07/07/201532 minutes 28 seconds
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25: Walk This Way (Observation) w/ Alexandra Horowitz

What if you could be more satisfied your life? Strengthen your problem-solving skills? Raise your awareness and intuition? Change your attitude about things you dislike? Be more creative? More innovative? Enjoy waiting in lines? And what if the power to affect all these things could be attained in the simple, yet powerful, process of a walk? This week, we do something a little different for our 25th Episode of Where There’s Smoke. We invite you to take a walk with us. We are joined by Alexandra Horowitz, author of On Looking, as we literally walk a few blocks of New York City - exploring the power of paying attention and observation to change our lives. Guest: Alexandra Horowitz Twitter: @DogUmweltWebsite: JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting
30/06/201541 minutes 5 seconds
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24: Call To Action (Wisdom) w/ PhilosophersNotes' Brian Johnson

Who do you consider wise today? Does anyone immediately come to mind? This week we explore the unexpectedly complex question: What is wisdom? Additionally, we discuss the state of wisdom today and how we can foster more of it in our world. Also, Nick & Brett pick themselves up from France’s rejection and reach out to all of our listeners outside of North America. And our headlining act for today’s episode is PhilosophersNotes’ founder, Brian Johnson. Brain is a reader, writer, teacher, and lover of wisdom, who is on a mission to optimize his life and the lives of others. Guest: Brian Johnson Website: / Twitter: @_Brian_Johnson JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting the word SMOKE to 66866, or go to our website (<a href= "http://www.wheretheressmoke.c
23/06/201536 minutes 40 seconds
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23: Believe It or Not (Gratitude) w/ Matthew Goldfarb

Today’s episode opens with a story about fathers and, yet, the show is just as much about mothers, grandparents, teachers, and friends as anything else. We explore several important moments to uncover the true meaning of gratitude and how we can best practice it in our lives. Also, Brett has a vulnerable conversation with Corporate Renegade founder Matthew Goldfarb and Nick shares how you can be a part of the Where There’s Smoke team. Plus details on our upcoming meetups in Toronto, Vancouver, and New York City. Guest: Matthew Goldfarb Twitter: @MattsGoldfarb Website: JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting the word SMOKE to 66866, or go to our website ( DOWNLOAD & LISTEN directly from iTunes here
16/06/201536 minutes 33 seconds
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22: Be Seen (Vulnerability) w/ Bobby Umar

Superman can’t lead for sh*t. That was a playful title in the mix as we crafted this episode on vulnerability. As you listen, you will start to understand what that means, and how vulnerability feeds creation, fuels innovation, dissolves barriers, and expands presence. This week’s episode is an exploration of vulnerability -- why it’s scary, how we can re-frame it, and why the world so desperately needs it. And four times TEDx speaker and a man know for heart based connection in networking, Bobby Umar, joins us in the second half of the show. He shares a story that exemplifies vulnerability, both in its details and his willingness to share it with us. Guest: Bobby Umar Twitter: @RaehanBobby Website: JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting the word SMOKE to 66866, or go to our website (<a href= "h
09/06/201534 minutes 17 seconds
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21: How To Make A Change (Behavior) w/ BJ Fogg & Jason Lassner

The road to frustration is paved with good intentions. Most of us can relate to having an experience, a conversation, taking a class, reading a book, listening to a podcast - and something grabs your attention. Sometimes it can feel like a 2X4 to your forehead. And you think, “I need to make a change!”, “I am going to start doing that!”, or “I’m going to stop doing that!” But then, contrary to our good intentions and certainty in the moment, we don’t follow through. Why? What happens? This week we are exploring behavior change and providing you with important insights to better understand how to motivate and facilitate change in your life. We are joined by two experts in the field of psychology. BJ Fogg, whose focus is on creating habits to affect change; and Jason Lassner, who looks at how to sustain change once we’ve made it. Guest: BJ Fogg Websites:
02/06/201538 minutes 57 seconds
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20: How to Create (Process)

To get from Point A to Point B - there is always a process. Sometimes it's intentional and other times it just happens. Some aspects of that process may be effective and, ultimately, help an endeavor succeed. Other steps in the process can actually be a hinderance; and slow down or derail, even the best of intentions or ideas This week on Where There’s Smoke - for our 20th episode - we sifted through hours of Voxer messages and Skype chats, along with countless text messages and emails, to unpack the making of one episode of Where There’s Smoke. Specifically, last week’s episode on Values. And in this process we will analyze the process of process. What are some key elements that successful creators have implemented throughout the centuries? What do you most need to be aware of? What can serve you - and what can sink you? *Remember* to leave an iTunes Written Review for your chance to win free coaching from Brett, fre
26/05/201532 minutes 4 seconds
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19: A Step in the Right Direction (Values) w/ Chalene Johnson

REMEMBER to leave an iTunes Written Review for your chance to win free coaching from Brett, free consulting or editing from Nick, or a 30-second spot on the show. * * * Values guide our every decision, whether we are aware of it or not. And they also have the power to align our character, attract others to us, and impact our ability to influence. This week on Where There’s Smoke we dig into values; share some examples of how they drive decisions; define what values are, how you recognize them, and why identifying yours is so important. Then, author and entrepreneur Chalene Johnson joins Nick and Brett in a conversation about values in action, and the discuss what you the listener can do to positively shift your mindset around values today. Guest: Chalene Johnson Website: Twitter: 
19/05/201535 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

18: The Best Way Out (Experience) w/ Bassam Tarazi

Experience. It’s more than Jimi Hendrix’s band. It is the thing which shapes and sculpts us throughout our lives. It is the process by which wisdom and mastery are created. This week on Where There’s Smoke we explore the value of our experiences. We dig through our desire for instant gratification to discover that perhaps it just isn’t that gratifying. And we have a conversation with author and explorer Bassam Tarazi on why 3rd gear should be sexier. Also, we have a favor to ask you - the listener. It’s easy. It will make a huge difference. And we are even offering some awesome incentives in return. Remember to leave a review on iTunes for your chance to win free coaching from Brett, free consulting or editing from Nick, or a 30-second spot on the show! Guest: Bassam Tarazi @Bassam
12/05/201536 minutes 57 seconds
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17: The Way It Is? (Taste) w/ Dr. Robert Woody

Taste. What’s good? What’s bad? People often come guns blazing with their opinions on things - whether it be music, movies, art, food, or drink. But where do these ideas come from and why are they so deeply ingrained? This week on Where There’s Smoke we talk taste. Producer Nick Jaworski joins Brett as co-host this week and shares a story involving Canada’s top selling recording artist, the United States Air Force... and soap. And after exploring many influences and interactions of taste, we talk to Dr. Robert Woody from the University of Nebraska. He expands on taste as it relates to fandom, and teaches us about “burging” and “corfing”. Guest: Dr. Robert Woody Dr. Woody’s Blog: Psychology Today:
05/05/201535 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

16: Get A Move On (Community) w/ Jeff Utecht

Community is a living organism - it’s always changing. And while it once only existed in a physical place, now it can also exist in just space. Technology has helped communities to evolve and become global. As Nick and Brett both leave Northern California for separate destinations, we explore what community is, why it matters, how we embrace it, and also... how to let it go. We also talk to international educator, Jeff Utecht, to discuss the evolution of communication technology, how we adapt to change, and what’s next? Guest: Jeff Utecht Learn more about Jeff at Also: and Twitter: @jutecht JOIN our MAILING LIST by
28/04/201534 minutes 26 seconds
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15: Are You In or Out? (Moments) w/ Kevin Carroll

Life is a series of moments and, these days, many people struggle to do two things - fully experience and fully capture their moments. And it turns out, doing both might be impossible. In this episode, we explore our modern tendency to use our smartphones to document everything around us. Then, we look to uncover a solution to more effectively live our moments and manage our memories. We also talk to author and speaker, Kevin Carroll, to explore the power of play and how we can be more curious and present in the moments of our lives. Guest: Kevin Carroll Learn more about Kevin at Twitter: @kckatalyst JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting the word SMOKE to 66866, or go to our website ( DOWNLOAD
21/04/201536 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

14: Tomorrow Never Knows (Beginnings) w/ Hal Elrod

There is a saying, ‘It’s not how you start that matters, but how you finish.” But what if how you finish is, in fact, dictated by how you start? Hard to say more than that without giving something away. Miracle Morning creator and author, Hal Elrod, joins us in the second half of the show to provide an almost foolproof method to start your days as your best self - present, grounded, focused, grateful, learning, and energized. Guest: Hal Elrod Learn more about Brad at Join the Miracle Morning Community on Facebook at Twitter: @HalElrod LIKE our Facebook page: <span id= "docs-internal-guid-663bbe48-b6
14/04/201537 minutes 11 seconds
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13: Know Fear (Courage) w/ Brad Axelrad

Is fear really the only thing we have to fear? In this episode we seek not to define fear, but to understand it - and, in turn, to get a better grasp on its antidote - courage. We have a conversation with consultant and speaker Brad Axelrad on the five specific fears that may be stopping you from creating your success. And Brett has a special Birthday wish…   Guest: Brad Axelrad Learn more about Brad at Twitter: @BradAxelrad JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting the word SMOKE to 66866, or go to our website ( DOWNLOAD & LISTEN directly from iTunes here: <a href= "
07/04/201536 minutes 31 seconds
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12: Can You Feel It? (Success) w/ Brendan Hufford

Success. Most people say they want it, and yet few know what “it” is to them. Ask most people what success means to them, and they aren’t sure. In this episode, we give you a new perspective to contemplate success - by starting with “feeling”. And we borrow an idea from a “President of the Internet” to help you define it. We then have a conversation with Entrepreneur and Podcaster, Brendan Hufford, about what one psychologist called a “significant predictor of success” and how we can create that for ourselves. Guest: Brendan Hufford Learn more about Brendan at listen to his podcast, Entrepreneurs & Coffee Twitter: @BrendanHufford If you dig the show, please take a moment to
31/03/201537 minutes 55 seconds
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11: Why Do You Ask? (Questions) w/ Chris Marcell Murchinson & Dr. Kelly Werner

Why do we ask questions? What power do they have? And how can they help us create and shape our businesses, relationships, and lives? What would it sound like to take an exploration into the world of questions? Could we start with some famous movie quotes? Perhaps steer into historic moments? And maybe dig into: Why do we ask questions? What stops us from asking them more often? How can we strengthen our questioning skills? If I told you that your question asking skills may have peaked at 3 years old, would you listen? How do we incorporate two guests into the show? Would you be excited to hear from HopeLab’s Chris Marcell Murchinson and clinical psychologist (and game creator!) Dr. Kelly Werner? What if they share specific questioning tools we can use to accelerate connections and build authentic communities in our businesses and our lives?  Guests: HopeLab’s Chris Marcell Murchinson and Dr. Kelly Werner<
24/03/201535 minutes 15 seconds
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10: Don’t Jump! (Bias) w/ Bassam Terazi

Thinking, Fast and Slow would be a great name for your mind, if it were a professional wrestling duo in the ‘80s. It is also the title of a 2011 best selling book by psychologist Daniel Kahneman which analyzes the dichotomy between two modes of thought – Intuition (System 1) and Reasoning (System 2). This week we use the Internet as a springboard to start a conversation about how quickly we can jump to conclusions - both online and offline. We dig into our cognitive biases, which can often lead us astray in the art of decision-making, and we make note of the need to surround ourselves with people who can help us check and balance all of this. Along the way we get a splash of Anchorman, a hat tip to early 90s SNL, and hear wise insights from Daniel Kahneman himself. We close by having a “dinner conversation” with author, entrepreneur, and traveller, Bassam Terazi -- who brings it all home.   Guest: Bassam Tarazi <p dir="lt
17/03/201536 minutes 51 seconds
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9: This Changes Everything (Caring) w/ Milton Mayeroff

Love is the still the killer app. No matter how much we innovate our strategies and advance our technology, all great leaders will tell you that caring is still at the heart of success. This week, we explore powerful concepts like kindness and support, while honoring the life of Stuart Scott - a man who practiced both habits throughout his life. We also look to tombstones for some wisdom, and explore the “philosophy of life in a nutshell” with Milton Mayeroff (“On Caring”). In our final act, we look at how lives get shaped by the actions of others, and introduce the concept of #PivotalForces. Who are the people who have positively changed the trajectory of your life? How can you thank them in a way that inspires others? A very special thanks to Dave Powers for appearing in this episode. Want to show your support for the podcast? Then please take a few minutes to RATE AND REVIEW THE SHOW ON ITUNES AND S
10/03/201533 minutes 16 seconds
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8: Fish Out of Water (Attitude) w/ Will Bowen

"Fish discover water last” is a French Proverb. It’s meaning is that when we are completely immersed in something, we are oblivious it is there. It is only when are pulled of it, that we can see how immersed we were. This week we leap off a viral rant by Gary Vaynerchuk and discuss the state of criticizing, complaining, and gossiping in our workplaces, our lives, and our world. What’s really going on? What are the costs? Who’s paying them? And what can we do about it? We have a powerful conversation with Will Bowen, the founder of A Complaint Free World. He tells us the five reasons why people complain and we challenge you to use one solution to rid yourself of all of them. Also, we not only answer last week’s question of “Who’s Listening to Us in Ghana?”, you actually get to meet him in a cool (and old timey) “Listener of the Week” segment. Guest: Will Bowen Learn more about Will at <a hr
03/03/201533 minutes 45 seconds
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5B: A Problem With Positive? (Visualization Revisited)

Welcome to the first “extrasode” of Where There’s Smoke. These are quick episodes we produce between our full Tuesday episodes when we feel that we’ve got something to say. This week, we received an email from a listener in New Jersey commenting on our visualization episode and asking about the risks of being overly optimistic.   Leaping off a New York Times article he provided, and weaving through articles in Forbes & Scientific American, we pass through a TED Talk, and end up realizing that “knowing is half the battle”.   JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting the word SMOKE to 66866, or go to our website (   DOWNLOAD & LISTEN directly from iTunes here: If you dig the show, please take a moment to rate & review it on iTunes. Join our mai
27/02/20157 minutes 57 seconds
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7: There You Are (Empathy) w/ Kevin Hall

The Breakfast Club was released into theaters 30 years ago this month. John Hughes’ classic is about five teenagers who spend a Saturday in detention and realize they are more than their respective stereotypes. As with most Hughes movies, the themes and lessons are still very relevant today. So, what can we learn from The Breakfast Club that we can apply into our lives and businesses? In this episode, we weave through the ‘80s, dip our toes into the ‘90s, and end up in the present day discussing different modes of empathy - their benefits and costs. We finish in a “truthbump” conversation with author, speaker, and word nerd, Kevin Hall.   Guest: Kevin Hall Learn more about Kevin at Connect with Kevin at JOIN our MAILING LIST by texting th
24/02/201536 minutes 57 seconds
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6: Who Are You? (Stories & Influence) w/ Ty Bennett

Stories are built into our DNA. For thousands of years they have shaped cultures, religions, and whole civilization. And they may just be the answer to the age-old question, ‘Who Am I?’ In this episode of Where There’s Smoke, we explore the power of stories - their ability to help you influence others and the role they play in defining you. We weave through scientific studies, TED Talks, and documentaries; as well as doing flybys of Mad Men, Seinfeld, Frankenstein, The Princess Bride, and others. Oh, and curious about the story of Where There’s Smoke itself? Who’s behind it? How did it start? Why? Well, we’ll give you a glimpse into that, too. And we finish on a fantastic interview with author and speaker Ty Bennett, where we provide even more tangible insight and strategies for you to apply.   Guest: Ty Bennett Learn more about Ty at www.
17/02/201536 minutes 3 seconds
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5: How Does It End? (Visualization) w/ Matt Mayberry

Imagine if you knew how something was going to end, before it started? How much more effective would you be? How much more confident?  In this episode we leap off of Malcolm Butler's post Super Bowl interview to uncover the power of preparation and visualization in life and business. How does what we think and do prior to an event dictate our success during the event? You’ll find out in this episode, along with a great conversation with ex-NFL linebacker and current performance expert, Matt Mayberry. Guest: Matt Mayberry Get motivated and inspired by Matt at DOWNLOAD & LISTEN directly from iTunes here: Join our mailing list by texting SMOKE to 66866, or by visiting our website. <p di
10/02/201532 minutes 7 seconds
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4: What’s the Meaning of Life? (Happiness) w/ Laura Delizonna

Sure, we could have layed up like David Simms at the US Open for Episode 4, but we’ve got too much Roy McAvoy in us. So, we are charging forward and tackling one of the biggest questions of all, “What’s the meaning of life?” The episode starts with a question from a 6-and-3/4-year-old boy, veers through Monty Python, Douglas Adams, and Tony Robbins and ultimately lands not a place, but a perspective. We end the show talking to positive psychologist Laura Delizonna, and she helps us to understand what happiness really is, and it’s benefits in the workplace and in our lives.   Guest: Laura Delizonna Find out more about Laura Delizonna at DOWNLOAD & LISTEN directly from iTunes here: If you dig the show, please take a moment to rate & review it on iTunes. You can also go to <a href= "h
03/02/201531 minutes 51 seconds
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3: On Time is Late (Accountability) w/ Sam Silverstein

In this episode, we put Tom Brady forth as the main character in a show about accountability. This may ruffle the feathers of non-Patriots fans, and disengage non-sports fans; but if both can keep an open mind, we believe you will get great value. This episode will take you from Tom Brady, to comedian Mike Birbiglia, to a viral blog post by a recruiter in Australia, and through one of the best movie speeches of all-time. In the end, author and speaker Sam Silverstein joins us and you will be left with no more excuses for creating accountability in your life and business. To find out more about Sam Silverstein, visit For complete show notes, including a list of all audio clips and references, visit  Join our mailing list by texting SMOKE to 66866, or visiting <a
23/01/201530 minutes 47 seconds
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2: People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel (Appreciation) w/ Dr. Paul White

Tomorrow, January 28, is the 29th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. In this episode, Brett shares his memories of where he was when he found out, who told him, and how he felt. What it is about certain events that causes our memories to be so visceral, while others seem impossible to recall in any detail? We will weave through the words of Maya Angelou, a Boston College psychology study, Tiger Woods, and Monet; to end up in a conversation with Dr. Paul White on how we can authentically appreciate people, create more influence with them, and build cultures that work. To learn more about Dr. Paul White, visit For complete show notes, including a list of all audio clips and references, visit  Join our mailing list by texting
23/01/201530 minutes 26 seconds
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1: The Like Button IS the Dislike Button (Listening) w/ Courtland Warren

We launch Where There's Smoke into the atmosphere with an exploration of one of the hardest, and most valuable, skills in life to master - listening. The episode starts with a question: "How would Einstein have fared in today's comment culture world?" From there, it veers through the chatter in our brain, Facebook HQ, Mariah Carey, and The Wizard of Oz. Lastly, we speak with Courtland Warren for guidance on the questions we can be asking ourselves, in order to better be hearing others. Find out more about Courtland Warren at For complete show notes, including a list of all audio clips and references, visit Join our mailing list by texting SMOKE to 66866, or visiting our website. <p dir
23/01/201533 minutes 40 seconds