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Where Did the Road Go?

English, Poems/Stories/Readings/Story telling, 1 season, 123 episodes
Every week, we talk about various subjects that are off the beaten path, interviewing various authors and researchers to delve deeper into what really makes up our reality.
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AMA Show - May 4, 2024

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Saxon/Super_Inframan to discuss questions sent in by patreons. Topics include the role of geographical place in paranormal phenomena, a subtle/energetic world as a counterpoint to the physical world, the Myrtle Plantation and Chloe- a ghost of a non-existent person, ley lines and hot spots, ritual as an activator of the paranormal, the Islamic hajj to the Kaaba in Mecca, portals, Seriah’s and a listener’s experiences with deceased loved ones, existence after death, dream encounters, a video game analogy, reincarnation, Meher Baba, Filis Fredrick, immediate experiences after death, the bardo in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Seth material, blue light experiences, the Yogic blue pearl, chakras and kundalini, modern-day new age scammers, Chris’s crystal healing experiences, Jeff Ritzmann’s crystal experiences, the ancient origins of Shamanism, full Indian Yoga tradition vs Americanized commercial yoga, all-time best episodes, Patrick Harper, Jeff Ritzmann, Brothers of the Serpent, Aaron Gulyas, Mike Clelland, Timothy Renner, Josh Cutchin, James Elvidge, “The Universe Solved”, Robert Shoch, Steve Mera, Steph Young, the difficulties of travel, world-wide fascinating sites, the Ellora Caves, the alleged Bosnian pyramid, the “Trap Street” podcast, cave paintings in France, the “dragon man” skull found in China, Andrew Collins, Denisovans and autism, ancient types of humans and interbreeding, Gunung Padang, the band “Fields of the Nephilim”, Jeremy Vaeni, a weird perception of light in a dark room, future experiences, Seriah’s UFO encounters, difficulties of recording the paranormal, purposes of mystical experiences, thirty years of “Last Exit for the Lost”, forgotten life experiences, Seriah’s autobiography, and much more! This is a truly enjoyable wide-ranging conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Sick Fantasy by Vrangvendt Download
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A Strange Little Place: Part 1 - April 27, 2024

Seriah is joined by author, researcher, and podcaster Brennan Storr to discuss the weird events in his hometown in Canada. Topics include continuing stigma around witnessing the paranormal, a strange fireball, geographical hot spots, the human need for narrative, Brennan’s podcasts, film and society, solar activity and psychic phenomena, scientific skepticism vs materialist debunking, the cross-cultural and historical endurance of the paranormal, different types of NDEs, the subtle world, the Kevin Bacon film “Stir of Echoes”, an overnight stay in the Lizzie Bordan house, graveyard issues, the TV show “The Good Place” and a real afterlife, an encounter with an apparition, a haunted courthouse, a strange dream that seemed like time travel, Fae legend, a possible trip to the land of the dead, shared dream geography, the varied nature of dreams, a bizarre dream involving aliens in disguise, encounters with mysterious workers who have no discernible project, a Russian urban legend of a missing passenger train, a Spanish family’s encounter with very strange people, Ouija boards in the Lizzie Bordan house, John Keel and mysterious camera flashes, both Seriah’s and Brennan’s weird light flash experiences, liminality and the paranormal, Brennan’s bizarre youthful experience in a hospital, the strange nature and history of the color blue, a group of sailors and a mysterious shadow, military experiments with hypnotic healing, “Among the Stars and Bones” podcast, the placebo effect, hypnotic regression, a trance experience with the higher self, missing persons, a strange connection with Pennsylvania and an old school house, a dream and the song “Solsbury Hill”, haunted Route 100, the Revolutionary War battle of Brandywine, past life memories/déjà vu, “Sobering Coincidence” book by David Paulides, the smiley face killers, retired NYPD detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, a flash-frozen victim, a fascinating encounter with a remote viewer and the circumstances of an unsolved murder, and much more! This is a riveting conversation on numerous very interesting topics! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is by Pandora's Lunchbox with John Henry has a Hammer, and the White Man is a Mountain. Download
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Gef the Mongoose! - April 20, 2024

Seriah is joined by Mat Festa and Roejen in a deep dive into the bizarre events surrounding Gef, a self-described talking mongoose in an isolated region of the UK in the 1930’s. Topics include the “Project Archivist” podcast, “Paratopia” with Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni, the book “Gef! The Strange Tale of an Extra-Special Talking Mongoose”. by Christopher Josiffe, the Isle of Man, poltergeist activity, trickster behavior, “woo” Bigfoot encounters, family stresses and paranormal phenomena, investigators and their interactions with the family, outside witnesses of a mysterious small animal, rock throwing, urination by Gef, tulpas/thought forms, Gef’s various explanations for his identity, hoax allegations, Fae activity, the Malk- a Faerie cat, Roejen’s childhood experiences with a bizarre black dog, the movie “Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose” and its serious flaws, the difficulties with photographic proof of the paranormal, self-negating evidence, investigators Harry Price, Hereward Carrington, and Nandor Fodor, the personal nature of paranormal experiences, “The Dreams in the Witch House” short story by H.P. Lovecraft, Gef’s apparent psychic abilities, attempts to make plaster casts of his footprints, the film “Late Night with the Devil”, Gef as a cryptid, Joshua Cutchins, Fae as an explanatory concept, similarities with Mothman, forensic testing in that era, alleged photographs of Gef, present day fakery on video, “The Excluded Middle”, and much more! This is riveting conversation on a fascinating series of incidents! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is by Pandora's Lunchbox with John Henry has a Hammer, and the White Man is a Mountain. Download
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Listener Stories: Bigfoot, Lights, Dreams, and more - April 13, 2024

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst, Saxon/Super_Inframan, and author, visual artist, editor, podcaster, magical practitioner, and experiencer Barbara Fisher for a roundtable focusing on listener stories and vintage news reports. Topics include anomalous lights, the energetic body, Wilhelm Reich, Peter Robbins, Rendlesham, a deer hunter’s encounter with Bigfoot in upstate New York, the practical difficulties of Sasquatch as a purely natural animal, an experience with Big Foot in Ohio and making a report to the BFRO, an encounter with sounds in a cemetery, the difficulties of recording the paranormal, a listener story of unexplained intense light in the bedroom, Seriah and Jeremy Vaeni’s experiences with weird nighttime lights, the falling back to sleep phenomena, John Keel being mistaken for the Devil in rural West Virginia, sleep paralysis, Seriah’s instant sleep paralysis experiences, the “Gateway Tapes”, a CIA report on using weaponized astral travel, recurring locations in dreams, a bizarre dream experience involving Saxon and Barbara, Saxon’s dream meetings with his late father, reincarnation/multi-incarnation, Saxon’s experience with the spirit of an ex-girlfriend’s father, Jeff Ritzmann and his family, an act of kindness by Jeremy Vaeni, a pre-mortem dream encounter with an elderly relative, a veteran’s unknowing conversation with a deceased neighbor, categories of dreams and sleep phenomena, a bizarre attack by birds as an omen, “The Bright Sessions” podcast, a weird violent dream set in a real-life location that leads to emotional progress, dream egos and DMT entities, right vs left brain experiences with the paranormal, a 1906 observation of a winged flying woman, an old newspaper report of fireballs during a storm, a vintage Australian report of “shadowy light”, a huge fireball witnessed by many for an extended period of time (and its ludicrous debunking explanation), thousands of buzzsaw-like spinning wheels of fire in the sky, and much more! This is some fascinating, free-flowing conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Pretty Little Head from Eliza Rickman Download  
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Wandering the Road with Saxon - April 6, 2024

In a rather unique episode, Seriah records live the conversations he has with Saxon AKA Super_Inframan as they travel to and from the house where Jane Roberts channeled the Seth material, and on to the Connecticut Hill cemetery. Topics include a friend of Saxon’s experiences with Indigenous/First Nations ceremonies, entheogenic plants, the Seth house, Chris Ernst, Jack Huntington, the Fox sisters, Spiritualism, the paranormal and the pressure to perform, Uri Geller, Ingo Swann, the Trickster element and fakery, channeling and the filtering process, Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni on “Paratopia”, the lack of deception in the Seth material, “Our Undoing Radio” podcast, monetary cost and valuation by the public, “Behind the Bastards” podcast, the Project For the New American Century and a statement foreshadowing 9/11, conspiracy and disinformation, apparent quiet censorship, “Wind of Change” by the Scorpions, Nina Simone and the CIA, government agencies influencing and manipulation, aviation journalist Alex Hollings, advanced military projects, the Tic-Tac “Go Fast” video, government disclosure and its dilemmas, hacker Gary McKinnon and classified material from NASA, Walter Bosley, the world of intelligence officers and operatives, Richard Doty, Paul Bennewitz, the difficulty of discerning informational value, internet medical searches, Seriah’s experiences with diabetes and eye doctors, kundalini energy and its effects, a New Year’s Eve kundalini encounter, Chris Ernst’s documentary on WDTRG “Magicians Long to See”, the Apple TV series “Constellation”, the tour of the Seth house and noticeable perceptions of energies, the project to restore the house as a historical place, Carlos Castaneda, Jane Roberts’ motives and interactions with Seth, the process of questioning one’s own experiences, a personal encounter from Seriah, divination and repeating questions, the human instinct toward pattern recognition, testimony vs proof, the lack of scientific rigor in paranormal investigation, Jeff Kripal’s analogy of the paranormal and a book, re-enchanting the world, dogmatism attracting the Trickster, free will and multiple dimensions, the vastness of the universe, alternative lifetimes under different circumstances, the Connecticut Hill Cemetery, head injury and concussion stories, and much more! This a series of fascinating, free-flowing discussions! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Stever with Black Guard Download
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Robert Guffey Part 2 - March 30, 2024

Seriah continues with Robert. Topics include programs to find/develop psychic youth, Whitley Strieber’s book “The Secret School”, “The Psychic Battlefield: A History of the Military-Occult Complex” by W. Adam Mandelbaum and “The Men Who Stare at Goats” by Jon Ronson, a bizarre psychic encounter with a high-clearance military officer, the militarization of psychic phenomenon, an individual without foresight, social effects of isolation on young adults, speculation on military supplements, the experiences of “Damien” of “Chameleo”, homelessness vs targeting, Seriah’s encounter with an electronic cuckoo sound and a visual distortion bubble, the so-called Mandela Effect and its counterpart, strange memories of drones, the films “They Live” and “Earth vs the Flying Saucers”, a strange experience with a tree being shaken by an invisible entity, differences in eye-witness perception of paranormal experiences, Barry Taff, a physical attack during a séance and its perceptions, Terence McKenna’s book “True Hallucinations”, paranormal phenomenon being imitated by high technology, the shadow biosphere, intelligent life in forms very different from human, the book “Solaris” by Stanislaw Lem, alien-like beings in surrealist art, Aleister Crowley and John Dee and an alien-like entity, John Keel and the New Journalism movement, Keel’s “The Eighth Tower”, and Keel’s personal papers, “The Coming Global Superstorm” book by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber, Wilhelm Reich, Trevor James Constable, cloud buster machines and UFOs, Ken Thomas and Steamshovel Press, orgone energy, comic artist Jack Kirby, William S. Burrough’s grave, an incident with an object pursuing a police helicopter, David Letterman’s interview of John Keel, “Strange Magazine”, Mark Chorvinsky, a Keel article in an academic journal, various “Devil’s Footprints” incidents around the world, Charles Fort, Cormac McCarthy and “Blood Meridian”, Fortean influences on mainstream culture and art, copyright issues and the paranormal, David Paulides and a strangely-developed photograph, J. Allen Hynek’s son Joel and Hollywood, infrared light and cameras, advanced electronic military camouflage in Ukraine and Israel, high-tech camo and the Geneva Convention, Richard Schowengerdt’s recognition by the U.S. Navy, VICE News hesitancy to cover “Chameleo”, the public resume of the NCIS agent involved with the stolen night vision goggles, Robert’s other works of fact and fiction, and much more! This is some fascinating conversation with one of the top WDTRG guests of all time! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Avi C. Engel with Ladybird, What's Wrong? Download
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Robert Guffey Part 1 - March 23, 2024

Robert Guffey, author of Chameleo returns to the show to talk about some of his other work, update us on Tech that may have been used in Chameleo, and we get deep into the subject of dreams... This is part 1 of 2 Outro Music is Seth Faergolzia's Multibird with Raven. Download
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Nymza with Walter Bosley - March 16, 2024

Seriah is joined by Walter Bosley to discuss his latest book “NYMZA: How America Sold Its Soul”. Topics include Charles Dellschau, the Sonora Areo Club legend, a German-heritage breakaway civilization, Peter Navarro, pre-Wright brothers flying machines, allegations of pre-U.S. Civil War flight experimentation, outsider art, the Nazi Bell stories, WWII technological experiments, counter-gravity, Igor Witkowski, a mercury-based motor idea, Nazi wonder-weapon fictional stories and frauds, Ernst Zundel, “Lightning” by Dean Koontz, a Polish intelligence officer’s story, Kecksburg crashed UFO/space craft, ancient Vedic scriptures, “The Thousand Year Conspiracy” by Paul Winkler, Teutonic knights, Junker-class Prussians, Joseph Farrell, Operation Paperclip, post-WWII military-industrial complex, medieval origins of Prussia and a unified Germany, David Icke and the Society of Lizards, influence espionage, modern-day lobbying, Otto von Bismarck, “Web of Debt” by Ellen Hodgson Brown, causes of the U.S. Civil War, the assassination of Lincoln, greenback dollars, the Federal Reserve, the JFK assassination and silver certificates, the Anunnaki, the Chaldeans, Zachariah Sitchin, lost advanced civilizations, reptilian beings, the late 1800’s airship mystery, a possible Civil War-era secret military project, Solomon Andrews, Colonel Samuel Tillman, UFO phenomena, a hidden civilization, humans from other planets, pre-Apollo voyages to the moon and Mars, Nikola Telsa, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Oliver Heaviside and gravito-electro-magnetics (GEM), “Celeritas” podcast, the absence of airships in WWI, a theory on Roswell, Air Force history, the Mercury Program, UAP disclosure movement, Tartarian historical denialism, moon program secrecy and disinformation, Apollo astronauts’ strange behavior, U.S. moon-landing dry runs, the Cydonia region of Mars, continuing NASA secrecy, MK Ultra, a trojan horse invasion of the U.S., the Golden Bull of Rimini (a decree issued by Emperor Frederick II), and much more! This is some fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Dark Desire from Vrangvendt Download
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The Seth House - March 15, 2024

This is the tour and interview at The Seth House in Elmira. I also included an audio version of the interview. We will be doing more with them. This is where Jane Roberts channeled most of the Seth material. They are a non-profit and restoring the house and making it a museum of sorts. You can find out more at Download
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Demons and Goetia - March 9, 2024

Seriah is joined by Amber, a self-described witch who resides in Noccalula AL. Topics include history, religion vs spirituality, The Satanic Temple (TST), separation of church and state, Anton LaVey, self-responsibility and accountability, pop culture demons, “The Darkening Age” by Catherine Nixey, “The Myth of Persecution” by Candida Moss, “Lords of the Left-Hand Path” by Stephen Flowers, Lucien Greaves, left-hand and right-hand spirituality, philosophies around the world, psychic energy imbedded in the land, biodiversity, the “desert fathers” in early Christianity, Hypatia of Alexandria, the evils done by humans, ancient Rome, crimes of the Christian Churches, the documentary “Satan Wants You”, the 80’s and 90’s Satanic panic, hypnotic regression, cosmic morality, definitions of evil, hidden knowledge, Gnosticism, Cathars, light-bringers, sundown towns, Ku Klux Klan activity, the Vulgate (Latin) Bible, typology of demons, Goetic entities, ceremonial magick, Aleister Crowley, a high school scandal and its aftermath, a complicated situation with a former friend, boundaries in personal relationships, intervention by spirits, internal vs external encounters, atheism vs materialism, one-off monsters, anecdotal experiences, humanoid beings, angels, the “Tower 4” podcast, dream walking/astral projection, an intense lucid dreaming experience, the owl totem, omens, Walter Cruttenden, binary star system theory, Seriah’s intense experience with an offer of knowledge, electric universe theory, simulation theory, “The Universe Solved” and “Digital Consciousness” by Jim Elvidge, “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot, , liminal places, a video game analogy, digital vs analog reality, an encounter with a human-sized black cat being and a fascinating alternate reality, experiences with a “Bell Witch” entity, the Bell Witch legend, a strange singing experience, ghost cats, Coby Michael and occult herbalism, an intense dream experience with a massive black wolf, and much more! This is a truly unique conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Everyone Talks about the Weather by Lightning in a Twilight Hour Download
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Discordianism and Church of the Subgenius - March 2, 2024

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and author and researcher Adam Gorightly to discuss Discordionism, its origins, and its influences on society. Topics include the Illuminati, Kerry Thornley, Greg Hill, Lee Harvey Oswald, D.A. Jim Garrison, the goddess Discordia, order and chaos, Principia Discordia, public-domain publishing, Jonathan Vankin, U.S. Marine Corps, socialism, communism, the book “The Idle Warriors”, the Warren Commission, Wittier CA, New Orleans LA, Grace Zabriskie, Gary Kirstein, Slim Brooks, 1950’s/early 60’s Beatnik milieu, JFK assassination, counter-culture, groovy packs, Robert Anton Wilson, Playboy magazine, anarchism, “jakes”, the book “Oswald”, Operation Mindfuck, John Birch Society, Alan Chapman, Clay Shaw, anti-LGBTQ conspiracy witch hunt, the three tramps in Dallas, E. Howard Hunt, paranoid schizophrenia, the Inside Edition TV interview, Barbara Reid, Thornley/Oswald cloning theory, the books “The Illuminatus! Trilogy”, Loompanics publishing, esoteric Nazism, the Necronomicon, Ann Marjory Camron, the book “Wormwood Star the Magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron”, Greg Hill and computer programming, Bank of America, hacking and Easter eggs, Bavarian Illuminati, Nesta Webster, John Robison, anti-communism, anti-Semitism, theories that the CIA introduced LSD to the counter-culture, Atsugi U.S. Navy base, “Behind the Bastards” podcast, “Who Killed JFK?” podcast, U-2 pilot Gary Powers, Oswald as intelligence agent, two-Oswald theories, the book “Harvey and Lee” by John Armstrong, Rob Reiner and Soledad O’Brien, the book “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker, George H.W. Bush and the JFK assassination, “The Devil’s Hour” TV series, Church of the Subgenius, Adam’s book “The Prankster and the Conspiracy”, Ivan Stang’s book “High Weirdness By Mail”, slack, the J.R. “Bob” Dobbs avatar, the alternative music group Negativland, audio sampling, the Burning Man festival, Roland Barthes’ theory of semiotics, the commodification of Che Guevara’s image, Sondra London, culture jamming, AI and future chaos, Adam’s books, and much more! This is an absolutely fascinating discussion that goes all sorts of places! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Sickhoose with SJR.The song can be found on Spotify under Diablo Sickhoose) Download
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The Cave of Bones with Bernie Taylor - Feb 24, 2024

Seriah is joined by naturalist, author and archeoastronomer Bernie Taylor to discuss prehistoric hominids, ancient cave art, and misinterpretation. Topics include “Homo Naledi”, the Rising Star cave system in South Africa, paleoanthropologist Lee Berger, Netflix series “Cave of Bones”, Gorham’s cave system in Gibraltar, cave art, peer review in academia, the stoned ape theory, Neanderthals, UNESCO, hashtag markings, misinterpretation of cave art, George Schaller, Masai giraffes, the journeys of ancient nomadic peoples, Ffyona Campbell, the ancient zodiac, Plato, Atlantis, prehistoric trade routes, Jebel Musa image of Moses, the strait of Gibraltar, Jebel Irhoud Morocco remains, evolution, taking ancient artifacts into space, the role of profit and ego in archeology and other sciences, National Geographic, lost ancient societies, Gobekli Tepe, cultural interactions between the “old” and “new” worlds, Netflix series “Bodies”, earlier and earlier dates in paleontology and archeology, purposes of cave art, David Lewis-Williams, shamanic ritual in caves, light deprivation, Gram Hancock, downsides of psychedelics, Animism, pareidolia, dogma in science and pop culture, Altamira cave system in Spain, Pablo Picasso, Francisco Franco, Spanish Civil War, fundamentalist Catholicism, the ancient Iberian peninsula, flaws of Egyptology, and much more! This is a fast-paced, information-packed conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Deya Dova with Hollow Bone Download
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Was Saturn Our Sun? - God Star Part 1 - Feb 17, 2024

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Super Inframan AKA Saxon to discuss the book "God Star" by the late Dwardu Cardona and related complimentary and contradictory theories. Topics involve the hypothesis that Saturn was once more like a sun and Earth orbited it before being dragged into its current solar system, the accuracy of ancient astronomy, comparative mythology between Egyptian and Greek deities, Osirus vs Dionysus, classical-era comparative mythology, ancient Greek historians Herodotus and Plutarch, colonialism and racism, a universal collective of unconscious knowledge, ideas and inventions emerging from different sources, cross-cultural folklore, the precision of oral tradition, the procession of the zodiac, memory vs writing, the use of memory palaces, referencing vs understanding, emojis, context and idiom in language, mathematics as a language, "Lost Knowledge of the Imagination" by Gary Lachman, the god Ra, possible ancient appearance of the sun as green, Scott Creighton, the great pyramid, Saturnian cults, world-wide catastrophe, Robert Schoch, ancient plasma formations, solar outbursts, different appearances of the sky, recorded history of unusual astronomical events, David Levinson, different values and definitions of evidence in different fields of science, ancient Babylonian descriptions of Saturn as the Sun, Ambrosius Theodosius Macrobius, Immanuel Velikovsky, Helio vs Sol, ancient Roman cult of Sol Invictus, Roger Wescott, forming rates of gas giant planets, comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in 1994, Dogan and other African traditional beliefs, "Electric Universe" by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, the myths of an ”immovable sun”, the phase-locked orbit of the Moon around Earth, Saturn as a fixed sun in various cultures, gods and planets, a possible polar alignment with Saturn, the 2007 film "The King of California" starring Evan Rachel Wood and Michael Douglas, a global bulge at the north pole, mytho-historical and mytho-religious records, mistranslations, tidal forces, Earth’s crust and a gravitational pull from Saturn, satellite geographical evidence, the actual shape of the Earth, C. Leroy Ellenberger, huge amounts of silty “muck” in the arctic, the ubiquity of darkness and massive water in creation stories, “purple dawn”, Neanderthals as apex predators of humans, and much more! This is wide-ranging, fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell Outro Music is Dave Peckett with Run Away (A version of the song can be found on Spotify under Diablo Sickhoose) Download
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Charlie's Ghostly Encounters - Feb 10, 2024

Seriah is joined by experiencer C.L. Steip. Topics include the Georgian Bay area of Ontario Canada, Lake Heron, a bizarre childhood nighttime visitor, a childhood encounter with an apparent Black-Eyed Kid, early adulthood haunting experiences, paranormal encounters vs IRL human dangers, a possible Wendigo incident in the Algonquin national park, the Oz effect, Seriah’s unpleasant hike in a marsh, paranormal investigations and vivid nightmares, a poke while sleeping, UFO sightings, shadow people and terrifying dreams and night terrors in a specific house, a strange experience involving the family cat, an entity in the bed, an apartment no one can seem to stay in long-term, the question of whether negative energy is created or drawn to certain locations, a disturbing experience while hiking with a child and a green “monster”, recurring nightmares of being possessed, a heavily-industrialized city, whistling phenomenon, geographic areas that seem to send out negative psychic “vibes”, smiley face drawings and time dilation while on a trail, experiences while meditating, kundalini energy, OBEs, the 2012 film “Safety Not Guaranteed”, a triangular UFO craft coming out of the water of Georgian Bay in Lake Heron, advanced military projects, Serah’s youthful experience with military exercises, a story of a shape-shifting UFO, a CE-5 meditation encounter, the complexities of the Phenomena, the “Hellier” series, co-creation, ghost hunting TV, EVPs and their causes, spirit boxes, the Estes method, visualization as a non-universal ability, lucid dreaming, false awakening from dreams, gender identity and liminality, and much more! This is fascinating first-hand witness reporting and discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Das Brute with Call of Thunder live on The Last Exit for the Lost Download
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UFO History 2023 with Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas - Feb 3, 2024

For this now-traditional (and beloved) annual UFO history episode, Seriah is joined by Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas. Topics include Joshua Cutchin’s new novel, Mike’s new novel, H.P. Lovecraft, strange owl experiences, ten-foot-tall “shadow aliens” invasion of a Miami mall, Christopher Bledsoe Sr.’s book “The UFO of God”, strange encounters with Bledsoe, three-letter federal agencies, Jim Semivan, To The Stars Academy, foreknowledge of “disclosure”, recurring UFO/UAP experts, David Grusch, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, Sean Kirkpatrick, problems with evidence, hysteria and obsession in the disclosure movement, the “Who Killed JFK?” podcast with Soledad O’Brien and Rob Reiner, government secrecy and presidential inaction, Stanton Friedman, Rick Hilberg, limitations of learning about UFOs on the internet, Richard Doty, disclosure and enchantment, society’s changing attitude toward UFO phenomena, Jason Colavito, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, James Dean, Rob Halford, George Knapp, Jeremy Corbell, Jacques Vallee, the book “Trinity”, Robbie Graham, the books “Silver Screen Saucers” and “UFOs: Reframing the Debate”, Steven Spielberg and Ronald Reagan, Mystery Science 3000, Kenn Thomas and Steamshovel Press, the books “Maury Island UFO” and “JFK & UFO”, Fred Chrisman, the “Janus Descending” podcast, superficial content in current ufology, an ex-CIA agent and an encounter with a giant owl, George Noory, Robin Lassiter and her book “earth: a love story”, Suzanne Chancellor, first time guests from the previous, Mike’s book “The Unseen”, a bizarre foreshadowing of a romantic relationship, the NASA UAP report, Richard Hoagland, the Brookings Report, the Old Navy retail conspiracy and hyper-dimensional physics, NASA esotericism and secrecy, the face on Mars, Ian Punnett, UFO Tarot Deck, Red Pill Junkie, Susan Demeter, true goals of government disclosure activities, and much more! This is an absolutely fascinating discussion by some true experts in the field! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is UFO by One-Eyed Doll Download
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11th Anniversary with Josh Cutchin and Tim Renner - Jan 27, 2024

For this very special 11th anniversary episode, Seriah is joined by Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner. They focus on answering questions submitted by patreons. Topics include early history of WDTRG, paranormal origin stories, Coast to Coast AM, Kenneth Ring, UFOs and NDEs, Charles Fort and the process of time, the underground music scene, progress in understanding of the phenomenon, the status of repeat experiencers, the cross-over between Bigfoot/UFO/poltergeist/etc. experiences, Paul Kimbal, high strangeness, dream logic, a bizarre “alien” encounter from Peru in the 1950’s, predictions for the future of Fortean research, “Where the Footprints End”, weird experiences surrounding Bigfoot sightings, Stan Gordon, Loren Coleman, Cryptomundo, wilderness poltergeist phenomenon, W.T. Watson, Gettysburg battlefield, places that seem to attract violence and tragedy, Devil’s Den, self-generation in paranormal phenomena, the Other’s resistance to rules and being pinned down, psycho-kinetic energy, Louis Proud, spontaneous human combustion, expectations and experiences, geography and energy, Paul Devereux, a personal experience for Josh, Site 7, anomalous rock throwing, vocalizations and responses to requests, Minerva Monster, Enfield poltergeist, “Alice Isn’t Dead” podcast, encounters in Delaware, Fae disclosure, possibilities of UFO disclosure, government psyops and cover-ups, the ontology of the UFO, an undiscovered bear in India, Robert A. Heinlein’s concept of “grokking” , spiritual psychosis, avoiding obsessions, synchronicities, moderation in paranormal research, Jeff Ritzmann, Terence McKenna, Guillermo del Toro, Jeremy Vaeni, the paranormal as a shamanic path, the limits of language, the book “Stranger in a Strange Land”, future projects going into the new year, and much more! This conversation is every bit as fascinating as anyone would expect! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Whirring World from Psyche Corporation Download
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UFO's, Ghosts, and High Strangeness - Jan 20, 2024

Seriah is joined by Sacha Christie and Colin Kerris, two experiencers from the UK with some fascinating recollections. Topics include an encounter with dancing ghosts, retro-causality, an optical illusion, an attempted crime, a childhood memory of an acorn-shaped UFO, abductee video diaries, Sacha’s “Paranormal Instigator” YouTube channel, odd UFO encounters and the difficulties of video, paranormal encounters and their personal meaning, space brothers beliefs, “alien abduction” experiences, reptilians, a bizarre encounter with an entity and a fellow abductee, a weird incident during a meditation exercise, a haunted bedroom and an invisible attacker leading into a reptilian abduction experience, an odd incident with a seagull, another person’s dream simultaneous with an abduction experience, an encounter shining a flashlight into the sky and being answered by an orb, poltergeist activity, the importance of challenging whether paranormal experiences have mundane explanations, Malcolm Robinson’s book “The Sauchie Poltergeist”, an abduction experience involving humans, a shamanic interpretation of abductions, trauma from paranormal encounters, problems in the UFO community, indigenous cultures and processing the unexplained, a childhood NDE, multiple types of non-human intelligent beings, a bizarre incident with a green laser, light therapy, the “Magmell” fiction podcast, encounters with the apparitions of deceased relatives, a disturbing apparition at a Scottish castle, neurodivergence and DMT, an psychedelic-like encounter with strange entities while suffering food poisoning, a psychic download, Seriah’s experience spontaneously receiving information that prevented a car accident, a youthful incident with a bizarre voice on a blank cassette tape, strange entities appearing during sleep paralysis, EVPs and various explanations, an intense experience while ghost hunting, commonalities in paranormal phenomena, psy research, a bizarre experience with a clown, unconscious pk energy, Sacha escaping a haunted house with her kids in the middle of the night, and much more! These are some very interesting people with fascinating stories to tell! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Whirring World from Psyche Corporation Download  
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The Paranormal Year in Review 2023 - Jan 13, 2024

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junky, Saxon, and Chris Ernst to discuss the paranormal highlights of 2023. Topics include the Chinese balloon incident, UAP disclosure, David Grusch, hoaxed alien bodies presented to the Mexican congress, alleged aliens at a Miami mall, a meteor and alleged aliens in Las Vegas, stories of strange entities invading a Peruvian village, jet packs, secret government technology, conspiracy theories, Havana Syndrome, corporate legacy programs, non-human biologics, Catherine Austin Fitts, government waste, drones, multiple motives for cover-ups, the Osprey military aircraft, the Iraqi sky jellyfish video, Jeremy Corbell, George Knapp, Jason Colavito, Avi Loeb, strange metal balls in Papua New Guinea, a theory of extraterrestrial probes, Corey Goode and an alleged secret space program, “The Secret of Oak Island” TV show, the Knights Templar, unknown history, a lost city in Ecuador, recently re-discovered ancient civilizations in the Amazon, ancient super-soil, a confusing AI-written paper, AI manipulation of photographs, the difficulties of correctly interpreting history and artifacts, unexplained ancient metal objects, Robert Temple, sophisticated fire-starting lenses in ancient times, the Antikythera mechanism, an AI-assisted battery invention, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” movie, positive and negative uses of AI, Sam Altman and OpenAI, inventor Dean Kamen and the Segway, illusions about AI sentience, the Rob Reiner and Soledad O’Brien podcast “Who Killed JFK?”, “The Creator” film, David Grusch, Tom DeLonge, the Sol Foundation, factions in government and media, the UFO narrative/agenda, Lockheed-Matin, Marty Garza, fusion technology, Leslie Kean, Ralph Blumenthal, Ross Coulthart, NewsNation, Red Pill’s theory on the timing of certain news stories, and much more! This is a fascinating, wide-ranging discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Psyche Corporation with Whirring World Download
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Seth and Jane Roberts: Part 2 of 2 - Jan 6, 2024

Part II. Seriah is once again joined by Chris Ernst, Jack Huntington, and Matt Festa for a continuing super deep dive into the Seth material. While this is a further focused episode, the discussion is still wide-ranging. Topics include an academic paper “Problems of Seth’s Origins”, Jane Roberts’ three non-Seth books on psychical interpretations of three famous painters, past-life regression and historical figures, cryptomnesia, coordination points, portals, fixed events in history, the return of Christ, a video game analogy, the Oversoul, alternate selves, the film “Everywhere All at Once”, the concept of the multi-verse, the TV show “Lost”, the film “No One Will Save You”, Jane Roberts’ personal experience while channeling Seth, the soul-structure of Seth/Jane/Robert, transparency, Robert Shock, Edgar Cayce, the “Seth II” entity, non-linear time, Jane’s previous incarnation as “Rupert”, Carl Jung, Jane Roberts’ educational level, an incident involving Jane Roberts predicting the future pre-Seth, varying quality of channeled material, trans-personal psychologist Arthur Hastings, Norman Friedman, an Islamophobic comment by Jane Roberts, genius and muses, telepathy, psychic testing, possible debunking explanations and their flaws, the Dead Sea Scrolls and symbols, creation and art, practical health advice from Seth and Feng-Shui, the upstate New York “Burned-Over District”, Lord Byron, Carlos Castenada, opinions of the validity of the Seth material, and much more! Despite being a specific show, this a widely varied conversation, full of fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music: The Living Room with Pretty Good for a Failure Download
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Seth and Jane Roberts: Part 1 of 2 - Dec 30, 2023

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst, Jack Huntington, and Matt Festa for a super deep dive into the Seth material, a large collection of channeled communications from a discarnate entity named Seth to a woman named Jane Roberts and transcribed by her husband Robert Butts between 1963-1984. While this is a focused episode, the discussion is still wide-ranging. Topics include Ouija board experiences, attempts at debunking, the material ringing true and being very different from most channeled content, a psychiatrist involved with MK Ultra investigating the Seth phenomena, the mechanics of Near Death Experiences, a ground-breaking study of NDEs by a skeptical surgeon, a scholarly paper offering multiple explanations for the material, differences between Buddhist and Vedantic understandings of reincarnation, multiple lives as an actor playing different roles, time as a necessary illusion, multiple realities, co-creation, the differences between personalities and higher selves and “the entity”, spirit creating matter, non-physical evolution, theosophy, the mechanics of reincarnation, a soul choosing to sub-divide and reincarnate as a dog, the nature of “God”, the possible explanations of the Seth material including Jane’s subconscious, testable predictions by Seth, ancient lost civilizations, lost continents, the discovery of ancient texts in caves, portal areas, The Last Exit for the Lost music show, “A Murder at the End of the World” TV series, coordination points, the consciousness-first model of reality, UFOs and the subconscious, J.Z. Knight and Ramtha, false apocalypse predictions, Depok Chopra, Marianne Williamson, “The Secret” belief system, New Thought, the concept of the multiverse, Carl Jung, shadow work, retro-causality, the “Mandela Effect”, a future understanding of religion and spirituality, an alternate concept of Jesus Christ, predictions of psychic contact with alien life, Christ Consciousness, the effects on people of learning of previous incarnations, the film “Powder”, lost history and esoteric Christianity, ancient oral traditions world-wide, and much more! While a targeted episode, this conversation is riveting and wide-ranging! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Devo Spice with On New Year's Eve Download  
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Shadow People, Poltergeists, and an Owl - December 23, 2023

Seriah is joined by Brittany and Jonathan, hosts of the podcast “Strange Stories with the Seeker and the Skeptic”. Topics include different approaches to understanding the paranormal, youthful experiences with bizarre voices and phone calls, a haunted house experienced by other people, youthful encounters with poltergeist-type activity, small shadow animals, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, a years-long series of related dreams, mindfulness, reading in dreams, a visitation from a departed relative, Reiki practice and experiences, activity happening or not happening depending on who is present, an intense shadow person encounter, the Dark Man in ritual magick, synchronicities and paranormal research, a shadow hand experience, a strange encounter with shadows at a friend’s home, liquid darkness, theories of time and other universes, emotional energy, Daryl Bem psy researcher at Cornel University, Jeffrey Kripal, an experience with poltergeist activity and emotional intensity and a disco ball, the Akashic Records, channeling, spiritual energetic healing, angels, archetypes and Pagan gods/goddesses, spirit guides, predestination vs free will, changing timelines, an analogy involving a 3-D object in a 2-D universe, an incident of automatic writing and an accurate prediction, a mystifying pre-cognition, “Twin Peaks”, “Hellier”, Allan Greenfield and the ”The Secret Cypher of the Ufonauts” book, the “Penny Royal” podcast, a download of inspiration, ferreting out fake stories, the scientific establishment and meteors, ancient knowledge of the atom, “The Last Exit for the Lost” music show, the film “Dream Scenario” with Nick Cage, actual skepticism vs debunking, isolation vs a holistic approach to the paranormal, an encounter with a strange entity repeatedly by the side of the road, a childhood encounter with a small entity, human souls sold for ten dollars each and correlating life circumstances, Diamond Dallas Page a former pro wrestler who teaches yoga, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and a t-shirt, changing religions as a child, the “Rock Talk” radio show with Allan Handelman, Coast to Coast AM, self-reflection and questioning of beliefs, manifestation, a “Twin Peaks” Tarot deck, the Chris Ernst documentary “Magicians Long to See”, intense Tarot experiences, and much more! This is some fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is by ænorex with The Animals Understanding of Nothingness Download  
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The Forest Poltergeist with Travis Watson: Part 2 - Dec 16, 2023

Seriah is joined by Travis Watson for a continuation discussion of his latest book “The Forest Poltergeist” and numerous related subjects. Topics include struggling with brevity and detail as a writer, the Olive Hill incident, Class B encounters as defined by the Big Foot Research Organization (BFRO). Colin Wilson, William G. Roll, repeated spontaneous psychokinesis, tree structures, poltergeists rearranging the furniture, a common pattern in the intensity of poltergeist activity, hoaxing, flaps in various paranormal phenomena, the siloing of the paranormal investigation community, misinterpretation of activity, a knocked over picture of Jesus Christ, the Black Monk case, phenomena responding to expectations and being intentionally provocative, unexplained indoor pools of water, dancing furniture, disappearing eggs from a refrigerator, bizarre smells, a poltergeist leaving tracks, an encounter with an apparent dead person leaving footprints, Sasquatch activity vs poltergeist activity, stone throwing, the Enfield case, Guy Lyon Playfair, “This House Is Haunted” book, an incident involving Spiritists and a poltergeist in Brazil, Allan Kardec, an incident of a bizarrely moving stone, apports, disappearing and re-appearing onjects, Seriah’s experience with a weirdly behaving stereo system, woven nests attributed to Sasquatch, a young girl covered in heavy furniture, a theory of paranormal entities being energy anomalies, three-toed tracks, Lyle Blackburn, “LIZARD MAN: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster” book, looking for footprints as a vintage ghost hunting technique, the Devil’s Footprints incident in the UK, the Devil’s Horse’s Hoofprints phenomenon in North Carolina, the Bell Witch, the film “Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose”, Geoff the Mongoose, mundane vs high strangeness Sasquatch encounters, BFRO database, the practical limitations of a flash and blood Big Foot, Hawaiian hairy primates, vocalization and mimicry, Catherine Crowe, “The Night Side of Nature” book, an unseen talking entity in the 1600’s, the Sierra Sounds, a Canadian soldier encountering what sounds like foreign speech, “Apparitions” book by G.N.M. Tyrrell, a Victorian landlord’s encounter with a bizarre sound and a deceased tenant, Steve Savedow and a Goetic magickal summoning gone wrong, the Oz Effect, Jenny Randles, missing time/time distortion with Sasquatch, and much more! Travis brings a ton of facts and examples supporting the thesis of his book, in a fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Pretty Little Head from Eliza Rickman Download
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The Forest Poltergeist with Travis Watson - Dec 9, 2023

Seriah is joined by Travis Watson to discuss his latest book “The Forest Poltergeist” and numerous related subjects. Topics include research rabbit holes, psychic research, Animism, the concept of the wilderness poltergeist, class B Sasquatch encounters, Big Foot Research Organization (BFRO), the paradoxes of flesh and blood Sasquatch, Eric Ouellet’s book “Illuminations: the UFO Experience as a Parapsychological Event”, apports, the Enfield poltergeist case, the Black Monk haunting, loud sounds some people hear and others do not, a mysterious set of tracks in the snow in the UK, unexplainable pools of water, Sasquatch footprint casts, tree structures, Timothy Renner, an incident involving Bigfoot and a ghost, the “silo” effect in paranormal research, stone throwing, “Monster Quest” TV show, Guy Lyon Playfair, Spiritism, a poltergeist case in Brazil, Dogman, Linda Godfrey, the Black Stone Gap case in Canada, Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinetic Activity (RSPA), apparitions, wandering bits of consciousness, expectation and perception, one-off monster sightings, an encounter with a humanoid aquatic creature in Canada, the Loveland Frogman, the ubiquity of poltergeist activity in paranormal experiences, PK energy and mass sightings, energy lines connecting sacred sites, foxfire and will-o-wisps, earth energy, Mike Clelland and shamanic initiation, spirit animals, familiars, alcohol and its lack of hallucinogenic properties, Jeff Meldrum, Sasquatch track casts, most common experiences in a Class B encounter, wood knocking, tree shaking, strange smells, poltergeist activity compare/contrast with Sasquatch activity, bias in anthropology, the art of tracking, Colin Wilson, sulfur/brimstone, Loren Coleman, lake monsters, “Old Gods of Appalachia” podcast, Oz Effect silence, Jenny Randles, apex predators, a UK UFO experience involving strange silence, Carlos Castenada, magickal practice, consciousness and brain-wave states, Watson’s personal experiences in the Superstition Mountains, zones of fear, poltergeist sounds vs animal sounds, tree structures, poltergeist moving objects around and altering their environment, Olive Hill poltergeist case, William G. Roll, Lloyd Auerbach, furniture structures, fear and perception, a bizarre experience with eggs in the refrigerator, poltergeist disappearing/reappearing objects, a reporter hit with a lego, a 1980’s UK poltergeist encounter with multiple repeated witnesses, and much more! This is focused but riveting conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Worm Quartet with "A Worm Quartet Christmas" Download
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Mandela Effect, Tulpa's, and Kundalini Dec 2, 2023

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Tillie Treadwell. Topics include roman numerals, Mandela Effect/Retconning, Star Wars, quantum science, retro-causality, a vanishing scar, paranormal counseling, kundalini energy, feats of recovery by Indian yogis, strange bruising/absence of bruising, Seriah’s bizarre out of body experience, the origin of the name “Seriah”, the film “Gateways to Magonia”, orders vs requests, workplace cultures, human nature vs transcendence, consciousness and multiverse timelines, Seth materials, scrying, the Kozyrev mirror, Wren Collier, psychic devices, Seriah’s strange barn experiences, black mirrors, abandoned buildings, “Backrooms” online, the unique experiences of being awake in the middle of the night, the film “Miracle Mile“, the enjoyable vibe of not being connected, the book “God Star”, Saturn as first Sun theory, story-telling vs written cultures, Wal Thornhill, internet culture vs gatekeeping, the book “The Invisible Gorilla”, human memory and its flaws, the TV show “Dark Matter”, dealing with trauma, Lifewave therapy patches, Saxon and electro-magnetic healing, use and misuse of the term “quantum”, the podcast “Small Town Horror”, the radio show “Last Exit For The Lost”, Wilhelm Reich and Orgone energy, Peter Robbins and a Reichian cloud buster at Rendlesham, consensus reality and NPCs, alternate explanations for haunted houses, energetic empathy and visits from beings, contagious paranormal experiences, the paranormal as created by the subconscious mind, thought forms/tulpas, multiple explanations for ghosts, enchanted Christmas trees, evergreen lore, language and its limitations, and much more! This is a fascinating, unique discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is by Darwin with Night of Swords Download  
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Wandering with SuperInfraSaxonMan - Nov 25, 2023

Seriah is joined by Saxon for a wide-ranging discussion. Topics include a study on false memories, the human mind’s tendency to complete narratives, high strangeness, a weird encounter of Seriah’s, John Keel, Woodrow Derenberger, an early experiment on the flaws of memory, Frederic Bartlett, “War of the Ghosts”, Marte Otten, short-term memory experiments, memory illusions, the brain as filter, deer vs human eyesight, African cattle farmers with thirty shades of the color brown, color-blindness and extra color vision, Chinese Whispers, a study involving communication between Autistic and non-Autistic people, an evolutionary biological explanation for Autism, trauma and perception, the brain fog of long covid, Jason Pargin, trauma as the Devil, life experiences and emotional distress, a listener story about encountering a bizarre object, Saxon’s youthful experience with a fireball, various forms of hairy man phenomenon, a theory about consciousness and perception, David Weatherly, a plantation ghost of a person who never existed, Keith Linder, the Seattle Demon House, an apported Bible, author Michael Marshall Smith, Seriah’s experience with Tim Renner in Gettysburg, differences between experiences and recordings of those experiences, memory and perception, record-keeping and recollection, creativity and the collective unconsciousness, Jason Pargin AKA David Wong’s dismissal of the paranormal, hallucination vs experience, shadow people, Seriah’s encounter with the Evil Corn Monkey, the movie “The Creator”, Patrick Harper and the imaginal realm, experience vs interpretation, sleep paralysis, Louis Proud, Saxon’s experiences with shadow people, the future of video recording, perception vs reality, the disappearance of privacy, Pargin’s views on religion and philosophy, fear of the paranormal, discomfort with uncertainty, apocalyptic predictions, Heaven’s Gate cult suicide, government disclosure, technology for the ultra-rich, and much more! This is some fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Dead Harrison with Monolith Lord Download
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UFO's and the Paranormal with Marty Garza - Nov 18, 2023

Seriah is joined by Marty Garza, a former World Champion and Hall of Fame Monster Truck driver and engineer, with decades of experience as a paranormal researcher. Topics include The Snake Brothers, Whitley Strieber, the evolution away from nuts-and-bolts Ufology to a more holistic view of the phenomena, multiple interpretations of similar experiences, government disinformation since the 1940’s, cross-overs between different phenomena, false binary choices in paranormal belief, poltergeist activity, Luis Elizondo, UAPs, the paradox of ex-government personnel revealing top secret information without consequences, the U-2 flights in the 1950’s, an analogy between human interaction with dolphins and the abduction phenomenon, one-off monsters, “Survivorman” Les Stroud’s paranormal encounters, Timothy Renner, combined paranormal experiences, Jacques Vallee, reporting biases, the “hilltop graph”, one-time vs repeat experiencers, unexplained voices, personal encounters with the unknown, a youthful experience of Marty’s, a Whitley Strieber anecdote involving a fireball and a visit from a dead loved one, the film “Witness to Another World”, the Gulf Breeze 7 incident, contactees and false prophecies, Dorothy Martin, the group she led into expecting a mass alien landing, John Keel, misleading predictions, Gray Barker, MIB, Bernhard Schwartz, cattle mutilations, Black Eyed Kids, shadow people, Hatman, Black Cloud phenomenon, Djinn, paranormal sensitivity, Gary Nolan, the difficulties of inter-species communication, light phenomenon and poltergeist activity, the difficulties of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, Steven Greer, Fae Folk, the Last Exit For The Lost radio show, Mike Clelland’s first novel, Joshua Cutchin, psyops, an analogy involving the Great Wall of China, J. Alan Hynek, Graham Hancock, Ancient Aliens, shamanic experiences, religious origins, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, mushrooms, ayahuasca, the Book of Enoch, plasma intelligence, orbs, alleged ball lightning, Aleister Crowley and ball lightning, Ray Hernandez, an episode of “Ghost Hunters”, a personal experience of Seriah, a paranormal content provider on social media, “The Conjuring”, Skinwalker Ranch, Timothy Good’s book “Alien Liaisons”, bizarre encounters at a western ranch, Jeff Ritzmann, Blind Frog Ranch, strange black boxes in a place in Colorado, green fireball sightings in the 1950’s, boron-fueled aircraft, Lockheed-Martin and nuclear fusion, the Space Defense Initiative of the 1980’s, and much more! This is some absolutely fascinating material! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is 50 Dollar Dynasty with Gone Download
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UFO's and the Paranormal with Seriah and Marty on Brothers of the Serpent

From the Snakes Description; "We are joined on this episode by Marty Garza, guest and researcher from the UFO series, and Seriah Azkath, host of the excellent podcast Where Did the Road Go, for a full length roundtable discussion on the topic of UFOs. We start with the current state of things in the UFO/UAP subject, then the conversation morphs into a much more broad discussion on the nature of the phenomena itself." Find The Brothers of the Serpent at YouTube or online at Download
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The Unbinding and No One Will Save You - Nov 11, 2023

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie to discuss, primarily, the films “The Unbinding” and “No One Will Save You”. Topics include Greg and Dana Newkirk, the “Hellier” series, Tyler Strand, a cursed object, social media and instant communication, director Karl Pfeiffer, Slavic neo-Paganism, the difficulties of recording paranormal activity, a broken Crucifix, demons vs Pagan entities, Santeria, a Ukrainian-American community in upstate New York, the band Zeal & Ardor, racist/fascist infiltration of the paranormal community, the Estes Method, 3-D scanning, Jeff Ritzmann, a strange incident in Gettysburg PA, interactions with goddesses, the graphic novel “The Invisibles”, John Lennon, the Church of Maradona, weird experiences of Latin American archeologists, magick and ritual, Reddit, crop circles and the strange experiences of artists who make them, the nature of hoaxes, Australian saucer nests, aliens vs demons, the films “Independence Day” and “District Nine”, Area 51, Bob Lazar, the various species of reported aliens, the Hopkinsville goblins, mantids, altered states of consciousness, Josh Cutchin, Whitley Strieber, Bud Hopkins, poltergeist activity, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, 1970’s era films, Michael Marshall’s novel “Bad Things”religious themes in “No One Will Save You”, a significant Renaissance painting, angels vs demons, the uncontrollability of UFOs, UAPs and cancer, morality between species, humans vs insects, Seriah’s encounter with a hornet, M. Night Shyamalan,, the film “Signs”, faith, different interpretations of events, the series ”Invasion”, the 1980’s TV series “V”, lack of motive for extraterrestrial invasions, Zachariah Sitchin, visitors’ quest for novel experiences, fiction and experimental thought, Joshua Cutchin’s novel “Them Old Ways Never Died”, and much more! This is a fascinating conversation with an all-time favorite guest, not to be missed! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Clockmen with White Whale Download
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Wandering Turkey with The Snake Brothers - Nov 4, 2023

Seriah is joined by the Snake Brothers to discuss, among other things, their recent investigations in Turkey. Topics include heavy metal music and its psychological effects, Gobekli Tepe, Graham Hancock, tourism, an interactive experience for visitors, early archeology vs current archaeology, the disastrous earthquake and flood in Turkey, Turkish museums, Karahan Tepe, a massive pile of modern-style gravel with things hidden in it, the Giza pyramids, unexplained ancient construction, Uncharted X, preservation of ancient important artifacts, purposes for hiding ancient secrets, the “Derelict” and “Fathom” fictional podcasts, “The Dresden Files” podcast and TV series, the Biblical Nimrod vs bad king Nimrut Dagi, assumption of tombs vs evidence of hidden chambers, the “Stone Hills” and buried sites, megalithic stone circles, midden mounds, T pillars, fertile soil atop barren mountains, occupation layers, archaeologist Jens Notroff, the difficulties of dating ancient structures and materials, ancient iconoclastic actions, evidence of ancient sophisticated construction including advanced mathematics and blueprint scaling, pillars that resemble giant mushrooms, archeologist Martin Sweatman and the zodiac, generational knowledge and lost civilizations, the books “Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits” and “Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick” by Jason Pargin AKA David Wong, local Turkish farmers vs ancient megalithic structures, Egyptology, Pre-Pottery Neolithic A (PPNA) artifacts, misinterpretation of pillars, archeologist Klaus Schmidt, the story of a farmer who found an ancient artifact, a site older than Gobekli Tepe, a site of mass production of food in pre-historic times, ancient water management, Andrew Collins, astroarchaeology, and much more! This is a riveting deep dive into some fascinating material! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Fifty Dollar Dynasty with Our Immortality Download
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Wandering the Road - Oct 29, 2023

Seriah is joined by Saxon and Vincent Treewell. Topics include Seriah’s strange experience with everything having a blue tint, the concept of resonance in magick and psy practice, Sara Lee Black, an experience with color resonance, an experience with a flash of light and a dog, John Edmunds who claimed to have killed alien greys with a sword, the Star Dust Ranch and a real estate ad for it, the books “The Wisdom of Wyrd” and “The Real Middle Earth” by Brian Bates, Irving Kirsch’s method of hypnotic priming, inducing a trance state, Allen Greenfield, a team of scammers repeatedly trying to hoax alien bodies in Latin America, Nazca mummies, John Greenewald, Jaime Maussan, the monetization of hoaxing, content vs background noise, clickbait, streaming media, AI generated video content, deepfake technology and its consequences, the Quiet Internet theory, reddit and bots, a bizarre encounter of police officers and firefighters interacting with a disembodied female voice coming from a sewer, Dr. Robert Sapolsky, materialist predestination vs free will, quantum entanglement and faster-than light-communication, the Mandela Effect, time travel and its effects, Michael Cremo and “Forbidden Archeology”, space-time, the observer effect, the Sinbad “Shazam” movie, ret-cons in film, the “Last Exit for the Lost” music show, “The Lovecraft Investigations” podcast, Mandela Effect vs misremembering, the bizarre phenomenon of the spelling of the word “dilemma”, the “Moonraker” scene between Jaws and the girl with/without braces, a changed Bible verse, popular misconceptions, Star Wars movie quotes and possible explanations, a misremembered quote by Bill O’Reily, a discovery of pre-Homo-Sapiens doing woodworking and creating buildings, standard archeology vs the scientific method, lost civilizations, the myth of constant progress, Darwin and imperial racism, Atlantis mysteries vs fantasies, the “Life After People” TV show, the fragility of modern information preservation, the “What’s Up with Mars” Instagram account, and much more! This was a really enjoyable, wide-ranging conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Download
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Wandering After Albatwitch - Oct 21, 2023

After attending Alabatwitch Day, Seriah is joined by Timothy and Allison Renner, Chris Ernst, and Tyler Strand. Topics include alchemical teachings, the global phenomenon of non-human entities imparting knowledge, UFOs and spiritual initiations, a youthful encounter with a UFO, curiosity and the paranormal, “The Philosophers Stone” by Peter Marshall, a bizarre experience over the phone earlier that day, the green-skinned children of Woolpit, St. Martin’s Land, strange phone experiences, subtle transmissions, communication by non-physical beings, a video game analogy and the limits of reality, yogis and hidden laws of nature, supernatural vs rare phenomena, the nature of experiencers, the “Hellier” series and magical initiation, fate and free will, Tim Renner’s book “Beyond the Seventh Gate”, Chris Ernst’s film “Corpse”, ebbs and flows in the creative process, Jeff Ritzmann, the need to avoid total immersion in the paranormal, Jeremy Vaeni, “Paratopia” podcast, cross-phenomenon high strangeness, the importance of connecting with nature, going into the wilderness in multiple spiritual traditions, a suspected Bigfoot hoax, the difference between audio and video recordings of paranormal phenomena, analog vs digital recording, the Patterson-Gimlin film, Tobe Johnson, the Siera Sounds, mysterious lights as a universal experience, the observation effect, co-creation, human fascination with fire, spelunking, mining towns in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Tyler’s experience working as a cavern guide, little-known facts about caves, the underworld in world folklore, the Ant People, a bizarre experience of a co-worker in a cavern, kobolds, Fae activity and time dilation, the “Hellier” goblin and its inspiration, the Hopkinsville KY goblins, and much more! This is a fascinating, spontaneous roundtable discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Stone Breath with The Sleeping Rise Download
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Questioning Seriah - Oct 16, 2023

Seriah is joined by SuperSaxonMan, Matt Festa, and Katie of the Night to ask questions. Topics include paranormal experiences and pro wrestlers, Chris Jericho, a paranormal show “Chamber of Horrors” by three female WWE wrestlers, Chris Stratlander, Andre the Giant’s appearance as Bigfoot in the TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man”, a huge pair of pants, a telepathic message from a Sasquatch, the “Survivor Man” episode where the host encountered Bigfoot, UFO contactees, Elijah Burke, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, liminality, the Seth material, Jane Roberts, past lives, the second coming of Jesus Christ, Patrick Harper’s “Daemonic Reality”, the possibility of a multiverse, “Forbidden Archelogy” by Michael Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, mathematics and biology, Jeffrey Kripal, George Hansen, Kenneth Ring, “The Omega Project”, Jenny Randles, “Mind Monsters”, the OZ factor, co-creating haunted locations, David Weatherly and a plantation entity that existed but was fictional, colleges and ghosts and urban legends, egregores, Ouija boards, whispers in one’s ear, scientific study of the paranormal, Sarah Lee Black, high strangeness, pk/psi laboratory experiments, Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Grant, Bruce Dickinson’s(of Iron Maiden) “Crowley” movie, a strange experience with a Lyft driver, horror movies and things “coming out of the TV”, fear and poltergeist activity, a childhood experience with a scary movie, “The Ring” film, Cipher from “The Matrix” film, childhood memories of toys moving around, presumptions of evil in the paranormal, H.P. Lovecraft, belief vs fear of the unknown, “The Magnus Archives” horror fiction podcast, Strange Realities conference, Seriah’s autobiography and its cover, objective vs subjective experiences with the paranormal, metal bands as an analogy for understanding vs perception, the Mothman phenomena, Skinwalker Ranch, John Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies”, Indrid Cold, Woodrow Durenberger, Indiana Jones/Kolchack the Night Stalker, Whitley Strieber, graveyard experiences, sacred spots, Cornell University, Ithica NY, cemeteries as safe spaces, Robert Johnson, the Alpine Portal, and much more! This is some absolutely fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell Outro music: Morpheus V2.1 by Psyche Corporation Download
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Strange Realities 2023 - Oct 24, 2023

Adam Sayne and Serfiel Stevenson join Seriah to talk about this year's Strange Realities Conference! Download
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Mandela Effect, Time Slips, High Strangeness with Tillie Treadwell - Oct 7, 2023

Seriah is joined by experiencer, spiritual practitioner, and author Tillie Treadwell. Topics include early childhood paranormal memories, neurodivergence and perception, Gulf Breeze FL, time slips and anomalies, society’s growing acceptance of paranormal phenomena, the “Mandela Effect”/retconning, a strange experience with an old-fashioned clock, a bizarre incident with a traffic light, extremely early memories, discussions of the “Mandela Effect”/retconning on, problems of spam on social media, celebrity deaths that seem to repeat, Fairy experiences, Fae music, strange lights, tiny animals in formal dress, the constant presence of lights in different kinds of phenomena, non-human people, Djinn, co-creation, Jeffrey Kripal, different perceptions of reality, objective vs subjective experiences, the mindset of atheism, fundamentalist religion, Seriah’s bizarre dream encounter with an entity, Tillie’s similar deep dream, a recent incredibly intense NDE, Egyptian gods, Aleister Crowley’s analogy of the Mountain, trans-cultural phenomena, an encounter with Crowleyan entity Lam, a bizarre experience smoking hookah favored tobacco, ayahuasca, an attempted “invasion” by bizarre entities, paranormal experiences becoming contagious, kundalini energy, the q-code podcast “Ad Lucem”, Strange Realities conference, time slips, cat experiences, a bizarre encounter featuring a time slip and an onion allergy and a cat, missing time experiences, apports and other appearing objects, electronic/electrical experiences, a bizarre encounter with an electric stove, buzzing phenomenon, “Holy Laughing” in Pentecostal churches, sleep paralysis, the importance of nutrition and adequate sleep in response to negative experiences, and much more! This is a unique, fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Psyche Corporation with Morpheus V2.1 Download  
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UFO Disclosure Overview - Sept 30, 2023

Seriah is joined by Greg Bishop, Joshua Cutchin, and Roejen to discuss the recent (and past) UFO disclosure movement(s). Topics include the Alien Mummy hoax in Mexico, Jaime Maussan, Ryan Graves, institutional knowledge in ufology, repeated and recycled fakery, the Roswell Slides hoax, possible agendas behind disclosure events, Congressional hearings, Richard Doty, difficulties with alleged “whistle-blowers, black budgets and miscalculations in the U.S. military budgets, the tic-tac videos, Walter Bosley, David Grush, Red Pill Junkie and AI, exopolitics vs geopolitics, binary thinking, Robert Bigelow and Senator Harry Reid, the lessening of ridicule of UFO phenomenon in academia and science, laser weapons and plasma, project Blur Beam, U.S. Navy patents on advanced weaponry, the technology of projecting images into the sky, Philip J. Corso, private corporations possessing secret info and immunity from FOI requests, Congresswoman AOC, “Red Cell” activities in the 1980’s-90’s, Dragoncon, new openness by UFO witnesses, UFO flaps in times of social crisis, metaphysical implications of disclosure, Richard Dolan, JFK assassination documents release, the change from the ETH to “interdimensional”, the multiverse idea, string theory, quantum physics, the flow of time and retro causality, the idea of an informational universe, Greg Bishop’s “Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth”, Bill Moore, Uri Geller, pre-recording at concerts, pro wrestling, “The Trickster and the Paranormal” by George P. Hansen, The Entity Letters: A Sociologist on the Trail of a Supernatural Mystery Book by James McClenon, the collapse of trust in institutions, apathy among the public toward UFO disclosure, foreign social media operations, Greg Bishop’s experience in the 1990’s as the target of a disinformation agent, Bob Lazar, SERPO, the use of punctuation and spelling for clandestine communications, Elon Musk, leak detection by corporations and agencies, the role of personal ego in disinformation operations, Greg’s experience being under surveillance and harassed, the phenomenon of pacing, Jeff Ritzmann, paranoia and poltergeist activity, Albatwitch Day, Strange Realities Conference, “Time Bombs” podcast, “Wolf 359” podcast, To The Stars Academy, Tom Delonge, Travis Walton, recycling of thoroughly exposed fake material, Joe Rogan, willful ignorance and UFOs as entertainment, social leveling by the Phenomenon, Whitley Stieber, art and the paranormal, ufology as chaos magic, Greg’s opportunity to and choice not to engage with non-human intelligences, the Phenomenon and life disruption, Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni’s experiences at a cabin in Gettysburg, the TNT area in Point Pleasant, the dangers of taking rocks from sacred/paranormal sites, the “Suicide Forest” in Japan, volcanic rocks from Hawaii, goblin rocks from Hopkinsville Ohio, non-human biologics, an experience with a heavy stone and spiders in a cemetery, the multiple possible explanations of “Aliens”, the lack of an actual official disclosure statement, Jeremy Corbell, reincarnation and government authority, the Apple TV series “Invasion”, UFO events as distraction and deception, the film “No One Will Save You”, and much more! This is about as high-powered a roundtable as possible, loaded with fascinating material! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is My Restraint by Vrangvendt Download
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Symbols, Dreams, and Retrocausality - Sept 23, 2023

Seriah is joined by three previous fascinating guests: James Salsido, Leo Watson, and Suzanne Chancellor for a round table discussion. Topics include James’ bizarre UFO encounter while legally blind, adaptive technology, Seriah’s weird experience with everything turning blue, Jeff Ritzman, blue light in Sci-Fi films, a ghost cat, retrocausality, Suzanne’s highly strange encounter with a huge lava-filled orb and its aftermath, trauma and information moving back in time, Dr. Daryl Bem and Cornell University’s psy research experiments, the power of visceral images and experiences, precognitions, Eric Wargo’s time loop theory, reverse causality, synchronicities and precognition, unconscious psy abilities, weird dream experiences preceding actual events, the series “Hellier” and an experience of precognition/retrocausality, free will vs a deterministic block universe, the limits of human decision making, a video game analogy, the flow of time, the movies “Interstellor” and “Arrival”, a possible abduction experience that preceded changes in James’ vision, Leo’s intense abduction dream encounter, liminality and the paranormal, “big” dreams and symbols, Timothy Renner, dreams of glyphs and letters, EVP and ITC, alchemical symbols, internet telepathy, Suzanne leaving and re-entering intense dreams of hieroglyphics, Albatwich Day, Strange Realities Conference, Barbara Fisher’s “6 Degrees of John Keel” podcast, the ability to read words in dreams, Seriah’s experience receiving a written warning in a dream, James’ OBE/dream/visitation of deceased loved ones, eating chocolate before bed, Leo’s practical warning in a dream, the goddess Hecate, 4-dimensional keys, things perceived in dreams that can’t be described in waking life, the concept of a “key” in cryptography, Suzanne’s childhood abduction dream experience with a multi-dimensional algebraic equation, James’ experiences with an alternate reality and an entity he could see clearly, perception vs reality in the paranormal, a quote from H.P. Lovecraft, and much more! This foursome of experiencers provide a fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is My Restraint by Vrangvendt Download
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Updates and Recaps - Seriah talks about what's going on! - Oct 5, 2023

Seriah takes some time to talk about some upcoming events as well as recount stuff that has happened over the last year. New on the documentary, the book, and much more. Amazon wish list if you would like to get Seriah something:
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Robert Schoch REDUX - Oct 1, 2023

Seriah's first two interviews with Robert Schoch, remastered. The first show is from February 3, 2013, and the second from June 1, 2013. They discuss Robert's work and his book "Forgotten Civilization". They discuss, among other things...How Robert got involved in this field.His response to the antagonism shown him after his research on the age of the sphinx was released.Gobekli Tepe, and how that ancient site opens up our pre-history.The Easter Island RongoRongo Script.The possible role of the sun in ending the last ice age.Underground cities, legends, and radioactive ruins.The importance of research in this field.Vitrified forts.The role of politics in mainstream science.The subtlety of psychic researchEaster Island and it's many mysteriesDo all statues on Easter Island have bodies?Mu and LemuriaGobekli Tepe and other sites in TurkeyCelestial AlignmentsUnderground CitiesHow old could Gobekli Tepe be?New discoveries on the site.Cycles of Time.Cutting Edge ScienceQuantum Entangled DiamondsWater and what it can do.ELF WavesAcoustic PropertiesEgypt and how old the Pyramids may be.The Yonaguni MonumentGiantsThe Bosnian Pyramid Download
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Wandering the Road with Wren and Barbara - Sept 16, 2023

Seriah is joined by Barbara Fisher and Wren Collier for some fascinating discussion. Topics include liminality, empty shopping malls, the UAP disclosure movement, the Grusch hearings, Peter Levenda, the “Aviary”, the Collins Elite, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis vs aliens as spirits, fundamentalist Christian eschatology, Dominionism, the danger of future religious persecution, the book “Final Events” by Nick Redfern, Reverend Ray Boeche, USAF Captain Robert Collins, Dan T. Smith AKA “Chicken Little”, Los Alamos, U.S. government remote viewing programs, indoctrination of the military, Christian nationalism, Robert Manners, Project Blue Beam, mass deception, end-time prophecies and the return of Christ, Whitley Strieber and the Djinn, John Keel as demonologist, personal experiences with the occult, the Michael Douglas film “Falling Down”, psy research and weather, Michael “Doc Future” Bennett, ritual magic experiments by the CIA, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Kenneth Grant, the Trinity atomic bomb test, James Merrill’s “The Changing Light at Sandover” book, William H. Burroughs, the spiritual dangers of nuclear weapons and energy, nuclear war on ancient Mars, Jacques Vallee’s “Passport to Magonia”, ether ships, outer space as the land of the dead, nuclear testing, cattle mutilations, a wave of killing of pets, the David McGowan book “Programmed to Kill”, a kernel of truth to the Satanic panic, hypnotic regression and false memories, Henry Lee Lucas and the Hand of Death cult, Wayne Williams and the Atlanta child murders and a CIA-related training facility, serial killers and self-deception, the West Memphis Three, the psychological benefits of harsh music, the Columbine mass shooting and unanswered questions, the Oklahoma City bombing and “John Doe #2” and other mysteries, Ozzy Osbourne’s “Suicide Solution” and it’s mis-interpretation, films that could not be made today, the Julie Saunder’s podcast “Believer”, Jaime Maussan’s repeated fake aliens in Mexico, pro wrestling, the 1990’s alien autopsy video, Roswell as experiments on disabled children, Stephen Chow’s “Forbidden City Cop” movie, crypto currency, the screaming alien hoax, Joseph Matheny and John Titor, ARGs, the Djinn and smokeless fire, Islamic lore, Airial spirits, Hal Puthoff, a bizarre Djinn/MIB experience in 1970’s Iran, and much more! This is riveting material! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Psyche Corporation with Pound of Flesh Download
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Kundalini and High Strangeness - Sept 21, 2023

This is a repost of the first show I did on Kundalini and some of my strange experiences. Here is the original entry for it... This was a hard show for me to do. Luke, my co-host, was a great help in this, and I discuss some very personal material here that I feel is important for some. I know growing up, it would have been a life saver if I had heard a show like this, so I hope my opening up about all this will help someone else. Opening up like this is not an easy thing for me to do, I am often silent about most of my life, relating a story here and there as applicable. If you have any experiences you wish to talk about or have questions, contact me. - Seriah This was a unique show for Where Did the Road Go? There was no guest, just your main host Seriah, and his co-host Luke St. Clair. They discuss Seriah's experiences with spontaneous Kundalini awakening as well as electrical effects he suffered for many years afterwards. Kundalini, known more for it's style of Yoga is a powerful force. When awakened spontaneously, there is no control, and one may literally lose their mind. After searching for a guest to discuss these experiences with, Seriah, with the help of Luke, decided to do this himself. Seriah did talk about this with Micah Hanks back at the end of 2013 on The Gralien Report, but this goes more in depth. Beyond that, the conversation goes into some related experiences. Outro Music is Whirring World by Psyche Corporation. Download
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Wandering Paratopia - Sept 16, 2023

Seriah is joined by Jeremy Vaeni and Christopher Ernst to discuss the Paratopia podcast with the late Jeff Ritzmann. Topics include the disaster in Hawaii, Joshua Cutchin, Timothy Renner, a broader view of the paranormal, Tim Binnall, Ufology and official disclosure, trying to step away from studying the phenomenon, a couple of experiences in the woods, people who have strange experiences vs those who do not, Carl Jung, the depths vs the shallows, Gray Barker, John Keel, the book “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers”, Bud Hopkins, the Brooklyn Bridge abduction, Linda Cortile, David Grusch, Carol Rainey, Emma Woods, hypnosis, “Elizabeth”, David Jacobs, alien hybrids, false memories, alien contact through text messages, Carol Crawford, Angel cards, Bashar, Mark Nesbitt and ghost hunting, kundalini and the sound of bells, the subtle and astral bodies, chakras, egoic death, Vedic belief systems, yogis, a variety of spiritual experiences, personal evolution, Hinduism and Sufiism, the Kali Yuga cycle, nirvana, the intellect and the self, reincarnation, personal transformation, the brain and consciousness, planes of existence, the nature of truth, the nature of time, knowledge vs direct experience, Adivedanta, evolution vs enlightenment, Jiddu Krishnamurti, a strange electronic event, the “Last Exit For The Lost” radio show, the game “Conarium”, the Strange Realities Conference, alien implants, iron collecting in the human body, Whitley Strieber, elf shooting, scoop marks, experiencers, Michael Sala, a ludicrous alleged alien, swimming with dolphins, solar activity and psychic research, the consciousness of stars, solar flares, an incident involving a UFO sighting and a simultaneous visit from a dead person, abduction experiences, the ”ecosystem” of the paranormal, varieties of high strangeness, “Illuminations: The UFO Phenomenon as a Parapsychological Event” by Eric Ouellet, Kenneth Ring’s book “The Omega Project”, and much more! There is some fantastic conversation going on here! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is from The Burned Out Suns with Off and in the Stars Download
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Wandering the Road - Sept 2, 2023

This is a wandering the road edition of the show, Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Saxon. They start with an update from Colin Kerris about his listener story he sent in a while back, then they discuss Morton Downey Jr's UFO sighting. Also, they delve into the concept of screen memories, and some PSI research that has been done. Outro music by Entire Dog by Worm Quartet Download
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The Orb by Eon West - Sept 7, 2023

A reading of a short story by Eon West. Find his blog at His books are available on Amazon. Download
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Wandering the Road with Josh, Chris, Saxon, and Michael - Aug 26, 2023

Seriah is joined by Joshua Cutchin, Christopher Ernst, Super Saxonman, and The Ungooglable Michael Angelo for a far reaching conversation that ranges from the Fae to Yuga Cycles, and much more! Outro Music is Our Mortality from 50 Dollar Dynasty. Download
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Exploring the World of the Ungooglable - August 19, 2023

Seriah is joined by Michael Angelo and Natalie. Topics include google and “ungoogability”, linguistics, film-making and acting, Julian Jaynes’s “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”, a strange series of emails, a vision while ingesting a jungle plant, synchronicities with lemurs, dream entities, Terence McKenna, 9/11 experiences, experiences with an Alzheimer’s affected relative, a lengthy road trip, synchronicities with snails, pandemic experiences, two years living in the jungle in an artists’ commune, an encounter with a flesh-eating parasite, psychedelics, a strange jungle creature, a weird experience with a stray cat, telling the stories of liminal spaces, a bizarre encounter with a shaman and a tarantula, a fascinating LSD trip, poetry, an experience with a rooster and a shaman, healing, hallucinogens, vegetable reality, a experience with belladonna tea, a group mental time-slip, a childhood accidental belladonna trip, fever dreams and childhood visions, Jill Bolte Taylor, Eric Wargo’s “Time Loops”, “Oxenfree” video game, The Strange Realities conference, dream experiences, outside entities in dream encounters, the mythological three Norns, Jason Moss, NYC’s Psychedelic Athenaeum, the non-individual nature of the self, intuition, experiences receiving specific information in dreams, dreaming as a survival mechanism, Alfred North Whitehead, and much more! This is one of the most fascinating, weirdest conversations in a long time! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Tragic Magic by Void Denizen Download
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The Dark Night of the Soul - August 23, 2023

This is a REPOST and remaster of a show from October 6, 2019.  I am joined by Mike Clelland and Red Pill Junkie as we discuss the concept of the Dark Night of the Soul, and the topic of depression in general. Outro Music by Kimberly Freeman, "Overdose", from her album "Sleep"  Download
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Nevaeh's Nightmare - August 12, 2023

Seriah is joined by Adam Sayne and Nevaeh. Topics include Katie of the Night, Spiritualism, personal experiences and family history, Indigenous legendary beings, a weird experience by an old church, a relative’s ghost stories, wendigos, skinwalkers, a strange encounter with a fox, bizarre experiences with deer, albino deer, strange screams coming from the woods, an encounter with a weird Rake-like entity, strange animal sounds, a prank during a horror movie, working in a funeral home, Seriah’s electrical incidents, age and paranormal encounters, children who remember past lives, “Soul Survivor” by Bruce and Andrea Leininger, Professor Jim B. Tucker’s work studying reincarnation, strange statements by small children, past life regression, hypnosis and its value and drawbacks, a hypnotically recalled past life, Julia Assante and past lives, Seriah knocks out the power to a city block, Sarah Lee Black, “The OA” TV series, Brit Marling, “I Origins” movie, religion and spirituality, Joshua Cutchin and the Fae, Jacques Vallee’s “Passport to Magonia”, wrongly interpreted phenomena, categorization in the paranormal, Mollie Fancher and the “fasting girls” of Victorian times, 1800’s medical practices, “Station to Station” podcast, Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts, Indian Fakirs, astral projection, the Men In Black, Albert K. Bender, Gray Barker, Allen Greenfield, “Nevaeh’s Nightmare” YouTube channel, Giulia Tofana and poison, H.H. Holmes, a mannequin in Mexico that may be an actual corpse, the “boy in the box” murder case, the Dover Demon, Strange Realities conference 2023, and much more! A ton of unique material gets covered in this fascinating discussion! Nevaeh's channel can be found at: - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Black Eyes from David Wirsig Download
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The Big Questions: Life, Reality, Consciousness - Aug 5, 2023

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst, Saxon, and Wren. Topics include fate, predestination, a strange incident with a lost dog, free will, the meaning of life, art and creation, cultural biases, Advaita Vedanta, the analogy of a train, destiny and magick, time as a river, Thelema, three levels of guardian angels, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, Orphic mythos, challenges in life, the Eleusinian mysteries, Greco-Roman Hades, altruism and responsibility, maturity, Meher Baba, “Stalking the Wild Pendulum” by Itzhak Bentov, creation and oneness, NDEs. Seth material and multiple selves, individuality, Orphism and Buddhism, the cross-pollination of ancient ideas, reincarnating along with other souls, children’s memories of past lives, cosmic wave bubbles, unusually familiar strangers, a bizarre experience in Thailand, a bonded group of friends, simulation theory, the concept of physical reality as an illusion, an analogy to computer code, the limits of magick, the paranormal as a tool for understanding reality, a bizarre experience of a “glitching” animal, the problems of perception, Platonic ideal forms, spirituality and ascetism, Gnosticism, religion and the denial of pleasure, greed and materialism, the nature of suffering, the lives of people in previous eras, Rick Rubin, creativity and the phenomenon, Bibliomancy, System of a Down, talented musical acts getting over-played, “The Last Movie” podcast, cyclical lifetimes, “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman, Seriah’s late brother’s last conversation, a three day window of separation between the body and soul, the phenomenon and spirituality, Jacque Vallee, John Keel, Saxon’s experiences with the death of his father, materialism and the fear of death, Wren’s encounter with a deceased friend, dreams as a gateway to the underworld, the subconscious and the imaginal, Seriah’s dreams of his late mother, Jeff Ritzmann, Greco-Roman necromancy, Seth on death and the body and consciousness, what happens immediately after death, the Elysian Fields and the waters of Lethe, the diversity of life paths, the importance of respecting other opinions, our polarized society, the value of mystery, and much more! The conversation gets truly deep this time! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Dead Harrison with Dance of the Dead Download
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Disclosure Again: Off Road Edition - Aug 4, 2023

We again discuss the current disclosure events with Wren, Saxon, and Chris Ernst. Download
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Wandering the Road: Poltergeists, Vampires, and Magick - July 29, 2023

Seriah is joined by Travis Watson, Wren, and Vincent Treewell for wide-ranging, eclectic discussion. Topics include poltergeist activity, the overlap between various paranormal phenomena, a personal cryptid encounter, dashcam footage, a strange figure from a dream showing up in real life, a bizarre encounter with a “terminator”, the bodies of demons, the flaws of cameras, John Keel and ultraterrestrials, the smell of sulfur and decay, Joshua Cutchin, non-material beings leaving tracks, Timothy Renner, “ghost” footprints in flour, spirit boxes and ritual magick, ghost hunting TV, “portalboxes”, daemons vs demons, possession and exorcism, Voudon and riding by saints and ancestors, vampires, the raising of the dead, John Michael Greer’s book “Monsters”, Eastern European vampire traditions, Dion Fortune’s “The Secrets of Dr. Taverner”, demonic possession and mental illness, crystal “demon traps”, influencer spirits, psychic/astral parasites, Josephine McCarthy’s “The Exorcist’s Handbook”, lycanthropy, vampire and werewolf folklore, astral travel and werewolf activity, blood magick, Clay Vandiver, Carlos Castenada, shape-shifting, wolf belts, “God’s Werewolf”, “The Night Battles: Witchcraft and Agrarian Cults in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries” , the benandanti, Carlo Ginzburg, Michael Bertiaux, Wren’s transformative mystic experiences as a werewolf fighting grey aliens, a hag-riding experience, Kenneth Grant, H.P. Lovecraft, Orthodox Christian Saint Christopher the dog-headed man, “The Texas Dogman Triangle” by Aaron Deese, haunted places in Texas, the “Rabbits” podcast, Travis’s experiences on a Civil War battlefield, Bettina Moss, Dogman theories, Anubis, dogs walking upright, the Oz effect, Native American mounds, thought forms, hoaxing, the trackalacka monster, Jim Mosley, crop circles, theatrical performance and ritual magick, the Orphic Hymns, the importance of story-telling, the “Eternal Darkness” video game, “Archive 81” podcast and Netflix TV series, and much more! This is a fascinating, all over the place conversation, not to be missed! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Haishen with Ocean Download
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Listener Stories: Bigfoot, Weird Lights, Ghosts, and more - July 22, 2023

Seriah is joined by Saxon and Chris Ernst for an episode of listener stories. Topics include a dancing ghost party in Scottland, Jeff Ritzmann, “The Haunted Mansion” theme park ride, a pair of bizarre events involving a massive blast of light at a school bus stop, abduction experiences, forgetting paranormal encounters, “Nur”-the heatless light of Sufi religious revelation, perception vs. reality, rare experiences, a foreign mental voice leads to intervention in a medical emergency, third man syndrome, Susanne Chancellor, Seriah’s experience with ending up acting as a stranger’s guardian angel, various beings in the Sufi belief system, Dharma and control systems, expectations based on appearance, a bizarre experience in 1960’s Spain, power areas vs sensitive people, a conversation with Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzmann and Jaques Vallee, the attempted creation of a paranormal hot spot, a weird chiropractor and an unexplainable change of tea into coffee, Seriah’s strange traffic experience, an incident of misperception by police, “The Invisible Gorilla” book, the “What Happened In Skinner” podcast, linguistics and paranormal experience, the difficulties of translation, strange lights in a forest, childhood Bigfoot experiences, an exorcism and a mysterious death, multi-generational alien experiences, extreme poltergeist activity, Irish traditional folk magic, a strange warning about the Moon, a weird disturbing neighbor, photos of orbs near a cemetery, hereditary paranormal experiences, a Paratopia interview of Debra Kauble AKA Kathy Davis, Budd Hopkins, “Extraordinary Contact: Life Beyond Intruders” by Debra Jordon-Kauble, UFO disclosure, Jason Colavito, Frank Scully, 1950 book “Behind the Flying Saucers”, a report of human-looking aliens dressed in Victorian garb with paper books, and much more! This is a rollicking conversation covering some fascinating stories! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Dimension B-248 from Craft of Unkonwn Origin Download
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Eric's Other Weird Story - July 21, 2023

Eric Witkowski from the band, The Living Room, from Rochester, NY had co-hostsed The Last Exit for the Lost. Afterwards, he happened to mention he had another weird story to relate, so, here it is... Check out his band The Living Room. Download
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UFO's, Strange Lights, Weird Encounters, AI, and more - July 15, 2023

Seriah is joined by Joshua Cutchin, Taylor, and graphic artist Matt Festa. Topics include listener comments, government UFO disclosure, strange lights, a bizarre listener encounter with UFOs and a ball of light and a burning smell, an analogy involving cats, Steven Greer and CE-5 experiences, authors meeting their characters, Jeff Ritzmann and co-creation, Wren Collier’s encounter with a “polygonal tiger”, Seriah’s experiences with anomalous birds, Peter Fenwick, Barbara Fisher, Mike Clelland, George P. Hansen, weird bird incidents and connections, death and soul symbolism, Tim Renner’s experience with a large white shape, sky amoebas/manta rays/jellyfish entities, Lon Strickler, Trevor James Constable’s “The Sky Creatures: Living UFOs” and “The Cosmic Pulse of Life”, Antony Milne’s “Sky Critters: Ufos, Science, and Extraterrestrials”, Jason Pargin’s “If This Book Exists, You’re in the Wrong Universe”, the frailty and quirks of memory, aging and novel experiences vs routine, cashiers, a listener who met someone in a dream before meeting her in real life, layered dreaming, King Diamond, projected dreams, Jason Colavito, a highly inaccurate AI article about Star Wars, Gizmodo, AI and writing code, Jim Nettles, musicians and synthesizers, pilots and drones, AI panic, an eating disorder helpline that misused AI, spam and clickbait, Commodore 64’s “Eliza”, the internet and the collective unconscious, corporate greed, an extensive search for missing Indigenous children in the Columbian jungle involving Ayahuasca and a turtle, inaccessible knowledge, the movies “Resolution” and “The Endless”, Devil’s Footprints in Britain, Devil’s Horse’s Hoofprints in North Carolina, Bath NC, the Devil’s Stomping Ground, Blackbeard the pirate, a UFO incident causing paralysis and permanently dead vegetation, the Brown Mountain Lights, “Phantom Armies of the Night: The Wild Hunt and the Ghostly Processions of the Undead” by Claude Lecouteux, the Wild Hunt, radiation, the Cash/Landrum incident, Greg Little, Andrew Collins, a bizarre event during hypnotic regression, Stephanie Quick, a 1970’s mass kidnapping of school children solved in part by hypnotic regression, favorite books on the paranormal, the absurdity paradox, anomalous walls, the “Raised by Wolves” TV series, the film “Mr. Nobody”, and much more! This is prime WDTRG fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is The Living Room with Eleven O'Clock is When the Drugs Kick In. Download
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Dreams and High Strangeness with Suzanne Chancellor - July 8, 2023

Seriah is joined by experiencer, researcher, and blogger Suzanne Chancellor. Topics include spoon bending, Uri Geller, the Amazing Randy, Sarah Lee Black, Mike Clelland, Whitley Strieber, an intense reaction to the cover of “Communion”, precognitive dreams, a disturbing dream experience, a bizarre alien dream encounter, weird childhood experiences with lights, hypnosis, false memories, Brent Raynes, John Keel, a strange experience with a bus crash, OBEs, apparitions of the living, different explanations for ghosts, conceptions of time, multi-dimensional keys, a bizarre visual display of information, a dream experience with a wormhole, a bizarre incident going missing from her own home, an impressed mental message explaining dimensions, situations where people cannot see one another, Joshua Cutchin, Patrick Harper, a woman trapped on a Fairy Fort, David Paulides, one-off paranormal experiences, hauntings of new houses, window areas/weird energy spots, black eyed children, David Weatherly, a plantation haunted by a fictional character, the Philip Experiment, “The Secret”, a synchronicity involving money and a deer accident, magick, Wicca, angels, youthful DIY witchcraft, a Ouija board, the British Broadcasting Company’s (BBC) podcast “Limelight” , electrical phenomena connected to individuals, an incident of shocking a friend, power outages, stress and computers, a bizarre, multi-synchronistic experience involving a fireball coming out of a lake, precognition vs retro causality, Point Pleasant and the Mothman, Psi research at Cornell University, Dr. Daryl Bem, banshees, Jeff Ritzman and Jeremy Vaeni, anomalous lights, a weird sighting in Hollywood, Carl Jung, the imaginal realm, and much more! This is an absolutely fascinating conversation, not to be missed! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music: Mantra "Natural Oasis / Starzdom" Download
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Eric's Creepy Story - July 12, 2023

Eric Witkowski from the band, The Living Room, from Rochester, NY had played live in our performance studio for The Last Exit for the Lost. Afterwards, we interviewed the band, and then he happened to mention he had a weird story to relate, so, here it is... Check out his band The Living Room. Download  
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American Metaphysical Religion - July 1, 2023

Seriah is joined by writer, researcher, musician, and experiencer Ronnie Pontiac, author of "American Metaphysical Religion: Esoteric and Mystical Traditions of the New World", Topics include Manly P. Hall, "The Platonist" magazine, the influence of Platonism and Neo-Platonism in the American West, Abner Doubleday, esotericism, U.S. religious history, transcendentalism, alchemy, astrology, Rosicrucianism, John Winthrop the elder and younger, John Dee, Puritanism and fear of the wilderness, herbal medicine, The Intelligencers, the College of Light, the Royal Society, Cotton Mather, Hermetic philosophy, Oliver Cromwell, the Cavaliers, Tom Morton, a fascinating trading post, wenching, abuses by the Pilgrims, origins of the slave trade, America’s occult history vs Fundamentalist Christian propaganda, hybrid belief systems, Harold Bloom, American Orphism, changes in academia regarding the study of esotericism, Kabbalah, alchemy at Ivy League schools, Catherine L. Albanese, "A Republic of Mind and Spirit", alternative spirituality and the cross-over of beliefs and practices, early Christianity vs the prosperity gospel, the Rosicrucian manifestos of the 1600’s, the Holy Roman Empire, Giordano Bruno, universal reformation, the Invisible College, Frances Yates and esoteric history, astronomical events and multiple interpretations thereof, the 30 years war, religious freedom in Bohemia, political and religious intrigues between Catholics and Protestants, phases and changes in American Spiritualism, Edgar Cayce, "The Unobstructed Universe", Stuart and Betty White, Carl Jung, the podcast “Tanis”, the belief system of the obstructed vs unobstructed universe, consciousness and reincarnation, the meaning of life, immortal individualism, entities called the Invisibles, incredible experiences between Betty and Stuart White, the Seer of the Sunbelt Reverend Edward A. Monroe, a talkative Scottish spirit, and much more! This is an exceptional conversation jam-packed with ideas and references! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Lucid Nation with Food Chain Download  
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Exploring Theosophy - June 24, 2023

Seriah is joined by AP Strange and Christopher Ernst for a deep dive on the subject of Theosophy. Topics include a weird trip to a graveyard, Madame Blavatsky, the books “The Secret Doctrine” and “Isis Unveiled”, Gary Lachman, Henry Steel Olcott, the I AM movement, Guy Ballard, conspiracy theories, eugenics, the Nazi regime, colonialism, racist concepts in anthropology, Mahatmas, “root races”, Western interpretation of Hinduism, Rudolph Steiner, Lemurians, Atlantians, cognitive dissonance, Indian independence movement, spiritual adepts, Tibet, the Theosophical Society of 1875, the Spiritualist movement, a Coptic magician, ascended masters, UFO contactees, seances, Sufiism, Meher Baba movement, saints and gurus, George Gurdjieff, MIB and space brothers, ascetics, cross-over Muslims and Hindus, Zoroastrianism, Eastern and Western esotericism, vast time period cycles, Buddhism, yogic and tantric practices, Kabbalah , Vedantic tradition, the Indian caste system, the Yuga cycles, the age of Aquarius, the significance of the number 7, Infinite Intelligence, reincarnation through different forms, evolution vs infolution, Aleister Crowley, the concept of avatars, the new age movement, C.W. Leadbeater, Krishna Murti, Maitreya, Buddhi vistas, secret chiefs, ecological systems, Gaea theory, the great white brotherhood, Twin Peaks, David Lynch, transcendental meditation, Mark Frost, opposing mystic lodges, “Vril: The Coming Race”, “The Morning of the Magicians”, “Iron Sky”, scientific materialism and atrocities, George Adamski and Desmond Leslie, William Dudley Pelley, Edgar Cayce, the 1977 book “Healer” by F. Paul Wilson, the death of Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Alice Bailey, the Lucius Trust, William Quan Judge, today’s Theosophical Society, Thomas Edison, misconceptions about Theosophy, maya and illusion, Trickster characters, racism, self-mythologizing, anti-colonialism, mystical flapdoodle, Lachman’s “The Key To Theosophy” book, Arthur Machen, Austin Osmond Spare, the Seth material, and much more! This is a fascinating conversation loaded with information and connections! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is A Hidden City from Songs of the Drow Download
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Tim Renner Interview - May 18, 2023

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Exploring The Goblin Universe - June 17, 2023

Seriah is joined by AP Strange and Anthony Tyler as they take a deep dive in the rare, hard-to-obtain book “Goblin Universe” by Ted Holiday with a substantial forward by Colin Wilson. Topics include dragons and UFOs as symbols or signals, ancient Satanism, Saint Patrick, Celtic mythology, pareidolia, questions about evolution, Anthony’s book “Hunt Manuel”, Jersey Monster serial rapist Edward Paisnel, Joan of Arc, Gilles de Rais, reincarnation, emotional trauma and paranormal window areas, John Keel’s “The Eighth Tower”, Jungian ideas in the Fortean community, Robert Anton Wilson, Loren Coleman, UK magazine “Fortean Times”, T.C. Lethbridge, a very physical Ted Holiday ghost experience, Jacques Vallee and the “completion of a circuit”, time travel and ghost/poltergeist activity, pre-cognitive dreams, a massive disaster in 1966 Britain and the children who predicted it, the JFK assassination, the Nick Cage movie “Knowing”, gematria, Kenneth Grant, the Jim Carrey movie “The Number 23”, the book “Time Loops” by Eric Wargo, Nostradamus, a bizarre UFO experience, telepathic communication with UFO occupants, Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies, retro-causality, fate/predestination, manifestation and precognition, psi research, poltergeist activity at Point Pleasant, the events at Fatima, the MIB phenomena, free will vs determinism, the exorcism of Loch Ness, Tarot and other divination, the movie “Dark City”, early man and internal dialogue, Holiday’s decision not to visit a UFO landing area and a completely bizarre accompanying incident, a circus exorcist, the Bermuda Triangle, the Reverend Donald Omand, the shadow complex of human consciousness, summoning Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Fred Anderson, a very strange MIB encounter, synchronicity and a heart attack, MIB and the Grim Reaper, doppelgangers, Jim Keith, the MIB and high strangeness, shock induction hypnosis, Mary Hyer, bizarre behavior and trance states, the book “The Dyfed Enigma: Unidentified Flying Objects in West Wales”, UFO high strangeness in 1970’s Wales, ley lines, astrology, the TV series “Silo”, Alien Big Cats in the UK, cryptid mountain lions in the U.S., Fairies and iron, differing perceptions of the paranormal over time, the Loch Ness “flipper photo”, Sir Peter Scott and Robert Rines, fault lines in the earth, Nessie’s scientific Latin name, an Egyptian Marian Apparition, a bizarre encounter with massive eels or sea snakes in the South Pacific, earthquakes and Fortean occurrences, UAP disclosure, ufology and the Phenomenon, Allen Greenfield, ufology as initiation, repeat vs one-off experiences and their meaning, and much more! This is an eclectic, fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Cowboy Matt Hopewell with New Old School Download
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Strange Light Phenomena REDUX - June 22, 2023

Remastered 4 shows from 2018 into 1. I'm joined by Jeff Ritzmann, Timothy Renner, Wren Collier, and Joshua Cutchin. Jeff is on the first two, Josh on the last two. This is the main 2 shows, then 2 shows talking about comments and emails we got in response. "On this episode with Timothy Renner, Wren Collier, and Jeff Ritzmann, we talk about mysterious lights, flashes, orbs, and various other odd light phenomena. We get into some of what Tim experienced on Site 7, which you can hear in his Strange Familiars episode, Lights in the Woods." "On these follow-up episodes with Timothy Renner, Wren Collier, and Joshua Cutchin, we talk about listener stories involving mysterious lights, flashes, orbs, and various other odd light phenomena. Joshua also relates some of the fae folklore as well." Download
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Wandering the News: AI, NDE's, and more - June 10, 2023

Seriah is joined by Barbara Fisher, Superinfra Man, and Chris Ernst to discuss some recent news stories. Topics include a study of NDEs, OBEs, the fullness of the NDE experience and the limitations of materialism, the difficulties of measurement, the scientific method and its limits, ghosts, the Philip experiment, Bigfoot, spirits, tulpas, souls of the dead, Karen Woodhouse, fakery in reality TV ghost hunting, anecdotal evidence, an ancient pre-Homo Sapien species conducting burial rituals and carving symbols, Neanderthals, Homo Erectus, entheogens, primates using drugs, brain size vs intelligence, Graham Hancock, lost history, hoarding of art and artifacts by wealthy collectors, Black Water Inc, Iraq, Hobby Lobby, “Evil Archeology” by Heather Lynn, a strange moving anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field, weird zones in the magnetic field beneath South America and Africa, a story of AI replacing counselors in an eating disorder helpline, the dubious nature of AI, a bad experience with a weaponized AI drone, Isaac Asimov and the 3 laws of robotics, the importance of empathy, Artificial Intelligence vs mimicry, AI art and content, AI podcasts and audio books, deficiencies in internet information, lack of creativity in pop culture, the pluses and minuses of retail self-check-out, AI pioneer inventors calling for regulation and issuing warnings, Terence McKenna and novelty, the films “WALL-E” and “Elysium”, depopulation conspiracy theories vs the worker shortage, younger peoples’ reluctance to have children, life-extending drugs and procedures, Elon Musk, the series “Altered Carbon”, transhumanism, the life model decoy, the “Subjective Truth” podcast, a consciousness box that traps souls, “Babylon 5”, Hollywood re-boots including “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter”, the movie “12 Monkeys” and the subsequent art film and series, Chris Marker, Whitley Strieber’s “A New World”, Indian Vedic cosmology, other worlds that lack emotion, Sufism, agape love, the series “Westworld”, free will vs predestination, computers turning on humans, reality tunnels, journalism vs entertainment, pro wrestling, 9/11 anti-terrorism drills, conspiracy theories and psyops, the TV series “The Lazarus Project”, an enormous metal structure discovered at the Moon’s south pole, bizarre lunar facts and theories, disappointments of the space program, Gary Nolan, Robert Heinlein’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”, reasons why aliens would avoid human contact, a theory of empathy and the Black Plague, empathy and narcissism, Lobo Matias, Ronald Reagan and peace through a common alien enemy, a warning from Space Force General Chance Saltzman, xenobots, programable robots made from frog cells, consciousness vs sentience, “The Last of Us”, the film “The Day After”, and much more! This is some fascinating discussion, not to be missed! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Whirring World from Psyche Corporation Download
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Fae Down Under - June 3, 2023

Seriah is joined by Joshua Cutchin and Louise Hamill, an artist and experiencer from Australia. Topics include poltergeist activity, the Fae, Dan Ackroyd, an infant NDE, nature spirits, strange experiences with a four-leaf clover and a wooden ring, the Min Min lights, an incident of missing time, an unusually located home, the goddess Hekate, an encounter with a strange entity, Indigenous spirituality, a being experienced by Louise but also perceived by her husband, Josh’s theories on spirits, child abduction by Fairies, a UFO sighting, the pop culture depiction of the Fae, psychic impressions, channeling experiences, the film “Australien”, debunkers explanations for ghost lights, the bog men in Europe, John Keel’s window area theory, colonialism and the paranormal, a pillowcase ghost, the phenomenon of two or more witnesses seeing something at the same time but differing in their perceptions, Goetic spirits, disturbed earth, a child’s encounters with an apparition, a haunted room, sage burning, night terrors, morning glory vines, a “plant man”, bedroom invaders, an OBE with a goddess deity, offerings, the afterlife of pets, the goddesses Diana, Hekate, and Luna, the difficulties of mythology, a ritual and a response, dark vs. evil, an interaction with a sentient ball of light, weird disembodied singing, morning glories as psychedelics, plant spirits, dogs and horses and birds as psychopomps, Fae music, “Behind the Bastards” podcast, Matt Festa, pro wrestling, Seriah’s autobiography, Mike Clelland, the value of journaling, “Last Exit for the Lost” music show, Katie of the Night, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Fortfest, a “tree man”, a cleansing ritual, incidents of sleep paralysis, the Archangel Michael, a post-cleansing apparition, an offering to the Fairies and a reaction, crossroads, the felt presence of spirit beings, an encounter with an imp, hypnopompic vs hypnogogic experiences, the “Fairy Census”, Nasturtium flowers, and much more! This is some riveting, wide-ranging conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Download
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UFO Disclosure... Again! - June 8, 2023

Seriah is joined by Barbara Fisher, Christopher Ernst, and Super Infra Man to discuss the latest version of UFO disclosure, this time involving UFO whistleblower David Grusch... And related topics... Download
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Wandering the Road with Natalie and Saxon - May 27, 2023

Seriah is joined by Super Infra Man and Natalie for a wide-ranging discussion. Topics include a weird pebble-throwing experience, strange orbs in a cemetery, orbs at a shrine in Korea, Oz effect at a cemetery, UFOs over lakes, a listener’s theory of paranormal phenomenon, Greg Bishop, DMT, Rick Strassman, Bill Hicks, Ayahuasca, shared psychedelic trips, linguistics, shared dreams, Natalie’s experiences with Heather, The Ungoogleable Michelangelo, synchronicities, a bizarre shared dream, brain tumors, a listener comment against experiencers, an analogy between the Other and weather phenomenon, mundane explanations for the unexplained, “The Invisible Gorilla”, an angry listener rants against discussion of the paranormal, militant material-reductionist atheism, frontiers in science, “unknown unknowns”, the analogy of the fish in the fishbowl, the academic humanities fields showing interest in the paranormal, Jeffrey Kripal, documenting dreams, Saxon’s childhood experiences in a haunted house, high strangeness running in families and being affected by location, Seriah’s two bizarre recent dream experiences, folklore about little people, Timothy Renner, Natalie’s recent strange dreams, Seriah and Natalie seemingly sharing a dream and then a character appearing in real life, oddly over-dressed people in summer, bizarre electronic tones, Timothy Renner recording a sleep paralysis experience, Natalie’s very strange electronic sleep paralysis incident while in a college class, Saxon’s first lucid dream, simulation theory, Natalie and Heather encounter a very weird man in a forest, “Odin the wanderer”, the “Paratopia” podcast, Jeff Ritzmann, Jeremy Vaeni, a reoccurring character in both Natalie and Heathers’ dreams, Norse mythology, archetypes, Saxon’s fascinating friend, Natalie’s extensive ongoing dream, John Keel, strangely behaving aircraft, extremely odd but apparently normal people, the experience of being someone else’s entity, Natalie’s “Self-portraits As Other People” podcast and an intense psychedelic encounter, being controlled by other entities and/or parts of our minds, Saxon’s ketamine experience and an apparent vision of his higher self from his youth, one of Seriah’s sleep paralysis experience and a bizarre synchronicity, a weird experience with the “name game”, and much more! This is a thoroughly fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Elusive Travel with Art of Letting Go Download
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Real or Hoax: Trinity UFO Case - May 20, 2023

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie and Chris Ernst in a focused episode about the recent book by Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris “Trinity: Best Kept Secret”, a debunking expose, and the response to it. Topics include the Trinity nuclear test and its effects, Reme Baca, Jose Padilla, a story of a crashed avocado-shaped UFO, a possible object taken from the craft, Douglas Dean Johnson, congressional action on UAPs, Bob Lazar, Ray and Rex Stanford, dinosaur tracks, the Manhattan Project, radiation, alien beings, the metric system, Eddie Apodaca, unusual metal samples, the book “Born on the Edge of Ground Zero”, a theory of alien craft, New Mexico Highway Patrol, WWII, childhood memories, “photographic memory”, MUFON, the “Invisible Gorilla” book, memory abilities, Sabrina Padilla, strange angel hair material, a theory to explain the timeline, nuclear weapons and UFO activity, Barbara Fisher, UFO whistle-blowers, Christopher Mellon, Omni magazine, Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Philip Imbrogno, Ufology culture, Vallee and computer technology, leading questions in interviews, Philip J. Corso, The Black Tapes podcast, Bill Brophy, Wendelle Stevens, a different story of a UFO crash recovery, Ron Brinkley, “Witness to Another World” film, UFO trauma, Peter Robbins, lying Rendlesham witness, Isaac Cory, Charlie Wiser, Travis Walton, high strangeness appearing to marginalized people, Ariel School UFO incident, UFO tarot deck, and much more! This was an absolutely fascinating deep dive! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is by BELLS≥ with End Over End. Download
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High Strangeness with Jeremy Vaeni - May 13, 2023

Seriah is joined by Super_inframan and author, researcher, and experiencer Jeremy Vaeni. Jeremy brings his unique, sarcastic sense of humor. Topics include an experience with the late Jeff Ritzmann, strange light phenomenon, the Paratopia podcast, Project Archivist, UFO disclosure, George Hansen, David Jacobs, Bud Hopkins, Emma Woods, hypnotic regression, alien abduction phenomenon, UFO Magazine, Nancy Burns, Peter Robbins, Carol Rainey, Brooklyn Bridge Abduction, Hopkin’s misconduct, Paul Kimball, abduction as a spiritual experience, lack of progress in paranormal fields, a bizarre ghost hunting experience in Gettysburg, electronics in paranormal research, an experience with a Theremin, an encounter with a dark formless entity, a lost tape, Jeff Ritzmann’s strange experience with a female apparition, the trickster element in high strangeness, a very weird light incident, Whitley Streiber’s novel “2012: The War for Souls”, Mac Tonnies, kundalini energy, a weird encounter in a field, a strange orb/ball of light experience, multiple explanations for paranormal phenomenon, cognitive dissonance, nonsensical actions of entities, aliens with outdated technology, Bigfoot showing up in suburban areas, anomalous ghost hunting EVPs, southern Lizardman sightings, Seriah’s bizarre EVP recording, fox sounds, ghost hunters fooled by coyotes, cougar encounters, Saxon’s experience with a weird massive snake, an encounter with a bizarre, possibly folkloric entity in Japan, the limits of perception and the human brain, linguistics, Noam Chomsky, the importance of language to forming an understanding, the Lakota language, the Australian Indigenous language, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, the exclusiveness of the discussion about space, “The Infinite Now” podcast, Jeremy’s book “Aliens: The First and Final Disclosure”, humor and high strangeness, absurdity in the paranormal, Native Hawaiian worldview, cultural appropriation, George Hansen and Trickster theory, an alleged dancing figurine of the Virgin Mary, ego in the paranormal world, Steven Greer, Kim Carlsberg, Zachariah Sitchin, human/alien hybrid theory, channeling, spiritual grifting, Scott Lilienfeld and hypnosis, and much more! This is a one of a kind, wide-ranging and delightful conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by The Jon Stickley Trio with "Darth Radar". Download
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Sasquatch Canada with Travis Watson: Part 3 - May 6, 2023

Seriah is again joined by author and researcher Travis “W.T.” Watson for the third section of a wide-ranging discussion launching from his book “Sasquatch Canada: Beyond British Columbia”. Topics include Bigfoot in Nova Scotia, Fae lore, a Sasquatch accused of stealing eggs and milk, a widow menaced by a marsh-dwelling creature, a fifty year cycle of Sasquatch appearances, extremely tall Bigfoot, the fallacy of “experts” in the Sasquatch field, first-hand witnesses, the Big Horn Dam incident, other anomalous phenomena surrounding Sasquatch sightings, Stan Gordan, repeat experiencers, differences in perception, eyewitness testimony, high strangeness, the Indigenous Thule people in Newfoundland and Labrador, their lore of the Tuniit, the Cree and the “Hairy Creature”, William Decker’s 1895 experience, the ubiquitous appearances of Sasquatch by roadways, highway hypnosis, oblivious Bigfoot, liminality and roads, unintentional psi perceptions, sexual energy and its effects, the triangle of causation, thought forms, Susan MacLeod’s experience with multiple Sasquatch and high strangeness, Mike Clelland’s theory of abduction experiences as shamanic, occultic practice and the veil between the worlds, an encounter in the town of Medicine Hat Alberta with a telepathic Bigfoot, infra-sound, cloaking, Dan Simmon’s novel “Phases of Gravity”, a Sasquatch in Whitehorse Yukon gradually fading out of existence, a mining engineer’s encounter with an apparent Bigfoot pregnant mated pair, Sasquatch instantly disappearing, the prosaic nature of Bigfoot sightings, the questionable physical evidence of flesh-and-blood Sasquatch, unexplained DNA, Gigantopithecus, the Bigfoot skull scam, the materialist-reductionist paradigm in science, and much more! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is by The Living Room with North Download
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Sasquatch Canada with Travis Watson: Part 2 - April 29, 2023

Seriah is again joined by author and researcher Travis “W.T.” Watson for the second half of a two-part episode to discuss his latest book “Sasquatch Canada: Beyond British Columbia” and related subjects. Topics include an incident of a woman being approached by multiple hostile Sasquatch, liminality, ultrasound, vocalization, the obvious physical differences between Sasquatch and bears, a Bigfoot with arthritis, co-creation, flesh-and-blood theories of Sasquatch aging, Indigenous lore about Sasquatch predations upon humans, Sasquatch as a thought-form, the human tendency to anthropomorphize, paranormal entities mimicking physical creatures, Joshua Cutchin, illness caused by spirits, differences in vibrations between beings, the fear and stigma of ridicule among experiencers, a Native man’s collected notes and sketches of a Sasquatch encounter, paranormal encounters as life-changing events, silent experiencers, an encounter with a possible time-traveler, high strangeness, cross-over amongst weird phenomena, paranormal reality TV, “Finding Bigfoot”, normalizing strange encounters, the Alberta Sasquatch Organization, Big Foot Research Organization, an encounter by a special forces soldier with a deer-hunting Sasquatch, “Samurai chatter”, talking Bigfoot on a military base in Ontario, skepticism vs debunking, “logical” explanations that are less plausible than paranormal phenomenon, the difficulties of cellphone photography in the moment, the challenges of photographic fakery, the illusion of “proof”, human reactions under stress and surprise, police training vs performance in actual shootings, the fear factor in paranormal encounters, “SCP Archives” podcast, a testimonial from a forestry worker in Ontario, Sasquatch appearing as a haystack, PTSD from a Sasquatch encounter, people traumatized by abduction experiences, the folly of categorizing Forteana, the Ape Canyon incident and the unmentioned parts, “Where the Footprints End” by Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner, Doug Hajicek, “MonsterQuest” TV episodes, Jeff Meldrum, Curt Nelson, a high strangeness Bigfoot encounter where people slept through rock-pelting and the walls shaking, the Heiberts’ unusually clear Sasquatch photos, Bigfoot instantly vanishing, anomalous tracks, unmarked helicopters and clandestine Canadian government activity, and much more! There are many fascinating experiences here and insightful speculation on what they may mean! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is by Dufus with Anouk Download
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Sasquatch Canada with Travis Watson - Part 1: April 22, 2023

Seriah is joined by author and researcher Travis “W.T.” Watson to discuss his latest book “Sasquatch Canada: Beyond British Columbia” and related subjects. Topics include an incident of a Bigfoot near a major freeway, the vastness of Canada and the populations of wild animals, an 1895 encounter by miners with a massive Sasquatch, confusions between Bigfoot and bears, the consistent ineffectiveness of guns against the beings, the enmity between Sasquatch and dogs, Sasquatch physique compared to gorillas, a limping Bigfoot, the classic 1969 encounter in Alberta at a bridge construction site, “impossibly” tall Sasquatches, the Patterson-Gimlin film, Indigenous people’s sightings and beliefs, height differences in humans and Bigfoot, allegations of hoaxes, the smooth gait of Sasquatch, people killed hoaxing Bigfoot, the prevalence of berry bushes, David Paulides, a bizarre incident of a young woman and her mother confronted by a Bigfoot in the middle of the night, Sasquatch’s stench, weird vocalizations, the Alberta Sasquatch Organization, an anonymous bear hunter’s terrifying experience, tree-shaking and other ape-imitative behavior, Sasquatch’s incredible physical strength, up-close sightings, lore of feral humans, a 1941 incident of a Sasquatch killed by a young Native man, disappearing bodies, the Traverspine Gorilla, Bigfoot curiosity and “peeping” behavior, the “Archive 81” podcast, three-toe tracks, Sasquatch podiatry and trackways, Stan Gordon, six and seven-toe tracks, an Indigenous young woman’s encounter with a “non-bear” that seems to have saved her life, wilderness search and rescue, survival tactics, Thom Powell’s “The Locals” book, Bigfoot saving people’s lives, the 2019 case in North Carolina of three-year-old Casey Hathaway being saved by a mysterious “bear” in freezing conditions, Fae and guardian spirits, Paul Bestall, black dogs, and much more! A seemingly specific topic yields a great deal of fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is from Dyspläcer with the song "Kuma Kaiju" Download
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The Strangelove Monster - April 15, 2023

Seriah is joined by Super Inframan and Leo, a life-long experiencer. Topics include the Seth material, synchronicities, artistic creativity and mysticism, Paul Kimball, the paranormal as an art project by the Other, EVP, Friedrich Jürgensen, Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), phone calls and radio/TV communication with the dead, psychic mediumship, spirit guides, Sonia Rinaldi, voices from the unseen, Jane Roberts, Graham Hancock, The Daily Grail, Indigenous history in the Americas, a family story of ball lightning, a strange column of light, differences in human perceptions and reactions, an isolated island, the film “Dr. Strangelove”, a bizarre encounter with an apparent underwater creature, fading memories of paranormal experiences, ongoing incidents of strangely bent cedar trees, repeated weird vandalism-type occurrences, a recording of an unexplained voice, experiences alone in the woods at night, life events and the paranormal, strange lightning and fire incidents, other tree weirdness, folklore about entities crossing running water, recording affecting appearances, an encounter with a small flying square object, a bizarre sound, sound projection, “Malevolent” podcast by Harlan Guthrie, a peculiar rock resembling a megalithic standing stone, nature and art, simulacra, Josh Cutchin, earthworks in Ireland, sacred spaces, Carl Jung, Jacques Vallee, Fae lore, lake monsters, Tim Renner, “Where the Footprints End”, the unification of the paranormal, Todd Standing, “Discovering Bigfoot”, Les Stroud, “Survivorman”, a bizarre fallen tree that seems to defy physics, stomping sounds in the middle of the night, A.P. Strange, hostile poltergeist activity, being alone with the unknown, habituators, odd dreams, and much more! This is a fascinating discussion of first-hand high strangeness experiences! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Leo has also started an Instagram @strangeloveislandYou can also email him at [email protected] Outro Music is Tom Fury with See You in the Bar Download  
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The Bight of Bonny Anomaly - April 19, 2023

Quick off-road edition of the show talking about a weird earth anomaly that has yet to be satisfactorily explained! Download
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Listener Stories: Portals, Entities, and Pan - April 8, 2023

Seriah is joined by Christopher Ernst and Vincent Treewell for an episode focused on listener stories. Topics include synchronicities that follow a dream about gnomes, an odd bird-like object, meaningful coincidences despite mundane explanations, the Fae and their gifts, a disturbing encounter in a government building, 1951 CIA psycho-chemical experimentation on civilians in France, the Betty and Barney Hill case as a possible psyop, the documentary “Wormwood”, Operation Paperclip, Imperial Japanese Unit 731, Nick Redfern, Roswell as human experimentation, the Rendlesham incident, the Cash-Landrum encounter, visions of mandalas and strange entities, Jacques Vallee and control systems, materialist rationalism, balance with mysticism and enchantment, Seriah’s experiences with a strange shadow and a shaking moon, Taylor Bell, mental visualization and lack thereof, a visually-impaired podcaster and his experiences, NDEs and the blind, the subtle body vs the physical body, auras, the starseed concept, non-physical evolution, 3rd order cybernetics, self-generating systems and retro-causality, an incident involving a disappearing road in Geneva Ohio, multiple timelines/dimensions, another bizarre disappearing road incident, “medieval fairs”, paranormal roads, Timothy Renner, “The Seven Gates of Hell”, Vedantic Hinduism, seven planes of existence, the Stephen King series “Castle Rock”, multiple worlds and thin spots between them, timeslips, doppelgangers, Cherylee Black’s encounter in an oddly empty hotel, Seriah and Natalie’s strange “missing” experience, a Pagan listener’s experience with intense meditation and ritual and the entity Pan, automatic writing, creative “downloads”, mystical dream interpretation, spiritual enlightenment, beings appearing as deities, impersonator spirits, intuition, conquering fields of fear, John Keel, initiation rituals and facing fears, writing from outside the self, the goddess Hecate, Wren Collier, the offices of angels, tests of a Vedantic yogi that lead to receiving a mantle, art and spirituality, marketing as chaos magick, Chris makes a spiritual request and receives a blessing, the “Hyperion” book series by Dan Simmons, sleep experiences, a frightening encounter with a malevolent entity, Seriah’s bizarre last sleep paralysis incident, ancient Egyptian post-mortem rituals, Catholic ritual, an encounter with ball lightning, plasma intelligence, a possible stone tape incident or time slip, a listener’s story of-as an infant- having blood on his face without a cut or injury, astrology, an experience as a Jehovah’s Witness, a healing while a member of Falun Gong, “gong hands”, orgone energy, Wilhelm Reich, “Bubble Tech”, an exploding light fixture, and much more! This was a wide-ranging discussion fueled by some fascinating listener stories! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is The Midnight Review Presents with I Got Bugs Feat. The Famous Sandhogs Download
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As Within, So Without - The Documentary - April 1, 2023

Seriah is joined by Mike from “Mike and Maurice’s Mind Escape Podcast” and the film “As Within, So Without: From UFOs to DMT”. Topics include paranormal documentaries, “The Phenomena” film, Peter Coyote, philosophy, NDEs, psychedelics, alien/interdimensional entities, Greg Little, Andrew Collins, “The Origin of the Gods” book, Carl Jung, living plasma beings, orbs, altered states of consciousness, “The Roswell UFO Symposium” podcast, paranormal videos, an interesting optical effect, sky jellyfish, a bizarre “plastic bag” experience, consciousness vs. illusionism, Toby Martinez, underground sounds, the Taos hum, Havana Syndrome, cattle mutilations, missing time and time distortion, Jane Roberts/Seth channeled material, Michael Masters, time travel, grey aliens, John Keel, “Operation Trojan Horse” and “The Eighth Tower” books, John Hogan, a story of a Foo Fighter sighting, Anthony Tyler, the “Black Hoody Alchemy” podcast, Lea Prime, AI and tech ethics, Daniel Allen Jones, paranormal conventions, Jim Mars, Nick Redfern, Laird Scranton, experiencer stories, high strangeness, trip reports, Martin Ferretti from “The Alchemical Mind” podcast, Matthew Roberts U.S. Navy veteran and author of “Initiated”, unpleasant paranormal encounters, shamanic journeys, Ayahuasca, DMT beings, sleep paralysis, mystical surgery experiences, University of Michigan DMT studies, Rick Strassman, Hamilton Morris, river toads, the Olmec civilization, Terence McKenna, Dan Zetterstrom, UFO disclosure, the “falling leaf” motion in UFO and poltergeist activity, P.D. Newman, entheogens and freemasonry, toads in the paranormal, “Civilized” podcast, Dr. Rick Barnett, psychedelics and epigenetics in human development, Allen Gallimore, the ETH and assumptions of government conspiracy, R.N. Vooght, “Spirit in the Sky” book, symbolism in the ancient world, mythology, Christi Myers paramedic and ketamine researcher, Jack Napier on the DMT experience, hypnosis, the hidden and concealed nature of the true self, the material vs. immaterial divide, Paul Duvall and Justin Gale, “Dreaming Jaguars” youtube channel, Rick Strassman, “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” and “DMT: The Soul of Prophecy” books, Daniel McQueen “Psychedelic Cannabis” book, the DMT-X project, kundalini energy, darkness retreats, NFL quarterback Aaron Rogers, retro-causality, and much more! This is a riveting, information-packed episode! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Haishen with Neptune Download  
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Rainn Wilson's Comments on Hollywood April 5, 2023

Rainn Wilson wrote a piece calling Hollywood Anti-Christian after one of the episodes of The Last of Us. We take that apart to see if that is true... Download
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Betty and Barney Hill - March 25, 2023

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie and Wren Collier for a deep dive into the iconic UFO abduction story of Barney and Betty Hill and possible re-interpretations. Topics include government psyops, MK Ultra, Martin Cannon’s “The Controllers”, missing time, Project Bluebook, Dr. Benjamin Simon, hypnotherapy, shared delusions, John G. Fuller’s “Interrupted Journey”, Donald Keyhoe, Charles Douglas Jackson, Stanton T. Friedman and Kathleen Marden’s “Captured”, hypnotic regression, milabs, Antonio Vilas-Boas, Bosco Nedelcovic, allegations of fake UFO events by the CIA, racism, the NAACP, Operation Midnight Climax, Project Paperclip, Nazis mentioned by Barney Hill, the “red-headed Irishman”, “The Outer Limits” TV show, Travis Walton, false memories, AI chatbots and inaccuracies, chatbot malfunctions as a marketing ploy, AI and Magick rituals, parapolitics, Whitley Strieber, bedroom invaders, OBEs, driving trance states, sleep deprivation, Charles Lindbergh, sleep paralysis, the Pascagoula abduction, Kit Green, Bud Hopkins, George Adamski, Allen Dulles, UFO contactees, space brothers, the “Mabel” podcast, cattle mutilations, radiation, “Body Snatchers in the Desert”, government experimentation on marginalized groups of people, the city of Montreal, differing levels of hypnosis susceptibility, Jacques Vallee and a bizarre experiment by the Hills, recurring abductions and bloodline abductions, Vilas-Boas’s previous paranormal experiences, Rendlesham, Cash-Landrum incident, Peter Robbins, strange U.S. Navy patents and experiments, remote viewing, government experiments carried out through corporations, Robert Bigelow, and much more! This classic case still contains many unanswered questions! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Razorblade by Vrangvendt Download
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Listener Stories: Frogs, Lights, and Owls - March 18, 2023

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Super-Inframan for a listener stories episode. Topics include the bicameral mind theory of Julian Jaynes, the equal intelligence of ancient peoples, the industrial revolution, the distinction between perception and interpretation, condescending attitudes toward experiencers, masking and screen memories, the brain and the subtle body, flesh-and-blood Bigfoot, misleading headlines about an alien mothership, Parliament funk musician Bootsy Collins, an AI chatbot alleging writings Seriah didn’t actually do, a listener encounter with an overpowering sulfur odor and intense fear, spirit contact, John Keel and fields of fear, a strange experience with a streetlight, a spiritual teacher and electro-magnetic chi, kundalini energy, a man impervious to electrical shock, a personal experience of a frog fall while driving in fog, the Bennington Triangle, Travis Watson, an encounter with a massive upright black wolf, liminality, Jacques Vallee and control systems, paranormal experiences pushing people into questioning reality, youthful hostile interactions with Greys, psychokinetic energy, the paranormal as a performance, a worm fall in China, “The Call of the Void” podcast, a strange experience with a vision of a mandala image and the god Pan, a terrifying encounter with a mysterious stranger in a van and a strange voice, a rolling ball of light on the road in the middle of the night, experiencing wood knocks at a city bus stop, finding a dead owl during a time of family crisis and a dream of Fae accompanied by the growth of mushrooms, synchronicities and gradations between the supernatural and mundane, and much more! These are some fascinating tales accompanied by insightful commentary! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Out of Time by March and Beauty Download
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Havana Syndrome Updates - March 15, 2023

We discuss a little of the official news that has come out about The Havana Syndrome. Download
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What Really Happened at Roswell? - March 11, 2023

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie and Chris Ernst to discuss, for the first time ever, the Roswell incident. Topics include Nick Redfern, “Body Snatchers in the Desert”, Jeremy Corbell, George Knapp, the phantom of Baghdad, military technology, Tom DeLonge, video fakery, Guillermo del Toro, John Keel, Fu-Go balloons, Bill Moore and Charles Berlitz, “The Roswell Incident”, “The Day After Roswell”, Douglas Dietrich, Japanese POWs, Imperial Japan’s germ warfare program and Unit 731, government information security tests, Congressional Committee On Human Radiation Experiments, the Imperial Japanese equivalent to Operation Paper Clip, high-altitude human testing, progeria syndrome, Maria the black widow, Al Barker, Bill Salter, UK Ministry of Defense, Roswell extraterrestrial story as disinformation, U.S. government human experimentation 1944-74, Nueralink, cold war psyops, Annie Jacobsen, Area 51, Josef Mengele, Joseph Stalin, Lieutenant-Colonel Jesse Marcel, balloon materials, mis-identified camera slides, destroyed documents, the MJ-12 documents, secrecy and obstruction within the government, UAPs, lunar landing hoax allegations, the Manhattan Project, Soviet espionage, Communist China, war-time secrecy, the Wuhan covid lab release theory, the 9/11 Building 7 incident, the magic bullet theory in the JFK assassination, power vs, truth, U.S. Air Force Office of Public Affairs, U.S. Department of Energy, alien autopsy films, Ray Santilli, contact lenses for nuclear pilots, Philip Mantle, an experimental aircraft crash near White Sands NM, Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris, atomic aircraft, Adam Gorightly, cattle mutilations, Whitley Strieber, shamanism, progeria and the grey alien image, the podcast “The Bridge”, wartime Fu-Go balloon secrecy, Lou Elizondo, Bob Lazar, the Hell’s Angels MC, a Japanese vintage mechanical disc, Continuity of Government Program, the Soviet AIDS from a U.S. lab propaganda op, Rendlesham, Roswell in TV and film, Colonel Philip J. Corso, “In Search Of”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, Stanton Friedman, back-engineering, Jay Stratton, Joe Rogan, the “Intellectual Dark Web”, the reality of the UFO phenomena, Terence McKenna, and much more! This conversation draws out countless angles on a seemingly cliched topic! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by Dyonisis with "Eve's Song" Download
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Off-Road Edition: That Emotional Luis Elizondo Video - March 14, 2023

Luis Elizondo released a video a week or so ago... These are our thoughts... Here is the link to the Reddit thread and video. Download
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Wandering Through the News - March 4, 2023

Seriah is joined by Super_Inframan and Chris Ernst to discuss recent weird news. Topics include a reporter’s strange experience with a chatbot, Joshua Cutchin’s encounter with an AI description of a book that does not (currently) exist, A.P. Strange, AI as a Trickster, simulacrums, “Society of the Spectacle”, Jean Baudrillard, wealthy doomsday preppers, Peter Theil, deep fake technology, Futurama, advertising in dreams, Tim Boucher, an AI-generated article about itself, quantum computing, scrying, AI as a less than fully conscious intelligent servant, fakery in paranormal photos and videos, a social media influencer targeted by deep-fake porn, changing social mores involving sexual material, tattoos and piercing, Portland OR, cultural norms, the history of fashion, neckties, lost origins of customary practices, critical thinking, political divisions, public distrust of the press, information overload, profit in the news business, the fairness doctrine in the FCC, the 24 hour news cycle, the cold war alliance between the CIA and the New York Times, algorithms, generational differences in news consumption, Tik-Tok, accuracy among various news networks, clickbait, ghost hunting TV shows, side-show gimmicks, alternative rock, “Jackass” and skater culture, the podcast “Wolf 359”, scientists predict collapse of human civilization due to deforestation, the Amazon rainforest, “Silent Running”, climate change, the ozone hole, fixable problems, the ubiquitous influence of money, a post-scarcity society, Adam Smith and capitalism, cronyism, possibly ancient machine tracks in Turkey, prehistoric wheel marks around the world, Graham Hancock, a vast network of linked Mayan cities connected by superhighways, Francisco de Orellana and possible massive lost civilizations in South America, European imperialism and archeology, the myth of progress, catastrophes, the danger of solar flares, the Carrington Event, Whitley Strieber, “Phantoms” by Dean Koontz, “The Rig” TV series, and much more! This is riveting, thought-provoking discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by Vrangvendt with What Happiness Feels Like Download
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Perceptions, Gorillas and Reality - Feb 25, 2023

Seriah is joined by Super_Inframan and Taylor Bell. Topics include aphantasia (the lack of ability to visualize), imagination, the “mind’s eye”, meditation, mental imagery, an informal survey, imagery in dreams, personal paranormal experiences, aphantasia and creativity, graphic arts, children’s imaginary experiences, internal monologues, self-talk, songs in dreams, different ways of remembering numbers, modes of learning and types of memory, lost objects, the nature and flaws of memory, the book “The Invisible Gorilla”, a strange memory of Seriah’s resolved by keeping a diary, false memories, mental filling-in, emotion and false certainty, PTSD, memories vs. recorded reactions of 9/11, perception and age, a misperception that nearly caused a traffic accident, UFO experiences of Taylor and Seriah and questions of perception, a “folded-up fighter jet”, Barbara Fisher, a mysterious yellow helicopter, an anomalous plane, Saxon’s experience with a giant snake head, Taylor’s childhood memory of scaring himself with a movie monster, reincarnation, children’s memories of past lives, the illusionary power of confidence, confidence vs. competence, the Dunning-Kruger effect, false confidence, con-games and scammers, Steven Greer, alien races, salesmanship, aggressive selling techniques, sales and ethics, psychological manipulation, criminals preying on the elderly, spam email, “Last Exit for the Lost” radio show, the book “Miracle Visitors” by Ian Watson, false certainty in the paranormal community, proving an anomalous event vs. proving an explanation, Bigfoot, “belief” and assumptions, high strangeness, Jeffrey Kripal, paranormal encounters and the witness’s life, narratives perceived or imposed, Aaron Dabbah, myths, the limited number of core stories and archetypes, a pro wrestling analogy, the film “Cloud Atlas”, the hero’s journey archetype, the Epic of Gilgamesh, “John Wick”, H.P. Lovecraft, a long-term gaming experience, “Twin Peaks”, the ancient gods vs. cosmic horror, death and its unknowability, Joseph Campbell, and much more! This is an unusual, kind of meta, episode loaded with thought-provoking discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by DramaScream with What I've Become Download
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Galaxies, Electricity, and Balloons - March 1, 2023

In this quick off-road edition of the show, Seriah is joined by Saxon and Chris and they do a quick update on the balloon situation before talking a bit about some recent cosmological discoveries and the electric universe theory. Download
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Canadian Monsters and Mysteries with WT Watson: Part 2 - Feb 18, 2023

Seriah is again joined by author and paranormal researcher Travis Watson for the second half of their discussion. Topics include sea monsters, tulpas, sea serpents in mythology, thought forms materialized by psychic energy, Alexandra David-Neel, Walter B. Gibson, a plantation ghost apparently created by belief, a psychic trauma miasma, water monsters and cold still water, relic dinosaurs, the Philip experiment, dreams, magickal practice, John Michael Greer, merfolk, an encounter between a French explorer and a mermaid, storms, John Warms, the strange ethnicity of mermaids, the folly of manatees being confused with merfolk, bizarre completely white humanoid entities, an encounter with a “fear zone”, legend tripping, Lon Strickler, a witness terrified by a tall emaciated white humanoid, the Wendigo, paranormal encounters as psychic experiences, ghost trains, Frank Edwards, phantom carriages arriving for the dead, Joshua Cutchin and the wild hunt, repeated apparitions of trains, the month of December and the dead, Linda Godfrey, Scottish Fae lore brought to Canada, broadcaster Christian Page’s bizarre abduction by unknown entities, the paranormal as a theatric presentation, initiation and fear, the Fae placing trees in people’s way, Joshua Cutchin and Fae on the march, youths encounter with fog and a strange man and missing time, people mysteriously transported to other continents, the “King Hall’s AM” podcast, J. Allen Hyneck, a detailed report of a bizarre sphere by an astronomer, intelligent plasma, Timothy Renner, strange lights and Sasquatch, anomalous lights and numerous phenomena, angels, Janet and Colin Bord, several children encounter weird humanoids mooing like cows, Susan Michaels, a UFO appearing over a hotel in downtown Montreal with numerous witnesses, unexplained slime falls on a school for three days in a row, skyfalls including a rain of frogs, black dog encounters, and much more! Travis provides a plethora of fascinating stories and the discussion is riveting! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Andra Dare with Lillith Download
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Canadian Monsters and Mysteries with WT Watson - Feb 11, 2023

Seriah is joined by author and paranormal researcher Travis Watson. Topics include cryptids in Canada, Fortean events, the wood bison, “Lazarus” species, the massive size and small population of Canada, the possibility of a physical relic hominid/undiscovered ape, high strangeness and Sasquatch, an encounter with an apparent dinosaur in the wilderness, Mokele Mbembe in Africa, a Canadian upright panther, the strange melanistic mountain lions, “Catman”, giant snakes, John Warms, Indigenous lore, weird holes in the ground, giant beavers, an encounter with a giant wolf, Ivan T. Sanderson, Linda Godfrey, the “bear wolf” in Wisconsin, dire wolves, an encounter with a huge upright wolf, Dogman, psychic messages from cryptids, bipedal canines, man-wolves, werewolves in magickal tradition, John Keel, Skinwalker Ranch, the multiverse, portals, perception and the unknown, spirits, geo-magnetic fields and paranormal sightings, Slenderman, “the Shadow” tulpa, black dogs and psi, lake monsters, Ogopogo, offerings and the consequences for not making them, a primitive extinct whale, underwater cryptids, lake monsters occurring along a certain parallel, Champ, the “Vast Horizon” sci-fi podcast, sea monsters, the Oz effect, strangely calm waters, a “water lion” sea monster, an encounter preceding a shipwreck, a blue-eyed sea giraffe, aggressive sea serpents, giant eels, flaps in different types of paranormal phenomena, cycles of flaps, the difficulties of compiling Fortean data, black dog phenomena, strange mists, Sasquatch in Canada, and much more! This is a fascinating discussion with so much information that it will be continued! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Arrows of Alchemy by Meka-Nism Download  
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Listener Stories - February 4, 2023

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Super Inframan for a listener stories episode. Topics include a bizarre encounter with a possible angel, holograms, sleep paralysis, experiences with the ghost of a dog, other dead pet phenomena, Biblical metaphysical and evolutionary insights on pets, psychopomps, a Jesus-like apparition in a child’s closet, a mechanical/robotic sleep paralysis incident, a “shadow cat”, an incident of unexplained knocking and scratching, micro-earthquakes, poltergeist activity, a vardoger experience, a bizarre incident with an old telephone in an apparently haunted trailer, stages of death prior to physical death, traumatic events and hauntings, a weird “partial OBE”, a woman draining energy from appliances, electrical and kundalini energy, mental health and the paranormal, the myth of normalcy, Timothy Renner and the “Strange Familiars” podcast, the “Last Exit for the Lost” radio show, a “Hat Man” and “waking dream” encounter in a tattoo shop, bad experiences with parasitic shadow people, Carlos Castaneda, holographic universe theory, strange voices, a weird disappearing spider, encounters with an invisible entity, an apparently successful occult ritual, magick and depression, chaos magick vs ceremonial magick, schizophrenia, and much more! These are fascinating stories accompanied by very interesting discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by Marble with "Terrified One" Download
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More on the UFO's... or Balloons - Feb 15, 2023

Updating the show from a couple of days ago with some new information on the rash of balloon news... Download
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Balloons, UFO's, or Disclosure - Feb 13, 2023

In this Off Road Edition of the show, Seriah and Super Infra Man take apart what has been going on in the last couple of weeks with all these balloon sightings, UFO comments, etc., and what really is likely happening. Download
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Wallace Thornhill Memorial Re-Post - Feb 12, 2023

Wal Thornhill passed away on February 7, 2023. I had the pleasure of speaking with him twice on Where Did the Road Go? These are those two interviews, about the Electric Universe, cleaned up and remastered. Originally from May 2014 and May 2015. RIP Download
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UFO History 2022 - Jan 28, 2023

For the latest “Year in UFO History” episode, Seriah welcomes Mike Clelland and Aaron Gulyas. Topics include the increased public acceptance of the UFO phenomenon, military projects out-sourced to corporations for secrecy, glimmer man invisibility suits, the late Betty Andreasson Luca, Raymond Fowler, an OBE experience with a vision of a phoenix, relationships orchestrated by aliens, Howard Menger, Orfeo Angelucci, 1950’s and 60’s contactees, George Adamski, Carl Jung, “In Advance of the Landing” book, an encounter with seven owls, Congressional UFO hearings, disclosure and its contradictions, Bill Moore, Paul Bennewitz, disinformation, gullibility in Ufology, Tom Delonge, To The Stars Academy, Cheryl Costa and Linda Miller Costa’s “UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015”, grifting in Ufology, a quote from Jane Pauley, Whitley Strieber, Ed Walters and the Gulf Breeze incident, the Calvine UFO photo, the Aurora experimental aircraft, Nick Pope, the UK Ministry of Defense, changing U.S. government definitions of “UFO” and “UAP”, Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck’s “Wonders in the Sky”, time travel, a youth experiences time distortion, the “Wilson memo”, alleged UFO craft retrieval, pregnancy irregularities connected to UFO encounters, Roswell, Steven Greer, early 2000’s search engines, government credibility hindering disclosure, the phenomena and the individual experiencer, Garry Nolan and metamaterials, UFO Twitter, Havana Syndrome, pilots injured by UFO contact, Skinwalker Ranch, the Ubatuba UFO incident in Brazil, Kenneth Ring and NDEs, the UK Rendlesham incident and its connection to the Texas Cash-Landrum incident, interrogation of troops at Rendlesham, Larry Warren, the “Mirrors” podcast, Professor Jeffrey Kripal and Rice University’s special collections, an academic conference at Rice, Kripal’s latest book “The Superhumanities”, “White Mountain” a Netflix film produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s company about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case, the interesting timing of the Hill incident and President Obama’s birth, the Hill incident as both high strangeness and/or a government psyop, Wren Collier, Kathleen Martin niece of the Hills, “Interrupted Journey” by John Fuller, Zelia Edgar and alien clothes, Alta and Chad Dillard, a bizarre incident involving a triangle, “Orbducted in the French Quarter” book, Brian Short, “The Seventh Dead” book, Joshua Cutchin, “Ecology of Souls”, UFO and other paranormal phenomenon and connections to death, Anne Strieber, and much more! This is absolutely riveting discussion, packed with little-known facts and connections! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by Cactus Cathedral with "The Encounter" Live on The Last Exit for the Lost Download
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WDTRG 10th Anniversary Show - January 21 2023

For this very special 10th anniversary episode, Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie and Joshua Cutchin. Topics include Micah Hanks, the Daily Grail, experiences in podcasting, Greg Little, Graham Hancock, Whitley Streiber, Jacques Vallee, the book “The Invisible Gorilla”, Amie Michel, experiences working in radio, David Weatherly, Paul Kimball and the flaws and misuse of hypnosis, Bud Hopkins, an alternative explanation of hypnotic regression, divination, poltergeist activity, unconscious psycho-kinetic energy, limitations of memory, changes of opinion on paranormal phenomena, Bigfoot, “Where the Footprints End”, Eric Ouellet, “Illuminations”, the concept of the wilderness poltergeist, Loren Coleman, UFO experiences as mass poltergeist activity, UFO materials as apports, Patrick Harper, Fae artifacts, the Seth material, astrology, channeling, David Paulides, Dyatlov Pass incident, the Snake Brothers, Tobias Wayland, details added to re-tellings of strange events, Humpty Dumpty folklore, self-generated phenomena, a lost child protected by a “bear”, templates for paranormal experiences, Joshua’s experiences with “the Creeper”, wandering consciousness, DMT, commonalities in psychedelic experiences, paranormal literalism, ayahuasca, UFOs as psychopomps, the dead having their own technology, Pablo Amaringo, Dr. Rick Strassman, Flying Saucer Review, different ideas of the afterlife, different experiences of death, reincarnation and ghosts, UFO Twitter, grifting in Ufology and its recurring cycles, early “Red Ice Radio”, Coast-to-Coast AM, George Noory, George Knapp, Jesse Ventura, Walter Cruttenden, interviewing guests and reading their material, building a paranormal community, Aaron Gulyas, Mike Clelland, UFO history, “Last Exit for the Lost” radio show, “Station 151” podcast, problems with David Paulides’s material, the Rendlesham Forest incident, Peter Robbins, disinformation, Larry Warren, psyops, other paranormal incidents around the Rendlesham area, Roswell, John Keel, Jeff Ritzman, Rosemary Guiley, the Ufological tarot deck, Susan Demeter, Richard Dolan, people who helped build WDTRG, a view on how to look at the past, the origin story of the name of the show, a quote from Terence McKenna about fate, RPJ’s sudden change in life, Mexican wrestling/Lucha libre, the future of WDTRG, “The Weird Part with Vincent Treewell” podcast, the novel “Cosmic Collision”, Psyche Corporation, “Whirring World”, and much more! This is truly wonderful discussion, touching on a decade of unique and open-minded inquiry! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Whirring World by Psyche Corporation Download
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High Strangeness with Natalie and Barbara - Jan 21, 2023

Seriah welcomes two long-time experiencers, Natalie and Barbara (who is also the host of “6 Degrees of John Keel”). Their experiences make for a fascinating discussion. Topics include an extremely intense interconnected dream, dream journaling, Seriah’s strange encounter with a hooded man on a scooter, owls in bizarre locations, the difficulties of photographing paranormal activity, orbs and glowing humanoids, the light spectrum, the Moscow Idaho murders, a weird tornado warning, repeating dreams of snow in August, liminal time periods, strange footsteps, mysterious loud sounds, a weird incident with a candle, raccoon behavior, indoor recordings, a cat shows up and lives in Seriah’s house, animals’ paranormal perceptions, bizarre phone calls in Seriah’s youth, unintended EVPs, an associate of Barbara experiences high strangeness, psychically destroying and healing computers, hormones and paranormal phenomena, Greg Bishop and the “Radio Misterioso” podcast, a black squirrel, Natalie’s youthful encounter with coyotes and an owl, encountering a parliament of 4-5 great horned owls as an omen, an unnatural disappearing and re-appearing cell phone, taken and returned objects, an encounter with a Pixie or Brownie-type entity, Natalie and her co-experiencer Stephanie share an encounter and a ritual, Seriah’s strange experiences with a Baphomet necklace, deer experiences, Natalie’s ongoing experiences with a specific Fae entity, an underworld Deity and curing plagues, spirits and Fae controlling their appearance, medieval Christian syncretism, Ashland Burns, Morgan Daimler, non-human intelligent entities, spirits using the images of the dead, and much more! This is some riveting, often quite personal, conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Sleep Dread from Vrangvendt Download
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Year End Super Roundtable: Part 2 - Jan 7, 2023

Seriah hosts the continuation of the 2022 in Review Round Table with guests A.P Strange, Super Inframan, Red Pill Junkie, and Christopher Ernst. Topics include the late Professor Frank Drake and the Drake Equation, SETI, The 1997 film “Contact” (starring Jodie Foster, based on a novel by Carl Sagan), NASA’s new announcement of its intention to investigate UAPs, President Jimmy Carter’s attempts at greater UFO transparency, Jacques Vallee getting stone-walled by NASA, a potential space-race with China, “Superman IV”, Congressional hearings on UFOs, UAPs as foreign (human) intelligence and surveillance, former fighter pilot Lt. Ryan Graves, classified projects done by corporations, plausible deniability, the Wilson memo, congress creating a channel for UFO whistle-blowers, a delayed final report on UAP sightings in the military, the USS Nimitz and media ridicule, the Calvine UFO photo, Nick Pope, Professor Avi Loeb’s search for a crashed extraterrestrial tech object in Papua New Guinea, the 1959 encounter with Rev. William Gill and high strangeness, NASA’s successful deflection of an asteroid, denial of asteroid cataclysm, the Tunguska event in 1908 Russia and its fortunate placement, Charles Berlitz, Nikola Tesla, the Chicxulub asteroid impact in the Yucatan Peninsula, Blake Lemoine and alleged Google sentient AI, Cristóbal de las Casas and the souls of Indigenous people, the Ufological Tarot Deck project, comic artist Mark Gruenwald’s cremation and ashes mixed into his final work, the partial release of JFK assassination documents, George H.W. Bush, John Foster Dulles, a humorous Aleister Crowley story, “Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason” and “Subjective Truth” podcasts, a tragic but bizarre story of a woman killed by an elephant, strange incidents of groups of animals walking in circles, unintended consequences of electronic waves, rising population, nuclear fusion, economic inequality, possible lunar and asteroid mining, “Ancient Apocalypse” and Graham Hancock, manipulation of information and theories by racists, biases in academia, geologist Robert M. Schoch, archeologist Virginia Steen-McIntyre’s controversial work with ancient footprints in Mexico, and much more! This some wide-ranging, fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is "Hollow" by New Animal Download  
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Year End Super Roundtable: Part 1 - Dec 31, 2022

Seriah is joined by Taylor, Super Inframan, Chris Ernst, Red Pill Junkie, and A.P. Strange for an end of the year super round table episode. Topics include the bombing of the Georgia Guide Stones and the political/religious hysteria surrounding it, Consprinormal and Dr. Future, “Dark Clouds Over Elberton”, Rosicrucianism, the death of Betty Andreasson, mystic visions, alien/human hybrids, the Shaker religious community, Raymond E. Fowler, John G. Fuller, Betty and Barney Hill, hybrid young with the “other” in Celtic folklore and Greco-Roman mythology, Biblical fallen angels, “The Watchers”, the death of high strangeness experiencer Alta Dillard, the death of John Lear, Coast-to-Coast AM and Art Bell, the O.H. Krill papers, William Cooper, UFO/Alien disinformation, “Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks” by Adam Gorightly, Aaron Gulyas, Bob Lazar, the CIA, a soul-catching machine on the moon, Carlos Castaneda and Whitley Strieber’s concerns over “entering the light” at the point of death, the death of Linda Godfrey, the Beast of Bray Road, Dogman, the death of Brazilian researcher A.J. Gevaerd, the 1996 Varginha Brazil strange entity encounter, James Fox and “Moment of Contact”, Antonio Vilas-Boas, the endless baiting of “disclosure”, paranormal incidents and the local tourist economies, the “Chupa-Chupas” and Operation Saucer in Brazil, the Ant People of the Navajo, lore of underground cities, “Ancient Apocalypse” and Graham Hancock, Mount Shasta and the Lemurians, Sedona AZ, Nation Of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan’s UFO encounter in Tepotzlan Mexico, Dr. Stephen Finley, Jeremy Vaeni, “Aliens: the First and Final Disclosure”, mundane astrology, astrological conjunctions in the near future involving technology, nuclear fusion, the planet/non-planet Pluto, the Pioneer space probe, the difficulties of communicating with a truly alien intelligence, origins of life, panspermia, engineered seeds spread throughout the cosmos, the tenacity of life, DNA, imagery in DMT visions, esoteric laws affecting physical laws, the Vedic concepts of three bodies and three worlds/spheres, the nature of Fate, Jacques Vallee’s concept of a “control system”, Seriah’s recommendation for “ars PARADOXICA”, ecosystems, the death of James Lovelock, the Gaia hypothesis, the documentary film “Ariel Phenomenon” about an encounter in 1994 in Zimbabwe between dozens of school children and apparently non-human entities, Dr. John Mack, Randall Nickerson, Chris Ernst’s documentary on WDTRG, Jordan Peele’s “Nope”, the purposes of gathering evidence of paranormal phenomena, disclosure and authority, Dr. Avi Loeb and a possible extraterrestrial tech object on the ocean floor, and much more! This is riveting discussion at its best! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro music is from Vrangvendt with Sinful Nature Download
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Dreams and Nightmares - Dec 24, 2022

Seriah is joined by Super Inframan and Wren Collier to discuss dreams, comas, and other altered states of consciousness. Topics include NDE’s, astral projection, Robert Monroe, sleep paralysis, sleeping behavior and Parkinson’s disease, cultural dismissal of dreams, Joshua Cutchin and “Ecology of Souls”, precognitive dreams, Wren’s personal experience of a precognitive dream, information sent through time, Super Inframan’s personal youth experience, the Taurus symbol, astrology, Seriah’s experience receiving his mystical name, Seriah’s autobiography, ketamine therapy, DMT and other chemical explanations for NDEs, Near Death Experiences and their variations, Seth channeled material and NDEs, medical investigations of the NDE experience, comas and full-body paralysis, diverse experiences while in a coma state, lucid dreaming and OBEs, post-OBE “drunkenness”, unfolding dreams and false awakenings, nested dreams, repetitive nightmares, snake imagery, dreams of school, listeners’ and acquaintances’ stories of coma experiences, feeling dead but being wrong, time dilation in altered states, alternate lives in altered states, life as an arcade game, video game experiences, movie dreams, “Johnny Got His Gun” 1938 novel by Dalton Trumbo and 1971 film directed by the author about a severely wounded soldier trapped in his body, the Metallica song “One” and the video accompanying it, dreams of departed friends, dreams of people one has lost contact with, instant (dream-free) experience of being in a coma, medically induced comas, morphine dreams, different perceptions of time, coma dreams based on movies, the experience of another entity with the person in a coma, a disturbing listener experience, entities interacting with coma patients, alien abductions and altered states experiences, “Among The Stars And Bones” fictional podcast, Wren handles an ethereal attacker, werewolves and dream experiences, UK series “Room 5”, official science’s new approach to dreams, doctors as shamans, fictional podcast “Tomorrow’s Monsters”, napping, the physical/mental/etc. benefits of sleep. Brutal U.S.S.R. sleep experiments, THC and dreams, and much more! This is a fascinating episode, loaded with personal experiences and not to be missed! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is The Christmas Season from Devo Spice Download
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Something in the Dirt: Movie Review - Dec 27, 2022

A quick off-road episode of the show, where Seriah and Octavian discuss the new movie, Something in the Dirt, and how well it represents High Strangeness... Download
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AMA Show - Dec 17, 2022

Seriah is joined by Super Inframan and Wren Collier for an Ask Me Anything episode. Topics include Graham Hancock, racism in 19th and 20th century academia, Wisdom Kings from the East, Franz Boas, lost ancient civilizations, Doggerland, great flood myths, catastrophism, solar flares, the Carrington Event of 1859, Oak Island, lost history, treasure hunting, Seriah’s choice of hair care products, invoking entities and the veil, the Trinity test site at White Sands NM, magickal practice and geographic location, Wren’s encounter with a wasp, animal consciousness, dreams and reality, time dilatation, REM sleep, 10 years of WDTRG, psi research, To The Stars Academy, the state of paranormal research, Greg Bishop, Joshua Cutchin, Allen Greenfield’s The Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts, Jack Brewer, UFOs and government psyops, milabs, George Adamski, psychological manipulation and experimentation, Betty and Barney Hill, hypnosis, poltergeist activity, the visible and non-visible light spectrum, facial recognition software, Loren Coleman, the Ape Canyon Bigfoot story, the Bigfoot museum in Georgia, “woo” Bigfoot, dogmatic explanations in the paranormal community, the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis as one of many possibilities, alien astral projection, the Seth material, sorcerers from other planets, the nature of time and information traveling into the past, para-causality, multiple dimensions and free will, Seriah’s recommendation for a fiction podcast, the relative rarity of ghosts, 16th century physician/astrologer and philosopher Paracelsus and his views on ghosts, the Stone Tape Theory, multiple theories of the nature of ghosts, a time-related bizarre ghost story from John E.L. Tenney, magick and art, ritual magick explained by an analogy to cooking, chaos magick, the Crypto-Terrestrial Theory, Mac Tonnies, nuclear fusion, the importance of open-mindedness and speculation in understanding the paranormal, the fictional podcast “Archive 81”, and much more! This is a free-wheeling discussion that covers some fascinating material! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by Worm Quartet with A Worm Quartet Christmas Download
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Miracles, Saints, and Dreams with Tim Renner - Dec 10, 2022

Seriah welcomes author, visual artist, musician, paranormal researcher/investigator, and podcaster Timothy Renner for a one-on-one discussion. Topics include saints of different types, Tim’s new podcast “The Flowered Path”, his existing podcast “Strange Familiars”, Saint Leonard and the Dragon, disappearing audio, Toad Road, the visions and wonders and secrets of Fatima, Jacques Vallee, Marian apparitions, a large hairy hominid sighting, apparently divine scents, Catholicism, alternative interpretations, UFOs, angels, the Miracle of the Dancing Sun, messages from entities, witness statements, theology, the nature of prayer, a religiously-based paranormal series of events in Spain in the 1960’s (Our Lady of Garabandal, The Warning and the Miracle), Greg Little, apparitions at a Coptic church in Zeitoun Egypt, limitations of human perception, John Keel, actions by people in trance mode, a personal experience with unexplained beautiful smells, the concept of authority, punk rock and anarchy, the problem of gurus, the documentary film “Kumare”, different paths of spirituality, Mary Magdalene vs the Blessed Virgin Mary, perceptions of the Phenomena and the mindset one brings to it, overcoming fear, personal experiences with negative paranormal activity, ghost boxes, shamanic experiences, poltergeist activity, the concept of proof, experts, photography of the paranormal, dreams, flesh and blood Bigfoot vs experiential phenomena, Joshua Cutchin's, sleep paralysis, the nature of sleeping states of consciousness, dream journals, the nature of self, information received in dreams, personal dream experiences, Indigenous cultures approach to dreams, an incident from the late-1800’s airship flap, recording dream recollections, recurring dreams and places found only in dreams, and much more! This is a truly delightful and fascinating conversation! - Vincent Treewell Outro is Lean Christmas from Devo Spice Download
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Ancient Apocalypse Roundtable - Dec 3, 2022

Seriah is joined by Christopher Ernst, Taylor Bell, Octavian Graves, and Ian Burton to discuss Graham Hancock’s Netflix series “Ancient Apocalypse”. Topics include talk radio, podcasting, Randall Carlson, Joe Rogan, racist tropes in alternative history/archeology, the Ethiopian Coptic Church, comet and meteor strikes, the last ice age, recently discovered ancient sites, Graham Hancock’s books, marijuana, Ayahuasca, Robert M. Schoch, geology vs archeology, a possible ancient civilization destroyed by cataclysm, the scablands, gradualism vs catastrophe, the Snake Brothers, research rejected by academia, the scientific method, anomalous evidence, plate tectonics, doing accurate research, problems with unsourced internet information, agendas in archeology and Egyptology, social scapegoating in human nature, Immanuel Velikovsky, respecting vs dismissing ancient stories, temples uncovered by a tsunami, David Hatcher Childress, Gobekli Tepe, parallels between artifacts from ancient Latin America and Ancient China, tunnel vision in academia, Jordan Peterson, far-right infiltration of alternative research, the dilemma of choosing media platforms, Terence McKenna, “News Radio”, Bob Lazar, Michael Shermer, the age of the Sphynx, John Keel and bitterness with the establishment, “type A and type B" scientists, the progression of advancement in science by generational change, Bigfoot hunting, Ivan T. Sanderson, vanishing evidence, ancient giants across cultures, Greg Little, Serpent Mound, giants and the Bible, Viracocha and Indigenous Latin American religion, folklore of white-skinned red-haired giants in ancient America, Moon-eyed people, colonialist reinterpretation of Indigenous beliefs, race as a cultural construct, the politics of Egyptology, remnants of an ancient culture distributing information to later peoples, the subjective nature of being a giant, pro wrestling, the societal rebellion against expertise, the “Bosnian Pyramids”, the psychologists who wrote “The Invisible Gorilla”, Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Zahi Hawass, colonialism and anti-colonialism in archaeological research, skeptics vs debunkers, resistance to innovation in science, the negative influence of billionaires, Jacques Vallee and internet search engines, cover-ups of astronomical anomalies, Dr. X, and much more! This is a fascinating round table discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro music by Vrangvendt with Turn to Glass Download  
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Wandering the Road - Nov 26, 2022

Seriah welcomes Red Pill Junkie and Super Inframan for a wandering the road episode. Topics include favorite stories of high strangeness, people witnessing cartoon characters in real life, toys moving around on their own, a childhood memory of a muppet-like entity, the farmer gifted pancakes by UFO occupants, writers encountering their characters in physical reality, Alan Moore and John Constantine, Neil Gaiman and a powerful demon, Walter B. Gibson AKA Maxwell Grant and the Shadow, tulpas, Sam the Sandown Clown weird encounter, dead relatives showing up with aliens, assumptions about UFOs as spacecraft, an alien base in Lake Michigan, underwater alien base near a coastal city in Mexico, Alex Whitcomb’s strange bigfoot encounter featuring out-of-synch time experiences, a fascinating speculation about Bob Lazar and a crashed extraterrestrial ship, the nature of time, Whitley Strieber and Jeffrey Kripal sharing a room and an experience at Esalen, shadow people, a physical phenomenon producing an illusion of a strange shadow, Seriah’s experience of mistaken identity, the Aztecs encounter of the Spanish on horseback, ancient horses in North America, Graham Hancock, plasma bursts depicted in ancient art, Seriah relates a bizarre dream about the Devil, the TV series “Lucifer”, Satan and God in the Bible, the story of Job, the story of Adam and Eve and its implications, Gnosticism, the Demiurge, the nature of happiness, the pursuit of wealth, digital vs physical media, Christopher Ryan’s “Civilized to Death”, obsessive collecting, doing tasks yourself vs hiring a skilled person, Seriah’s adventure fixing his AC unit, Kenneth Grant, H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur Machen, UFOs in ancient Chinese and Southeast Asian beliefs, magical creatures that excrete precious metals, Jack Parsons, symbols and reality, how language affects perception, Terence McKenna, the movie “Arrival”, Inuit language and snow, ancient Egyptian language and the soul, Joshua Cutchin’s “Ecology of Souls”, language and perceptions of color, high strangeness breaking through pre-existing mindsets, terminology specific to certain professions, Kenneth Grant’s questionable numerology and drawing of connections, Marjorie Cameron, August Derleth, the Mauve Zone, Michael Bertiaux, the imaginal realm, the Necronomicon, the singularity, Aleister Crowley, a weird race of non-humans, Mayan beliefs, Cthulhu, Hekate, strange voices, magick and UFOs, elaborate hoaxes, the UMMO letters and an early 1990’s alien landing in the Soviet Union, Carlos Castaneda, fiction proceeding real-life encounters, “War of the Worlds”, and much more! This is a casual but riveting discussion, not to be missed! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is DramaScream with Sham Download
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Mysteries of the Unexplained: Part 3 - Nov 19, 2022

Seriah is joined by Christopher Ernst, Octavian, and Taylor Bell to discuss stories from the 1982 Fortean classic “Reader’s Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained”. Topics include anomalies, strange footprints, White Sands NM, possible objects left by time travelers, ancient technology, catastrophe and the archeological record, bizarre skeletons, lost races of giants, horned skulls, the Smithsonian Institution, Greg Bishop, fanatical debunking and the disappearance of artifacts and evidence, Richard J. Dewhurst, Neanderthals, Denisovans, other “breeds” of humans, mutations, a very tiny mummified corpse, Buddhist monks voluntarily leaving their physical bodies, Steven Greer’s “alien” fetus fiasco, the 1996 version of “The Island of Doctor Moreau” starring Marlin Brando, strange things found by miners, Lovelock Cave, red-haired giant cannibals and Native American lore, “Weird America” and Jim Brandon, myths of little people, possible abilities of ancient peoples, hidden groups of people, Ferdinand Magellan and Indigenous giants, allegations of Egyptian artifacts in the Grand Canyon, a closed and guarded area of the canyon, lost records, Roswell, secrecy vs human error, rhino skeletons found by miners in Britain, a live horned lizard found in stone, frogs and toads found inside rock, bizarrely preserved amphibians and reptiles, tiny tool artifacts, Octavian’s co-host Ian Burton pops in as special guest, unusual living newts discovered amongst fossils, amphibians and witchcraft, the last Pterodactyl found in 1800’s France, stolen art and materials sought and possessed by the ultra-rich, the one-issue Wu Tang album, celebrities dabbling in occult imagery, Beyonce, Drake, Bohemian Grove, theatre and magickal working, CERN, unexplained artifacts on the Isle of Pines, the Darwinian expectation of progress, ancient superior technologies, the Antikythera mechanism, Roman concrete, “Greek Fire”, ancient sound technology, Andrew Collins, Malta, Atlantis, the “Mirror Line” project in Saudi Arabia, attempts to re-create ancient monuments, the Olmec heads, academic disbelief in Native denials of having built massive objects, Randall Carlson, Graham Handcock, and much more! This is fascinating discussion at its best! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is from Eliza Rickman with Black Rose Download
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Exploring Kundalini Weirdness with Jeremy Vaeni - Nov 12, 2022

Seriah welcomes author and experiencer Jeremy Vaeni to discuss kundalini and their personal experiences with it. Topics include Jiddu Krishnamurti, Theosophy, Buddhism, positive negation, bliss, heart-centered vs brain-centered, the ego/individual personality, transcendental enlightenment, kundalini rising suddenly, “truth is a pathless land”, perception vs reality, Christopher Walken, Llewellyn new age books, kundalini awakening as an uninitiated adolescent, John White, kundalini perceived as an outside spiritual attack, chakras, Ken Wilber, Shirley MacLaine and commercialization, enlightenment vs after-effects, the trap of seeking, tantra, kundalini and physical pain/health problems, hallucinogens, an experience with mushrooms, kundalini healing, differences in “controlling” or “directing” kundalini energy, lack of bruising, involuntary physical movements, blockages, pulsating energy, sleep healing and immunity to illness, kundalini and covid-19, a strange experience with bruising, the big unknowns in the human condition, kundalini and emotions, bodily experiences of temperature, electrical experiences, orgone energy, other phenomena causing apparent kundalini experiences, kundalini as a independent intelligent force, poltergeist activity, NDEs, poltergeist experiences with a stereo and CDs, the band AC/DC and other classic metal music, industrial and pop music, kundalini and sex drive, Seriah’s teenage kundalini hallucinations, visual and audible awareness experiences, non-locality, OBEs, glowing during meditation or mystical experiences, scientific study of meditation, healing through kundalini therapy, the male/female divide of kundalini, trauma as a common factor in paranormal phenomena, sexual assault, diabetes and its complications, the shamanic experience, kundalini and personal insights, synchronicities, and much more. Jeremy, as usual, brings a witty, sarcastic take to the subject. This a very interesting deep dive episode! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music from 50 Dollar Dynasty with Aeturnum Download
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Steve Berg on Weird Nebraska - Nov 5, 2022

Seriah welcomes Fortean researcher and actor Steve Berg as well as Christopher Ernst. Topics include high strangeness in Nebraska, police patrolman Herbert Schirmer’s abduction experience, the Condon Report, R. Leo Sprinkle, hypnotic regression, Ashland Nebraska, John Keel, Hollywood and being a character actor, improvisational comedy and Magick, John E. L. Tenney, Dell Close, L. Ron Hubbard, theatre and ritual, Sammy Davis Jr. and Anton Lavey, Jacques Vallee, Skinwalker Ranch, Adam Gorightly, sense of place, local historians and librarians, Ray Boeche, an experience with a bowhunting Bigfoot witness, tree structures, mockery comedy, flesh and blood Bigfoot theory, a newly discovered bear in the Himalayas, the Goblin Universe, A.P. Strange, the ETH, simultaneous UFO and monster flaps, window areas, winged humanoids, a 1957 encounter with a humanoid wearing mechanical wings, Greg Bishop and co-creation, youth and poltergeist activity, Seriah’s autobiography, the brain’s reaction to the unknown, a 1922 flying saucer and flying humanoid encounter, Gray Barker, Linda Moulton-Howe, Christopher O’Brien, cattle mutilation, Sasquatch hunting on Native American reservations, Rezsquatching on the Omaha Reservation, tribal police interactions with Sasquatch, Seven Sisters Road, enchantment of place vs what people bring themselves, quartz, a personal experience of Chris Ernst, Jeff Ritzmann and his theory of inducing a paranormal encounter, a lake monster in the late 19th century, high strangeness in human-made crop circles, Andrew Collins, earthworks, a 1970’s UFO encounter involving slag meta-material, Stanford professor Garry Nolan studying meta-material with Jacques Vallee, apports, Diana Walsh Pasalka and gifting fields, the book “Trinity” and Paola Harris, Steven Greer and the disclosure movement, George Adamski, the Trickster phenomena among people who encounter high strangeness, the Fox sisters, hoaxing, Uri Geller, the New York Times and tic-tac UFOs, government secrecy and manipulation, UAPs and military technology, Greek Mystery schools, Jeremy Corbell, disclosure activism, Time Wave Zero theory of Terence McKenna, and much more! This is riveting discussion not to be missed! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is The Way You Move by Mark Anthony King and Rob Mauer Download
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AMA Show Super Roundtable - Oct 29, 2020

Seriah hosts an all-star round table (Chris Ernst, Saxon/Super Inframan, Barbara Fisher, and Greg Bishop) to answer patreons’ questions. Topics include trends in paranormal witnesses’ reports, origins of different phenomena, co-creation, rains of frogs, Whitley Streiber, mental perceptions of the unknown, witness forgetfulness, Donald Hoffman, a personal experience with a proto-shadow person, Carl Jung, archetypes, the universe as information theory, UFO materials, dark matter, apports, the effects of the internet on folklore, an AI cryptid, Loab, a personal experience of lights in the woods, the Fae/Fairy folk, folklore vs ETH, hypnotic regression and its dangers, Jenny Randles, Barbara’s personal experience with memory manipulation, value of eyewitness testimony in the legal system, Brendan Dassey, the West Memphis three, the brain and memory, NDE life review, Cherylee Black, hell, karma, the Hindu belief in humans as splinters of God, a personal experience with a Pima Native American sheriff, earliest paranormal experiences, kundalini, a personal encounter with an unknown entity, personal experiences with haunted objects, a strange vision, a bizarre UFO encounter, family tales, a bizarre old-time encounter with an “angel”, a prankster and an apparition, memories of growing up with followers of an Indian holy man, a bizarre Ouija board experience, Paul Weston and Glastonbury, a creepy disappearance of a dog, a ball lightning encounter, a personal experience with “blobby” apparitions, mundane explanations and meaning, Animism, William S. Burroughs, synchronicities, a weird divination experience, David Metcalfe, Kiki Dombrowski, good and bad streaks of experiences, structured craft UFOs, “Trinity” by Jacques Vallee and Paola Leopizzi Harris, Atomic Energy Commission, Adam Gorightly, Twin Peaks, Ivan T. Sanderson, fireballs emerging from water, Fin Handley, Saint Teresa, VR recreations of paranormal experiences, and much more! This is weird conversation at its best! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Whirring World by Psyche Corporation Download Fin Handley's Videos which are mentioned in the show:
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Listener Stories - Oct 22, 2022

Seriah welcomes Octavian, Red Pill Junkie, and Super Inframan for a listener stories episode. Topics include Cal Cooper, an apparition of a dead relative, solid apparitions, the Iliad and Odyssey and their esoteric aspects, spirits impersonating familiar people, MIB phenomena, temporary monsters, Grant Morrison, Superman, the Joker, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, Greg Little, flashes of light, an impossible moon observation, Fatima and the moving sun, Jacques Vallee, Joaquim Fernandes, Fina D’Armada, Dr. Diana Walsh Pasulka, Professor Jeffrey Kripal, Mike Clelland, astronauts and cosmic rays, telescope hallucinations, Percival Lowell and canals on Mars, sleep paralysis, a strange dream experience, the goddess Hecate, synchronicities, an unusual shop in Roswell NM, a bizarre vision, Octavian’s weird shared OBE “alien wedding”, numerous experiences in a haunted house, punk and metal music, confronting and engaging with paranormal phenomena, poltergeist activity as psychokinetic (pk) energy, ceremonial magick and poltergeist activity, a listener’s life experience that parallels Seriah’s, cassette tapes, VHS, tape vs digital, low-fi black metal, bone records from the USSR, a bizarre possible trance experience with a VHS tape, a strange psychedelic UFO experience of Adam Gorightly, the TV series “Midnight Club”, a strange experience with electronic video/audio and a fire alarm, John Keel, analog vs digital and the paranormal, music recording on VHS tape, content destruction for tax and PR purposes, and much more! This is riveting, fast-paced discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Trick Or Treatin' by Devo Spice Download
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The Road to Magick - Oct 15, 2022

Seriah hosts a round table of Wren Collier, Octavian Graves, and Super Infra Man. The discussion covers many aspects of magick. Topics include a strange experience alone in the woods, the feeling of being unwelcome in a place, grimoire hijinks, the summoning of spirits, psychic impressions, an intense encounter during a ritual, different approaches to ceremonial magick, a painful experience caused by skipping a protective practice, astrological hours, Poke Runyon’s “Secrets of Solomon”, ceremonial magick rituals on youtube, drawing spirits into crystals, Sam Block, Daniel Ogden and Greek necromancy, the Biblical King Solomon vs conflated magicians from ancient times, “Unlocking the Mysteries of Magic” by Dr. Stephen Skinner, attribution of grimoires to famous authors, recovering past magical systems vs creating new ones, “Order of Rod and Ring” by Samuel David, Solomonic magick in ancient Mesopotamia, Taoist sorcery, theories of how magick ritual was introduced to humanity, the Book of Enoch, Laird Scranton, Animism, ayahuasca and plant spirits, Gobekli Tepe, intoxication to achieve an altered state of consciousness, alcohol in ritual, necromancy by irritating a spirit, ghost hunters, restless spirits, Raymond Moody, contacting shades for information, Jason Miller, giving blood to spirits, the dangers of offerings, dealing with angels vs dealing with demons, exorcisms, purposes of being a magician in a community, money rituals, communications from angels, dream experiences, the Estes method, Ouija boards and ritual magick, nature spirits, a bizarre dream communication, Robin Artisson, profane scrying, dream incubation, mundane and meaningful dreams, some bizarre significant dreams, the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA), a horrifying dream sent by an entity, spirits attaching to people and tormenting them, synchronicities in response to a rite, intuitive walking and a sign from an entity, Ufonauts, Allen Greenfield, sigils, coercing demons, spirits and smell, asceticism in Solomonic magick, different means of reaching a trance state, people having experiences and then denying them, a weird shared OBE, people interpreting encounters through the lens they need, grey aliens as demons, an experience with the image of a European “Jesus”, and much more! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Left Hand Path from RADII Download
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Jeremy Vaeni on Alien Disclosure, Consciousness, and Reality - Oct 8, 2022

Seriah interviews experiencer, author, and paranormal researcher Jeremy Vaeni. Topics include Ufology, high strangeness, skepticism vs debunking, discernment, materialist-reductionist atheism as a religion in itself, crop circles, strange inspirations to build crop formations, Colin Andrews and Pat Delgado, the mental security of set beliefs, government disclosure, denialist movements, Neil deGrasse Tyson, UFOs vs UAPs, military technology, Lou Elizondo, Bob Lazar, Jeremy Corbell, the ineffectiveness of photography in UFO research, Jeff Ritzmann, a bizarre personal encounter with a cougar and public backlash, the feeling of being watched by aliens, “scoff monkeys”, Tyler Kokjohn, John Mack and Oprah Winfrey, misunderstandings of the abduction experience, Whitley Streiber, the violation aspect of abduction, humor as a defense mechanism, remote viewing, psi research, inaccurate predictions, Joseph McMoneagle, ostrich meat, NDEs, human interaction with “aliens” and obsession with technology, anthropomorphism, Laird Scranton and the Dogon people, Indigenous perception vs Western perception, Rendlesham Forest incident, Nick Redfern, military psyops, George Hansen, Richard Doty, Ufology gullibility, paranormal experiences and shamanic journeys, abduction experiences and self-discovery, levels of understanding in paranormal ideas, hostile argument vs persuasion, extraterrestrials outside human expectations, the UFO experience and ceremonial Magick, and much more! Jeremy is extremely witty and sarcastic, making this a very entertaining episode! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by One-Eyed Doll with Brief Candle Download
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Magick, AI, and LOAB - October 1, 2022

Seriah is joined by Taylor Bell, Wren Collier, and Nathan Isaac to discuss Artificial Intelligence. Topics include AI art and the (possible) entity Loab, the Langford Basilisk, Blit, Delta Green, The Laundry Files, haunting images, AI art and ceremonial Magick, machine learning and AI generated languages, random word generation, cybernetic feedback loops, channelbot, pseudo randomness, AI created sigils, Shannon entropy threshold, AI and divination, AI and channeling, the human element in Magick, ceremonial Magick rituals as an algorithm, AI as a puppet, the question of what has a soul, Animism, Magick and sentience, the metals and crystals that form computers, surveillance technology and the feedback loops it could create, spirits inhabiting technology, the sci-fi trope of “downloading” a human mind/personality, data mining to create a simulation of dead people, Black Mirror, The Subjective Truth, advancing eras of using technology to contact the dead, Fredrick Jorgensen and EVP, spirits presenting false identities, The Vertical Plane by Ken Webster, the Dodleston messages, Instrumental Trance Communication (ITC), poltergeist activity and technology, deception by spirits, the ancient Chinese origin of the planchet, Ouija boards and their dangers, memetic viruses, humans manipulated by spirits, Dune and a solution to technological dangers, the “Gulf Breeze Six”, William Cooper, hyperstitions, Jorge Luis Borges and the alteration of reality, the Cybernetic Cultural Research Unit (CCRU), science fiction as hyperstition, Russian Roulette, The Deer Hunter, hollow Earth narratives, manipulation of society through mythology, counter-measures to weaponized mythology, entities moving from AI to being tulpas, The Back Rooms, and much more! This is absolutely fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Unverkalt with Wretched Man Download
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Strange Realities Conference Promo - Oct 10, 2022

Talking with Adam and Serfiel about the upcoming conference this weekend that Seriah's Documentary will be debuting at! Download
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Origins of the Gods with Greg Little - Sept 24, 2022

Seriah hosts researcher, author, diver, and psychologist Gregory Little. Topics include UFOs, Carl Jung, Native American beliefs, electromagnetic fields, Joan of Arc, Edgar Cayce, the light spectrum, the Schumann resonances, U.S. Navy experimentation, Michael Persinger and the God helmet, EMF pollution and mental illness, possible dangers of cell phones, John Keel, contactees, fear of nuclear war, archetypes, psychoids, psychological projection, Whitley Streiber, the temporary nature of the paranormal, window areas and portals, the comfort of both debunking and fixed beliefs vs. the uncertainty of facing the unknown, Native American mound builders and their beliefs, two-part souls, Graham Hancock, celestial soul journeys, the ancient Hebrew concept of the Guf, reincarnation, resurrection, ancient American monuments pre-dating those in Egypt and Turkey, Zahi Hawass, ancient mounds discovered at Louisiana State University, South American ancient history and archeology, Atlantis, post-ice age flooding, the path to the stars, shamans, flashes of light accompanying paranormal incidents, psychological testing of experiencers, a bizarre personal encounter, Emanuel Swedenborg, Transient Intrusions of Intelligent Manifesting Energy (TIIME), plasma, Philip J.Klass, Jacques Vallee, plasma creation by lazer, dusty plasmas, exotic plasmas, apparently living and even intelligent plasma, Harley Rutledge and the scientific study of a UFO flap and his bizarre personal experiences, the Yakima UFO flap and sightings of bigfoot and other cryptids, tectonic strain, the smell of sulfur, an explanation for the "tic tac" UAPs, advanced Navy weapons, government repository libraries, EMF mind control and message sending, August C. Roberts, Carl Sagan, and much more! This is fascinating, wide-ranging discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Breath by Vrangvendt Download  
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Cattle Mutes and Gaia - Sept 17, 2022

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie, cattle mutilation researcher David Perkins, and Vuk from the "Tracing Owls" podcast broadcasting from Herzegovina. Topics include Snippy the Horse, the bizarrely specific nature of cattle mutilation, NPR and Fox News coverage of cattle mutilation, UAPs, Christopher O'Brien, allegations of government involvement, a shoot-out with a helicopter, airborne cattle rustlers, non-human entities and high strangeness, extremely rapid organ removal, abduction and return of cattle, authority's discomfort with the unexplained, Gaia theory, James Lovelock, cybernetics and control systems, Jacques Vallee, Darwinism, interaction between the living and non-living, sentience and consciousness, feed-back loops, neo-Darwinism, separation between standard science and mysticism, anthropocentrism, natural selection vs collective assembly, the ubiquity of life, Earth's desire to spread life, bacteria forming complex systems, contamination of other planets with earth bacteria, the collective unconscious, space travel, Carl Jung, imaginal offerings, channeled creativity, Evolutionary Transitions in Individuality (ETIs), animal sacrifice in history and prehistory, cattle's role in human civilization, the theatrical placement of mutilated cows, the Trickster as a force, the "message" of cattle mutilations, society's changing attitudes on cattle-raising, law-enforcement blaming UFOs, the "cow being abducted by a flying saucer" meme, reproduction vs expression, 1930's science fiction, the Biblical story of lamb's blood and Passover, an Indigenous Bolivian woman who confronted a Leprechan-like being preying on her sheep, cattle mutilations in Latin America, the CIA, a bizarre witness of "alien" butchery in progress, mutilated humans, mutilations and attacks on other animals, Linda Molton-Howe, a bizarre pig mutilation, mutilations near NORAD, Skinwalker Ranch, and much more! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is 50 Dollar Dynasty with Aeternum Download
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Seriah's Birthday and other Personal Notes - Sept 21, 2022

This is a video I posted to YouTube in audio format.There are a few visuals in the video, but nothing you need to see to listen, aside from maybe the cat... Nothing much paranormal in this show, some upcoming things and stuff that has happened in the last year, and if you want to send Seriah anything... Download Mailing address;Where Did the Road GoPo Box 444Ovid, NY 14521 Amazon Wishlist Patreon DonationsVenmo @SeriahAzkathCashApp $SeriahAzkathPayPal: [email protected]
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Alien Animals! - Sept 10, 2022

Seriah is joined by A.P. Strange and Super Infra Man to discuss the vintage book "Alien Animals" by Janet and Colin Bord. Topics include U.S. vs. U.K. paranormal research and writing, mystic sites and ley lines, 1970's-90's paranormal zines, cryptids, folklore, Alien Big Cats, lake monsters, Black Dogs, giant birds, bird-like humanoids, humanoid hairy beings, a photo of a headless dog, ghost dogs, human-faced dogs, shape-shifting dogs, black dogs and the Devil in folklore, a benevolent black dog memorialized in a church, Black Shuck, dogs and storms, ball lightning, living plasma, the smell of sulphur, invisible dogs, a shape-shifting fox, Hecate, dog-headed humans, an unoffical dog saint, a white dog and a UFO, a saucer landing releasing multiple dogs, Nessie, Tony "Doc" Shiels, Monstermind, Morgor, psychic backlash, Owlman, Ted Holiday, an exorcism of Loch Ness, humor and magick, Owlman sightings, Bat Beast of Kent, Owlman vs. Mothman, marketing for the 2002 Richard Gere and Laura Linney "Mothman Prophecies" movie, high strangeness affecting those in contact with the paranormal, an eel-like Irish lake monster, the Irish "Peiste", Nessie and other lake monsters as possible mollusks, a benevolent series of encounters between a Native American man and Sasquatch, a ghostly albino fox, the ineffectiveness of guns against paranormal entities, a 1970's theory that electrical and microwave fields cause phenomena, possible "muting" effects of cellphone and other fields, why more encounters happen in the wilderness, people affected by electro-magnetic fields, W.T. Watson and strange fogs, "wandering bits of consciousness", a repeatedly-experienced ghost who never existed as a living person, the Loveland Frogman, and much more! There's a bunch of fascinating material discussed here! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro is Terro Cosmos by Darwin Download
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The AI Haunting the Internet (Off Road Edition) - Sept 15, 2022

We have a short 'Off Road' conversation about Loab, the strange AI creation that keeps showing up in art on the internet. We will be doing a longer show on this soon. Seriah is joined by AP Strange and Super Infra Man. You can read more at this link: Download
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Lovecraft and the King in Yellow - Sept 3, 2022

Artwork by the always awesome Mister Sam Shearon. Purchase a print and check out more of his artwork at his store - Seriah is joined by an all-star round table (Taylor Bell, Walter Bosley, Chris Ernst, and Super Infra Man) to discuss H.P. Lovecraft and his many influences and connections. Topics include Lovecraftian fiction, Robert W. Chambers, Ambrose Bierce, cosmic horror, Kenneth Grant, Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, synchronicities, "The Magical Revival", atheism and religious experience, Mike Clelland, paranormal entities and interactions with humans, the Aeon of Horus, artists picking up a mystical message unconsciously, muses, Robert E. Howard, the terrifying abyss of knowledge, "The King In Yellow", City of Carcosa, Lake of Hali, George R.R. Martin, "True Detective", Nic Pizzolatto, deep occult references, Epstein and Maxwell, Lovecraft Historical Society, Blue Oyster Cult, "Flaming Telepaths", film vs. VR, ritual in film, "Corpse", connections between Lovecraft and Crowley, Peter Levenda, Cthulhu, weird parallels between Crowley and Lovecraft's writings, August Derleth, "Weird Tales", Daniel Harms, Grady McMurtry, "Impossible Landscapes", "Call of Cthulhu" RPG, Lovecraft's wife Sonia Greene, Joseph Fink, "Welcome to Night Vale", writers of speculative fiction who deny any interest in the paranormal, practitioners who deny occult practice, disgraced author Jason Pargin, a Star Wars analogy, fear and denial of the paranormal, IRL dangers of occult practice, Greg Bishop, Susan Demeter, the Necronomicon, the Picatrix, Lovecraft-inspired films, "Lovecraft Country" in art and real life, a possible actual person who may have inspired Lovecraft's recurring protagonist, a tale of fascinating madness, and much more! This is fascinating discussion, not to be missed! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Nightmares by Psyche Corporation Download
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Off the Road: Congress Defines UFO's - Sept 8, 2022

In what we may now call Off the Road shows, this short talks about how congress now classifies UFO's... Download
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Mysteries of the Unexplained: Part 2 - August 28, 2022

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie, Super Infra Man, and Chris Ernst to discuss stories from the Fortean classic "Readers' Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained". Topics include a hurricane in Britain, volcanoes on the moon, ball lightning, an astronomer's sighting of a bright light on the moon, a weird fog in colonial Connecticut, W.T. Watson, a mirage of an entire city in Ireland, Jeremy Corbell and Skinwalker Ranch, Fata Morgana, Hy Brasil, co-ocurring earthquake and sunspots and howling sounds, an astronomer's sighting of a micro-planet within Earth's orbit, Tabby's Star, rogue planets, dark days and strange clouds, volcanic activity, forest fires, fire tornadoes, meteorites and lightning, the planet Vulcan, assumptions in science, big discoveries and citizen scientists, a flaming cylinder, Dr. James E. McDonald and fire tornadoes, lunar lights, energy sources on the moon, helium-3, strange bubbles, the yellow day, pyramids or horns appearing on the moon, a bizarre cloud, a wave of darkness in Oshkosh Wisconsin, a dust storm on Mars, strange episodes of darkness, causeless fires, a transient shadow on the moon, a lost Soviet Mars probe, life on Mars, Tesla's received signals, Edison vs Tesla, free energy, Marconi and the death ray, volcanoes and UFOs, the Ufology Tarot deck, a trench-digging fireball, a freakish blast of heat, a weird electrical encounter, an object orbiting Earth, activity in the solar system, a meteor in Russia, public reaction to disclosure, bizarre indoor ball lightning, Garry Nolan and Christopher "Kit" Green, and much more! This is wide-ranging, fascinating discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music from DramaScream with Fire Download
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The Wilson / Davis Memo: Quick Take - Aug 31, 2022

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie, Chris Ernst, and Super Infra Man to discuss this UFO Memo that has been in the news as of late. You can read the PDF here. Download
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Listener Stories - Aug 20, 2022

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst and Super Infra Man to read and discuss listener stories. Topics include a bizarre encounter with a medium/psychic, free will vs. predistination, the nature of time and reality, energy "sucking", chakras, experiences with unexplainable true predictions, "fixed points", a Vedic analogy for free will and karma, a vintage ouija board story that must be heard, Paul Weston, Glastonbury, paranormal events during and after a trip to plantations and graveyards, a disturbing shadow person entity, a hostile encounter with a spirit eagle on a Native American reservation, a huge humanoid running along the freeway, a terrifying experience at the scene of a tragedy, unexplainable handprints, poltergeist activity, weird areas of New Mexico, lights vs. eyes, Pukwudgies, egregores, the appearance of a strange woman co-inciding with a sudden fever, a bizarre encounter in the Philippines involving a weird man and dogs, Aswangs,vistations from the deceased, Odin, dreams, hypnagogic states, "the time I met God", LSD, universal knowledge, psychedelics and/or meditation, consciousness, illusions encountered during trips, "Yogi Medicine", a fascinating anecdote from Ram Dass, plusses and minuses of psychedlic use, personal experiences, Jeff Kripal and Kali, the Yogic conception of each human having multiple types of bodies, disembodied voices and paranormal activity in an apartment, a hat man visit, "Mother Goose" and strange music, a camper encounters a goblin-like entity, the light spectrum, a bizarre Irish experience involving Fae music and a dancing jacket, a visit from a weird threatening entity, life stress and the paranormal, liminality, and much more! These are some fascinating stories and engrossing discussion! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Download Outro Music by Vrangvendt with the song "What Happiness Feels Like"
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The Calvine UFO Photo - August 25, 2022

We take a few minutes to discuss our thoughts on the Calvine UFO Photo... Download
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The Very Strange Experiences of AP Strange - Aug 13, 2022

Seriah is joined by Chris Ernst, Super Infra Man, and AP Strange for a wide-ranging discussion. Topics include the Magonia Research Group, social media, Liminal Earth, Keel's theory of UFOs appearing most on Wednesdays, maps, Jorge Luis Borges, broccoli wizards, strangely misplaced fruits and vegetables, Fae encounters, a strange personal experience involving traffic and weird weather, static electricity and lightning, musicians as shamans, group dynamics in musical performance, a childhood encounter with luminous entities, a vision of a future McDonald's, dreams, premonitions, astral projection, reincarnation, preparations for the afterlife, disembodied voices, a bizarre encounter with a clock-radio, Seriah's fire alarm and weird dream experience, poltergeist activity, levitating objects, a haunted convenience store and the "slushpuppy ghost", paranormal movies from the 1980's, bigfoot and orbs, a strange experience with an interactive UFO while driving, synchronicities, Beat-era poetry and a weird coincidence, the book "Alien Animals", a 1800's report of a bizarre green object referred to as a moon and an angel, and much more! This is some fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music is Cowboy Matt Hopewell with New Old School. Download
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ET's and Disenchantment - Aug 6, 2022

Seriah is joined by Red Pill Junkie and Chris Ernst for an eclectic discussion. Topics include re-enchantment, debunking, a fake bigfoot skull, To The Stars Academy, the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), Fae folklore, Djinn, the search for alien technology, bigfoot as a natural animal, high strangeness, the enlightenment mindset of science vs. religion, "woo" in the paranormal community, New Age grifters and con-jobs, modern-day dinosaurs, Ancient Aliens, possible pre-ice age civilizations, academic hubris, Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenic field, defining "advanced" among cultures, Graham Hancock, Philip Coppens, archeological discoveries of ancient cities and monuments, Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, archeology vs. Native peoples' beliefs, Solomonic magick, Greco-Roman biases in anthropology, Oumuamua, Jacques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek, allegations of deals between President Eisenhower and aliens, exotic materials, Elon Musk, the limitations of human knowledge, dark matter, consciousness, material-reductionism, Jeffrey Kripal, Jeff Ritzmann, the paranormal and the personal, Vallee's account of a French farmer encountering entities in a field and being transformed, alien experiences and NDEs, Joshua Cutchin, UFOs and the death experience, Whitley Strieber, electronic recording and life after death, late 1800's- early 1900's Spiritualism, John Lear, the movie "Final Fantasy", Star Trek and its influence on paranormal thinking, Frank Herbert, Adam Gorightly, 1930's and 40's pulp sci-fi and its influence on perceptions of UFO phenomenon, Leonard H. Stringfield and military UFO stories, and much more! Completely fascinating conversation! - Recap by Vincent Treewell of The Weird Part Podcast Outro Music by 50 Dollar Dynasty with Where the Stories Lie Download
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Jim Pyre's Strange Experiences - July 30, 2022

Seriah welcomes Jim Pyre and discusses a lifetime of weird encounters and high strangeness. Topics include a memory of something he could not have seen, a NDE, kundalini experiences, bizarre electronic incidents, academic science's dismissal of psi phenomenon, materialist-reductionism vs. open mindedness, will-o-wisps, people's different reaction to encountering the strange, bigfoot hunting, a strange event in the woods, ghost hunting, biases in the subcultures of paranormal investigation, multiple explanations for "ghosts", paranormal reality TV, EVP, an experience in an old abandoned jail, ghost hunting equipment and its effectiveness, an intense encounter with an entity, being an attorney in a very rural small town, poltergeist-type activity, disappearing/reappearing objects, strange voices, being a possible subject of remote viewing, a bizarre experience with a fire alarm, a haunting brought to an abrupt conclusion, Irish Fae folklore, and much more! - Recap by Vincent Treewell Outro Music is Nightmares by Psyche Corporation Download
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Wandering with Snakes: Mysteries of the deep past, UFO's and more... Feb 3, 2022

This is a Swapcast with the Brothers of the Serpent podcast, and as such, is much longer than a normal show. We go ALL over the place, from science to the Electric Universe, to weird UFO Cases... Enjoy! Outro song is Deos from Fifty Dollar Dynasty. Download