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English, News, 1 seasons, 2 episodes, 2 hours 42 minutes
What's Left? is a podcast hosted by Aimee Terese and Oliver Bateman, discussing political theory, philosophy, and current affairs from a left wing perspective.
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The Work of Government, Part 2 (w/ Congressman Ric Keller)

Oliver talks to former Florida Congressman Ric Keller about his 8-year stint as the representative for Florida's 8th district as well as his new book Chase the Bears: Little to Achieve Big Dreams (Simon & Schuster, 2022). Oliver and Ric discuss the challenges of serving in a "swing" district, the impact of primary elections on polarization, the fundraising costs associated with serving on congressional committees, the importance of civility in public discourse, and the difficulties associated with achieving wholesale reform in a large, complicated political system. Along with that, they discuss topics covered in Ric's new book, such as the value of networking and the necessity of maximizing one's talents and opportunities to achieve personal success. Suggested Links Ric Keller on the power of self-deprecating humor, Ric Keller on the importance of networking,
11/10/202248 minutes 16 seconds
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The Work of Academia (w/ Lura Forcum)

Marketing professor (and Oliver's high school classmate) Lura Forcum returns to the show to discuss some of the challenges facing academia. Become a patron at
07/10/20221 hour 54 minutes 42 seconds