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English, TV & Video, 1 season, 28 episodes, 23 hours, 38 minutes
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Whatcha 107 - Whatcha Hipstern (part 2)

We pick up right where we left of with Nick diving into Mad Max Fury Road and Dean taking a detour with the Minion Movie. Then we downgrade to the idiot box and look at Wayward Pines, Game of Thrones and Sense8.WHATCHA WANT: Website - Facebook - Twitter - iTunes - WHATCHA TEAM: Mike - Dean - Nick - Em - Thanks for listening
8/9/201535 minutes, 10 seconds
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Whatcha 106 - Whatcha Hipster'n (part 1)

Em learns about the Partridge family, Nick does some Nicholas Cage, and we have a very special guest with @elroyonline!We hear there's Big Trouble with the Big trouble remake plans and dive into Jurassic World & Mad Max Fury Road.WHATCHA WANT: Website - Facebook - Twitter - iTunes - WHATCHA TEAM: Mike - Dean - Nick - Em - Thanks for listening
8/5/201540 minutes, 21 seconds
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Whatcha 105 - Whatcha Good Ship Nick

Nick is riding shotgun, get on board as we kick things off talking all things choc vegemite.News'n - Batman's in Suicide Squad, All Star has a sale & Kevin Smith is coming to Australia.Read'n - Convergence, Batman, Secret WarsWatch'n - Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Kung Fury, Scrotal Recall and The KingsmanWHATCHA WANT: Website - Facebook - Twitter - iTunes - WHATCHA TEAM: Mike - - Nick - - Thanks for listening
6/1/20151 hour, 5 minutes, 37 seconds
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Whatcha 104 - Rage of Voltron ... wait ... Age of Ulton

It's the biggest superhero movie of the year, so the Whatchas Assemble to talk all things Age of Ultron, what'd Dean, Em, Nick and Mike think?
5/24/201531 minutes, 40 seconds
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Whatcha 103 - Free Comic Book Day

It's Free Comic Book Day, so join Dean, Mike and Em at the All Star Artist Alley getting into all kinds of shenanigans. Mike has had a big day sketching and Em is prepping for reading Sex Criminals, the next book in the All Star Womens Comic Book Group, place Dean has had a hard time going through back issues in some stores!Then Dean and Nick kick back with a beer after a big day of comic'n and chat about what they've been reading and watching.Prepare to hear a recount of the X-men and Iceman coming out of the closet, plus a look at Batman Eternal and Nicks' take on Batman 40. Spoilers are on this ep.Then there's the XFiles/Fringe chat and a look at Daredevil.The audio is a bit sketchy this ep but we hope you enjoy.
5/14/201533 minutes, 29 seconds
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Whatcha 102 - Kirby Krackle Special

Mike & Nath chat at Supanova​ Melbourne with the King of Nerd Rock, Kyle Stevens about Kirby Krackle​, the growth of Nerd Rock and introduce some of the tracks from Kirby Krackle​'s recently released album: Mutate, Baby!KIRBY KRACKLE:Kirby Krackle - - - - Charging Hippo - WANT:Website - - - - TEAM:Mike - - for listening
5/5/201519 minutes, 46 seconds
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Whatcha 101 - Supanova Special

Coming to live from Supanova Melbourne, we almost get into a battle with a bunch of Orcs and get some great advice from some of Australia's most popular comic book creators.WHATCHA THANKING:Alisha Jade - Bruyn - Maccanti - Lauthier - Howard - WANT:Website - - - - TEAM:Mike - - - - - for listening
4/28/201528 minutes, 17 seconds
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Whatcha 100

We made it 100! We've got guests, live tweets and even our Convention. Tune in and enjoy a full house of pop culture goodness. WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - - Comics - http://feccomics.comPrivate Eye Comic - TEAM:Mike - - - - - - for listening
4/23/20151 hour, 36 minutes, 57 seconds
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Whatcha 099 - Whatcha Get Smarting

It's episode 99 so Nick, Mike & Nath decide it's time to Get Smart... ah see what we did there? WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - for listening
4/15/201558 minutes, 33 seconds
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Whatcha 098 - Whatcha Mathing

Dean's back and he gets schooled by Mike about his non Math skills. Dean's read alot, Nath goes Postal in 400 characters and Mike's read...Batman. Plus we plug some White Armour and Home Cooked comic goodness. WHATCHA PLUGGING:A Midsummer Nights Dean Amour Comics Festival WANT:Website - - - for listening
4/6/201557 minutes, 41 seconds
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Whatcha 097 - Whatcha Kombating

It's another week of Comic, TV & Movie goodness as Mikey B, Nicky D and Nathy S?? conduct a number of pun fatalities in true Mortal Kombat fashion. Plus Nath's 400 character comic review and Nick takes over the show. WHATCHA PLUGGING:Dollar Downloads List Kickstarter Troopers 2 WANT:Website - - - - - for listening
3/31/201555 minutes, 36 seconds
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Whatcha 096 - Whatcha Miming

Mike thought it would be a great idea to invite a Mime to be our special guest. How wrong he could be. We have the usual Whatcha Watching and Plugging, plus Nath reviews comics in 200 characters or less.WHATCHA PLUGGING:Pizza Man Kickstarter Gallery Comics WANT:Website - - - - for listening
3/21/201551 minutes, 56 seconds
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Whatcha 095 - Mikenathannick

Special guest & Bruce Willis stand-in Nick joins Mike & Nath for all the pop-culture fun that is Whatcha. We apologies for the technical difficulty experienced during this episode which has now been rectified.WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - - - for listening
3/16/201550 minutes, 6 seconds
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Whatcha 094 - Whatcha 2OfUs

The candles are lit and the music is low as Mike & Nath enjoy their hot chocolates together while discussing the News, Whatcha Watching, Whatcha Reading and some Whatcha Plugging. So sit back relax & enjoy.WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - Emma - for listening
3/10/201553 minutes, 37 seconds
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Whatcha 093 - Dean's Rapidish Review

Okay so maybe it isn't that rapid! Its been a month with no comic reading and Dean goes through the last 4 weeks of Marvel titles, the good the bad and the ugly... and Wolverines which he should never have picked up!
3/4/201557 minutes, 30 seconds
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Whatcha 092 - Whatcha All Starrin

This week it's a quickie as Nath goes it alone to the store opening of the NEW All Star Comics in Melbourne. Armed with mic in hand Nath chats with co-owner Mitch about store 2.0 and some exciting new additions. Plus our regular segments, Whatcha Watching & Reading but this time from you the punter. WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - Emma - for listening
2/23/201520 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 91: Whatcha Valentinin'

Em is unwell this week, but Dean is back with Nath and Mike and discussing all things pop culture including tv, comics, films with the usual tomfoolery!! We talk DC and Marvel with their respective reboots, Spidey joining the Marvel Film Universe and continue on with our new segment Whatcha Pluggin' with the Carmen Comic Book, Artboy and Kirby Krackle!WHATCHA WANT: Website Facebook Twitter iTunes Nath - Dean - Mike - (Dr) Emma -
2/13/20151 hour, 1 minute, 43 seconds
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Whatcha 90 - Whatcha Bustin'

With Dean still out performing at Midsumma, Em is back with Nath and Mike and discussing all things pop culture including tv, comics, films and a somewhat debated Ghostbusters talk about the new film. As always a bit of fun and we announce the winner of our Aussie Comics Special Giveaway!!!WHATCHA WANT: Website Facebook Twitter iTunes Nath - Dean - Mike - (Dr) Emma -
2/6/20151 hour, 13 minutes, 17 seconds
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Whatcha 89 - Aussie Day Special #3

Nath and Mike are at the helm as they review a slew of new aussie books. Plus a giveaway!! So tune in listen, and get the low down on all things aussie comics! WHATCHA WANT: Website Facebook Twitter iTunes Nath - Dean - Mike - (Dr) Emma -
1/30/201553 minutes, 19 seconds
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Whatcha 088 - Whatcha Burger Boys

It's a New Year and the boys are back in town eating burgers while Em's off playing Nurse to the poor sick Batstache.All the normal pop culture segments, hilarity and Dean talking over the top of everyone else plus 100% more burger goodness. WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - Emma -
1/15/201551 minutes, 19 seconds
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Whatcha 087 - Whatcha Cutsmas

We're back with an Annual Christmas Calamity of a show, with Dean cutting his arm, the team exchanging gifts plus all the regular segments with a Christmas twist.Have a Happy & Safe Christmas everyone, and look forward to your company in the New Year. WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - Emma -
12/24/20141 hour, 1 minute, 24 seconds
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Whatcha 085 - Whatcha Mixed Bag

Dean's away so Mike, Em & Nath record from Studio S with a Mixed Bag of random Whatcha news, reviews & views, which is to be expected when Mike's hosting. WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - Emma - for listening
12/9/20141 hour, 3 minutes, 4 seconds
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Whatcha 084 - Whatcha Boystown

Em's away so Mike, Dean & Nath take up residence in Boystown live from Studio D. Still your favourite segments plus a little food talk and guess when Nath's baby is born to win some awesome prizes.WHATCHA WANT:Website - - - Emma - for listening
11/27/201449 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 83: Whatcha Splitting - Part 2

It's part two!! This episode we talk babywhatcha talk a bit more comics, PAX and all things doctor who.. among other things!! WHATCHA WANT: Website Facebook Twitter iTunes Nath - Dean - Mike - (Dr) Emma -
11/21/20141 hour, 4 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode 82: Whatcha Splitting - Part 1

Clearly we had a lot to say and we had to go the chop and make two magical episodes. This time we chat Interstellar, Gotham, Flash, Movember, Satallite Sam, Marvel's movie line up, Kevin Smith's latest and whether the Superman Burger truly makes the cut. Em is also stuck on Netflix and much more...WHATCHA WANT: Website Facebook Twitter iTunes Nath - Dean - Mike - (Dr) Emma -
11/18/20141 hour, 2 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 81 - Whatcha Live Spooktacular Part 2

Back from a short break we get the audience settled and dive into part 2 where we pick up the hammer and chat to the Tardis Guy as well as the talking all things Doctor Who we also have a chat about the new Avengers trailer, did you like it?Things take a turn when we dive into the chip challenge and we get our ghoul on with a chat bout horror novels and Archies Afterlife.Thanks to the fellas from Artboy Gallery for having us and letting us be a part of Poptober.
11/6/201452 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 80 - Whatcha Live Spooktackular Part 1

Whatcha Live returns for Poptober at Artboy Gallery with part one of a special live episode now with added audience.It's a preHalloween recording and the gangs all dressed up as we talk sexy pumpkins and ebola, scary movies and tv, the Splendid Chaps Night Terrace launch, Zombie Neighbours, we debate is Buffy horror? and a fantastic Halloween trivia.
11/6/201456 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 79 - Whatcha Quickie with Kevin Eastman

Mike fulfils a life long dream as he and Dean have a chat with the creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kevin Eastman.
10/30/201413 minutes, 21 seconds