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What We Coulda Been, with Chelcee Grimes Profile

What We Coulda Been, with Chelcee Grimes

English, Music, 1 seasons, 11 episodes, 6 hours 47 minutes
Chelcee Grimes is a singer/songwriter who's written for Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, Olly Murs and loads more. At age 16 she had to decide between being a footballer with Liverpool Ladies, or music. She chose music, and it was the right choice. Here she meets talented people in all sorted of careers and finds out what they could've been if they'd made a different choice. Including Rio Ferdinand, Dua Lipa, Little Mix, and many more. A Fresh Air Production
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Nina Nesbitt

Nina and Chelcee first met when Nina had been dropped by her record label and was looking for a way back into music. Now she's one of the most exciting talents in music, smashing it with her unique sound. The two mates catch up during lockdown, and Nina's dog helps out.See for privacy information.
22/07/202031 minutes 13 seconds
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Conor McDonnell

From being Kim and Kanye's wedding photographer, to collaborating with David Attenborough, Liverpool's Conor McDonnell has worked with some of the most famous people in culture, music and wildlife. He's also Chlecee's mate, so they talk about how he took the photography world by storm.See for privacy information.
15/07/202029 minutes 52 seconds
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Nathalie Emmanuel

Star of game of Thrones, Nathalie Emmanuel, tells Chelcee about how she went from soap opera to superstardom, and how it nearly all disappeared along the way.See for privacy information.
08/07/202048 minutes 27 seconds
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Jamie Webster

Now that Liverpool are Premier league Champions, Chelcee chats to singer/songwriter and Kop legend Jamie Webster.See for privacy information.
02/07/202043 minutes 24 seconds
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Mikel Silvestre

The former Manchester United Defender, five times Premier League winner and French international joins Chelcee to talk about dreaming big and pursuing your dream.See for privacy information.
24/06/202036 minutes 46 seconds
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Dua Lipa

The week that Dua's new album went to Number 1 in the UK, Chelcee recorded with her old mate and writing partner for a lockdown chat.See for privacy information.
17/06/202034 minutes 27 seconds
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Cher Lloyd

At 16, Cher Lloyd auditioned for the X-factor, and her life changed. Soon he was Number 1 in the UK, and playing at Madison Square Gardens in New York. She chats with Chelcee about the craziness of fame, and how life has changed now she's a mum.See for privacy information.
03/06/202038 minutes 15 seconds
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Cara Delahoyde-Massey

Love Island winner and mum, with her own children's clothing range, Cara's life has changed a LOT since Chelcee first knew her. They chat about what she coulda been.See for privacy information.
27/05/202037 minutes 44 seconds
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Ryan Babel

Former Liverpool winger Ryan Babel talks to Chelcee about his career at the top level, the part he played in her career, and his love of music.See for privacy information.
20/05/202036 minutes 49 seconds
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Lucy Bronze

The world's best right back and England's best player, Lucy Bronze talks to Chelcee about making it in the world of football, and the moments that changed her.See for privacy information.
13/05/202030 minutes 39 seconds
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Jade Thirlwall

Chelcee sits down with Jade Thirlwall - 1/4 of girlband Little Mix. They talk about first dates, Jade’s idolisation of fancy dress, X-Factor & the highs and lows of what comes with “fame”.See for privacy information.
06/05/202040 minutes 1 second