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What The Denmark | Danish Culture for Expats, Internationals and Danes

English, Cultural, 3 seasons, 29 episodes, 17 hours, 5 minutes
Danish culture can be pretty confusing, especially if you are not from Denmark. This podcast is on a mission to resolve cultural confusion in the country, and help anyone understand how people in this unique country think and behave. Co-hosts Sam Floy (British podcaster, "The Outsider") and Josefine Volqvartz (Danish TV journalist, "The Insider") speak to experts and members of the public to understand and explain why something so normal in Danish culture is confusing to outsiders. Rather than simply point fun, or say something like "Danes have an ironic sense of humour" we go deep, by speaking to experts to explain why. Importantly, this show is as much for Danes as it is non-Danes. What The Denmark is an educational, entertaining and inclusive show where we take a curious look at things that seem normal in Denmark, and get to the bottom of why. The show is aimed at everyone with a connection to Denmark, and people around the world looking to learn more about the happiest country in the world. If you've ever felt that you want to understand more about Denmark and Danish culture, then this is the podcast for you! Learn more at
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What The Denmark returns soon! And we need your help...

Hello! Hope you've had a lovely summer. The What The Denmark team have been busy getting ready for a new season of the podcast... and we'd love your input for a couple of episodes! Dating Danes One episode has the working title How to date a Dane. Have you had experience dating Danish people? Is it different to dating people from different countries? Any funny/ amusing anecdotes? (Sam will be sharing some from when he was dating his Danish wife...) Newcomers Survival Guide The other episode is about helpful advice to help people navigate their first days/ weeks in Denmark. Have you had any "aha moments" whilst being in Denmark? Or things you wish you knew earlier? Maybe there are things you always end up telling friends/ family who visit that they need to remember to do? If so, we'd love to hear what they are and then talk about them (with you?) on the show! Please fill out the form on the WTD contact page: The plan is to be recording episodes in the next couple of months and so the sooner the better 🙂 We look forward to sharing a new set of episodes with you soon! In the meantime you can follow us on Instagram at @whatthedenmark
8/9/20222 minutes, 17 seconds
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The Backstory of What The Denmark

How the discovery that Danish couples slept with separate duvets led to the start of the What The Denmark podcast. Learn more at:
4/3/20212 minutes, 25 seconds