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"What If We.." Podcast

English, Children-Kids, 1 season, 9 episodes, 1 hour, 19 minutes
This is a podcast for curious kids hoping to learn about unique animals and what small (and big) things we can all do to support them, their habitats and our natural world as a whole :)
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Our Incredible, World-Changing Friend, Jane Goodall

Today we'll be diving into to the life and legacy of the incomparable, Jane Goodall!! The work she has done, the impact she has made and the hope she has generated for the world is immeasurable.She was a kid with a dream and a desire for change, that turned into a life of dedication to our animal friends, nature and the world as a whole. Let's talk about my hero, Jane Goodall :)
6/3/20248 minutes, 49 seconds
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7. Our Dashingly Dressed and Loving Friend, The Emperor Penguin

Today we will be talking about a dashingly dressed bird that lives at the South Pole and swims! Ya, you heard that right, a bird that swims! It is the Emporer penguin - our handsomely dressed friend.Shout out to my friend Forrest for requesting this cool animal! Links:Greta Thunberg:
6/24/20237 minutes, 57 seconds