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Are you sitting on your dream instead of acting on it because the voice in your head is telling you, “no”? Are you afraid of failure? Maybe you think you’re just too old to begin a new adventure.What if, instead, you could squash these fears and silence the scared voice that prevents you from taking the leap and live your TRUE purpose?If you can learn to change just ONE thought, then I promise you will change your life.This podcast will show YOU how to STOP fear in its tracks so you can take action, which means you can follow God’s BIGGER plan for your life.When you listen to this podcast, you will...Believe in yourself again (no matter what your past looks like or what people say) so you can take the leap into your divine purposeNot only give yourself permission to create a life you only dream about (it all starts with one easy step) BUT the faith to take action and pursue itFace every day without fear of failure (even if you’ve stumbled before)Leave a legacy that you not only control but create (God gave you everything you need!)Reverse your thinking from “what if it goes wrong” to “what if it goes right” (this podcast will eliminate the worst-case scenario thinking that plagues so many people)Prepare yourself for dark times so that fear NEVER takes hold of you againAre you ready for it to work? About your Host:Omar Medrano wants to help you shake up your approach to launching your next business, keeping your happiness and life in mind, as well as your bottom line, which he enjoys doing through books like this, online coaching, and speaking regularly.And when he’s not teaching business owners how to find clarity, conviction, and faith in themselves, you can find him playing the stock market, working out, and indulging in the occasional smoothie while parenting his incredible daughters.
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Tabitha Scott: From Political Rifts to Corporate Shifts and Sustainable Innovation

Discover the transformative secrets of leadership that bridge the corporate and political realms with Tabitha Scott, a renowned thought leader on engagement and innovation. Our dialogue journeys through the complexities of thriving amid political divisiveness and pivots to the profound impact of leadership on environmental sustainability and employee productivity. We draw from the wisdom of historical figures and the dynamics of social media to offer listeners a rich tapestry of insights into nurturing growth, fostering innovation, and being the leader who moves beyond being just a boss.As we navigate the business world's cyclical nature, comparing it to the lifecycle of living organisms, we unearth strategies to sustain and propel companies forward. Tabitha and I examine the resistance to change, emphasizing the power of momentum to keep innovation from stalling. Our conversation holds up a mirror to Blockbuster's infamous fall as a stark reminder of the perils of complacency. We unfold the AAA framework – Assess, Align, Adapt – and discuss the detrimental effects of misalignment in roles that can lead to burnout, highlighting the undeniable necessity of purposeful work in maintaining a vibrant workforce.Wrapping up, the podcast peels back the layers of diversity and adaptability as the bedrock of a flourishing business culture, citing Richard Branson's unique hiring philosophy and the transforming potential of mergers. We dissect the parallels between the rise and fall of empires and corporations, illuminating the critical role of teamwork and diversity in long-term success. Lastly, I champion the art of risk-taking and the courage to reinvent oneself, inviting listeners to break free from self-imposed limitations and forge new paths toward a fulfilling and innovative future. Join us for this eye-opening episode that promises to reshape your understanding of leadership and personal growth.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
4/10/202456 minutes, 43 seconds
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Driving Success: From Passionate Gearhead to CEO Visionary - A Journey of Growth and Representation

When a reserved, car-loving teenager becomes a business powerhouse, you know there's a story worth listening to. Nestor Gutierrez, CEO of Rancho Express Lubric, sits down with us to trace his incredible evolution, revealing the role his father played in instilling robust values and how a fierce dedication to family set wheels in motion toward his ambitious goal: ensuring the safety of 200,000 drivers by 2030. Nestor's transformation is not just a success narrative; it's a masterclass on harnessing personal strengths to thrive in demanding professional realms.Our episode isn't just about the journeys of others; it's also deeply personal. I open up about my own trek from a Mexican immigrant grappling with racism and language barriers to a CEO in Southern California. The conversation honors the grind of chasing the American dream, and the profound impact that both acknowledging one's roots and transcending societal obstacles can have on achieving remarkable success. Through the narrative lens of our shared experiences, we illuminate the paths that led us to spearhead ventures like the Infinite Growth Expo and The Infinite Growth Playbook podcast.Wrapping up, we dissect the magnetic force of social media in elevating brands and amplifying business growth. We share stories of how authentic engagement revolutionized our growth trajectories in the auto service industry, and peer into Nestor's strategic vision for Rancho Express as it navigates the electric and hybrid vehicle horizon. This episode is punctuated with a call to action, urging listeners to seize life's fleeting opportunities and uplift the Hispanic and Latino communities in a powerful wave of representation and achievement. Join us for this episode that's both a celebration of where we've come from and a roadmap to where we're headed.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
4/2/202451 minutes, 41 seconds
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Navigating Success in Business and Real Estate: Communication, Resilience, and Financial Freedom with Aaron Chapman

Discover the underestimated power of communication and personal connections in the business world with Aaron Chapman, a finance industry expert with over two decades of experience. Aaron's journey from ranch hand to mortgage lending maverick underscores a crucial narrative: formal education doesn't always prepare you for real-world success. Throughout our conversation, we'll shed light on why some products dominate the market, not solely because of their quality, but due to their visibility and the stories they tell. We'll also share personal anecdotes that illustrate the unexpected paths life can take us on and the importance of resilience and branding in navigating the corporate climb.Venture into the niche world of real estate investing as Aaron Chapman dissects the transformation of the investment landscape following the 2008 financial crash. Learn the ins and outs of leveraging fixed mortgages against inflation and why specialization can catapult you to the top of the market. We also tackle the intricacies of interest rates and their real-time impact on real estate investment decisions. Aaron's candid discussion on the CEO responsibilities within property investment, focusing on the selection and effective management of properties, provides actionable insights for both seasoned and aspiring investors.Cap off your listening experience with a deep dive into the pursuit of financial freedom through real estate investing. Aaron and I unravel the reasons behind choosing real estate over traditional investment vehicles, advocating for a contrarian approach that often leads to substantial rewards. We'll also explore the vital importance of hard work, personal initiative, and the continuous quest for growth, echoing Aaron's mantra that staying static is not an option. This episode promises a trove of entrepreneurial spirit and real-world wisdom, sure to inspire your next big move in the world of business and investment.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
3/27/202456 minutes, 25 seconds
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Dario Herrera: Navigating Life's Crossroads with Purpose, Impact, and the Evolution of Influencer Marketing

When the path of life leads to crossroads of transformation and growth, it's stories like Dario Herrera's that light the way. As our esteemed guest, this social good entrepreneur embodies resilience, having navigated the peaks and valleys of a career that not only shaped influencer marketing but also connected deeply with humanitarian causes. Our conversation is a journey through the wisdom garnered from personal struggles, the pursuit of alignment with one's values, and the art of storytelling that resonates across businesses and non-profits alike. Daria's move from the East to the West Coast mirrors not just a change in location, but a profound shift towards new beginnings and potential.This episode isn't just about the glitz and glamor of celebrity partnerships; it's anchored in the rich soil of authenticity and social impact. Hear how our collaboration with Generation SOS has amplified our reach, tackling the pervasive issues of substance misuse and mental health. Our dialogue celebrates the pure fulfillment derived from contributing to the greater good and shedding light on the importance of intentional living, regardless of your industry or passions. Daria's insights into personal growth and the power of legacy are as refreshing as they are inspiring, offering a compass for navigating the complexities of life and career.As we chart the evolution of influencer marketing, the emergence of AI-driven platforms like Influence takes center stage, promising to reshape the industry. We dissect the potential and ramifications of integrating AI into content strategy and market optimization, all while fostering a conversation around the entrepreneurial spirit that drives change and creates lasting impact. Alongside this, we discuss how our unique approach to virtual CMO services at W4Agency is democratizing high-level marketing expertise. We wrap up with a reminder that every one of us holds the pen to script our life's narrative, underscoring the power of choices and the beauty of walking hand in hand with purpose, every step of the way.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
3/20/202454 minutes, 41 seconds
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Nick Mershon: Crafting a Legacy of Success in the Modern Business World

Embark on an insightful expedition through the realms of business culture and leadership with the guidance of Nick Mershon, a seasoned business coach whose military precision and dedication to solving complex challenges redefine excellence. Within the walls of this episode, Nick's rich background from the Navy to the boardroom unfolds a tapestry where the colors of steadfast leadership, employee satisfaction, and the power of a united front paint a vivid picture of organizational success. We navigate the turbulent seas of workplace culture and sales dynamics, considering the delicate balance between internal competition and a nurturing, abundance-minded environment.Imagine a world where your professional life is a harmonious extension of your personal values, where the dance between work ethic and life's precious moments is choreographed with grace and intention. This episode waltzes into the intricacies of consulting, the impact of legal pressures on employment status, and the quest for authenticity in an often inauthentic corporate landscape. Nick and I share our personal challenges in staying true to our convictions, the digital frontier's promise of financial freedom, and the transformative power of recognizing one's worth beyond office walls.As the curtain closes on our vibrant discussion, we reflect on the immeasurable value of carving out time for our children, the genuine connections that flourish in business when nurtured like family, and the vital importance of personal victories in shaping our professional paths. With Nick's entrepreneurial insights and strategies, we reveal a model that empowers small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to scale new heights. And as we bid farewell, we champion the courage to take bold steps toward our goals, inviting you to harness the potential that lies within and leap beyond the mental barriers that may stand in your way. Join us for this thought-provoking journey that's bound to stir action and inspire change in your business and personal life.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
3/13/20241 hour, 12 minutes, 19 seconds
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Andy Audate: Crafting Business Triumphs Through Mentorship and Innovation

Ever wondered how a college dropout morphed into a marketing virtuoso with webinar wizardry at his fingertips? Andy Odette's tale is a testament to the fact that the road less traveled can indeed lead to remarkable destinations. Join us as we pick the brain of this marketing maven, whose groundbreaking strategies have given small businesses a new lease on life. Our conversation traverses Andy's audacious leap from academia to entrepreneurship, his hard-earned insights into the myth of overnight success, and the relentless hustle required to make a mark in the business landscape.The entrepreneurial odyssey doesn't stop there; we share the powerful narratives of individuals who've climbed out of the trenches to achieve their business dreams. Picture this: a young ambitious T-Mobile store manager evolving into a cell phone store magnate and motivational speaker, using setbacks as stepping stones. Then, we track the transformative arc of a speaker who leverages his spiritual renewal and storytelling to carve out a niche in the competitive world of sales. These stories aren't just chronicles of success; they're blueprints for resilience, mentorship, and the relentless pursuit of growth.Lastly, we peel back the curtain on the tactical plays that can catapult a business from obscurity to prominence. Discover how a strategic grasp of product-market fit and a niche-focused approach can fuel your business engine. We also unveil the game-changing potential of automated messaging systems, a tool that can revolutionize customer engagement and skyrocket your sales. And for those who are willing to face their fears head-on, we share wisdom on how massive action can not only transform your business but also create a ripple effect that uplifts those around you. So buckle up for an episode filled with entrepreneurial gold, and get ready to charge at your business dreams with renewed vigor!Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
3/6/202458 minutes, 46 seconds
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Kyle Crooke: Unlocking Exceptional Leadership: Human Connection, Overcoming Challenges, and the Path to Empowerment

Ever wonder what distinguishes a good boss from a great leader? This episode's rich discussion with Kyle Crooke, Chief Performance Officer at Raise Your Revenue by Sandler, promises to illuminate the ways in which leadership transcends mere management, fostering a culture of empowerment that can skyrocket business success. We dissect the hidden costs of high employee turnover, particularly within sales, and debate the effectiveness of AI against the undeniable power of human connection.Join me as I bare my soul about my own entrepreneurial journey, starting a business with my father and learning the ropes of leadership through the lens of personal development. My guest, Omar, and I share candid stories of overcoming challenges like social anxiety, and we explore how these experiences have sculpted our approaches to building networks and handling rejection. Our tales take you from the importance of consistent effort in professional growth to the transformative effects of coaching, mentorship, and the pivotal moments that one conversation can have.We wrap up with a practical toolkit for listeners: from the art of active listening to the strategy of niche targeting, these are the skills that forge stronger client relationships and drive sales forward. The episode also journeys through the evolution of sales practices, emphasizing the rise of a consultative approach grounded in trust and transparency. And for those looking to boost productivity, we offer a simple yet effective method: breaking down your day into bite-sized, focused efforts to propel you towards achieving your business dreams. Don't miss this insightful exploration into the heart of what makes a business—and its leaders—truly thrive.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
2/28/202457 minutes, 54 seconds
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Danny Seliger: From Serving Aces to Serving Insights in the Digital Arena

Ever considered dropping everything to chase a wild dream? Danny Seliger, also known as Coolness, did just that, and in our latest episode, he recounts his amazing transformation from accomplished collegiate volleyball player to the VP of a leading social media agency. This isn't your average success story; it's an exploration of bold decisions, the value of real-world experience over formal education, and the power of parental support when making life-altering choices. Danny's tale is one of breaking barriers and the societal expectations that so often bind us to traditional paths.Get ready to be inspired by a journey that touches on college athletics, the leap into the uncertainties of entrepreneurship, and the thrilling world of online branding. Danny's ascent to social media stardom—with over 1.5 million followers to his name—proves that when it comes to carving out your own niche, conventional wisdom doesn't always apply. As he shares his strategies for amassing an online presence and navigating the choppy waters of crypto investments, you'll see just how much tenacity and vision can achieve when combined.Wrapping up, Danny imparts wisdom on the evolution of digital marketing, the importance of authenticity, and the necessity of aligning with those who elevate you. It's a candid look at the highs and lows of following passion over expectation, underscored by the importance of self-belief in the face of criticism. This episode isn't just a motivational talk; it's a roadmap for anyone brave enough to chase their dreams with eyes wide open. Join us for a conversation that's as enlightening as it is entertaining, with laughs, lessons, and a whole lot of Coolness.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
2/21/202458 minutes, 28 seconds
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Turning Dreams to Reality: Embracing Manifestation and Inspired Action with Star Magee

Have you ever felt like you're standing at the edge of your dreams, unsure of how to take the leap? Join me as I welcome Star Magee, a powerhouse manifesting life coach and yoga therapist, whose journey is a testament to the transformative power of manifestation and inspired action. Through an honest and engaging dialogue, we peel back the layers of Star's "Glowing Well" podcast and personal growth app, diving into the heart of meaningful connections, the struggle against limiting beliefs, and the art of embracing our roles with unwavering confidence.Turning dreams into reality is more than a game of chance; it's a strategy of clarity and dedication. This episode is a treasure trove for those ready to debunk the myths of manifestation and to understand why vision boards alone won't suffice. We share stories of individuals who learned the hard way that lofty aspirations fall flat without aligned actions, illuminating the necessity of clear, actionable goals. Discover the subtle yet critical shift from passive wishing to active doing that can truly revolutionize your life's journey.If you're ready to sculpt your own success story, this conversation is your chisel. We delve into the synergy of positive self-talk, affirmations, and the often-overlooked power of a supportive community in fueling personal transformation. Join us as we celebrate the weight loss journeys intertwined with personal growth, and the empowering clarity that comes from self-awareness and gratitude. Together, we champion the role of inspiration and empowerment in not just finding your voice, but in resonating it out into the world to author your own narrative of success and fulfillment.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
2/14/20241 hour, 43 seconds
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Transforming Setbacks into Comebacks: Unpacking Success, Authenticity, and Positive Impact with David Specht

Ever faced the sting of rejection or wrestled with the fear of it? David Specht is back at the mic with me, sharing transformative insights on turning setbacks into comebacks. Together, we unpack the misconceptions around the overnight success of influencers and why the road to triumph is more akin to a marathon rather than a sprint. David, the entrepreneur and author behind "Old Dogs, New Tricks," brings his authentic wisdom to the table, challenging the narratives that hold us back from achieving our full potential.What does it truly take to carve out a niche and foster authenticity in the cutthroat world of business and coaching? In this heart-to-heart, we dissect the pitfalls of trying to be everything to everyone and instead underscore the power of connection and impact. Drawing from lessons in David's book and our own entrepreneurial trenches, we're here to remind you that genuine success comes from aligning with your unique personal attributes and serving your audience with integrity and true value.Finally, we're thrilled to announce our exclusive online community,, where personalized coaching and mastermind series await to catapult your personal and professional life to unparalleled heights. This episode is not just a conversation; it's a call to action. Join us as we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, ready to tackle the challenges and champion your journey toward a life far removed from mediocrity. Embrace the learning, open doors to opportunity, and let's transform the power of positive thinking into a tangible reality.Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
1/31/20241 hour, 21 minutes, 4 seconds
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Virtues Learned Through Boxing: Courage, Humility, and More

Hector Colon is a distinguished individual who transitioned from a successful boxing career to becoming an accomplished CEO, attributing his success to humility and leadership. As a seven-time national boxing champion and the current president and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Hector's unique perspective on his transformation is rooted in the virtues he learned from boxing. He believes that courage, humility, temperance, magnanimity, perseverance, and servant leadership, all virtues he honed in the boxing ring, have been instrumental in his success as a CEO. Hector also emphasizes the importance of discipline, daily habits, and focus in achieving greatness, lessons he learned firsthand from his boxing career. Join Omar Medrano and Hector Colon as they delve deeper into this fascinating journey on the next episode of the What IF It Did Work? podcast.www.champinstitute.comJoin the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
9/13/202354 minutes, 3 seconds
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What if you ARE an Olympian...and It's NOT "too late"?? w/ Al Liao

You've heard from real estate investors, authors, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and much more...but Olympian joins the show! And that's not all Al Liao is up to. Al Laio is a professional Badminton athlete that has been playing at a pro level for the last fifteen years. In 2012 he was on the London Olympic Taiwan National team and has spent countless hours coaching more than ten thousand students around the globe. In 2014 he moved to Vancouver Canada and established Badminton&Beyond Studio. He is now hosting the largest tournament in Canada and become the top 3 badminton digital coaching programs in the world in 2020. In this conversation, you'll hear a powerful conversation about....Al's beginnings "Starting too late"Becoming a professional badminton playerTrading badminton lessons for english lessonsThe reason people stop dreamingNetworkingThe influence of Al's fatherGetting over yourselfand much more! Al on LinkedInAl on InstagramAl on YouTubeAl's podcastJoin the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
12/7/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 40 seconds
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What if you got the Business and Body you Always Wanted in 2022? w/ Rebecca Peri

Rebecca Peri is a health and wellness coach that helps women with a behavior change plan through online coaching. Check out www.curvaliciousbodychallenge.comIn this episode, you'll hear how Rebecca launched her business in COVID and how it has grown and evolved in just two short years and her ambition to help women live healthy lives inside and out. This episode is perfect for anyone who...Hasn't applied their certifications or credentials YET.(Rebecca has a masters in business, a bachelor in social work, and a certification in personal training, nutrition, behavior change planning, Reiki, and Yoga)Through this conversation, you'll hear how Rebecca navigated the educational gauntlet, stopped the pursuit of the "good job" and created her own successful life through pursuing her purpose. Omar and Rebecca also discuss:The power of mindsetThe educational systemBeing consistentDesigning your own lifeWhy you deserve to have a healthier life - regardless of your circumstanceHow to get unstuckWorking for yourselfBeing a role modelKnowing your worthRebecca's vision for her businessand much more! Connect with Becca by clicking hereJoin the What if it Did Work Movement on Facebook!  Join the What if it Did Work movement on FacebookGet the Book!
1/5/202255 minutes, 49 seconds