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What Are You Laughing At?

English, Comedy, 1 season, 15 episodes, 14 hours, 38 minutes
The British Comedy Guide's own podcast all about comedy. Between 2011 and 2014, we interviewed the likes of Miles Jupp, Chris Addison, John Finnemore, Gina Yashere and Al Murray.
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Episode 15 - Miles Jupp

The multi-talented Miles Jupp joins Dave Cohen to talk about his stand-up tour, acting in Rev, developing his radio and TV show In And Out Of The Kitchen, the writing process generally, cricket, how he uses Twitter without actually having an account, and more.
5/22/20141 hour, 3 minutes
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Episode 14 - Chris Addison

The British Comedy Guide's podcast is back! Chris Addison chats in-depth to Dave Cohen about his comedy career, including how he started in stand-up comedy, and his work on shows including Lab Rats, The Thick Of It, and Veep. He also introduces Trying Again, the new sitcom for Sky Living which he co-created with Simon Blackwell. In the show, he plays a man whose fiancee has had an affair with her boss. Chris explains how the project evolved and what it is like working for Sky TV.
4/14/20141 hour, 22 minutes
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Episode 13 - Sean Hughes

In the first WAYLA? podcast of 2013, Dave Cohen and BCG editor Aaron Brown are joined by Sean Hughes. The comedian, novelist and actor is back on tour with a life-affirming show about death. He chats with Dave and Aaron about his career; early 1990s sitcom Sean's Show; how the stand-up industry is changing; the differing motivations between stand-up, acting and writing; and the cult of celebrity. The trio also discuss the ratings hits of broad-humour sitcoms Miranda and Mrs. Brown's Boys, and ask whether comedy is becoming too cruel.
1/17/20131 hour, 11 minutes
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Episode 12 - Mark Thomas & Caroline Norris

We're back! After a busy few months, WAYLA? returns for more top-quality discussion about comedy - and now in a studio! In this show, host Dave Cohen is joined by activist comic Mark Thomas to talk about his Edinburgh show Bravo Figaro!, all about opera and his dad; and top comedy producer Caroline Norris, the brains behind smash-hit childrens' sketch show Horrible Histories, BBC Three's Dead Boss, and Jack Dee's new Sky Atlantic series Don't Sit In The Front Row. Join the trio - plus British Comedy Guide editor Aaron Brown - to discuss the late, great Eric Sykes; the Edinburgh Fringe; the history of Horrible Histories; compliance, and the BBC. Special thanks also to Daniel Cainer for his assistance in the recording of this episode. You can catch his highly-praised musical storytelling show The Jewbadour on the Free Fringe throughout August.
7/24/20121 hour, 12 minutes
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Episode 11 - Andrew Ellard

Dave Cohen and James Cary are joined by top script editor Andrew Ellard. Together they discuss ITV's latest moves back into the field of sitcom, and Andrew's impressive CV, including The IT Crowd (with Graham Linehan) and Red Dwarf (with Doug Naylor). Andrew also talks about his work co-writing The Brian Butterfield Movie with James and Peter Serafinowicz, as well as the use of Twitter in the comedy industry, and more in-depth writing discussion including the mechanics and use of character and gags.
4/5/20121 hour, 4 minutes
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Episode 10 - Watson & Oliver

Dave Cohen and Tony Cowards are joined by TV's newest comedy duo, Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver. The girls - whose debut BBC Two sketch show began on Monday - open up about their partnership, their writing process and background in live comedy, plus the reception to their new sketch show Watson & Oliver - and how Jennifer Saunders made them cry.
2/24/201250 minutes
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Episode 9 - Jim Tavare

It's 2012, and What Are You Laughing At?: The British Comedy Podcast is back. Host Dave Cohen is once again joined by stand-up comedian Tony Cowards and BCG Editor Aaron Brown to chat comedy. This week the trio are joined by top stand-up and comedy ex-pat Jim Tavare, who's popped back to the UK for a short tour. As well as discussing Jim's career and experience working and living in LA, the boys look back at 2011 in comedy, look forward to what 2012 has to offer, and discuss the rise of Sky as an original British comedy broadcaster.
1/21/201259 minutes
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Episode 8 - Gina Yashere

Dave Cohen and James Cary are joined by Gina Yashere, who left the UK for the Californian sun after feeling frustrated by the limited opportunities she was getting in Britain as a black woman. Gina talks openly about the differences between the US and UK stand-up circuits, her experience of trying to make a name for herself from scratch, and of course that old chestnut - being a woman on Mock The Week. Also up for discussion is the return of The Comic Strip, brand new sitcom Threesome, panel shows and their non-existence Stateside, and Dave talks about his experience at a recent comedy conference in Manchester, where all the broadcasters - but particularly Sky - renewed commitments to produce more television comedy. One question remains unanswered: will their promises come to fruition?
10/18/20111 hour, 2 minutes
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Episode 7 - Al Murray

Dave Cohen and Tony Cowards are joined by star guest Al Murray - aka the Pub Landlord. On the table today is the sad news of the death of sitcom supremo David Croft, a director, writer and producer whose impressive CV includes 'Allo 'Allo!, Dad's Army and Steptoe & Son; we also talk about Private Eye as it turns 50, and Sky's continuing investment in comedy. In the feature interview slot, Al Murray discusses his career and the history of the Pub Landlord, including Time Gentlemen Please, his experience in the US, & WWII.
9/28/20111 hour, 11 minutes
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Episode 6 - Adrian Poynton

Dave Cohen and James Cary are joined by Adrian Poynton, a stand-up comedian and writer of BBC Three's hit sitcom White Van Man. This episode will be of particular interest to budding writers, as Adrian talks in-depth and charmingly openly about the development, commissioning and writing of White Van Man. We also recap the successes of this year's Fringe Festival, discuss the merits of Newsjack, and Channel 4's upcoming Tommy Cooper documentary.
9/16/20111 hour, 7 minutes
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Episode 5 (Edinburgh Special)

Karen Koren, Tim FitzHigham and Dr Phil Hammond are the special guests joining Dave Cohen. On the agenda is finance; the madness, stress, and uniqueness of a concentrated month of performing; the So You Think You're Funny? competition; some medical advice; and a little bit of reminiscing, gossip, and thoughts on the future of the Festival.
8/27/201140 minutes
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Episode 4 - David Tyler

Dave Cohen and Tony Cowards are joined by veteran comedy producer David Tyler, responsible for Another Case Of Milton Jones, Bigipedia and Cabin Pressure... to name just his most recent series. On the table this week are the comedy changes at BBC Three, panel shows, the Edinburgh festival, and an in-depth discussion with David about radio comedy and his thoughts and wisdom.
8/17/201141 minutes
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Episode 3 - John Finnemore

Dave Cohen is joined by regular co-host James Cary to talk to John Finnemore, the writer and co-star of Radio 4's hit sitcom Cabin Pressure. Topics on the table this week are Campus, radio pilots, My Family, and John's brand new Radio 4 sketch show.
7/6/201150 minutes
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Episode 2 - Simon Godley

Dave Cohen and the BCG's Aaron Brown are joined by special guest Simon Godley, dentist to the stars. On the table this week is a brand new microphone, plus the BBC Television Centre sell-off, Lee Mack's All Star Cast, the sad death of Simon Brint, Lucas & Walliams, reviews from the message board, and Simon's new movie with Ben Miller: Huge.
6/23/201151 minutes
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Episode 1 - Vivienne Clore

Dave Cohen and Tony Cowards are joined by legendary comedy agent Vivienne Clore. Topics on the agenda include the pros and cons of the Edinburgh Festival, new comedy commissions, BBC Four, family sitcoms, and Rufus Hound - movie star. Plus a round-up of comedy news, and views from the British Comedy Guide Forums. This was our first episode and the microphone failed - so apologies for the poor sound quality.
6/14/201135 minutes