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WGLC Thrive and Revive: 2022 Follow-On Program Cover
WGLC Thrive and Revive: 2022 Follow-On Program Profile

WGLC Thrive and Revive: 2022 Follow-On Program

English, Finance, 1 season, 6 episodes, 1 hour, 32 minutes
Hello women who are changing the world! This is WGLC Thrive and Revive! A podcast series made for you and your 2022 follow-on program experience. This podcast is hosted by the Women’s Global Leadership Consortium as an ongoing learning initiative of the Study of the U.S. Institutes, Young Women Leaders program.
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Civic Engagement

Happy March everyone and happy Women's History Month! For this month's episode, Saint Mary's College joins us for our fourth and final theme, Civic Engagement! Listen in to Dr. Cibele Webb, a SUSI WGLC Lead Faculty Member, Dr. Marc Belanger, professor in the Political Science Department, and Rebekah Go, the Director of the Office of the Common Good at Saint Mary's College as they discuss the importance of leadership and civic engagement!
3/31/202323 minutes, 47 seconds
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Economic Empowerment

Join us for Part I as Dr. Dan and Dr. Mandi from the University of Delaware discuss Economic Empowerment and Leadership. In this episode, Dr. Mandi gives us her "Top 3 Most Important Leadership Lessons" as they relate to Economic Empowerment. Listen now!
2/28/20236 minutes, 40 seconds
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Public Policy and Leadership

This month's podcast is on Public Policy and Leadership. We had the incredible opportunity to interview Dr. Getha-Taylor, at the University of Kansas whose research focuses on the public sector workplace.Dr. Getha-Taylor’s research focuses on the public sector workforce, with special emphasis on the changing dimensions of public work, including enhanced expectations for boundary-spanning collaboration. She explores the ways in which collaborators work to develop trust, illustrate collaborative competencies, and adapt leadership styles and practices. Heather also works on leadership training and development projects. Her research bridges theory and practice and she seeks to understand the ways in which established frameworks and assumptions influence, or are influenced by, contemporary realities.
12/20/202226 minutes, 3 seconds
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Environmental Leadership

Join us this November to discuss environmental leadership! For this month's episode we have the incredible opportunity to speak with Sinang Lee, the Program Manager at Public Health-Seattle & King County's Environmental Health Services Division. During our interview hosted by Green River College, we learned more about how to identify environmental needs in your community, how to form effective partnerships, and how to apply this knowledge to your environmental leadership journey. A big thank you to Sinang Lee for joining us!
11/30/202216 minutes, 31 seconds
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Thriving and Stress Management

This month's podcast is centered on thriving and stress management. Listen in to learn more about self-talk, distorted thinking, and managing stress with Dr. Alesia Woszidlo from the University of Kansas. With the right tools and skills, we can better manage our stress to engage more fully in our leadership journeys.
10/31/202215 minutes, 45 seconds
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Thrive and Five - 2022 Follow-On Program Trailer

Hello 2022 WGLC SUSI cohort! Check out our trailer to learn more about our upcoming follow-on program. This is a podcast specially made for you and your follow-on experience! Stay tuned as we release new episodes and dive deep into your leadership journey!
9/27/20223 minutes, 43 seconds