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Welcome to the Womb

English, Education, 1 seasons, 25 episodes, 1 day 3 hours 29 minutes
Join Midwife Em in Welcome to the Womb where she explores all things pregnancy, birth, babies and womanhood. She will be joined by some amazing guests along the way and be sharing birth stories from incredible women. Get ready to dive deep into the womb!
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BIRTH STORY: Healing Belly Birth After Traumatic First Birth, Pregnancy After Loss, Complicated Pregnancy - With Fran

Em is back again with another beautiful birth story! Today she is joined by the lovely Fran who talks through the birth of her second child, Bloom. Fran speaks completely honestly during this chat all about her previous traumatic birth experience, pregnancy after a miscarriage, her SECOND experience with hyperemesis, a misdiagnosis of gestational diabetes, COVID during pregnancy, a diagnosis of cholestasis and to top it all off, the beautiful planned belly birth of her daughter, Bloom. Pregnancy is not often how it is portrayed in social media, so hearing Fran speak so openly about all the ups and downs of her experience is a breath of fresh air. Fran's story is the perfect example of why it is SO important for women to be given the opportunity to make informed decisions surrounding their birth experience. So many of you are going to resonate with this one! To see more from Fran, head over to: Instagram @throughrosecolouredglasses If you want to hear more from Em or want to suppor
21/09/202252 minutes 55 seconds