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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 33 episodes, 1 day 9 hours 21 minutes
Hosted by Shi Khai of LongHash Ventures, we chat with the most innovative founders of Web 3.0 building more open, inclusive, and equitable financial and social infrastructure.
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Deep Dive into Decentralized Key Management

Deep dive into decentralized key management with David Sneider, the Co-founder of Lit Protocol. The podcast goes over topics that include programmable keys and domain wallets. David also delves deeper into how we are moving into an open network era and what that means.
14/02/202457 minutes 49 seconds
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Navigating the Future of Account Abstraction with Safe | Web3 Native Podcast | Safe | Lukas Schor

Join us on the Safe Podcast as we delve deep into the transformative world of account abstraction (AA) with Lukas Schor from Safe. Unravel discussions around the intricacies of multichain strategies, the evolving significance of privacy in the Web3 domain, and the latest standout app launches. This episode also resonates with our earlier conversations on the future of Web3 and its three transitions as highlighted by Vitalik Buterin.
24/08/20231 hour 22 minutes 9 seconds
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Pioneering the dApp Cambrian Explosion with Neutron | Web3 Native Podcast | Spaydh

Join us on the Web3 Native podcast as we explore more about Neutron, the pioneering partner chain that is expected to bootstrap a Cambrian explosion of cross-chain dApps in Atom Economic Zone (AEZ). Discover insights from @Spaydh on the urgent call for innovation in Cosmos, distinctions in security and chains, and Neutron's role in simplifying dApp development. Interestingly, this podcast brings back our cross-chain dApps discussion with Jose Macedo from Delphi (you can watch the previous podcast here:
19/06/20231 hour 20 minutes 13 seconds
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Decentralized Seed Investing into Web3, AI, and Social | Timour Kosters (Seed Club Ventures)

Timour Kosters, a Partner at Seed Club Ventures shares why Seed Club Ventures existed, his position on why they're big on Internet-Native Organizations (his own term for DAOs), and key exciting narratives like the unfolding intersection of AI and Web3. 13:55 Mission 20:27 Why be a Venture DAO 44:07 SCV Being Stack-Agnostic 47:25 SCV Investments: Machines, Humans, Memes 48:19 Machines: How AI intersects with Web3 58:50 Humans: Art, Music, and Creativity 1:10:14 Memes: Culture- and Mission-Driven Projects 1:18:13 SCV: Seeding into the Future About LongHash Ventures LongHash Ventures specializes in bootstrapping Web3 ecosystems. Our venture funds invest in early-stage Web3 protocols, and our LongHashX Accelerator partners with ecosystems and protocols to accelerate early-stage founders. About LongHashX LongHashX is the world’s leading Web3 accelerator. We partner with the leading Web3 ecosystems and infrastructure protocols to build their developer communities by funding and venture-bu
31/03/20231 hour 22 minutes 16 seconds
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Astar: The Smart Contract Platform for the Multichain Future | Sota Watanabe

In this podcast, we're featuring Astar Network Founder Sota Watanabe about Astar's steps towards a multichain future. Sota shared that they're currently building XCMP, a messaging protocol that enables tokens to be truly interoperable not just within Polkadot ecosystem but also to other L0 and L1 blockchains. Sota emphasized the three important factors that make up a solid blockchain network: incentivizing developers, superior technology/product, and bootstrapping user base.
07/12/202254 minutes 45 seconds
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Building Cross-Chain dApps: The Next Generation of dApps with José Macedo, Partner at Delphi Digital

Building Cross-Chain dApps: The Next Generation of dApps with José Macedo, Partner at Delphi Digital by LongHash Ventures
30/11/20221 hour 2 minutes 23 seconds
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Atom 2.0 and the Interchain Vision with Cosmos Co-founder Ethan Buchman

Our GP Shi Khai spoke with Ethan Buchman, co-founder of Cosmos, CEO of Informal Systems, and President of the Interchain Foundation, about Atom 2.0, Cosmos’ interchain vision, and the recent Prop 82 vote.
15/11/20221 hour 11 minutes 44 seconds
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Saga: Building the Multichain Future in Cosmos | Rebecca Liao | Multichain Series

This episode features Rebecca Liao, co-founder and CEO of Saga, a chain for launching chains. For Web3 builders considering launching their own dedicated chains, Saga’s selling proposition is its ability to allow developers to set up their own dedicated blockchain, known as “chainlets”, as easily as deploying smart contracts, and then scale in a “pay as you go” model. Saga also aims to be interoperable beyond Cosmos ecosystem. LongHash Ventures participated in their recently closed seed round. You can read more about why we invested in Saga here:
25/08/202245 minutes 30 seconds
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Revisiting the History of Cosmos and the Future of App Chains with Zaki Manian

Zaki Manian, former director of Tendermint Labs and cofounder of Sommerlier Protocol and Iqclusion, talks about the history of Cosmos, his own projects Sommerlier and Iqclusion, and his advice to Web3 builders about the key considerations when choosing a chain.
25/08/202246 minutes 38 seconds
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DAO Analytics and Organizational Behaviour with DeepDAO founder Eyal Eithcowich

In the final episode of our DAO Mini Series, Shi Khai speaks with Eyal Eithcowich, founder of DeepDAO, a discovery and analytics platform for DAOs. Eyal shares how he transitioned from activism to DAOs, what qualifies to be a DAO, why voter apathy might not be as serious as you think, and finally, Eyal walks us through the DeepDAO platform and shares some insights into DAO organizational behaviour.
04/08/20221 hour 11 minutes 18 seconds
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Coinshift V2: A Layered Take on DAO Infrastructure Landscape

Coinshift Founder and CEO Tarun Gupta shares why Coinshift positions itself as a Layer 0.5, new features of Coinshift V2, and his conviction about future proofing DAOs. He emphasized that builders should have interoperability and composability in mind as we experiment our way to a DAO-rich future. 00:00 Introduction 00:30 Coinshift as a DAO Layer 0.5 in a sea of L0s and L1s 01:09 Emphasis on Composability and Interoperability 10:16 Coinshift’s Relationship with L0s and L1s 16:37 Players in L1 Infrastructure 19:27 Differentiating Coinshift V2 against other Players 24:01 Perspective on Scaling DAOs: NOT through mere Delegation 26:59 Why Web2 Companies will not be Easily Ported on Web3 31:51 Business Model for Big Players of DAO Infrastructure 38:58 Maximizing Community-Rich DAOs 44:45 Take on Crypto as Ponzinomics 49:25 Call to Action; Exciting things for Coinshift V2 Web3 Native Podcast Hosted by Shi Khai, COO of LongHash Ventures, we chat with the most innovative founders of Web 3
18/05/202252 minutes 45 seconds
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Parcel: Payments for the Contributor Economy | Anubhav Girdhar | DAO Mini-Series

Parcel founder Anubhav Girdhar disproves some myths about the DAOs and provides some nuances on the pros and cons of DAO compensation models. He introduces new feature of tags, which increases the efficiency of people working in multiple pods and subDAOs. He also discussed the interdependency of DAO tooling products in a DAO-rich future. 00:10 Introduction 00:36 Anubhav's Personal Crypto Journey 01:40 DAOs and Hierarchies 04:16 Purpose of Core Contributors 11:37 Parcel & Governance 13:51 Contributor Economy 16:40 Fixing the DAO Salary Problem 21:20 Flexibility of Working Groups 23:25 Loyalty vs Freelancing in DAOs 26:45 Parcel's Movement to On-chain Credentials 32:06 Perspective in Creating a Pay Structure in DAOs 35:45 Pain Points for Specific Chains 37:58 A Take on Future of DAO Tooling 44:33 Parcel's Direction Moving Forward 52:17 For Parcel Updates About Web 3 Native A podcast for crypto-native founders and users to learn about the most innovative models of Web 3.0. Hosted by S
18/04/202254 minutes 38 seconds
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Snapshot: Powering the Transition to Decentralized Governance | Nathan VDH | DAO Mini-Series

Snapshot provides a secured transition to a decentralized voting system for organizations. With their next big move to introduce the fully on-chain SnapshotX, voting becomes truly trustless and immutable. Led by LongHash Ventures’ very own Shi Khai Wei, we’re discussing the following topics with Nathan of Snapshot: - Importance of DAOs - Inception of Snapshot - New Product SnapshotX - Differences in Security of Snapshot vs SnapshotX - Voting Models - Merits of Delegation - Incentivizing Voting within DAOs - Core Thesis of DAOs in the 2022 Narrative —----------------------------------------------- 00:00:10 Welcome Remarks 00:01:20 Why DAO is Important 00:07:35 Origin of Snapshot 00:15:45 Mechanism of Snapshot 00:18:40 Snapshot Handles Costs? 00:20:10 Service Partners of Snapshots 00:22:31 True Flexibility of Snapshot 00:27:13 Extending Limits of Voting Conditions 00:34:05 SnapshotX Intro 00:36:07 More Computing Power? 00:41:19 Outlook for DAOs as a whole 00:42:21 Philosophical incen
27/01/20221 hour 25 minutes 10 seconds
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Gnosis: Making 2022 the Year of the DAO | Stefan George | DAO Mini-Series

As one of the OG projects of Web 3, Gnosis has had vast experience in finding product market fit, rapidly iterating, and decentralizing into a DAO. In this episode, LongHash Ventures General Partner Shi Khai chats with Stefan George, Co-Founder of Gnosis, to cover: —----------------------------------------------- - What is a DAO - The journey of Gnosis - Tooling DAOs with Gnosis Safe & Reality - Merging with xDAI - Managing DAO Treasuries - Future of DAOs and Gnosis —----------------------------------------------- 00:00:10 How Stefan defines a DAO 00:03:23 How Gnosis was born 00:07:40 Process of Progressive Decentralization 00:10:09 Why Pivot away from Prediction Markets 00:19:19 Gnosis Safe & Multisig Wallets 00:27:18 Zodiac's Reality Module 00:31:29 Does CowSwap use Safe & Zodiac? 00:33:09 Gnosis Chain Merger 00:41:47 Gnosis Chain as the Canary Net for Ethereum 00:44:41 Gnosis' Massive Treasury 00:50:30 DAO Token Swaps 00:53:51 Futarchy 00:58:16 Incentivizing DAO Politicians 01:
13/01/20221 hour 7 minutes 17 seconds
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Grape Protocol: How to DAO | Dean Pappas | Social Token Mini-Series

Grape Protocol has evolved to be more than a toolkit, but the heartbeat of the Solana community. As guest Dean Pappas describes, Grape’s mission is to “accelerate the growth of Solana”. How the protocol does so is unique, featuring: ----------------------------------------------- - Radical transparency between the core team and the DAO - Hands-on support of their partner projects - Incentivisation to access community-created content through membership tiers - An insistence on international inclusivity, regardless of nationality ----------------------------------------------- We dive into each of these aspects so you can learn how to DAO. DAO founders and members can’t miss this one. ----------------------------------------------- Asia DeFi Network Podcast This podcast features the Members of Asia DeFi Network, a community of crypto founders collaborating on tokenomics, governance, and community building. Hosted by one of the Founding Members of Asia DeFi Network, Shi Khai of LongHash
07/12/20211 hour 23 minutes 43 seconds
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Manta Network: Enabling a Private & Interoperable DeFi Ecosystem | Kenny Li | Polkadot Mini-Series

Potentially the final project to occupy Polkadot’s first batch of parachain slots, Manta Network is developing the building blocks to a fully private DeFi ecosystem. Its canary net, Calamari Network, is a parachain on the Kusama Network, and it has built a fully-private payments mechanism and a fully-private DEX. In this podcast, we discuss: -Why privacy is important in a transparent #Web3 world -How Manta Network differentiates from privacy tokens such as Monero -What interoperability on Polkadot unlocks for Manta Network -Manta Network’s target users: Institutions or Retail -What you can expect if Manta wins a slot in the first batch of parachain auctions Website: Twitter: Medium: The Asia DeFI Network podcast is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. LongHash Ventures may own some of the positions mentioned in the podcast.
23/11/202151 minutes 41 seconds
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Roll: Empowering Creators to Own Their Economies | Bradley Miles | Social Token Mini-Series

Bradley Miles from Roll is hell-bent on empowering creators. His project, Roll, a social token issuer, aims to increase the GDP of the creator economy, shifting power & ownership from Web 2 platforms to Web 3 creators themselves. In this Asia DeFi Network podcast episode, Bradley Miles shares: - How social tokens empower creators to own their economies, - The potential utility they unlock - How Roll bridges Web 2 and Web 3 - The social token use cases of the future 00:00:10 Introduction 00:01:07 Bradley's Crypto Journey: Coindesk OG 00:02:45 Why Social Tokens 00:05:05 Introducing Roll: Increase GDP of the Creator Economy 00:06:56 Social Token Purposes 00:11:45 Future Utility of Social Tokens 00:14:28 How social tokens differentiate from loyalty points 00:17:43 Leveraging Ethereum Composability 00:18:10 How social tokens attract liquidity 00:20:38 Integrating DeFi into Social Tokens 00:23:18 Should creators use NFTs or Social Tokens? 00:28:37 Social Token Economics 00:32:38 Bridgin
22/11/20211 hour 8 minutes 26 seconds
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Moonbeam: The EVM-Compatible Smart Contract Parachain on Polkadot

Excited about a multichain world? Polkadot will turbo-charge it and Moonbeam will play a prominent role. LongHash Ventures’ GP Shi Khai returns to speak with Derek Yoo, co-founder of Moonbeam on Polkadot and Moonriver on Kusama. We’ll discuss the immense potential that Polkadot’s cross-chain interactions will unlock, before diving into the parachain auctions, the future of Kusama, and what we can look forward to with Moonbeam. 00:00:10 Intro to Derek's Background 00:04:16 Why Polkadot & Moonbeam 00:10:20 Multichain Network Effects 00:14:31 Potential for Cross-chain Interaction on Polkadot 00:18:11 Lido on Polkadot 00:19:22 Intro to Parachains 00:20:45 Benefits of Parachain Auctions 00:22:53 Learnings from Kusama 00:28:14 Community Influence on Auctions 00:32:50 Moonbeam's Value Proposition 00:36:23 Evolution of Kusama 00:39:59 Implications of Unstaking DOT/KSM 00:47:05 How to Accumulate a Treasury 00:54:35 Crowdloan Shoutout Asia DeFi Network is a venture building unit powered by Lon
05/11/202157 minutes 42 seconds
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Astar & Shiden Network: A Multichain dApp Hub | Sota Watanabe | Polkadot Mini-Series

Go to 00:20:05 to skip the Polkadot & Kusama overview and straight into Astar & Shiden. Polkadot could serve as the backbone of the future multichain ecosystem, but today, its relay chain only connects blockchains built on Substrate and does not inherently support smart contracts. Astar Network addresses this urgent need by building a smart contract platform for builders while connecting various Layer 1 blockchains (e.g. Ethereum, BSC, Solana): a dApp hub that is birthing projects such as multichain DEXes. In this episode, we provide an overview of Kusama & Polkadot before diving into the 3 main value propositions of Astar/Shiden Network: dApp staking, EVM & WASM compatibility, and the multichain dApp hub. 00:00:10 Introduction 00:02:31 Explanation of Polkadot: Layer Zero 00:03:43 Trends for Parachain Auctions 00:05:42 Sustainability of Crowdloan Returns 00:07:06 Crowdloans vs. ICO Speculation 00:09:42 Effective Strategies for Parachain Auctions 00:11:09 1-year bidding vs. Split &
23/09/20211 hour 15 minutes 10 seconds
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Social Tokens: Infusing DAOs with Purpose & Culture | Coopahtroopa

DAOs represent a potential paradigm shift in how we organize work and meet similarly-minded people. At the forefront of this revolution is Coopahtroopah, a member of more than 100 DAOs across DeFi, NFTs, and Social. Shi Khai and Cooper discuss how Social DAOs are manifesting communities incentivised less by financial gain, but by culture, socialization, and purpose. These organisations include Friends with Benefits, Bankless DAO, and Uniwhales, for instance. Learn about how they are gathering motivated people to achieve various missions, the structures/tokenisation that align their goals, and how DAOs are poised to be crypto’s next big wave. 00:02:36 Intros 00:05:09 Social Tokens 00:08:00 DAO Highlight: Friends with Benefits & Forefront 00:09:55 Seed Club: Social Token Incubator 00:11:46 Learnings from Past Few Months 00:15:40 Genesis of Social Tokens 00:16:35 Quality of Community: Social Communities > ICO Projects 00:20:47 Ensuring Quality: Do we need "Proof-of-Work" for Membership?
02/09/202156 minutes 11 seconds
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DAOs, NFT Gaming, DeFi & Crypto's First-Ever Merger on Polygon | Arjun & Ishan

With the gazillion projects ongoing on Polygon at the moment, it's hard to keep up. On top of the Hermez merger and the launch of the Polygon DAO, massive funds have been dedicated for projects building across DeFi and NFTs on Polygon. In this episode, however, Arjun & Ishan condense these initiatives and dive into how they will provide 360 support for founders of Web 3. 00:00:12 Personal intros 00:04:31 Polygon Intro 00:06:46 Culture of Polygon 09:51:00 Merger with Hermez Network: First-ever M&A in Crypto 00:14:59 True Scalability: More scalable than Web 2 00:19:02 Hermez: Alternative to Polygon 00:20:43 Tokenomics of Hermez & Polygon 00:22:06 HEZ & MATIC Token Swap 00:25:07 Consolidation of chains 00:26:36 Polygon Studios: Polygon's Bet on NFTs & Gaming 00:30:56 Relationship between Polygon and Developers 00:35:12 Polygon Studios: Onboarding Web 2? 00:35:55 DeFi For All Fund & The DeFi-NFT Intersection 00:40:20 Polygon: The Onboarding Channel for Mainstream 00:48:19 PolygonDAO: Comm
27/08/20211 hour 4 minutes 47 seconds
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Nansen: Ensuring Transparency in Crypto through Data Journalism | Alex Svanevik

“I see Etherscan as an encyclopedia and Nansen as a newspaper.” We speak with Alex, CEO and Co-Founder of Nansen. Nansen is a platform that helps inform crypto investors on their investment decisions with simplified on-chain analytics and wallet labels. We discuss the company's decentralization plans, role in the crypto data landscape, and where Nansen is headed in the future (NFTs?)
12/08/20211 hour 6 minutes 43 seconds
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Arbitrum & The Future Layer 2 Ecosystem | Steven Goldfeder

As gas prices continue to be an obstacle for Ethereum adoption, Arbitrum represents a state-of-the-art Layer 2 solution that could improve user experience in DeFi, NFTs, and more in the long run. During SCB10x’s DeFi Virtual Summit, we sat down with Steven (CEO of Offchain Labs & Arbitrum) to discuss his story transitioning from academia to Arbitrum, considerations for developers when building on Layer 2, and how the future could look like with multiple Layer 2 solutions. This podcast should not be considered as investment advice. LongHash Ventures may hold positions in the assets mentioned. 00:10 Reddit & Arbitrum 01:52 Roots of Arbitrum: How Arbitrum and Steven started in crypto 05:11 Transition from Academia to Arbitrum 08:07 Status of the Arbitrum Ecosystem Today 11:00 Ease of Deploying on Arbitrum 15:57 Network Effects of the Arbitrum Ecosystem 19:59 Bridging Layer-2s to Address Fragmentation 22:42 Segmenting Chains by Verticals 25:59 Role of Arbitrum in Scalability 28:23 Advi
06/08/202130 minutes 6 seconds
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Yield Guild: The MetaGuild of Play-to-Earn | Gabby Dizon

As Axie Infinity continues to break records, we speak with Gabby Dizon, CEO and Co-Founder of Yield Guild Games. Together, we discuss the incredible growth of play-to-earn models while outlining how we can sustain such growth. We also dive deep into YGG: the roles of its scholars and investors, and the power of its community mining program and sub-guild structure. We conclude with some advice for aspiring play-to-earn developers, from whether to build your own sidechain to how to keep users sticky. 00:01:05 Origins of Gabby and YGG 00:03:04 Triggers to NFT & Metaverse adoption 00:04:50 How did it feel to be building around NFTs in bear markets 00:06:47 Axie Infinity's Growth & SLP token 00:09:19 Building games on YGG 00:11:34 Rise of Play-to-Earn vs. Free-to-Play 00:14:38 Why upfront cost? 00:16:16 Is going full-time on AXS feasible? 00:19:50 Sustainability of Play-to-Earn projects 00:23:35 Best Practices for Future Play-to-Earn models? 00:26:04 The Core Model of YGG 00:33:43 The R
27/07/20211 hour 9 minutes 8 seconds
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Tranchess: Enhancing Yield on Bitcoin & USDC

In this episode, we explore Tranchess: a tokenised asset management protocol. Tranchess features various structured, chess-themed products catered for investors of varying risk appetites: Queen, Bishop, and Rook. Co-founder Danny walks us through these products, how Tranchess fills the gaps of DeFi, and explains the mechanics behind the protocol. 03:20 What is Tranchess 04:53 The gaps that Tranchess fill in DeFi 07:30 Intro to Tranchess Products 08:24 Product 1: Queen & Target Investor 09:15 Product 2: Bishop & Target Investor - For risk-averse users 11:23 Product 3: Rook & Target investor - For risk-loving users 16:05 How Tranchess is different from existing products 20:35 Explanation of rebalancing and risk management 30:30 Net Asset Value and TWAP pricing explained 34:24 TWAP and Market Makers 41:36 Game Theory on Tranchess 43:30 Why Anonymous Team? 46:16 Anonymous nature of the team and assurances for users 49:17 Why they launched on BSC 51:00 Community building approach 58:29 Fu
16/07/20211 hour 2 minutes 12 seconds
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Instadapp's Governance Token, with Sowmay Jain

We chat with Instadapp founder Sowmay Jain to talk about Instadapp's newly-distributed, airdropped INST token dedicated to decentralizing the protocol. Learn how Instadapp incentivised and distributed INST to lower-net-worth individuals to participate in governance, why it was distributed to Aave/Compound/MakerDAO users, and Sowmay's vision for Instadapp's progressive decentralization.
08/07/202150 minutes 38 seconds
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How to Decentralize | Anjan from ParaFi

This segment from our Web 3.0 Governance Roundtable is a must-listen for protocols decentralising governance! Anjan from ParaFi explains the best practices from protocols like Maker DAO and Indexcoop/Set Protocol, and suggests ways in which governance can improve moving forward, with delegation, automation, data-driven proposals. ------------------------ LongHash Ventures is an investment fund and accelerator focused on catalysing the growth of the native Web 3.0 economy. To enable true ownership, permissionless access, and trustless interactions, we launched a DeFi-focused fund and invested in projects such as Balancer, Acala Network, Instadapp, and Zapper. We have also partnered with Polkadot and Filecoin to accelerate more than 40 global Web 3 projects which have raised more than $100m in the past 2 years. Through such investments and venture building, we are committed to realising our vision where anyone can access a more transparent, secure, and decentralised Web. Website: https:
02/07/202116 minutes 31 seconds
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Web 3.0 Governance: Roadmap to Decentralization

We all share a common goal to decentralise, but how do you actually do it? We gathered an all-star DeFi cast to answer that question in Web 3.0 Governance: Roadmap to Decentralization. 03:05 Stani: Aave's Road to Decentralisation 28:04 Jordan: Synthetix's Road to Decentralisation 48:32 Anjan from ParaFi Capital: How Governance can Develop 1:04:46 Arthur from Defiance Capital: Investor's Perspective 1:19:50 Kristen and Marta from Balancer: Plan for Decentralisation 1:23:09 Ruitao from Acala: Plan for Decentralisation 1:30:55 Samyak from Instadapp: Plan for Decentralisation If you can’t spare the time to hear the insight from our guests, subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications! We’ll be segmenting the full video and posting a playlist of highlights next week.
24/06/20211 hour 42 minutes 6 seconds
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Zapper: Past, Present, and Future with Seb Audet

Shi Khai sits down with Seb Audet, CEO of Zapper, to discuss the startup’s past, present and future. Since Seb’s creation of DefiSnap, Zapper has grown leaps and bounds, most recently raising a $15m Series A round to build its decentralised “App Store” of DeFi dApps. In this episode, learn how Zapper has become a key pillar in DeFi, from its single-minded user-centric approach to its emphasis on educating the masses. 01:04 What is Zapper, and how and why did it come about? 09:41 Why did Zapper build Exchange, Pool, Farm, and Bridge? 15:03 The crucial role of education in DeFi 19:29 The Balance of Freedom and Responsibility in DeFi 24:36 How does Zapper make money and incentivise engagement? 30:00 “DeFi has never been about institutions coming in” 31:30 Zapper’s Priorities Moving Forward 34:21 Decentralising Zapper & The Role of Tokens in DeFi 39:00 The Keys to Zapper’s Lively Community 44:59 Competition? What competition? 50:57 Seb’s views on the future of DeFi: Going Beyond TradFi
18/06/202156 minutes 14 seconds
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Polkadot, Parachains & Crowdloans with Acala/Karura Network

$130m worth of KSM has been locked (at the time of posting) just within days of Karura Network's Crowdloan. In this backdrop, Acala/Karura Network's Ruitao Su breaks down the basics of Polkadot, parachains, and crowdloans with our host and General Partner Shi Khai, before diving into Karura's token distribution, crowdloan mechanics, and the vision of Acala Network.
11/06/202155 minutes 40 seconds
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AMA with Balancer And Gnosis

After the launch of Balancer V2, we collected questions from the Balancer China community for Fernando (CEO of Balancer), Martin (CEO of Gnosis), and Marta (Head of Community at Balancer). We talk about how Balancer V2 enables trading at the best price, lowers gas fees, and enhances capital efficiency. Then, we dive into the long-term future of Balancer, exploring the incorporation of real-world assets, NFTs, and Layer 2 on the DEX.
01/06/20211 hour 8 minutes 31 seconds
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DeFi Real Talk - On The Ground In Asia

Starting or growing a community in Asia? Learn practical tips and insights from the people who are operating on the ground in Asia, investing and overseeing the projects who have successfully penetrated the region. Host: Shi Khai Wei, COO of LongHash Ventures Guests: From China, Mable Jiang of Multicoin Capital From Singapore, Arthur Cheong of DeFiance Capital From Malaysia, TM Lee of Coingecko From Thailand, Tai Panich of SCB10x We talk about: - Segmenting the massive region of Asia - The importance of recruiting a community leader - The appeal of rapid iteration - Institutional adoption in Asia - Tailoring your Asia strategy by country ... and more
26/05/202150 minutes 30 seconds
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Trailer: LongHash Ventures Podcast

Our host and COO at LongHash Ventures, Shi Khai Wei, introduces the LongHash Ventures Podcast.
19/04/202151 seconds